Character Name: Rhiannon

My Journey

My journey isn't a particularly exciting one, compared to some in our land. In many ways, it's very sad.

I have traveled many lands similarly named Britannia, each of them slightly different from the other, some more dangerous than others, some more rich. Prior to some of the events that happened to me early on in the current Britannia, I was always known as Brianna Knight (see attached picture).

I was young and foolish in those days, and very much in love with the famed Feral Knight. I suppose I should have looked up the word "Feral" in the Britannia dictionary or perhaps sought out a seerer who know all. For the events that got me to where I am today are sad and probably could have been avoided if I had known what Feral meant.

In the early days of my visit to this world of Britannia, things were much more dangerous. There were pickpockets littered at the banks, thieves and murderers in every nook and corner of the land. My days and nights were spent constantly looking over my shoulder, and moving away from anyone who got too close (even if they looked nice). My husband was hardly ever around even then as he chose to find his own path, which was usually away from me. So I was pretty much on my own to protect myself as best I could.

In that first year, I discovered the joys of selling my wares. I was an aspiring scribe in those days, and we were a rare and small group. I saved up enough gold to purchase a blue tent, which I placed just south of the south gate to Moonglow. My vendors sold mostly individual spell scrolls, which were pretty difficult to find in those days, and when my inscription got high enough - full spell books. It was impossible to decorate the tent as you couldn't lock anything down so it was just my vendors standing there. I loved those simple days, and made a pretty good gold coin as well! I also had acquired a few good friends and we adventured into all kinds of strange places in Britannia. We discovered a sunken tower, a hedge maze, a waterfall you could get behind, strange dark dungeons and many other wonderful adventures.

About a year and a half after I had entered Britannia, my husband Feral Knight left me for worlds unknown. There were rumors that he had found many ladies in distress and was off rescuing them. My heart knew he would never return so I sold my tent and secluded myself in my mage tower (now called a large tower - see attached picture) located in the swamp south of Trinsic. My small guild had purchased the tower and after all my friends and husband left me, I spent most of my time alone in the tower, scribing my scrolls and talking to my horse Wildfire.

After many years of this seclusion, I decided to once again become a useful member of society. First things were first: I had to change my name. I couldn't bare the pain of seeing my lost husband's surname after mine. After much soul searching and thought, I selected the name "Rhiannon." The reasons were multi fold: 1) I had a song in my heart and mind from the past that talks about a woman named Rhiannon who was lost, tossed about by the wind and was seeking her love. 2) I remembered a long ago told story of a mystical woman named Rhiannon who rode a magical horse past a prince and his hunters and was unreachable until the prince finally asked her to stop. Both of these stories spoke to me and I decided that the name Rhiannon fit me well.

Not much else has changed over the years since changing my name. My hair has turned white (see attached picture). I bought and sold a number of houses along my way and finally ended up with my dream of a large home, big enough for a rooftop garden. I have a row of shops in front of the main house, and still sell my (and my sisters') wares which now include scribed items, plants and things found along my journeys. Selling my crafted items has always been my greatest joy in Britannia and I suppose it always will be. My life is simple, quiet and somewhat lonely, but that's OK. If you see me at my shop (located at the east end of the continent that holds Luna), please stop and say hello. I always welcome travelers, offering them a cold ale and some cheese, in honor of my lost friend Zeeto who loved that snack. Until then, safe travels to you…