Character Name: Radiance

My Story Begins On A Dark Night

My story begins on a dark night, where a dark man, waits for a dark purpose. In a shadowed darkened castle, stood a man wearing a Hooded Shroud of Shadows waiting for the most opportune moment to strike.

"This castle is darker then ever," the sentry thought to himself as he heard the woosh of a curtain behind him. Just as he turned to look, he felt an icy cold sting along his neck causing him to fall under his own weight and the armor. A few moments later, two sentries outside the Majestic Lord's room saw the same dark figure appear out of thin air. The guards readied their swords and charged forward to fight the new enemy. BAM!, the guards fell in their tracks a few feet from where they stood. Puzzled on why they fell, they took a closer look. They saw a faint blue energy field in front of them.

"What kind of trickery is this?" one of the guards said as they heard the dark figure laughing. Suddenly the dark figure started to chant, "Kal xen bal beh". Immediately they became even more frightened. Not knowing what else to do, they cried for help, but their cries were cut short for the pain in their backs. One of the guards turned and saw another ghostly figure standing there holding a Legacy of the Dread Lord, covered in their blood. As the last guard fell from battle, the door opened. The Lord had seen what had happened. He stood there bearing a Holy Knight's Breastplate, Inquisitor's Resolution Spirit of the Totem, Voice of the Fallen King and Leggings of Bane. He drew his sword from its sheath and wielded the Mighty Blade of Righteousness. A second ghostly figure ran towards him like lightning. With one powerful swing, the Lord hit the demon and killed him instantly.

"I see you have been practicing, Auron."

"How do you know my name demon?" Auron replied.

"Don't you know me, my dear brother?"

"It can't be, I killed you twenty years ago Mondain!" Auron yelled in disbelief.

"So you thought. But now I have come to return the favor and to steal the gem!"

Mondain threw off the Hooded Shroud and stood ready for battle with Auron. Mondain stood displaying a Jackal's Collar, Midnight Bracers and Shadow Dancer Leggings. He drew his sword, the Blade of Insanity, from its sheath and put it at the ready. Both men stood waiting, and then without warning they darted towards each other with horrifying speeds. It was as if they were two windstorms battling each other to their last breath. Sparks flew through the air as the mighty swords collided. Mondain's sword absorbed Auron's energy as they fought. Mondain's sword pierced Auron's armor and the great warrior fell to his knees. As they continued to cross swords, Mondain, with a powerful blow, knocked the sword from Auron's hand. This now firmly held him at the tip of his blade.

"I will make you suffer," Mondain threatened. Then he summoned fireballs and bombarded them at Auron. Mondain walked around in Auron's room and came back with a gem in his hand. He looked down at Auron and said,

"Now I have the Gem of Immortally!"

Many years later, Mondain used the Gem of Immortally to conquer the many lands of Sosaria. All was hopeless. No legion could stop him and his Dark army.

Until there was, one last city that Mondain did not control. Trinsic is a city upon the grassy and forested hills of Sosaria. The city is made of white stone and built like a fortress. An assaulting army would have a great deal of difficulty getting there. Two thousand men and women stood against him and his hordes. The agents of the Dark army marched towards the city, which caused the earth to tremble like an earthquake. The cities mismatched group of warrior's, tamers and mages all stood their ground ready to battle this evil and destroy it. The warriors drew their most powerful blades, tamer's fed their beast and mages readied their most powerful spells. As the two armies met in battle, there arose such sounds that shook the heavens. The battle raged. The first wave was Lizard men and Ettins. The cities archers made quick work of them. The second onslaught was the Demons. The tamers dragons ripped them to shreds. The third wave was the feared Ancient Wyrms, the most feared dragon. A great deal of warriors lost their lives to these Wyrms. After hours of fighting, the humans started to push back Mondain's minions. Thousands of bodies lay strewn about. After the last of the minions fell, there was a great cry of cheer in the air as they had won. However, it was cut short by a voice that could be heard for miles, "I will annihilate you all!" Without warning, the most fearsome storm struck Sosaria. Lighting rumbled, winds blew fierce, trees fell over and lighting struck the ground with a tremendous BOOOM! Rocks, grass and fire flew into the air and rained down on the battle weary warriors. It seemed as if the sky was raining fire itself.

