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November 2000

Veteran Rewards Program Updated
Thanks to Argamemmnon for pointing out that the Veteran Rewards Program has been updated on General Testing with the following:
The Ultima Online Rewards program is designed to reward you, our long-term players, for your loyalty to the UO community. It is our way of thanking you and showing our appreciation for your long-term support of UO, and for your contribution to making UO the most popular virtual world in existence today. Screenshots for most of the rewards can be found at the end of this update.

Determining Account Age
The age of an account will be determined in the following manner:
  • Any account created before November 30, 1999 will automatically be credited for all of the time from the date it was created until November 30, 1999. In other words, if you created your account on October 30, 1998, your account would be credited for 13 months of time, regardless of whether your account was inactive during part of that time.
  • Following November 30, 1999, only the months in which you had an active account will contribute to the total count of months qualifying you for rewards.
  • You can check your account age by logging a character into the game. (Note: Until the Rewards Program has been released, this method may not work, or may return an error message.) To check your account age:
    • Double click your profile scroll.
    • Scroll to the bottom of the scroll window.
    • A horizontal bar will be at the bottom of the profile text. Your account age in years and days will be displayed under that line. The account age will display the same value for all characters on the same account.
  • Updates to your account (such as reactivations) are updated every Sunday, but may not be displayed for several days.
Reward eligibility is determined on a per-account basis. Multiple accounts may not be "combined" to increase eligibility.

There are three categories of player reward levels currently identified as part of the program: players who have been in the game for 12 to 23 months, players who have been in the game for 24 to 35 months, and those who have played for 36 months or more. Each of the three designated categories of long-term players will be offered a different selection of in-game rewards. All reward options are ‘no loot’ and ‘no steal’, and clothing items will never wear out.

12 - 23 Month Players may choose two of the following rewards:
  • Black dye tub
  • Bronze cloak
  • Bronze +2 AR robe
  • Copper cloak
  • Copper +2 AR robe
  • Furniture dye tub
  • Choice of one of 14 mini-monster statues:
    • Dragon
    • Skeleton
    • Troll
    • Orc
    • Deamon
    • Ettin
    • Earth Elemental
    • Gargoyle
    • Gorilla
    • Crocodile
    • Lich
    • Lizard Man
    • Ogre
    • Ratman
  • Special Dye-tub
    • Using normal dyes on this tub (double-clicking the dyes then targeting the special dye-tub) will bring up a menu listing special colors not available through a normal dye-tub.
    • After selecting a color, the dye-tub will then have that hue.
    • Double-clicking the dye tub and targeting an article of clothing will dye that clothing the special color.
24 - 35 Month Players may choose three reward options (two for being a one year player plus one more for being a two year player) from the list of one-year rewards above and the additional two-year rewards listed below:
  • Agapite cloak
  • Agapite +2 AR robe
  • Golden cloak
  • Golden +2 AR robe
  • Banners
    • Banners can be placed in houses and have areas that can be dyed using a dye-tub.
    • When selecting a banner as your reward, you will receive a banner deed.
    • To place the banner, double-click the deed. A targeting cursor will appear.
    • Targeting a wall inside a house will place the banner on that wall. The banner cannot be picked up once placed.
    • To remove the banner, the owner or co-owner of the house can double-click the banner. After clicking the confirmation window, the banner will be removed and a banner deed will be placed in the character’s backpack.
    • Using a dye-tub on a banner will dye portions of the banner. Each banner has a different are that can be dyed.
  • Flaming Skull
    • The flaming skull is a house decoration that can be placed on the walls of a house.
    • When selecting a flaming skull as a reward, you will receive a skull deed.
    • To place the skull, double-click the deed. A targeting cursor will appear.
      • Targeting a wall inside a house will place the skull on that wall. The skull must be placed on a south-facing wall. The skull cannot be picked up once placed.
      • To remove the skull, the owner or co-owner of the house can double-click the skull. After clicking the confirmation window, the skull will be removed and a skull deed will be placed in the character’s backpack.
    • When a character walks near the skull, it will begin spewing flames. The flames do not cause any damage.
  • Leather Dye-tub
    • The leather dye-tub can be used to dye leather or studded leather armor.
    • Using normal dyes on this tub (double-clicking the dyes then targeting the special dye-tub) will bring up a menu listing the colors available to use on leather armor. The colors are similar to the colors currently available for metal armor (copper, shadow, etc.) with the addition of some other hues such reds, blues, greens, etc.
    • After selecting a color, the dye-tub will then have that hue.
    • Double-clicking the dye tub and targeting a piece of leather or studded leather armor will dye that clothing the color.
  • Any of the 12 - 23 month reward listed above. 36+ Month Players may choose four reward options (two for being a one year player another one for their two year reward, plus one more for the third year) from among the one and two-year reward choices as well as those additional rewards listed below:
    • Ethereal mount (horse, ostard, or llama; one per reward choice)
      • Transparent hue.
      • Appears as a statue in your backpack.
        • Double clicking the statue will cause the statue to disappear and create the mount and your will automatically mount it.
        • Once on the mount, double clicking yourself will dismount you and automatically transform the mount back into the statue which will reappear in your backpack immediately.
      • Ethereal mounts never lose loyalty and can't be transferred.
      • The mount can never appear without being mounted, therefore it cannot attack or be attacked.
    • Verite cloak
    • Verite +2 AR robe
    • Valorite cloak
    • Valorite +2AR robe
    • Choice of one of three mini-monster statues
      • Zombie
      • Cow
      • Llama
    • Any of the 12 - 23 or 23 - 35 month rewards listed above.
    It is important to note that characters on an account with less than the appropriate amount of time will not be able to use some of these items. For instance, if another player gave you a golden cloak, but your account is 20 months old, you would not be able to wear it until your account reached 24 months. This only applies to clothing items and the ethereal horse. Other items such as dye-tubs and monster statues will be usable by any character.

    Players who fit into one or more of these categories will have the option to receive their rewards when they log into the game after attaining a reward level. Rewards are given on a "per account" basis, but may be divided among characters on an account. It is very important to make sure you have the correct character logged on before choosing a reward. Game Masters and other OSI personnel will not be able to transfer rewards from one character to another. For example, a player who has a 24 month old account may choose to accept two rewards with a character on one shard, and may choose the remaining reward with a different character. The option to collect rewards will appear each time you log in to the game until you have chosen the total awards for which you are eligible. You will be given the option to collect any rewards for which your account is eligible upon release of the program, regardless of account anniversary date. Thus, for example, if your account is 23 months old, you will be eligible for the 12-month rewards on the day the program is released, and will be eligible for your 24-month rewards as soon as your account reaches 24-months.

    If you make a rewards program selection during a final backup or before a server crash, the system may not have adequate time to save your choice. When the shard returns to service, it may take a few minutes for the server to recognize that you have not gotten your reward. The system will account for this however, and after a few minutes you will be able to select a reward.

    Special Dye-tub colors
    Leather Dye-tub colors
    Flaming Skull
    Ethereal Mounts
    Cloaks and +2 AR Robes
    Banners (note that the top banners are un-dyed, while the bottom ones have been dyed. This will allow you to see which parts of the banner are dyeable.)
  • Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 9:09 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    In Concept Changes
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    In Concept Changes

    In Concept was introduced approximately a year ago as an area where players could offer suggestions and feedback on design ideas during their early stages. The player suggestions generated by this section of the website have been immensely valuable in shaping these design ideas before they have been implemented in Ultima Online.

    In addition to In Concept, the Message Boards have provided an area for players to discuss and debate design issues, and have taken feedback a step further than In Concept. On the message boards, debate and discourse refine your suggestions and ideas and create something that is less a question/response situation and more of a common goal created by a community.

    Because of this, we have closed the In Concept email address and have opened a section of our message boards dedicated to ideas that are currently appearing in In Concept. Each In Concept system will have its own thread where players and developers can share ideas in an open forum for all to see, rather than through e-mail.

    To visit In Concept, click here.

    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 8:03 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    14th Dragon Town Auction on Sunday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Zarzal Dragon posted the following announcement on :
    We announce the 14. auction in Dragon Town on Sunday the 3rd December 2000 at 8pm CET (7pm GMT, 2 pm EST).

    The place of the auction is as always Dragon Town (Felucca), on top of the merchant tower. A introduction for the auction and a map to the town can be found on the Dragon Clan homepage. Please read the introduction there... This should solve all questions.

    The collection of wares is open right now. If you have something contact Zarzal on ICQ 9611261 or visit the tower in the evening hours. Please use the time and don't bring all the items in the last 5 minutes in front of the auction : this is hard to handle.

    To prevent attacks from people who like to make trouble we have a snoop service installed. You can only enter the tower WITHOUT any explosion potions and shooting weapons. Some guild members of the Dragon Clan will snoop you. Don't bring such things to the auction or you will be ejected immediately.

    Don't bring your pets with you either, please leave them in the stables. Outside, pets are targets by troublemakers. We are not able to protect them. While the auction of a item is in progress please stop talking, joking about the prices or practice anything. This will spam the logs due the comm crystals that we must use to hear everything.

    Giving comments on the prices while the auction is in progress is unfair. After the item is sold, feel free to say something, but PLEASE, not during the auction. Thank you.

    Lady Zarzal

    Nice to see the auctions are still going :)
    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 6:03 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Grand Opening of the Dark City of Avarunn
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Saturday December 2, 2000 there will be the Grand Opening of the Dark City of Avarunn. This event will commence at 8:00 pm EST. The town is located on the Trammel Facet, North of Trinsic, near the swamp. The UOAM coordinates are X: 1808 Y: 2395; Sextant coordinates: 68 degrees, 43 minutes South; 33 degrees, 36 minutes East.

    Gates will be provided from Trinsic Royal Bank, Trammel, starting at 7:30pm EST. Runes for the town are also located on a vendor just West of the North Entrance to Vesper, on the road, in Sosaria's Finest Vendors' small tower (trammel). All are welcome to attend this Grand and Dark event if ye can handle the stench of decay and the sight of death *grins*

    Free food and drink will be provided, while supplies last. And the first 25 persons shall get a FREE runebook with a Avarunn rune.

    At 8:15 Smogg Azalin, Cult Leader, and IvyStar, Countess of Avarunn, of The Cult of Infernal Necromancy, will bless the town in the name of darkness.

    At 8:30 a Scavenger Hunt will start at the Town Hall Tower. The Archery Contest will commence at 9:15. Only GM bows please. The Evil Eye Tavern, run by Elrios, Ncr, will be open all nite for your drinking enjoyment.

    There will be other events going on throughout the evening, including a pool (of blood) party on the Town Hall roof, raffle prizes, free vendors if you bring supplies and a Snowball Fight, So bring those snowpiles!

    Many substantial prizes will be given out including checks, magic weapons and armor, and rares. For more information you can comment here or go to the IRC room #avarunn on You can also contact me by bat #47371678.

    I hope to see ye all there *smiles seductively*

    Embrace the Darkness and Bathe in the Moonlight
    *wrapes her cloak around her sleak figure and fades*

    IvyStar [Ncr, Countess of Avarunn]

    Thankye, IvyStar, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 4:37 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    True Britannian Planning Meeting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    You guide your steed along the road on the way to your favorite hunting grounds when you glimpse the colors crimson and white ahead on the side of the road. You realize it is another one of those blasted pages and he is tacking another notice to a tree. You begin to wonder if your going to start seeing them in your dreams. None the less you rein in, dismount and begin to read the notice


    On Wednesday, December 6th the Stormguards of Stormhaven will host a True Britannian Planning Meeting. We invite all guild-masters loyal to the crown & throne to attend. The purpose of the meeting is to gather together and share information necessary to organize the True Britannians into a unified, cohesive force. We're looking for guilds to pledges warriors, smiths, tinkers, rogues, safe-houses, and other volunteers that are committed to supporting their fellow True Britannians in the days ahead. The need to arrange weekly planning meetings and where to meet will be discussed.

    The meeting will be held at the Fortress of Light Castle (FOL) located in Trammel on the East Side of the Arctic Isle. Coordinates to the F.O.L. are 119.5’N, 169.53’W. You may use the rune to the F.O.L. that has been placed within the Stormhaven Town Hall, or you may follow the map located here.

    We also encourage all town leaders standing as True Britannians to attend along with your officers and strategists. It is time to prepare for the dark days ahead; time is running out.

    To Arms True Britannians; The battle starts now!

    Respectfully posted,

    Lady Lipstick of the Stormguards of Stormhaven

    Thankye, Lipstick, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 3:50 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Casino Night at The Rich Mans Inn Tonite, Thursday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hail all...

    The Rich Mans Inn in Trammel will be having Casino night this Thursday. The bar will open at 8:30pm EST and the Casino will open at 9:00pm EST. Both the bar and casino will close at 10:30pm EST. Talryn will be providing Gates at the front of the Moonglow Bank from 8:30pm to 9:30pm. We will also have people gating aroudn the world during the course of the event...but try to get to Moonglow if you can. Bring money with you for gambling... even 1000 gold can go a long way here so ALL are welcome. If there are any questions please ICQ at 55432884. Hope to see you all there...

    Also The Rich Mans Inn is proud to announce the start of a new town. Prodigus. We are currently building a museum and rune library.

    One more note...Thanks to all who have shown up during the past two weeks for bar has proven to be fun for all. We are still doing it on normal hours of 9pm stop in for a drink.

    --Alan the Barkeep--

    Thankye, Alan, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 3:43 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Court of Britannia Rules on Vesper Faire
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The High Court of Britannia held a meeting yesterday in the court of Truth in Yew, to receive the petition from the hands of the Vesper Merchant Guildmaster, Watson, and the query from the City's officials to ignore the petition.

    As I arrived, Watson was reading his petition to the High Court of Britannia :

    Watson : The Vesper Merchant Guild Master, to the High Court of Britannia, to the Mayor of Vesper, to the counts, and to all the servants, bailiffs, judges, and other ministers of Vesper, my greetings.
    In your solicitude and prudence be it known to you that the Merchant Guild of Vesper presents this document to request the High Court decree and establish in honor of our glorious town Vesper on the Trammel Facet a faire for gathering together once at the mass all the merchants dwelling in our kingdom and those coming from beyond the seas. This gathering should be near the Adventurers Supplies in the north of Vesper on Trammel Facet and you, our officials for this market, and all the citizens of our kingdom, shall know of this market, and especially those who come from beyond the sea to the port of Vesper to buy wine, honey, magic weapons, ore or anything else.
    Also we request that the fair shall last for an entire evening, and the merchants of Yew, Minoc, Britain, Moonglow and other cities shall be able to go there. And we wish and firmly command that no merchant dare to transact business in the neighborhood of Vesper except in the fair we have established in honor of the Vesper Town. If any one should do so let him pay a fine to me and to the Merchant Guild.
    And in order that this request of ours may be more strictly observed both now and in the future in that place, we have ordered this charter to be sealed below with our seal and we have signed it with our hand.
    I, Guild Master of the Vesper Merchant Guild, have signed this.

    The Honorable Judge Laternia : Thank you mister Watson. Mister Caspian, please present your case to the court.

    Caspian : Thank you your honor ! I would like to say that this... idea... the guildmaster has would be all well and fine... in a perfect world.
    You see, the town of Vesper has by decree of Lord British himself been charged with several obligations! Apart from the fact that we must regulate trade to avoid such things as smuggling, we also need to watch [...]
    If this petition would be acknowledged, the city of Vespers funds would surely be depleted, we have for instance still not tracked down the infamous brigand Leoric and his band! How could we afford guards if we cannot collect our taxes!
    I suggest that this petition be ignored and that the city of Vesper can continue to work closely with its established merchant to create a good trade community. We allready have many established shops created by its citizen, why do we need to create such a faire that serves no other purposed then to fill the merchants pockets?
    I belive, if this goes through, Vesper cannot regulate the scammers who will surely benefit from this. If it is approved, we would need to make sure funds are available to guard squadrons. We also need funding to transport all the pickpockets and simpler thiefs that flock to such a gathering! I ask you, your honor, to see to the city of Vespers needs. Not a single entity in its community such as the merchants. I implore thee to understand what is best for Vesper!
    Thank you.

    The Honorable Judge Laternia : Very well. The court has listened to both cases. We shall now take a small break and I will pass ruling after that.


    The Honorable Judge Laternia : For order of the High Court of Britannia I am glad to inform all the citizens of Vesper that the High Court has taken a decision about the request of the Vesper Merchants Guild of establishing an official Market in the Town of Vesper on the Trammel facet.
    The main issue was to decide if the request of a Market Place in the Town of Vesper could be considered a nuisance for the near neighbors. Among other nuisances a liberty may be granted to the nuisance of a liberty previously granted, as where the liberty of having a market in some fixed place is granted to a person 'provided it is not to the nuisance of any neighboring market.
    The first step of the Court has been to define what sort of market ought to be called neighboring and what not neighboring but remote. And in case of a neighboring market, had to decide what sort of nuisance, if the thing causing the harm admits of abatement, that is, whether it is harmful and wrongful, or only harmful and not wrongful, because it is remote, or harmful and wrongful because it is neighboring, or, if neighboring, not wrongful because not harmful but beneficial.
    The High Court of Britannia has therefore decreed that there should be the solemn and universal fair of Vesper. And this we have done on the advice of the merchants of the Vesper Merchant Guild. Moreover, we have preserved the rights of neighboring cities, so that these fairs may not only not be a hindrance to their fairs but may rather increase their profits.
    And so, on the advice of our Judges, we have given, out of respect for the most puissant Lord, this liberty to all merchants-that they may be quit and free of all toll throughout the year at these fairs in this royal place, and they may buy and sell goods freely just as they wish for the duration of ten years.

    Caspian : *gasps*

    The Honorable Judge Laternia : No merchant, nor any other person, may take a merchant to court for the paymentof any debt during these fairs, nor take him there for any business that was conducted before the fairs began ; but if anything be done amiss during the fairs, let it be made good according to justice during the fairs.
    Moreover, the first fair shall begin on the eighth of December in the evening. And all people coming to, staying at, or going from the fairs shall have peace for their persons and goods. And lest the frequent changing of coins, which are sometimes light and sometimes heavy, should redound to the hurt of so glorious a place at any time in the future, on the advice of our court, we have ordered money to be struck there of the same purity, weight, and form, and in the same quantity, and to be kept to the same standard.
    Moreover, we grant and confirm to the merchants of that city that they may have an official mint and a house for exchanging their money whenever they decide to go away on business. Whoever out of boldness decides to oppose our decree, or by temerity to break it, shall be in our mercy and will pay hundreds of gold coins to our court. And in order that all the things we have decreed may be accepted as genuine and be faithfully observed we have ordered this charter to be written and to be sealed by the impression of our seal. This is ruling of the High Court of Britannia.

    Caspian : This is an outrage! This... this... Vesper will not take this sitting down!

    Catchpole of the High Court : *looks at the merchant*

    The Honorable Judge Laternia : This court session is adjourned. Travel in safety.

    Watson : You have ruled wisely.

    Caspian : Catchpole, let me out this instance!

    Catchpole of the High Court : As you wish...

    Watson : I thank thee as do all the citizens of Vesper.


    Bel d'Ajoor : Lord Caspian ! A word for the press ? May I ask you a few questions ?

    Caspian : I can tell you that the rulers of Vesper will do all in its powers to oppose this!

    Bel d'Ajoor : How does this influence the policy of Vesper's government, and what caused your request to the court ?

    Caspian : Our main issue was the granting of no taxes, this makes it impossible for Vesper to perform its duties ! We have several brigands travelling the road between Minoc and Vesper, these and frequent troll attacks would make it impossible to devide guards to protect this fair from lesser elements such as pickpockets and the like.

    Bel d'Ajoor : I see... Thanks for these explanations. Will you be asking for a second judgement ?

    Caspian : We have not decided, but by law the courts decree is final. We will see if we cannot get aid from our fair capital.

    Bel d'Ajoor : Well, I hope to hear more about this... and I hope it will not cause trouble in your area since I happen to dwell there.

    Caspian : We will see. Vesper will work day and night about this.

    Bel d'Ajoor : Thanks a lot for your time.


    Bel d'Ajoor : Greetings Sheriff

    Henrik the Sheriff : Greetings milady

    Bel d'Ajoor : May I ask you who the Lord who was there was ?

    Henrik the Sheriff : Hmm which one?

    Bel d'Ajoor : I didn't catch his name... he was mounted on a royal horse. He seems to be a Knight of Virtue.

    Henrik the Sheriff : Ahh Lord Rothermere... He was high representive from Lord British's Court

    Bel d'Ajoor : Thanks a lot Sheriff !

    Henrik the Sheriff : Did that answer all thy questions?

    Bel d'Ajoor : Indeed. Thanks for your time.

    Henrik the Sheriff : No problem milady

    This means that on Friday the 8th December, a Faire will be held in Vesper (Trammel) from 8pm CET (7pm GMT, 2pm EST) throughout the evening. For your information, this was posted on :
    Do you think you have something to sell? Are you looking for something to buy? Do you feel that in your town there are not enough goods? Are you looking for the best offer? Well then Vesper Market Place is the place you are looking for.
    Have fun !
    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 3:17 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    About Daregard, Fragabor, Jacob the Druid and his Staff

    Thank ye very much Elv'eng for this very interesting report regarding the events, that took place about a year ago, when the towns of Deepwater and Spiritwood fought Daregard and Frabagor, struggling to discover the seven parts of the Druid Staff.

    As seen below the scum, Frabagor is back. I shall give a brief information on who he is. It all began some time ago in the village of Deepwater, huge orc armies attacked and nobody really knew why they came from. 

    Then one day, a stranger, dressed in a green robe witch also covered his head almost entirely, steped inside the Deepwater tavern, Owls eye. He said his name was Seer Aymer, and that he had to speak with the people of Deepwater. He said he could have a solution on why the orcs attacked Deepwater, and showed the people an book, and the text said:

    Tribal Movement!
    All subclans of the fort prepare your troops to move towards the deserts to the meeting Place ...
    As it is fortold of our Lords coming.

    More shall be spoken at the meeting place.

    Frabagor - Tribal Diplomat
    at the meetingplace

    Now more attacks began, not only at Deepwater, but also around, Yew, Cove/Yew orc forts. I'm sure there were some down in Skara Brea area too. And more clues were given were to find this meeting place, also there were some books about a man named Jacob, a journal. Where we could read about two druids, and a Lady, named Aunnora. And how one of the Druids had turned to the evil side. Though we did not find out who this Jacob was, except that he had passed away long time ago. And that his wife, Lady Aunnora, had just vanished when a Dark lord had placed a curse upon her. Could this be the Dark lord Farabgor looked for? Soon, we found out this was in the lost lands desert, near the City of Undeads. We travelled there to have a look around, and as we came closer we could see, smoke arise, and soon we could see tents and some orcish signs in different colours. And in the middle there was a black pentagram. We were all a bit clueless at this time, why would the orcs gather at the desert? And what was that black pentagram for? 

    A week or two passed, and one day, I walked pass this place. And I was standing there looking at the pentagram, when suddenly a dark shadow on the ground came moving towards me. I looked up in the sky and above me a huge dragon was about land. I jumped into one of the tents for protection. The dragon landed, and walked up to tent and opened his mouth a bit, I thought it was going to breath fire at me, but to my amazement it spoke. It said I didn't have to fear it and that I should come out so we could talk. I must admit I was a bit scared so I said no, but soon the dragon said it had information about Frabagor and I stepped outside. This was quite along time ago, but I will try remember what it said, it spoke of Frabagor and how he was trying to gather the orcish tribes, and summon the evil lord Daregard. And that we had to stop it, because if Frabagor succeeded, dark clouds would cover Britannia. I asked the Dragon, how we was suppose to stop this powerful orc, or if he knew about anyone that could help us. It said we had to find the staff of silver. I felt how my body froze a bit, but a warm breeze from the desert wind made me warm again. The Silver Staff I said, I've heard about it I said to the dragon, though I might be wrong too. Perhaps said the dragon, where have you heard about it it asked. I said, I seen journal, of a druid named Jacob, and where he had battled a dark figure, a dark lord perhaps?, and a staff had fallen from the sky, and in his journal he said, that it was coloured like silver as it landed beside him. But this is not just a tale I asked? The Dragon answered no, and said that journals where real, though they were very old and ancient. Though Jacob grew older, and soon he destroyed the staff into seven pieces, and placed them across the lands of Britannia. And until this day nobody have been able to find them. Only a ancient druid can find them, the dragon said. And this is what Frabagor is looking for, to summon the Dark Lord Daregard, who once was a friend of Jacob, and druid of the same clan. And with those words the dragon bided Farewell, but said we would meet again. Just before it went away, I asked how we would find this staff, and the Dragon said, there will be signs. Thoughts started to rumble around in my head, did we have a druid among us? Who was Jacob? Were did he live before he passed away? Why do Frabagor want this staff? I began my journey back to Deepwater to tell what I just seen and heard. 

    Two weeks later our Town crier shouted that large orc armies had gathered near Delucia, in the lost lands. We gathered up with people from Spiritwood and Deepwater, to march to Delucia and fight the orcs togehter. Our plan was to fight our way up to the tents to see if something was going on up there, and it went well, till we saw the tents. The five orc clans had been gathered there, and in the middle stood a large orc lord type figure, he was pure black almost, and slightly to his left stood smaller greyish orc. More of a Orc mage kind. As our armies rode up to the tents a huge battle began, the five orc clan leaders including the two grey orcs rushed into a tent where a gate waited. Afew entered the gate, but came back quickly...... as ghosts. Soon, after 30minutes of constant attacks from all sides, we stood victorius over the orcs, AND we had taken down the blue orcish leader. Though 4 orcish clans were still alive. And the two greyish orcs. 

    Days went by, and soon, our town crier in Deepwater said a orcish horde was seen near the Terathan Keep in the Lost lands, witch out much time, we rallied a group of warriors in Deepwater and headed towards the keep. But it seems we've been to fast, as we got to the yard inside the keep, we couldn't see a single orc! Though few moments later we could heard them coming in from behind, we hide. It was the Served head orc clan. I could smell Zur'Goth the smelly and drunken orc. I grabbed my spear ready for an attack and back into the shadows. Then suddenly the orcs stopped. And out from behind stepped a very greyish orc, it grunted with some very dark voice. I narrowed my eyes on it, and thought: Could this be the Dark Lord? Surley not, a orc as a druid? Then I heard a orcish voice: Frabagor, uz guw scud rund, Yub? (Frabagor us go scout?) Ah! That is Frabagor!? I thought for myself and kept looking at him as he did some kind of ritual. The orc gathered behind him, and soon a lady stepped out from nowhere, she was dressed in pure white clothes, and she had snow white hair and quite pale skin. Now where in the world did she come from? And who was she? I thought, and just kept my eyes on Frabagor. Though I could not hear what they said, but I could see how, this lady in white, gave something to Faragor. It looked like a small piece.. Though I could not see what it was. Then suddenly an orcish war cry could be heard: WHAAAG!! WHAAAG!! We had be seen, I saw how orcs took their clubs and axes and ran towards the Lady, I ran out from the corner, and tried to stop them, but with out success. And I was knocked down... 

    A few hours later I woke up, and in front of me, stood Eliohan, Eefin Pea and a few others I knew. They said I had been lucky that I wasn't killed by the orcs, and that we just saved a woman from her death. And she was asleep in the Deepwater tavern. I asked if we knew who she was, and everyone shook their heads, they said she had also been knocked down by the orcs, but not killed. But was still asleep. A few days later, we had the chance to speak with her, and of course the first thing we asked was who she was, and what she was doing with the orcs. What orcs she said? I was with my husband Jacob, she said. And our mouths felt to the ground. "Your husband?", someone asked. As it turned out, we had found Lady Aunnora, Jacobs lost wife. She said she had a dream, where she were giving a piece of a staff to Jacob, and when she woke up she was in Deepwater. Had Frabagor placed spell upon her? We explain what had happened, and she burst into tears. Though sadly things got worse once we told her, Jacob had died by age. And that she had been gone for ... many many years. We asked her to rest more, and come to us once she had regaind powers. And a few days later, she came to us again, and said she would help us find the missing pieces of the staff, though she could only find the staff in her dreams, since she did not have the druid powers needed to find the staff in the world. Many weeks passed with battles, and losses from our side, soon, Frabagor had three of the seven pices of the silver staff. And we had began to lose faith. One day Lady Aunnoura said to us, that we had to seek in the hidden valley, the orcs were about to find clue to one of the staff pieces there. We took the best map makers we had, and best scouts we had, and asked were we could find the hidden valley. And soon we had found it. It was a hidden place, near Trinsic. We took our forces down there to look, and as we came inside the valley, a horde of orcs could been seen in the south part, and yet another battle began. Though in a strange way one of our scouts had heard some important information, and we were told to head for the Yew Crypts. Me, Pad O'Lion, Palmer Eldritch and Muriell went to the crypts. We walked around. and soon we could hear the sound of a reaper. And soon we heard more reapers, and as we turned around the corner, a whole room was filled with them!

    And in a corner stood, a man. Dressed in red deer mask, red sandals, and staff, made from Yew tree. And amazing sight, we fought our way to the man, and he was quite happy to see us, though he was not sure why he was here. We asked who he was and if he knew where he was, and he happily answered that he was Jacob the druid, and that he was in the Yew Crypts. And yet again our mouths fell to the ground. I had to sit down.

