Character Name: Lady Kataniya Lorelei Ly'lyn

How Does One Simply Write The Story Of Her Life?

How does one simply write the story of her life? The comings and goings, from times of joy to those of despair. From birth and to eventually death. Such a task may be complex for a normal person. But I am no ordinary woman, I am a woman of great skill, unmatchable intelligence, superior good looks and absolute charm. I am Lady Kataniya Lorelei Ly'lyn, Diplomat of the Veluci Kindred and all-round distinguished being.

I was once told by the greatest nobleman of our time, Lord Seth Darkmoor, that: "Noble people are born beautiful, witty, intelligent and charming. Tis in our blood! Those of noble birth are blessed by the heavenly celestials themselves, our tears should be cherished, our words should be followed and our bodies should be admired."

I myself am the embodiment of nobility; I was born to the esteemed nobles Drefan Tal'Aura and Aleria Ly'Lyn, the Baron and Baroness of Spiritwood where I was born and where I grew into the immaculate woman that I am today.

I remember little of my childhood, only enough to know that it was a wonderful experience, untainted by the presence of the… lower… classes. When I reached the age of twelve winters my parents noticed something strange about me… It was a beautiful morning, pure and void of the unwanted attendance of peasants… or so I thought. My young self had just emerged from the mesmerising sight of our family estate; I had my mind set upon playing along the boundary of the Hedge Maze, and as I was casually strolling along through the silenced forest when from behind me came the most horrible sound! I can still remember its ghastly call that was burnt into my soul forever!

"TAG! You're it!" Leaping through the trees came a barely dressed child, smothered in an offensive smelling brown muck as if he had recently rolled in mongbat faeces! I was appalled to say the least! Then the strange thing happened… Back at my wondrous estate my parents heard my blatant scream and came rushing to rescue me from the dangers of the vagabond infested world, and there I was, positioned gracefully on the bough of a fallen log, twirling my delicate fingers around in a circular motion, spinning the distraught child around four feet off the ground. Of course I was grounded, but to this very day I stick to the fact that he deserved it. Ahem, moving on. In the next month my mother had me enrolled in the ranks of the Aes Sedai, where they cared and nurtured my magical gift and in return I caused them…just a little… mayhem.

I was like any young woman back in those days, gorgeous, intelligent and above all else I felt the tainted need for ultimate power. I of course got what I wanted, as always, for the trivial cost of a promised soul upon death; I didn't see the point of keeping something that I couldn't use so I sided with the Lord of the Underworld in return for unique powers. People began to suspect me for what I had done… but they never lived long enough to tell their tale. Anyone who found themselves in my way, be it by accident or on purpose, every single one met the same bitter end by my hand.

After fleeing The White Tower fearing for my life, I heard whispers of a growing evil in a small town along the coast North of Skara Brae, the town of Sanctuary where all were given refuge from whatever they had need to be afraid. I was eager to start my new life and setoff immediately.

I met many strange people in the quaint town, and races I did not know existed in our fair world. I made many friends in Sanctuary, many enemies and I even found people that I came to love.

Many strange occurrences came to pass during my stay in the township, I seem to recall one particular incident when bodies were found strewn inside the local tavern, I was only… slightly involved, I can remember after the killing, I was first upon the gruesome scene… My shaking fingers encircled around the handle of the door, I closed my eyes and pushed against the smooth wood. The smell of death lingered in the humid air. I remember my eyes growing wide, taking in the grisly scene; Blood, death and decay. The silence had been deafening. I had wanted to look away but my icy gaze was fixed on the piles of tattered remains. Then a small creak sounded somewhere above, my eyes lifted to the ceiling. More creaks disturbed the stillness of the silent room, covering the floor in little showers of dust; I had never been so quick to retreat. The rumours swept like wildfire loosed upon a hayfield that a witch or some other unfathomable evil preyed on the humble town, townsfolk locked their doors and feared to venture out into the depths of the night for many weeks, people who were rumoured to know who was behind the murders all had… tragic accidents.

I carried on with my new life in Sanctuary, forgetting about the spoken words of evil almost completely, until I met Jainus. They say you know 'the one' when you first lay eyes upon them, this was such a happening… I would have gone to the edge of life and death for him… and in a way, I did that very thing. His Kindred, Veluci, led by Lord Seth Darkmoor, took me in and made me one of their own, a choice I sometimes regret.

As time wore on, faces began to fade; it was almost like I was on a strong horse, galloping away from some decaying fortress, watching as its once proud banners wavered into the distance, being forgotten for all time.

After Jainus, Seth and the rest of Veluci faded like those before them, I was left alone.

Then he came, a man I had befriended when I first came to the once prosperous haven of Sanctuary, Biblanash. I had never loved before and believed my self incapable of such an act, I believed he loved me, but to this day I am not so sure. He once held me tenderly in his arms whispering to me words that feel like they have been etched into my very soul; "Some say perfection is a myth, this has been proved otherwise. We all have our faults… but in my eyes you are perfect. I can name no fault that makes me love you any less."

But like all the others, he too drifted out of my hands, fading into mere memory, remembered only by those who knew him, kept alive only in our hearts. It was not until this time that I realised that I had loved him with every fibre of my being and that even when I barely knew him, he was always there to catch me every time I fell. But as the saying goes, you don't know what you've got until it's gone, my whole life seems based around this axiom.

I once enjoyed the finer things in life such as expensive wines, but now I cannot even fully admire its finer notes given the fact that I have long since pasted into the world of the undead. It wasn't so long ago that I had become a vampire by feats of The Kindred but already all the things that make one human have gradually faded away, such sensations as, love, happiness and flavour mean little to me anymore. Only wisps of such feelings remain, but in time, even my memories will begin fade.

At this stage I am still living in the remote town of Sanctuary and am entering my twenty-second year of life, my story seems rather short but I suspect most would be similar as mine… Just a droplet of water in the endless river of time.

In this keep I reside, in this great stone place,
Hiding from the world, forever masking my face.
All love will wither, all banners will fade,
Dream up a fate and you'll have it made.
Alone in this town, kissed by the night
Watch you self child because this Kat bites.
I hunt in the dark like a vicious beast,
and what once was alive will soon be deceased…

Kat Ly'lyn.