Theft in Britain: Culprit escapes to the lost land

Ceridwen the Historian

UP: Sonoma

    Though I am disturbed and quite tired from these events, I must relate what has taken place this night in my Britain home. Having returned recently from the Lost Lands, I have unfortunately missed not only my friends, but quite a few of the more recent events in Britannia. This evening I was conversing with some friends concerning these events, when a strange looking man barged through my door. Standing a bit shorter than I, this older, sullen man wore a set of dark chainmail and a cloak of deep violet. After standing in the doorway for a few moments surveying my house, he introduced himself only as “Valden”, and asked to see me. When I rose and greeted him, he began on a long tirade concerning how he had heard of me and what he had come for – which was my staff, the Rejuvix. Three times I stated clearly that I have no interest in selling it, and after the third time, he entered a fit of rage and grabbed the staff from my very hands. My guests and I stood startled for a split second, and that gave him all the time he needed to flee into the streets of Britain. My honorable guests gave chase, but he was lost in the sewers of Britain when a group of gazers blocked our sprint.

    This Rejuvix, a wand distinguished only by its glowing emerald embedded into the tip, was given to me by the good Fieya of Wind, a woman known more for her kindness than her skill in magic. She was a close friend of mine – or perhaps even more than a friend – when I chose to leave Wind months ago. It was this lady’s will that I take care of the wand, so I simply cannot let such an object fall into the hands of this Valden. Thus, I must entreat any and all Britannians to help me find this thief and retrieve my wand. I am willing to offer a small reward for each and every small clue that can be brought to my attention. With any luck, soon this man can be apprehended. If any have questions regarding the theft or the wand, come by my house (just east of the Blue Boar) for a chat.


From the Town Cryer - The Journal of Ultima Online, Friday, December 11th 1998