Book of Housing - by Flippy; edited by Xena Dragon
Part 3 - Blocking Objects

Here is a letter translated from old writings from Flippy, Tailor of Moonglow. Read carefully for his letter has hidden meanings.

Hail Friends

While out adventuring, if you come to a place that appears to be a fine spot for a house, be glad for ye are a lucky sort. Once you ponder on this area, get out your land survey tool*, (ye should always have one in these days, when a house can be built by anyone and sold for at least 250,000 gold coin.) and survey the area.

If your blasted luck is finding that a house will fit GREAT, be off with ya, for ye are to lucky for my taste. For those remaining, you should not give up when at first the tools say nay. Take a look around. Look at what is near and on the land on which you want to build. I have found a few things out in my housing adventures...

Now listen carefully my friends to my words for they have meaning beyond this realm.

If you have recently warred yourself with a baddie, and its stench is still around, know that your builders hate this and will not build while the decaying corpse is lying at there feet.

Other times I find my builders taking a bath in a tub filled with water instead of making my house (shame on them!). Dump the thing over and move it away. They need to do that on there own time.

Once when traveling with my guildmates, I came across a area of land I knew used to house a house. I told them to break camp here for a while, so I might check my tools. Well the knuckle heads started playing around, challenging each other to magic duels, once casting a wall of fire followed by a wall of stone. Well my builders HATE magic in all forms, and refused to work while such behavior was taking place. After I ordered a halt to the childish playing, the builders, though annoyed, made me a new house.

Speaking of guilds, I had once came across a house that had fallen, and on the ground were various items. A Plant, a Table a Box.. all of which a common house builder will move outside of my new house's door once building is completed. However this day a nicely polished guildstone had fallen to the ground. Since it looked so darn pretty the builders refused to move it. They said I could build around it but since it was so pretty they would not touch it. Had it been dirty and rusty then maybe they would have considered moving it. I asked what I could do, how could I move it without damaging it? Well matte, you'll need to pray for a robed god to come and move it, for only divine intervention could move such a pretty thing. Sure enough my builders did not lie, I saw the guildstone fly! My house then appear right before my eyes!

On another adventure, I came across a house next to the shore. It appeared to be on its last leg and ready to fall down at a gust of a wind. Luckily I was there when it did, and I called on my builders again. They explained that they could not build here due to the stench of Fish. "FISH?" I said. "Aye" they replied as they pointed to a nearby boat docked along the shore line. "That has to go. Guild Rules. Our noses shall not endure bad smells". I explained that it was not my boat and could not move it. They said in that case I would need to pray to the gods of the 7 Winds to come and push it out of the way. I did pray and sure enough a robed one came and pushed it out of the way. I had myself a nice home after that.

Another time myself and large number of people had gathered around a large tower deep in the woods. The tower held all sorts of valuable goods in it, and better yet, it was on its last leg like the house I just told you about was. When it fell I told my workers to start construction of a new house identical to the Tower. Needless to say the builders again explained that although they be strong from years of hard work, they couldn't possibly force the other 30 people who where gathered around to move out of the way. 5, maybe 10, would be okay, but not much more. I told them that it was okay and I understood, I told them to keep trying until maybe the crowd faded out. As it turned out my builders were NOT loyal to me, for a tower was built but no key had I. A big fella next to me though had a huge grin on his face, a shiny silver key dangling from his hip., I asked his name, odd name it was, I can't remember it fully, all I remember is his parents named after some bay I had never heard of, Grr..

If after knowing all this and yer blasted tool says it still will not fit, or your builders refuse to build, ye may be out of luck for today, but also remember, the Builders Guild changes it's rules once every 3 half moons, so remember thy spot and try again later..

Safe Journeys