Character Name: Matheryn of Oceania

Heritage Of Lord Matheryn

Born First Age Renaissance Era

Ultima Online (First Edition) Era - Myservia went from small village to bustling town.

The Second Age Era - Statue of Manann, God of the Seas erected in main plaza of town by Matheryns Grandfather the masoner.
- Discovery of the Lost Lands continent

Renaissance Era - Birth of Matheryn
- Discovery of an alternate continent called Trammel

Third Dawn Era - Matheryn takes up one of family trades as Reef Preservationist and also learns the art of axe fighting from his grandfather
- Discovery of Ilshenar continent

Lord Blackthorns Revenge Era - Myservia attacked by Lord Blackthorn and his army of Juka
- Matheryn is knocked through the Dark Moongate to a land unknown to him.
- Myservias elvan race enslaved

Age of shadows Era - Matheryn Joins the Army Of Britain in the battle against Marcel then travels to the land of Malas to guard a grove of nature.
- Discovery of Malas

7th anniversary Era - Addition to the amount of followers in party (account characters) - Foundation of the many guilds Matheryn had created and empowered with his visions of defeating the darkness that plagued the land.

Samurai Empires Era - Discovery of Tokuno Islands
- A new adventure for Matheryn, one of great discipline.

Born in the lands of Myservia, a small landmass no bigger than Moonglow, Matheryn grew and learned the trades of his family which so happened to be reef preservation. Throughout the first fourteen years of his life, Matheryn learnt the many different aspects of the sea and its vast inhabitancies, from its many different types of sea creatures to the many varieties of plants and corals.

Myservia was a peaceful place where many Sea Elves lived till a frightful day that spelt doom for all of the inhabitancies of Myservia. On the eve of the 5th night of the Lord Blackthorn's Revenge Era, a strange gate opened up in the middle of town. Swirling Black and red mist seemed to envelop the gate and an evil if not sinister presence could be felt from the gate all the way down to the harbour district.

Submerged under the water as he was cleansing the reef of all the rubbish that the trade vessels throw overboard, Matheryn noticed that the sunlight that pierced the water granting the aquatic reef a hazy glow seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer. Rising to the surface to see what was causing the sun to fade Matheryn noticed that it was infact clouds of smoke blotting out the sun, tracing the smoke clouds he noticed that the town was ablaze with flames shooting into the sky higher than he had ever seen before.

Springing from the sea, Matheryn literally sprinted across the water to the shore where he scurried up the beach and along the path to town so that he could aid in any way he could in putting out the fires from a source unknown to him at the time.

Upon arriving in the town, Matheryn froze, for where the once beautiful statue of Manann - God of the Seas sat in the centre of the main plaza, now stood a massive, dark moongate radiating evil and enveloped in red and black smoke. Looking around the plaza, Matheryn noticed the shattered remanence of the once beautiful statue. Enraged Matheryn picked up a woodcutters axe that had been laying on the bench of a nearby unoccupied market stall then marched across the plaza towards to dark moongate to face the dastardly foe who dared desecrate his beloved town.

Startled by screams of townsfolk caused Matheryn to spin around on the balls of his feet only to noticing three dark figures resembling elves chase two scared children no more than five or six into the plaza. Pulling his newly acquired axe to ready he surged forward with bloodlust in his veins and monuvered himself between the children and there pursuers.

The battle lasted mere seconds as Matheryn sliced down the three attackers who underestimated the boy, for what Matheryn lacked in appearance he made up with years of skill as it was his grandfather who taught Matheryn the ways of the axe. Asking the children what had happened, Matheryn got no response as the two children appeared to be frozen on the spot with massive eyes fraught with terror, the only response Matheryn was able to get from the children was an outstretched arm pointing at the gate.

Pivoting again on his feet to face the gate, Matheryn noticed that what the children were pointing at were countless dark elvan figures followed by several massive metal monstrosities and then one large, battle worn yet strong looking figure appear through the moongate. Telling the children to run and find a place to hide, Matheryn slowly readied himself for battle.

Out numbered a hundred to one, Matheryn began to feel the nausea swell up within him as he felt he would be facing a loosing battle, but no matter the outcome he knew within himself that he was a proud Myservian and would fight till his very last breath. Standing at ready the formidable army made up of enslaved elves known as the Juka and the huge, metal monstrosities known as Jugganaughts all waited for there leaders command to swarm over the town killing all who get in there way including the towns newly found hero Matheryn.

Lord Blackthorn stood for a moment surveying his surroundings and summing up the damage his advance squad had already accomplished. As his gaze shifted from right to left Lord Blackthorn then noticed Matheryn, a lone warrior standing at ready against an army itching to level everything in its path. As his eyes narrowed, Lord Blackthorn felt a slight bit of compassion for the boy who valiantly stood where he had seen so many flee before. The moment was only brief however as Blackthorn bellowed out his orders to capture all the women and children and slaughter all the rest.

