UO Tools - What other people say

A list of some of the comments I received from other UO players

Your helpers are wonderful ideas. I'm sure I'm going to be using them a lot. Thanks for providing them! Brennan Plunkett

Thanks for the great tool you created, UO Magic. It is a great tool that I have been waiting for! Jason Trimble

Excellent program! J. Anthony Digaetano

I love your work. Great job! Matt Jackson

My friends and I have been using your UO Magic tool since you first announced it on the Vault and it's helped tremendously. Jay R. Baxter

All I can say is wow! This is an awesome tool. Matt Linsemier

Thanks for a wonderful program.. Keepup the great work... Amy and Stacy Elliot

Tis a noble program you have scribed. I too am an aspiring mage, and the management or reagents among my top endevors. We mages everywhere thank thee for thy time and effort! Dana Allen

I am an avid user of your wonderful tool! It has helped me greatly during my adventuring days. Chip O'Brien

Great work on these 2 apps; I found UO unplayable before discovering UO Magic, and I intend to use UO Curse to become a little more interesting conversationalist. Thanks for contributing these apps to the game; UO should also thank you - and pay you for fixing a problem with their own design! Rob Hunter

I must say that your Magic Tools is the best utility for Ultima Online I know. Shadowknave

I want to thank you for such a wonderful program. I use UO curse in my daily tasks such as shopping and banking and I love to curse :). The words are not offensive but they get the point across well. Jeff Haywood

I like the program, and will continue to use it (Not just cause it's free). Acy Forsythe

I admire all the efforts you make to better the game and make it a more enjoyable experience. Congratulations on everything you are doing. It's a shame that we are on different shards. I'd be honored to meet Lady Xena Dragon. Rigoberto Buitrago

I want to compete each other in good way. My soft is faster than yours, but your soft has useful information about spell damage and spell duration. I cannot imagine how you managed to do that!! :-) Katsuyuki Namba (creator of UO Magestaff)

Thankyou for your prompt and kind assistance that has worked a charm :) Keep up the great work. Paul D Nolan

Good to see someone who is improving the game instead of running it down... anonymous

THKS alot fo rhte file!!!! i luc hte prgm veruy useful, do u knowof any other uitilitis for uo other than , umon and the regular ones ? (A confused user...)

I hope everything goes well, and I really want to send my gratitude for your application and how much it has improved my game. Joel Jameson

Let me tell you that your utility is an amazing tool! I don't see a way to be a mage in UO without it!!! Jerry Scott Beaty

Thanks for the great free programs :) (hehe, just the functions make me drool ;) ) Mok-Yi Chow

I've been doing a great deal of testing (time permitting) of the combination of UOAssist and your Magic tool. So far, I've had great success, and no crashes to speak of. The combination of these two tools makes playing a mage incredibly easy with regard to reagent management and quick spellcasting. Patrick M. Rowley

I discovered with great excitement your latest update on the web today - providing the cross functionality with Tugsoft's UOAssist. This was EXACTLY what myself and most likely many others have been wishing for for a long time! I downloaded the updates to both and have been using the combo with no problems for almost the full day now. Congratulations and thanks once again on a fantastic product. Tugsoft and yourself are a model of cross-product development and support that one only wishes were more common. Jonathan

Your magic tool is a power utility to all mages. I must say thank to U. Fred Wong

Good Job, much appreciated!!! Talic

I appreciate the recent changes to your tool. It's integration with UOAssist and improved speed have really been what it took to lure me back from the MageStaff. I feel that I have a tool that doesn't get in my way exceedingly or fail me at the worst possible moment. Zvek

I would just like to extend my thanks to you for developing these tools and sharing them with us. It makes all magic use much easier to accomplish. The Curse tool is fun also. Thanks for the utilities and for keeping them free for so long!! Jason Ron Conklin

Just wanted to say first off that the Magic Tool is an excellent application! It has come in handy on several occasions! I really do enjoy the application. And I can imagine how long it has taken to develope! Your efforts are much appreciated! The Noble Lord Augur

It is a freeware tool (which is great) but in my idea could also be a shareware tool by all rights and quality. Solothkar

Great program. Ian

I really like the concept, once again, thanks for your hard work and effort. Jack Shugart

Awesome tool. Joel & Karen Simmons

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