Character Name: Lady Sonoma (aka ni Sajai) of Sonoma & Siege

A Re-Birth... The Return Of Spyder

"I thought you were dead."

The man across from her who spoke wore a dark hooded cloak that hid his face. The black robe was common to those who've taken up the Red Veil. A killer of men. Spyder recalled many times in another life when this man had made attempts on her very own life. She didn't fear him though. She dared to call him friend now. But, this conversation was going to get dangerous none the less.

"Kasper" she carefully calculated her next words, "It seems many things have changed since I left; including yourself." Spyder took a small sip of the wine in front of her to calm herself. "Why have you chosen to deal death to the innocents?"

A short chuckle escaped from within the dark robe. The killer called Kasper pulled back his hood, revealing his jovial features. Hardly the face you'd see on a man who has killed so many.. Including herself.

"Why Spyder, it's just a career change!" He laughed loudly and drained his cup of wine. "I bored of chasing the likes of you around only to find your poisoned blade stuck through my back." Kasper waved his cup at a passing bar maid. She filled both of their glasses. When she looked up from her own cup, his smile had disappeared and was replaced with a look that made her very soul shiver. "The innocent's screams are so much more fulfilling," The smile that returned was chilling, "so are their valuables."

"I find it disgusting, Kasper. But, I am hardly one to speak I suppose. My very own cousin is at this very moment practicing his arts of concealment. He ventures to become an assassin." The thought of it was repulsive, but it was after all her own past that led him on that path.

The murderer tried to suppress his surprise, but failed and began laughing hard, trying to speak between hysterical fits. "You must be kidding me!" He was winded and took a long draw of his wine, "this woman who sits before me, this woman who has poisoned so many of my comrades with those wicked blades of hers, this woman wonders why her own kin would explore the art of killing!?" He broke into another session of laughter.

Spyder stared at Kasper, gathering herself for the words that would follow. The mood was about to change.

"Yes Kasper. Much has changed. As a matter of fact, when I revisited my home, I found that I was not welcome there anymore. What business is this?" She stared, a deadly serious look in her eyes.

Kasper's laughter slowed, and his smile vanished. "After the Battle at Yew, Spyder, you left and told no one. I found only a key from you to your home." The expression on his face looked almost puzzled.

"The events at Yew saddened me." Spyder looked beyond Kasper, as if she was looking in to the past it's self. "There were so many people killed needlessly by greed that day." She looked back into her cup of wine as a feeling of sadness from long ago passed over her. "I just couldn't remain. I needed to put this land behind me."

Kasper hid his mirth poorly. "But, now you're back. Why?"

Spyder sighed and leaned back in her chair. "As shamed as I was, I missed my homeland. I spent some time in what was left of Logosia after the battle. I studied with the Mathematicians there and learned to focus my sadness." Finally, she smiled, "Besides, I missed most of all, that look on your face when my poison stops your heart!"

The killer just shook his head. "You earned the respect of many people of the Red Veil, Spyder. You were called the 'Blue Ghost' amongst us. Even I slept with one eye open at night." His smile was warm this time, "It is good to see you again, and we shall remedy your living situation."

Kasper stood, uttered some words of power and opened a shimmering red gate.

Spyder cocked an eye at him and remained seated. "The last time I stepped through one of those vile crimson gates, I found 4 of your friends waiting to great me with their spells and swords."

"Please, you look like a street urchin, Spyder, Hardly your style. Let's go visit your home. I promise you won't regret it."

Spyder stood and walked through the gate reluctantly, clutching the small dagger on her hip.


When she stepped through the ancient gates of her home, a sense of warmth and comfort rushed through her and she smiled. She was home. Kasper urged her to follow him upstairs. His excitement made her nervous but she followed him up the stone steps ready for any misdeed.

Kasper took out a large key and unlocked the steel door to the vault which was located in what had been her bedroom. Now this room was filled with chests, armor and weapons. The heavy steel door squeaked loudly as he pulled it open. A rush of stale air escaped the dark room. He lit a torch and stepped into the vault.

Spyder stood in the vault in complete amazement. Her mouth remained open but no words came forth. She surveyed the contents of the vault familiar with so many of the items around her. These were her belongings; all of them.

Kasper smiled as he stood next to a large metal chest. Wordlessly he gestured for her to open it. She approached the chest carefully and inspected it. Her skills in lock picking and discovering traps took over instinctively, but the chest was unarmed. When she lifted the lid, her eyes almost fell out of her head. Millions of gold coins shined brightly at the two illuminating their faces. A suit of red leather armor lay atop the heap of wealth. The material which it was constructed of was alien to her however. She looked curiously at Kasper.

"Spined leather, Spyder." He smiled and picked up a glove handing it to her, "Again, many things have changed since you left"

She inspected the glove. The leather was rough, unlike the smooth hide of a cow. Spyder held the red glove to her face as she looked about the room. Her brow wrinkled as she looked back to Kasper. "How fitting that you should choose red for the color of your gift."

The killer smiled and shook his head, "Yeah, when the tailor finished I thought the very thing." He stepped away from the chest and behind him on the wall hung a sword, a katana; its black blade sparkled as if on cue. "I would not try to deceive you with this nasty fang of yours so close to your reach."

