Guide to Meditation, the art of mana regeneration, by Xena Dragon

Mana regeneration rate
Casting spells, scribing scrolls and using special moves costs mana. If your mana level is lower than your maximum mana level your mana will slowly raise until the mana level is equal to your maximum mana level again. The speed at which your mana goes back to full is called the regeneration rate. The mana regeneration rate for meditation varies depending on 3 variables:
  • the type of armor you are wearing
  • your intelligence
  • your meditation skill
To have mana regenerate at the highest possible speed you need to wear a certain combination of armor (or no armor at all), a high intelligence and a high meditation skill.
Meditation is a skill that is used by all characters that cast spells or scribe scrolls. There are two types of meditation, passive and active.
Passive meditation
Passive meditation kicks in when your mana level drops below maximum. The automatic process of gaining back lost mana is called passive meditation. You do not have to do anything to let this happen. The limits of passive meditation are as follows:
  • The slowest possible passive regeneration speed of 1 mana point regained every 5 seconds applies to characters dressed in armor that does not allow meditation or characters with 0 intelligence and 0 meditation skill.
  • The highest possible passive regeneration speed of 1.53 mana point regained every second applies to characters dressed in "mage armor" items, leather or less with 125 intelligence and 120 meditation skill (although, it can be further enhanced through "Focus" and items).
Between those minimum and maximum rate a gliding scale is used to determine the regeneration rate depending on intelligence and meditation skill, with a 10% bonus for being grandmaster or higher in the skill.
Active meditation
Active meditation is a skill that has to be started by clicking on the skill in the skill list or by use of a programmable macro key (UseSkill Meditation). Upon invocation the system will make a skill check. If the skill check passes then a sound effect can be heard and you will start to meditate. The following messages can be given:
  • "You are at peace". Your mana level is already at its maximum.
  • "You cannot focus your concentration". The skill check failed.
  • "Regenerative forces cannot penetrate your armor". The skill check passed, but you are wearing too much armor to meditate actively.
  • "You enter a meditative trance". The skill check passed and you start to meditate actively.
  • "You stop meditating". You performed an action while meditating or you reached full mana. Active meditation stops.
(Note: If non-spell channeling weapons or shields are equipped, they will drop to your backpack when going into active meditation, akin to casting a spell).
The active mana regeneration rate is double that of the passive regeneration rate, taking into consideration your intelligence and your meditation skill. The maximum possible regeneration rate is 3.06 mana points per second. While meditating you cannot perform any action, not even speaking. If an action is performed then a message "You stop meditating" is given and active meditation stops. Mana regeneration rate then drops back to the passive meditation level.
The benefits
- The benefits are pretty obvious, mana is regenerated at a higher speed which enables the mage to cast more spells or write more scrolls in a given amount of time, this makes the mage more powerful.
- Because the points allotted to the meditation skill count towards the skill cap it has become harder to be both a GM fighter and a GM magic user, some players think this is good as it stops the jack-of-all-trades characters.
The downsides
- Meditation only works when little or no armor is worn (exception: Mage Armor). Armor that can be meditated in is harder to come by than "standard armor", and thus, more expensive as well.
- Because the points allotted to the meditation skill count towards the skill cap it has become harder to be both a GM fighter and a GM magic user, some players think this is bad as it stops the jack-of-all-trades characters.
Gaining meditation skill
Like any other skill, meditation can be trained. You gain skill by using the skill or you can buy your first skill points in meditation from a wandering mage or mage guild master. From 0 to 25 points meditation will raise very fast. Any time you gain a point of mana passively, you will gain at this point. From 25 points onward it becomes a little harder. The procedure is fairly similar to the 0-25 step, in that you will want to be regenerating mana passively - the only difference is that you will have to move around at this point, because of the anti macro code.That is really all there is to it. You lower your mana, and then you move around. You may, occasionally, see a gain from going into active meditation, but the majority of the gains will come from passive meditation.
Wearing armor
The failure or success of active meditation is influenced by the type of armor that you wear. To make sure you can use active meditation, only dress in Leather items or items that have the "Mage Armor" bonus.
Further notes and tips
  • Meditating while hidden will unhide you. Hiding while meditating will make you lose focus.
  • Looting a corpse will break meditation. You can move items around in your backpack while meditating though, although moving things on and off your paper doll will break active meditation as well.
  • You cannot meditate if you are drunk.
  • Equipping anything but a spell channeling weapon or shield, or your spell book, will break your active meditation.
  • Remember that non-spell channeling weapons and shields un-equip themselves when actively meditating, similarly to casting a magery spell.