Magical Items Loot Guide, by Lady Napster of Europe; Edited by Xena Dragon
What do I collect and why? What magic item properties are good for which character? What should you keep in mind when you loot an item? With this guide, I will give an explanation about the items that can be looted or can be left...
Neon colored weapons
I don't know why I started collecting these; I have a whole chest in one of my houses dedicated to neon weapons. Neon weapons are not sold nicely anymore as they did when AOS came out, but still some of the bank sitters still love to show off their weapons. Also, some neon weapons do improve battle tactics against certain types of monsters, comparable with slayer weapons (cold weapons versus fire elementals for example). When I find a weapon without 100% physical damage, I will loot it (if it is not neon, it should be able to be enhanced or I will choose to leave it). If the weapon is not neon and can be enhanced, I will take it. Further, all neon weapons that can be enhanced will be enhanced by me, even when there is no physical damage left. For these weapons (those without physical damage) I use two colored ores: Gold (luck) or Dull Copper (lower requirements). For the non-neon, but no 100% physical weapons, I will then use an ore, which will add damage to an elemental type that is already present. For example, a weapon with 20% fire damage and 80% physical damage, (that is not-neon), I will choose bronze ore, because bronze ore will add fire damage and subtract physical damage. When enhancement succeeds, I will have a bronze neon fire weapon.
Weapons with more than 20% damage increase
This 20% range is the same as exceptional items. When a weapon exceeds the 20%, I will take it. The maximum at the moment is 50% according to uo.com. There is also jewelry with damage increase. Since the maximum is 25% on jewelry, I loot from 15%, although 10% is mostly taken too. Imagine a 50% plus weapon and two plus 25% jewelry, that is equal to double damage... Weapons with 35% or more damage modifier are selling great.
Weapons with area damage of +40% to +50%
I don't use these properties a lot, so it has to be high end for me to be looted. It is nice against monsters or in big fights, like factions or wars, but low-end area damage weapons are not wanted on the market.
Jewelry with more than 20% elemental resistance in total
The maximum elemental resistance found on items is 15%, so higher than 20% (in total) will be looted. I still doubt about taking weapons with +20% total resist, but no one seems to see the value of a high resist weapon... At least, maybe now they do, so I am thinking of taking these weapons too. Jewelry with two or three resistances that surpasses the 10% are sold nicely; keep track of those weapons.
Defense chance increase
The maximum is 15%. It comes on weapons, as well as jewelry. Again, I don't see a real market for this property. I don't go after these items, but maybe +15% jewelry or shields will be looted. It comes in handy when the item has additional properties, but alone is not good enough. Although, 15% defense chance increase on weapons or shields is nice when fighting tougher monsters. For a paladin, it is very handy, because paladins do not disarm when using a chivalry ability. Imagine a paladin with shield and weapon; all 4 items with 15% defense increase... That is a total of 60%, which makes the paladin hard to hit with melee attacks.
Dexterity, Strength and Intelligence bonus on jewelry
The maximum is 8, but I don't collect jewelry with lower than 8. I have a lot of these at home, but mostly I choose jewelry with other properties above these stat modifiers. The same goes for increasing Stamina, Mana and Hit Points. Mana increase can be handy for spells or weapon moves, but as I stated, there have to be more properties on the item to be looted by me. I don't think that there are people that search vendors who sell these items (without other properties).
Not important. With publish 19 almost everything can be crafted and repaired.
Enhance potion jewelry
Not important, although the range is 5-25%. Imagine two jewelry with 25%. Then go to a champ and keep throwing purple pots near the champ. That is 150% damage. Maybe I will keep +25% enhance potion items. I haven't found a market for these items yet...
Faster cast recovery (max 3) and faster casting (max 1)
I really look for these items. Especially when they are in a combo. The combination items are a PvP must-have. I haven't bumped into F.C.R. +3 though. However, I will always take these items. In PvP, faster casting and casting recovery can be life saving as well as devastating. There is a good market for the combination items (with FCR & FC).
Hit chance increase (ranges 1-15%)
Not so important. I really like these items in combination with damage increase. Although I will not take low jewelry, I will take weapons with +10% hit chance increase. Very nice combo is also with spell channeling. Or even with swing speed increase.
Hit #damage# spell 2-50%
I really like these kind of weapons. These weapons with 25% or higher (fireball, lightning, magic arrow and such) will be looted. It is always nice to have an extra strike (chance) when fighting. Hit Life Leech will also be looted. But stamina and mana leeches only from 30% or higher, because I don't really need such weapons. The same goes for lower defense or attack (only 30% or higher). These kind of weapons (high end bonuses) will sell good, since low end is always a plus on items, but not looted per se.
Armor with hit point (1 or 2), mana (1 or 2) or stamina regeneration (1 to 3)
Not important. It is a nice extra, but not something I go and search for. Although, in combination with (high) lower reagent cost armor, mana can always be handy... (8x8). Same goes for hit points regeneration, when you are casting spells on self or use lich form when 'training' necromancy. I have trained chivalry with mana regeneration suits, without focus. It cost more money than lower reagent cost suits, but it has a higher training rate. I don't know if there is a market for these items, but there might be. A high-end mana regeneration suit can also be a gift for the PvP dueler, where mana is more and more of essence (spells and special moves).
