Character Name: Vance Greybac

A tale - A trail - A triumph

I was born upon a hot sunny day, in the season where birds eggs were just hatching and the cities surrounding reapers were shedding the last of their leaves, in a stable at the back corner of Minoc, Sosaria. I now live to the Northeast of the famous town Britain, and I spend most of my spare time at the shrines within Luna city. I live alone as this is how I feel most comfortable as I spent most of my life this way. When I was born, my mother was travelling with a band of adventurous and was unable to care for me. In what she thought the best interest for me was to leave me with my uncle, Captain Jake.

My name is Vance Greybac. I started my journeys on my uncle's ship the "Wooden Bullet" from the age I could carry a mop and bucket he put me to work. It wasn't that bad, a sailor's life with no worries and the sounds of the ocean to accompany us. Except from the occasional kraken merging and breaking parts of the ship we wouldn't have to take to land. Due to some shadow trading my uncle's ship was a marked one with a hefty bounty, which only gave us one "safe" if you could call it that, place to dock and that was Buccaneer's Den.

This small seaside town wasn't all that books had proclaimed it to be; the streets were not littered with bodies of pirates and smugglers though at times uncle Jack did save thine eyes from seeing images I was just not ready to witness. Repairs were made quickly and I spent my time at either the giant water tubs or the tavern reading in the corner. I listened for the Cuckoo birds song to mark the beginning and end of every hour, one stay the Cuckoo bird sung a lot longer then what my uncle told me and I feared the worst. I lost my uncle to a rotten pirate in Buccaneer's Den over a card game, no name no links not a single clue but no doubt karma will give its justice where desired. This lost was a keystone in the bridge to the man I was to become.

With no one else to guide me and being in the position I was I knew I had to venture forth on my own and find a path to lead me to what seemed like unreachable dreams. Within the tales of books I've spent many hours reading a name seemed to frequently appear before me. Japheth, at a young age a child on the streets and as an adult the Guildmaster of the Trinsic Paladins. A great man deemed by Lord Blackthorn along with many others, fought so bravely against the many Orc invasions lead onto Trinsic and sadly lost his life on the battlefield fighting for the maiden stolen from him as a child.


I knew how to sail a boat but I knew of a faster way out of Buccaneer's Den and at the time I had to escape. The moongate, I stood peering into its swirling mystics of blues and shades of purple for what seemed like hours, finally after praying and building courage I took a step through the rip between dimensions and in the blink of an eye my surroundings seems to twist and bend to form a new land, my future land. That was the shortest but most maiden voyage of my life, it continues to branch out to many more of the affected worlds devastated by the shattering of the immortal gem, lands which I continue to try and fight for the virtues in.

My life revolves around the virtues and in return they have favoured me with wealth and friends and family reunited. I cherish the eight virtues with my life, as they are signals to guide us down our paths to enlightenment. Lord British brought these out to show us the path, I as his follower and strong believer in his great design for all the lands follow them and teach them to all who I cross. Life is a gift and we do with it what we want but I think of life as a tool for each and everyone to reach out and do their part to better themselves and more importantly each other.

I would like to see in the future a day where we may all live in peace, all troubles solved and a total restoration of the dimensions broken apart from the destruction of the gem of immortality that Modain so carelessly created. I feel sorrow and I dread to think that this passing is beyond my time alas I look a little less to the future and see myself being with someone who follows and respects Lord British's wishes to try bring forth the era of virtues. A young lass by the name of Shakina has fondly grabbed thine eyes and swiftly focused them upon her, I will make my intentions clear to this lass and hope for the best.

In the beginning I was but a young deck scrubber and through my life I've stayed true to the virtues and they have been true to me. I hope that my life will shed some light on paths yet unseen to others and hope to meet many fellow adventurers over the ages. All branches of life will have good moments and some which you might care to forget, remember though what life deals to you can always be helped by friends and family and of course the virtues! Long lives Lord British!