As the army surged forward, Matheryn readied his axe, then he noticed from the corner of his eye that he was not alone in his stand, as many townsfolk has observed from curtain drawn windows the bravery of Matheryn and took up arms themselves and joined the defence line Matheryn had started.

The battle was fierce and many lives were lost on both sides, but for ever Juka that fell three more took its place as they appeared through the moongate. The town's folk started to feel despair as the Juka kept flooding in. Matheryn knew there only hope was for someone to manage to work there way up to the leader and throwd him of his evil doings thus causing his army to retreat.

Fighting heroically and with so much compassion for his town, Matheryn surged forth through the ranks of Juka and tunnel rolling through the massive legs of two Jugganaughts, the racing up the stairs to the top of the now destroyed statues podium where the Dark Moongate and Lord Blackthorn stood.

Standing before Lord Blackthorn, Matheryn's body gave a slight tremble as Lord Blackthorn towered over him at twice the size. Taking no notice of Matheryn, Lord Blackthorn continued to bark orders to his army. Seizing this opportunity to take the advantage in battle Matheryn swung his axe wide to gain momentum as it sped towards Blackthorns direction. With a slight flick of the elbow Blackthorn deflected the blow from the axe as if it were mongbat fluttering around him. Loosing the axe from the force of the impact, Matheryn staggered back in astonishment that the blow didn't even leave a dint in Blackthorns armour. Unsure as to what corse of action to take, Matheryn being unarmed at the time and being set upon by three nearby Juka who witnessed the meagre attempt of an attack against there Lord, staggered backwards towards the moongate.

As all hope suddenly faded from Matheryn's eyes, a sudden crackling sound erupted from the skies above. It was Matheryn's father, who after stamping out the Juka on the docks district came to the centre of town to face the main threat. Throwing one of the most powerful lightning bolts, which was the cause of the crackling sound, Matheryn's father struck Lord Blackthorn dead centre of his breastplate from his eagle mount which soared above. The force of the lightning bolt caused several Juka including the three advancing on Matheryn to scatter back into the fray of battle, it also caused Blackthorn to stagger backwards also but in the direction of Matheryn who was unable to avoid the collision. The force of Lord Blackthorn's massive body sent Matheryn hurtling through the air. The impact sent Matheryn spiralling through the dark moongate where he would never see a day on the lands of Myservia ever again.

Awaking in a bed of straw, Matheryn raised one hand grabbing his head of which was still throbbing from the blow that sent him hurtling through the gate. Realising he was in a strange dwelling he quickly stammered to his feet to examine his surroundings and to make some sense of where he was. Walking cautiously around he noticed many strange plants growing from blue and green mossy rocks. Noises could also be heard along the corridors that seemed vast and gloomy. Deciding that the only way he would find out where he is and what had happened to him would be to explore further, Matheryn surged forth into the dark corridors hoping to find some sort of clues that might help him get back to his land and his family.

Many years later after being taken in by the Meer in there secret underground cathedral and trained in the ways of the Druid, Matheryn found himself vastly knowledged in the ways of his new homeland, Ilshenar, thought as he explored more and more of his new land cautiously under the guidance of the Meer he still felt the wanderlust grow within him, as he wanted to explore more of the land that was forbidden by the Meer due to the many dangers that lurked beyond. One morning before the sun had risen, Matheryn scribbled on a parchment that he found in the crude dresser in his room and left the farewell note atop his pillow as he donned the only possessions he had - an axe, 50 bandages, some tattered clothes and a finely sown robe given to him by the Meer and set off into the unknown.

Travelling far and wide, meeting many new people of many different races, Matheryn found himself in a town called Britain. As he travelled the streets he heard many tales of adventures, gold and glory from would be adventurers and boastful bards, though one story did cause the hair on the back of his ears to prick up as he overheard one of the city guard mention that the Lord himself had gone missing and that the acting Commander of the Guard, Ailis was calling forth brave young souls to aid her in battling Lord Blackthorn's evil Apprentice Necromancer, Lord Marcel who had sprang forth and rallied the Juka to attack Britain and burn it to rubble in retribution for Lord Blackthorn, slain by Lady Ailis just months before Matheryn left the Meer.

The battle was fierce and lasted many months. The final battle pitted every man, woman and child against the Juka as the surged forth into Britain occupying Lord Blackthorn's earlier days castle. Matheryn's face grew heavy through this battle and his muscles ached. The pain grew wild within his body as if his very limbs were fighting to tear themselves free from his body. The fact that he has also realised earlier in the campaign that he was engaging enslaved and perverted members of his homeland didn't help bring strength to his fleeting moral either.

