UO Magic Tool FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What platforms are supported ?
A: The Magic Tool is a 32-bit Windows program and will work on Windows95, Windows98, Windows ME and Windows NT machines. The Magic Tool is not compatible with Windows 2000.
Q: Can I use the Magic Tool when I am running UO in full screen mode ?
A: That depends on what you want to do with the tool. Basically the answer is no. There is no way that the Magic Tool can be displayed on top of UO when UO is running in full screen mode. If you can live with the fact that you cannot always see the Magic Tool window then the answer to your question is yes, the Magic Tool will function in the background while you are playing full screen in the foreground. You can always switch to the Magic Tool by using Alt-Tab or Ctrl-Esc.
Q: I am having trouble setting up all those macros. Is there an easy way to do this ?

The safest way to set up macros is to first enter a macro-key for each and every spell in UO itself. Make sure you use a unique key combination for each spell. Read the readme file for suggested values. Next use the īLoad Macros from File' option in the Magic Tool to assign all these macros to spells in the Magic Tool. Everything should be fine then.

Another way is to edit your macros.txt file directly. Since Notepad and other "regular" editors cannot handle the new macros.txt file format you will need a tool such as UO Macro Edit to make any changes. Just open your macros.txt file with that, and then copy the info you find in the MagicMacros.txt to this file. Once you did this you can start UO and you will notice that you now have a macro for each spell. Next use the īLoad Macros from File' option in the Magic Tool to assign all these macros to spells in the Magic Tool.

Q: Spellcasting by clicking on the icons in the Magic Tool is slow. Why is that ?
A: Extensive testing by a lot of users has proven that the Magic Tool causes no noticeable delays when casting spells when the machine that runs the tools has enough available resources and/or processor speed. On a Pentium 166 MMX with 32 Mb RAM and 100 Mb free harddisk space the delay was very very small. Most of the time the only delay measurable was caused by internet lag. The only delay is the time that elapses between clicking on the spell icon in the Magic Tool and UO becoming the active window again. If you notice your harddisk is starting to work a lot in that moment then you are probably running low on memory. I suggest adding more RAM or freeing up some space if you have a very small swapfile to work with.
Q: When I use the Magic Tool to move reagents from one container to another, the reagents are not moved in the game itself. Why is that?
A: The Magic Tool cannot do that for you. You have to move the reagents in the game from one container to another, and if you want to keep track of how many reagents are in each container you have to move the same amounts between containers in the Magic Tool.
Q: When I enter a new player name, or a new name for a reagent container the Magic Tool does not save it. Why not ?
A: You have to make sure the cursor has left the box where you input the name before you close the Magic Tool, or before you use the cursor keys to go to the next or previous name. The easiest way to accomplish this is pressing the TAB key after you have input the new name.
Q: When I double-click on a spell icon the wrong amount of reagents is subtracted. How come ?
A: You should single-click. A double-click is registered as two single-clicks and the double amount of reagents will be subtracted.
Q: I cannot fit the Magic Tool and UO on one screen when running in 800*600 mode. What do I have to do to see it all ?
A: Place the Magic Tool at the top of your screen. Then place the mouse cursor on the lowest possible point of the title bar of the tool. Push the window up until the title bar is almost out of sight. You now have room to place the UO window below the tool. It will slightly overlap the tool, but all buttons and text will be visible and useable.
Q: Does the tool use any other files to store settings in ?
A: No, all settings are stored in the registry under key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\UOmagic\Settings
Q: I get an 'unexpected error' when I start the Magic Tool. What now ?
A: You probably have OCX or DLL files still in the directory where you installed the tool. Please MOVE all OCX and DLL files to the windows\system (or winnt\system) directory. Make sure you do not overwrite newer versions that are already there.
Q: I want to use the Magic Tool but I do not want to use UO Assist. Is that a problem ?
A: That is not a problem. You will only miss a few nice features that are only available when you use both tools. These features form only a small percentage of the total package though.
Q: I use the Magic Tool and UO Assist. Which should I start first ?
A: That does not matter. You can start either one first.
Q: What does Origin (The company that created UO) think of the Magic Tool ?
A: The tool has been approved by Origin and is now recognized as a "UO Pro Tool". The tool cannot be used to exploit things. There is nothing you can do with the Magic Tool that you could not already do with a calculator and a pen and piece of paper or in UO itself.

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