    So it seemed, we finally found the man able to aid us in our struggle against Daregard and Frabagor, I thought, but glancing at the reapers I was reminded, that there was still a small problem left to be solved. Combining our efforts and Jacob calling some of his magic's we set fire to the Reapers till a narrow path opened for us. We then told Jacob of his beloved wife Annoura being in Deepwater and since he was eager to see her again, we immediately set off for Deepwater.

    Annoura and Jacob finally met at the Owls Eye tavern. They both seemed very happy as they met after such a long time, though something was strange, a feeling I had watching the reunion, what it was, I nay know, though I felt that something was nay the way it should be. While Jacob promised his aid in our struggle against his former brother Daregard, all kind of vile creatures kept attacking the tavern, but they were easily dispatched by the ever valiant Custodes Fati, that guarded Jacob and Annoura. 

    Jacob then thanked his rescuers, promising to return to aid us, when his energies had returned. Slowly he walked off into the wood ... 

    And with the help of Jacob we were able to find two of the pieces of the silver staff. Though one of the pieces went with Frabagor. So we have one, and Frabagor had four of them. 

    A few days after this, Trinsic was invaded by Jou'nar, and Frabagor vanished. Some say he had been killed by Jou'nar. I was also told that Jacob helped the Yew people to fight Keeonean who was invading Yew while Jou'nar was attacking Trinsic.

    And this is all I know for now. But it now seams Maia know where Frabagor is! And that she will try help him back!

    Your humble scribe
    Elv'eng - Andune

    P.S.: Search the archives on the Europa Courant for more information on this, since i wrote most of my test based on my own happenings. Thanks.

    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 2:59 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    First round of Al´Cedra´s Challenge for December
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Ragnar Lusorian for sending us this report of the first part of the Al'Cedra Challange:

    Greetings Citizens of Britannia

    Most of thee have probably heard by now of the ancient Dragon Al´Cedra and her monthly challenges for the title of "Master of the Word". Last night, as was announced by the town criers, her 4th challenge was to begin, all that was known was that it would start in Magincia. 

    So as evening approached, more and more people gathered there, mostly around the platform on which Al´Cedra´s son, Al´Norin had appeared last month. But no dragon appeared last night, but adventurers could find a man sitting in the parliament building, asking for help. His name was Danton Emwright, a tailor by profession, and a Grandmaster of his trade nonetheless. He told of his brother, a treasure hunter, who had gone missing after presumably finding something of great worth. All he knew was that his brother had lived around Trinsic. So many of those that had gathered, among them myself and 4 other members of Kult, set out to search in and around Trinsic. After much running through the city, we discovered a book in the Counsellor´s Hall, in which Enwright had scribbled a hasty note: "I am hiding in the maze."

    So we immediately gated to the hegde maze north-west of Trinsic and started our search for Enwright there. But all we found was another note, saying: "The cave is south of the dungeon I explored."

    Alas, there are 7 dungeons in the lands and caves can be found near all of them. So we spread out, each of us searching one mountain range. The first to find the cave we were looking for was myself, in the mountains south of Despise. There only a chest with some belongings of the treasure hunter could be found. While I was reading through what must have been a journal, out of thin air a mighty dragon appeared, by the name of Al´Rainae. Indeed it was a dragoness, of which she informed me after I mistakenly had adressed her as brother of Al´Norin and Al´Sarin. Although for a moment I feared she might simply eat me for this grave, yet unintended result, all she did was telling those that had gathered by now a time and a place where we should gather to continue our search. Hopefully we find the treasure hunter Enwright then, so we can bring him back to his worrying brother. Maybe we will also find out what great find he had made before he vanished, and maybe it will lead us to the Lair of Al´Cedra again.

    Ragnar Lusorian

    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 2:38 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Wedding of Kha Danny to Lady Shia
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Ros, fer sending us this piece of information:

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    Let it be known throughout the vast lands of Britannia and to all reaches of the world that the Glorious Lady Shia of the Town of Morning Star will marry the Honourable and Admirable Kha Danny. All who hear these words are formally invited to witness the joining of Lady Shia and Kha Danny in marriage on the 21st day of the 12th month on the 10th hour in the Town of Morning Star. The marriage ceremony will be shortly followed by a feast and games to celebrate the coming together of the couple.

    Be it also known that this be no ordinary wedding for Lady Shia and Kha Danny are also the founders and leaders of the town Morning Star, and as such declare a week of celebration.


    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 2:33 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Next Jhelom Gladiator Games Tomorrow
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The Jhelom Gladiator Games were announced again by the Curator of the Pit on :
    To be a gladiator means to endure pain and hardship, to fight well or to die ignominiously, and above all, to make every moment of a short and uncertain life a way to show the virtues of courage and discipline. In fighting courageously and skillfully, you might demonstrate sufficient valor to win the respect of all the citizens of Britannia; in a death accepted without protest, you could acquire it as well.

    If you feel ready, come to the Jhelom Pit on the Felucca Facet and be prepared to fight against the best gladiators coming from all four corners of Britannia.

    The next Gladiator Games will take place on Friday the 1st December 2000, at 8pm CET (7pm GMT, 2pm EST), that is 30 minutes sooner than usual.

    If you wish to participate, come to the eastern entrance of the pit. To simply see the fights, enter from the western door. Have fun !

    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 10:00 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Grand Opening Musuem of Britannia
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<After much hard work and sweat, I have come across a great event that I would like to share with everyone.

    The Grand Opening for the Museum of Britannia will be held on December 2, 2000, at 10:00 PM EST.

    After many long hours of preparation the museum is finally ready to open! And I want to share the opening with everyone! There is still lots of space left for displays, but I'm opening anyway! This event is a fund raising event for the museum. Entry fees will be 1,000 gold per event. Half of the fee for each event will go to the winner of the event. There will also be prizes from the museum to the best role play and the most chivalrous. There is no charge for the viewing public, but donations will be accepted. (Remember, your donations to the Museum of Britannia is tax deductible! Ask Lord British!)

    Events will include, but not be limited to:
    : Drunken dagger bar fight.
    : Summoning tourney. Yes, a summoning tourney!
    : Create food tourney. This one is for the newer mages.
    : Taming tourney.
    More events may be announced at the time of the opening.

    Aubrey Gawen, Curator
    Museum of Britannia

    The Museum is located northwest of Minoc between Wrong and the Ice dungeon. Coordinates are 132o 0'N 52o 56'E. For rules and more information on this event please visit Museum of Britannia

    Posted on Thursday, November 30, 2000, 1:29 AM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    Rivendell Hosts Treasure Hunting Location Library
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following from Merlyssa of Rivendell ....

    Mel Fisher has given Rivendell a complete set of all Felucca treasure hunting locations! Ye can find it in the center of the top floor of the Rivendell Rune tower!  Good Hunting!

    You can find the Rivendell Rune Tower at the following coordinates: 28° 18' S, 34° 1' W.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 10:07 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Golden Event: KOA Golden Knights #50!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received this a short while ago...

    This is the offical statement released by Galahad, Guildmaster KoA:                               

    Golden Knights #50: Golden Anniversary!

    Over one year ago we began a event that helped to shape our future as a guild and community. At that time it was just a pvp event held between the members of the KoA and a couple of allied guilds, but the success of the event opened the door to new possibilities. What if we could do a similar event every week? What if we opened it up to the public? How could we keep a weekly event unique or keep it from becoming the same boring thing week after week. Most importantly, was it even possible since we knew of no group that held a regular event successfully over a long period of time. A few guild members with a vision of the future took these questions, and along with their great ideas, created what I believe to be the most successful, most respected, and most popular player event on the Lake Superior shard, and probably one of the longest running player events in UO history. It has taken a long journey to arrive at this day. Sometimes it has been frustrating, occasionally it has even been unbearable due to the disruptive actions of others, but we have remained strong in our beliefs and goals even in the face of opposition. We are very proud of everything we have accomplished leading up to this day. 

    The most important thing to remember is this long running event would never have succeeded without the support of the other people of Lake Superior, the interest team, the GM's, and the many dedicated members of the KoA who have taken the time to run these events over the past year. It is greatly appreciated and I thank you all!

    In the last 49 Golden Knights competitions, our most popular would have to be the dragon fighting event. Held on April 7, 2000 this event put teams of anywhere from one to five against a dragon in a small arena. It was a very unique and difficult event to hold, and it was a fighting event that those not interested in pvp could participate in. To this day it still stands out overall as the most popular and enjoyed GK we have ever held. For our 50th anniversary, we are bringing back a similar version of that celebrated event from the past....

    KoA Golden Knights #50: The Golden Anniversary Event

    Date: Friday, December 1, 2000 @ 8 PM CST
    When: Registration takes place from 7:30 - 8:00 PM CST. The event begins at 8:10 PM CST.
    Where: The event takes place in the Alliance Village. The coordinates are 136*24'S 27*12'E
    Entry Fee: 1000gp per person

    Prizes: 1,000,000gp total!

    1st Place: 500,000gp
    2nd Place: 250,000gp
    3rd Place: 150,000gp
    4th Place: 100,000gp

    In addition, each member of the top four teams will roll dice to aquire special bonus prizes. One person per team will win these items. They include colored armor, magic items, full potion kegs, and more!

    The members of the Crystal Consortium of the KoA, along with experts from a travelling circus, will attempt to re-create a even better version of our most popular event from long ago. Teams of one to three players will enter a small arena to face the wrath of a dragon.

    All teams will be judged in many different categories. Did you lose any members of your team while fighting? How long did it take to kill the dragon? Did you use any strategies/tactics, or did you just stand there hacking at the dragon? How close did your team come to dying compared to other teams? The answers to these many questions will determine the top four teams of the event. These top four teams will then battle to determine the winners of the Golden Knights Anniversary event.

    Teams 3 and 4 will also enter the ring WITH the dragon and fight to the finish to determine which team will walk away with the greater prizes and claim a higher final ranking. Once again, it does not matter if the dragon dies, the last team standing wins.

    Teams 1 and 2 will enter the ring WITH the dragon and fight to the finish to determine the Golden Knights champions for the anniversary event. It does not matter if the dragon dies, the last team standing wins.

    This means during the last two matches there are a couple of possible outcomes. Both teams could kill the dragon and then fight each other, or both teams could ignore the dragon and fight each other while the dragon kills people off. In ANY case, the last team or person standing wins the match. If everyone dies then the last person standing wins the match.


    • No magic items, no magic weapons, no magic armor. If anything is seen on you saying "a magic ..." you are disqualified.
    • No pets or mounts are allowed.
    • No hiding is allowed. This includes both the skill and the spell.
    • No Barding, No taming
    • No summoning spells of any kind.
    • No Paralyze Spell, No Paralyze Field.
    • No blocking using any types of items or any blocking spell(Wall of Stone, Energy Field, etc.)
    • Pre-casting and Pre-drinking is allowed.
    • All poison is allowed.
    • All potions are allowed
    • No looting of any kind!
    • Any attempt to exploit the event or the rules to win will result in immediate disqualification.

    Reminders to Spectators:

    • Please do not equip bows around the ring. Spells or potions may hit you that will cause you to attack back.
    • Please try to stable or feed your mount prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem.
    • Please no casting, sparring, or fighting right around the ring. If you wish to do this go to another location in the village.
    • No spectators in the arena after the event begins.
    • The Golden Knights event is a seer sponsored event for Lake Superior. Grief players will be removed and, or, jailed, banned, etc. The consequences for severe disruption are solely the decision of the representatives for Origin Systems.
    • Have a great time! Cheering for your friends is encouraged!

    Knights of the Alliance
    Lake Superior  

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 9:39 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Silvervale Crafting Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This in from Silvervale:

    The village of Silvervale (Chesapeake, Trammel facet) is pleased to announce it's grand crafting festival, scheduled for Wednesday, December 6th, at 8pm Eastern. The village will have Grandmaster crafts-persons on hand to make anything that can possibly be crafted, including alchemical potions, custom dyed furniture, tinker items, all house add-ons, exceptional weapons and armor, clothing and leather goods, runebooks and archery equipment. All can be crafted if you supply the raw materials. Simply bring the wood, cloth, ingots, cut leather/hides or reagents etc. and we can make anything for you. Our craftspeople will be easily recognized by their village colors of blue and white, matching the village building signs and vendors. As well as by their guild (including Heartkin, C/A, Way and others). Also, bring a book with your name inscribed in it, since we will be having a prize drawing at 10pm. Prizes will include ten named, exceptional light armor sets in gold, shadow, agapite and verite, sets to include female plate and a shield (limit, one per customer), as well as a 'tank' set of named, exceptional full plate complete with one of each sword weapon and one of each shield type. Other prizes may be added as the evening progresses. The prize drawing will take place in the main hall of the Silvervale castle, situated in the center of the village. The village of Silvervale is located just north of the Yew-Minoc road, a short walk east from the junction with the Britain road. A map can be found at Note that occasionally a passing gargoyle, group of brigands, orcs, ettins or mongbats pass through the village, guards will be on hand to ensure the safety of festival attendees.

    Elawyn of Yew, Mayor
    Silvervale Village
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 9:37 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Equinox Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A message from a new player run town:


    Friday, December 1st at 8 o'clock PM EST is the grand opening of the newest player run town on Trammel...Equinox. To mark this occasion, the Knights of Apocalypse will also be unveiling the new addition to the Trammel fight scene. The K^A Thunder Dome. It is the fighting pit on top of K^A Keep that will host a series of new tournaments and various duels. So bring your friends, and your enemies, and come have some fun. The evening will start off with 10 duels. The winner of each duel will advance to the final battle which is a 10 warrior every man for themself, battle royal. The last man standing will receive the grand prize. Entrance into the tournament is 5,000 gold with the grand prize set at 75,000 gold. Those who wish to watch may do so at no charge. More details on the City of Equinox and the tournament can be seen at

    Valiant Kurgan
    Guild Master K^A
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 9:32 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Counselor of the Month Party!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Hail Great Lakes!!

    It's My Pleasure to announce the Next Central Region Counselor of the Month Party! This Month our Party will be held on the Great Lakes Shard. There will be Food, Drinks and Friends!

    WHEN: Wed. Nov. 29
    TIME: 9:00 pm EST
    LOCATION: Main Britain Guild Hall (Guild1) Trammel, Great Lakes

    Lead Counselor Lady Destiny
    Central Region - LS, GL, SP
    Ultima Online

    Sorry for the lack of and short notice.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 6:59 PM EST by BeBadd (GreatLakes)

    Review of Rustics Play at Jollier's Fairgrounds
    Review of Rustics Play at Jollier's Fairgrounds

    I have posted up a review of the Rustics Play that took place at the Grand Opening of Jollier's Skara Brae Fairgrounds (Trammel) last night, November 24th, 2000. I also included pictures of the play and the players, and a full transcript of the play for those that couldn't hear due to comm crystal difficulties. You can read it at the Great Lakes Quest News.

    Heather I am sorry for the untimly updates
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 6:46 PM EST by BeBadd (GreatLakes)

    Multi-Guild Scavenger Hunt!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Location: Skara Faire Grounds
    Starting Date: 16 Dec 2000 12:00PM CST
    Ending Date: 17 Dec 2000 8:00PM CST

    No entry fee. All items to be found will carry a point value, highest point total wins.

    • 50k first place
    • 15k second place
    • 5k third place.

    We ask that teams do not exceed two members.

    A list of items will be passed out at the start of the event. All wishing to participate are asked to register before 5 PM CST on the 16th at the Faire Grounds. Find any YM, TCS, SAA, or S^D member and they will direct you to someone who can register you and get you a list of items.

    Teams are asked to turn in all items once they have finished searching. Turn ins must occur before 8 PM CST on the 17th to be counted for the prize. Winners will be awarded the prize after counting has ceased on the 17th. All items will be returned to participants after the counting of items is done and their total is recorded. Lists will be in the form of books.

    **Note: Those who remember the YTC hunt from a WHILE back... this will be run in a similar manner. With the exception that the list of items will be broken up, at the end of each list there will be a clue to find the next piece of the list.

    Post by Mastermind
    Sent in by Jon von Darkmoor ,Ranger of Sanctaury

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 3:42 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant - episode #77
    Hail dark friends,

    While on duty and patrolling the caves of Wind and Shame, I must employ a wide range tactics and skills to defeat those that would invade the home of the Great Ones.
    My duties require that I master not only bladed weapons and black arts, but also the ability to move unnoticed throughout my post.

    Come read in this latest adventure how The Stealth Assassin protects these sacred halls.

    These are not some tales of fancy, but the true Adventures of Adam Ant
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:37 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Grimoire Fight Nights (Live Broadcast)
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The Fight Nights have gotten even more exciting thanks to Adam Ant. He has just informed me that if you go to his webpage on Friday you'll be able to see him at Grimoire via his UO webcam. So, check it out!

    Several very generous Napa citizens will be sponsoring the upcoming events at Grimoire. The entry fees will be waived and huge prize gps will be awarded to the best of the best on Napa. Please join us on Friday nights, new champions may be named!

    2 vs. 2 Sponsored by DeamonKnight:
    Friday, December 1, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 20K gps, 2nd place 10K gps, 3rd place 5Kgps.

    3 vs. 3 Sponsored by Kamikaze:
    Friday, December 8, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    NO ENTRY FEE, LIMITED TO THE FIRST 12 TEAMS WHO SHOW UP. 1st place 30K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, 3rd place 7.5K gps.

    Gladiator Bar Fight, Sponsored by Kamikaze:
    Friday, December 15, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    NO ENTRY FEE and no registration, 15K gps to the last fighter left standing.

    1 vs. 1 Mage Fight, sponsored by Mianoumi:
    Friday, December 22, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    NO ENTRY FEE, LIMITED TO THE FIRST 24 FIGHTERS WHO SHOW UP. 1st place 20K gps, 2nd place 10K gps, 3rd place 5K gps.

    Here are the rules for this Friday's 2 vs. 2 Event (12/1/2000):
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, offensive field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall nor gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The only pre-casting allowed (casting done before the match countdown) is Magic Trap, Reactive Armor, and Magic Reflection.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure
    everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:00 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Hope to see you there =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:33 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Impy's Arctic Faire Auction Tonight!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    We are pleased to announce Impy's Arctic Faire located on the Arctic Island North of Moonglow. Our next auction will be held on Wednesday, November 29th from 8PM to 10PM Central Time.

    Follow your Trammel compass to the castle located at 88o 14'N 170o27'W which is south of the entrance to Despise along the water.

    Some of the items up for auction this week include:

    • Blessed Kryss of Vanq
    • Furny Tub
    • Frying Pan
    • Golden Goblet
    • Blood Tile

    As well as the normal array of vanq's and invulns are some of this week's auction For complete lists of rules, items and info visit us here. We hope to see you there!

    Impys' Staff

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:24 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Stormhaven Presents: A Pirate's Jamboree
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Baroness Lady Elsa, Sovereign of the City of Stomrhaven, and Lord Savage Storm, Guildmaster of Storm Ryders of Hope, invite all bloodthirsty buckaroos to Napa Valley's second Pirate Jamboree.

    The theme for this electrifying event is a winners-take-all battles at sea, in other words, naval PVP. There will be from 4 to 8 buccaneer teams, each team consisting of 5 players. Each group must elect a team leader. Baroness Elsa will present the team leaders with the following items, and their quest is to find and fight for a lost Storm Ryder treasure ship:

    · A small boat deed (yours to keep)
    · A sexton
    · Team cloaks (must be warn at all times during the event)
    · A book with the coordinates of the lost Storm Ryder treasure ship
    · A rune to your team's launching point (starting locations will be equidistant to the lost treasure ship)

    The event agenda is as follows:

    · 6:00 PM to 7:20 PM (PST): Team sign-ups (main hall of Castle Stormhaven) and members must temporarily join Storm Ryders (S^R) Guild, in order to facilitate PVP in Trammel
    · The first team to complete registration will receive blue sandals for each member of the group, and 10k to be divided among the 5 players
    · 7:30 PM: Baroness Elsa authorizes team leaders to launch boats in his/her assigned city (S^R mages will gate the teams to the docks of their assigned city)
    · 7:40 PM: Teams are at sea and may now combat each other
    · ~ 10:00 PM (or so), prize winners to meet with Baroness Elsa (at Stormhaven) to get their rewards

    The objective is to find the lost treasure ship and melee the pirate teams until only 2 teams remain. At that point, the planks to the lost treasure ship will be unlocked, and the remaining 2 pirate teams may board the treasure, while fighting each other. They must defeat the 8 Gendarme Marines on board and then hold the ship against all comers for at least 15 real minutes. Once a team has successfully defended the lost ship for the prescribed time, it is the winner of the Jamboree. They will get to loot the treasure ship; they'll also receive the grand prize (see listing below) once they have turn over the treasure ship key to Baroness Elsa.

    Needless to say, the Marines will not sell their lives cheaply.

    Special Rules:

    · Constants must temporarily join the Storm Ryders of Hope in order to indulge in PVP combat
    · Contestants must be on foot, no pets of any type will be allowed (summoned creatures are exempted from this rule)
    · The spells poison field and fire field are prohibited
    · Contestants should carry only what they are willing to loose, as the victors may loot the vanquished, and will probably do just that
    · Contestants are urged to form their own teams, but single characters will be assigned to teams by the event staff to ensure fair play and balance
    · Contestants are urged to heal and resurrect team members
    · All members of the winning team will be resurrected to share the rewards equally
    · No gating is allowed to and from any destination during the PvP portion of the event
    · After launching the ship, the team leader must unlock all planks (for boarding purposes), and keep them open and extended for the duration of the event
    · All contestants must stay on board their ship at all times, during the naval combat; exiting the vessel disqualifies the contestant
    · No attacks are allowed on any player until all teams have lifted anchor and put-to-sea
    · There will be a black cloaked S^R observer on board the lost treasure ship. This person is a non-combatant, and is only there to ensure fair play and to declare the winners. Attacking the
    observer will disqualify the entire team
    · Boarding planks on the treasure will stay locked until only two teams remain. The planks will then be unlocked and extended for the finale
    · Violations of any event rule will result in team forfeiture


    Winning team: Blackbeard's Treasure Chest, the lost treasure ship and 50k gold
    Best role playing (as pirates) team: GM tricone hat and 25k gold
    First team to ram the lost ship: 15k gold
    First character to board the lost ship: 5k gold and a fool's (jester) hat
    First team to be completely massacred: black deathrobes, bone chests and 5k gold
    Door Prize- 10k and 5 force scimitars

    Registration will begin: Friday, December 1, 6:00 PM (PST); 8:00 PM (CST)
    Festivities will begin: Friday, December 1, 7:30 PM (PST); 9:30 PM (CST)
    Location: City of Stormhaven, coordinates- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel)
    Gates will be provided at the West Britain Bank, 15 minutes before the start of the event.

    So all ye sea dogs grab your cutlasses, grappling hooks, and boarding pikes, then get ye'all to Stormhaven City this Friday night for the most gruesome bloodletting of the season.

    Landlubbers need not apply.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:23 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Winter Fest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    The Crimson Guard will be holding their first ever Winter Fest on December 1, 2000, at 11 PM EST (8 PM PST). We will be running a chess/checkers tournament, with the grand prize being a small house in Trammel!

    This event is open to all Brittanians of good alignment. The entry price is 1000 gp per contestant. There will also be random entry prizes awarded, so enter today! The entry deadline is the last day of November. All entrants will receive a copy of the rules once they pay their registration fee. You can contact me, Dayn Dymstar, at: [email protected], or ICQ # 82384156, to enter and get directions to the event place. This will also be open house for all recruiting, so bring your guildmaster along! So long for now!

    Dayn Dymstar
    Crimson Guard Commander
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:14 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    The Curse of Nyang
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Hail and well met sire.

    As Administrator of Morning Star my duties take me far away from home on many an occasion, twas on such an occasion, that on my return I was hurridly given a message from one of our regular visitors to our tavern, twas young Lolion, a commander of the Free vesper militia.

    Late this evening, while I was drinking ale and discussing the days events with my comrades, a poor young woman going by the name of Hu San Nyang arrived in the Morning Star town looking for shelter. As it seems, noone is willing to provide such, as wherever she may tread, hard times are nay short to follow. Villages hath burned to the ground, merely by her passing by. Families hath begun to feud, merely by speaking to her. 'Twould seem that fate hath forced a curse upon this poor woman.

    Therefore We the people of the town of Morning Star are now seeking the bravest and most noble adventurers of the realm, to help us in lifting the curse, once and for all.

    Take heed however, 'twill nay be a simple task. On Friday the 1st December at 7PM when Trammel and Fellucia are at their closest, the search for a cure shall begin. Mayhaps one of thee shalt be able to finally rid the child of this terrible curse. Those with naught of wits nor courage hath little to seek in this great adventure, as the poor girl's curse shall nay doubt become thee as well. If thour't ready to travel across the lands to aid this beatiful woman in distress, at her time of need, come to the Morning Star tavern on the 1st December at 7PM.

    signed: The lady Shia of Morning Star town

    Ros: ICQ 11720576
    Meet at Morning Star Tavern (Europa/trammel)
    On Friday 1st December at 7pm gmt (UK time)

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 4:48 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Second Million Warrior War begins!
    The second Million Warrior War begins!

    Well met fellow warriors, I bring great news from the city of Tel'mar. Not to give up on the furious momentum of our previous success, the first Million Warrior War, a second has been proposed!

    Remember last time we went to Hythloth to slay the mighty balrons in melee combat? Well this time we're going one step further than that.

    I'll not disclose too many details yet, but I can reveal that we'll be heading to Destard, we'll be going in through the front door of the dungeon and we we'll not be stopping until we've cleared out every foul dracoform beast we encounter within.

    The meeting will take place next Sunday (That's Sunday 3rd of December) at 6pm GMT. The meeting place will be Tel'mar tower. For those of you new to the Million Warrior Wars, Tel'mar tower is a single screen to the West of the shrine of Justice on Trammel. Gates will be available from the banks of Moonglow, Trinsic and Britain from 5:30pm onwards. Just look for members of MAR and ask them for a ride to the meeting point.

    Team robes will be supplied in a similar manner to last month, but with a special twist! Potions will also be available so don't worry if you can't find enough.

    So rally your friends, companions and guildmates together. Bring every warrior you know to Tel'mar for one of the largest hunts ever to take place, the second Million Warrior War!

    Best of luck to you all until then, I shall see you at the meeting!


    Good luck all
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 4:44 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Opening of the Lottery Shop
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<An announcement from Psychor

    All of Europa's residents are in an amazing lottery, at the newly created Lottery Shop! We're situated in Trammel, at coordinates 26'48N 21'18E, near Britain on the East side of Blackthorn's lake. Prizes in the opening lottery include such desireable items as a full set of ranger armour, a fruit basket and 2 glacial staffs.

    Thanks, and I hope you'll take the time to visit soon Psychor of the Lottery Shop

    Thanks for the message and good luck.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 4:39 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Origin Stratics HoC Wednesday 7pm CST

    Join us this Wednesday as Origin Stratics hosts another Origin House of Commons. The conference will occur Wednesday night(TONIGHT) at 7pm CST in #originhoc.

    The House of Commons is a program wherein Stratics brings together you (the players) and the designers of your favorite Massively Multiplayer games, so that you can ask them your questions about what to expect in their game and what changes are in store, as well as express your thoughts and feelings about the title. OSI, the development team behind Ultima Worlds: Origin, will take you into the world of the Meer, the Juka, and those humans fortunate enough to have survived the Cataclysm. Come and ask them your questions about this dangerous world, which mixes Britannia's distant past with its horrendous future and the present we thought we knew.

    For information on the format of a House of Commons chat, please check here, or read one of our past Origin HOC logs. To join the conference, connect to one of the following Stratics IRC servers, then type /join #originhoc. Or, use our Stratics Java IRC Client.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 1:13 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Brimstone of has just released the "Chaotic Neutral" design, finishing the "Chaotic" alignment series of shirts and stuff. To see this shirt design, and many others, head over to Mmorpgstuff.

    In the next few weeks, will be working on the "Lawful" alignments. If you have a special request, or an idea for a 'phrase' that fits one (or more) of the Lawful alignments, let know! If your phrase is used, and if that shirt sells, you will receive a cash bonus for your ideas.

    Ideas can be mailed to: Brimstone

    Submitted by: Brimstone (aka: Anthony)
    ICQ: 206317
    Email: [email protected]

    Thanks for this update Brimstone
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 12:56 AM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    People's Choice Awards
    Just to draw to your attentions again that "The Oceania Times" is hosting the Oceania People's Choice awards.

    Pop along to the following link and have a vote. ...

    A few catagoris this year include:
    Counselor of the Year.
    PvPer of the Year.
    Kindest player of the Year.
    Oceania Active List member of the Year.
    And many more...

    Time is running short as voting closes this Sunday (the 3nd of Dec)

    Oceania Times page

    Oceania People's Choice page

    Von Ravend, Oceania Stratics Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 12:29 AM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Requesting Faction News
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Greetings once again players,

    I would like to request news to be sent of Factions for when it starts. I want to keep up to date on which faction is leading, who is running which towns, and the stories of great battles between the factions.

    I've also heard rumors of a Player run Minax Faction Castle that is going to be the headquaters for the Player run guild Minax Faction. If anyone have more news on this please send it in to me.

    Finally, everyone be sure to send us in your stories/locations of Taverns, Museums, Inns, and Player run towns for our establishment pages. The UOSS News Team is looking forward to your news.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 12:10 AM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    How Greedy are we Really?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<While trying to find more regs I heard some great news about a "drop" (A drop is when player(s) set items on the ground for the fastest players to grab in a certain area.)in Trammel at Britain Bank. With nothing else better to do, I rushed over with a friend to check it out myself. Turns out that Errit was leaving our great lands and decided to help those in need with the fortunes he had gain.

