Third Dawn FAQ, by Silver Leaf
General: Third Dawn FAQ

How do I get to Ilshenar?
To get to Ilshenar, go through any of the 8 static moongates using the Third Dawn client. Click on the Ilshenar button, and select the Shrine you wish to go to. If you're new to the lands of Ilshenar, go have a look at UO Auto Map (UOAM). This is a very handy free utility.

Why can't I use the spells Recall, Mark and Gate?
These three spells have been disabled in the land of Ilshenar. Ilshenar is quite small, with eight different gates to enter from. Just about every land location, and some dungeon locations are just a stone throw away from a moongate. Not being able to recall, makes us more accountable for our actions while in Ilshenar, (the deeper we adventure, the more dangerous it is).

Can I place boats in Ilshenar?
No. All water Travel will be done using a creature called the Sea-horse. The Sea-horse is not in-game yet. However, almost all areas of Ilshenar can be explored without the use of the Sea-horse. Please check our General News section periodically for any updates.

Are there any towns in Ilshenar?
Yes. There are static towns, and rotating Gypsy camps.

Rotating Gypsy Camp Locations.
Location Nearest Shrine
71o 32N 53o 26W West of Honor
37o 37N 2o 57E North west of Spirituality.
46o 50N 45o 59W North of Honesty
36o 2N 34o 27W South west of Justice
53o 10N 13o 46E North of Spirituality
53o 5N 13o 34W North of Sacrifice
59o 56N 28o 41W North east of Justice
91o 40N 53o 9W North West of Honor
Static Gypsy Camp Locations.
Location Nearest Shrine
93o 4N 5o 50W South of Compassion
105o 22N 4o 0E East of Compassion
88o 3N 12o 52E South East of Compassion
94o 23N 20o 2E South East of Compassion
Special thanks to Fatherganja for all the loactions of the gypsy camps.

Can my Murderer (Red) go to Ilshenar?
Yes. Murderers can enter Ilshenar. However, there are some limitations;
  • A murderer can only enter Ilshenar once a month.
  • Murder counts do NOT decay while in Ilshenar.
  • While in Ilshenar you'll have normal status (A blue name, not red). Your default title (Via Karma and Fame) will be present on your Paperdoll.
  • You can NOT PK while in Ilshenar. Ilshenar has the same basic rule-set as Trammel.

Can I place a house in Ilshenar?
No. You can only place houses in Britannia. Ilshenar is more set for the adventurer, not real-estate.

What do Statues Spawn on?
Statues spawn on Pixies, and Ratman Mages. Once killing one of the creatures, you'll have to check the corpse for the statue. They have a statue as loot, a estimated 1/100.

Can I enter Ilshenar with the 2D client?
No. You must use the Third Dawn (3D) client to access the lands of Ilshenar.

Will I get to keep my current character(s) in UO:Third Dawn?
Yes. UO:Third Dawn is an add-on. When logging into UO with the 3D client, just select your shard as normal, and you'll be able to select any of your characters.

Is there a story behind Ilshenar?
Yes. There is a story about Gilforn, the one who discovered the means to travel to Ilshenar. Also, there is a three part story about Ilshenar. If you haven't read it yet, I'd suggest doing so. Its a good read.

Can I have both UO:Third Dawn, and UO:Renaissance installed on one computer?
Yes. By default they will both install into different directories. Most people favor having both clients installed.