b_halston.jpg (3449 bytes)    Biography : Halston Montil

   Can be found at:
Britain and/or Castle Britannia



    Halston is a guard with exemplary past in the Royal Army. He was Sir Geoffrey's assistant for a while, until he was appointed head of the FoA investigation.

    Following leads, he took adventurers trough a serie of chases to root the Followers out of their hiding places. He was present when the black wisps were defeated, and is the one who ultimately captured the FoA leader. He has been an invaluable asset in the fight against this apocalyptic cult.

    Halston's sword was crafted by his father, Jhon Montil. Jhon had intended to sell it for a huge sum, but when Halston was appointed to the royal guard, Jhon gave it to his son instead. Halston treasures the sword, and it is the only possession he values.

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