    And fortunes he had, overall he dropped over 400k gold, regs, 50 recall scrolls, 200 magical items including some Vanq and Silver Power weapons. Although the drop was impressive, my attention kept turning to the players. I was astounded by how greedy everyone was. Some that got 50k wanted more instead of letting other new players have a shot at getting a helpful start in the game.

    At the end of this event I finally managed to corner Errit and find out his reasons for leaving. As it turns out, he is tired of how greedy people have become in our land and decided to go back to other worlds. How he managed this still confuses me, but I decided not to press him on the matter.

    I wonder how greedy everyone truly is. How much must we gain until we are content with ourselves? Thinking about this, I thank Errit for showing a few of us our true natures and wish him a good journey.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 12:08 AM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    A New Name for the Uruks.
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This bit of news some how reached me in Felucca while I was raiding Khaldun.

    Hear Ye Hear Ye, the Uruk village has changed its name!!

    Recently the orcs of the Uruk village have extended an invitation to all the people of Sosaria, in an attempt to the membership of its city and its guild members. In the spirit of inclusiveness, the Uruks have decided to change the name of the Uruk village. From this point forward it shall be known as Willowport.

    To better inform the citizens of Sosaria about the city, the Town Criers have been asked to distribute informational pamphlets to any that are interested. These pamphlets can be located here.

    Among other things, these pamphlets contain a calendar of events for the entire land of Sosaria. Any guilds or groups that are planing events are invited to send pigeon to the printers that they might keep us all informed of these events.

    As always, we of the Town Criers will keep you all up to date as these situations develop.

    Britania Town Criers,
    If we aren't yelling about it, its not important.

    Now that is some good news, though myself I wonder if the brigands will last through this change.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2000, 12:03 AM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    Marris Mystery Added to Current Quest for Baja
    The Current quest section of the Stories and Secrets Archives compiles a list of links regarding OSI ran quests on each shard. It includes both Current quests and Archived/Concluded ones.

    The Baja section was updated with the current Mendur Marris Mystery. You can read about it here.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 7:50 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Baja and Atlantic Biographies Updated
    The Biographies section of Stories and Secrets has been updated with bios for Atlantic and Baja. You can read them here. The Biographies section holds information about RPC characters used to create lore on the shards.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 7:46 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    IOU Holds Leapfrogging Race on Thursday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Melkor the Magic Miner, also known as Morgoth on the UOSS Drachenfels Board (and the Miners Forum), sent us the following announcement :
    Hear, Hear !

    The guild of Iron and Oreminers United [IOU] will be holding a race of skill and strength on Thursday the 30th of Oktober. The objective of the race is to move a large pile of ore (too heavy to carry) across a fair distance along a racing track by using the technique known as leapfrogging.

    For those not familiar with miners terms : it means to stand in front of the ore pile, pick it up, set it down in front of you (quickly before your arms drop off) and now move in front of the ore pile to repeat this.

    This race gives you all a chance to compare your skill in leapfrogging and to win some excellent prizes... if you are good enough *wink*
    It is open to all who would like to participate, be they members of IOU or not. Even if you dont want to participate in the race you should come to view and cheer brave men and women showing of their strength and skill *smile*

    The race will be held in several rounds and one final. In each round 3 to 4 participants will race each other. The winners of all rounds will face each other again in the final. A road will be used as the racetrack. Placing the ore outside of the road is not allowed and will result in a time penalty.

    Now you're all waiting anxiously for prices, right ? As a major incentive I have decided to set the following price for the winner: 2000 gp times the number of participants in the race, up to a maximum of 32K, plus one magic pickaxe of Power *smile* The second will get half that sum in gp and a magic pickaxe of Force. The third will get one third.
    That means that if we get 16 participants the winner gets 32K, the second gets 16K and the third gets... errr... *scratches head* lets say 10K *smile*

    This event is sponsored by IOU and it is staged for the fun and entertainment of all, so come along and join in. No fees attached and great prizes to be won ! Did I catch your interest ? Great !

    General meeting place, for participants and spectators alike, is the P&B Tavern (Perrin & Bel, located on Trammel, 97°N / 97°E, next to Minoc), on Thursday the 30th at 9pm CET (8pm GMT, 3pm EST). I expect the first racing round to start around half an hour later if all goes well.

    A request to all racers : please notify me (Morgoth) in advance about your participation by sending a Stratics Private Message to me, or have a look at the Stratics Drachenfels Forum, where this invitation is posted as well, and reply to the thread telling me that you will come.

    aka Melkor the Magic Miner of Drachenfels
    Guildmaster of IOU (Iron and Oreminers United)

    Thanks Morgoth for this announcement !
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 6:30 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    MoT Plans New Dungeon Crawl
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Raknar of the Merchants on Tour sent us the following note :
    Hi all ! The next dungeon tour hosted by Merchants on Tour will be a crawl in Hythloth, tomorrow (Wednesday).

    Information is available here.


    Thanks Raknar !
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 5:57 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Ministry's Warrior Tournament...
    I would like to announce the Ministry's Warrior Tournament on 8th December.

    There is 20,000 gold up for grabs...
    for more info goto

    Thank you


    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 5:54 PM EST by Multani (Oceania)

    Tournament, This Sat.....
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<To All warriors and mages,

    There will be a tournament of strength between all mages and warriors of brittainna this saturday. It will start at 7:00 pm,
    In fellucia at the grave yard.
    The rules are:

    1. NO LOOTING, this becomes extremly annoying to most players.
    2. There is a 10k entry fee.
    3. Minimum 10 people for this to run.
    4. No Potions are allowed. Bandies are ok.
    5. Mages will not be allowed to summon daemons, but will be able to pick an elemental to summon,and they may not summon any
    other elementals except that type.
    6. NO TAMERS, i know everyone with a dragon wants to enter but,Mares and Dragons are impossible to beat by your self.
    7. If you lose your connection during a fight you forfeit the match.
    8. If you are asked to stop looting or asked to please leave,you must or will be killed. Then looted.
    9. Have fun!

    There will be a 100k prize if the event runs,(10 people minimum)to the winner.
    I will also fight if only 9 people turn up,and if only 1 mage turns up *Grins*

    I Hope to see you all there.

    Narcissa, Suicidal idiot of brittania.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 5:49 PM EST by Multani (Oceania)

    Dove to Hold Vigil at Shrine of Justice to Seek Resolution in Yew Violence
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following letter from Dove the Healer:
    Dear Tymaron,

    I hope this letter finds you well in whatever corner of the realm your duties have led you. In that said duties may cause you to be unaware of recent events here in Yew, I am writing to inform you of the situation and to ask that you might carry word of my intended vigil to those who would join me in this cause.

    Simply put, Yew is in turmoil, both civil and spiritual. Not only do humans clash daily with Drow, though various nonagression pacts have been attempted, but factions that might otherwise be in support of one another now battle each other openly before our blessed Empath. Forces from abroad declare authority over long standing residents and council members have either resigned in disgust or are themselves charged with wrong doing. Warmongers bent on "sport" have been drawn to the abbey like crows to carrion. And whatever claims and counter claims, charges and counter charges made by every side have become so convoluted that I can no longer view any side as being totally in the right, especially when the sword, rather than reason or patience, seems the most oft plied method of resolution. Truly, good crier, it has been a long fall for the City of Justice, when justice is being taken so liberally into so many different hands.

    And with justice in mind, I have concluded that if a truly just course can not be found in the present, then perhaps we might look to the example of the past for our direction. I make mention of my first Shrine Pilgrimage during which Jurai (our once Chief Justice) was entrusted with the Sword, Shield, and Scales of Justice by a guardian of that shrine. It is my hope that we might again turn to our namesake shrine for direction in our hour of greatest need.

    I am planning a journey to the Shrine of Justice and will sit vigil there until such a time as some solution to our problem is presented, either by supernatural guardian as in days gone by, or through calmer, more peaceful discussion with those who would join me. I can not believe that any long standing peace will be delivered to our beloved Yew by the sword. Thus, I look to the Virtues for guidance.

    I will depart Empath abbey on Thursday, November 30th at 8 p.m. Eastern. I and any who wish to join me will be making for the Shrine of Justice. Once there, I shall begin a vigil until a solution seems apparent or the fighting in Yew has subsided. Perhaps some would call this journey an attempt to run from the problems of Yew when Yew needs those with cooler heads to speak out for peace here at home, but of late, the only talk carried out in our city is a prelude to bloodshed. Being a firm believer in the spiritual cleansing of the pilgrimage, it is my hope that those who attend might return with a solution that can not currently be found at home.

    I go now to put my few personal affairs in order for what may be an extended absense and stock what little food-stuffs I might need for the journey.

    May the Virtues guide and protect you on your rounds, good crier,

    Dove the Healer of Yew

    Reports from the city of Justice at this time have been sketchy at best. There is word that among the many slain in the recent conflict was Yew's representative to the Great Council as well as one of the druids. Another druid has resigned from his impartial judicial post so that he may join in the fray. The situation escalated after the negotiated treaty failed to be observed by the several parties involved, as well as the Yew government's inability to enforce the treaty or maintain order. Additionally, the city of Trinsic has sent military support to Yew. In a stirring speech to his fellow citizens, Lord General Rutger Dag made the following comments:
    Know thou embark on this day in an endeavor to defend the right of Trinsic citizens to live. We are assured by the dark elves that the beatings of our ladies and our children will continue until our race perishes from this world. Do not mistake these words. They are not simply symbolic. The dark elves have made quite clear their intention to hurt the people of Trinsic, and the people of Britannia at large, with no more thought of justice and compassion than a man ho doth harvest wheat.
    The full text of the speech can be found here.

    Meanwhile, the Mayor of Trinsic, St. John Wraith, also issues his citizens encouragement:

    Remember all, we are there to aid Yew against the Drow, not to involve ourselves in their local governmental crisis. We are not deputized, nor do we have any policing power over citizens of Yew. Do what you can to aid, but try to stay clear of local affairs.
    The full text may be found here.

    And also, late word that the Moonglow Council has advised its citizens to evacuate the city of Yew:

    After the report made by the Chancellor of the Lycaeum to the Moonglow Council, the City of Honesty decided to evacuate all the Moonglow citizens still present in the city of Yew. The situtation in the city of Justice is judged 'dangerous', and all citizens of Moonglow are encouraged to avoid Yew for now, unless they individually wish to offer their support in the coming battles.
    The full text can be found here.

    There is a meeting scheduled for tonight (Tuesday) at 9 p.m. Eastern in the Court of Truth, Yew, to address these issues.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 5:44 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Belan the Looter - New Home Page!
    My favorite looter, the lovely Belan has a new home page with 2 new episodes, better lay out and a FAQ for all your looter questions.

    So check it out at
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 4:04 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, Well No it Isn't Actually
    Have you been wondering when you can put your tree up? Have you been wondering what Lord Nicolus has planned for you this year? Well the posters to the Ultima Egroup have been and here's what Melantus had to say about it:
    The questions of 1) holiday "happenings" of some type, and 2) holiday trees are both still being discussed here. I went and talked to Sage about it today, in fact. There is an issue with the trees, in that we now have de-foliated lands in Felucca unless set differently in options. A holiday tree's appearance and re-deed control are both related to the leaves being visible. So this will take a bit of thinking before anything is done.

    Needless to say, it is a concern and we are trying see what action we can take before the holidays get here. At this point I do not know what will be done, but we haven't forgotten these player concerns :)


    Online Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online
    Thankye, Melantus, for this detailed update on the status of our Holidays in UO.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 4:01 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (GeneralNews)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Congratulations to all the fighters who participated in the Gladiator Bar Fight at Grimoire! The competition was very tough and you all did great. Many thanks to DeamonKnight for sponsoring this event.

    The last fighter standing was Amborse and he took home a check for 15K gps. Congratulations!

    Thank you to the wonderful Grimoire staff! Thank you Fiona Pentell, Mianoumi, Lost, Craggan, Dyastro Farkas, Madness, Angel, and last but not least, Josh! Grimoire would fall apart without all of your help.

    I will be posting another schedule of events in the next few days. There is still one more event sponsored by DeamonKnight, then a bunch more sponsored by Kamikaze and Mianoumi.

    Thanks everyone and see you next week!
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 3:15 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Delucia Settlement Offers Thanks
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following message:
    *posted at taverns across Britannia*

    The Delucia Settlement wishes to thank everyone who aided us this past week in attempting to clear the passage from Britannia. Although we slew many lava lizards, hellcats, and dread spiders, the phoenix remained our deadliest enemy. Soaring down from the cliffs in a burst of flame, he was impossible even to strike and felled even the most experienced of our warriors.

    In the past few days, the phoenix has remained at his crag and there have been no reports of any subsequent attacks. Therefore Delucia has decided to discontinue hunting it, instead making it the town symbol and taking it into our protection. Routine patrols will be dispatched to the tunnels to make sure the bird is safely ensconced in its cave far away from unsuspecting travelers.

    May the Virtues light your path.

    Lucetta DeMaio
    Paladin Brigadier
    Delucia Settlement


    Anyone interested in colonizing Delucia should realize that we are a roleplaying guild. We follow the rules of engagement and conduct ourselves accordingly. Anyone who does not gets hoisted by their own petard, tarred and feathered with phoenix feather.(Ever seen tar burn?) Details can be found here: Delucia Settlement.

    Lucetta of the Delucia Settlement attempts to placate a phoenix in the caves linking Delucia to Britannia
    [Picture Credit: Lucetta of the Delucia Settlement]
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 10:53 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    BNN: Riddler of Ruin
    The following BNN article appeared on the Ultima Online site:
    Riddler of Ruin
    Talbot Quillfeather
    Nov 26 2000 7:51PM

    Often times, when I was a lad growing up in the dark and dangerous streets of Britain - long before the splitting of the facets - my friends and I would take turns spying through a tiny hole in the wall of the Kings Men Theatre at a wondrous world populated by gaily dressed creatures who pranced about in a jingle of bells and shrill laughing recitations of limericks involving a certain scribe from Yew (I need not tell you the rest of that particular bit of rhyme.) The theatre was always filled with a host of these marvelous performers who, from our limited vantage point, seemed to be virtual cart wheeling gods and goddesses of joy, ever able to send us to greater and greater heights of laughter by virtue of their staged mishaps.

    Sadly, however, those days are far lost in the yesteryear of a world long gone since the coming of Minax…it is perhaps the fond memory that I have of those master makers of mirth that has propelled me on my latest quest, for it would seem that not all who would wear the jester’s cap are playful clowns…some invoke screams instead of laughter, as is the case of the creature who calls itself Pandora Vex.

    I say “itself”, because in truth while I have looked upon it with my own eyes and it has the shape of a comely, yet oddly colorless, woman, I cannot (and others would agree) believe in my heart that it is a human thing - for I cannot think of any human that would so delight at the tormenting of the innocent as does this creature. But I get ahead of myself as usual.

    It was not a week ago that a young man came into the Cat’s Lair Tavern, sat down, and with a trembling hand began to drink and drink and drink until even I (drunken sot that I often am) began to fear that his face would grow a goblet shaped wart. That sort of drinking does not come without first being stimulated by something of journalistic note, and so it was that I found myself edging a stool closer to the fellow and asking what ailed him.

    “Ah, m’lord…I dasn’t say, for I fear that if’n I speak of it…she’ll come back, and to be honest…there ain’t enough gold in our Lord’s coffers worth listening to her laugh agin.”

    If he thought that this would shove my curiosity aside, then, simply put, he was drunker than was really safe for a man of his size and wit, and so it was that I began a gentle verbal poking into the nature of his fright. T’was this that I finally dragged from his slurring lips :

    “Me and me mates were about in the countryside foraging for mushrooms when we heard this hideous laughin. No human could sound like that m’lord - it still raises tha hair on me back - but poor old Grahm had ta have a look at what was making such a racket, and so we poked our way around tha brush and eventually found her.”

    “Her?” I asked, thinking perhaps that the drunkard and his fellows had stumbled across the legendary Skara Brae Witch, or perhaps the infamous Hedge Harpy.

    “Aye, a looker she was…but’n I could tell that there was sumthin wrong with her…she was all dressed up in one of those suits that the funny folks wear, with bells and all kinds of janglies.”

    I poured him another goblet of ale and motioned for him to go on.

    “She was laughing at these two fellows and saying all kinds of mean things in an awful rhyme…making fun of em’ and taunting em’ to do sumthin. Looking at those folks I wouldn’t have messed with em’..big brawny warrior types were they and I could tell that what she was a saying was getting on their nerves.”

    So far, aside from the costume, I could not possibly imagine what had driven this poor chap so far deep inside of his cups. So, with a gentle prod for him to continue. he began telling me the rest of his tale.

    “Well these fightin’ men was getting very upset and wanted to smash her pretty face in, but then she said sumthin really odd in that rhyming way of hers. She asked em’ if they would answer a riddle, saying that if’n they gots it right they’d get their weight in gold.”

    He paused at this, his eyes clouding over slightly as if remembering something of note. Whatever it was, it was quickly lost as he took another draw from his goblet and continued his tale.

    “So I guess they agreed or sumthin and she said her riddle lesee here, it went sumthin like this.”

    “I have ten fingers I have ten toes But across my neck only cold wind blows.”

    “Well me and my mates just huddled there in the bushes waiting to see what would happen. Truth be told I was hoping that if’n they won we might be able to talk them out of a few coins, but I guess that was wishful thinking as the lady got more and more impatient with’n them not answering her. Oh, she did an awful stamping with her feet and acted like a little girl not getting her way.

    Finally one of em’ had an answer for her and he blurted out “mountains”. Fer some reason this made her double over in laughter. Well me and my mates couldn’t see the funny in it at all, and it was about this time, when we were wondering if’n we should pipe up with our own guess, that she shook her stick at the two brawny folk and, letting out a wild laugh, disappeared in a puff of smoke.”

    At this point my companion took a very long gulp of ale and sat staring at me for a moment before continuing his tale in a very small, quiet voice.

    “They never even saw what hit em’. Out of tha ground at their feet a pair of bony hands shot up and grabbed their ankles, while even more bones clawed their way upwards through the ground and formed themselves into a pair of rotting skeletal warriors. Those poor blokes, Virtues help them. M’lord, I do naye know if’n they survived…all I know is that cackling harlequin appeared right before me and my mates and said…”

    “My lucky lucky day, three more chickens come to play!”

    “I ran, m’lord, I got up and bolted through the brush and behind me all I could hear was her laughing and the sounds of the fight behind me where those poor chaps were fighting for their lives. I heard me mates behind me, and something coming fast after us, and all I could think about was my wee ones at home and how I wasn’t smart enough to answer no riddler for my life.”

    Frowning, I leaned over to him and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s all right friend. Whatever you ran into out there in the woods is behind you. I very much doubt that she would dare brave a city such as Britain.”

    “You don’t understand m’lord, I was the only one who came out of those woods alive! Me mates…they…”, tears formed in the man’s eyes as he gazed deeply into his half full goblet, “Every time I close m’eyes sir I hear her laughing and I hear her voice whispering in my ear saying this hideous rhyme!”

    “Come to me thou mortal fool, come and be my playful tool…thy friends are resting with me in pain, and oh so soon thy soul shall I gain…so listen to my witchly hex, and come dearest back…to Pandora Vex.”

    “M’lord…nothing…makes the rhyme…stop, nothing and every time I close my eyes I dream of her…and that she has followed me even to this city, if I did not know better m’lord I would swear that she is here in this tavern with us.”

    With a snort I shoved his shoulder lightly and stood up dropping a few coins on the bar beside him, “A good story my friend but I’ve think you’ve had enough. This will pay for what you’ve drunk and a room for the night.” And with that, I turned and walked out of the tavern and into a gray cloaked figure that let loose a small giggle, “Ah…takes all types” I thought to myself and mumbled an apology.

    The figure stopped, and with another giggle turned around to face me, its face still concealed by the heavy gray mantle. From within the cloak’s hood a high pitched, feminine voice cackled…”Think nothing of it you wielder of pen, for surely you could not know when, Pandora Vex would come to play, and claim for herself a victim to slay.”

    Over her shoulder I saw an apparition begin to form in the dim light of the tavern, quickly taking the shape of a ghostly spectre that lifted my drunken companion into the air and promptly broke his neck. Terrified, I stared at the cloaked shape in front of me, and to my horror the most unearthly laugh began rising into the night.

    “Oh such fun, such gruesome trouble…and now dear Talbot, shall I make thy blood bubble? Or have you the wit to win my game, hrm oh scribe of moderate fame?”

    A pair of unearthly white hands appeared at the sleeves of her garment and lifted the hood back, exposing a pale yet beautiful face nestled beneath a gray jester’s cap. Dear readers, I ran screaming into the night, leaving behind me her echoing laughter.

    While I at first did not believe what my drunken friend was telling me, I believe now that some frightful creature stalks our realm reveling in the pain and suffering of humankind. Should you come across Pandora Vex, run…run for your lives because to play her game I fear would carry with it the gravest of penalties should you lose. But if you are brave enough to take her challenge and you win, this humble scribe will pay handsomely to hear your tale.

    Virtues Blessings,

    Talbot Quillfeather

    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 10:31 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    BNN: Edinburgh's Agonies End: Felucca's Now Begin
    The following BNN article was published on the Ultima Online site:
    Edinburgh's Agonies End: Felucca's Now Begin
    Erik Valstrom
    Nov 26 2000 6:46PM

    The long wait is over. The dire peril which held the village of Edinburgh, and myself, spellbound in an iron grip of mystery and terror has come and gone. Their mine is now free of evil and the miners return to their work as before, safe except from occasional attacks by marauding brigands who proliferate the area. The village, "sleepy" perhaps, but far from being a "backwater" town described formerly by Armande deSade (if that is who he was), goes about its business as usual once again. For the rest from the horrors that plagued them, I am sure they are grateful.

    I had to leave the village for a while, hoping my contacts would continue to supply me with information about events I knew would transpire there in the meantime. This they did, ably. I hereby express my utmost gratitude to them, though they must remain safely anonymous. They have told me tales which, had I not done much research on the subject myself, I would scarcely have believed.

    What began as the discovery of a vein of gold in the mine and the appearance of gold elementals issuing from it - leading to numerous attacks by brigands, pirates, mages, elementals, and even a dragon on the village - ended recently with the sudden revelation of the object which was concealed within it, its subsequent theft by Spyte the Knife, and his loss of it on Felucca. The object was identified as the Orb of Soul Seeking, which I shall write more about at a later date.

    The vein of gold, which became so small due to the issuance of gold elementals from it and from being melted by attacks from firestorm elementals--a combination, apparently, of fire and air elemental forms--and a fire-breathing dragon, was rendered ineffective, no longer able to seal the Orb within and restrain its power of teleportation. Thus, the heroic efforts of the villagers and their allies to guard and keep watch over it proved futile. For when the gold finally disappeared the Orb was found near a point of land near the coast, south of the village. It then began utilizing more unusual properties, as poison elementals appeared above it, silent sentinels which did not attack, thankfully. Yet those who stood guard around it were nevertheless subjected to attacks from swamp tentacles which it evidently summoned to harass and kill them. And if that were not enough, the evil mages returned with brigand allies - no doubt recruited from within nearby dungeon Wrong - and made several powerful attacks, slaying many. The Orb continued to consume souls, and at least two fell prey to it during these last days: the pirate Captain Caine, and his consort, Ursula. Both were seen in ghost forms and then in what can only be described as shriveled and discolored shades, were drawn into the Orb, shrieking in abject terror. The villagers, despite their poor treatment at the hands of these two notorious villains, were nevertheless moved to pity but could only stand by helplessly and watch.

    Then the fateful day came, when I met Spyte the Knife in Britain. I caught him as he was hurrying from the bank, carrying several backpacks with him. He tried to flee, but Andar was too fast for him and he, burdened heavily, stopped running.

    "What do you want of me, storyteller?!" he inquired, none too kindly.

    I asked him what was his hurry, and why he sought to avoid me. I was shocked by what I thought I saw in his eyes: tears, whether of anger or grief, I knew not. He looked up at me and his eyes pierced right through me. I could see then he had indeed been weeping.

    "Ursula is dead!! The villagers brought the Orb near to our ship, no doubt hoping it would kill me as it did Caine. Ursula was there alone, and it took her! Now they will pay!"

    I knew the villagers of Edinburgh were goodly folk, incapable of such wickedness, and I told him so... that he must be mistaken. He shook his head, but I could see he was grieving terribly and it overwhelmed him with a certain madness.

    "No matter! I will make good on it myself! I know what must be done!"

    I sought to pursue the matter but he would say nothing more and most discourteously told me to be on my way. This I did, reluctantly, but wisely, for those who trifle with this man court disaster.

    I learned later that while the villagers and their allies were fending off an attack, Spyte ran upon the scene dressed in Stanton Kyre's enchanted verite plate armor and stood by the Orb, seemingly entranced by it. Suddenly he picked it up and hurried away using his hiding skills to good advantage. When the attacks died away, the guardians of the Orb began searching for him. He was last seen creating a facet gate to Felucca and fled through it, having first said something like, "Fear not, I know what to do." He left no trail to follow and the guardians, wearied by the fighting and toils of standing watch over the Orb, could not long continue a search for him.

    A mage, Scaramandine II, or perhaps Armande, it is not known for sure, then appeared. He displayed great anger that the guardians had allowed the Orb to be stolen, though he himself, earlier, had been unable to pick it up himself. He revealed not only his displeasure at the loss of the Orb but also a measure of satisfaction that he no longer had to conceal his true intentions where it was concerned. Clearly he wants it for his own dark purposes, and is committed to finding it.

    This artifact is now loosed upon Felucca. It has eluded even the grasp of Spyte. He told me as much, and while he can be deceptive, his words ring true. Spyte wanted to destroy it to free the soul of Ursula, but it only used him to escape to Felucca where it might work new evil. Evidently, by sensing or guessing his intent or by peering into his mind, it teleported away from him soon after he had acquired it and brought it to Felucca.

    I end this tale with a warning to all those of noble heart dwelling upon Felucca: beware this thing! It has diabolical properties which ye have perhaps seen, heard, or have read about. If the evil Necromari - of whom Armande/Scaramandine II are leaders - obtain it and have in their possession the spell which focuses its powers of soul absorption, then no one, not any of us, can be safe from a hideous fate - far worse than mere dying. If ye find this thing, touch it not, but report it to the local authorities immediately. May the Virtues save us!

    Related BNN articles:
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 10:12 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Monsters of All Kinds Beware!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<How many of you can say you've killed every monster in our land? Honestly? Now now, truthfully. How many of you can say you've trekked through the swamps to find a swamp tentacle? Or went through volcanoes in order to take feathers from a Phoenix? How many of you can honestly say you have travelled through endless caves to waste your weapons on an acid elemental?

    Well, I was sitting by my desk within the stratics keep last night, when I realised I couldn't say I had. I consider myself to be a reasonably successful game hunter, yet couldn't claim I'd killed every beast within Britannia?! What a hippocrit I've been! So, I'm going to make amends. From today, I've forgotten all beasts I've ever slayed before and starting anew. I've compiled a list of each monster within our land and I've sworn to slay each of them. Only once I have a memory of each creatures death at my hands, will I call myself a game hunter once again.

    What does this have to do with you? Well, it would be rather selfish of me to keep these adventures to myself, wouldnt it? So I'm offering the public a chance to join in on the fun. What you can expect in the near future, will be spur of the moment, fly by the seat of your pants, hop in the gate or you'll miss out type action. If you see me within city walls, stop and ask me where I'm heading, because 8.5/10 I'll be on my way to killing the next beast on my list. Dont see me often within town? Then hop onto the Oceania forum (see the link of the left) and see when I'm next out hunting.

    Not only will you be able to say "I was out there helping Conde kill monsters" but the adventurers that make it to the end of hunts get a share in the bounty. Oh and believe me, theres often plenty to share. So keep watching this spot, because I'll be giving the public updates on how things are going, where things are going and when they'll be going next!

    See you in the dungeons,
    Sha'mad Conde

    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 9:09 AM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    True Britannian Recruitment Rally
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Having finished conducting your business in town you notice a Page in crimson & white heading toward the town notice board. Remembering him from the previous week you quicken your step to beat the crowds to the board. You begin reading before the lad has even finished tacking the notice up.


    We invite all countrymen, orders & townships to attend a True Britannian Recruitment Rally on Wednesday, November 29th at 8pm Eastern to begin at Lord British’s’ Castle in Trammel on the Atlantic shard.

    The Rally shall be for the purpose of recruiting all that would stand beneath the banner of True Britannians in the upcoming faction war. All orders & townships wishing to participate should send their Recruit Masters, guild representative & member support so new recruits may join an order of their choice.

    The Rally schedule will be as follows:

    • 8:00pm Est. Rally begins at Lord British’s Castle in Trammel.
    • 8:30pm Est. Those present shall parade the streets to Britain’s West Bank to rally & recruit.
    • 9:00pm Est. The Rally shall then gate to Felucca from outside town boundaries & parade to West Britain Bank Felucca to rally & recruit.
    • 9:30pm Est. The Rally shall parade to Lord British’s Castle in Felucca to continue recruitment.
    • 10:00pm Est. The Rally shall disburse.
    The individuals present must acquire moonstones for travel to Felucca & returning back to Trammel; though party travel will be made available.

