THB News

June 21, 2001

Ok, folks, I'm going out of town for a week, if there's anything that needs doing just email it to me and I'll get to it when I get back. If it's really really urgent, email Blackheath. Since all the member pages and everything are converted to the new format, my next big project is creating a separate section for each shard chapter, where the members can go to get info about events and meetings and such. Those should be up shortly after I return.


May 18, 2001

I am really really sorry...this has taken me too long. The info pages are done, and I have uploaded what I have done of the member roster...including some changes that should have been made long ago. My apologies to everyone. I will have the rest done as soon as possible.


March 3, 2001

I am in the middle of a MAJOR overhaul of the site. When I'm done, it will look like the main UO Stratics page. There will be a lot of stuff behind the scenes done, too...I am reorganizing how I have all the files set up so it is easier to keep track of them (in other words, I'll be setting up a bunch of folders for the files). Nothing will change for any of you except for the look, but it will make things a lot simpler for me.

If your shardmaster has sent me an application to put up on the website, then it will be up in a few days. Please be patient, I'm doing this as fast as I can.

(Oh, and for anyone that cares, my team placed 7th out of 38 teams this weekend.)


February 28, 2001

Uploaded a few more members today. Also, check out Blackheath's work-in-progress, the Dungeon Chest Picker's Guide! Scroll down the navbar to the left to find it. If there are any changes you see, Heath's email address is in there for you to contact him.

I won't be around tomorrow or Friday, my AP Computer Science class is sending a team of 4 to a competition up in New York, between 39 high schools, and I'm on the team. So if any of you have an app your Shardmaster says he sent to me but it's not up there, he's probably right, he has sent it to me, I'm just not here to get it **smiles** See you all in a few days!


February 24, 2001

Just uploaded a bunch of new members. Also tweaked a few of the map levels in that page.


February 19, 2001

The FTP problems I've been having have been resolved, and everything is up there. A few new members, Europa chapter, et cetera.

I am at work on a "Stories" section for the page. Have a story about treasure hunting or the related skills? Post them on the Stratics Treasure Hunter forum for all to see, and if it's good, it will make it to the Stories section. For an example of the types of stories, see Dizzy's posts like "Use the Vanq, Al!" or "Adventures in Resurrection."


February 14, 2001

I'm still working on compiling all the speeches from the Clinic, I'll have that posted ASAP.

Added a few more members, and, best of all, you can now select Europa on the join form. If you're on Europa and want to join the THB, check it out **smiles**


February 8, 2001

The clinic this past Sunday was a huge success, in my opinion. An excellent turnout, and some excellent speeches. I will be posting a log of the clinic soon for those of you who missed it.

I've added a few members...
And I try to keep the list of map levels as accurate as possible. I rely on your submissions for that list. If I'm wrong, tell me. Tell me what levels really comes from those monsters, and I'll fix it.


February 3, 2001

Well, I'm starting fresh on the news page. Back when I was having FTP troubles, I couldn't update this...and when I got it back, I was out of the habit of adding stuff here, even though I would keep the members and such up to date. All the old news is archived, click on the link above to see it.

We now have Shardmasters on Chesapeake (sign up now!) and Europa (which will be up in a few days).

Tomorrow, we will be having the second THB Treasure Hunting Clinic, this time on Baja, at the Lycaeum in Trammel. It starts at 1pm CST. I hope to see all of you there!


October 1, 2000

Yes, I know, I haven't updated the News in a while...but there hasn't been much to report. However, now, we're open on Oceania, so if you're interested in joining the THB on that shard, head on over to the join form and sign up.


August 24, 2000

Hokuto and Drachenfels are now available on the Join form! Click over there if you're interested in joining on those two shards. Also, Europa is available on the Shardmaster Application, for those who are interested.


