Welcome to UO Journal Converter Manual

1. Main Program
2. Configuring UO.CFG and Installing for UOJC
3. Setting Options
4. INI File

Tip #1: Almost everything in UOJC has a hint, if you keep your mouse over an object, you will likely get a description of what it does.

Tip #2: The UOJC crafting.ini file contains messages for various skills that the program will filter out. Download this file from the main page to get the latest version, it is marked with a date of update so you know when it is new.

Tip #3: Click on the What's This? button in each of the pages of the Options screen, this will help you see what you can do there.

Tip #4: If UOJC crashes during conversion, your journal files maybe corrupted. There are several $temp files created during conversion, check them to try and retrieve the last data, here are the names of the important temp files:
$temp.txt: Contains the Contents of your main journal file.
$temphtml.txt: Contains the Contents of your last dated journal.
$$temp.txt: Contains the new, filtered journal from your current journal file.

UO Journal Converter Files:
• UO Journal Converter.exe - UOJC Main program
• UOJC.INI - UOJC Settings file
• crafting.ini - Skill Messages, you should check the uojc homepage to download the latest skill file.

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