    For the crown, the people & our honor, we stand as True Britannians, The Stormguards of Stormhaven

    Respectfully submitted,

    Lady Lipstick
    Thankye, Lipstick, for this news.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 2:54 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Choosing of the next Dragon Knight
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<From the Scrolls of the Cult of the Azure Dragons
    The Third DragonKnight

    Cracks whistled a song of their own, barely audible, as a gentle wind rushed through the Temple of Nexchronosis. A soft glow formed behind the chamber door of the meeting room; a glow that caught the eye of the leader of the Cult. Looking up, across the long twin-blue table, NEMESIS ENFORCER awaited the opening of the door. He already knew who stood beyond. ~~~ “The time has come,” a strong voice called out as the glow faded and the door opened. “The time has come at last.” ~~~ The Enforcer stood and smiled. “M’lord, Ra’Dian, how are your travels?” ~~~ “Unwell, Enforcer, unwell. Work accomplished in the name o’ the Council o’ Mages hae instead branded me a murderer by that twit British’s left-over laws o’ half-justice. Howe’er, that isnae why I come to thee.” ~~~ Nemesis continued to smile. “You come about the ceremony.” ~~~ “One day,” Ra’Dian said, a grim smile upon his face, shaking his finger at the Enforcer. “One day, I shall learn how ye read m’ mind so well, and I shall put a stop t’ it.” ~~~ “You know me too well, m’lord.” Nemesis bowed slightly. “How may I assist you?” ~~~ “Ye must conduct the ceremony. I fear thae it would be wrong fer a fugitive o’ the law t’ conduct the ceremony. Ye be a priest o’ thine own bearing, and while war is far from humble, ye hae been one o’ the most honorable and noble I hae met. Perhaps brash and blunt, but noble none the less.” ~~~ NEMESIS ENFORCER sat down, letting out a deep sigh. “I shall do as you ask, m’lord.” ~~~ “Why then are ye saddened?” Ra’Dian’s expression was of pure concern. ~~~ Nemesis let out a chuckle. “I thought it was I who was the reader of thoughts.” He looked up at Ra’Dian, deep into the elven blue eyes that always held a soft glow, and sighed again. “I simply wish your status with the king was better. You are the rightful leader of the Cult, and it is this scourge of dishonor in the land which has brought you to where you are... It saddens me that a ‘wise’ king is not so.” ~~~ “Never fear, Enforcer. Days o’ the unjust near an end.” Ra’Dian’s form began to fade, and the Enforcer wondered what gifts had been granted him by Nexchronosis. “Ye are a fine leader... Go forth an’ choose the third DragonKnight o’ Humility.” ~~~ Nemesis bowed his head as Ra’Dian faded.

    And so the Cult of the Azure Dragons shall choose the third DragonKnight of Humility to succeed Tristam of The Unruled, successor of Aureal of the Cult of the Azure Dragons. Upon Al’Xac, Year of the Festive Rites (Thursday, November 30, 2000 at 8:00pm CST), upon the Tower of Nexchronosis in the draconic holy land of Dracona, in the Sosarian Lands of Felucca, the choosing of the third DragonKnight of Humility shall come to pass. All noble and humble folk of the lands of Sosaria are invited to participate in the choosing as candidates. Each candidate shall be given a tome with ten questions upon the pages within. These questions shall be answered to the best of one’s ability, and in the manner best suited to them. All tomes must be turned in with answers no later than 9:30pm CST, so the earlier you arrive, the more time you will have to answer. From 9:30 to 10:00pm, the tomes shall be read over, and upon the stroke of 10:00pm, the new DragonKnight shall be chosen and inducted. You are welcome to attend even if you are not planning on being a candidate.

    For more information about the Cult of the Azure Dragons, please visit our webstone at or contact us via email at [email protected]

    ~ Leader of the Cult of the Azure Dragons ~
    ~ Protector of Dracona ~
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 1:57 AM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    An Open Letter from the Dark Tower
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Here me, Britannians and Sosarians alike. The Dark Tower’s library has been destroyed and most of its tomes stolen from our grasps over the years of decay and silence that had befallen it. It is imperative that the sacred library is restored. The Dark Tower shall pay handsomely to all that recover and return our lost tomes. Gorthaur, the former master priest of darkness, just recently began his intent to begin his contributions to the recovery of our once sacred hall; however, our collection is still not complete. After the Great War and the fall of our great Master, it was recorded the day the library was raided and destroyed by those who opposed us. Seek ye out these tomes, and you shall find yourself in wealth and favor.

    Furthermore, in order to further protect the Dark Tower’s future endeavors, a new sect has been formed to prevent such happenings from ever transpiring again. Knight of Swords, former acolyte of Gorthaur and paladin of Blackwolf, has established the Shadowguard, the Dark Tower’s personal guard force composed of the only the finest and most feared paladins of the land. The Shadowguard shall ensure the survival and well being of all who reside within our tower halls, as well as its properties, and future interests. The Shadowguard is seeking fine young warriors to enlist within its honored ranks. If ye be interested in becoming a shadow guard of the tower, seek out Knight of Swords, or send message to [email protected] for further information. Only those of great prowess seeking the wisdom of the Dark Tower’s spiritual enlightenment may be accepted into this newly established personal guard force. As their first task, the Shadowguard, as well as all who still dwell within the Tower shall uncover the mystery shrouding the mysterious death of our former Master, Na-Krul. ‘Twas known that night that our master attempted a great ritual, casting forth all his magical power into the blackrock he did posses. Seek out Knight of Swords, for he bore witness to this event and can further enlighten you. To those who choose to assist us in our great plight, returning our sacred tomes, and assisting in the discovery of our master’s death, a reward shall be granted of 10,000 gold, and the promise of audience with our renown Master himself…

    Therefor, a meeting shall be called. All who wish to assist the Tower, or wish to hear further what will transpire, meet at the Dark Tower this Wednesday at 7 PM pacific. There, all shall be revealed to you.

    Arwyn Blackheart,

    Loremaster of the Dark Tower
    Thankye, Arwyn, for this news.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 1:06 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Baja's Avalon Undergoes Some Wonderful Changes
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Avalon, a player-city located west of the Dungeon Wrong in Felucca on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard, is proud to announce several important changes:
    • New Domain Name Avalon has a new domain, Coinciding with this is, of course, a new e-mail address: [email protected]. If you’re adding Avalon to your list of links, please use these. But, if you’re links already include our old addresses ( and [email protected]), don’t worry—we’re keeping those active as well, so no none of your existing links will be broken.
    • Web site changes The Avalon web site has been revamped, with a new design, new logos, and new colors. We’ve also got new content, including the Spotlight on Avalon from the official Ultima Online web site. Plus, a special bonus for longtime fans of the “City of Destiny”, no more of those annoying pop-up banner ads
    • New Merchandise In celebration of of these exciting changes Avalon is now offering T-shirt, sweatshirt, and mug designs, incorporating the new designs. Simply click on the merchandise link in our navigation list at the new web site, or go directly here (to
    • New Interest Thanks to GM Hanse and his team, the severe overspawning of monsters in Avalon is comfortably a thing in the past, and Avalon begins once again to thrive. Last weekend Ursula had a scavenger hunt and our citizens are planning more events in the near future. Everyone is invited to come use the best Rune Library in Ultima Online, visit with our citizens in Avalon’s “Lucina Juno” GM-enhanced Town Hall, shop at the Avalon Commissary (our vendor mall), take a chance and mingle with unscrupulous rogueish-types at the Dead Dove Tavern, or even get married at the Blessed-by-GMs outdoor chapel on our peninsula.
    Directions to Avalon can be found at the new web site, here.


    Websmith of Avalon
    Thankye, Nobody, for this update.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 1:01 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Thanksgiving Dinner Summary and Visit of Flenniel Loak
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Not only did they have a great dinner, Flenniel Loak attended and bringin with him some adventure.
    We'd like t' thank everyone that came t' the Shadowlight/Alliance of Virtue Thanksgiving Feast!

    Many folk came from all over Britannia. Friends of ole' and of new alike were there to gorge themselves on the meal we prepared for them.

    Near the end of the event though Flenniel Loak, a great merchant, showed up. However he was not alone.... Following him was hordes of elementals, and a request for his head!

    For Anvil's account of the events please see the historical documents of Shadowlight and AoV.

    Paintings of the Dinner: Alliance of Vitue (go to Past AoV Event's page)

    Paintings and Story of the Elemental Attack: Village of Shadowlight (go to Quests page)

    Again thank ye to all that showed up!

    Anvil, AoV

    Village TownCrier, HC
    Thankye, Anvil, for this news.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 12:55 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Oberon Pass Arena Team Duels!
    Sharpen your blades and grab your reagents, looks like this'll be fun!

    For the third Oberon Pass Arena Team Duels, we are celebrating with two sessions of battle! Sunday December 3rd, the first session will be from 5pm EST to 7pm EST, then a second session from 8pmEST to 10pmEST. Advance registration is not required! Our rules are very non-restrictive, and we have a web based cumulative point ranking system. For full details check out the Oberon Pass Website, under the PvP Info and Rules section!

    Mayor of Oberon Pass
    Posted on Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 12:09 AM EST by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    Chesapeake Factions and Publish Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Chesapeake Factions and Publish Update

    In light of an issue with the faction system publish, we have decided to delay the release of the faction system on the Chesapeake shard. The stablemaster and monster changes listed in Testing for Next Update will be published to the shard and will be active following the Chesapeake shard's Tuesday, November 28th maintenance period. The factions system, however, will remain inactive on Chesapeake until further notice.

    Additionally, we will be publishing the monster and stablemaster changes listed in Testing for Next Update to all shards to be active following their Wednesday, November 29th maintenance period (local server time). As the Siege Perilous and Sonoma shards will be updated with the monster changes to be active following their next maintenance period.

    We will release a revised schedule for the activation of the Faction System on Chesapeake as soon as one is determined.

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 11:23 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Item 'Smashing' and Monster Movement
    The following was just added to "Testing for Next Update" on the website.
    Item 'Smashing' and Monster Movement

    Monsters may no longer be 'trapped' by barricading them behind various objects in the game world. They will now attempt to maneuver around the objects and in some cases may smash the objects barring their movement.

    Items that are locked down, secure, or strongboxes may not be smashed. Containers, if smashed, will spill their contents onto the ground.

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 11:20 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Havenwood Library Caravan
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This from the Havenwood Town Crier:

    Thursday at 8:15 Havenwood will be having a library caravan from Minoc to Havenwood. We shall begin gathering at 8:15 at the stables and leave promptly at 8:25. We will be carrying several needed additions to the Havenwood library, many consisting of vampirical lore and undead scripture. We do not expect any severe trouble, although guards for the caravan, who would like to join the Royal Army or the Knights of Havenwood are welcome.
    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 8:40 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Upcoming Rivendell Town Night
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was just sent in by the Town Council of Rivendell.
    The citizens of Rivendell would like to announce another Town Night Competition for this Thursday, Nov. 30th!  We will be hosting a 1 on 1 Warrior competition with up to 16 entrants! Registration begins at 7pm CST and the first battle starts at 7:30.  Gates (hopefully)will be provided at Britain West Bank and Moonglow Bank. There will be a 2K entry fee and this will, as usual, go toward the prizes.  Which will be generous as always.  There will be a short ceremony near the tavern at the conclusion of the final match. 

    The following rules apply:

    Any GM made weapons are allowed, competitors may use any combination of weapons
    No poisoned or magic weapons
    No magic armor
    Bandages allowed
    No Magic allowed
    Potions are allowed, but there is a limit of three healing potions per individual contest (bring enough for several rounds)
    No healing after 10 minute time is called.
    No looting
    No pets
    Fight to the death or yield
    Healer and resurrections will be provided at no charge

    There will be a $2k entry fee for each pair due at the time of registration.   Registration will begin 30 minutes prior to the start inside the Rivendell Tavern.  The back room with the teleporter to the arena will be opened at the 7:30pm CST start time.   With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.)  We will be limiting the number of warriors for this tourney to Sixteen.

    Thanks for
    Your support!


    Town Council
    Good luck to all who chose to enter the tournament!
    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 6:06 PM EST by Michael Meyers (LakeSuperior)

    House of Blaine to Host a Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was just sent in... We received the following...

    Greetings citizens,

    The House of Blaine would like to invite you on a scavenger hunt. All contestants shall meet at The Drunken Norseman Tavern at 7 p.m. CST Dec. 2nd. The hunt will begin no later than 7:30. The Drunken Norseman Tavern is located just outside Skara Brae, trammel, on the southside of the road. Maps to the location can be found on our website. Gates will also be provided from Britain and Moonglow banks.

    All contestants will be given books with a list of items to be hunted and a bag to place them in. ALL ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED IN THESE BAGS. After ALL bags are handed out, contestants will be disnissed to the hunt. ANYONE LEAVING BEFORE THE OFFICIAL DISMISSAL WILL BE IMMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED!

    Cost for this event will be 1,000gp each. Valuable prizes will be given to the first three to return with all the items in the bag.

    Hope to see you all there!
    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 6:02 PM EST by Michael Meyers (LakeSuperior)

    Vesper Merchants Establish Faire
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<BNN : A Petition to the High Court of Britannia was posted to the official UO Website.
    In your solicitude and prudence be it known to you that the High Court has decreed and established in honor of our glorious town Vesper on the Trammel Facet a fair for gathering together once at the mass all the merchants dwelling in our kingdom and those coming from beyond the seas.
    Go read the full article here.
    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 4:42 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Smurfing a Smurfy Celebratiion!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Hail Great Lakes!!

    It's My Pleasure to announce the Next Central Region Counselor of the Month Party! This Month our Party will be held on the Great Lakes Shard. There will be Food, Drinks and Friends!

    WHEN: Wed. Nov. 29
    TIME: 9:00 pm EST
    LOCATION: Main Britain Guild Hall (Guild) Trammel,
    Great Lakes

    Lead Counselor Lady Destiny
    Central Region - LS, GL, SP
    Ultima Online

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 4:05 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Al’Cedra and the Ides of November
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    More news from BNN:

    Three months ago, a gypsy legend was investigated, and found to be true. The legend was of an ancient and wise dragon who had a lair within the mountains that had been hidden for generations. A search found the lair, at least temporarily. Each month, on the first day of the month, and on the few days preceding it, the search begins anew for the entrance to the lair.

    The trial is mostly by wit, though combat can sometimes be involved. It is run in two or three stages, so that it can be fair to all who wish to participate, since the wisdom of Al'Cedra, the ancient dragon, decreed that only the best should actually reach the lair. At the end of the quest, only one person each month is named Master of the Word, if they can answer all of the riddles correctly. A sash with the title is awarded by Al'Cedra to the winner.

    All are welcome to try their hand at finding their way to the lair, but only the first to answer the riddles will receive the sash.

    The ides of November have passed, dear reader, and now the first of December approaches. So… what news do I have, you ask? This is a most puzzling bit of news, as it seems that the dragon Al’Sarin runs this month’s quest. His is the way of the mind, and he has set about strewing the countryside with clues, it seems. All that I can tell you is that you must begin your search in the small city of Magincia upon the 28th, where you must find someone who will send you upon your way. If you do not hasten on your way, the lists will close, and you will not be able to continue upon the next part of the journey.

    Three have now won the honor of Master of the Word: Dogei Matur, Misha Andone, and last month Wolfsbane of KLT solved the riddles. Who will win this time? Perhaps it will be you, dear reader, or a friend of yours. But you must exercise all your wit and wisdom for this one. Al’Sarin is a clever and crafty dragon. The trail will not be easy to follow, and only the best will end up in the lair of the dragon upon the evening of December 1st.

    Good luck to each and all! The honour of Master of the Word awaits.

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 3:39 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    New @ Stratics
    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 2:42 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    42nd Assembly of the 5th High Council Tonight
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    42nd Assembly of the 5th High Council

    Date: Monday, November 27th, 2000
    Time: 10PM EDT/9PM CDT
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Official Recognition of Guilds fighting for the True Britannian Faction.
    • Other Items of interest to be announced at the meeting.

    Lady Geneveve Orseau,
    8th Seat,
    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 1:46 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    BNN: Reynaud Wyndyar Banished!

    And now the latest news from BNN:

    Reynaud Wyndyar Banished!
    Cornelius the court assistant Nov 26 2000 6:23PM

    As was agreed Yoldran, elected mayor of the city of Moonglow, carefully selected a twelve-headed jury and judge Michael. The prosecutor, Kabach Cryonax, town constable of Moonglow, had three witnesses who claimed to have seen Reynaud wage war on the people of Moonglow. 

    Kabach Cryonax carefully asked questions to the witnesses, trying to prove that Reynaud had committed terrible crimes. The three witnesses appeared to have a few uncertain answers, because Rupert Corp, lawyer of Reynaud Wyndyar, was putting up a formidable defense, and questioned every statement the witnesses made. 

    At first it seemed as if Rupert was blocking the statements of the witnesses at every corner, making us all believe that there really was no evidence to support the claims made against Reynaud. But later on Kabach understood that Rupert was playing hardball, and started using every trick in the book. Most of the damage was already done at this point, however. 

    Then Rupert brought forth the two witnesses who would try to prove Reynaud’s innocence. I must say that the witnesses seemed of a somewhat questionable nature, but they seemed sincere in what they said. They mostly spoke of what a good friend and boy Reynaud always had been, and they could not recollect him ever hurting anyone. Kabach Cryonax asked a few counter-questions, attempting to see if they were speaking truthfully, and if they even witnessed the crimes committed. 

    After this second round of questions, the jury retired to the backroom to discuss the verdict. By this time there was a lot of tension in the Court of Truth, doubtful faces and mumbling in the hallways. 

    The jury returned and judge Michael inquired to the verdict. The verdict was: 
    For leading an attack upon the city of Moonglow – Not Guilty 
    For participating in an attack upon the city of Moonglow – Guilty 

    Judge Michael decided, based on the evidence given and the decision of the jury, that Reynaud Wyndyar was to be stripped of his belongings and set on a boat headed to ‘beyond the edges of the known world’. 

    Reynaud is currently being held in a cell underneath Castle British on the Felucca facet, awaiting his banishment.

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 12:05 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    New Poll: UO:3D Player Housing
    In our previous poll, we asked if you liked the screenshots for the upcoming UO:Third Dawn (UO:3D) addition to UO.

    50.9% of you responded that you liked them, 10.5% said they didnt care either way, and 38.3% of the respondants said they preferred the look of the curent client.

    OSI has stated that the new lands being added with UO:3D is for "adventuring", and will not allow placement of player housing (like T2A). We want to know what you think of this. Run on over to our Periodic Poll and let us know!

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 6:35 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Water Spirit Sighted in Kinship
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This missive comes to us from Mantra of Kinship, regarding a strange sighting in Skara Brae and Kinship Village...

    I was walking about Skara Brae, doing my shopping, and out of the ground rose a strange shape. It looked like a water elemental, but it made no aggressive movements towards me. We stood staring at one another for a few moments, and I tried to communicate with it. All I got for my efforts weere a few gurgles and splashes, and after a few moments, it splashed into the ground and disappeared.

    I searched Skara Brae for it, but it was gone, so I decided to finish my shopping. On my way home, though, I saw the same creature in the pond of Kinship's tavern! Two others joined me, and we made several attempts to speak with the creature, but it never said a word we could understand.

    So all be alert, and do not harm this creature. I do not think it is dangerous in the least, as it had its chances to harm me and did not. We must ponder a way to speak with our watery new resident...

    Where did this spirit come from, and why did it appear? With these questions, a new mystery begins to assured, as more information is learned, we'll be sure to make it available!

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 3:55 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Artarion's Journal and Qua'tel's Condition
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This update on Artarion's machinations comes to us via the Shadow Ranger Okami Stormson, and details new revelations regarding Qua'tel...

    After locating the elusive elementalist Qua'Tel on Monday, and having him settled into the Yew Jail by Tuesday, the Knights of Yew and the Shadow Rangers began setting into motion their plot to trick Artarion into believing they'd turn Qua'Tel over.

    Wednesday night at eight, a gathering of people awaited the promised arrival of Artarion. Things quickly went downhill from there.

    An undistinguishable figure showed to warn us that our homes would be attacked as soon as we had handed Qua'Tel over. He didnt answer any other questions; he simply recalled. I sent the Knights of Yew to the cells, and scouts to Shadowmoor village.

    The Knights then said Artarion appeared at the cells, claiming he had kidnapped Qua'Tel the night before. He then mocked us, and said we'd played right into his hands. During the conversation, he did mention that Ventryn's staff was in fact not powerless.

    As two lich lords appeared and fell to the guards, Artarion smugly asked if anyone was watching Aegis. The knights immediately scattered; it was at this point I realized no one was watching Aegis.

    When I arrived, Aegis was under attack by ice fiends, daemons, frost spiders, black widows and such. Also, two "fire spiders" and some fire fiends appeared.

    After a few waves had been killed, Artarion asked us who was watching Shadowmoor. We ran there, and beat off more creatures, assisted by a large force that had assembled.

    At one point, Artarion appeared, and "accidentally" dropped a book. I was near by and snatched it up quickly.

    The book is a journal, detailing Artarion's life before he gained this "power" he has. I have the book currently in my possesion.

    We then left for Ventryn's former lair. Once there, we studied things a bit, but nothing happened. Gorion, Gildar, and some others said that Artarion had came there earlier and had been run off. We returned to Yew, and watched out for further attacks the rest of the night.

    Later, Qua'Tel appeared between Aeeyia, Gandalf, Roland and I. He was badly weakened, and was wracked with coughs. He said he just needed a place to rest, and we gated him to the Grape's Wrath, where we locked him inside the upper room so no one could reach him.

    He stated that he no longer has the power to control the elements, explaining that the power was removed from him, nearly killing him in the process. He also mentioned that there is someone that can help him, and that in a few days, he would have to go see him. He was unable to help us discern any new information regarding Artarion, but suggested we hold a council in a few days, to decide what to do next.

    I'm assuming Qua'Tel will want to hold this council soon, but it all depends on how soon he is able. In the meantime, it looks like our best option is to find Artarion's family and shop.

    As the council meeting is scheduled, we will be sure to make the date and time available.

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 3:26 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    A Portrait of the Orb of Soul Seeking
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following correspondence was sent to us by Watts, a member of Edinburgh's Village Council, and included the following portrait of the Orb of Soul Seeking...

    I recently found a picture of the orb while rummaging through a chest in the village...I had forgotten that I even had this in there!

    Now, this is not really new information, but this is what the orb looks like, for those who are helping us keep an eye out for it. I drew this picture while guarding it the night before it was stolen.

    Thank you to all who have helped us in this ordeal, but I fear the worst is yet to come...

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 3:09 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Final Casting Call!!!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Gem, Fleet Captain of the Fishing Council of Britannia sent the following message in a bottle:

    Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. CST is the final opportunity to audition for the upcoming FCB play, Treasure Island. Auditions will be held at the FCB Trammel Tower. Playwright and Director Majikman will be on hand to interview actors and make preparations. After the audition, stop by the second floor tavern for a hearty grog!

    Posted on Monday, November 27, 2000, 2:15 AM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Havenwood Counterattacks
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Havenwood News Cryer informed me of last night's happening:
    Saturday night the Havenwood Knights and Royal Army members led by Talimor deMonte' launched a daring counter-attack upon a base of the Obsidian Empire in retaliation for thier attack upon the Havenwood Tavern the previous night. They managed to set the base on fire before retreating without casualties. No word yet if they will respond to the attack, but if they do, the brave Knights and Legionaries will be waiting for them.
    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 3:02 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Messenger of the Severed Heads Intercepted!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Due to our constant surveillance on the orcish brute up in the north, we've been able to intercept a messanger bearing a very interesting message. Our scribes did a good work and translated the message to the best of their abilities, but here is the original text:

    Ug der alliez ob da Sebered Headz Urk!

    Severed Heads and Maia meet in NohkmahrLazt muun der be shypzie hummie in furt wid da naym ob Maia. 'er blah abut niedin' 'elp ob da mity Sebered 'eadz. Der be da powurful urk wid da naym ob Frabagor we tinkz 'im deed fur zum tyme, bud 'im stil alibe bud imprisuned by sum mity mojo hummie. Frabagor wuz 'elped by dem Sebered Headz un dem alliez sum muunz ago, bud den 'im dizapeerd un nub enywun gruk wer tu. Nuw ib da tyme fur da ebil powurz tu rize agin un onze agin klaim da landz frum dem smelly hummie munkyz! Ged redy ull ob da alliez ob da Sebered Headz, sharpun latz wepuns fur da glory ob da Bluudgod!

    Long libe da allianze! WAAAAAAAGH!

    Da messengur ob da Sebered Headz


    Hail there, allies of the Severed Head Orcs!

    Yesterday a gypsie, called Maia, visited the orc fort. She asked about aid from the Sebered Heads. Frabagor, a powerful orc lord, who was thought dead for some time is still alive, but held prisoner by some powerful mage. Some months ago the Sebered Heads and Fragabor had been allies, but then he disappeared and none knew where he went. Now there comes the time for the evil powers to rise again and once again claim the lands from humankind. Get ready, all allies of the Severed Heads, sharpen your weapons for the glory of the Bloodgod!

    Long live the alliance!

    The messenger of the Severed Heads

    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 1:44 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Ta'Kier 3 v/s 3 Event To Be Held This Week!
    This news comes to us from near the dungeon of Despise
    What? Ta’Kier PvP Event and Gambling

    Where? Outside Despise Dungeon

    When? Wednesday, Nov29, 8pm EST

    The mighty dragon Majesty still ravages our homeland, We call on all warriors who can help rid us of this menace.

    We will pay the strongest 3 man/woman team 20,000 gold pieces if they can destroy the plague of our lands. Only the strongest team will be able to try and slay the dragon and we will determine who is fit by having all teams square off against each other first in a single elimination ladder contest. The winning team will then attempt to slay the dragon.

    3vs3 PvP Registration

    -1st place will take 90%; 2nd place will get nothing; There will be an additional 20,000gp prize for successfully slaying the dragon.
    -Team registration should consist of 3 team members names, guild association (or unguilded), and 5000 GP
    -Contact me, Caligula Ta’Kier to register ICQ#91131703

    3vs3 PvP Rules
    -Contest will be a single elimination, ladder contest.
    -Teams may consist of any combination of mages/warriors/tamers/bards/etc.
    -1 pet per team(including mounts); Wyrms, Dragons, Drakes, and Nightmares are not allowed. Summoned pets do not count towards 1 pet limit but must be cast after fight starts (see below)
    -No Pre-Casting and Pre-Drinking. This includes Summoning (see above)
    -All spells are allowed but must be cast after fight starts.
    -No magic items of any kind. Anyone seen with ‘A Magic...” will be disqualified along with his/her/it’s team. This includes the new weapons.
    -If its not your body, don’t loot. The only exception is fallen team members may be looted by fellow team members participating in the battle.
    -No Resurrections during the battle.
    -Judges calls are final.

    Dragon Fight Rules
    -Only the winning team of the ‘3vs3 PvP’ competition may attempt to slay the dragon.
    -All ‘3vs3 PvP Rules’ apply
    -The Dragon will be controlled by a tamer to prevent spectators from being killed
    -Judges calls are final.

    Spectators Rules
    -Never enter the ring for any reason
    -Please put bows away in your backpack to prevent accidental auto-targeting.
    -No sparring or spell casting outside ring during fight.
    -Please stable or feed pets and mounts prior to attending.
    -Entrance and exit will be by way of gate. We will meet at Ta’Kier tower and will be gated in.
    -There will be gambling on the fights. Warriors participating in the event MAY NOT BET!
    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 12:44 PM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    First Part of Rilla's House Decorated
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    As announced earlier, Rilla Takhista, who took up residence in her forefathers house in Magincia sent out a call fer designs to decorate her new found home.

    Last week finally the chosen design was to be put into reality. It was young Ivy's design, that was chosen and quite a large crowd had gathered at Rilla's house, located just northeast of the Magincian bank on Felucca, this evening. Everyone eagerly awaited the arrival of the hired interior architect Rilla had hired. While we stood waiting and gossiping in the main hall, Rilla announced, that the next part of her house to be furnished will be the Library/Museeum. Like before people's designs shall be send to Lady Seer Intaria, who again will collect the proposals fer Rilla.

    It did nay take long when a middle aged man, dressed in rich merchant clothes walked up the house. He introduced himself as Lord Pudor. He excused himself fer being late: "It quickly became apparent that the horses had more interest in their cargo than their destination. However I did manage to secure a way of bringing the decorations here with a court mage. Quite simple really. I've constructed the area already and using a transportation system. I can bring it here, without having to worry about my vegetation being eaten en-route." He then asked people to leave the patio, so he could start decorating the area Ivy had designed. He placed some odd looking coins in a mysterious pattern. I watched him closely doing this, as I was interested in that rather special way of his to transport items over a long distance. When he was finished placing 'em, he tapped the ground twice with his staff, muttering: "Let's see if those pesky mages can get something right for once." And where there was nothing before, suddenly plants, rocks and palm trees appeared out of nothing! It seemed the mages did manage!

    The gathered crowd cheered and clapped and Lord Pudor seemingly enjoying his performance at once started to call in the decorations fer the other side of the patio, which people again commented with cheers and applause. Ivy, in the meantime, danced around the patio clapping her hands and giggling happily, seeing her drawings coming into existance.

    When Lord Pudor was done with the second part he announced, that a memorial was to be placed in memory of Rilla's father Sarn Takhista. At that announcement Rilla's eyes started to fill with tears ... "To ... to my Father? Ivy.. that is so lovely.", was the only thing she could say, apparently very touched. And finally a plaque was placed, bearing Ivy's name to tell the next generations of whose design this lovely place was.

