UO.CFG Settings and Installation of UOJC.
Setting Up UO.CFG:
1. Open the folder that contains your Ultima Online (usually c:\Program Files\Ultima Online\).
2. Then find the file named uo.cfg and double-click it. If the file is not assosiated with any programs you will see a window with several listed programs. Scroll down until you find: Notepad, select it and click OK.
3. Anywhere in the file, add the following lines (if they dont already exist, in that case simply make sure they are set to the correct value as shown below):
• SaveJournal=on
• JournalSaveUnicode=off
• JournalSaveFile=C:\[directory]\Journal.txt
Instead of [directory] you can enter any directory on your hard drive, I do not recommend the same directory as your UO since you will have a lot of journal files and its nice to have them all in a separate folder. You can create a sub-directory inside your UO directory. (look in windows help if you dont know how).

Journal.txt is only a name that I chose for convenience, if you have a better name, feel free to use it, but be sure to configure your UOJC accordingly.

4. UO.CFG configuration ready.

Setting Up UO Journal Converter:
1. Run uojc.exe and install it to a directory of your choice on your hard drive.
2. For UOJC to do its job properly you MUST make sure that you always start UOJC and not UO or UOAssist. Since UOJC is in no way connected with either of the two, it must run to do its job. To make this easy, you may do the following:
• Open the folder with your UO Journal Converter.
• Drag UO Journal Converter.exe to your Desktop (or Start Button) and release it. A shortcut should appear on your desktop (or in your Start Menu) that you can now double click to start the software.

Ok, youre finished now. Goto the Configuration section to find out how to configure UOJC.