The rate at which mana refreshes is determined by your Meditation skill, your Focus skill, your Intelligence and Mana Regeneration items.

The formulas used are these:

  1. Base Mana Regen Rate is 0.2 mana per second
  2. Focus Bonus is Focus / 200 mana per second
  3. Let Meditation Bonus be 0.0075 * Meditation Skill + 0.0025 * Intelligence Attribute
  4. If your Meditation Skill is GM or above, multiple Meditation Bonus by 1.1
  5. If you are actively meditating, multiply Meditation Bonus by 2
  6. Let Base Item Bonus be (Meditation Skill / 2 + Focus Skill / 4) / 90
  7. Multiply Base Item Bonus by 0.65, then add 2.35
  8. Let Intensity Bonus be the square root of the sum of your Mana Regen intensities, capped at 5.5 (30 total intensity).
  9. Let Final Item Bonus be ((Base Item Bonus * Intensity Bonus) - (Base Item Bonus - 1)) / 10. This is mana per second.
  10. Add the Base Mana Regen Rate, Focus Bonus, and Item Bonus. Add your Meditation Bonus only if you're not wearing non-meddable armor. The result is your total mana regeneration per second.

Meditation :     Intelligence :     Focus :
    Item Bonus :    
Given the numbers above, your mana regeneration rate is:
0.2 mana points per second when wearing non-meddable armor.
0.2 mana points per second when wearing meddable armor and not meditating.
0.2 mana points per second when wearing meddable armor and actively meditating.
Mana Refreshed per second
As of Publish 46, the Mana Regeneration item property became subject to diminishing returns. The hard cap on MR was removed.
As the total MR from items increases, each successive point of MR will give less overall mana regeneration. Adding more MR will always give more mana regeneration but as you put more MR items on, you get less of a bonus from each additional MR item.
Having higher Meditation and / or Focus skill will give a bonus to mana regeneration gained from MR items. Meditation and /or Focus will now benefit for intermediate values and not just for multiples of 10 (i.e. 80.1 used to give you same MR bonus at 89.9).

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