    Silently we stood at the memorial, sharing Rilla's losses, while remembering all the dangers we had to endure to secure Rilla's heritage. Soon enough though, the silent mood was gone and Rilla announced the next project .. the decoration of the Library/Museum, wherein as first exhibit, the Staff of Elements, currently on display in Spiritwood shall be placed. Designs shall be send in till the 20th day of December.

    If ye like to meet Rilla, ye can find her in Deepwater on Mondays and in her house in Magincia on Wednesdays around 9.30 CET.

    May the virtues protect ye all

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 9:24 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    More News About The Legend of The Ne'thra
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The story continues

    Upon the battlements of Ranger Point, the ancient Ranger stronghold that had been used to defend Skara Brae from invading Orcs in the North stood the ever-watchful eyes of the Rangers and their allies. The dull light of a new morning dawned upon the stones of the three towers and in the glade before them an army camped. It was here that I awoke to the sound of horses, smithies and the clang of armor, the noises that proceed a large battle. As I walked through the camps I could smell the damp wet grass, freshly soaked in morning dew and the camp fires burning to keep the troops warm. The day was cold and looked as if to rain, the breath of the horses could be seen at a fair distance and the sniffs and coughs of my fellow warriors could be heard.

    I headed to grounds before the towers to see a group of our guards standing proud alongside our new found allies the Rangers. Eden had never been known to wage an open war let alone send its soldiers to a battle far from home. As a guard though I often thought to myself that secrecy was our best policy but in these times I now see the benefits of throwing down this veil of deceit. I watched as many of our guards mingled with the rangers and shared stories and experiences, even trading in small items and trinkets as a show of friendship between our people. I sat awhile amongst them and ate a bowl of warm soup handed to me by a ranger called Bladedancer.

    After a while the watch came down from the towers and soon changed hands with the new fresh awake faces of my group. The others retired and slept in our tents, still wearing their armor and such of course. As I climbed to the top of the battlements I could see a magnificent view. Far across the bay to the west I saw the ocean stretching out far into a great mist which surrounded the entire area around us. To the south I saw the great mountains of Shame, cold and hard. Rings of clouds formed above the blackened peaks as if to hide whatever was up in those treacherous heights. And to the north I could see the mighty forests of Yew stretching for miles.

    It was an awe inspiring sight to say the least and I took great comfort in knowing I would be defending this place from the accursed hordes of the Undead and its hated allies the Drow. Ravens flew past far in the distance below and ragged trees with no leaves bore many a crows nesting place. The foggy grounds around us made it hard to keep watch for the enemy, and the infernal cold that was swept across from the sea only made the guards moral low. It was then that music could be heard below in the pastures, the rangers began to play a merry tune to lift the spirits of both our armies, and to say the least it worked. Laughing and jeering could be heard as the bards played their songs before an adoring crowd.

    Then the alarm was sounded, horns began to blow on the southern tower and the warning fires were lit. I was called to ride by my guard lieutenant and slay a Drow scout that had been seen in the woods. A group of rangers and our guards moved swiftly to intercept the enemy, as we engaged the lone warrior and slew him he shouted with his last breath "Oloth plynn dos!" before falling from his steed to the ground dead.

    We stood still for a moment after the kill and looked at the body of our enemy, it welled up strange feelings inside, joy and anger, hate and remorse. Then the uncanny silence was once more broken as the sounds of Ranger points horns blew out to warn of an attack. Quickly we turned our steeds and rode out towards the stronghold only to see the armies of the Drow charging into our lines. We rode head long into them, as we fought their foot soldiers, their mages summoned giant scorpions to fight our forces. These evils were met with sword and arrow and we managed to hold the Drow attack at the southern tower. We began to slowly push them back, but we should have known that this was merely a diversion of their main forces. Suddenly the northern watch began to sound yet another alarm. Xirzin had certainly delivered his revenge upon the rangers well as yet another army of Drow charged us from the other side. I saw him for a moment off in the distance sat upon his dark steed grinning to himself whilst his troops quickly consumed our rear guard. Casting yet more foul magic's upon the fields of battle Xirzin and his company then moved towards the north were the stronghold had been breached.

    I was separated from my unit and was helped by Wenchkin and Bladedancer we fought off the remnants of the first attack and made haste to join the second assault. We could not hold them the battle ragged on and on for what seemed like an eternity. Fighting off yet another Drow foot soldier I delivered a crushing blow. Feeling victory over this foe I suddenly felt a sharp, cold stab in my back. A scorpion had hit me with its tail and I fell to the ground convulsing in pain. I sipped at a potion to cure myself before passing out on the floor, paralysed and weak. My foe must have left me for dead for indeed it felt that way. I awoke next morning in Skara Brae alongside the dead and wounded of our united army. It was then I realised the terrible outcome of our fruitless efforts,

    The Drow had taken Ranger point.

    Lord Po Go,
    Guard of Eden

    This is part of the Legend of the Ne'thra Scenario on Felluca, to join one of the guilds involved please contact [email protected]
    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 8:29 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Review of Rustics Play at Jollier's Fairgrounds
    Heather of CMG sent this in, thanks Heather!
    I have posted up a review of the Rustics Play that took place at the Grand Opening of Jollier's Skara Brae Fairgrounds (Trammel) last night, November 24th, 2000. I also included pictures of the play and the players, and a full transcript of the play for those that couldn't hear due to comm crystal difficulties. You can read it at the Great Lakes Quest News. Enjoy!
    Posted on Sunday, November 26, 2000, 3:01 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    UO3D Pictures
    MarkeeDragon sent this in:
    We just posted over 100 UO3D screenshots in our UO Screenshots site. We have dared to show all we can. OSI asked us to black out some sections and we have. But we still dare to show you castles, dungeons, new monsters, new spell visual effects, rares and lots of blood! All of it from the new lands that will be opening soon when UO3D is published. Actually we did much more then just publish a few new pictures. Our entire screenshots site is now run from a database. No longer do you have to wait for a month or more for us to get in gear and update the site. It's now live! But wait there's more! (Hopes not to sound like a Ginsu commercial) You now have the ability to upload your favorite screenshots right from your browser. No FTP or email needed. Just click the link to add a screenshot and it walks you right through it. We are very pleased with how the new site is turning out.

    So come to the site. See the UO3D screenshots and submit your favorite screenshots. Do it now because we have validators standing by!

    Brought to you by the team that slices and dices at :)

    Thanks MarkeeDragon!
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 7:43 PM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    Seattle Player Gathering
    Hanneth sent us this:
    At the Holiday Inn Seatac on Saturday, October 28, 2000, was the Ultima Online Seattle Player Gathering. Now, live the experience from my perspective. I have pictures, scans, official Q&A and just people
    chatting with Melantus digitized for your viewing pleasure.

    Hanneth of Moonglow [LS]

    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 7:36 PM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    Vortex of Crap Website
    Greetings, I would like to announce the presence of my website, the Vortex of Crap ( Don't let the name fool you... it's a veritable treasure trove of useless UO related news and information, with more coming in the future. Stop by, have a look around, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you. Murdly Gurdson Webmaster of
    Thank's Murdly for this announcement.
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 7:31 PM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    Havenwood Weekly Meetings
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<These are some dates of upcoming Havenwood town meetings:

    Havenwood will be having a town meeting the following days at Eight o'clock in the eastern sky, each of them being on a Tuesday.

    November 28th
    December 5th
    December 12th
    December 19th

    Talimor deMonte'
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 6:48 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    PaxLair to Form the Third City Council
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was received from Paxlair:
    At the City Meeting on Nov 22, the people in and around PaxLair met and discussed the reformation of the City Council. We are opening up invitations for volunteers to serve on the PaxLair City Council. Anyone having an active involvement in PaxLair and interest in being a member of the Council may contact my Deputy Mayor and Knight, Sir Emmeril at [email protected].

    PaxLair remains a monarchy headed by the Mayor. A City Council can exist with both responsibilities and authorities within the bounds already established by its framework. This framework was established a year ago.

    The City Council deals with medium-term issues in PaxLair and have authority to make decisions within that area. Things such as regular events, usage of buildings, introduction of new groups in PaxLair, and much more relate to the business of the Council.

    My role as Mayor is to aid in defining long-term vision and focus. I deal less with daily business in PaxLair and offer such dealings to my Chancellors.

    My chancellors, which many have been called to other duties outside of PaxLair for the past months, handle the day-to-day business in PaxLair. I will be seeking additional chancellors as well in a short time.

    So if you wish to have a key role in City government and advancing one of the notable towns on Chesapeake... for Chesapeake, seek out Sir Emmeril.

    I hope to swear in the Third PaxLair City Council as soon as possible.

    PaxLair Government Chart
    FAQ on PaxLair Government
    Second Council est. 1999

    I thank you all and Dragonspeed.

    Mayor of PaxLair
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 6:36 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Drunken Squire Pub Opens
    This was just sent in by McGregger...

    I, McGregger, have now opened the new Drunken Squire Pub and would like to hold a Pub Night on Saturday, November 25.  There will be a small 1k admission fee, but this will be used to pay for all the free drinks for as long as you stay.  In addition, there will be a drawing for a suit of GM Copper Platemail, and a weapon of choice.  The Pub is located on the main road between Britain and Vesper.  It is just a few screens east of the guard outpost over the road.  The sextant coordinates for the pub are 68o 38'N, 62o 13'E.  Events begin around 7:00cst and gates will be provided from the Britain bank at around 6:30.  The drawing shall be held at approximately 10:00, and the Pub Night will continue until the last man walks out the door.  Food will be available at menu prices.

    Hope to see many of you there,


    Unfortunately, McGregger didn't mention which Facet the Drunken Squire Pub is located on.  I suggest you either look around ahead of time, or bring some moonstones with you.  I'll be looking into the location of the Pub and will try to give an update asap.
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 12:32 PM EST by Michael Meyers (LakeSuperior)

    Hokuto: Library and Writing Contest
    Cortez RedStar sent us this announcement:
    Announcing the Britannic Library and Archive... and Writing Contest!

    My next project is to start a public library. Of course, a library isnt a library unless it has books! NPC written books are few and rather boring. Therefore, I would like to invite you all to submit your own volumes for inclusion! It can be about *anything* as long as it somehow relates to UO.

    Some examples of what Im looking for:

    • guild histories
    • biographies & autobiographies
    • treatises on how you think something is best accomplished(for example - attaining fame or wealth quickly)
    • stories of adventure(real accounts of great dungeon trips or treasure maps you've done, etc.)
    • stories of guild wars and PKing(victim or predator)
    • poetry
    • fiction(in a UO context)
    • ...and several other categories I cant think of but Im sure you all will.
    Like I said, Im open to just about anything as long as it somehow relates to UO.

    Once submitted and checked for appropriateness, your book will be put into the library for anyone to read. It will remain there for who knows how long, perhaps even long after youre no longer around!

    Technical Notes:
    I dont proofread - all spelling and grammatical errors will remain in the books so make sure you do it right or you will look dumb to the Ages!
    All books become property of the library - once entered, its there for good! It would defeat posterity as well as take forever to have to pull books out for one reason or another.
    No harsh profanity or outright porn. Romances(even with some light sexual connotations, to the level that you wouldnt mind reciting to your mother) and moderate swearing(PG-13) are ok. You write the book, I lock it down. Guess who gets in trouble when the GM flips through it, heh.
    USE A BIG BLUE BOOK. These are not edittable so your text wont be erased after I lock it down. Using the small brown books is not safe since they can be editted even when locked down. The big, blue books are available from NPC scribes in various cities. One place that immediately comes to mind is the Library just across the street from the Carpenter's shop in Britain(next to the the gate to Lord British's castles).

    Once I get a fair number of books(at least a dozen or so), I will formally announce the Library's opening and location (at this point it will be housed in my tower, but more suitable facilities are in the works).

    And now...

    The Writing Contest!


    1. All rules as above apply.
    2. Judges shall be the Black Wind Mages, who are most all GM Scholars.
    3. Judges' decisions will be final.
    4. Prizes:
      1st place - 8K and a Christmas tree deed
      2nd place - 5K and a crate of various spirits
      3rd place - 2K and 4 candelabras
      Winning entries will be featured prominently in the library when it is completed.
    5. Judging criteria will be based on if the book is interesting, original and well written, with equal weight given to each criterion. No penalties on spelling, punctuation or grammar, although proper use of each is encouraged. You must write the book yourself(no plagarism). Libelous or otherwise unsuitable entries will be rejected(see above for acceptable content guidelines).
    6. Contest is open to all residents of the realm.
    7. Deadline for submissions is Saturday, December 2nd, 11:59pm Central US Time.
    8. Drop-off times I will be at the fountain next to the East Britain Bank in Trammel on:
      Thursday, November 30th, at 9pm Central US time, and
      Saturday, December 2nd, at 11:59pm Central US time(which is the deadline).
      Late entries will not be considered for the contest. All entries must be in the big, blue books. You may submit as many entries as you like.
    9. Winners will be announced in-game at the fountain next to the East Britain Bank in Trammel on Sunday, December 3rd, 9:00pm Central US Time. You dont have to be present to win of course, but it would be easier to get your prize as well as be recognized and congratulated in person.
    One more thing: theres a utility out there that reads text files and then converts them into keystrokes within UO. Theoretically, you could type up some long story in a Microsoft Word document and then merely use the utility to read it out of your document and place it in a book inside UO. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. I dont know if you can get banned for it or not, I wouldnt think so, but Im disclaiming here just to be safe. To see this utility, go to:

    Well, I think thats about it. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here or email me. If you absolutely cant make it to either drop off time to submit your entry, email me and we will try to work something out. Good luck and may your pen flow!

    Cortez RedStar
    Level 4 Treasure Hunter of Hokuto for Hire
    Treasure Hunters of Britannia * Hokuto Chapter GM
    Co-Proprietor of The Tattered Map
    [email protected]

    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 11:22 AM EST by Xena Dragon (AsianShards)

    The Grand Festival in Tayragh

    Hail and Well met Travellers of Europa !

    Tis’ I Jingo - Trader of Tayragh and friend to the Order of Witches, that hereby brings you long awaited news of the events and competitions to be held at the Grand Festival in Tayragh ( South of Vesper) on the 25th November.

    The celebrations shall begin with the Grand Opening by The Ancient Witch Lady Shana Del Magia at 21.00 hrs CET (20.00 hrs GMT), and for those who are not of the faint hearted a Parade the likes of which has never been seen, with Dragons and many other noble and mythical beasts brought by the Europa Ranger Council shall be starting at the Vesper bank and ending in our fair town shortly before the opening, so be sure to arrive early not to miss this wonderous sight or dragon food you may become!

    After the opening speech the First of the many events shall be the famed ‘Chicken Race’.

    The race will involve spell casters to "make like a chicken" using the words of "Vas Ylem Rel" to transform themselves and fly around our Town Hall.

    The swiftest foul will receive both a Great prize and Great honour. It will surely be a sight to behold if you are ‘plucky’ enough to take part!

    Next, a choice of events for the strong of mind and strong of body.

    The sweet Lady Anais will present a riddle in the Tayrnagh Inn, while the Town Guards, under the ever watchful eye of Lady Darkmoon, will present the Gladiator fighting in the Arena atop our Academy.

    Throughout the evening you will be able to purchase Lottery tickets. The price will be a measly 1 thousand gold coins per ticket. Lady Alauna, Witch of Silk, will be selling the tickets which will only be on sale during the festival, so be sure to seek her out and ensure a ticket before they are all gone.

    The Grand Prize for the Lottery's Lucky winner shall be a Fabulous Fur! There will also be other rare and exquisite items to be won, not to forget those mystical fabled kisses from the beautiful Witches themselves (which many value more highly than a 1000 furs!)

    The prize draw will be held at the end of the evening in the Tayrnagh Inn at the finale of the Festival.

    So alas tis’ time for me to depart once more for there is much for me to do - for all those wishing to take part seek me out up to and on the grand day itself - I wish you all the best of luck, fame and fortune and look forward to seeing you all there,

    Farewell friends,

    Have a good time all.
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 7:42 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Deepwater Wrestling Contest
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Deepwater is announcing another wrestling contest.

    This sunday the 26th at 9pm cet (8pm gmt), Deepwater will host yet another wrestling contest. The winner of this contest will win 30 000gp. The entry fee will be 1000gp, this will go to the prize pot. You will be able to start signin around 8pm cet. Our current champion is Zaal'Ug, from the Served Head Orc Clan. Not good, we need a human to win this time. *grins*

    It will be held as always, outside Owls eye tavern in Deepwater. Deepwater is located at the Justice shrine in Felucia.

    Rules of the Event:

    * No healing
    * No armor/weapons (except for whats said on this page abit down here)
    * No looting
    * No fighting outside the ring
    * Robes may NOT be used

    What may be used:

    *Bouns potions, sutch as agility, streanght and refresh potions
    *Most types of cloths (except for robes, see rules of the event above)
    *Orc's may wear the helmets

    Now if anyone would break those rules, he/she will be thrown out of the contest. Also if anyone would try ruin this event, they will be reported to Gamemasters as Harressers with out any warnings, and carebeard on sight.

    Elv'eng - Andune

    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 7:35 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    UBB Schedules 13th Smith Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail All!

    Erik the Armorer delivered the following scroll to the UOSS Drachenfels news office:

    The 13th United Blacksmiths of Britannia Smithing Contest has been cheduled for Sunday the 26th of November, at 15:00 CET (Central European Time).

    UBB Drachenfels humbly invite all Grandmaster Blacksmiths to compare their skills in a friendly duel. The event will take at the Britain Blacksmith Guildhall.

    Participation Guidelines:

    • Honesty foremost please!
    • The event is only for Grandmaster Blacksmiths this time!
    • Bring thy own smithing tools. We will not provide them.
    • There must be at least two contestants .
    • Please be sure to have thy money with thee before the contest begins
    • Not allowed on the contestants are:
      • Armor or weapons (either worn or in thy backpack... prepare to be snooped before you get thy ingots)
      • Do not bring thy own ingots.
    Anyone not in accordance to these rules will be disqualified from the event or denied entry.

    The Smith with the best Ingots/Quality relation wins.

    Judging Criteria:

    • Entry fee 1750 GP for that you recieve 250 ingots.
    • Make the best Armour you can with the ingots provided.
    • Resmelting is not allowed, nor are you allowed to make any shields or female Armour.
    • The Armour made at the Contest is the Property of the UBB. The money from it will be used to sponsor further Events.
    First place wins 2000 iron ingots, second place 1000 iron ingots, and third place wins 500 iron ingots. In addition, each winner gets a surprise bonus prize.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact Erik the Armorer via the mystical ICQ vapors at 27897341.

    We thank the UBB for this information!

    Go with the virtues!

    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 2:25 AM EST by Rock (Drachenfels)

    UOSS Reporter Back in Business
    Greetings everyone, if you look here often for news, you probably noticed that the only one updating has been Beans Baxter.  A few months ago, I was welcomed aboard to help with the news.  Unfortunately, due to circumstances totally beyond my control, I was unable to perform the duties I agreed to.  The change was very sudden, and the results were quite drastic.  I was unable to report the news, and what's worse, through every means of communication I tried, I was unable to inform anyone about it.

    Not even a week ago, I received the first bit of news in a rather long time.  I looked upon that as a sign that perhaps things returned to normal.  I sent word to Beans Baxter that I may be able to start reporting news again, however I have yet to receive word back.  When tonight I received another bit of news, my hopes were renewed.  I quickly posted the information, and set to work on this article. 

    I want to officially apologize first and foremost to those I was unable to bring the news to.  Just as much, I'd like to apologize to Beans Baxter, who's done the best job possible given the circumstances.  When I became unable to report, the entire workload shifted to Beans, which wasn't fair at all.  This is the first time I've been able to report news here in months, and hopefully it won't be the last time for a long time to come.  Sorry I was gone so long everyone, but now I should be back for good.

    Reunited with the quill,
    Michael Meyers
    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 1:51 AM EST by Michael Meyers (LakeSuperior)

    High Council Meeting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in...

    42nd Assembly of the 5th High Council

    Date: Monday, November 27th, 2000
    Time: 10PM EDT/9PM CDT
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Official Recognition of Guilds fighting for the True Britannian Faction.
    • Other Items of interest to be announced at the meeting.

    Lady Geneveve Orseau, 8th Seat, The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Saturday, November 25, 2000, 1:36 AM EST by Michael Meyers (LakeSuperior)

    O.P.U.S. Blacksmith Grand Tournament
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was sent to us by Durrel:
    Hear Ye Hear Ye

    Proudly sponsor a Grand Tournament of Warriors

    On December 9, 2000, 5:00 PST test your Warrior skills with the best in the Land at the Jehlom Pit in Felucca

    Events to include Swordsmanship, Jousting, & Archery

    Grand Prize - Valorite suit of armor
    Full plate for Swords & Jousting, Heavy Archer for Archery

    Second Prize - Gold suit of armor

    Third Prize - Shadow suit of armor

    Bring your skills, equipment and courage to face the best in the land to the Jhelom First Defense Blacksmith shop in Trammel. Free gates will be provided to Fel.
    Entry Fee - waived to all combatants using or wearing equipment made by an O.P.U.S. Blacksmith. All other entrants a small 500gp entry fee is all it takes to see if you are the toughest warrior in Baja. This is a one on one competition - each winner advancing to the next round. Only one heal allowed per round. No magic allowed. Events will be run simultaneously. Jousting on one side of the Pit, Archery & Swords on the other.

    Thank you and hope to see you there, Durrel of OPUS.

    Thank you Darrel, for this news.

    Posted on Friday, November 24, 2000, 3:43 PM EST by Sha-Bubu (Baja)

    Atlantic Summit of the CoM
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Attention all guilds and communities of the Atlantic shard! The following was posted under Community news concerning a grand event occuring on the Atlantic shard itself. All Atlantic citizens are invited to attend!

    Walking through downtown Moonglow, you spy a communication crystal hanging embedded in the stone block of the side of an old building. The crystal starts to shimmer and then glows a full brilliant green shedding its light on the cobblestones below. A deep, warm voice begins to emanate from the crystal and states the following which echos through the city:

    The Council of Mages, the intershard body politic of the faction by the same name is hosting a summit of all concerned citizens and members who wish to participate in a roundtable discussion of events that have occured as of late. Our organization is flourishing, and with such growth, more communication between leaders of our communities must occur. The goal of the Summit is to foster this communication and to break down the barriers which divide our people across shard boundaries. Great things have been occuring for the Council of Mages lately. Fantastical workings of the literary and inventive mind, magickal breakthroughs, new discoveries, tales and renderings boggling even the most imaginative minds have been forged with the unification of the Council.

    Our forces are growing steadily day by day, and our ranks are burgeoning with new recruits, mage and warrior alike who are illed by the absentee tyrant referred to as Lord British. The Council of Mages is becoming an organization not simply for mages or those of the magickal persuasion, but it is becoming a beacon of light for the trod upon and those disquieted by the misuses of power of Lord British has commited. Nystul and his destruction of our lands is one of the greatest farces of magick since Mondain's schemes for immortality. Would Nystul truly have us believe that Minax ordered her great armies to take their time in ripping all the leaves from the trees or planting skulls where there once were flowers? We cannot allow these unjustices to go unnoticed or uncontested. And so we stand against falsehood, and cowardice, and hate.

    Join us, this Saturday, November 25th at 9:30 pm. [EST] on the Atlantic shard for the 2nd Intershard Summit of the Council of Mages. The Summit itself will be held at the Council of Mages Headquarters, which is a Keep on ice island in Felucca. The Keep can only be accessed via recall or gate as it is built into the mountains and surrounded by monasteries of Moonglow. The rendezvous point for Felucca will be at the Scholar's Inn in Moonglow. The rendezvous point for visitors [making new characters] from other shards and those currently in Trammel will be at the Scholar's Inn in Moonglow Trammel. Gates to and from the Keep and facet gates will be provided by the Moonglow Town Council. A small booth will also be setup in Moonglow Felucca to outfit our visitors from other shards with proper clothing and colors if desired.

    Once again, all are welcome to attend this Summit and all are free to speak their peace at it. We even extend our hand to the True Britannians, Minaxians, and ShadowLords to sit in, provided no hostilities are presented at the Summit itself. Mages, warriors, and all folks from all paths of life are invited to this occasion. Together we are strengthened. Together we are fortified. Together... We Are United.


    Your Humble Servant,
    GreyPawn, Sage of Honesty, HoA
    Mayor of Moonglow
    2nd Seat, Council of Mages

    Thankye, GreyPawn, for this news.
    Posted on Friday, November 24, 2000, 11:42 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    The Dark Tower
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Darkness. Death. Decay. The cruel and inevitable passage of time. The unforgiving fate, the very doom which the Tower sought to bring to the decreped heretics of a blasphemous new era, the very harbinger of plague and disease, fallen to the fates, and now at the mercy of the gods. It was not long ago the Great War was fought. The unquenchable thirst of darkness filled with the lust of destruction as the legions of Minax consumed the lands of Britannia. Side by side, the Tower and Minax fought against a pestilence that had consumed the lands of Sosaria, and that had broken the ties of the dark brethren. Married by the same vows to end the reign of Lord British and to reclaim what was rightfully theirs, The Cabal and Na-Krul aided the generals of Minax. The battles were long and fierce, blood was spilt, and the souls of the pathetic heathens were claimed in the name of Darkness, in the name of the Tower. First in the South, Na-Krul led his minions of darkness against the newly sprung alliance of liberation, aiding the lich Juo’nar, and solidifying his reign by hunting down the paladin lackey Dupre. Then in the north, as the orcish hordes were fed by the hatred of their enemies, Lord Blackwolf conspired with Keeonean, bringing the downfall of Yew, and the raiding of Avalon. Victory was ours, and all fled from the might of the newly formed alliance of darkness. British was defeated, and the world was once again Sosaria, our Sosaria. There was never a time the Tower stood so proud, its walls filled with the satisfaction of blood shed, the spreading of enlightenment, and the boastful preaching of dark ones. The wails of the tormented echoed throughout it, the well of souls overflowed with the drunken rage of all who had felt the dark justice of Na-Krul, yet the void was still there, the need, the revenge. The lackeys of Virtue, the followers of British, the heathens that once stood against the Tower, they would not escape the wrath of a thousand years oppression. The forces of Darkness were once again called upon. The remaining forces of the alliance of virtue had gathered within Avalon, Na-Krul’s conquest had not yet been completed. Once again, Lord Blackwolf led his "ominous cloud of doom" towards the war-torn lands of the north…only to find defeat.

    Now, as night once again falls upon the Tower, the shadows of the past can again dance on our blood stained walls. The dim flickering light of the candle reveals the waste, the decay, and the illusion of the Dark Tower’s present grandeur as if mocking it with every gasp of air it can consume. The library is now barren and destroyed, its knowledge scattered to the Four Corners of the world. The once great pentacle, the very circle of ritual that accepted the blood of the innocents, empty and yearning for souls. The only sound now heard is the echoes of the ghostly apparitions haunting the present with the damnation of the past. This has become the fate of the Dark Tower. I can only mourn the fate that had befallen the once mighty legion of Darkness and the temple of Na-Krul. Abandoned and betrayed by the wench Minax, the forces of Lord Blackwolf were routed and slaughtered within the lands of the north. The very force that helped guide Minax to victory was left to rot as the overwhelming numbers crushed the then dwindling life of the Dark Tower. It was after the defeat the body of my master was discovered resting upon the great pentacle, his glorious arms stretched out embracing the death they yearned for. His hands were twisted like that of a daemon’s claw attempting to clutch the last bastion of power he had possessed. His chilling glare, staring into space as if beseeching the very heavens to reign a fiery death upon the world, finally satisfying his thirst for destruction. Na-Krul, my master, was dead…

    More to come…

    Arwyn Blackheart, Loremaster

    Thankye, Arwyn, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 11:17 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Happy Turkeyday!
    I'd just like to wish everyone out there a safe and good Turkeyday! May it be full of ... FOOD!!
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 7:14 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Come Join the UOSS Atlantic Shard Forum!
    Wondering where you can find a GM smith? Looking to share information about your guild? Want to know what others on your shard are doing when Factions come to Atlantic? Then join the UOSS Atlantic Shard Forum!

    The Atlantic Forum was designed to give players an opportunity to interract with each other, gather information and share their concerns about the state on the Atlantic Shard. Interested in checking it out? Then stop by and take a read of some of our current threads and join in the fray! You can find the Atlantic Forum here: UOSS Atlantic Forum

    New to the UOSS forums? A FAQ has been created to get you on the road to sharing your thoughts on a multitude of subjects. You can find that FAQ here: Frequently Asked Questions

    See you on the boards friends!

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 4:14 PM EST by Aleph Aeirs (Atlantic)

    A Meeting in Spiritwood - Warbozz Karth Defeated!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Hail Ye!

    Let me tell ye, what lead to the death of Warbozz Karth, leader of an orcish clan, hired by the evil gypsie Maia, who desperately seeks her revenge on Sardisha Li'Sant and of her sinister plans to get into her possession four ancient stones ... the Stone of Life, of Death, of Love and Hate.

    Knights guarding the road to Skara Brae while the the warriors of Spiritwood scout the areaIt began a few days ago, when Rilla, reading the future in this magic crystal ball of hers, foretold a marauding party of Orcs, lead by Karth, threatening the fair town of Spiritwood. It was the following day though, that I heard from King Talysman of the Eteral Knights of the Circle, that there was to be a meeting at the farms just east of Spiritwood. Of course I welcomed the famed Eteral Knights to aid us defending the town against the orcish hordes.

