SmithCalc, by Oakstride; edited by Embassy
No responsiblity for any loss or damage, howsoever caused as a direct or indirect result of using SmithCalc and/or it's associated files will be held by me, Oakstride or any 3rd party distributing or supplying this software. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

SmithCalc is a freeware utility which combines the functions of a standard desktop calculator with the ability to select blacksmith created items, automatically calculating an appropriate sale price (configurable, of course). Using SmithCalc a blacksmith can quickly and easily calculate the sale (or buying) price of complex collections of weapons, armour or shields. It's not just for blacksmiths either because it functions as a standard calculator yet is only 1/4 the size of the windows calculator, saving valuable desktop space. Try it - once you start to use it you'll wonder how you ever managed without it!

Installation You should have received Smithcalc as a single .zip file called (version 1.1, 182 Kb) containing the following files:

  • readme.txt Instructions
  • smithcalc.exe The main program file
  • armour.txt Armour ingot requirements
  • shields.txt Shields ingot requirements
  • weapons.txt Weapons ingot requirements
  • options.txt Option and program defaults information
Install the above six files to any location. The program will work as long as these six files reside together.

Using SmithCalc
SmithCalc is very easy to use. The basic calculator functions exactly like a standard desktop calculator using either the mouse or the keyboard to press buttons, which should require no explaining! To make use of the blacksmith items simply make sure you have the desired quality selected (HQ - High Quality, MQ - Medium Quality or LQ - Low Quality) and simply select the item. It's price will be calculated based on the number of ingots required to make the item (also shown in the lists of items) multiplied by the ingot value specified in the Ingot Options (more about options later) for that particular item type and quality.

For example, say I wanted to price an average quality (MQ) plate gorget and an above average quality (HQ) viking sword. I would click the MQ button to select medium quality, then the armour button to list armour. I would select plate gorget from the list and my price would appear in the numerical display. I would then click or press + and click the HQ button followed by the weapons button. I would select viking sword from the list and finally click =. My total price would be displayed in the numerical display.

Configuring SmithCalc

To configure the options, click the SmithCalc icon (pile of gold, top right). It is very easy to change the sale price per ingot in the option menu.

The default ingot values provided are not neccessarily representative of the true worth of any item. I had to put something in as default and I chose those values to act as a rough guide ONLY.

Users can modify the lists of items (armour.txt, shields.txt, weapons.txt) to add or change items available in the SmithCalc drop-down lists. Bowcrafters, for example could add all the items that they can make and use SmithCalc to calculate prices. Just make sure that each item is on a line of its own in the format Description=number.

Invitation for Comments

Feedback is always good. If you like SmithCalc tell me, if you don't like it tell me, if you find a bug tell me and if you can think of a way to improve SmithCalc tell me! In short please email comments, questions, suggestions and problems to: Oakstride

*note* please make sure you have fully read both this web page and the readme.txt that comes with SmithCalc before mailing Oakstride.

Finally a note to thank Excalibur Bane and all those over at United Blacksmiths of Britannia who were the first to take notice of SmithCalc.