Wrestling, by Xena Dragon
Upon thinking out the making of a new mage character it struck me that a most obvious problem might have been overlooked. Basically in the combat section it shows that the chance to hit depends on the relative ability of the combatants. Meaning a high combat skill vs. a low combat skill would result in the higher hitting more and the lesser less.

For mages this is also true. A mage who is trying to cast a spell and gets attacked can be interrupted if his opponent manages to hit him. A mage with a high wrestling skill will be hit less, and therefor has a higher chance of casting a spell in close combat. Wrestling in this case is not used as an attack skill, but rather as a defensive skill with a positive side-effect on offense; can can cast that Energy Bolt even if under attack.

Wrestling as a pure skill is nearly useless, unless you like to beat on smaller animals with your bare fists or want to brag in the Taverns and pick fist-fights with strangers. Wrestling as an additional skill can be very interesting. Especially thieves appreciate the special move "Disarm" that allows them to disarm their opponent and then steal the weapon from the victim's back pack.

You can gain wrestling while holding a spellbook, as long as the wrestling skill is marked 'up' on the skill list. The same goes for tactics.