Harpies on the island of Ocllo

Genn Wintord

UP: Napa Valley

    Ocllo - A mass of harpies descended onto the island of Ocllo today. Destroying crops, feeding on pets, and terrorizing the population, the feathered creatures needed to be shown the way off of the isle. Many warriors from other towns made their way to Ocllo to help in what ended up as a wonderful example of cooperation between various regions of the realm. The welfare of Ocllo was put above other petty differences citizens of different cities may hold.

    Speculations abound as to why they came to Ocllo, an island that is rarely visited by such foul monsters. Lack of food possibly, as stronger creatures seem to be in abundance elsewhere these days. Maybe they simply sensed an easy food source on Ocllo - a sense that in the end proved false. Perhaps the simplest possibility is that they were involved in a normal migration pattern and chose to rest on Ocllo before continuing their journey to wherever they were bound.

    Regardless, the threat to Ocllo was meet and conquered. I send thanks to the brave warriors of our realm once again.

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From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Tuesday, March 24th 1998