Third Dawn FAQ, by Silver Leaf
Technical: Third Dawn FAQ

The Basics.
First, lets cover the basics. It is VERY important, before posting any problems you're having to;
  • Update your Video Card Drivers
  • Download and install the latest version of DirectX
  • turn off all lighting effects in the Display options
  • and drop your refresh rate down to 16bit color.
If you have tried all these options, and still not able to get the client to run, then read through the rest of this technical FAQ. In the end, if you're still having problems, post the issue you're having on the third dawn forum. Please post as much information as you can on your problem. Also post your system specifications.

Where can I find the UO:Third Dawn Readme?
You can find the official UO:Third Dawn readme here. This Readme file has information on the following topics:
  1. Supported Video Cards
  2. Performance Issues
  3. Troubleshooting Checklist
  4. Hardware-Specific Problems and Fixes
  5. General Troubleshooting Tips
  6. General Performance Tips

My paperdoll won't open, what can I do to fix this?
If your paperdoll, or other gumps will not open, then go into your in-game macros. Make a macro to "Close all Gumps". Click "ok", and use the macro. Try opening the gump again. Should work fine now.

When my mare/dragon cast Invisibility, it causes my client to crash, why?
This is a bug that will hopefully be fixed soon. For some reason, if you have the lifebar of your pet open (on screen), and the pet casts invisibility, it will cause the client to crash. My best suggestion, until this is fixed, would be NOT to open your pets lifebar, until its out of mana.

It's also rumored that this crash also happens if you have a monsters lifebar, or even a guildmate/other players life bar open while they cast invisibility.

I got a Treasure map off a monster, but can't dig it up in Ilshenar, why?
As of right now, I've heard nothing about us ever being able to dig maps up in Ilshenar. So, if you do get a treasure map while you're adventuring in Ilshenar, you'll have to call a GM to correctly set a facet (Trammel, or Felucca). The maps facet will be selected by what facet you're in when the GM comes.

I have White, or Black squares on my screen, how do I fix this?
This is a known issue with the Voodoo based chipsets. The only known way to fix this problem, is to update your video card drivers.

My client just crashed, and now I can't log back with with that Character, why?
Open up your UO:Third dawn directory. Double-click Desktop. Select the shard you're playing on. Now find the character you were using when you crashed. Delete that folder, then log on. Should work fine.
*NOTE*Make sure to save your macros in the folder before deleting it.

If the above option doesn't work, then you'll have to log in with another character, and call a GM. They should move your character (That crashed), so you can log back in again.

I found a bug in-game, should I report it, if yes, how?
Yes yes, and yes again. If you find a bug in-game, Please report it. Awareness is very important to getting bugs fixed. If no one reports the bug(s), they might never get fixed. So, if you find a bug, send it to [email protected].