    It was a quite cold evening, that day, when we gathered our forces at the Custodes Fati tower to await the arrival of the knights. A many folk had gathered, some to have a look, but most came to join the defence of the town. It did nay take long, and the a many knights appeared from a gate originating in Trammel. Immediately we set out to man key positions around Spiritwood to hinder the orcish force from marching into town, while Spiritwood people scouted the surrounding area. Finally the first scouts were seen at the eastern fields, fought off though rather quickly by our superior forces.

    A battle is fought ...It was near the tournament fields though, where their main force attacked. Wave after wave they poured out of the woods, orcs along with their fierce mages, ettins and trolls began to surround us at the farms, while the panicked farmers fled and run fer their lives. A though battle was fought and a many brave warriors lay wounded, tend by their comrades, at the roadside, when suddenly Warbozz Karth appeared. It looked like if he wanted to talk to the gathered force, although the warriors' grief over their fallen friends was too much, and they simply attacked. Under heavy bowfire and magic spells, Karth withdrew into a farm building, where he was followed by King Talysman, Jordan Smythe and myself while the doors were guarded by heavily armed knights. 
    Apparently this was the arranged meeting, I thought, while I listened to Karth and Jordan who seemed to have an  understanding of sorts. Karth would deliver some maps in exchange for ... Sardisha Li'Sant ... "Sardisha?!", I thought, "Why would they dare to exchange her fer some maps?". I had no clue, but giving signs to my men, who stood nearby and preparing fer the worst, I continued to listen. Jordan though seemed nay interested in Karth's maps, but instead wanted the Heartstone in exchange fer Sardisha. Karth did nay agree on Jordan's terms though and persisted to stick to the original deal ... whatever that was. In the meantime Sardisha had entered the hut and silently stood at the door, watching the scene, which would decide on her faith. I studied her .... I met her on a few occasions and something seemed wrong with her. She didn't seem frightened, but determinate and watched the conversation silently.

    A meetingSuddenly, I just was lost in my thoughts about Sardisha, a fight broke loose within the small farm house. While warriors tried to force their way inside, a group of orcs stormed in from a backroom, where they probably stood ready fer a sign of Karth. Due to the limited space available and the sheer force of Karth and his minions the battle seemed to be lost ... in the end though, I do nay how or why we had stood our ground and Karth lay dead at the doorsteps. What happened then, I nay know fer sure, but I was told later, that Maia suddenly appeared, grabbed the Heartstone from Karth's body, laughing evily and vanished again. 

    On Karth blood smeared body a note was found though:

    To Karth by Maia Redhaeri

    You are to go to the farms in Skara. There a traitor will bring Sardisha to you. She must not be harmed at ALL costs. At least not until after I find out what I need to know sweetie.

    When you have her safely with you, have your troops kill the others, except for the one named Jordan Smithe. Him you will bring to me. Give him the five treasure maps, and also give him my thanks. I may have some ... use for him. If he betrays me, well you know the consequences of such a bad decision. His heart will be the only thing that makes it to me, eh?

    Now things became clearer fer me ... Maia seemed to have an agreement with Jordan Smythe to exchange Sardisha fer some treasure maps. Jordan though, along with King Talysman forged a clever plan to lure Karth into a trap and recover the Stone of Love. Not clever enough though, it seems, as I heard rumours of Maia plotting against Karth, who seemed to determinate to keep the stone fer himself. Apparently Maia used Jordan to lure Karth into a trap to get back the item of her desire ... the Heartstone.

    Pad O'Lion of Spiritwood

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 3:58 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Log of UOCC Chat with Tyrant posted
    The log of the UO Celebrity Chat with Gordon Walton, Vice President of Online Services, has been posted on the UO House of Commons website. Here's one of many questions answered during the chat:
    Soth - *C_JonSnow_Pac* How will we go about getting [UO:Third Dawn] beta clients?
    OSI_Tyrant - We will announce this in December. Watch your favorite web page (Stratics) and your email box as we will be announcing this far and wide and emailing the players also. You will be able to order it on the web for shipping and handling costs only ($4.95 in the USA). And it will be patchable to the final version, so you don't need to get the final version.
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 3:30 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    The Purple Rose Quest Part II and III
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye, people of Ravenmoor for sending in these reports:

    The Purple Rose Quest Part II

    Saturday 18 the adventurers started in the 'House of Vigilance' were they found a book written by Haltran, the leader of the Britannian Vigilance Organisation. They found in it, many explanations, and a riddle, leading to Haltran.

    "This is the tail of two coves,
    One with Vigilance, the other with no port.
    One with timber, the other with ore.
    If 'the scales' should falls you will find something 'holy'.

    The place located by this riddle was the Justice Shrine. There, they meet Haltran who explained what is the situation:

    "The Purple Rose Sect are demonists, their leader is unknown to me, but you have to find him, as he is the true danger! I know much of their activity, but I don't want to scare you, all you have to know is that peace, love and joy may disappear from Britannia if you don't stop them. They hide as merchants to gather the resources they need. To find out more, you have to grab information. I found a note about one of their meeting, it will be in Ravenmoor at 8:30pm GMT, but I don't know exactly where. Find their shop, and try to spy them, but be careful if they discover you, they will change their plan, and we will fail! All Britannia counts on you!

    After these few words, the adventurers departed to Ravenmoor and found the hide out of the Purple Rose. Their shop is located near the mountains south of Ravenmoor. Now, our brave souls need to spy them, to learn more about their intentions.

    On Sunday 19th the adventurers will have to spy the meeting to get more information, and maybe find a solution to the Quest.

    The Purple Rose Quest Part III

    This Sunday, the adventurers had to spy the Purple Rose meeting. Mira and Boromir were in the Dark Mage Lair, but they were very occupied here and there, which allowed the adventurers to hide inside the house. After a few minutes *grins*, they saw the Evil Durathor and a new enemy, WizWaz. They carefully listened to the four fiend conversation to learn that they plan to open a gate from Britannia to their own world of Chaos and Destruction.

    The ritual will be done on Saturday 26 at 8:00 PM GMT, but the place was only known by the Master. Hopefully, Durathor made a mistake and mentionned the Lycaeum. In Moonglow, the adventurers met Perpalnor, a guide who knows a lot about the town and its citizens. After several explanations and questions he directed them to a Small Tower in the woods. There, the adventurers found a map showing a small isle.

    With all their clues, they are now ready to stop the ritual! And, hopefully ... Save Britannia!

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 2:49 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Spiritwood Talent Show
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Shri fer sharing this information with us:

    Yes, you read that correctly, the bustling township of Spiritwood shall be holding yet another of its Talent Competitions in the splendid surrounds of the Spiritwood Theatre in the Clouds. Felucca facet.

    The event shall consist of displays of skill and artistry from all comers. Anyone may come along to take part, so long as they have prepared a short act to perform for the benefit of the audience. Acts must be no longer than fifteen minutes each and can take the form of literally anything.

    • Magic shows
    • Short plays
    • Songs
    • Comedy routines
    • Dance troops
    • Impersonations
    • Historical recreations
    • Cultural displays
    • Juggling
    • Acrobatics
    • Animal acts
    • Mind reading displays

    You name it .. whatever you can dream up and perform will be acceptable so long as 

    • No one is hurt
    • Nothing is stolen
    • No one is slandered

    There will be a special grand prize for best act!

    The event will be held on Sunday the 10th of December starting at 7 p.m. GMT, that's 20:00 CET. All are welcome.

    The town of Spiritwood can be easily found if you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the north-east and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. To the North of this you will find two Towers, the second one is the Spiritwood Town Hall and the Theatre in the Clouds is on the roof top. 

    So come along to take part, either to perform or simply to watch what promises to be an enjoyable evening's entertainment for all! 

    Shri, Consiliari of the Custodes Fati

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 2:31 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Spiritwood Newcomers Crafts Fair
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Shri fer sending in this announcement:

    The Spiritwood Newcomers Crafts Fair

    The good people of Spiritwood, in association with the United Merchants of Yew and the United Order of Artisans shall be hosting a Crafts Fair for newcomers to the lands of Sosaria on Wednesday the 6th of December, starting at 7 p.m. GMT, that's 20:00 CET

    The Crafts Fair shall be held in the Travel Agency in the New Spiritwood Region of Trammel. 

    If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in New Spiritwood. The large Villa at the end of the road is the Spiritwood Travel Agency. 

    This event is set out to be a big welcome to all those who are new to these lands. At the fair, you will find many Artisans who are Grand Masters in their fields who have volunteered their time for free on this special evening. You will also find a large supply of Raw Materials on hand, thanks to the good Merchants of Yew. 

    Need a GM weapon? Simply buy a few ingots from the merchants and find yourself a GM Smith who will gladly make it for you. 

    Need a new set of GM leather armour? Pick up some pieces of leather and find the GM tailor who will whip up a fine new suit up for you in no time at all. 

    Want some Greater Heal Potions? Gather the Reagents and bottles you need and find the GM Alchemist who will brew you up a lot while you wait!

    So why not come along and enjoy the good cheer and fine workmanship on hand as part of a big welcome to all the Young Players from the goodly folk of Spiritwood.

    See you there!

    Shri, on behalf of the Spiritwood Crafts Fair.

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 2:29 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    ImaTown Dance Contest!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in from Imatown
    This Friday night, Nov 24. 6 PM in ImaTown.

    There will be 2 categories of dancers couples, and single dancers.

    The contestants will be judged by the originality of their performance.

    The entry fee is a mere 1k. And there will be prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each category.

    If you don't know where ImaTown is you can find a map on the website

    It is not necessary to sign up in advance. Just show up and IrmaDufus or ImaBlond will get you signed up.

    Thankyou. *silently wishes he could dance worth a gold piece*
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 1:47 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Brigands Invading the Museum
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found this piece of news strangly sent to me inside of a beast someone called a turky. For those that speak orcish, please be kind to translate for us hummies.

    Ug hummies, shorties, elfs ub udders!
    Ga'Wen get womped wile ago at Mu'see'um ub me tel hummie half brudder Aubrey hem need tu get guards tu keep der hummie brig'nds out ub der Mu'see'um. So haf brudder say me be in ch'rge ub der hummie staff. Me hir'd dim hummie guards tu stan in der do'rw'y. Suun me seez dem hummie brig'nds come bak ub dem der guard nub let dem in! Me be stan'in in der doorw'y laffin at der hummie brig'nds. Me turn roun' ub lift kilt tu muun dem wit der uruk hiney. Den me fin'd out dem Brig'nds c'n shuut pointy arrows tru dem doors! Me nub be sit'n down fer while!

    Me nub pay dem guards tu well so dem be sell'n stuff dat me "find" tu make muny. Yu hummies dat com tu see dat Mu'see'um yu buy dat thingies fum dem so dem c'n eet! Now der be der ven'der in der Mu'see'um Gift shop ub at der Happy Orc Tavern un der ruuf. Dem hab mor thingines ub dem ebry day. Me luuking tu capture...ur... me mean hire mor ub dem hummie ven'ders suun!

    Ga'Wen Half Orc
    D'rect'r ub der Pers'nel

    Ith'unk translates:
    Greetings humans, dwarves and elves with udders (elvish cows?).

    I, Ga'wen Half-Orc, was killed while at the Museum of Brittania, so I suggested to my half-brother, Aubrey Gawen, that he needed to hire some gaurds to keep the brigands out of his museum. My dim-witted half brother asked me to take charge of the human staff. So, I hired some guards to stand in the doorway of the museum. When the brigands returned, the guards would not let them in. I stood in the doorway and laughed. I mooned them, but, alas, I learned the hard way that some brigands are archers. Sitting may be a problem for a few days.

    In order to make the guards self-sufficient, I have asked them to sell items. All of you are welcome to visit the museum and but things from them so they can eat. There is also a human hired to work in the Happy Orc Tavern on the roof. I am also looking to capture... er... hire more human venors soon.

    Yours truly,Ga'Wen Half Orc Personel Director, Museum of Brittania

    Thanks for the news!
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 1:38 PM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    The Creation of a New Realm
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Here is a fresh scoop sent in to me with the Holiday Feast.

    Hail Travelers,
    The Guardians of the Realm are pleased to announce the opening of "The Enclave" to the public. The Enclave is a small player run community located on the tranquil plain north of Minoc. We currently have a Castle, Keep, and Tower open for public use. All the areas of the Enclave are open to all citizens for their use at any time.

    The Community Hall located in the Tower has an extensive Rune Library, a sumptuous Banquet Hall, The Bent Bow Tavern, and a Ceremonial Area on the Roof. The Ceremonial area can be used for weddings, or large group gatherings.

    The Inn of GoR located in the Keep has display cases containing relics and items collected during the Guardian's travels across the lands of Britannia. The Inn has many rooms that weary travelers may use to rest before continuing their journeys

    The Castle is the oldest building in the Enclave, and it is used for the Towne Centre. The different areas of the castle are set up to be used as work areas, with each craft having it's own area. There is a sewing room, a smithy's forge and anvil, a baker's mill and oven, and a mages work shop. There is a bubbling fountain on the West walkway of the second level. And let's not forget the dining room, located on the second floor that is fit for a king.

    We invite any of our fellow citizens to stop by The Enclave when ever you find yourself in the region, pull up a stool and have a drink and maybe swap a few stories with the other visitors.

    DarkHorse & Sorna, Founders of "The Enclave"

    The Enclave is located on the Trammel Facet at 128o 40' N 87o 32' E.
    Thanxs for the information you two and everyone keep sending in your news.

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 1:08 PM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    The Firm Hosts a Fundraising Event
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This in from Anna of the Firm.

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

    British, The Firm , School for the Young, is holding a fundraiser event this coming Saturday November 25,2000.

    The following events will take place:

    6pm Teachers Auction

    1. All BTF teachers will be up for bid
    2. Bidding begins at 1000gp
    3. The teacher will be yours to command till midnight
    4. Teachers who are bought will begin their duties at 8pm

    7pm Horse Wash

    Been riding that same horse for months on end? Notice that white horse is not so white anymore? Well time to bath your beloved mount.

    1. there will be a line formed outside the castle for all those wishing to have their mounts washed
    2. a complete wash and dry is only 100gp per horse

    8pm Dance

    A Dance will he held at the castle, so break out those dancing shoes and come dance the night away.
    Food and drinks will be provided.

    There will be more events and lots of fun to be had. All proceeds of this fundraiser will go to helping the new young’s of the realm. Donations are always welcome.

    The Firm is located In Yew at 59o 9’N, 34o 18w . [Trammel] Gates will be provided from the Abby to the school.

    Evil luck to ye and the Firm.

    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 10:31 AM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Opening of Jollier's Faire Grounds
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    This poster was found pasted up all around town this morning:

    Come One! Come All!

    To the Grand Opening of Jollier's Faire Grounds, this Friday night, November 24th at 8pm under the central skies. For your pleasure, a troupe of your fellow citizens will provide a performance of 'The Rustics Play' from Shakespeare's "A Midusmmer Night's Dream" under the Direction of Elder Zianna.

    Mister Jollier himself will be on hand to greet guests. Come and enjoy many activities on the newly built, state of the art grounds. The Faire will be open through the weekend.

    Directions for Travellers: The faire grounds are located on the mainland, east of Skara Brae on the Trammel Facet of the Great Lakes shard. Take the ferry from Skara Brae (tell the ferryman 'I wish to cross'), then head directly east on the road, then north to a large pot of earth behind a farm house. Sextant Coordinates are 47o,38'S, 35o.26'W
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 4:40 AM EST by Nephalia D'laine (GreatLakes)

    Havenwood Raffle Off
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Cha-ching! Big money! Big money!
    Interesting Notice for all Gamblers-
    Havenwood will be having a raffle off Sunday at 5:30.[Pm,Est] Each ticket will be 500 gold pieces to purchase, and the winner will get the pot, if not enough people enter, the raffle money will be donated by myself to the winner so that it is a worth while prize.

    Talimor deMonte'
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 1:35 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Haven Thanksgiving Feast
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Nice quick announcement for a feast in Haven:
    This coming thursday night, on Thanksgiving, I will be hosting a feast in the Mystic Lake Tavern. There will be a contest and a vendor will be in place for you to buy tickets. The grand prize in the contest will be a full set of valorite plate armor. There will also be free food and games from 4:00pm EST to 6:00pm EST. Anyone from Haven is welcome to attend.
    Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2000, 1:32 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Shadowlord Speech at the Yew Faction Meeting
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    During the meeting of Yew about the Factions Arjuna of Shagei appeared and delivered a speech on behalf of the Shadowlords. "Hail Honored People of Yew. I am Arjuna of Shagei, Shadow Archer of the Shagei Warriors, Stealth Archer Division of the Shadowlord Faction.

    I Ask you this what do you know of us, the Shadowlords? Did you hear we were a splinter group of the Malevolent Minaxians? Did you hear we were Chaotic Murderers of old? Did you hear we were Evil? What led you to these, in my opinion preposterous, conclusions? Did you assume that because our title includes the word Shadow that we must be some evil, malevolent upstarts? Or did you happen to read this in your histories? I think that it is more likely the later for the People of Yew are an intelligent group of citizens. I'm going to let you in on a profound truth,.

    History is written by the Victors!!
    Well maybe that is not too profound but many forget it regardless. It has come time for the Shadowlords to be known throughout Sosaria for what we are and I have taken it upon myself to inform you of this Truthful history.

    Well in the past there was one world, Sosaria. In this world many a benevolent ruler lived spreading happiness, joy and prosperity throughout out their realms. However, there was one who grew discontented and vied for power. His name was Mondain. After many years he set upon conquering the world and did so. Then came the "stranger", who came to Sosaria and destroyed Mondain. Many believed that the "Stranger" disappeared; this however is not so. The "stranger" felt he was better than all of the previous lords of the lands, and usurped the Lands of Sosaria for his own. He removed the lords of land and title then set them to the quarries and woods to create a city unrivaled by any other, and named this city after himself. The Lord "Stranger" then set the former rulers off into the wilds, forever hunted. When the Guardian spirits came and truly split the world into innumerable "shards", the Lord "Stranger" committed a greater act of conceit and changed the name of Sosaria to that of Britannia.

    The lords who had been bred to serve the land and the people could not stand idly by so they did what they could to aid them and nurture the people while simultaneously keeping out of sight, not rising to great stature but doing the deeds that needed doing. When Minax rose to power a few years ago many a young lord tried to use Lord British's temporary weakness and regain power. Seeing this Lord British set his court reporters on a smear campaign to link the Shadowlords with Minax. This lowly tactic worked only too well and after a short bout the lords were forced once more into concealment and obscurity.

    In recent years the Lord British and the mage Nystul further divided the lands by creating Trammel. Now let's talk about the factions. The Commanders of Lord British's forces forced a coup and exiled him to Trammel . The True Brittanians are just that, they are militaristic dictators who tread slovenly upon the hard work, sweat, tears and blood of the citizens of Sosaria. The Council of Mages sit in their lofty towers in an elitist oligarchy priding themselves on their cunning and guile. And the Minaxians are mindless slaves of a ruthless maniacal tyrant.

    We are the Shadowlords for we are the true Lords of the land, who have been forced to hide in the shadows for many centuries aiding when we could hiding when we couldn't.

    Do you Fellow citizens, wish to join with the Brittanian Dicators, the Council of Deciet or Mindless Minaxians?
    I beseech you, the citizenry of Yew and all of Sosaria to join us in reclaiming the land in the name of all virtues to end this tyranny and return balance to the world.'

    Thankye, Arjuna of Shagei, for this news.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 11:20 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Grimoire Fight Nights
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Friday Night Event at Grimoire Arena.
    Friday November 24 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    Gladiator Bar Fight, Sponsored by DeamonKnight! NO ENTRY FEE! Last fighter standing wins 15K gps.

    Here are the rules:
    · The Grimoire staff will scatter weapons, armor, potions, and bandages on the arena floor. Contestants will start the battle naked and will arm themselves with what they can pick up.
    · No magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons are allowed, so please come naked and leave your valuables at home or in the bank. Grimoire staff will not hold items for contestants so PLEASE leave your items at home or in the bank. Gates will be provided to town when the event is over.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure
    everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · Grimoire staff reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event.
    · Contestants who are perma-banned for any reason will forfeit their chance to fight.
    · If you leave the arena and you fail to return before the event/match begins, you forfeit your chance to fight.
    · If a contestant loses connection during the event, he/she will forfeit
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.
    · To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. NO LATE ENTRIES. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Hope to see you there =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 7:28 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    All’s Well That Ends...Dead pt. 3

    Cold, dark and home of former undead wizards who roam the halls as liches.

    We tumbled through the gate and ended up smack dab in the middle of this vast dungeon. As Sara spoke unfamiliar words of dark magic, my sweaty palms gripped the hilt of a katana. The others around me were surveying their surroundings. Knowing this was the calm before the storm.

    I found ArthurK and Alvien at my side. We pledged to stick together no matter what. Back to back facing our foes. I think this early plan is what saved our lives.

    As strange lights swirled around Sara a howling wind blew through the dungeon. We tried to yell above it, but there was no use. Stepping out from that wind were the guardians.

    They came at us tooth and claw, a red rage in their eyes. I saw men torn asunder before me. Ripped into tiny shreds. Suddenly, I was hit and felt dazed for a moment, blood stinging my eyes. Helping hands came my way as ArthurK gave me a rag and held off the fury while I regained my composure.

    Once I did, I saw the dead bodies already littering the floor. Or should I say...body parts.

    Tremain was close to us and I could almost read his lips as the words Corp Por passed across them. Alvien came up with a brilliant idea to shove the guardians over the edge of where we were fighting and destroy them from above. This worked very well as a rain of hell showered their disgusting bodies.

    One by one we lured them down and blew them apart. When it was over there was a moment of silence.

    I felt it before I saw it...a cold shadow that eclipsed any warmth in that dungeon. My armor grew cold as if I was on Ice Island buried in the snow. Slowly, I turned and saw it looming before us...The Harvester of Souls.
    It was nasty ugly with huge bulging muscles that made it seemed like a deformed bodybuilder. A hushed silence descended upon the heroes. Waiting for it to make a move. That wait seemed like an eternity as it just stood there. It seemed to be staring at Tremain’s cursed sword.

    Sara spoke first. “It has manifested itself permanently now that we have killed the guardians. There is no need to find sacrifices now.” She laughed. “Thank you Tremain, I couldn’t have done it without you!”

    Tremain was clearly puzzled for a moment, but then soon realized Sara’s turn about from evil to good was just a ruse. Betrayal burned like hot acid on the tongue.

    “Now the Harvester is mine to control.” Sara was almost giddy with pleasure at seeing our horrified faces. “You pathetic fools, especially you Tremain. I was so sick of your moping about your family. It’s enough to make a girl sick! Well, prepare to meet them you sorry sack of bones!”

    Tremain’s voice was steady and betrayed none of the fear that he must have been feeling. “If the Harvester is yours to control then do it. Control the beast.” He held tight to his cursed sword.

    Sara sneered. “And so I shall foolish man.” Turning to the beast she commanded it to kill...and so it did.

    I didn’t feel much watching her corpse lying there. I guess sometimes people get stuck. Treading down the same path. Slowly moving downward in lazy circles until they hit rock bottom. Sometimes they snap out of it and other times they die. This was the latter.

    The daemon, having torn Sara apart just stood there as if it didn’t know what to do next. It was an abomination in the land. We couldn’t let it live. So, Tremain hit it with the first blow of his cursed sword and we all took turns attacking the beast...bringing it down. It was done without emotion. Without anger or fear. Just a job to be done.

    And then when the beast roared its death knell an amazing white light seeped from it wounds. We watched the souls it had trapped shoot upwards into the sky. Like a million lanterns suddenly flickering on.

    You could almost see faces in the lights and I watched Tremain. He was silently weeping. Finally his family could rest. Tremain's pain and obsession was draining out of him with each second.

    I wish I could say I saw the faces of a wife and children in that brightness, but I didn’t. My heart told me they were there though.
    In case any of you are interested, after it was all over I personally helped Tremain smelt down the cursed armor and sword. An artifact like that should never get into the wrong hands.

    In the doorway of the armory we shook and thanked each other. As I took my leave I wondered what would become of the former paladin.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 7:09 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Shabum's Circus Opening on Thursday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Carl sent us the following information :
    Hi there,

    I was standing at the Britain bank yesterday when i saw Shabum and a crazy jester named Babil aproaching. I spoke with them and they were announcing the first performance of the circus, this thursday 23rd November. Starting time is 9pm CET (8pm GMT, 3pm EST).


    Great news ! I hope to see many of you there !
    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 6:37 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Sociological Essay on the UO Playerbase
    Primoz Dolzan, a student from the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) posted an invitation on the Drachenfels board to go read the result of his sociological essay focused on the UO playerbase.

    Members of the Drachenfels Community helped by answering his questions, and it certainly is worth a read ! Go read it here !

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 6:03 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (CommunityNews)

    The Great Crystal Summoned To Guide Our Army!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    It is now only a matter of days before the forces of evil will begin their onslaught and a war will rage like none seen before it. The EUROPA Sosarian Senate were informed that panic was already starting and that a way to guide the EUROPA TRUE BRITANIANS was needed.

    The defenders of good needed a unifying symbol that could also direct their efforts each day and prevent a scene of confused headless chickens......

    So the mighty White Wizards & most Learned Socerors met and together summoned a Great Crystal! The senate can now let all defenders of good know how best to serve our cause through the changeing colours of the cystal, each of which have a special meaning.

    The crystal could be viewed through a magic word and the first word was:

    Realising that sinsister agents of evil will also gain access to the cystal, it was decided to change the magic word & only those registered by the Senates scribes from and are confirmed as enrolled in the EUROPA TRUE BRITANIANS will receive it.

    We plea for all good citizens to aid the cause of Lord British now.!..there are so many ways to help even if you cannot fight! Join the Senate to debate strategy and maintain our various departments or aid our troops with supplies or defend the castle as a blue citizen!

    Please visit to register.

    The EUROPA Sosarian Senate Thankye, ESS, for this news.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 2:29 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (TestCenter)

    Yew Factions Meeting Tonite at 7pm
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hail Citizenry of Yew and Sosaria. <> On November 22 at 7 pm there will be a meeting of Yew-based guilds to discuss Factions and their effect upon the Community. This meeting will be at the Court of Justice in Historic Brittania (Felucca).

    All are invited to come.

    Hercules, Knight of the Old Guard, Clan Moor

    Thankye, Hercules, for this news. It looks some groups will have back to back faction meetings tonite. Good luck to you all.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 2:03 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    What Are They Up Too?
    I have quite a tale to tell, friends...

    Earlier this morning, while doing my usual mining rounds throughout the southern Trinsic mountains, I heard a strange and distant sound. Being the curious fellow/fool that I am, I went to investigate. As I got closer, the sounds became more distinct.. clearly snake or lizard-like. It appeared to be emanating from somewhere inside of the mountains, so carefully I made my way around toward the waterfall to see what I could find. The sounds grew louder, no longer was it a single voice but a large, chanting group.


    I quickly turned my head upwards to find a lone lizardman drinking from the waterfall, positioned atop a large boulder. I was in for more then I had bargained for; Crouching, I hide behind a small pile of rocks.

    Still, the sounds grew louder, they were making there way through the tunnel! I would surely be discovered. Hoping the lone lizardman would not catch sight of me, I dashed North toward the city of Trinsic. Before crossing into the woods I glanced back to see their progress.. Just coming out of the tunnel was a tall, staff-carrying lizardman, apparently a Sorcerer.

    Over the past months I've heard many a story about the abduction of some fellow, by the name of Cheebatoke. I fear this may very well be Tsythisus, the lizardman they speak of. It is hard to tell what these fiends are planning; Another abduction ? And, if so, a greater question - For what purpose ?

    Even there motive for Cheebatoke's abduction remains a mystery, let us all hope for the best.


    Sir Dekoord, Trinsic miner.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 1:21 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Theatrical Premiere To Open New Skara Brae Fairground!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    An excerpt from A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM by William Shakespeare will be presented on Friday, November 24th at 8pm central, to celebrate the opening of the Fairgrounds near Skara Brae in Trammel. All are encouraged to attend and enjoy this new addition to our community.

    A generous benefactor, one Mr. Andrew Jollier of Magincia (old family money I hear), has afforded the citizens of Britania a wonderful gathering place where grand festivals may be held. Craftspeople from all over Sosaria have contributed their skills and resources to build Mr. Jollier's dream.

    In this past week, brave warriors and wizards have defended the very ground of the construction site from the evil clutches of the ancient liche Devon D’Clar. As a descendant of Roberta and Locke MacLeod -- whose souls were tormented by this evil presence when their eternal slumber was disturbed by the construction -- I thank the many citizens who brandished swords and spells to defeat the liche and put the spirits to rest.

    So, please join us Friday night when the fairgrounds are scheduled to be complete and christened with a stellar production of the bard's classic comedy: A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM. (The new fairgrounds are located by taking the ferry from the town of Skara Brae in Trammel, and heading directly east, then north to a large plot of earth seen on your map, 47o,38'S, 35o.26'W )

    Recent news on the Fairgrounds and activities surrounding the construction can be found here:

    Philanthropist to Graciously Build Fairgrounds Near Skara Brae

    Skara Brae Fairground Construction Underway

    Ancient Graveyard Found on Western Edge of Skara Brae Fairgrounds!

