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Malabelle is a skilled mage and an apprentice of Minax. She is leading armies of lizzardmen and ratmen against Britain, and was also seen in Trinsic helping Juo'nar to capture the City of Honor. She was tricked by Minax into believing that her lover, Tyball, was killed by Lord British, and is now full of hate against Britannia.

About her, Minax says : "Malabelle has potential as long as she believes Lord British has wronged her lover. She is easily swayed by suggestion, yet she is a powerful sorceress. That is why I have trained her myself". The information provided by Joye could then perhaps be used to turn Malabelle against her Mistress....time will tell.

Time proved this to be true, as Juo'nar had to capture Malabelle to prevent her to help the citizens of Britannia. Dupre led a rescue party to retrieve her, and was succesful on some shards. Malabelle then gave him the moon key unlocking the black temples in exchange for the promise of freeing Tyball from Minax. On other shards, Malabelle had escaped before the arrival of the rescue party, and all they found was a note leading to a stump where she had hid the moon key. Juo'nar however managed to find it before the questers, but failed to see a book Malabelle had left, with instructions on how to destroy Juo'nar.

The current location of Malabelle is unknown.

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