nystul.jpg (2651 bytes)   Biography : Nystul

   Place of Birth : Unknown
   Date of Birth : Unkown


   Little is known about this mysterious wizard. He is a good and loyal friend to Lord British, and has the well-being of the realm at heart. He holds the title of Court Mage.

   In the Beta shard, Nystul destroyed the tainted shards of the Gem of Immortality that fell on Britannia, by throwing them into a gate opened on the Void between worlds. However, while the gate was open the Guardian sucked Nystul's strength and the mage eventually became very ill and feeble. That's another reality, of course.

During the Crisis in Britannia, Nystul created a special gate allowing the citizens of Trinsic to leave the city, while preventing Juo'nar and his minions to enter it. He also warned Lord British of the dangers of using the Gate Travel spell to go to Yew, indirectly making him fall into an ambush from Keeonean. Nystul also managed to open a gate to the Ethereal Void, where five brave adventurers could retrieve the ghost of Joye, and lead her to Dupre.

On some shards, Nystul also decoded the book left by Malabelle, and prepared the lantern lit from the Candle of Love for Dupre to use against the black temple of Trinsic.

On other shards, Nystul wanted to retrieve the Bell of Courage

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