    Fairgrounds Near Completion

    Bringing the spirits to rest!

    Hope to see you there!

    Skye MacLeod, The Unruled

    The Ferrys' are the lil' cute boats located at the ends of the Skara Brae docks. Their sides are always open. Just walk aboard and say "cross" to go to the other side.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 1:12 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Oceania Times Issue #6
    The Oceania Times has completed another issue, volume 6. This issue includes the new "People's Choice Awards". While I dont know all the details, you can read up about it here

    Looks like fun, be sure to have a gander :o)

    Sha'mad Conde

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 5:21 AM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Spyte the Knife and the Orb of Soul Seeking
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This report comes to us from Niamb Goldenhair of Edinburgh, regarding the relic known as the Orb of Soul Seeking...

    Yesterday, our village of Edinburgh withstood a series of vicious attacks, which continued throughout the day. Most of the attacks centered about the Orb of Soul Seeking, which had removed itself from the Edinburgh mine to our coast. There it lay, on the spot where Ursula's corpse had been found. Late in the afternoon, Scaramandine II appeared, attempting to cast some sort of spell over the artifact, again saying "Eh Loh Kla Teh." He failed in his efforts to gain control of the Orb, however, and left in frustration, promising attacks that evening. With his departure, a massive spawn of brigands appeared which was beaten back only with great loss of life.

    A vigil formed about the Orb, late into the night. At one point, a huge spawn of swamp tentacles formed about the Orb. Again, the evil ones were beaten back, but with a heavy toll. Telos Agralia and his brother Zahrn tried variations of Scaramandine's spell upon the Orb of Soul Seeking, for Scar had said his words of power were hidden, but to no avail. Tymaron suggested a mass spell by all the villagers, said together, with all aligned in a prescribed way, might be able to destroy the orb. The words of power are not known, however, nor the proper alighnment that would be needed. Tymaron said he had heard this is how the various moongates of our land were formed. Telos seeks to meet with Anton to aquire the knowlege of what these words of power might be.

    As the witching hour approached and our numbers were lessened, as humble folks took to their beds to prepare for the labors of the next day, Spyte the Knife appeared. I know not how he did it, but Spyte somehow was able to pick up the Orb of Soul Seeking and place it in his pack, fleeing south along the coast. Villagers gave pursuit, but the man eluded them.

    In a sense I am relieved, for this threat is removed from Edinburgh, yet I fear its power is such that now all the people of Britainnia are threatened. Let us pray, each to our own god or goddess, for the wisdom we shall need to overcome this threat which hangs over our land. I fear an object of such power in the hands of a scoundrel such as Spyte.

    Research indicates that Spyte the Knife received an enchanted suit of verite as reward for betraying the daemon Tishba'al, his former master, in early October. This particular armor was said to be crafted from strange metals taken from a meteor, and was able to nullify the effects of the Orb.

    This would explain how Spyte was able to walk away with the relic in his possession, without suffering any ill effects.

    There is speculation that Spyte may be in league with the Necromari, his greed allowing them to coerce him to their side, as with Tishba'al, but this remains unclear. Suspicions that Spyte is working on his own accord also run rampant, whether by initial design or realization that his present employer could be forced to pay more.

    Perhaps the Orb and armor could be purchased from Spyte for the right price? His greed has been his apparent motivation in every dealing as of late, and this weakness may be able to be exploited.

    What of Scaramandine II, and the Necromari? If they hired Spyte, then the Orb is perhaps now in their possession. And apparently, they are close to discovering the power words needed to unlock its secrets; although "Eh Loh Kla Teh" failed, the fact they are trying some combination is a clear indication they have access to information we don't.

    It is said that whoever controls the power of the Orb of Soul Seeking commands a power unmatched; this grave warning must not be taken lightly, lest we all face a peril unknown.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 2:11 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    2nd Summit of the Council of Mages
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<GreyPawn sent us this:

    Walking through downtown Moonglow, you spy a communication crystal hanging embedded in the stone block of the side of an old building. The crystal starts to shimmer and then glows a full brilliant green shedding its light on the cobblestones below. A deep, warm voice begins to emanate from the crystal and states the following which echos through the city:

    The Council of Mages, the intershard body politic of the faction by the same name is hosting a summit of all concerned citizens and members who wish to participate in a roundtable discussion of events that have occured as of late. Our organization is flourishing, and with such growth, more communication between leaders of our communities must occur. The goal of the Summit is to foster this communication and to break down the barriers which divide our people across shard boundaries. Great things have been occuring for the Council of Mages lately. Fantastical workings of the literary and inventive mind, magickal breakthroughs, new discoveries, tales and renderings boggling even the most imaginative minds have been forged with the unification of the Council.

    Our forces are growing steadily day by day, and our ranks are burgeoning with new recruits, mage and warrior alike who are illed by the absentee tyrant referred to as Lord British. The Council of Mages is becoming an organization not simply for mages or those of the magickal persuasion, but it is becoming a beacon of light for the trod upon and those disquieted by the misuses of power of Lord British has commited. Nystul and his destruction of our lands is one of the greatest farces of magick since Mondain's schemes for immortality. Would Nystul truly have us believe that Minax ordered her great armies to take their time in ripping all the leaves from the trees or planting skulls where there once were flowers? We cannot allow these unjustices to go unnoticed or uncontested. And so we stand against falsehood, and cowardice, and hate.

    Join us, this Saturday, November 25th at 9:30 pm. [EST] on the Atlantic shard for the 2nd Intershard Summit of the Council of Mages. The Summit itself will be held at the Council of Mages Headquarters, which is a Keep on ice island in Felucca. The Keep can only be accessed via recall or gate as it is built into the mountains and surrounded by monasteries of Moonglow. The rendezvous point for Felucca will be at the Scholar's Inn in Moonglow. The rendezvous point for visitors [making new characters] from other shards and those currently in Trammel will be at the Scholar's Inn in Moonglow Trammel. Gates to and from the Keep and facet gates will be provided by the Moonglow Town Council. A small booth will also be setup in Moonglow Felucca to outfit our visitors from other shards with proper clothing and colors if desired.

    Once again, all are welcome to attend this Summit and all are free to speak their peace at it. We even extend our hand to the True Britannians, Minaxians, and ShadowLords to sit in, provided no hostilities are presented at the Summit itself. Mages, warriors, and all folks from all paths of life are invited to this occasion. Together we are strengthened. Together we are fortified. Together...
    We Are United.

    Your Humble Servant,
    GreyPawn, Sage of Honesty, HoA
    Mayor of Moonglow
    2nd Seat, Council of Mages

    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 12:19 AM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    Dawn Tournament for Merchants
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was sent to us by Wildstar:
    Dawn's Tournament for Merchants

    The Kingdom of Dawn will be hosting its first Dawn's Tournament for Merchants on Sunday, November 26, 2000, starting at 6 PM PST. It will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn which is located east of Dungeon Wrong, Felucca facet. The events and rules are below:



    The contestants will have 30 minutes to get as much logs/boards as possible from the trees in the nearby area. You will drop the logs/boards at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


    The contestants will have 30 minutes to mine as much ore as possible from the nearby mountains. You will drop the ore at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.



    Non GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Plate Helms as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Plate Chests as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting, strength or bless spell, or strength potions allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


    Non GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Writing Desk as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will examine the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Quarter Staff as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


    Non GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many One Piece Female Armor Leather with Brown as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    GM Division

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Studded Leather Tunic as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Bowcrafting (Non GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Heavy Crossbows as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Bowcrafting (GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Heavy Crossbows as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will examine the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Pre-registration for the crafting events is requested. Questions and pre-registration can be emailed to Wildstar.

    Thank you Wildstar for this news.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 22, 2000, 12:09 AM EST by Sha-Bubu (Baja)

    UO featured in Gamespot RPG.
    Ultima Online is featured in GameSpot's Online RPG Week. The feature includes a 3-page interview with producer Rick Hall.

    -Andrew Park
    Managing Editor, GameSpot General Feedback

    Thank's Andrew for this announcment.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 8:11 PM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    True Britannians Public Rally Wed. 9pm
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    A page dressed in a white surcoat with dark crimson trim and accessories approaches the town billboard. He carries a scroll which he unrolls and promptly tacks to the board before dashing off. You approach with interest and note the title, "True Britannians Unite!" over the shoulders of others already reading. A small crowd begins to gather & their chatter over the notice adds to Britains' existing hum. You manage to edge yourself in closer and begin to read


    A Public Rally for The True Britannians will be held Wednesday, November 23rd at 9pm Eastern at the Fortress of Light Castle in Trammel on the Artic Isle.

    The Stormguards of Stormhaven S*G, have long sworn fealty to the crown, Lord British in the lands of Felucca and Trammel. Whispers of Civl War ride the winds and Independence of the throne is being declared by many. Long have we awaited for the throne in Trammel to issue a their claim of the Felucca stone as still the crown's and denounce those who would denounce British, yet the Trammel crown remains silent. The Stormguards being true Brits believe it their duty and honor to yet hold the Felucca throne secure. If British truely has released his claim upon it then we are still bound to hold it for a worthy and rightful King or the return of British. We will not see it fall to those who melign the light, justice and the virtues. We will not permit an unjust leader for the sake of power and greed hold our precious throne and rule. We call now upon all True Britannians to unite!

    If you be true to your beloved city and lands then join us. If you are yet undecided join us and learn the true path. For honor, for the throne, for Britannia!

    (Coordinates to the FOL castle are 119.5'N & 169.53'W)
    A rune to the castle is locked down at the Stormhaven Town Hall in Trammel.
    A map to the town hall can be located at the Stormguards of Stormhaven scroll page just follow the Stormhaven link for the map.

    TRUE BRITANNIANS IT IS TIME TO UNITE! Let us join our strengths now and organize to preserve our way of life, our virtues and our throne in Felucca!

    The Stormguards of Stormhaven

    Please contact Lady Lipstick at [email protected] with questions.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Lady Lipstick of the Stormguards of Stormhaven

    Thankye, Lady Lipstick, for this news.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 8:09 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    A quick hello from a new reporter.
    Hello everyone, I am Dariuas, a long time player of Ultima Online. A bit about myself. I've played UO since Febuary of 98. I started out curious, and not to sure if I was going to stay with the game, though after about a month, I relized this was the next best thing to Nintendo. So, for the past two and a half years. I've been playing. I've got every intention of staying with Ultima Online until what ever happens to prevent me from playing, happens. Well, that is it from me.
    Take Care
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 7:56 PM EST by Dariuas (CommunityNews)

    Jinx goes UO World Faire
    Jinx posted The Huge, Gigantic UO Faire Overview (Or: How To Waste Two Days in Austin with Weird People) on his site. Pretty good stuff to read :)
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 6:32 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Miss Drachenfels Contest 2000
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail All!

    The second annual Miss Drachenfels Contest will be held on Sunday, December 10 at 18:00 MET at the main hall of the Lycaeum in Moonglow. Hannington, organisor of Miss Drachenfels Contest 2000, asks that you visit the official Miss Drachenfels 2000 site for more information. As last was the case last year, the most beautiful women on the Drachenfels shard will compete for this coveted title. "The most important thing about the event," writes Hannington, "is that is is in both German and English." Indeed, it is refreshing to hear of a multi-lingual event!

    Go with the Virtues!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 3:18 PM EST by Rock (Drachenfels)

    New @ Stratics
    Want to know what's new to the Stratics Network? Read on to find out!
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 2:15 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    BNN - Kazari’s Brother Arrested

    And now for the latest news from BNN:

    We were vigilant. We were ready. The assault lead by Kazari could start any moment. We felt it in our bones. The air was sizzling with tension. 

    Suddenly it began. Not Kazari, but his brother Reynaud Wyndyar rampaged through Moonglow on the Trammel facet. With him, hundreds and hundreds of evil wizards in two distinct groups, identified by the color of their robes - scarlet or cobalt blue. We fought a terrible battle. Many died while Reynaud laughed at our effort, saying that his brother would capture Moonglow on the Felucca facet any moment now, and that we too would fall. We doubled our efforts as we grouped and moved in to kill the evil wizards who were butchering men, women and children alike. 

    All of a sudden a group of brave heroes decided that Reynaud’s rampage had lasted long enough. They grouped together and surrounded Reynaud, battling with him in his fury until they finally wrested him to the ground, and placed him under arrest. With Reynaud arrested, the mages stopped attacking; without their general they made no move. 

    Reynaud was dragged deep into the Yew Prison and was locked away. While Reynaud was sobbing over his capture he yelled that his brother Kazari would free him, and that he would have all our heads. We laughed. Reynaud was locked safely away. 

    I rushed out to contact a guard about our prize capture. The guard quickly arrived at the Yew prison, stating that Reynaud would be put on trial for his crimes against the people of Moonglow. 

    He stated that the trial would take place on the 15th of November in the Judgement Hall within the Yew prison. 

    The guard appointed Yoldran, the mayor of Moonglow in charge of appointing a judge and forming a jury. We were very happy to see Reynaud Wyndyar away. It cannot be long before we defeat his brother, the vile Kazari.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:28 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Russian Roulette at the Morning Star Tavern
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye, people of Morningstar for sending in this announcement:

    Adventurers, would you face the unknown? Have you the courage to take a leap of faith? Then join us in the Morning Star Tavern for the ultimate dare!

    Calling all warriors, mages, bards, in fact anyone who wishes to help us in this quest. The elder mage of Morning star town (who's name I shall not mention) was sent to collect runes for the library. On his way home he was waylaid by an inn sign, and somehow got all the runes mixed up in the bag. The problem is, none are marked and whilst one of them leads to a red chest containing 20K, others lead to certain death in the deepest dungeons in the land!

    The question now adventurers is... Do you have the courage to blindly recall on a rune, knowing not what lays beyond?

    The rules are very simple, for 500gp purchase a rune from the Morning Star tavern this Friday, 24th November, 9pm gmt. On the signal, recall to that location and you may be lucky enough to find yourself 20K richer! On the other hand, you could be facing certain death. More details are on the website at or contact Shia ICQ 11720576

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:18 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Reynaud Wyndyar's Trial
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    This is the report of the Trial of Reynaud Wyndyar. Thank ye Yoldran for sending in this report:

    Last Wednesday, the trial for Reynaud Wyndyar was held in the Court of Truth near Yew. Under the eyes of judge Michael, the prosecutor Kabach Cryonax (town constable of Moonglow) tried to convince the 12 membered jury of the crimes of Kazari's brother. 

    The charges were: waging war against Moonglow and leading troops in this battle.

    The prosecutor brought forth 3 witnesses: Kailel Moonbow, Lord Boromir and Yang Lao Hwang who testified about how Reynaud attacked the town and brought death and destruction. In the picture below, you can see Lord Boromir as witness.

     The Councilor of Defense - the well known Rupert Cort - countered with two character witnesses named Shade, an old time friend of the defendent, and Nicole Darkhearth. Both stating the good character of Reynaud and that he had never done anything evil. The following picture shows Ruper Cort. 

    He also made the witnesses of the prosecutor state that they never hear Reynaud actually command troops in this battle with words.

    After the hearing of the witnesses, the jury went in a closed room to discuss. After some time they returned and judge Michael asked how they decided on both charges. The jury spoke Reynaud free of leading the attacks, however guilty on taking part in them. 

    Judge Michael thus imposed the sentence over Reynaud to get stripped off his posessions and being exiled from Britannia forever. The picture below shows the end of the trial with part of the sentence.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:14 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Lycaeum Academy Courses
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Yoldran for this announcement:

    (Tuesday - November 21th) Gerneral Engagement Rules:
    On 8pm GMT (21:00 CET) Blitz will present his course "General Engagement rules". 
    This course is a must for all young warriors. You will get a picture on how to deal with different enemies and which weapons to choose for them. Information on healing as well as weapon lore will be provided. This course is held in the Lycaneum on Moonglow island on Trammel. 

    (Wednesday - November 22nd:) Blacksmithing:
    On 8pm GMT (21:00 CET) Frendor will present his course "Blacksmithing". 
    This course will provide in depth information for young blacksmiths who wish the knowledge to become a grandmaster in their art. This course takes place in the Lycaneum on Moonglow island on Trammel. 

    More information about the Academy and up to date information on a class schedule calendar can be found on

    Hope to see ye there!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:06 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Well Met Once Again Warriors of Europa
    Thank ye Phil for submitting this announcement:

    Well met once again warriors of Europa.

    What are we fighting and where? Well I'm not going to tell you, not yet anyway. The battle party will meet at 6pm GMT on Sunday the 3rd of December. The meeting place is the same as last month, Tel'mar tower, two screens west of the shrine of Justice on Trammel. The event is open to every warrior out there! Bring your friends, bring your guild mates and bring nothing you aren't prepared to lose in hand to hand combat with the darkest fiends Britannia has to offer! More details later, for now let's all just be prepared. I'll say only one thing about our destination, bringing some dragon repellent might be a good idea. 

    More info next week! See you all there!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:03 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Diary of Elliot - Part I

    Thank ye Elliot for this warning:

    Diary of Elliot: Part I

    I awoke from my chamber after not sleeping much in the past few nights. I had these weird dreams of the last battle of Vesper and those who lost there life in it. I awoke I thought many things about my past, present and future. I remembered the first ever combat skill I gained. It was archery but after some time in use of that skill I turned to swords and eventually mace fighting. I had visions of my arch Nemesis, Conor McLord. He was a mace fighter that has caused me many wounds and has resulted in the destruction of many of my plans. I also had visions of my future which resulted in me awaking from my slumber each night in the form of me being hacked down by Conor at the final Battle of Vesper. I'm not one to believe in dreams but T'was enough to keep me awake for 3 nights in a row. Maybe the Dreams were signs of things to come or warning signs or maybe something to lead me in the right direction.

    As I walked downstairs to the common room of my domain I saw on the mantle of the fire my old practice bow. I picked up and I suddenly had a flash back of one of my hunting trips with my father. My Father was excellent fighter and has slain many beast. I was also a great Blacksmith who could make the greatest of armor and weapons with what seemed like nothing. I remember coming to go get my father when he was in the Grave yard looking at my grandfathers grave. My mother had wanted us to gather for some food at the old house. When I arrived at the grave yard I saw my father surrounded by Liches. I had only heard of these monsters in story books and they my father trapped. My father had no weapons on him and so he was struck down by one of the liches almost instantly. I Yelled and shot my bow at the head of one of the Liches. This liche turned at my and then a fire ball was shot from his body towards me and I fell to the ground. I woke up with many solders around me and that was the last time I saw my father. The Bow had become something of a symbol to me but when I took up the mace it seemed hopeless to hold on to the memories of my father and my archery so I put my bow away and had forgotten it.

    At my last battle with Conor McLord I realized that the weapons I was using would never beat Conor! I would beat him if it were not for his Mace Fighting skills destroying my shield in every fight we had. This renders me helpless and so I cannot continue to fight. I looked at my bow once more and then I looked at my mace. I put the mace on the mantle and put my bow in my sack. I had decided to take back the art of archery believing that this skill we have the power of my fathers spirit and the tactical increase of once and for all killing Conor McLord.

    I jumped onto my trusty steed for several years now, Valor and headed to the nearby dungeon Covetous. On my way through The great memories of Archery came back to me and I believe that this time I will stick to this skill. 

    Watch out Conor McLord and the FVM. Elliot and the Armed Forces of Britannia are out to get you.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:00 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Great Crystal Summoned to Guide our Army

    Guess the True Britanians get organized, thanks to the Senate for sending this in:

    It is now only a matter of days before the forces of evil will begin their onslaught and a war will rage like none seen before it. The Sosarian Senate were informed that panic was already starting and that a way to guide the TRUE BRITANIANS was needed.

    The defenders of good needed a unifying symbol that could also direct their efforts each day and prevent a scene of confused headless chickens......

    So the mighty White Wizards & most Learned Sorcerers met and together summoned a Great Crystal! The senate can now let all defenders of good know how best to serve our cause through the changing colours of the crystal, each of which have a special meaning.

    The crystal could be viewed through a magic word and the first word was 

    Realising that sinister agents of evil will also gain access to the crystal, it was decided to change the magic word & only those registered by the Senates scribes from and are confirmed as enrolled in the TRUE BRITANIANS will receive it.

    We plea for all good citizens to aid the cause of Lord British now.!..there are so many ways to help even if you cannot fight!
    Join the Senate to debate strategy and maintain our various departments or aid our troops with supplies or defend the castle as a blue citizen!

    please visit to register.

    The Sosarian Senate

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 12:56 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Taymagh Grand Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Jingo for sending in this announcement:

    Hear ye, Hear ye,

    The Witches of Taymagh welcome one and all to the Grand Festival on 25th November to be held at the Town Hall of Taymagh ( just South of Vesper). A joyous celebration to mark the 5000 people that have passed through its open doors, so come and join in the festivities of song, dance and tales of high adventure. There will be free drinks for all and many competions to test the mettle of the bravest warriors and mightiest of Mages, to include :

    Ettin Wrestling, 
    A Grand Lottery and 
    the wonderous Chicken summoning! 

    to name but a few. Prizes will be as wondrous as A Fur and will include plants, many rare and other highly sought after items gleamed from the hoards of the strongest creatures. And for those few lucky winners a spellbound 'kiss' may await thee from the beautiful Lady Witches themselves. So dust off your finest clothes, gather your swords and spell books, whether you be young or old this is a celebration not to be missed!

    For more information refer too

    Jingo, Trader of Tayrnagh.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 12:46 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    BNN: Artarion's Influence
    The following BNN article was published on the Ultima Online site:
    Artarion's Influence
    Ferran Azelle
    Nov 20 2000 7:31PM

    News reached me late this evening that the self-proclaimed "Lord of the Spiders" attacked the city of Yew and the community known as Shadowmoor. I have been hearing reports of late that Artarion had targeted the citizens of Yew, focusing his army of spiders upon the city itself and then to the surrounding communities. Now it seems his attacks have intensified as creatures of both Ice and Fire accompany him during his assaults. There seems to be no direct source or reason for Artarion's power - but no one can deny his abilities. Regardless of the source of Artarion's power, he is definitely a developing threat to the people of Yew.

    I have learned that a group of adventurers recently made contact with Ventryn Pythos, the individual responsible for a long-lived battle over the Stormguard relics some time ago. Allegedly Ventryn has repented and follows a new path, leaving behind his vile past. An individual or power unknown to him has modified his lair and home. Lava has begun to bubble up through the floor and ice has covered the walls of his dark lair. Ventryn claims he is not responsible for the attacks against the people of Yew or for the alterations to his lair. Apparently he is near powerless since he has lost possession of the Stormguard relics, but offers to aid Yew with any information he may learn regarding Artarion or Xenthyl the Phantom. I will be eager to see how Ventryn operates within the next several days.

    The reason behind Artarion's hatred for Yew is still clouded. Originally Artarion had stated his hatred for Yew had no real basis, but recent activity seems to indicate it has a possible connection to the elementalist known as Qua'Tel. Regardless of his motivation, Artarion has become increasingly vicious over the last several days. Obviously something needs to be done soon. In my limited perspective it seems that Artarion's power grows as time progresses and the longer it takes to determine the source of his power the more difficult it will be to defeat him.

    I find it overly suspicious that Qua'Tel is reluctant to aid the citizens of Yew. Apparently a band of adventurers contacted Qua'Tel, but the elementalist refuses to leave the confines of the dungeon Shame. Even if Qua'Tel is not directly linked to the situation in Yew, I believe something in his past could be connected to Artarion's motivations. Let us not forget Ventryn either. Ventryn was once a powerful lich consumed by intense hatred and it is difficult for me to believe that he is now an entirely different individual. Although perhaps it is far simpler than that, maybe Artarion is simply a crazed mage trying to follow in the footsteps of Ventryn.

    I'll be about investigating this situation; I personally do not want to see history repeat itself.

    Related BNN articles
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 9:22 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    The Avenger of the Pigeons
    Rand sighs thinking of how he and Ith'unk met and decides to write it down...
    Rand Al'Thor snarls in anger of the news of another lost pigeon to the Notorious Ith'unk. "This foolish orc has feast upon his last pigeon. No more will I allow him to eat my faithful servants. His carnage must be put to an end." Rand says as he turns away from the messenger. "The only choice I have to save my children is to take my strength to this orc city and end this orc's madness." "But milord, how are you to cross everyone to Trammel much less fight the orcs since the gods allow no fighting?" Rand's young squire said. "Perhaps I can provoke Ith'unk to come to Felucca somehow. I've learned that he is an agent for some God called Stratics. Though I've never heard of this God before. Maybe the faction wars will give him interest enough to come to Felucca. If not then I fear we will have to go to war with the fool." "But milord couldn't you try to persuade Ith'unk to stop eating milord's birds?" Rand growls beneath his breath. "Boy what makes you think I will lower myself to talk with a savage orc?" "Sorry milord but I just thought it would be better to save your power for the factions milord." Rand frowns at his young squire since the kid makes a good point. "Perhaps, send a messenger to this orc and setup a meeting. But, don't send one of my pigeons either.... Have Night Hawk send one of her dragons with the message. That may make it a little more persuasive." "At once milord," the squire says as he turn around and runs looking for Night Hawk. Rand returns to the work on his castle with a grin on his face.

    "Ug, that hummie has sent me a fine feast. All of orc town has never dined as well as it will tonight. Tell your hummie that Ith'unk will gladly meet him anywhere." Ith'unk says a few days later when he receives the message.

    Michael scratches his head wondering how Night Hawk will cope with the news of losing one of her fine dragons. Sighing he heads up to his Lord's castle wondering if he will be dropped from squire to stable boy from this news.

    "Milord a messenger has arrived. Ith'unk has agreed to meet with you." "Great" Rand says getting from his table. "I hope Night Hawk didn't mind in sending one of her dragons." Michael shuffles his feet. "Well, as to that milord it turns out that Ith'unk took the dragon as a present and the orc village has feast upon it....." "WHAT?!?!?" Michael start's tip toeing towards the door. "Your not dismissed yet. This may be for the better since the fool may be more trusting... Has Night been inform of her lost yet?" "No milord, but.." "But nothing, go to her and give her my apologies. Inform her that I will seek revenge for her lost also." "Yes, milord." "I will go to Trammel myself this time and meet with Ith'unk. You are dismissed Michael." "But milord." "GO." "At once milord."

    With thoughts rushing through his head Rand sets out to make his encounter with this orc. He crosses over near Minoc and heads over to Britain seeking the location of this Uruk Village. Upon his surprise he encounters the smelly orc.

    "Ug, hummie." "Greetings....Why do you keep feasting upon my pigeons?" "Pigeon gud meat" Rand grumbles at this. "Do you have a more private place we may take?" Ith'unk nods and leads Rand over to a nearby abandoned building where he drops a rune. "Rune to Uruk Village hummie. Me don't like magic to much." Rand smirks thinking about the orchish mages and cast's gate upon the rune. He bids the orc to enter first and follows behind him. "This way hummie, not far" Rand is left with no choice but to follow and disperse the unusual amount of brigands. "Here we are hummie." "My name is Rand Al'Thor not hummie." "If you say so hummie, but you are friend now." Rand grins at this. "Ith'unk, as a friend I must ask you to stop feasting upon the pigeons. They are my friends and it sickens me to think of someone eating them." "Hummie, Ith'unk go hungry if not for pigeons." "Can you not eat something else instead?" "Ith'unk can eat more dragon." Rand sighs. "Besides dragons..." "Me eat soup." "Great, will you agree to eat soup instead of pigeons so we can stay friends?" "mmmm, Me eat soup if you eat soup to." "Fine." Ith'unk rushes inside his cabin and comes back out with a bowl of soup. "Eat hummie and me stop eating pigeons." With a slight hesitation Rand accepts the bowl and takes a slow bite. "This....this is Delicious. I've never tasted anything so good. My friend Orc please, what kind of soup is this?!?!?" Rand says in a rush. "Pigeon soup, stupid hummie." Rand eyes goes wide at this... "Does your God Stratics need anymore agents?" With a laugh the orc grins ruefully and nods.
    (ooc) Greetings everyone, I'm the freshest member of the Stratics team for AOL Legends. I plan on dedicating myself to be able to meet everyone and have the best news for this shard than any other.
    So do you have a town/tavern you like to see in here? Got a great design for a house? Those pesky monsters bugging you again? Whatever it may be, Send It In. And we'll reply that day.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 6:16 AM EST by Rand Al'Thor (LegendsAOL)

    Pirates Reclaim Buccaneer's Den
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following announcement was sent to us by Hawkeye Pike...

    Ahoy, landlubbers out dere! I hereby wanna announce, dat da Pirates of Buccaneer's Den have set foot on deir home isle last week, ta establish a community fer all da pirates, rogues, thieves and smugglers of Britannia.

    Today da guildstone of da Pirates of Buccaneer's Den has been moved to our isle, and we are ready ta recruit new members fer our crew and residents of Buccaneer's Den!

    If'n ye wanna sign up, please visit our skypage and read it carefully, located at

    Our goals are, ta give da outlaws out dere a home and a community ta live in, and ta gather our powers and go out lootin and plunderin, in order ta fill our currently empty treasure caves. In our community each member can speak his mind, and help us establish our community wid own ideas.

    Interested citizens should note that the United Pirates are "a roleplaying guild who strictly follows the rules of engagement, and request highlighting with all roleplaying guilds on Catskills, in order to improve the interaction."