Spyder tossed the glove into the chest and removed the blade from the wall. It had been two years since she had felt the black steel of the sword. She looked up at Kasper, "You have kept all my possessions, including my wealth, all this time? Why?"

Kasper put a hand on her shoulder and leaned into her and whispered, "Because I knew you'd be back." He pulled away and produced a handkerchief from the sleeve of his robe. Spyder realized that she had been crying. She wiped the tears from her eyes and laid the sword atop the armor and gold.

"I don't see the key to my home Kasper. Have I overlooked it?" Her hands were on her hips as suspicion shown on her face. If there was going to be any confrontation between the two today, it was about to take place.

Kasper shrugged, though hardly noticeable under the heavy black cloak. "You suddenly sound ungrateful, Spyder. I will retain your keep. There is nothing more to discuss on that subject."

Rage began to rise within her, but she mumbled a small chant she had learned from the Mathematicians of Logos and calmed almost immediately. "It will be hard to give up my home, Kasper. I could kill you, but that would do me know good. The house is yours. Thank you for doing this for me, I will not forget it."

"Oh, you have not seen anything yet! I would not let you wander the lands homeless, my friend and nemesis!" From beneath the armor, buried in the gold coins, he pulled out a parchment. "This is a deed for a home of wondrous design. You are familiar with the new lands of Malas?"

Spyder had indeed heard people speak of Malas since her return. Lands amongst the Ether. She had already planned to visit there and discover the mysterious new world.

"I have procured the house for you. But right now is not the time for packing or moving. It is summer and an old friend of yours is throwing a Festival to celebrate the Solstice. I will not disclose her identity, but rest assure, the surprise will dwarf what you have experienced today."

Spyder bit her lip with concern. "Many will not recognize me, Kasper." She had made quite a transition during her travels. How would any of her friends of past know her for the Treasure Hunter and Assassin from years before.

"Aye, that is true. I suggest you visit your guild soon. The new Guild Mistress there is called Theresa. She will assist you in reacquainting yourself with lands you left behind." He took her hand, "Get cleaned up and put this armor on immediately. I will arrange to have your belongings delivered to your new home. Now go on with you. Go visit the Treasure Hunter's Guild. I hope that you'll visit me often; your blade sheathed."

"Thank you, Kasper. Your actions today have negated your deeds of the past." She smirked, "But, I will still have no problem putting my 'fang' through you someday." Their laughter echoed against the walls of the ancient vault.


During the months that passed, Spyder spent her days training the long forgotten skills her trade. The new Guild Mistress welcomed her warmly. Theresa had become a close friend and mentor as Spyder reacquainted herself with the lands and people she had left behind. The home that Kasper had gifted her was large and impressive. She made a mental note to have it remodeled in the future though. Theresa introduced her to some coordinators of the Summer Festival, and soon Spyder found herself involved in the events herself.

During the Festival, she spied a familiar face across the courtyard. Her heart warmed when Queen Mum looked in her direction. Spyder could not contain her joy and she ran to meet up with this familiar face. Understandably, Queen Mum did not immediately recognize her. Spyder explained that they had been neighbors a very long time ago. Regardless of Mum's recognition, Spyder recalled what Kasper had said. A surprise that would dwarf her reaction that day in the vault. She smiled when it occurred to her, she was home.

Spyder was glad to be done with the days of war and conspiracy. She found herself involved in whatever community event she came across. Queen Mum had enlisted her help for the upcoming Fall Festival, and in between meetings she would practice the arts of a Treasure Hunter. A peaceful, and almost always enjoyable trade. No Jukans or warring killers of the Red Veil to deal with. Violence had become barely a shadow in the back of her mind.

One evening, while she planned the remodeling of her home with her close friend Threnody, a message was delivered to her. A crow had flown into her home through an open window and dropped the document on the floor in front of her. She picked it up and opened the parchment. Worry crossed her face as she read. She was being called to Serpents Hold to await word of some dark events that were unfolding. Reluctantly, she went to her bedroom and opened an old metal chest. From the chest she retrieved the obsidian hewed katana. Her skill with the blade was mediocre at best as she had preferred to concentrate on the mechanics of locks and deciphering old treasure maps. She strapped the blade to her back and opened a bright blue Gate to Serpents Hold. She had not felt this way in several years she thought as she stepped through the Gate. A sense of violence to come.


Her suspicions were confirmed vividly as she watched enormous Orc Brutes stomp past her hiding place unaware of her presence. She looked about in dread, memories of Yew washing over her. As she surveyed the battle however, she noted something different all around her. Warriors, mages, bards and tamers were rallying together, clashing with the invading Orc army. The diversity was astounding. Members of various Guilds assisted each other when necessary with a Healing touch or word of encouragement.

Spyder smiled as she revealed herself to a passing Orc mage and charged the unsuspecting beast. When her companion, Lady Hell's Angel joined in to assist in beating down the monster, she remembered Kasper's words.

He spoke the truth that day in the tavern. The world has changed a lot since she left.. For the better.