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All pictures contained herein have been taken directly from UO and have not been altered in any way. Some pictures may deal with adult content, so anyone with Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Pregnant Women, etc. should be cautious in viewing them. Well, they're as graphic as UO can make them, but the game IS rated as having adult content, so I guess they could disturb someone. Basically, don't sue me or Stratics. The pictures are not copywrited, but credit should be given to the individual who took the photo. If you use any of these screenshots on other webpages, please give credit to the photographer.

Special thanks to Justin Reeves for coming up with the name for this page.

-Xena Dragon

The Pictures

Every man's nightmare.

-Photographer: Griswold

Who thinks of trying in the first place?

-Photographer: Luuseens

To each their own I say.

-Photographer: Wufnu of SP

OSI is gonna get into some trouble now!

-Photographer: Skateyizm

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

-Photographer: Arcana

The new selection in vendor styles...orcs!

-Photographer: Cameron, Aes Sedai [A^S], (Oceania)

When orc vendors go bad!

-Photographer: Halcyon Stormes of Champions of Virtue (Sonoma)

Magic mushrooms activate! Shape of a hallucination!

-Photographer: Scorched Wing, Archon, Eldritch Legion (Europa shard)

Horse gives birth to human. As last seen in National Enquirer!

-Photographer: Ellania

Is a GM being held in a fortune cookie factory?

-Photographer: Alexander & Pelle S.

Server birth spawn or the latest in tamer fashion?

-Photographer: Erotek of Pacific

Next we'll be seeing that darn Carmen Sandiego!

-Photographer: Locke (Catskills)

Lucy ain't so lucky, eh?

-Photographer: Storm of Lake Superior

Being PKed wasn't so bad after all. Gimmie some TLC, baby!

-Photographer: Jaras

Now this is my kind of vendor! (Spell the name backwards)

-Photographer: Lady Arcana

Hugs, not drugs!

-Photographer: Bladron (Oceania)

Either Mom & Dad wanted a boy or the 1st known UO sex change!

-Photographer: Unknown

At least her name isn't 'William'.

-Photographer: Unknown

Suddenly I like the name William quite a bit.

-Photographer: Saruman (Oceania)

Craftables that didn't quite make it past test center.

-Photographer: Nico

The Godfather makes you an offer you can't refuse.

-Photographer: Unknown

LoRd BrItIsH will RoXXoR jo0!

-Photographer: Commander Nitro (Catskills)

The man on the street took a poll amongst NPC's.
*Wink* *Wink* *Nudge* *Nudge* Say no more!

-Photographer: Unknown

You never know who's going to show up to these hot tub parties!

-Photographer: Andie Mayla

NPCs on LSD?

-Photographer: Gwendl (Catskills)

Nice parking job, Ahab.

-Photographer: Poontang (Test Center)

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