?    Biography : Ben Kahns (Pacific)

   Can be found at:
The Great Horns Tavern in Magincia
   Current profession: Cook



    Ben was born in NuJel'm but moved to Magincia to find a job in the restaurant business. He was hired by the owner of the Great Horns Tavern, which was not doing very well at the time, and has since then perfected his skill as a cook, to become one of the greatest chefs in Britannia.

    The Kans family suffered greatly from the Ivory Serpent, who killed Ben's father, Galleus Kahns, late owner of Kahns Imports. For this, Ben Kahns placed a bounty of 10,000 gp on the beast. It was slain not long after, by a party of courageous adventurers. After he designed a poison that was sure to kill the Serpent, Ben applied it to a spear, an already powerful magic item, and then took it to Zemaj, the renowned smith of Jhelom, who inscribed it's name on it: "SerpentBane". After the Ivory Serpent was slain, a rusty halberd was found in it's belly. Ben took it and cleaned it, and discovered it had magical properies as well, though it's powers and origin are unknown. It's name is Serpent's Bite

    The eldest of the Kahns brothers, Calimatri, is now managing Kahns Imports, with help from Zedaris Kahns, the second brother (Ben is the youngest). Ben's talents as a cook are well known in his home city of Nujel'm, as it was known other than himself who catered the Festival of the Masks this year.

    It is possible to reserve the Tavern for celebration, guild meetings, etc... Information for anyone interested in hosting an event at The Great Horns tavern should make arrangements a week in advance, with Ben Kahns. The rate is 1000 gold pieces per earth hour, and it should be noted that the menu and drinks can be customized for your needs (contact a Counselor on Pacific to reserve).

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