Spell Descriptions, by Lugh and others; Edited by Xena Dragon
The Good, The Bad, and the Stupid: Which Spells Rock and Which Ones Suck
In my experience, there are good spells (spells that should be put on macros or are used often), bad spells (spells that serve some purpose but aren't worth casting in most situations), and STUPID spells (spells that suck so much I'm ashamed that people even use them). Here is every single spell, how I rank it on a 0-5 scale (••••• is best).
Spell Ratings
Level 1 Stars Info
Clumsy ••• Clumsy takes away ((8 + (Evaluate Intelligence)/10 - (Resist)/10) dexterity.
Extremely useful against warriors for slowing down their swing speed (possible), and for interrupting another mages' spells. Has, however, lost some appeal by no longer being an enhancer for mind blast damage versus mages.
Create Food •• Useful for when your horse is about to go wild. It is, however, usually cheaper to recall to the provisioner to buy a few apples.
Feeble mind ••• Takes away ((8 + (Evaluate Intelligence)/10 - (Resist)/10) intelligence.
Very useful versus both warriors and mages alike, as it basically lowers the mana cap of those characters until the spell is countered. Additionally, it may lower opponents mana regeneration rate. As with clumsy, this is an excellent spell for interrupting other mages, and in much the same way, has lost some appeal by not enhancing mindblast damage.
Heal ••••• Heals ((Magery / 10) + (1 to 3)) damage.
Absolutely vital in combat, as it is the fastest way to heal for a mage.
Magic Arrow ••• Causes up to 14 to 18 Fire damage on a character with no resists.
Damage depends on caster's Evaluate Intelligence and Inscription skill. Useful for a quick killing blow against a redlined target.
Night sight ••• Turns the lights into daytime, even in dark dungeons, that lasts until the next day- or nighttime.
Seeing is extremely necessary in surviving. Target must have at least 10 points of magery skill for any effect to happen, and will be best at grandmaster or higher magery.
Has lost some appeal, however, with the advent of permanent night sight items.
Reactive Armor •••• Increases caster's Physical Resistance by ((Inscription / 20) + 15) points, and decreases caster's Fire, Cold, Energy and Poison Resistance�by 5 points each. Lasts until cast again.
Very handy spell for whenever you encounter opponents that deal solely physical damage.
Weaken •••• Takes away ((8+ (Evaluate Intelligence)/10 - (Resist)/10) strength.
Useful against physically strong opponents, to lower their hit points temporarily. Is very often an opening spell in mage PvP combat.
Level 2 Stars Info
Agility ••• Increases dexterity points and stamina cap by ((Evaluate/10) +1)%. Cannot be resisted. Also increases attack speed if you manage to hit a new breakpoint in swing speed.
Cunning ••• Increases intelligence points and mana cap by ((Evaluate/10) +1)%. Cannot be resisted. Can also increases mana regeneration speed.
Cure ••••• Cures the poison that has been eating away at you. Can cure lethal poison (level 5) at higher levels, wheter or not you succeed in curing is decided with the following formula:
% Chance to cure: (Magery * 0,75) + (110 - (Poison level * 33)) .
Harm •••• A fair spell. Harm is distance based, and does Cold damage. Damage is based on Eval Int and Inscription. Because of the short casting delay very useful against fast swinging opponents. Distance:
0-1 tiles: 23-29 points at GM level
2 tiles: 50% damage
3-10 tiles: 25% damage.
Magic Trap •• Useful for trapping containers, which can break a paralyze spell, but triggering the trap will do 10-50 points damage. Is primarily used to "scare off" thieves these days.
Magic Untrap Remove the trap from an object that has been trapped with the Magic Trap spell. This, of course, is not usable all that often, so the spell could as well be left out of the book.
Protection •• Allows you to cast spells without being interrupted. Lowers physical resistance, resist magic skill and spell casting speed (by 2). Lasts until cast again.
Because of the heavy drawbacks, this spell is, these days, primarily used to train low level resisting spells (due to the drop in the skill) as its almost impossible to kill anyone with a -2 faster casting.
Strength ••• Increases strength points and hit points cap by ((Evaluate/10) +1)%. Cannot be resisted. Also increases weapon damage. Handy if you want to carry more than your regular strength�would allow you to carry, and for canceling the effect of a weaken cast on you.
Level 3 Stars Info
Bless •••• Combines the spells Agility, Cunning and Strength into one spell. Counteracts the stat part of the Curse spell. Very efficient if used right before battle in combination with a health and a stamina potion and a wee bit of meditation to max out all stats.
Fireball •••• A quick Fire damage spell that can do up to 26-31 damage. Damage depends on the Eval Int and Inscription skill. Fireball is the *perfect* spell to cast when you need to finish off a player/monster at very low health.
