Paladin Abilities

Paladin Abilities; by Xena Dragon
To use Paladin Abilities, the Paladin must have the spell written in his Paladin spell book, have the required Chivalry skill level and have the required amount of Tithing points. Tithing points can be earned by donating money at a Shrine. You receive 1 tithing point per gold piece donated. Use the context menu on the Shrine's ankh to get the tithing dialog where you can enter how much gold you want to donate.
Icon Name Tithing Mana Skill 100% success Info
Close Wounds 10 10 0 50 Heals the target for 4 to 24 points of damage. The caster's Karma affects the amount of damage healed.
Cleanse by Fire 10 10 5 55 Cures the target of poisons, but causes the caster to be burned by fire damage for 13-55 hit points. The amount of fire damage is lessened if the caster has high Karma.
The chance of successfully curing is calculated with the following formula:
% Chance to cure = (Chivalry Skill * 0,75) + (100 - (poison level * 20))
Remove Curse 10 20 5 55 Attempts to remove all Curse effects from Target. Curses include Mage spells such as Clumsy, Weaken, Feeblemind and Paralyze as well as all Necromancer curses. Chance of removing curse is affected by Caster's Karma.
Consecrate Weapon 10 10 15 65 Temporarily enchants the weapon the caster is currently wielding. The type of damage the weapon inflicts when hitting a target will be converted to the target's worst Resistance type. Duration of the effect is affected by the caster's Karma and lasts for 3 to 11 seconds.
Sacred Journey 20 20 15 65 The Paladin can tap into magical pathways of a divine nature that riddle the spectral realm. Using these passages, he can travel instantaneously to a marked location, as per the Recall spell. However, in order to use this ability the Paladin must not be in combat, as he cannot summon the divine power needed if his purpose is of a cowardly or unchivalrous nature.
Divine Fury 10 15 25 75 Temporarily increases the Paladin's swing speed, chance to hit, and damage dealt, while lowering the Paladin's defenses. Upon casting, the Paladin's Stamina is also refreshed. Duration of the spell is affected by caster's Karma. The effect lasts for 7 to 24 seconds.
Dispel Evil 10 15 35 85 Attempts to dispel evil summoned creatures and cause other evil creatures to flee from combat. Transformed Necromancers may also take Stamina and Mana damage. Caster's Karma and Chivalry, and Target's Fame and Necromancy affect Dispel Chance.
Enemy of One
10 20 45 95 The next target hit becomes the Paladin's Mortal Enemy. All melee damage dealt to that exact creature type is increased, but the Paladin takes extra damage from all other creature types. Mortal Enemy creature types will highlight Orange to the Paladin. Duration of the spell is affected by the Caster's Karma and lasts for 1.5 to 3.5 minutes.
Holy Light 10 15 55 105 Deals energy damage to all valid targets in a radius around the caster. Amount of damage dealt is affected by caster's Karma, from 8 to 24 hit points
Noble Sacrifice 30 20 65 115 Attempts to Resurrect, Cure and Heal all targets in a radius around the caster. If any target is successfully assisted, the Paladin's current Hit Points, Mana and Stamina are set to 1. Amount of damage healed is affected by the Caster's Karma, from 8 to 24 hit points.