Blacksmithy Essay: Repairing Arms and Armor

Skill Level Skill Success Fail
Apprentice Smith 51.5% 80%-90% 10%-20%
Journeyman Smith 61.5% 90%-93% 7%-10%
Expert Smith 71.5% 93%-96% 4%-7%
Adept Smith 81.5% 96%-98% 2%-4%
Master Smith 91.5% 98%-99% 1%-2%
Grandmaster Smith 100% 99% <1%

Notes and Tips
  1. The Tips noted above under the Blacksmithy Essay are also valid for Repairing.
  2. Some smiths do not seem to get the messages below. This is a feature.
    • If you receive the message *You fail to repair the item* you have weakened the item and it has not been repaired. This will reduce the items hps by 1 for Master/GM Smiths, 2 for Expert Smiths and 3 for Apprentice Smiths.
    • If you receive the message *The item has been repaired* you have weakened the item but repaired it. This will reduce the items hps by 1 for all levels of Smiths.
  3. It is seldom at higher Skill levels that an item is destroyed, but it can and will happen even for GM smiths as items are weakened even on successful repairs. It is however very seldom that this happens.
  4. Difficulty is based on full item hp - current item hp. Magical enhancements only affect difficulty if they have durability modifiers. (ie. Full item hp is increased and difference to current item hp can be larger)
  5. The current condition of the weapons/armor affects the difficulty of repairing the item. It is much harder to repair a Plate chest that is falling apart, than a Plate chest in Fairly Good condition
  6. If you are not a Great Lord/Great Lady do not attempt to repair Order/Chaos Shields. They will *poof* if you try to repair them.
Repair Service Contracts
To allow easy and fair transfer of repair services, a smith can create a so called "Repair Service Contract". Instead of handing over the armor or weapon to a blacksmith, a player can simply purchase a contract from a player blacksmith.
  • The contract comes in the shape of a deed.
  • The contract is "blessed", which means it cannot be stolen (if kept in the top level of your backpack), and stays with you when you die.
  • The contract is labeled as "a repair service contract from a [level] blacksmith," where [level] is the skill level title of the smith which has created the contract (i.e. apprentice, journeyman, expert, adept, master, or grandmaster, as appropriate).
  • Player blacksmiths can create contracts by using the blacksmith menu
    1. Use a smithing tool.
    2. Choose the "Repair" option from the menu
    3. Target a blank scroll. The scroll must be within the blacksmith's backpack.
  • You will not gain skill by creating these contracts. If you want to gain skill by repairing items you have to repair them directly.
  • Contract cannot be sold on player vendors. This is done to promote direct interaction between players.
  • Characters must be standing in an NPC blacksmith or armorer shop in order to use a repair service contract, as follows:
    1. Double-click the repair service contract.
    2. Target the item-to-be-repaired.
    3. The used repair service contract will disappear after use.