The city horns boomed and the troops were rallied for the final charge into the castle where Marcel and his arch angel protector were confronted. The militia fought savagely as the Juka were pushed back, then with a mighty surge of power, the army of Britain brought Marcel and his protector to there knees where they soon were dismembered by the many angry Britannians. In the midst of all this Matheryn who had lost all hope of ever seeing any of his kin again withdrew from the main force of the battle and focused more of his skills on healing the wounded and bringing back from the brink of death the many souls who almost waked the path of light to the lands of forgotten adventurers.

With Marcel defeated and Britain returning to order and with his people found and slain by the very people he had allied with Matheryn had almost given up all hope. Leaving Britain behind him and the sorrow that it had sown he travelled again in hopes of starting a new life, one where no one knew who he was or where he had come from, escaping all trace of his past.

Darkness gloomed yet light did not seem to vanish as Matheryn found himself in a land not bound by normal laws of nature. The land was dark and tainted and the seas were replaces by massive voids of darkness. Though life still seemed to flourish in this land. Forests sprang forth, creatures of good and evil roamed, cities were erected and chaos and order were evenly balanced between its inhabitancies. Groves of fairy folk were also nestled in the woods attempting to survive the many dangers that lurked around always attempting to destroy them. It was this very reason that Matheryn decided to settle down here. He dedicated all his time and energy in protecting one particular grove nestled south east of the Crumbling Continent of Malas.

Many years passed and many dwellings were erected around Matheryn and his grove and as life changed around him, Matheryn still stayed the same as if his life force was altered somehow and life itself for Matheryn never changed. Wondering how this could have come to happen he started to record his days, weeks and months in many journals, documenting much of the forest and the grove and the many fairies and sprites that inhabited his grove, it was then he realised that it was the fairies and there mysterious powers that granted him this ability to stay the same in the face of change. Learning over the time to be able to communicate there language, Matheryn asked the fairies why they have bestowed this gift upon him, they responded that for many years he has protected them from the many dangers that lurked in the darkness wanting to destroy and eat them, and in this time they have flourished and were able to grow to a decent community size, able to train and maintain a decent defence force for themselves and granting this gift was there way of saying thankyou for the many years of time he has sacrificed for them. Feeling empowered by there gratitude, Matheryn nodded to his faithful little followers and decided that it was time for him to stop running from his life and to set right what was turned wrong many years earlier in his life.

A new era had dawned and Matheryn was determined to be apart of it. Travelling back to the lands travelled by man, Matheryn sought out many like himself, people who has there lives torn apart from the destruction of chaos and brought these people together, teaching them the ways of the Druidic Order bestowed upon him by the Meer and dispatching his disciples to the many groves throughout the land.

Many people in this time did Matheryn meet and many guilds did he bring from the brink of Chaos to the brilliant light of Order. Now wise with the followings of man and the eternal struggle of life, Matheryn sought to help thy fellow man and make the path of life a little easier for them to travel. Many guilds did he traverse among, Order Of The Royal Guard, Order Of The Rising Blade, Forever Friends, Black Clan Society, BladeRunners, BladeRunners Crafters, Knights Of Virtues, and with each guild he bestowed upon them his many years of wisdom, teaching them the ways of the kind and righteous, and warning them of the dark arts of treachery and deceit that those of the dark arts follow.

Feeling somewhat satisfied in all that he had accomplished Matheryn again grew tired and the wanderlust in his blood again began to boil, he knew it was time for him to set off again to lands unchartered seeking that of which he does not know. Bidding farewell to his many new friends and followers he surges forth into the vast unknown not knowing what is waiting for him.

Strange noises unheard by his ears before, Matheryn cautiously pushes forth through dense plant life unlike he had ever seen before. Cries and screeches of what later will be revealed to him as calls made from the Bake Kitsune and Hiryu, Matheryn finds himself chased into the town in the lands of Tokuno. Aware that travelling in the forest again could prove dangerous he traverses among the townsfolk all who appear to be of an oriental nature. Entering what appeared to look like a boxing ring Matheryn found himself defending his life against five heavily armoured men all wielding wooden swords. Beaten and bruised, Matheryn submitted to the men who then dragged Matheryn before there master. With his eyes swollen from bruising, Matheryn half opened his eyes and looked up to the man garbed in elegant silk robes. "Poorly you defend, but potential you have. You shall be student and learn the ways of Samurai!" said the master, and this is how Matheryn now spends his many days learning the most disciplined art of martial arts up to the present.

Will he fulfil his training? None can tell. Will he eventually move on and travel over other newly discovered lands? Only time will tell. But for now Matheryn's life had led up to now and what the future has in store for him im sure will bring many more strong and emotional battles as he struggles to find his identity.

The End.