August 23, 2000

Well, quite a bit of news on the shard front. Shardmasters have been selected for Hokuto and Drachenfels, I will be opening those up for joining as soon as possible. Blackheath has formally assumed the role of the Shardmaster of Great Lakes...trying to handle the whole guild as well as the GL shard proved to be too much for one man to handle. Also, on the unfortunate side, Shayna and Nighthawk have stepped down as Shardmistress and Shardmaster of Catskills and Pacific, respectively. They are both open on the Shardmaster Application, so submit your applications if you are interested in the jobs.

Tomorrow I should have Hokuto and Drachenfels open on the Join form.


August 17, 2000

Well, the THB first anniversary was a blast...on GL, there were more THB members than I've ever seen gathered in one place...and plenty of customers, as well **smiles**

Tichiran McCloud, one of the new GL members, took some spare maps and loot and fashioned quite an impressive display. It lasted longer than should have been expected, given the scavenging tendencies of people.

Right after our day of treasure hunting, the Trinsic Town Council was holding a fashion contest, so a few of us stuck around. Tichiran McCloud, Sinteres, and I, along with Creeden, who hung around the Trinsic Meeting Hall all day with us, used what was left over from our display and decorated the entrance of the Meeting Hall for the guests. Blackheath, Tichiran, and myself entered for Best Dressed Guild...but unfortunately, another guild entered, and they were all wearing the exact same thing. It looked rather impressive, actually. Tichiran and I both entered for Best Dressed Male, but again, neither of us won. It was still fun **grins**

Sunday's clinic turned out rather well, too. We had roughly a dozen or so people turn up. After working out some communication difficulties (Unicode was on, and Comm Crystals are broken...), it was fun. Afterwards we went to Nu'Jelm palace and kicked back with plenty of food and drink. I'll try to get summaries from each of the speakers and post them for those of you who couldn't make it.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

I hope to have more events in the future...


August 11, 2000

Well, the THB is one year old! We thought we'd celebrate by doing what we do best: digging up treasure.

Do you have a map or two gathering dust in your bank? Now is your chance to hook up with a reliable treasure hunter.

This Saturday, August 12, we will be meeting at the Trinsic Town hall in Trammel on the following shards: Great Lakes, Baja and Sonoma. There will be treasure hunters available between the hours of 12:00 to 7:00 pm local shard time. That's Central time for Great Lakes, and Pacific time for Baja and Sonoma.

Bring your own map, bring a friend or two or your whole guild!
Don't have a party to join you? Come along anyway, chances are good that you will find someone willing to join you.

We will be sponsoring a few "open" hunts for those without maps who have never been on a treasure hunt before.

Also, Sunday, August 13, we will be holding a treasure hunting clinic on Great Lakes at 3pm Central time. Treasure hunters from all shards are invited to create characters on Great Lakes to attend. The clinic will be held in the Lycaeum, near Moonglow. You can take the northwestern teleporter (circled), or follow the west path.

Here is a list of who will be speaking:

  • Magellan, THB guildmaster - The History of the THB, and Where We Go from Here
  • The Ferret, Baja shardmaster - Pure treasure hunting
  • Villina, Sonoma shardmistress - Bard treasure hunting
  • Blayne, GM treasure hunter - Tamer treasure hunting
  • Blackheath, THB assistant guildmaster - The lost art of finding buried treasure without using map archives
  • You, the audience - Your funniest or most disastrous treasure hunting moments

A half hour after the clinic, we will be having a party at the Nu'Jelm palace. Gates will be provided from the Lycaeum. There will be food and drink aplenty, and this is a great opportunity to meet fellow treasure hunters from other shards!

I hope to see you all at the clinic and party!


July 19, 2000

Cart gain is fixed! I've heard from people who have gained in the 90's. Also, OSI fixed chest looting in Felucca -- anyone not in the party of the treasure hunter is flagged criminal! **grins** Now if only they had put that in with UO:R...I suggested this exact thing back in January at a UOHoC chat.

Now that cart gain and chest looting are fixed, our next goal is to get a way to determine map level. (Well, besides trying to make Detect Hidden and Remove Trap useful...)

