Treasure Map Coordinate Program, by Magellan
This program is a reproduction of the old Stratics Treasure Map Coordinate Archive. I got the idea for it when I was lagging while trying to treasure hunt and search for the coordinate in the archive. Also, it would sometimes be down and I couldn't access a part of it, or whatever. Basically, this program is a direct conversion of the Archive, but it doesn't take up any of your bandwidth.

Warning: this is a big file. It's about 3 megs zipped, and about 10 megs once you unzip it. This is because of the graphics involved. The program doesn't take up many of your system resources to run. Xena Dragon offered some suggestions to reduce the size, so I'll (hopefully) be writing a version 2 soon **grin**

To use it, just unzip this and run the .exe program. It works exactly like the online version: click on the map picture to open up a new window with more detail.

Download here