Book of Housing - by Flippy; edited by Xena Dragon
Part 8 - Getting Griddy with it

I have made a grid. Why is that special? Well, because now you have another bit of information you can use for upgrading or placing houses. Information is Knowledge, Knowledge is half the battle. *GO JOE*

The grid shown on Figure 8.1 is ground Zero Based. I created it using MS-Paint, with pictures provided by the Homes and Castles forum and UO Stratics' Buildings section. That is where you can see all the levels of a house. Great detail was taken to make this grid. While nothing is ever 100%, I feel pretty good about this one.

Ground Zero means that it is not on the same level as the floor of houses, but it rather indicates the tiles on the ground beneath the floor. My previous grids were floor based, not ground based, which made a slight difference

Figure 8.1

How do you use it? Easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Right-click it
  2. Choose Copy
  3. Open up MS-Paint (Start - Programs - Accessories - MS-Paint)
  4. Click the Edit menu
  5. Select paste
  6. Click the File menu
  7. Click Save and save the file with a name you like
Voila! Keep the file open in MS Paint, just minimize it.

Now that you have the grid, go to the Buildings page and select the house you want to put on the grid. I will choose the Log Cabin.

Right click it, and choose copy, then go back into the paint program that has the grid, Choose Edit-Paste

You need to align the South East corner of the Log with the inside of a square as shown in Figure 8.2, it fits neatly inside.
Make sure your paint program is setup for transparancy. Click the button circled in Figure 8.3.

Figure 8.3
Figure 8.2

The grid (Figure 8.1) is also a GIF, with transparency! So you can do the same thing in reverse to look at your land!

You can read the FAQ posted in the Pictures forum to see how to use special snapshot utilities. I just use Print Screen, then go into MS Paint and paste.