I personally believe (and Blackheath agrees with me) that Cartography is the best possible way to identify treasure map levels. However, the popular thought is that Item ID is the way to go. Read my post on the Stratics 'Hunter Forum for my explanation on my opinion.


July 8, 2000

Well, quite a bit has happened. First, many changes have been made to treasure hunting.

  • On Trammel, only the person who digs up a treasure chest, or members of his/her party, will be able to open the chest and remove treasure. Treasure chests recovered from treasure maps on Felucca will continue to be available to all players.
  • The mining interface will be updated to help increase server performance.
    • To mine, double-click your mining tool and target the area you wish to mine.
    • To dig for treasure, double-click your mining tool and target a treasure map. You may then target the area in which you wish to dig for treasure.
  • Single-clicking a treasure map will now tell you the facet to which the map pertains.

Also, at the last UOHoC, FieryIce denied that there were issues with cartography gain. We all know that's a load of BS. However, Blackheath sent him an email describing the issues with cartography gain, and he said they will be looking into it. This is definitely good news.

I also updated and added all those roster pages for everyone.


June 25, 2000

Once again, I apologize. I realize many of you have been waiting eagerly to get your roster pages up on there, and it's taken me a while to get to them. Being a high schooler has taken its toll on my time. Between my AP English homework (yes, over the summer!), college visits, and work, I've been kept busy 24/7. This isn't an excuse, but an explanation.

On a lighter note, I recently wrote a program that simulates the Stratics Treasure Map Coordinate Database. You can find it by clicking here. Check it out!


June 14, 2000

I am really sorry that it took me so long to update...since school let out, I've been busier than I was DURING excuses though. Anyway, I added all of you who have been waiting so eagerly to get your roster pages up there.

I redid the page to conform with UGO's requirements. I left the colors and backgrounds, though, and didn't copy UO Stratics main, since I like the parchment look **smiles**


June 2, 2000

A couple days ago, I made a much-needed addition to the site...I added a profile for each level chest, including what monsters spawn and how much loot, broken down into categories, is in the chest. You can find it by clicking here.

At last night's surprise House of Commons chat, Blackheath tried to ask about Cartography gain, but surprise surprise, they didn't answer it. **sighs** Truth be told, I'm really sick of this "let's ignore the treasure hunters" shit.


May 29, 2000

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I finally got around to uploading the applications from Sonoma, so there are now quite a few members on there...

Still no word from ANYONE at OSI about Cart gain, chest looting, or anything...I'm still gonna keep trying.


May 25, 2000

Our Sonoma chapter is growing by leaps and bounds! Villina has quite a few new members, who will be up on the page shortly. Just FYI, we have a few shards that we do have Shardmasters for, but they're waiting a bit to set up the stone. These include Siege Perilous, led by Xeres; Europa, led by Campino; and Chesapeake, led by Deiter. I'll announce it when they have the guildstones placed.

I'm still trying to get through to the dev team about cartography gains, as well as a few other issues. No dice so far. **sighs** I'm not gonna give up, though.


May 21, 2000

After careful consideration, Jago, our Sonoma Shardmistress, has stepped down as and passed the torch on to Villina. Villina seems eager to make Sonoma one of our leading anyone on Sonoma interested in signing up can go to the Join form in the navbar to the left, or click here.


May 16, 2000

Couple things to talk about today:

Another issue has been found with UO:R. In Trammel, if someone loots your treasure chest, there's not a damn thing you can do but hope an Ogre Lord spawns and kills the bastard. And in Felucca, you have to take a murder count to do anything...and then there's the possibility of them returning. Back in January, I suggested at a House of Commons that they make treasure chests secure to anyone not in the 'hunter's party, or at least make any looters criminal-flagged...but OSI didn't listen. So what else is new.

Blackheath and I updated our essays on building a treasure hunter to reflect the changes in skill gain made by UO:R. Blackheath's essay, How to Build a Fighter/Treasure Hunter, can be found here, while my essay, How to Build a Pure Treasure Hunter, can be found here.


