Character Name: Shakina

The Tale of Shakina

My beginning as a Mage/Tamer Started on the outskirts of Haven around eight months ago when my parents finally decided to let me buy a house and venture out on my own. My name is Shakina, the meaning is (Beautiful One) but people call me Shak for short. When I was young my parents explained to me the history of Sosaria, but I never really knew how hard it would be to venture alone.

Wondering around Brittain, helpless little me was asking if anyone would lend me a hand. (Hail is there anyone out there willing to help thy young lady). This is when I met one of my best friends and later to be husband - Davine. He helped me a lot showed me all the ropes and gave me everything I needed. Next I created my house in Luna, a lovely 18 by 18, not the biggest but it was my home so to me it was the best =). After a long day of creating I decided to try out my skills and see if I was able to tame my first pet.

Trying not to get lost and reading my map I walked towards Luna bank. Every now and then I would try to run but I was not yet strong enough to run all the way. I met Davine at Luna Moon gate and he showed me a little place in Trammel called Trinsic, there were many animals here big and small. As I tried my luck out on a brown bear I was shocked to find I had no chance of taming such creature. My friend explained to me (me young lady thy have to start with thy small creatures until thy get strong enough to tame the greater ones) so I found a little dog and away I went whispering things such as Will you be my friend, Good.., I wont hurt you. After a long day of practice I finally was strong enough to tame my first horse.

For weeks after this all I did was tame animals and practice many of my other skills such as Magery, Animal lore, peace making and vet. One day I was asked (would thy wish to come to thy guild masters house), not knowing exactly what this meant Davine explained to me how guilds worked and what his guild was about. Arriving at the KoL Auction house I was asked if I would like to join the guild, so excited, of course I said yes. I was named Shakina, Keeper Of Angels. I named all my pets after this title eg: my first horse finally bonded was named Enchanted Angel.

As I became better and better each day I was making new friends along the way. Vance Greybac was the second good friend I made and he offered to take me to try out the scary dungeons. (Would thy lady wish to come to the dungeons to try thy luck?) As scared as I was I could not resist this offer so he made a gate and we headed off to a dungeon called Destard. This place was full of big Dragons and huge snakes. Luckily I had Vance to protect me and when he pulled out his pitchfork I was a little worried how he would go up against this giant dragon. He fought a good fight and afterwards he let me loot the corpse (wow there is so much gold on thy creature are you sure I am allowed all of this?). On the way out I ran into a man called Carvy and he had a big bird called a hiryu, (How thy wish I had one of those beautiful birds) but creatures as great as this could not yet trust me. Carvy became a good friend and we did lots of exploring together.

The days went on and I was becoming a lot more confident in myself, I was given a great deal of money to pick out what armour I needed and then Vance dyed them a nice dark red.

One day I wanted to explore but I couldn't find any of my friends to do so. I decided to go alone and found a place called felucca not knowing how bad this place was I went through the gate to Brittain. (Oh my gosh) There were red people chasing me as soon as I entered. I tried to get away as fast as I could but there was no use because these people were much stronger then me and BOOM, I was dead. I wondered around for a bit until I found a healer. I got back to my body, grabbed all my belongings and got out of there as fast as possible.

Another place I loved to be was Brittain bank in trammel, practicing my skills in between. My fame was raising everyday and soon I was to become Lady Shakina. My skills were going really well and I was learning really fast.

While I was on my horse one day at Luna bank I was asked by Night Owl to come along to do a spawn with her guild called TOV (Would thy Lady Shakina wish to join thy guild on a spawn at Destard?). During this event I died at least three times but it was all in good fun. I liked the spawns very much and so I started joining people everyday to do them. The fifth time was unlucky because in came the reds to kill and steal from us all. Luckily for me all they could take was my bandaids. Sadly this day I lost my Lady title but my good friend Vance helped me get it back fairly fast.

Lately I've spent my times in the new lands killing orcs and receiving tarties. I cast my vas corp por's and I command my beetles to all kill I have received many tarties, and to my surprise they have been selling for big money (100k each).

I should mention that one day there was an event on; you had to write a poem about an Aussie Christmas. After I had read mine out everyone cheered and gave me around of applause. When everyone had finished it was announced (First prize goes to thy Glorious Shakina) and I was awarded with some money and a veteran reward, The Hanging Shield.

So as it happens I have made so many friends and I am doing just great. Everyday is more and more fun for me and I can't wait till my taming gets higher so I can finally tame my own hiryu.

At the present time I am trying to organise my wedding to Lord Davine. It's difficult trying to pick what clothes to wear and what colour they should be. Hopefully it will be beautiful and I will love all of my friends and family to be there.

It seems I've been away from home a lot longer then eight months, but with each rising sun I am having a blast and I could never be happier to belong to such a wonderful place like Sosaria.

Written by Lady Shakina