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2/2/2006 - Added Mondain's Legacy map settings thanks to Xena Dragon.

What is InsideUO?

InsideUO is a Windows application that displays the contents of most of the client-side data from Ultima Online. This includes things like maps, artwork, animations, etc. You must have Ultima Online installed for this program to be of use.

InsideUO provides various data such as maps and Gumps from both The Second Age and Third Dawn. However, it does not provide everything. For example, it does not provide Third Dawn 3D models.

See screenshots.


Click below to download the latest version of Once you have the file, use WinZip or like program to unzip the contents into whichever directory you chose. InsideUO is so straightforward to run that it was not included with an installation program. Simply execute InsideUO.exe.

Latest Update on 2/2/2006
Download InsideUO version (389KB)


Below is the latest complete source code to InsideUO. Within the zip file are two component packages (.dpk files) that will need to be installed into Delphi. Beyond that you should be able to open InsideUO.dpr (you may have to point the paths for the project to the couple of "Libraries" folders). I did not include an InsideUO.xml file, you can grab that from the release download. It must be in the same folder as InsideUO.exe when you run it.

Latest Update on 3/19/2006
Download the Borland Delphi 5.0 source to InsideUO (338KB)

Old News

1/3/2005 - Fixed some minor bugs.

10/18/2004 - Added Samurai Empire Animation info, and tweaked Art details a bit more.

10/17/2004 - Added all known TileData detail to Art Details.

9/6/2004 - I think dif files are fixed, and I just added tags for the Samurai Empire thanks to Xena. Also tweaked error handling on maps.

9/2/2004 - I just got done updating the map viewer so that it mostly handles dif files. There may still be a few kinks.

8/1/2004 - A friend of mine who was hosting InsideUO before was unable to continue hosting. So, here I am at Stratics.

4/27/2004 - Fixed bug with Gump saving.

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