Main Program
Here is what the main program window will look like after you have configured the program, if you have not yet done so, I suggest you jump to the configuration section and do so.

The two fields of text on top are the dates that you will rarely need to notice, they are mostly used internally in the program and not meant for you (but were in the older versions so I kept them).

The Play UO button is for the most part the most used button. It does the UOJC Miracle and Starts UO. Basically all you need to do everytime you start UOJC is press this button.

The Abort button is for quitting UOJC, but if the Auto Start UO checkbox is checked, then UO will start, and if not then UOJC will simply quit. No conversion is done, so you probably guessed right, this button is to avoid conversion if you start UO alot of times in a short while, say if your client crashes or something. note: If you are using Journal Splitting by Sessions, then a new journal will be created every time you play UO. If the abort button is used to start UO, then you will still keep the text from this session in the same file. This is useful when you lose connection and want to keep your log in the same file, as pointed out above.

The Delete Journal button is to delete all journal entries for your LAST UO SESSION. Basically, everything you did last time you played UO, will be erased and UO will start (unless Auto Start UO is unchecked).

The Auto Start UO checkbox has two functions, both were described above. To avoid starting UO when Abort or Delete Journal are clicked, simply uncheck this. If you would like to permanently check/uncheck this, you can do so in the Options dialog.

The Info button will take you to the program information screen.

The Options button opens the options dialog. Click here to find out how to Configure UOJC.