Lower mana cost (max 8%)
I don't loot these, since I see no real use on it. But again, it works nice in some 8x8 training. A full armor suit with a ring and a bracelet can take you to 64% lower mana (8 pieces). So take +8% lower mana pieces, it might be handy when sold as a full suit in both PvP and PvM. Again, I haven't heard (yet) of a market for these kind of items.
Note: Others do find Lower Mana Cast interesting enough to loot.
Lower reagent cost 1-20%
Only interesting at 10% or higher, those will be taken, especially when you can meditate wearing it (mage armor or plain leather). A complete suit can give you 100% lower reagent cost. Very handy for training, or when you do not want too lose your reagents when fighting in PvP (or PvM). These items sell good. In Europe, 100% lower reagent cost suits are going for 2 million (without rings and bracelets and mage armor or plain leather).
Lower requirements
Not interesting. Maybe on halberds, lances and other items that needs 95 strength to be equipped (like order and chaos shields). But not really sought after. No market for this either.
Luck 1-100
I take luck items with 40+ luck. I try to enhance them with gold ingots or spined leather. I had a +60 spider slaying axe, which I enhanced with valorite, because I wanted to slay those dread spiders, but normally I give it a try on gold. High-end luck items (60 and up) can be sold often. There is a very good market on high-end luck items, loot them!
Mage armor
Not interesting. It is nice in combination with good other properties, but alone it is quite useless. Have not seen a market for this armor.
Mage weapons
Highest are plus 10, but it is more known as the cursed version. (-30 max). I already have one cursed weapon with spell channeling, that I use for training magery on a boat. It is cheaper in reagents and mana, as well easier to gain... I don't loot these items, unless other properties exceed the penalty of magery loss. Then again, for every warrior without magery, the other properties on the weapon can be so good, that the magery loss is not even noticed...
Night sight
Not of importance, I can cast night sight or use a black potion. It is nice as an extra property, but not as property number 1. There is not a real market for it, although new characters may find these items very useful. And I don't scam these new players; I mostly give them night sight items.
Reflect physical damage
I do not take these, except the 15% ones, because that is the max. Armor with these properties will only be taken in combination with other good properties, or as I sad before, when it is 15%. I have used it against ogre lords, but it doesn't lower the damage dealt, and it only reflects a little damage. Still no good use to see 35 in yellow above you and 4 in red above the ogre lord. Nice in combination with other properties, but not nice alone. No market has been found for these items.
Self repair (1-5)
Again a property that is not interesting... Nice, but not looked for.
Spell Channeling
Always looted, as long as there is not a penalty like faster casting -1 or magery skill -##. This is one of the handiest properties they ever gave to weapons or shields. Again, when there are properties that exceed the magery loss or the faster casting penalty, the items will also be looted. There is a very good market for these kind of items. I have seen golden spell channeling weapons go for 30k in Europe (without penalties) but I think that can be more when additional properties are present.
Spell damage increase (1-12)
Always handy, looted when +10% or more is present. Imagine +24% spell damage increase on a Grand Master scribe... Have seen some trades among these items, but not really a market.
Swing speed increase (5-30%)
Also looted by me when it exceeds 20%. Nice to train a weapon skill, nice in combination with spell channeling. And very handy on 'normal' slow weapons, or fast weapons (read: all weapons). With the addition of more properties, these weapons can be devastating. Imagine a kryss with 30% swing speed increase. It would be unstoppable by all means.
In general, shields will always be examined (except wooden shield, which cannot be enhanced). When spell channeling is present, and faster casting -1 is absent, the shield will become a wanted item, enhanced with valorite it will give it a +13% total resist modifier. Shields in general will have a 1% resistance modifier. I search for shields with a base of 2% resistances, but did not fid one yet. Shields with the property faster casting 1, will also be looted. Handy for a paladin, to have faster casting 1, because they don't have to disarm their shield when using a chivalry ability. Imagine a paladin with faster casting 1 on shield, weapon, ring and bracelet... Instant heal self? Again, all shields will be enhanced (valorite or gold, when luck is present).
Armor in general
The same story as shields. Armor has base property resistances totaling 15% (some 16%). When crafted an armor item has 15% + 12%/13% (barbed leather or valorite) + 6% (if exceptional). So, to enhance an item above 33%/34% total, you need to find an item with +21% (15+6) resistance in total, and then SUCCEED in enhancing with barbed/valorite. That creates a 33%/34% armor piece. That is the same as exceptional barbed/valorite. So +22% resistance in total will be better.
Hats with more then +33% resist, will also be looted.
A total +33% will take you to: 6 * 33 = 198 total resist. 198 / 5 is ± 40 each resistance. That is the same as Grand Master resistance (350 is the maximum, with each resist at 70, which boils down to 6 armor pieces of 58 points each). Equip your spell channeling valorite shield, which adds another 14, and you exceed the 40 each. Off course this is too colored, because resistances are not that nicely shared... A full valorite suit has the weakness called fire resistance... But some rings can compensate for this!

I hoped you enjoyed reading this, and good luck on looting!

[Loyal Member of G*D] Lady Napster

http://guide.uo.com/itemproperties_0.html for total magic item properties
http://uo.stratics.com/content/aos/materialbonuses.shtml for enhancement bonuses
http://www.guardiansofdestiny.net for 'The Guardians of Destiny', a guild on Europe