Book of Housing - by Flippy; edited by Xena Dragon
Part 5 - Condemned Houses

Condemned: A house that is blocked from being refreshed.
If a house can't be refreshed it will decay and fall within 5 days.
First thing to know is that if you only own one house and never place a second house, your house should never get the house status of condemned. If it does, page a GM. However once you place a second house, your first house will become condemned. Here is what will happen when you place a second house:

Warning!!!! Before you place, be sure you have refreshed your original house. !!!!Warning

1. Once you use the house deed in a valid location, you will get a message basically telling you that your other house(s) will become condemned. You then click 'Okay, that's fine.'
2. Your original house gets the condemned status.
3. All of your characters on the shard now have a one week wait period for getting another house, either through trade or placement.

Here is what happens when you get a second house transferred to you:

1. A warning message appears., A confirmation box comes up letting you know that your old house(s) will become condemned.
2. The seller will get a message indicating that the buyer got the warning message above.
3. A scroll with the house's name, decay status and sextant coordnates appears in the trade window. Once the trade is finished, all your characters on that shard have a one week wait period for getting another house, either through trade or placement.

Important notes:

1. Once a house has become condemned, the only way to restore it is to transfer it to someone else. Even if you demolish or sell all your other houses, the house will remain condemned!

2. This condemning system has been in play for years, although where once it was just houses on the same shard affecting each other, in 2001 it changed to houses on the same account will affect one another (so picking up a house on, for example, Catskills would condemn your existing house(s) on Lake Superior).

3. Players who owned multiple houses prior to July 2002, regardless of whether the multiple houses are on different shards or all on the same shard, are allowed to maintain these houses, but they will need to be refreshed manually. These players have the option of declaring one of their houses as their primary house, which condemns all others owned by the same account.