A lone adventurer appeared on the hill near Trinsic and wondered what had made the sky rain fire. "It must be the doing of Mondain the Wizard," the adventurer said. He found himself on a quest to find and kill Mondain. He traveled for days to where people said Mondain's dark castle was. No one was sure, because no one had ever returned alive. 'I will return,' the adventurer said to himself.

As he entered the valley, it seemed to transform into a different place. Pools of liquid hot magma and fire lined the winding path to the castle. He continued along the path to reach the castle. Suddenly he heard a "pop". He turned and saw nothing. A second later, a fire demon came up out of the magma and attacked with lighting speed. He dodged the first and the second attack and then drew his sword. He blocked a blow from the fire demon and started to duel. He swung with all of this might to no avail. "BAM" the fire demon blindsided and knocked him on his back. Scrambling to his feet, he remembered that he had a weapon that might work. He pulled out his carver called Cold Blood, from his belt and threw it at the fire demon. The demon stopped dead in its tracks and broke into a thousands pieces.

He picked up the carver and put it back on his belt. Going back to the dangerous path, he hoped he would not run into anymore of them. Around the last bend of the road, he caught sight of the black structure. It was enormous! It was impossible to see the top. He went to the blackened doors and tried to open them with all of his might, but they would not move. He pulled a bottle of purple fused liquid from his pack. Remembering where he got it from, a great Alchemist, he put it down next to the doors. He lit the fuse and hid behind a rock for cover. "BOOOOOOM" a loud explosion shook the ground beneath his feet. He looked at where the doors used to be. He ran though the opening and up several flights of stairs until he came to the only door with light shining beneath it. 'This must be the room where he would find Mondain,' he thought to himself. He checked his armor to make sure that it was tight. He kicked in the door and caught Mondain by surprise. Before Mondain had time to get out of the way of the adventurers sword, he was struck and his arm was broken. He got up and tried to fend off the adventurer, but it was too late. The adventurer was on top of Mondain repeatedly hitting him with powerful blows. The adventurer got up and saw what he had done. Mondain was lying on the floor dying and the Gem of Immortally lying next to him shattered. With his last breath, Mondain asked, "who are you?" The adventurer replied, "Radiance".

Three Hundred years later on the same day that Mondain was slain, a baby boy was born. His parents named him after the great warrior who slew Mondain. He was born in the time of shadows, which most called the Age of Shadows. It was a peaceful time. When Radiance was eighteen, he wanted to become a great warrior and adventurer like heroes of the past. He left late one dark night while his parents were sleeping. He grabbed this father's old leather armor and sword and set out to carve his place in history. He set out to find new friends and wealth.

On his first day out on his own, he was walking on a road lined with trees. He found a man mining at the side of a cliff and thought, 'he might know which road to take to get to Britain?' Radiance said "sirů sirů SIR!" The miner turned around and said, "Be quiet. You will attract them".

"Attract what?" Radiance asked bewildered. Suddenly in the woods it got so quiet not even a songbird sang, "Oh no! They are coming!" He picked up his pickaxe and looked deep into the wood waiting for something, as if something was going to jump out and grab him. Slowly Radiance started to see what was coming, a ghostly outline of a man. It could not be human, it moved to erratically. He pulled his sword at ready to fight the creatures. With one swing of his old broad sword, he cut off an arm of a Skelton. Laughing he said, "that is no threat," and continued to fight the other undead. After the scrimmage, the old miner turned to Radiance and said, "thank you kind sir. Is there any way to repay your kindness? I know! I will make you a new set of armor and a better sword. Oh, and by the way, call me Treebag". Radiance accepted Treebag's generous offer. The miner took them to his workshop on the outskirts of Britain. In the shop were many sets of fine armor and weapons. Treebag went to the back, found some dark colored bricks, and brought them over to Radiance. "These are called Shadow Ingots, fairly strong and hard to break." Treebag started work right away. He heated up the Shadow Ingots forming them with a hammer. Sparks flew into the air and landed on the floor. After the armor cooled, he was done.

"Here try it on," said Treebag. Radiance discarded the old worn out leather armor and tried on the new black armor. It fit like a glove. "Now for your new sword and shield." Treebag gave him a black katana and a black shield. "There, now you look like a warrior."

