The Ore Elementals

General Information

Ore Elementals are a much stronger version of his cousin the Earth Elemental, do not underestimate their strength. Melee attacks do 25 to 40 damage per hit. It has a special type of gas attack which looks like a large yellowish white flamestrike. This gas does from 15-45 hp's of damage per hit. It also decreases stamina by 8 points, and makes a hissing sound similar to the sound made when someone trips a box trapped with gas. Poison (magical or liquid) seems to have no effect on Ore Elementals. Ore Elementals rate from tough (Copper) to almost invincible (Valorite).

Avery of EKC wrote: I just wanted to tell you those are invulnerable to Magic and even tamed dragons can't hurt it. It hits hard and has something like reactive armour on itself which bounces back a damage of over 20 hit points with each melee hit you deliver. We were able to kill it with 3 multiple GM Warriors and a GM Mage healing the Warriors. (Editors note: It has been confirmed that neither a Dragon nor a Nightmare are able to defeat a Valorite Elemental. Both died without even scratching the Elemental)

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