Character Name:Sagittarius

The Life Of The Glorious Sagittarius

It's a warm sunny day, a cool breeze blows through the trees, the calmness of the water from the river, and the joy of people trading, buying, and selling, in the City of Bridges, Vesper that is where my real life in Britannia begins. Before we go to that day lets start with some family history. Well the Sagittarius comes from the constellation, which my family believed the traveler from the star's that defeated Mondain came from. My father was a Knight of Lord British, and my mom a cook, we lived in the city of Britain, we were not a rich family but mom, and dad did well enough to provide for me what I needed. As I grew up I was trained in the skills of a knight, so that I may follow in my fathers foot steps that was until fate had other ideas for me. I was asleep one night, right at the start of what we now call the Second Age, when some followers of Mondain broke into my house killing my parents, they would have got me, but I was able to hide in the secret storage room. After that night and the shame I had in hiding, I ran away to Vesper to start a new life and adventure swearing to never again forget the Honor, my father taught me, so for this day forth I will were the Blue color upon my garments to stand for honor, truth, and justice, and to avenge my fathers death, and so my story begins.

I was at the bank in Vesper that day wondering, what am I going to do I have no money, I have no home, and a man by the name of Robert Ironwolf stopped to ask if everything was ok? As we talked I asked me to please stay with him, he felt that I was destined for great things; I just laughed and said if being a chicken was greatness then I guessed so. As we arrived at his small house, below the Shrine Sacrifice, he introduced me to his family Robin, Gerald, Derwin, and Mace Ironwolf. I spent the next several months training with Gerald, killing, ettin's, trolls, and any monster that got in our way, we pushed each other to be our best as we grand mastered in many skills. I learned living with the Ironwolf's how the day to day life of Britannia, really happens, they have to worry about, monsters, murders, thieves, and food. With our gold and skills Robert and I decided that it was time to start a guild to help to control evil in Britannia, so we formed the Knights of the Golden Shield, or the GS for short. Little did we know that we were on the brink of a new Era of Britannia, the 3rd Dawn.

As our guild started to build news hit Britannia a new land had been discovered, the new land was called Ilshenar. Ilshenar brought with it new craftables, new monsters, and new people. It also divided Britannia into two worlds the good was called Trammel, it is crime free, and Felucca, the evil, where the murders and thieves were forced to. Well and along with the new land Robert, and his Family, and I placed our own houses along the shore in Trammel, next to the shore, not far from Sacrifice. As we adventured into the new lands of Ishenar, we found new enemies in the form of the Meer, and the Juka's. The only two things these people had in common was the hate for us. I remember walking thru the desert of Ishenar, fighting efreets, when out of nowhere, a beautiful marble city surrounded by enslaved Gargoyles. The Gargoyles act as the guards of the city, it was a wonderful city filled with many secrets, and many new items. The land of Ishenar was new and undiscovered, and as we soon found out maybe it was undiscovered for a reason.

In the undiscovered part of Ishenar the Juka's were hiding a big, hellish secret, the secret of Lord Blackthorn. Lord Blackthorn was a half human, half machine, helping the Juka's to elimanate the Meer, now with the Britannia's entering there land Lord Blackthorn seen the chance to be king of all Britannia. I have fought many foes but none were as hard as the machines of Lord Blackthorn, they seemed to have a shield of magic protecting them from weapons, but mages could kill the shield, then once the shield was down it took all one warrior could do to kill for magic would not hurt it anymore. Lucky for us the people of Britannia were able to turn their machines against them for by killing them we took there parts and were able to create Golems to serve us. With our best warriors and there golems we were able to stop Lord Blackthorn and start to tame the Land of Ishenar. Britannia is a magical world ever changing, and new discoveries, and just when you think, what else could happen the darkest time in the history of Britannia starts, The Age of Shadows.

The People of Britannia started to return to the forbindon skills of necromancy, and the dark arts. By this time the Guild had broken up and the only members of GS were the Ironwolf's, my newly discovered family, and me. For the most part they spilt for we banned the use of dark arts, and to fight the darkness, including those who use to be friends we journeyed to the city of Luna in the new lands of Malas. Malas is a good versus evil land in the city of Umbra we have the dark art of necromancy, and in Luna the city of the Paladin. Malas also contain the most evil dungeon of them all the dungeon simply known as DOOM! The first visit I made to the dark dungeon I soon realized that doom was what I was in for; for once entering I fell into a hole in which there was no way out but to fight your way. After many close calls with the undead creatures of DOOM I decided to use my new skill in Chivalry to get out of there. After time and the world of Britannia divided and no hop in sight, news hits the there have been islands found on the ocean of Britannia, the islands would start us on the road to coming together again.

Tokuno, the islands of the Samurai Empire, latest in the history of Britannia, here we found new skills, friends, treasures, and some of the most dangers of foes. I have fought in many battles, I have won some, and lost some and I will never forget the time I ran up on the ladies soon to be known as the Fan Dancers. As I was exploration the Islands I ran across a dojo in the woods, I seen what appeared to be beautiful woman carrying a strange fan. As I walked up to see if I could rest for the night I cam under attack by the ladies, they were strong, cunning, and fast. I fought until the last bandage and with the last inch of strength I had I finally landed the blow that dropped her. After the battle I found an urn in my backpack come to find out that the princess was missing her treasure and was offering an award to anyone who returned the missing treasures. I killed hundreds of fan dancers to help the princess out, and learned the skill of Bushido, and the Virtue of Honor. I have returned many items to the princess and helped to bring order to the land of Tokuno, but only the future will tell what Britannia holds for us.

I have lived a full life here in Britannia, I have fought to defend the cities from invasion, I have been there to help us claim and control new lands, I have been a member of the Order of the Silver Serpent (OSS), and the Order Guild. I have fought to win my title to Glorious, and defend the Kingdom with my life. I guess after looking back on my life I may not have become a guard for Lord British, but I have done so much to help his kingdom, and to fight for justice for the people of Britannia. I guess that Robert was right the whole time I was meant for great things.