Professions: The Tamer, by Mordanna of Pacific
Tips and Tricks for the Tamer
Keep an eye on your pet's loyalty level!
Too many failed commands wil drop your pet's loyalty fast and it will not listen to you anymore. If this goes too far, your pet loses all loyalty and is returned to a wild (untamed) state. Use Animal Lore on your pet to find out what it likes to eat, if you don't know already. One piece of food will be sufficient in most cases to make your pet "wonderfully happy".

Crossing Server Boundaries
Sometimes crossing a server boundary can be tricky, because your pets tend to get "stuck" on them. The easiest method to get them across is to mark a rune on the other side and gate your pet from the side it's stuck on. If you can't cast Gate Travel yet or don't have a blank rune on you, the best solution is to start running with your pet following you from about half a screen away, in a 90 degree angle to the server boundary and keep going until you crossed it. This might take some practice, but you will soon get the hang of it. If you have a [bonded] pet, this is easier, since the pet recalls with you.

Gate Travel with your pets
Unfortunately, gating pets around is still a somewhat risky thing to do for Tamers, since pets are lost because of bugged gates now and then. At least publish 16 changed the game mechanics so that a pet will only go through a gate after it's master, so other people "petnapping" your companions by gating them out is a thing of the past. Just be aware that once you step into a gate, it now might take a second or two before your pet shows up.
Getting pets onto boats
There are two ways to accomplish this, only one if you have no Magery. Neither pets nor NPC's will follow you onto your boat unless the gangplank and shore are perfectly aligned in height and the plank must touch the shore. They do not step over open water. Go aboard your boat and open the plank and tell the pet to follow you. The easiest way is to use docks. Unfortunately the waters around docks are often cluttered with ships, so you might want to find a less popular spot. Buccaneer's Den is usually empty.

If you have the skill to gate, mark a rune on the shore and tell your pet to "stay". Then go aboard your boat and gate on the newly marked rune. Walk out the Gate, tell the beast to "follow" and step right back through. Bonded pets will recall with you.

Getting a pet off the boat is simple, they don't seem to mind jumping onto the shore. If you have multiple pets, you might have to return to the boat for each one and walk off again.

Two-part names for pets
Don't delete the spaces, but work around them. For example: 'a timber wolf'. Position the cursor just to the right of 'a', backspace, type, repeat. This way you get two-word names with a space between words. However, pets will not respond if you use this kind of name. Your only possibility will be using "all" commands, which can be tricky if you have more than one pet with you.
Taming aggressive creatures
The most important fact here is, you can not tame a creature that is receiving damage of any kind and the creature must be able to pathfind to you. The only result from a taming attempt you would get is "The animal is too angry to continue taming". Now what to do? Stay out of the creature's melee range, if need be paralyze it, then try again. Be aware that if you use a paralyzation spell, the pet's skill loss upon being tamed will be greater than if you just lead-tame.

If you are out for "bigger game" like dragons, drakes, white wyrms or nightmares, you might want to take an experienced Tamer with you to show you the ropes. If you have just the minimum skill to tame one of the "big four", there is a good chance you will spend an hour or longer trying to persuade the beast to become your new friend.

Some of the most intelligent creatures do not take kindly to being tamed. "You seem to anger the beast" is most likely the result you will see quite often before you can actually start a (not necessarily successful) taming attempt. Keep trying, and eventually you will succeed. If not for the long hours of getting to this level of taming, here your "tame/last target" macro will come in very, very handy.

Pet flagging
Just like your character, your pet is subject to the flagging system of the game. It is recommended to be guilded if you are a Tamer, mainly because it gives you more feedback on what your pet is doing. There is actually no difference in how the pets act when you are in a guild or aren't. However, when you are in a guild there is a third color to give you more information on the status changes.
  • Criminal - this flag outweighs all others, and you need to be careful when dealing with gray pets, since you won't know what status they are actually in.
  • Normal - regular blue NPC (normally attacked by aggressive creatures). If the pet kills anything, you will not gain fame or karma from the kill, if it kills a person, you won't be given a murder count.
  • Aggressive - green, which you will only see if you are guilded (if you're not guilded, you will just see blue). This color comes up with any "Guard", "Attack", or "Kill" command, and sets the controller flag, so if it kills anyone, you can get a murder count. Also if it is in this condition and it attacks something within a guard zone, and the guards are called, you will be killed right beside your pet. You will only get fame and karma from your kills if you are set as the controller of your pet. If you release a pet that flags green, you are fully responsible for it's actions until the controller flag wears off - and you cannot command a released pet anymore!

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