Juo'Nar   Biography : Juo'nar (slain for the 2d time)


    Juo'nar is a paladin who's name was indirectly linked with the Zog Cabal during the investigation of Hartham's murder. When the citizens of Trinsic heard of his involvment, he was driven out of the city by an angry mob.

    He was not seen again after his bannishment from Trinsic until he brutally murdered three monks at the Shrine of Spirituality to steal a magical necklace, all the while sending hordes of orcs and lizardmen to attack Trinsic - perhaps to create a diversion. He then launched a large scale attack against the shrines throughout the realm, forcing the regular guard patrols to spread and reduce their numbers. This allowed him to succesfully raid a caravan transporting weapons and other armaments, killing the caravan leader, Tali Desryn, wife of Finth Desryn the new Captain of the Guard of Trinsic.

   Since then, several clues and reports have linked Juo'nar with the increase in both the number and lethality of organised monster attacks. He has rallied several tribes to his cause, and uses them to strike fear and obtain more equipments for his plans.

   Further research into the case of the Zog Cabal from Trinsic's security forces indicated that he is not directly linked with either the Zog Cabal or the Liches, but rather was working with his own agenda, his own motivations, and his own share of bloodlettings, wanting to eliminate both Order and Chaos and seize control of the realm. In a message sent to Finth Desryn after the murder of his wife, Juo'nar writes:

With these tools thou hast kindly provided me I will not wreak havoc, nor shall I bring
Chaos upon thee. I am most desirous of an Order. An order borne of service and dedication
to the truth I shall enlighten all of Britannia with.

All of civilization shall be reborn under my firm hand. And birthing is a most bloody
process, so grip tight the bit with thine teeth and steel thineselves for the shock.

   A skilled tactitian and seasoned warrior, Juo'nar was an opponent to be reckoned with. After following a weak trail of his past associates, a group of warriors discovered his hideout in Ocllo. They immediately attacked him, and as more and more kept coming against him, Juo'Nar was finally defeated.

   His body was taken to Trinsic, but disappeared. Rumors say it is hidden in Paladin's Hall, others say his followers may attempt to raise him from the deads.. Have we heard the last oh him?

It seems not ! Juo'nar was brought to life by Minax in the form of a green Lich Lord, and was given the task to conquer Trinsic, a town he has many reasons to personally hate. His armies of undeads sieged the city during many days, and Trinsic finally felt. The city gates have been closed, and the only entrance possible is through magical means. Juo'nar seems now more powerful than ever, and dedicated to serve his new Mistress.

Juo'nar is helped in his task by 3 powerful demons : Anmac Mallachtan, Seth and Ba'ab, and a large number of powerful undeads, like rotting corpses (very strong green mummies), shadow knights (pure black bone knights), and other abominations. Malabelle was also sighted helping him in Britain, and assisted him for the great battle leading to the capture of Trinsic.

When Malabelle was about to betray Minax, Juo'nar captured her, and held her prisoner with the help of his 3 demons. A rescue party led by Dupre managed to find the location where she was prisoner, and was able to rescue her on some shards. On other shards, the rescue failed and Juo'nar got the moon key of Malabelle, but she also left a book explaining a way to defeat the green lich, by using a lantern lit from the Candle of Love to destroy the death vortex on the black temple.

After a short or long time, depending on the shard, Dupre led a charge against Trinsic and managed to free the city from the undeads. The Black Temples were all destroyed, the barricades removed, and Juo'nar was slain. But is it really the end of Juo'nar... ?

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