Character Name: Lady Peace

The Story of My Life

I was born in the wonderful city of Trinsic, fifty-six months ago. My mother had many dear friends that were more then willing to help raise me, and treat me as one of their own. I started in this world with only a thousand gold, but soon had much more thanks to the kindness of my family.

I rarely needed for anything as long as someone was around to help me learn my ways, and guide me on my path that I've reached today.

I spent many long weeks trying out the different trades. Finally I decided that true peace within the world would only come if one could become friends with the animals. Once decided on my trades of taming, and magery, I set out to work these skills till I mastered them all. I quit accepting help from friends unless they also recieved something in return, and I tried to return the kindness that was given to me when I first started on this journey.

After deciding my trades I set goals in my mind that I had hoped to accomplish at the end of every night. My goals for the first night of my training were to become adept in the first circle of the mage skills. So I set out for the outskirts of Moonglow, to a small cemetary where zombies, ghouls and skeletons dwell. I practiced my first circle spells from the outer side of the gate, so that the evil within wouldn't harm me as badly. I cast and cast magic arrow, and when I thought I could do no more, I sucked in a breath of strength and cast some more. Every now and then I had to run from the area, either the ghouls would harm me to badly, or I wouldn't have the necessary things to cast the spells. However I would return to the gates again and improve my power with every spell I screamed. After hours of casting and casting, I felt a since of pride wash over me, as I realized I could finally cast the next level of spells. Every day I would return to the cemetary working on my magery and power, and everyday I had more goals to reach, that became harder with each step I took. When finally my power was strong enough to defend myself, I set out to tame the wild animals of the town.

I came upon the most beautiful horse, with a silver body, and long flowing mane, his eyes were the many colours of the sunset, and his mood was just as firey.

I tried and tried persuading him to join me on my journey, and after many attempts he finally succumbed to my sweet chatter. He was with me for many hours that day, and then a friend of my mothers came by to help with my skills. This friend gated me to a house where a cruel tree killed me and my newly loved horse, within a matter of seconds. I cried for my loss, but I held my head high and seeked out another beautiful horse that would hopefully be just as beautiful as the last. I spent a couple hours with the man, that, then I detest. He tried to consol me, but nothing would do. The rat killed my first love, and there are not enough sorries in Great Lakes to make up for that.

Nevertheless I allowed him to help me with my skills, then when I could make an excuse, I bolted for Moonglow to set out on wooing the animals to join me once again. The animals that would not join me by my side, I would slay and use the meat and hides that I gathered as a bargining tool for better clothing and gold. After many long weeks my efforts payed off, I was able to control a Nightmare, which was by far the most beautiful mount one could ride. His eyes so red, his body as black as the night sky, and his powers by far supassed my own. I called him Jynx, and from then on he has protected me from the evils of the world, and helped me to get the riches that I wouldn't be able to recieve if I were on my own. I was proud to be able to call him my own, unfortunatly the power I recieved by him joining me, caused me to neglect my training for some time.

When I finally noticed that I could be even better if I had the mighty White Wyrm on my side, I set out again, to get my skill high enough to control this mighty creature. Again for days and days I worked diligently on the wild animals, and after a considerable amount of time, I convinced this wyrm to join me and fight the evils that I could not handle alone. He too was named Jynx and together my mighty twins ruled the world, or at least in their mothers eyes.

Even though I was powerful, I still was not satisfied. I had not finished my training in magery nor taming, so my mothers friend came to my side again. Only this time, my pets would live. We went and slayed the evil in Ice Dungeon. Where my wyrm's brother layed, waiting for the good to come. My Jynx was all to happy to kill his evil brothers, since they were to stubborn to join the light side of the world. We all stayed there for quite some time, then our packs became a bit to heavy for us to walk so, I screamed for a gate to appear, once it did a great since of pride... or concete came over me, when I realized I had finished my training in magery. The power was amazing, and the pride I felt over powered me. I wanted to go and slay the stronger evil in the world, I wanted to conqure it all!!!

I looked back on my trials of succeeding to this level, and every image that came to mind involved my mother's friend. My friend. I realized he will always be with me, even at the end.

Together we've conqured it all, the good and the bad.

Every time we are together we set out for another accomplishment, whether we succeed or fail, we come out with our heads high, and thinking of a different way to succeed for tomorrow.

Lately all my travels are the same, but with different tasks to do. I set out to better myself, and my pets that still follow me, and protect me on my pathes. I try to meet new faces in this world, and help them as I too was helped, and even those that have been here longer then I, could still use a new friend or two.

Today I am satisfied with all that I have accomplished, and the people whom I've met. I just hope that tomorrow, my dear friends, Scorpion, Brimstone II, and Tina will be with me to accomplish even more.

Peace will be in this world forever, all you have to do is look for her.