Biography : Mondain (slain)

    Mondain was the arch-vilain, the nemesis of Birtannia. The Ballad of The Shattered Stone gives us a good description of him:

    Long before the Stranger ever entered the lands of Sosaria and the four continents within — the Lands of Lord British, the Lands of Danger and Despair, the Lands of the Dark Unknown, and the Lands of the Feudal Lords — there arose a young wizard named Mondain. As Mondain grew in age and knowledge, so grew his unquenchable thirst for power and discontent with mortal life. He became obsessed with transcending mortality and gaining perpetual life. Eventually, he learned of the treasured Gem of Immortality, which grants unimaginable power and everlasting life to its owner. Surely, you have heard of this?

    Now it is my opinion, as shared by most historians in this kingdom, that Mondain's desire for immortality tainted with greed the moral wisdom usual to those who study the power of magic. His wishful longing for the Gem became all-consuming, and after much anguish, he was led to willfully murder the keeper of the Gem — his father.

    Mondain's name is still cursed in Britannia to this day, for anyone that turns a sword against those of his own blood for selfish gain is believed to eternally align himself with the Dark Forces. But, that is a subject for another eve. To truly understand our present hatred for Mondain, you must know more ...

    After securing the Gem as his own, Mondain made plans to use it in a ritual that would give him ultimate power. During the ceremony that was to forever bind the Gem to Mondain, the Gem captured an image of the entire land, save the wielder of the ritual — Mondain himself.

    Once imbued with the power of immortality, Mondain used the Gem as a means to rule the world — until a Stranger arrived, determined to destroy the very source of Mondain's existence. Having journeyed for years throughout Sosaria, this Stranger's quest was to free the land and people from Mondain's dark, shadowy rule. After many battles, he travelled to the ruler's lair and felled the evil sorcerer by shattering the gem. As the essence of immortality was loosed upon the land, the very fabric of the universe began to unravel. And with the power of the Gem gone, Mondain himself was eliminated.

    This happened hundreds of years ago, and the Stranger is still remembered and celebrated in Britannia. We would need Him today, to help us against the Followers of the Armageddon, a threat no less real than Mondain.

    More recently, the Relics of Mondain, an artifact of that age, was stolen during their exposition in Britain's Counselor's Guild hall, and the theft was credited to the FoA. What will they do with them? Can Mondain be raised from the dead? It is rumored he had knowledge of the Armageddon spell, and probably other spells of comparable magnitude. If his spellbook, his knowledge, or any of his powers, were unleashed on Britannia again, will we receive help from a Stranger this time?

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