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City of Compassion

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Dim: 964x782 - Size: 150k

Britain   Buccaneer's Den   Cove   Delucia   Gargoyle   Jhelom   Magincia   Minoc   Moonglow  
Nujel'm   Ocllo   Papua   Serpent's Hold   Skara Brae   Trinsic   Vesper   Wind   Yew  

Castle Britannia

Castle Britannia
(005'S 520'E)

(330'S 425'E)

The Lord's Arms
(330'N 318'E)

(124'N 421'E)

(00'N 00'E)

Dummies and Archery Buttes
(222'S 029'W)

Upper Britain

Strength and Steel
- No Forge
(320'N 1136'E)

Britannia Animal Care
(413'N 1247'E)

The Hammer and Anvil
+ Forge
(651'N 722'E)

The Best Hides Of Britain
(108'N 813'E)

Quality Fletching
+ Archery butes
(330'N 1028'E)

The Bucking Horse Stables
(619'N 1330'E)

The Saw Horse
(206'N 744'E)

Merchant's Guild
(206'N 1049'E)

Good Eats
(113'N 937'E)

The Miner's Guild
(330'N 710'E)

Healer of Britain
(113'N 1102'E)

The Main Gate
(145'S 10414'E)

The North Side Inn
(908'N 1037'E)

Poor Gate
(113'S 649'E)

Sweet Dreams
(010'S 1226'E)

Mage's Bridge
(357'N 1424'E)

The Sorceror's Delight
(434'N 1136'E)

Virtue's Pass
(026'S 1420'E)

Lord British's Conservatory
(532'N 912'E)

Counselor Guild Hall #1
(826'N 1247'E)

The King's Men Theater
(206'N 912'E)

Serpent Crest
(031'S 1045'E)

Britain Public Library
+ Moongate to the Lycaeum
(232'N 649'E)

Britain Sewers
+ T2A Entrance
(129'S 1148'E)

Lower Britain

Heavy Metal Armorer
- No Forge
(238'S 838'E)

First Bank Of Britain
(603'S 756'E)

Ethereal Goods
(320'S 1300'E)

Premier Provisioners and Fish Shop
(434'S 1011'E)

Premier Gems
(511'S 929'E)

First Library of Britain
(847'S 1157'E)

The Lord's Clothiers
(619'S 1020'E)

The Oaken Oar
(1048'S 706'E)

The Cleaver
(908'S 851'E)

(1043'S 1102'E)

The Blue Boar
(542'S 1235'E)

The Tinker's Guild
(248'S 739'E)

The Cat's Lair
(918'S 739'E)

Artist's Guild
(402'S 830'E)

East Britain

Artistic Armor
- No forge
(537'S 2217'E)

The Watch Tower
(1239'S 2044'E)

Incantations and Enchantements
(330'S 1842'E)

Sage Advise
(831'S 1738'E)

A Girl's best friend
(206'S 2341'E)

Cavalry Guild
+ Training dummies
+ Archery butes
(526'N 1854'E)

The Right Fit
(330'S 1614'E)

The Great Northern Bridge
(820'N 1606'E)

The Wayfarer's Inn
(304'N 1928'E)

River's Gate Bridge
(707'S 1317'E)

The Salty Dog
(248'N 2010'E)

Cypress bridge
(418'S 143'E)

The Unicorn's Horn
(1321'S 1553'E)

East Side Park
+ Trash can
(108'S 2027'E)

First Bank Of Britain (2nd office)
(1008'N 2324'E)
(521'N 2156'E)

Profuse Provisions
(826'S 1937'E)

Counselor Guild Hall #2
(413'S 2147'E)

The Chamber of Virtue
(058'N 1622'E)

Serpent Crest
(021'N 1631'E)

Britain West

Britain's Blacksmith's Guild
+ Forge
+ Training dummies
(1321'S 236'E)

Sosarian Steeds
(1157'N 120'W)

Warrior's Guild
+ Training dummies
(1032'S 120'E)

Gung Farmer's Bridge
(1059'N 425'E)

Other Points of Interest

Lord Blackthorn's Castle
+ Training dummies
(1445'N 1403'E)
(1120'N 426'E)