Magic Lock ••• Magically locks a chest. Remember, heavy containers (over 10 stones) cannot be stolen, but things inside can - magic locking it will keep nosy people out. Lasts until smashed�or magic unlocked.
Poison ••••• Poisons your target. One of the best pvp spells in the game. Poison prevents bandages from healing damage, heal spells will also not work. Can be fully resisted at high resist magic levels. Does damage depending on the formula ((Magery + Poisoning) / 2):
Less than 65.1 : Level 1 poison
65.1 to 85 : Level 2 poison
85.1 to 99.9 : Level 3 poison
100 and higher : Level 4 poisoning.
Telekinesis •• Allows you to open/manipulate objects from a distance. Good for opening trapped chests, as telekinesis will trigger any trap on them.
Teleport ••• Allows you to teleport to a seen location up to 11 tiles away. Good for getting out of block-ins, extremely useful in PvP to gain enough distance to hide. Teleport also forces monsters to re-target you in battle.
Unlock •• Good for characters without lock picking for unlocking magic locked or level 1 to 2 treasure chests. Success on treasure chests depends on the magery skill. Is also the counter for the "Magic Lock" spell.
Wall of Stone •• Good for blocking in opponents. The wall can also be used to signal for instance the start of a duel. Lasts for 10 seconds.
Level�4 Stars Info
Arch Cure ••••• Cures poison with a greater success than the normal cure spell. At GM level Magery there is a 87% chance of success against level 5 poison. Cures all friendly targets that are within 2 tiles of the target. Casts at the same speed as a 3rd circle spell.
Arch Protection Casts the Protection spell on all party members (including self) that are up to 3�tiles away. Only interesting if you are actually in a party. As an exact replica of the second circle spell, its not good for much at all.
Curse ••••• Reduces a player’s maximum elemental resistances to 60% (but only when cast by another player), as well as act like Clumsy, Feeble mind and Weaken all in one.
Fire Field •• Does 2 points damage per second, but it is very hard to find anything that will stay in one. Spell casting monsters will dispel these.
Lasts for (4 + (Magery / 2)) seconds.
Greater Heal ••••• One of the best spells in�the game for one obvious reason: it heals (Magery * 0.4) + (1 to 10) points of damage, which more often than not is the difference between life and death.
Lightning ••••• Instantly makes a lightning bolt hit your target�for max 30 to 34 points of Energy damage. Damage level depends on Eval Int and Inscription skill. Better than fireball and only costs 2 more mana points.
Mana Drain •••• Decreases mana level by (40 + caster Eval Int - target Resist Magic) points. After 4 seconds mana level is restored back to normal. Decent spell for both PvM and PvP. Mana drain a poison elemental then cast energy vortex, or throw out a few mana drains in a heated battle with a mage. Lethal as its almost assured to drain some mana.
Recall ••••• This spell lets you move from place to place in an instant. Probably the most commonly used spell in the game. Requires that you have a rune marked by the Mark spell.
Level 5 Stars Info
Blade Spirit ••• Summons Blade Spirits that will attack anything in a 6 tile radius. It targets nearby creatures with high Strength and/or Tactics first. Does up to 15 points of damage per hit. Great for killing Ogre Lords and other physically tough monsters. Fighting Blade Spirits is also a good way to GM parrying or melee skills. Can be dispelled.
Dispel Field •• Dispels one tile of a field spell (fire, poison, etc). Can be handy for closing a gate after you (and your friends) moved through it to stop people from following you.
Incognito Changes your name and appearance (not your clothes) for a while. A relatively worthless spell unless someone is bugging you or you are about to do something that you shouldn't be doing. Shame on you.
Lasts for (Magery * 1.2) seconds.
Magic Reflect •••• Decreases caster's Physical Resistance by (25�- (Inscription / 20)) points, increases caster's Fire, Cold, Energy and Poison Resistance by 10 points each. Almost opposite of Reactive Armor spell. Lasts until cast again.
Mind Blast ••••• Makes a mind blast hit your target for max 40 to 42 points of Cold damage. Damage level depends on Magery and Intelligence. Has a small delay on it, making it excellent for combos.
Paralyze ••• Often used by PvP mages. First paralyze the target, then hit him with a combo of Explosion and Energy Bolt, finish with a combo of lower level spells. Paralyze can be countered by opening a Magic Trapped pouch, or taking any kind of damage. The paralyzation lasts for ((caster Eval Int/10) - ((target Resist Magic/10)) * 3 seconds�or until broken by damage done to target.
Poison Field •• Creates a wall of poison. Can be very effective in group combat. Damage levels are equal to those of the Poison spell. (i.e. level 4 poison for a true Nox Mage)
Lasts for (3 + (Magery * 0.4)) seconds.