"Thank you, Master Treebag," Radiance said kindly. "Can you point me in the way of Britain?"

"Sure, just go down this road and take a left. You can't miss it. Thanks again. Farewell, young adventurer and safe travels to you." Therefore, Radiance left with a newfound friend and new suit of armor.

About noon, he arrived at the city of Britain, the biggest city he had ever seen. People were everywhere; talking, kids playing in the grass and many people buying goods. He walked through the city for hours just looking. He then spotted a knight on a horse. He went over to him and questioned, "Sir Knight, where can I hone my skills?" The knight just looked at him and rode away. Then a man came up him and questioned, "are you looking from somewhere to train?"

"Yes sir. Where can I go?" He started to chant, "Vas rel por". Suddenly a blue void appeared and the man replied, "follow me". He was hesitant at first to jump into the blue void he knew nothing about. He ended up in a grassy knoll next to a mountain with a cave opening no more then two feet away. The man then responded, "here take this." He handed him a silver looking book. "What is this?" Radiance questioned. "This is a book of chivalry. It has spells in it that you can use to vanquish the many monsters of Britaina. Good luck," the stranger replied. He chanted "adfjsdkflkasd" and disappeared. He noted that there were many young people going in and out of the cave. Radiance stopped to talk to a passerby wearing green leather and asked, "what is this place?" He turned and responded, "Dungeon Despise, where many people come to train to hone their skills."

"Thank you," Radiance said to the man in the green armor. He walked into the cave and was swallowed by darkness. He reached into his pack and grabbed a ring his mother had given him when he was little. He placed it on and as soon as the ring touched his finger, the whole room just lit up with light, as if the heavens opened to let the sunshine in. There were two sets of stairs, one going up and one going down. Radiance decided to climb up the stairs. When he reached the top, there was a lizard man standing there, waiting to strike. "ERRRRR" with a slash of his claws it scratched his armor and knocked the wind out of him. He turned to fight the lizard man. With his newly forged weapon, he made quick work of the lizard man.

Farther into the Lizard Man Cave, Radiance found the most beautiful women he had ever seen. He was dumbfounded as if he had been hit by a mind blast, until he realized that she needed help. She was out numbered and surrounded by lizard men. He ran toward them slashing through two of them. Still more came; back to back with the beautiful warrior, they fought until no more stood. "It is a good thing I came along when I did," said Radiance. "I would have been fine without you," she replied. "Oh really, because it looked like you need help my lady."

"What is your name sir?"

"Radiance," he said.

"What kind of name is that?"

"Well what's your name?"


"Such a pretty name for a pretty lady. Do you want to train together? Help heal and fight?" As she turned to face him Fiona said 'sure'. From then out they fought together for moths starting to fight harder and harder monsters, to shaping there skills as warriors. Ogre lards, titans, dragons daemons, and have been to the gauntlet several times. Till one day the two where fighting in the land of Ilshenar, a secret land full of monsters and many dangers. The two worrier where fighting in one of the dungeon of blood where the most fearsome beasts live, this is where the blood elements spawn, and The Collator of Sons. As they entered the Blood Dungeons, they saw body laying about the floor, covered in blood but it was not there blood, Radiance and Fiona had seen this before, it looked like a Blood had killed these men even a White Wyrm was laying on the floor. And with the Wyrms White skin there supeshin where true. It was Blood but not no normal one it was gold in cooler and moved faster a lot faster. Be for Radiance and Fiona new it he was on top of them and the two where fighting fo the lives with the beast. Radiance attacked from the front and Fiona from the back, it was strong with a blast of his powerful fist on Radiance shield ,it sent him flying , and graped Fiona but the lag and throw her like a rag doll Bang the two warrior hit the wall slowly getting up they ran to the corner of the wall Fiona pulled a enchanted bow from her back and shot it at the Blood, a blossom of white light hit It and light the room for seemed like minutes. But when they couned see aging the beast was gone. They walked over to there it lasted stud there was nothing but a chest .Radiance bent down to see if he could not open it ,it would not bugg they picked it up and carried it away, getting to the moon gate they desideed to lune to to see if a lock smith was there.