The Function of Anatomy
  • On each successful hit with a weapon during combat, a passive check is made to your anatomy skill. If successful, you add up to 65% to the damage depending on your skill level.
  • Anatomy plays a large role in determining the amount of damage healed when using the Healing skill.
  • At a skill level of 65 you will be able to see other peoples stamina level as a percentage.
  • Having a high Anatomy and Evaluate Intelligence skill helps dodging blows in empty-handed combat.
Anatomy Skill Response to DEX/STR Conversion
Skill Response (DEX) Skill Response (STR) Stats
"like they barely manage to stay standing." "like they would have trouble lifting small objects." 0-9
"Very clumsy." "Rather Feeble." 10-19
"Somewhat uncoordinated." "Somewhat weak." 20-29
"Moderately dextrous." "To be of normal strength." 30-39
"Somewhat agile." "Somewhat strong." 40-49
"Very agile." "Very strong." 50-59
"Extremely agile." "Extremely strong." 60-69
"Extraordinarily agile." "Extraordinarily strong." 70-79
"Moves like quicksilver." "Strong as an ox." 80-89
"One of the fastest people you have ever seen." "One of the strongest people you have ever seen." 90-99
"Superhumanly agile." "Superhumanly strong." 100+