May 13, 2000

Well, now that we've had time to play around with UO:R, we've found a few new things that need dealing with. On a few shards, it's been found that you can only dig up maps on the facet they are found in...but on a few others, it's been found that you can dig them up on either facet. Also, some people say stacking still works, although the majority of the posts indicate otherwise. Also, there have been reports of treasure maps being found in Trammel for the isle of Haven, where none but the new to the lands may tread...thereby making these maps unuseable. I'll do my best to get these issues resolved...


May 1, 2000

Well, UO:R is in on a few shards, and it looks like treasure hunting will survive. At last report from Blackheath, boats are still a safe haven and are useable as forts...monsters can't teleport onto them. The new AI makes 'hunting more...interesting...from what I hear.

I've been away for a week, and I've recieved a couple Shardmaster Applications while I've been gone, a few of which look promising...keep your eyes here and on the message boards for more info. I plan on talking with the other Shardmasters about the new applications soon.


April 11, 2000

The controversy on stacking seems to have ignited some fierce, umm, debate...including some rather personal attacks on yours truly. I will stand by my beliefs that it IS an exploit and the game is better for not having it. However, you're entitled to your opinion.

Anyway, this patch definitely will have a huge impact on our profession. We know for sure that with the new monster pathfinding, it'll be harder (if not impossible) to trap the guardians with trees or houses. Stacking may or may not work, we will have to wait until they fix the monsters-attacking-hidden-people problem on Test Center to find out for sure. I've heard rumors that detect hidden/remove trap will be necessary, and that monsters may be able to teleport onto boats (if you use a boat as a fort to take out the spawn). We'll have to do further tests to check these out.

I'll keep you updated as I recieve information.

On a lighter note, our Atlantic Shardmaster, Leo Lightfoot, informs me that his first guild event went rather well. He informs me that another event is coming soon, so look here for more information on that.


April 2, 2000

Good news, everyone! They're going to fix cart and lockpicking gain!

  • Cartography
    • Cartography will now be difficulty based in the following manner:
      • The type of map you are attempting to make (local area, city, sea chart, world map) will affect the chance to gain skill. More difficult maps will offer better skill gain at high levels of skill.
      • The higher the level of a treasure map, the better your chance to gain skill at higher levels. For instance, at very high levels of skill, your chance of raising skill will be better from decoding a level four or five map than trying to decode one of a lower level.
    • This change will affect the success rates at certain skill levels of making maps and decoding treasure maps, but overall it will be easier to gain in the skill itself.
  • Lockpicking will now be difficulty based. The more difficult a lock the better your chance to raise in the skill.

We will need to move around, though, because they will still be affected by the anti-macro code. However, those of us trying to gain skill now have hope **grins**


March 19, 2000

Stratics FTP has had some MORE problems, but I think everything's sorted out this time (really, I swear :) ). I know a lot of you have been waiting for your applications to be put up there, and they are up there now.

I am extremely disappointed with the Dev Team and Community Response Teams' lack of response to any emails we send. Many questions remain unanswered...and they canceled the House of Commons chat the other night. Doesn't seem right to me.

We will be expanding to the Chesapeake shard soon...Deiter, the selected Shardmaster, is working on placing the guildstone, and Chessy will be an option in the Join form shortly.

I'll try to keep everything as up to date as possible with UO:R and treasure hunting.


March 4, 2000

Stratics FTP's been having some problems, but everything should be back to normal now.

There's been some buzz about the latest patch...Let me reiterate that everything should be back to normal, except for the fact that the chests seem to relock themselves. This isn't necessarily a bad keeps looters out at times.

Some good news to report: Shayna, our Catskills Shardmistress, is sticking with Ultima Online, and won't have to step down!

I'll keep everyone up to date on what happens with the patches and treasure hunting.


February 17, 2000

Yes, I know it's been a while since I've updated the news, but there really hasn't been anything newsworthy to report. Now, though, we have a few items of news to dispense with.

