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Through the brand-new quest engine, elven craftsmen can reveal the secrets of their expertise in fletching, carpentry, alchemy, and cooking. Quests reward craftsmen with the ability to create new items. Over 100 new recipes are available, providing craftsmen with the ability to expand their capabilities. The most difficult recipes allow craftsmen of all skills to use rare resources to create items comparable to artifacts.

Craftsmen have the opportunity to work with new resources which can be gathered through lumberjacking, mining, and fishing. Runic saws and fletching kits enhance carpentry and fletching and new craftable objects are available to each crafting skill.

Here are just a few of the new items that you'll be able to craft in Ultima Online: Mondain's Legacy:


Invisibility Potion
Two second delay after drinking until the effect takes hold; moving or getting hit will cancel the effect.
Parasitic Poison
Does poison damage, but also heals the person who applied the poison if they are within 1 tile.
Darkglow Poison
Gives a damage bonus to attacks when the attacker is at a distance greater than 1 tile from the target.


Luminous Rune Blade
Hit Lightning 40%
Self Repair 5
Night Sight
Swing Speed Increase 25%
Damage Increase 55%
Energy Damage 100%
Cold Forged Blade
Hit Harm 40%
Spell Channeling
Night Sight
Swing Speed Increase 25%
Damage Increase 50%
Cold Damage 100%
Overseer Sundered Blade
Stamina Regeneration 3
Hit Chance Increase 10%
Swing Speed Increase 35%
Damage Increase 45%
Fire Damage 100%


Blight Gripped Longbow
Stamina Regeneration 3
Hit Poison Area 20%
Swing Speed Increase 20%
Damage Increase 35%
Poison Damage 100%
Faerie Fire
Moderate Hit Fireball
Swing Speed Increase
High Damage Increase
Fire Damage 100%
The Night Reaper
Demon Slayer
Night Sight
Swing Speed Increase
High Damage Increase
Physical Damage 100%


Elven Wash Basin
Finally ... a way to keep yourself clean!

Darkwood Chest
(with full armor set present)
Part Of An Armor Set (6 Pieces)
Reflect Physical Damage 25% (total)
Strength Bonus 10 (total)
Night Sight
Self Repair 3
Hit Point Increase 2
Defense Chance Increase 5%
Physical/Fire/Cold/Poison/Energy Resist 10%

Bramble Coat
Self Repair 3
Moderate Hit Point Increase
High Luck
Moderate Reflect Physical Damage
Physical Resist 10%
Fire Resist 8%
Cold Resist 7%
Poison Resist 8%
Energy Resist 7%


Tattered Wall Map
A tapestry expertly crafted from a collection of treasure maps.


Food Decoration Tool
Allows certain prepared foods to be decorated
Enchanted Apple
Upon eating, cures you of all curses.


White pearls
Pearls can be fished up and used in crafting.


Enchanted Switch and Runed Prism
Components used by Carpenters to create a Runed Switch, which are used to recharge Talismans.
Scrappers Compendium
Spell Damage Increase +25
Faster Casting +1
Faster Cast Recovery +1
Lower Mana Cost 10%


Six new types of wood:
  • Oak
  • Ash
  • Yew
  • Heartwood
  • Bloodwood
  • Frostwood

    *NOTE: Brilliant Ambers can now also be harvested through Lumberjacking, in addition to the Mining skill (see below).


Elven Stone Anvil


Seven new rare gems:
  • Blue Diamond
  • Fire Ruby
  • Perfect Emerald
  • Dark Sapphire
  • Turquoise
  • Ecru Citrine
  • Brilliant Amber


Elven Shirt and Leaf Tonlet
Elven Robe
Song Woven Mantle
+10 Musicianship
100 luck
Defense Chance Increase 5%
Physical Resist 14%
Fire Resist 3%
Cold Resist 14%
Poison Resist 4%
Energy Resist 16%


Resilient Bracer
Resisting spells +15
Hit Point Increase 5
Hit Point Regeneration 2
Defense Chance Increase 10%