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13th October 2007 - 1st Edition (Featuring Blue Wolf Traders) by Mapper
20th October 2007 - 2nd Edition (Featuring Zento Home & Gardens) by Mapper
27th October 2007 - 3rd Edition (Featuring Barian's Mall including an interview with Barian. Also Europa Auction with interview with Leto.) by Mapper
3rd November 2007 - 4th Edition (Featuring the Swaggers Inn, including an interview with Anna-Maria. Also the 3 shops at North Vesper Bridge.) by Mapper
10th November 2007 - 5th Edition (Featuring Shop AE) by Mapper
17th November 2007 - 6th Edition (Featuring Trinsic Rose Tavern, including an interview with owner Gwen.) by Mapper
24th November 2007 - 7th Edition (Featuring RAA Guild Shop) by Mapper
2nd December 2007 - 8th Edition (Featuring CD Vendor Mall.) by Mapper
9th December 2007 - 9th Edition (Featuring King's Deer Tavern, including an interview with owner Carolyn. Also a walk around of Stonekeep) by Mapper
23rd December 2007 - 10th Edition (Recapping all 9 editions and the establishments, taverns and shoped visited.) by Mapper
6th January 2008 - 11th Edition (Featuring 'The Gold Factory' of Luna) by Mapper
13th January 2008 - 12th Edition (Featuring Luna Malls 1! Visiting Cardiffs Bod Shop, IDOCHunters in Luna, ARA Luna City Shop and Babylonian Jewels) by Mapper
3rd February 2008 - 13th Edition (Featuring Luna Malls 2! Visiting Luna Mart, The Gold Factory and Et In Arcadia Ego) by Kayne
16th March 2008 - 14th Edition (Featuring Luna Malls 3! Visiting Et In Arcadia Ego, Iceman's Bod Shop and Lotfi's Shop) by Kayne
13th April 2008 - 15th Edition (Featuring Luna Malls 4! Visiting Danish Pride, Satans Hollow and "The Danish Vendor Team") by Kayne
20th April 2008 - 16th Edition (Featuring Luna Malls 5! Visiting Threes-a-crowd, The Church and Luna North Shop) by Kayne

What does SSS stand for?

Super Stratics Saturday, Or Super Stratics Sunday, Which is the new name that was changed in December of 2007.

Why such big gaps between postings lately?

2008 was a very busy year for both myself (Mapper) and Kayne and we tried our best to continue the weekly feature.