First off, sadly, our Shardmistress on Catskills, Shayna, will be stepping down. She has given us about a month's advance warning...hopefully we will be able to find another Shardmaster, to keep a chapter on Catskills. Hence, Catskills is now a choice on the Shardmaster Application.

Secondly, I understand that there's been quite a panic over whether or not we will need Remove Trap. I assure you, the changes that are in In Development WILL NOT affect treasure chests, dungeon chests, or the chests in NPC shops.


January 17, 2000

I've been emailing Calandryll for a while now, and finally got some responses **big grin** I'll outline what he said.

First and foremost:
I can tell you that the stacking bug for treasure hunts is an exploit and one we do plan on fixing. The monsters should react to and attack those that dig up the treasure. Stacking on top of one another is certainly not as designed, which by definition makes it an exploit and a bug we need to fix.

Secondly, he said that they're kinda busy with UO: Renaissance and the six-month plan right now, and they can't get to what we submitted. ...To see what I emailed him about, look in the nav bar for the "Proposals for Treasure Hunting" link or click here.

At least we're making headway...and I'm sure the stacking bug part has made a few people happy, and others very upset. Comments?


January 14, 2000

First and foremost, I'd like to welcome Leo Lightfoot to his new position as Atlantic Shardmaster! Atlantic is now an option on the Join form for all of you who are interested in joining.

Unfortunately, we have a sad piece of news to balance this. Due to Real Life concerns, SilverThorn, our Chesapeake Shardmaster, has been forced to resign. Chesapeake is now open again on the Shardmaster Application. I have kept all the applications from those of you who signed up on Chesapeake, to be sent to the new Shardmaster when one is chosen. My apologies to all of you on Chesapeake who were looking forward to joining the THB; hopefully, we'll have a chapter there again soon.

I was also sent this piece of information:
Just wanted to let you all know that Tommy Gear, the newest member of THB on Lake Superior has added a new vendor to the guild house located at 75* 50'S 152* 17'E. Grant the Vendor located on the front steps will carry all the necessary equipment for treasure hunting: Shovels, lockpicks, Charged items with Night Eyes, Invisibility and Spell Reflection. He will also carry some of the choice items found on my treasure hunts ;D


December 31, 1999

From all of us here at the THB, we wish you a safe and happy new year.


December 23, 1999

We are now part of the Stratics network **big grin** I'd like to thank Xena Dragon and the rest of the Stratics team for this opportunity...

Hopefully now we'll get more interest in the guild, and perhaps expand to more shards. If anyone is interested, the Shardmaster Application is at the left.


December 22, 1999

I'd like to thank Peremptor, of the Baja chapter of the THB, for donating his house on Great Lakes to us. **smiles**

We're going to have some big news to announce in a few days, so keep your eye here...


November 30, 1999

I hope everyone is happy with the skill lock patch, I know I certainly am **grins**

I'm gonna keep trying to get a hold of Calandryll, he's ignored my original letter up until this point. A fellow craftsman guildmaster has gotten an email back saying that he recieved the letter, but has been busy with the Dev Team on the patch, so he'll respond more completely later. I haven't even gotten that much from him. I'll try sending him another letter, more or less the same one I sent him before, and hope that this one gets his attention.


November 16, 1999

I got this in the email, and I think it's definitely worth a look, everyone...

As some of you may or may not know, I was once the victim of a hacker. The hacker got into my system and got my UO password. I logged in on a Sunday morning to find my main guy at an inn in town. I thought to myself how strange and the first thing I thought was that I must have been at the inn during the last backup and the server had crashed shortly after I left the game. SO I open my page to grab my rune and recall home. To my surprise my pack was empty. Even my spell book was gone. I began to have this very sinking feeling and ran to the bank. I yelled BANK! My bank opened and it too was empty. Oh My GOD! I was missing like 500k. I proceeded to run to my house and found that my house was gone. I logged into my other characters to find that they too had their pack cleaned out. I lost everything but the vendor mall that I owned. They had been unable to redeed it because of all the vendors inside. I had lost just about everything. Thank God for good friends that gave me a house and got me back on my feet again.

