Historical data
Time references

The game time is 12 times faster than real time.
   1 game day is 2 real-time hours
   1 game month is roughly 2.5 real time days
   1 game year is one real time month

However, Origin does not follows their own timing conventions, and anchors events in the real time (cf: Hallow's Eve, the Winter Solstice, ...)

The current Britannian calendar counts years starting from ( ? ).
The current year is ( ? ).

Britannian holidays
Brialla's Journey - celebrated January 28th
     - Brialla's Journey experienced low turnout
Festival of the Ivory Tusk - celebrated March 4th
     - Festival of the Ivory Tusk has ended
     - Festival  of the Ivory Tusk -- It's a tragedy
Festival of the Grape Harvest (Yew) - celebrated April 15th
Festival of Pride (Magincia) - celebrated May 13th
Festival of Masks (Nujel'm) - celebrated June 18th
     - The Festival of Masks in Nujel'm this thursday
     - The Eye of Dahsk stolen, Festival of Masks delayed
     - The Festival of Masks a chaotic success
Hallow's Eve - celebrated October 31st
The Walrus Festival - celebrated December 13-14th
Winter Solstice - celebrated December 21st
Christmas - celebrated December 25th
Contextual data

Journal of the expedition to the new lands

The Story of Relvinian - Compiled from the Official UO Guide book
The Founding of the Guards of Virtue - Published on the Update Center
A prophecy of things to come - Compiled by the folks of the Mage Tower
The Ballad of the Shattered Stone - From the official web page

See the Britannia News Network Archives for official articles published in Origin's online newspaper

Beta test journals

Crystal falls, The Scavenger Hunt, and End of the World.