Summon Creature Summons a low level creature to assist you. Has no real use in the game, unless used as sparring partner for low-level characters or when that bunny rabbit is going to help you kill the balron.
Lasts for (Magery�* 4) seconds.
Level 6 Stars Info
Dispel ••• Dispels a summoned creature. Can be resisted.
Energy Bolt ••••• Makes an energy bolt hit your target for max 51 to 56 points of Energy damage. Damage level depends on �Eval Int and Inscription. Vital spell both for PvP and PvM.
Explosion ••••• After an initial delay of 2 seconds; Makes an explosion hit your target for max 51 to 56 points of Fire damage. Damage level depends on Eval Int and Inscription. Excellent spell when used as first spell in a combo.
Invisibility •••• Hides you from sight for a short while. A wonderful thing when you are trapped in spawn or getting ganked in PvP.
Lasts for (Magery * 1.2) seconds.
Mark •••• Lets you mark a rune that you can later recall or gate to. Not all areas in the game allow you to mark a rune there. In such cases it's best to mark a rune close to the entrance to that area.
Mass Curse ••• Casts Curse on all creatures within a 3 tile radius. Handy in champion spawns and group warfare.
Paralyze Field •• Basically a paralyze spell in form of a field. Can be both good and useless in both PvP and PvM, as its effectiveness is determined directly by the targets resisting spells.
Reveal •••• Reveals a hidden player. Useful against stealthing thieves, Orc Scouts, a hiding orange, or people that are up to no good.
Reveal will always reveal players hidden by the Invisibility spell, but against players using the Hiding skill it will check the hiders Hiding and Stealth skills against your Magery and Detect Hidden Skills.
Level 7 Stars Info
Chain Lightning ••• Hits a series of targets with a lightning bolt for max 64 to 69 total Energy damage. Less targets means more damage per target. Damage level depends on Eval Int and Inscription. Its a good high level energy damage spell.
Energy Field ••• Longer lasting and longer physical length version of the wall of stone spell, except this wall is made of energy instead of stone. Great for blocking house hiders from running into their homes.
Lasts for (2 + (Magery * 0.28)) seconds.
Flame strike •••• Hits the target with a huge burst of flames that does max 64 to 69 Fire damage. Damage level depends on �Eval Int and Inscription. Groups of mages casting simultaneous flame strikes often mean instant death to their victims.
Gate Travel ••••• A sort of mass recall spell. Opens a moon gate which is great for transporting an entire group of people to a specific marked location. Some areas of the map cannot be gated to.
Lasts for 30 seconds.
Mana Vampire •••• This spell drains your opponents mana and adds�it to your own. The amount transferred is equal to (caster Eval Int - target Resist Magic). You can not drain more mana than your victim has left, and you cannot raise your own mana over your mana cap.
Mass Dispel ••• Good for dispelling lots of summoned critters, blade spirits, elementals, and daemons in an 8 tile radius. Can be resisted, but much harder to do so than Dispel.
Meteor Swarm •••• Hits a series of targets with meteors for max 64 to 69 total Fire damage. Less targets means more damage per target. Damage level depends on Eval Int and Inscription.
Polymorph An amusing spell that turns you into any number of creatures, but serves no real purpose. Makes for interesting chicken vs chicken duels.
Lasts for (Magery up to 100) seconds.
Level 8 Stars Info
Earthquake ••••• Currently one of the most powerful spells in the game. A percentage damage-based attack that does approximately 33% Physical damage (min 10, max 100) against total hit points. Best of all, it can hit multiple targets within its effective radius, with no limit, as long as the targets are in sight of the caster. This means you can no longer cast Earthquake to damage targets at the other side of a wall, or who are hidden.
Energy Vortex •••• Summons an Energy Vortex that will attack anything in a 6 tile radius. It targets nearby creatures with high Magery and/or Intelligence first. Does up to 26 points of damage per hit. Great for killing Orc Brutes and other physically tough monsters. Can be dispelled.
Lasts for 90 seconds.
Resurrection ••••• Brings a ghost back to life. Great for when people die, obviously.
Air Elemental ••• Summons an air elemental to fight for you. The Air Elemental will focus on casting spells rather than meleeing. Takes 2 pet control slots.
Lasts for (Magery�* 4) seconds.
Earth Elemental •••• Summons an earth elemental. Earthies don't use magic, but have stronger melee attacks. Takes 2 pet control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Water Elemental •• A confused elemental, trying to be an Air Elemental, when its in reality a better meleer. Takes 3 pet control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Fire Elemental ••• More powerful than the Air and Water Elementals in both melee and magery. Takes 4 pet control slots.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.
Summon Daemon ••••• Summoned daemons are righteous. They combine powerful melee attacks with 7th circle magic. Takes 4 pet control slots. Caster takes a large Karma hit.
Lasts for (Magery * 4) seconds.