Since the time I was hacked I decided that I needed to learn how to hack computers. Not to go out and hack others as had been done to me but instead to learn how to better protect myself. After several months of learning how to do it and learning how I was hacked I have written a lengthy article on how to avoid being hacked. It's recommend reading for everyone as all of us are vulnerable to hackers through out internet connections. Read the article "Don't get hacked" It may help save you much frustration in the future.

Marcus Eikenberry
Markee Dragon, Member UDIC
"Don't get hacked"


November 11, 1999

Yes, yes, I know, it's been a long time since I've done any updating. Well, I'm doing it now :)

I'd like to welcome Jago as our Shardmaster on Sonoma! Sonoma is now available to choose on the Join form.

Fisher Minus has written a few wonderful essays on fishing, so check those out in the Fishing section.

I've added a few more members, including Mr. Mapman, who has decided to come back to Sosaria. Fortunately, the hackers spared his characters, and merely took his material objects. To all of you who've been waiting for your page on the Roster to come up, sorry it took so long, but here it is :)


October 29, 1999

I did some general updating, and added a couple new members...sorry it took so long, it's been a hell of a week.


October 24, 1999

Today, we have some good news and some not-so-good news...

I'll start off with the bad news. Mr. Mapman, a member on Pacific, was recently hacked and has quit UO. I'd like to bid him adieu, and good luck with whatever he decides to do in the future.

Now to the good news: Blackheath has now been officially made the Assistant Guildmaster of the THB! He's been with me from the time this was just a concept all the way through now, and stuck with me and this guild through the rough times as well as the good times. Congratulations!


October 21, 1999 (later)

I changed the layout of the Navigation frame, as you probably noticed. Let me know what you think.


October 21, 1999

I've been doing some general updating throughout the site during the last of the thing's I've now included is the name and abbreviation of all the guildstones of the THB chapters, so those of you who are hiring a THB member can now tell if he's really a member or not :)

I'd like to clear up something, I don't know if everyone knows this can be in the THB and not be on the guildstone. Read the guild charter, it's in there. That link will take you right to the section with that info. So now you guys have no more excuses, sign up! :)


October 13, 1999

Congratulations to Joshua, the new Shardmaster on Lake Superior! I'm getting tired of reposting the link to the Join form for everyone in every single piece of news, so just find the link in the last post or in the navigation window :P


October 10, 1999

Now, I'd like to welcome SilverThorn as the Shardmaster of the THB on Chesapeake. Those of you on Chesapeake interested in joining the THB can do so on the Join form.


October 9, 1999

First of all, I'd like to congratulate The Ferret and Jack Frost, both of our Baja chapter, who recently reached the coveted Grandmaster Cartographer mark. Good job!

Second, I'd like to welcome Nighthawk to our fold. He has been made the Shardmaster of the THB on Pacific. Those of you on Pacific and interested in joining the THB can now do so with the Join form.


October 1, 1999

I've been hearing some murmurs of dissent from people who don't think I'm moving fast enough. Let me explain a couple things:

1) The way the Shardmaster selection process works is this. I get the applications, and I go over them with Blackheath and all the other current Shardmasters. This, I feel, keeps the Shardmasters involved, which is important. Blackheath I include because, while he isn't a Shardmaster, he's been with me since I came up with the idea, and has helped it grow to this point. When all of us aren't on, we can't look over your applications.

2) How many of you haven't been through a period when you just don't have time for anything? If you haven't, I envy you. This time period has come at a really crucial point in our guild, unfortunately for me, so all I can ask is that you be patient while we try to get everything worked out. I promise you, it WILL be worked out. I'm keeping up with things as fast as I can.


September 27, 1999

It's, urmm, been a while since I've updated this, and I'm sorry...It's that time of year again, when the dreaded Real Life begins eating a lot of time. All of you who have submitted a Shardmaster Application, just be patient; the next time myself, Blackheath, The Ferret, and Shayna are all on at the same time, we'll look over all the applications and get to work on them. Promise.


