Britain farmer hires townfolk for bountiful harvest

Leonis Jarckle

UP : Britain (Pacific)

    There were jobs to be had on the city of Britain's west side yesterday evening. Joel Ramsboth, one of Britian's finest farmers, had a bountiful crop this season, and needed help with the harvest.

    "My lettuce and carrots and squash did right well this year," said Farmer Joel, "So well, in fact, that I needed help, so I had the town criers give out my call for part-time employment." Shortly after the town criers began their call, Farmer Joel was swamped with people at his farmhouse looking for work.

    "I was amazed at the response, says Joel. I had to run out and stop the town criers almost immediately because nearly a half dozen people showed up in just a few moments. We even got some Virtue Guards in the bunch, but I was really looking for some of the newer citizens of Britannia, the ones that can't go out battling fierce creatures yet to gain treasure. I don't offer much to a veteran, just 400 pieces of gold, but that's a very good wage for a few hours work to someone new in the land."

    Farmer Joel's part-time apprentices got to work immediately, hand-picking the vegetables one-by-one from the long rows of lettuce, carrots and squash in Joel's north fields. "I can usually get all the picking done myself," said Joel, "but this year I was blessed with a bountiful load of crops. I just couldn't handle the load myself, and," Joel says with a chuckle, "I am getting on in years. I'm not the spring chicken I once was."

    There seems to be no shortage of people seeking employment in Britannia, and anyone seeking to hire others for some of their day-to-day work should have no problem finding people to fill their job positions.

    "Its good to see that there are plenty of hard-working citizens around," says Joel, "I even had two or three of my workers tell me I could call on them anytime for any job. If I have the same kind of crop next season, you can bet I'll do just that."


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Thursday, March 26th 1998