Europa - Super Stratics Saturday!

Super Stratics Saturday! - 9th Edition

  - Welcome

Welcome to the 9th Super Stratics Sunday! - For those who didn't read last weeks, Sunday is the new Saturday!

In this weeks edition we visit two establishments! A real famous Role-playing guild town and the tavern inside this town! These will be the final establishments visited this 'season'. Next weeks 10th edition I will recap all 9 shops and 5 establishments visited between the 13th October and 9th December.

At the bottom of the article Ill link you to a Stratics page where you can read all 1-9 Super Stratics Saturdays & Sundays. This isn't the end either! We're back 22nd Dec with the 11th episode!

So, let's get started!

- A 2D/KR walk around of the King's Deer Bar and Restaurant, Includes an interview with the owner,  Carolyn Lawrence!
- A short walk around of Stonekeep.
- The normal, This weeks news, Next weeks events and Screenshot Sunday
- A peak at the new 'Winterland' test centre.
- Links to Europa Stratics pages




  - Mapper's Christmas Countdown




  - Establishment of the Week - The King's Deer - Bar and Restaurant

This weeks 1st establishment is the 'King's Deer - Bar and Restaurant'. Located in Stonekeep.

The tavern itself is located right against the main road, The building a wonderful stone and plaster home. Location of Stonekeep? Check out their map located at their website by clicking here.

Their website can be found at:

I managed to speak to the owner, Carolyn Lawrence, but before I tell you what we she had to say, Lets take a walk around the tavern.


The main tavern floor.

The 2nd floor.


The outside view of the tavern.

The main tavern floor.

The 2nd floor.

I managed to speak with the owner, here is what she had to say.

Mapper: So you run the King's Deer tavern, Which is in Stonekeep, I've always known there to be a tavern there but I remember it as a Villa. When was this changed? Were you always the owner?

Carolyn: The King's Deer has seen many changes but hasn't been a villa since at least 2005. Over the last couple of years it's seen alternative uses such as a meeting hall but is now back to being a tavern, with its most recent design taking place earlier this year.

Carolyn only took over the reigns of The King's Deer upon its recent redevelopment but the property is still and always will be Guardsmen Militia owned. In character the management always lease the property from Stonekeep.

Mapper: I visited the King's Deer this morning, I've been around a few taverns, Its certainly a small and cosy tavern, Is this a good thing? Or would you have liked it to be a little larger?

Carolyn: It needs to be small and cozy for it to work I think. Although it would be nice to have a little more space to work with, we can always expand out into the road if necessary for larger events.

The cozy feel works in its favour and whilst the militia would prefer it to be seedier and dirtier it works well enough in its current state.

Mapper: Would you say the tavern is the central location of Stonekeep in the evenings? Or is there another building most people locate?

Carolyn: The exterior of the tavern is pretty central to Stonekeep. Everyone's always stood around the outside and loitered nearby when on duty for as long as Stonekeep's been in existence, when off-duty the tavern is definitely where most activity will take place.

Mapper: Last question, A little different, Kingdom Reborn, Do you play it? What do you think of it?

Carolyn: I don't but that's more down to being stuck in my ways. I prefer the interface of 2d it's simplistic and easy to use and I'm not so willing to learn how to play UO all over again. KR's okay. To me the graphics aren't nearly as terrible as some people make out and I quite like the look of it but not enough to try and play UO through it.

Mapper: And that's all, I thank you verrrrry much! :-P

A big thank you to Carolyn for taking time to answer my questions, Please do check out the tavern, Pop round in the evening! Ill bet you you'll find activity!



  - Establishment of the Week - The Guardsmen Militia and their home 'Stonekeep'.

The original plan this week was 'The King's Deer' but I thought about it and seeing as its the last episode before the recap. I thought id do 'Stonekeep' also.

Stonekeep, Located near Yew in Trammel is a role-playing guild town. The guild being 'The Guardsmen Militia'. They have many houses throughout the area and most can be identified with the house sign looking like these > .

Stonekeep can be entered from a road coming from Yew, A screenshot below shows their man made road.

Entrance to Stonekeep.

Along the road you will see buildings liking off, For example the Church. Seen below.

Stonekeep Church

At the end of the barrel road you will meet up to a mud road which is Stonekeep. The tavern can be seen below.

The Stonekeep main road.

Near the tavern you will find the Stone Citadel. As seen below. This building is NOT open to civilians.

The Stone Citadel.

Like I mentioned in the King Deer article, Their website can be found at with a handmade map on their website found here.

To end this article I managed to dig around and find some old photos of a battle between the Guardsmen Militia & Baronship of Cove and a few guilds of Trinsic. I was there at the time as a guard in the Duchy of Trinsic. The  guardsmen in the metal at the front are from Guardsman Militia, The brown uniforms are Baronship of cove. Here are the photos:

Here is another fight photo.



  - This Weeks News

WINTERLAND! Yes that's right, In the Five On Friday found here, We were told the following:

Very soon (tomorrow, probably) you will see Test Center 1 take on a new identity - Winterland. In Winterland, there are a number of entertainments for all to enjoy:
  • A fully decorated Britain with decked out halls
    • Snow has fallen, and the rivers are iced over
    • Warm fires to gather around
    • A giant holiday tree
  • Unlimited charges fireworks wands for all, for 2D and KR
  • A small fair in Magincia featuring a variety of games
    • A "hit the bell with the hammer" tower
    • Shoot the dartboard
    • Find the coin under the cup
  • Team-based snowball wars
    • Gate leads to waiting area from the West Britain Bank
    • A dynamic arena creates randomized battlegrounds
    • Up to 32 players per game
    • Games last 15 minutes
    • Points are awarded and scores are kept for top players

In other news, We also have a new Director of Community, Welcome Bob! Read the full story here.



  - Next Weeks Events

Next week we have the usual events of Leto's Auction and Lottery, Check below for full details.

  • Leto's Auction, Wednesday 12th of December at 7pm, 181st Edition. Location at their website,
  • Leto's Lottery, Wednesday 12th of December, After the auction at 8:30pm, 17th Edition!. Check out their website for details, link above.


  - Test Centre - Winter Wonderland Previews

Check out the test center called 'Winterland' to see what's coming on real shards soon!




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  - Screenshot Sunday

Coming to Europa soon! WINTER WONDER LAND!!

Join us next week for the 10th SSS where we will recap all the previous interviews, establishments and shops!