September 9, 1999

I've updated the Guild Charter. It now includes something which myself and Blackheath agreed upon while making the guild: to only allow Treasure Hunters in the guild. This has been guild policy since day one, and it was left out of the Charter by mere oversight.

Here's my report from tonight's THB-GL meeting:

THB GL Meeting Notes

Thursday September 9, 1999

Members in attendance:
Gerf Welduross

    Once again, the main focus of the meeting was to work some details up for the Grand Opening of our store. There isn't much to report beyond what we decided last week. However, we did get the ball rolling a little bit. We decided to hold the Grand Opening on a Saturday, because there are more people on then. I've ICQ'ed each member, asking you which of a couple days is good...and we'll hopefully go with whichever one gets the most people who can attend. From there, who knows? Hopefully we'll be able to get some details set up once we figure out who's attending and who's not.

Filed by: Magellan


September 7, 1999

We now have a THB chapter on Catskills **smiles**...The Shardmistress is Shayna, and the Join form now lists Catskills as a possible shard. I've been rather busy IRL for the past few days, but last night I managed to squeeze in an update, adding all the new members who've signed up, as well as editing the forms to include Catskills. Just as I was about to post this news, I had to log **sighs**. Ah well, it's up here now, just a day late **grins**

Also, don't forget, all THB-GL members, the meeting is still on for Thursday night at 7pm Eastern in the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae.

**crosses fingers and hopes for a better meeting attendance**


September 3, 1999

Well, frankly, I'm disappointed by the THB-GL meeting's attendance last night. I asked you guys to at least let me know if you could be there or not...and most of you didn't even do that. What I'm curious is how many of you actually read the charter. If you haven't, you should. I don't ask a whole hell of a lot of you. I'm setting up another meeting for next Thursday, 7pm Eastern (6pm Central), in the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae. Here are Blackheath's notes from last night's meeting:

THB GL Meeting Notes

Thursday September 2, 1999

Members in attendance:
Amy Fisher

    The main focus of the meeting was the THB shop and our plans for the grand opening. We had rather a small turnout, and one "minor" interruption *smiles*, but we managed to get a few things worked out.

    First on the agenda was the topic of vendors. Items to be for sale were discussed and decided on, with details of who would provide what so there is not too much overlap and a nice variety of items are for sale, as well as some things of particular interest to treasure hunters.

    Next item of discussion was the grand opening event. No date has been set yet, but we are planning to have an open house featuring treasure hunts and a raffle. We are going to split the treasure hunts into a few categories, level one maps for those new to Britannia, and higher level ones for the more experienced adventurer who may be new to treasure hunting. We have a few objectives in mind here: First, to introduce ourselves to the community, adventurers and fellow treasure hunters alike. Second, to introduce treasure hunting to those who have not had the chance to experience it yet. Third, to establish our shop, which we hope will become a place for people to get to know us and our profession a little better.

    Details are yet to be worked out regarding the hunts themselves, but we hope to get as many THB members involved as possible. This is our chance to show off a little and meet some new people at the same time.

    The date for the next THB GL meeting is Thursday, September 9th, 7:00 p.m. EDT (6:00 CDT).

Filed by Blackheath


August 30, 1999

The Shardmaster Application is up! All of you who think you have what it takes to manage a THB chapter on your shard, check it out!


August 29, 1999

A couple pieces of news tonight:

First, I'd like to welcome our first Shardmaster to the group: The Ferret has started a THB chapter on the shard of BAJA. I have changed the Application form to include a question about which shard you are applying for. The only choices, for the moment, are Great Lakes and Baja. I will be putting up a Shardmaster application soon, and those of you who wish to be in charge of a chapter of the THB on your shard can fill it out.

Secondly, for all THB members on Great Lakes: There will be a guild meeting Thursday night at 7pm Eastern time. We will be discussing the opening of our shop, and also planning an event for the Grand Opening. I hope everyone can make it. If there's a conflict with something IRL, just let me know...but please, please don't just blow this off...


August 27, 1999

Little correction to make: In yesterday's news, I said I borrowed the idea from Ysane, but Excalibur Bane is back in his position as Guildmaster of the UBB...I wasn't sure of the exact situation over there, but I've got it straight now **smiles**


August 26, 1999

I've taken a little cue from Ysane, the Guildmaster of the UBB: He's added a bunch of links to his site to all the "Unity" guilds, as he calls them. I feel that this is important, and perhaps we can get some lines of communication open between each of these guilds. Check out the Unity Guilds page to see what's up there so far.


August 21, 1999

I haven't posted much in the last week or so, but I guess that's just because there hasn't been much to post...

I am working on going cross-shard, so keep an eye open, it will be soon.


August 12, 1999

I've added a few more ideas you've submitted to me on the Ideas page, so check that out. I've also added some people to the Member Roster. Welcome aboard, everyone!


August 10, 1999

Well, this was much better recieved than I thought it would be **smiles** We've got such an enthusiastic crowd sending in all sorts of emails to me about information you've collected. A couple things I guess I should point out:

Number one: PLEASE don't use the sign up form unless you're on Great Lakes...I think it's great that all of you on the other shards support the guild, but right now we're only on Great Lakes. I'll let you know the second I decide to expand to other shards. Promise. ...And I will be expanding to other shards eventually, so be patient.

Number two: When you send in hints, make sure you include your character name, your shard, and whether or not you want me to include your email in your post.

Number three: I've gotten a few conflicting reports about what level maps come from different monsters. When that happens, I'll put both down, with question mark here or there.

I update the page as I get the information from each of you in the mail, so I'm not gonna bore you with the details of every little piece of info I've put up here...especially since you could just as easily take a look around the site and find out for yourself **smiles**


August 8, 1999

Welcome to our Grand Opening of our website! I'd like to thank Blackheath for his invaluable help in starting this guild and website. I'd also like to ask each of you to pitch in and help us make this a better website. If you see a piece of information somewhere in this site that you can fill in, email me and let me know. I'll update it ASAP.

I feel that this guild is kind of similar to the United Blacksmiths of Britannia. We are both merchant-style, service-oriented guilds, albeit in different branches. The UBB is dedicated to helping the cause of smiths everywhere, and the THB is dedicated to helping the cause of Treasure Hunters everywhere. I suppose, following this analogy, I'm an Excalibur Bane-type figure...and I'll try to live up to all that that means. I'll do my damndest to get any suggestions you have about Treasure Hunting improvements through to OSI. The UBB has branches on all shards, and I would love to as well. All you Treasure Hunters out there on other shards besides Great Lakes, give me time, let me get established first :)

Something in Excalibur Bane's resignation letter stuck out to me:

If there is any crime here, it's the fact that in the beginning I had the dream of spreading my ideals to the point at which each skill would have a guild similar, if not identical, in goals to that of the UBB to represent them and a council of true trademan could be formed upon which each Guildmaster of the said guilds of each skill would sit. This would form the largest player organization in the history of Ultima Online to represent players when dealing with OSI to improve the skills and the game as a whole. Unfortunately, this will never become a reality because people would never muster near enough unity to pull off something that great.

Perhaps, one day, this dream will be fulfilled. Bards have the Conservatory of the Bardic Arts, smiths have the UBB, mages have, of course, the Mage Tower, and now Treasure Hunters have the THB. Hopefully, we can continue the same illustrious tradition. In truth, it was the UBB and Excalibur Bane's efforts that inspired me to create this guild for this profession. In that, his dream lives on. If someone in each profession were to stand up, and step up to the task, perhaps this game--nay, world--would be a better place. I say world because what started as "just a game" has taken on a life of its own.

I'm writing this as I'm reading the "Goals" page of the UBB site. Excalibur Bane writes that he started a little site back in the day to help smiths out on Atlantic, but it grew into so much more. Hopefully, the THB will follow a similar course, into Ultima Online© history.

**steps off soapbox**