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:33 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Artarion at Shadowmoor; More on Ventryn's Lair
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following information was submitted to us by the Shadow Ranger Okami Stormson, regarding Artarion's attacks on the city of Shadowmoor, and additional changes to Lord Ventryn's lair...

    Artarion the mage was once again spotted at Empath Abbey in Yew, on Sunday night. Before he appeared, several giant spiders approached the west side of the abbey, but were being easily controlled by the guards. Then an ice fiend and a daemon appeared in the abbey's front yard, with a gathered group of Yew citizens managing to stop the creatures quickly, their victory bringing Artarion to appear.

    He said that he wanted to play a "little game" and was going to see who he "picked" first. We had to figure out where he was going to attack. My immediate concern was Shadowmoor, and I raced there as fast as I could.

    Upon arriving, I found a fellow ranger, Teleri Calendros, trying to subdue a White Wyrm that was rampaging through the village. As we dealt with the threat, Artarion appeared in front of the Shadow Ranger guild hall, simply remarking, "good guess." Then black widow spiders began appearing and attacking, as well.

    After a few moments, the cavalry arrived. Judas and the Emerald Empire, Arwin and several other independent adventurers came and helped finish the white wyrm. The assault continued with ice fiends, daemons, lava serpents, fire elementals, ice elementals, and snow elementals.

    Finally, after a grueling battle, the waves of attacks ceased and Artarion appeared. He said that he wanted us to find Qua'tel, and if we managed to bring him back to Artarion, the attacks would cease. He mentioned that the elementalist was last seen in Shame, but that he may not be there now, and if he is, he's excellent at hiding there. He said he would return in three days outside Empath Abbey at 8:00pm EST, and that he expected us to have Qua'tel by then.

    He then said he'd leave us in peace to do our work, and dissapeared with a lightning bolt. Of course, he lied, and we were attacked by more daemons and ice fiends, and then the black widow spiders.

    The crowd dispersed at this point, all for purposes of their own. There were only a few of us present when Ventryn walked up and started to offer us assistance. He said that he thinks Qua'Tel may be in Shame, but that he wasn't really sure. He also related the story of his losing a staff to a pack of giant spiders. He claimed the staff was powerless, but he used it to forge a fake identity, "Sage Sylan". Ventryn quickly left when he found that the group present wasn't exactly trusting of him.

    After a few moment's discussion, it was decided to go ahead and start looking for Qua'tel. I had heard Elrick Strongbow's tale of Ventryn's "damaged" lair. So on a hunch Teleri Calendros, Fabienne and I decided to check out the lair for ourselves.

    After an uneventful trip, we arrived at the lair to see that it was in fact being consumed by fire and ice. The "damage" had spread to the back wall, apparently destroying both cages that were present there, one being the Soul Binder cage. We also noticed that the corpses Ventryn tended to keep had been removed, and had been replaced with what could best be described as fire and ice spellbooks.

    After a somewhat thorough search, we decided that Qua'tel wasn't present and left the lair. The new password to exit is "FrostFlame", as reported; but it does not take you to the desert entrance. It takes you to an ice blue seal in a cave on the Destard Mountain Range. This seal acts as a "back" door to the lair, using the password "FrostFlame".

    After seeing this, I feel that the lair isn't being destroyed, but simply remade to be more suitable for a new owner. Maybe Qua'tel? Or Artarion? I don't really know. I am just wondering what impact the absence of the Soul Binder cage is having on Xenthyl, if any at all...

    Okami raises a number of excellent questions with this submission, the answers to which may lead to the solving of this mystery. Who is redecorating Ventryn's lair? Qua'tel, as an elementalist, is an obvious suspect, but he has been strangely absent throughout this entire ordeal. Artarion, as the visible protaganist, also conjures suspicion; in his wake, he is accompanied by creatures of fire and ice, both of which are prominent within the lair's reformation.

    However, Ventryn has yet to prove himself a true ally to the Britannian people. The alleged theft of a staff in his possession could lead to an explanation of current events; what powers that staff held could alleviate many questions regarding the control of fire and ice we have witnessed.

    And what of Xenthyl? He says he wished to punish those that did not stand against Ventryn, but there seems to be more motivation behind his involvement. With the Soul Binder cage damaged by the spread of fire and ice within Ventryn's lair, has he undergone a change, still bound to the Soul Binder armor? Spiders accompanied him in many attacks, and also accompany Artarion...which man ordered the staff stolen from Ventryn?

    And what does Artarion want with Qua'tel? If Artarion is indeed behind the fire and ice in the lair, he could be seeking the elementalist to learn to control his ability. Or he could be seeking to use Qua'tel as an ally in his campaign?

    And what of the spellbooks found in Ventryn's lair? Where did they come from, and are these the only source of the elemental power being used as of late?

    One citizen has reported that "darkshine" no longer grants access to the lair from the known entrance. As the exit location has changed, has the entrance as well? Or has the password simply been altered to suit the new resident?

    As more information comes to light, it will be made available. Citizens are encouraged to submit answers to the above questions, substantianted by fact, to our publication. With your support, the mystery may be solved!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 1:22 AM EST by Lady Eve (Catskills)

    Trouble For Me In Gehenna
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<After completing a tavern review for the village of Mythndale with my new staff member Reed, we took a detour to Felucca and stopped at the Skara Brae bank where I overheard some people speaking of a strange occurance in Gehenna, the city of the Clan of Vampires. I, of course, was interested in this and decided to take Reed along with me to see what was happening.

    Upon arrival, I noticed right away that the surrounding woods were empty of all life, so still that it felt death walked this place ... and it did. For as we looked into the tower, we noticed that there was a gathering of Vampires within it's walls. Ever curious, even though Reed wasn't, we opened the heavy iron door and were greeted with that ever present smell of death and decay. Reed jumped at the sight of the sacrophagus within the Spire. We walked up the stairs, the stench getting worse and worse until we arrived at the door to the meeting room. Within, there was a gathering of the Vampires, in a meeting of sorts, and instantly a chill went through my body as one of the Ghouls opened the door for us to enter.

    Reed and I took our seats, comfortably away from the Vampires and their Ghouls, while I asked them about recent occurances within Gehenna. They informed me that the numerous amount of monsters that used to dwell in their lands had been 'dealt with and put in their place' as one of the Elders, Tatyana Vixana, informed me. Reed was interested in getting out as fast as possible but Slie Bloodstone suggested a tour should be given to us. Not wanting to upset them in any way, we agreed.

    During the tour, one of the Vampires that we had also met earlier during our review of Mythndale, Desiree, had seemed to take an interest in Reed. Reed and I decided that enough was enough and we had to get out. Just as we were giving our parting words, nighttime fell upon us and we knew we were in trouble. I urged Reed to recall out but he was trapped by the hungry Vampires and was slain before my eyes ... a tradition that the Vampires have kept up for all the new reporters they informed me later. I was spared, even though Lord Draco thought otherwise when I came back to rescue Reed.

    I have a message for the Vampires, and that is that I will now keep a closer eye on your kind, and as you know, the press sees and hears everything. Be wary!
    Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2000, 12:47 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    The Quest of Courage
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We just received this message from Haven:

    Last eve we set forth on a task that would prove our Courage beyond
    even what I thought it would. To complete the task, that would enable us
    to forge this new shield, we would have to enter four separate dungeons.
    They were Shame, Hythloth, Covetous, and Destard. Inside each dungeon we
    would have to mix some of the dirt with the iron ingots we carried. This
    would imbue them with power that would then be purified at each of the
    shrines. We began the quest by entering Shame. It proved easy enough for
    the large group that was there. And we were quickly on to the next. This
    proved to be the deciding point that would test the metal of us all. For
    we chose Destard as our next destination.

    What we would do here was perhaps the greatest show of courage and
    determination that I have ever seen within Britannia. Our force entered
    into the dungeon and quickly dispatched a dragon and two wyrms that were
    near. We proceeded deeper into the dungeon and were almost instantly
    overwhelmed by several dragons and wyrms attacking us at once. Well over
    half our force fell in that battle. But as the main group slowly fought
    it's way though the constant attack myself and a small force ran though
    to the entrance to the 2nd level. Once there the people with me
    distracted the Balron demons that were there long enough for me to
    complete my task. We returned to the entrance where the rest of the
    force had gathered. I must truly say that I have never seen such a brave
    and determined group of people in all my time. So with everyone returned
    to life we chose Covetous as our next destination.

    This dungeon proved no obstacle to us at all. And we quickly moved
    on to Hythloth, the final dungeon on our list. It to proved an easy task
    compared to the Abyss that had been Destard. So thus with that portion
    of our task complete we return to Haven intent on visiting the shrines
    of Honor, Valor, Spirituality, and Sacrifice to purify the empowered
    metal we now carried. But there was a surprise waiting for us in Haven.

    When we gathered in Haven we took a moment to breathe a sigh of
    relief and gathered ourselves for the trek to the shrines. As we readied
    to leave I noticed the doors to the tower open. And out stepped that
    same mysterious stranger. The one that calls himself Forger. He had
    seemed to be expecting us. After a short conversation he asked that the
    metal be turned over to him. Knowing that I could trust him I did so.
    And thus he accompanied us to all of the shrines. Once all four had been
    visited there remained one final stop. The Spring of Courage in PaxLair.
    For it was there that long ago Seer Daemeon gave his very life so that
    the Spring might be purified and imbued with the power of Courage.

    Once there the man known as Forger beseeched the ancient spirit
    there for it's aid. Before our eyes the metal shifted and flowed into
    the shape of a shield. Forger took up the shield and thanked the spirit
    there. He then gave the shield to me and requested that we journey home
    as he was quite exhausted.

    We returned to Haven and I placed the shield alongside the Sword and
    Hammer upon the roof of the tower. There it will lay until the final
    piece of the puzzle is complete. The Armor of Love. My research into
    it's making is almost complete and I will contact you all again once all
    is made ready. Till then I wish to thank all of you that stood the test
    and showed for all to see that Courage is NOT gone from the land of

    Korin the Scribe
    The Scribe of Haven
    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 4:24 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    As some of you might be aware there have been a few changes here at Napa Valley Stratics. A few more links on the left hand side to: BNN articles, Napa Valley items & artifacts, a reprinting of the Q&A I had with Adam Ant about Angel Island under the interview section & we're ready to make additions to establishments on Trammel.

    Now that I am the shard manager I can't do it all by myself. I've been putting off hiring new reporters, but with Factions coming up it looks like I need help. This is where you come in. Take a look at the information down below and if you're interested follow the instructions.

    Looking for a Few Good Pens

    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Napa Valley News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Napa Valley Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Napa Valley to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    Be a talented writer
    Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Napa Valley community
    Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    Be pro-active

    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Napa Valley Application" as the subject.

    Real name
    Contact email address
    ICQ number (if applicable)
    Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal

    Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    Any questions???

    Applications are due no later than midnight November 30th, 2000. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!
    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 4:16 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Havenwood Masked Ball
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter from the citizens of Havenwood:

    Friday the 24th of November, at 8:30 in the Eastern Sky(EST)The citizens
    of Havenwood will be throwing a Masked Ball, beginning, with the standard
    event blessing by Lord Talimor. We shall have masks available for those
    who do not bring masks with them. There will also be refreshments served.
    We would like everyone to be there ten minutes earlier(8:20 EST) so that
    we can begin promptly and on time!

    We hope to see you at the ball-


    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 4:08 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Grimoire Fight Nights Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    WOW! I think we're all still trying to recover from last night's 1 vs. 1 in honor of Kamikaze. A total of 30 fighters were allowed to compete for 200K and a shot at a large two-story house. Unfortunately, due to the huge turnout, we could not accommodate more than 30 participants, lest we be running fights all night long. Fighters arrived almost two hours early just to register for the event!
    After hours of fierce competition, one fighter was left standing and his name was Mr. Beemu. Mr. Beemu fought Kamikaze twice to win the grand prize of ownership to a large two-story house.

    HUGE thanks to the Grimoire staff for helping! Thank you Fiona Pentell, LeeLu, Dyastro Farkas, Lost, Craggan, Mocoso and also Angel, Josh, and The Evil Spooof for standing guard.

    Farewell Kamikaze! You will be missed greatly but you leave behind a legacy that will not be forgotten. The generous donations you made to Grimoire will fuel many more events and we hope that one day you will find your way back to the evil city.

    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 3:18 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Seeking Companions and Counselors
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Seeking Companions and Counselors

    MMRPG seeks unique individuals for exciting and compelling volunteer Companion and Counselor duties. Must be confident, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable of all things Ultima Online. Willing to volunteer on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, or AOL Legends shard is a plus. If volunteering for a non-English-speaking shard, speaking the native language of the shard is appreciated. Apply today!

    Translation: We're seeking Companions and Counselors for all shards, but specifically on the Formosa, Arirang, Balhae, or AOL Legends shards. If you're an active Ultima Online player and are interested in volunteering your time to help other players enjoy the world of Britannia, we'd like to hear from you! Counselors must be 21 years of age or older, Companions must be 18 years of ago or older, and applicants to both programs must be free of any outstanding account issues. To learn more about the Companion and Counselor programs and to fill out an online application, please follow the links from our Volunteer Information page.

    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 2:48 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Further Updates to the Items & Artifacts Section
    Several further updates have now been made including the addition of item listings for the Europa and Drachenfels shards.
    Pictures are needed for most of the items on these two shards and if you have any pictures of the listed items, then please email me here. Also please email in any information or pictures on quest items that are not yet listed, or that currently have incomplete entries, on any of the shards.
    Posted on Monday, November 20, 2000, 1:24 AM EST by Courage (QuestandEventNews)

    Midweek Dungeon Destruction
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<To all

    There will be a dungeon run to the dungeon of destard as those beasts have roamed too long unchecked. All welcome especially those who can res ;). It will start at 6:30 wednesday night sydney time.I hope too see you all there!

    Narcissa, Suicidel Idiot of britannia


    I presume everyone is to meet within the dungeon at 6:30pm, Sydney time. Sounds like fun!

    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 11:24 PM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    BMG Opening it's Doors
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< On Friday the 24th of november at about 6pm, BMG will be opening the doors to it's keep and having a great feast to celibrate BMG's "Skirmishes" starting again. There will be food and drinks provided.

    This is the oppotunity for any and all guilds that are intrested in fighting and player v's player combat, but don't want the risk. All the fights are organised and secure. We also have a strict no looting policy (in fights). If a guild breaks the no looting polocy then they are banned from skirmishes and the other side is compensated.

    So if you was safe secure fun then come along on friday and learn more.

    NOTE: Skirmishes is for guilds, but if you are intrested and not guilded then we can most likely get you in a participating guild.

    The Keep is located in felucca just north of the yew ork camp. I can pick you up from any city, just icq me before 6pm on the day. See you all there.

    For more information on this friday, skirmishes, or joining, just goto the BMG website at or you can ICQ me on 33996402.

    Guildmaster of BMG
    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 10:02 PM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    The First Convocation
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    The First Convocation of the Dark Elven Council of Great Lakes is to occur on Monday, November 20th, at 6pm Central Standard Time/ 7pm Eastern Standard Time, within the walls of the Lycaeum of Moonglow, upon the facet of Felucca. All Drow upon the Shard as well as all Organized Dark Elven Houses (Noble, Trade, and Common Houses), are invited for the First Annual Census of the Dark Elven population de har'dro Great Lakes, as well as discussions pertaining to the Dark Elven future concerning the Factions.

    Discussion will also be held concerning rules of open warfare between rival Houses, as well as the recognition of new/unknown Houses into the Drow Council. Independent Drow Elves wishing to represent themselves to the Council, as well as Independent Drow wishing to join one of the esteemed Drow Elven Organizations upon the Great Lakes Shard are also cordially invited to attend.

    Any Humans, Orcs, Lizardmen, Ratmen, Ogres, Goblins, or other races (Other than Surface Elves) wishing to present business to the unified Drow Council are invited after the Regular Session, at approximately 7pm Central Standard Time/ 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Jal dobluthen lueth Darthiir xun naut doer, egluthen orn tlu elggus.

    Velturus Viaxus

    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 7:36 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Ventryn’s Lair Damaged by Fire and Ice
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The residence of Lord Ventryn, the former lich who had terrorized the citizens of Winterfell over the Stormguard relics, has been damaged by fire and ice. The journey to the Lair was undertaken after the village of Shadowmoor near Yew was attacked. Artarion the mage assaulted the village. In addition to spiders; the villagers reported seeing ice fiends and lava snakes. Later, Xenthyl the Phantom appeared at the Abbey and hinted that a journey to the Lair was in order.

    Hump the Impaler of the Keepers of Justice, Gorion of the Purple Guardians of Honor, Eldrich Strongbow of the Shadow Rangers, Jrake of the Dominion, Pagan Lightbring of the Fellowship of the Elven Philosophy, Madmardigan of the Unknown and myself went to the Compassion shrine in the Great Desert of Felucca after a brief stop in Winterfell. Throughout the journey, Ice Fiends and Fire Elementals assailed us. Near the shrine still stands the Tombstone of Lord Pythos. At this tombstone, we uttered the magic word “darkshine” and were ushered into Ventryn’s Lair.

    Immediately, we noticed that along the left wall was an ice flow. Along the right wall, we saw a pool of lava. Towards the center from these are pillars of fire and ice. In the center at the back of the room on his throne sat a forlorn Ventryn, in human form.

    The travelers launched a series of questions to Ventryn. Here’s a brief summary of what was learned:

    • Ventryn does not know why Artarion seeks the elementalist, Qua’Tel.
    • Ventryn does not know where Qua’Tel is.
    • Ventryn’s Lair has been damaged by fire and ice. He does not know who did it.
    • Ventryn does not believe Thain is involved.
    • On the Soul Binding Armor: “I created the armor, only I know the uses related to it. I cannot truthfully say that Qua’Tel learned nothing of the [armor] but he could nay understand enough to utilize it.”
    • Ventryn has released Xenthyl from the armor, but claims that he cannot bind Xenthyl again as Ventryn has lost his powers once he returned to human form.
    • On trust: “Do not trust anyone. That is my suggestion.”
    At one time the travelers urged Ventryn to come to Yew to assist in the defense, but Ventryn claimed that he could only perform common spells and would likely perish in any fight.

    Lord Ventryn patiently answers questions in his Lair. The lair has been damaged by fire and ice.

    He also mentioned a staff that he had lost some time ago. “Something occurred several weeks ago, which I simply ignored until now. It makes a bit more sense. I was in the forests of Yew and was overwhelmed by a small group of spiders. About four giant spiders. The staff I once carried I lost during the fray.” Ventyrn claimed that the staff holds no real power, though.

    It was noted that the password to exit the Lair has changed. Ventryn provided us with a hint to it, and after several guesses it was determined that ‘Frostfire’ is the new password.

    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 5:32 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Undead Attack Aryslan
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    After the grand opening of the Wolf's Den Bar and Grille, it seems Mazrim decided to attack the Aryslan town center. Skeletons, shades, and wraiths warned us of the upcomming battle, I knew I had to send out pigeons for help, or Aryslan would not last through the night.

    We then went to the new tavern to make sure it was ok and not being invaded. At the time is looked alright, so we headed to the tower of souls. We were greeted with an army of undead. We called in the others from the Aryslan town center over to the tower of souls to do battle.

    "a dark minion" appeared outside the tower of souls. It seems it was the leader of this army of undead. It eventually headed south of Aryslan after we gave chase to it, fast as it could be we were able to paralyze it. However magic would not harm it, it was up to our warriors to take care of the job. They fought well and we eventually trapped it. It finally spoke to us, saying "Death". As soon as it spoke, it dissapeared. We then ran back to the town center where it was being attacked once more. There, citizens say they were able to slay this creature.

    We then made our way back to the tower of souls, only to find "an evil presence" once again defending the tower. Not showing itself for quite sometime, we eventually were able to fight this creature yet again. It casted poison fields outside of the gate, and sent undead after us as well. The battle eventually went in our favor, and we were able to defeat the "evil presence" once again. However the corpse made its way into the tower of souls, and back into the well of souls on the roof. Unfortunately again, we did not destroy it.

    The next wave of attacks consisted of blood elementals, and daemons. The leader of the daemons was named Wormius. This was the hardest battle of the night. 10 blood elementals and 8 daemons defended the tower of souls. I knew i had to call in some more help, or we may lose the war of the night.

    I had called out for aid of the various towns across the land, but it took sometime for a lot of the people to aid us. Eventually from what I had seen, Paxlair and Haven came to assist. Aryslan is thankful that we have such great allies, together we may be able to finally defeat this great evil.

    Together we fought, and together we did not fall. We defeated this large attack on Aryslan. We survived with minimum casualties. What will be next?

    Jamlyn Hakkendyn
    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 4:45 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    The Wolf's Den Bar and Grille
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    The Aryslan tavern opening was a success! Thank you to everyone who
    participated in the grand opening. People from across the land came to see
    what the tavern was like, and it was nothing but the best.

    We decided the name to be "The Wolf's Den Bar and Grille. This goes
    well with the area, for dire and timber wolves roam the woods of Aryslan.
    Aryslan has been searching for a new establishment in town, and it looks
    like we finally found it.

    The first floor is the bar area with plenty of places to sit. We have
    many bartenders willing to staff the tavern, and perhaps we may have certain
    hours that it will be staffed. The top floor consists of a dance floor,
    where bards can play thier music while the visitors dance. Finally out on
    the balcony, there is a grille area where people can make thier food.

    With all the ale and food, people began to get a bit tipsy. Bar room
    brawls started to happen, fighting over women in the bar. The fights had to
    be taken outside, for no fighting in the Wolf's Den!

    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 12:38 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    The Rich Man's Inn Regular Bar Hours
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This bit of new from Alan, the barkeep of the Rich Man's Inn.

    The Rich Man's Inn bar hours are now official. Every monday - thursday we will be staffed by a bartender from 9-10pm EST time. This thursday however we will not be open due to the holidays. Our bartenders wish to be with their families that day. But the next week we will be on normal schedule. If you need a rune to my fine tavern please ICQ me at 55432884 between 8:50-9:20 next week. We will set something up so that you can come to our tavern.

    Also thank you to all who applied for the positions. Without your help this would not be posible.

    --Alan the Barkeep--

    Posted on Sunday, November 19, 2000, 12:37 AM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    New "Alignment" design at MMORPGSTUFF.COM (aka Brimstone Graphics) is proud to announce the newest "Alignment" design, Chaotic Evil. Last week we introduced the Chaotic Evil design, and already, many people have been purchasing this design to show off at various roleplaying events that are coming up. To be fair, I designed the Chaotic Evil design, and plan to release ALL the other alignments as well, before the end of December.

    In addition to designing shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc., also designs custom logos and websites as well. CHEAPLY. As an online gamer with over 5 years of community involvement, I know how much it rots trying to make a kick-ass web site that attracts new visitors. Paying someone to make a professional site can cost thousands of dollars. Not cool. To online gamers, or really ANY gamers in general (including LARP and pen/paper), I will make a visually appealing site design for you for a VERY LOW COST (i.e. $50. to $100.00, for the graphics). That goes for custom shirt designs as well, $25. to $50. for the design.

    If you have any questions about the merchandise, the stores or our services, please contact me via email or ICQ (mail: [email protected] or ICQ: 206317).

    Thank you for your time, interest and your support!

    Brimstone (Anthony)
    Founder, (Guild)

    Thankye, Brimstone, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 11:45 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Chicago Bash, April 2001
    Announcing, the famous or infamous Chicago Bash, upcoming April 5th - 8th, 2001. Hosted by the players of the original Never Winter Nights Community, one of the oldest online player gatherings, by the players for the players. Meet, greet, and drink with friends and those who are your enemies from the different games we all play. The adult gamers spring break, events to include, nightclubs, gambling, a hall, and many more.

    Stop by the Bash Connection and learn more. Don't miss out, as people talk about these bashes for years to come!

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 11:38 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    UOCC Chat with Tyrant Monday Eve at 7pm CST
    Hail and Well Met !

    Join us Monday, November 20th, 2000 at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online for our Ultima Online Celebrity Chat located on Stratics IRC. Our Special guest this week will be Tyrant, Vice President of Online Services.

    He will be here to answer any questions you'd like to ask him. About his role with OSI, in-game experiences he's had, or anything else you'd like to ask him! So feel free and stop by in #Ultima-Online on Stratics IRC. #Ultima-Online is the 24 hour chatroom brought to you by Stratics IRC. You can access the Stratics network via the following servers, or by using our JAVA IRC client located at 6667 6667 6667 6667 6667

    Visit us Monday evening, at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online, to chat with our guest, Tyrant. Or, drop by anytime for tips, news, and general conversation about Ultima-Online !


    Thankye, Dariuas, for this announcement.
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 11:33 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Telia's Runelibrary Seeks Help
    Kathleen, manager of Telia's Runelibraries (Trammel/Felucca) sent us the following message :
    Telia's Rune Library, the largest rune library on Drachenfels with over 900 runes on both facets needs your help.
    We're working on runebooks about player run towns and establishments, and ask citizens of these towns for help to collect information about these location.

    Our goal is to grant access to these information to every interested UO player by providing ready-to-use runebooks at our library and more information about these towns on our website. These informations are also passed to our Interest Game Master Talos, who has a fairly good understanding of the german language *giggles*

    Take your chances to make your player run town known to the community and send one email to me so we can collect the necessary information to include you to the Drachenfels player town runebook. The existing directory can be accessed (in german language) through the link above.

    Best Regards,
    Telia's Rune Library

    Thanks a lot Kathleen !
    Please don't forget to send any information about existing establishments on our shard both to Kathleen and to us here at UOSS. We both want to help everybody discover new people and activities.
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 8:18 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Bringing the sprirts to rest!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    With the events that have transpired the night before at the Skara Brae Fairgrounds, I was preparing myself for the worst. I awaited for the arrival of my brethren, Gonj the Unjust and Sir Clutch, so that they could accompany me to the fairgrounds. Greetings were short as we soon headed out to what was going to be a dangerous adventure.

    When we arrived at the festive site, we were greeting by Skye MacLeod of the TURs along with Outy and many others from various guilds. After conversing for a few moments Bonnie, and Andrew Jollier came to us. I spoke of the ghost, Roberta by name, and stated that we needed to exhume her remains and transport them to the Britain Cemetery. Andrew seemed quite eager to leave her buried and just to attempt to do the ritual first. Biting our lips we had decided do the ritual first.

    The Britain Cemetery’s air permeated with a rotting, foul smell that made our eyes water, none the less we pushed onto the hill where they were buried. Once we arrived Gonj the Unjust gave the last rites so that their souls may rest. Gonj approached the tombstones and spoke the words of comfort;

    “Today, we lay the deceased to rest. In the name of balance we honor thee in the after life. Spirits rest, your time on this world is over, cross over into the void. Eternal rest awaits you.

    Spiriti per transitus.
    Nihilus pro ye Ibi Agere aeternitas in beatitudo.
    Nihilus ad metus Illic.
    Felicitas ye expectare.
    Posse vester novus vitae esse prosperare.
    Posse serpens dux ye”

    I tell you now that not one soul was put to rest with those words. Heed my word, no sooner had Gonj finished speaking we were attacked by hordes of Liches, Skeletons, and Zombies. Bravely we fought them back. Many women and men fell in battle. I myself was not that lucky. Wave upon wave of undead struck at us with spells, swords and axes. The air was consumed by the cries of the living and the undead as they fell, one by one. Then nothing… The attacks had ceased. I approached Jollier, and exclaimed that we had need to transport the body!

    Jollier told us that he knew nothing about where she was buried, and that the only bodies found were those by the arena and archery buttes. Skye MacLeod approached Jollier and spoke of the books that were found. He asked to see them. I passed him copies of the books and he quickly began to thumb through them. He began telling us about Devon, the man who wished to be a liche. He read aloud from the book that Devon’s intentions were to keep her soul with him, to make her like him… He also told us that his magic was controlling people. Then Jollier told us that he was under Devon’s control, but through our efforts we had freed his soul. It was determined that we would need to return to the Fair Grounds.

    Stepping though the moongates we found ourselves back at the dirt laden fields of the Skara Brae Fairgrounds. Almost immediately we were attacked by the minions of darkness. Slaying wave after wave, it seemed like it would never cease, but all of us pressed on. Soon the spirit of Roberta was appearing to us. Skye tried her best to search for her body, but none could be found. We pleaded with Roberta to tell us where she lies. She told of how Devon was keeping her soul in forever torment for not going to him. The warning of his imminent arrival we told to us as well. She then cried out and disappeared. We frantically searched for her, but we could not find her.

    With a bone chilling cackle the Lich Devon appeared to us. All golden, with festering pieces of flesh clinging to his dried carcass. We tried to attack him, but it was of no use. Many swarmed to him but were unable to pierce his flesh. All the spells cast were blocked by a powerful spell. Devon made sure that no harm would come to him. Devon approached the location where Roberta was, and she appeared! He grabbed her ethereal body and forced her through a facet gate, to Felucca.

    With haste all the warriors hurried to secure moonstones so they could take this battle to his realm. Upon arrival we were greeting by an army of Lich Lords and Skeletal Knights, howling and clawing for our mortal remains. We bravely fought them off one by one, ever encroaching to Devon. Warrior upon warrior fell upon him, swinging, hitting and burning him with their weapons and incantations. Soon the golden lich fell. And the remains of his were gathered.

    Roberta appeared to us again. This time we were told to spread the remains to the 4 corners of Sosaria so that his evil could never return. Gathering up his remains we teleported from location to location, spreading his remains. I only hope that nobody discovers his remains and re-unites them. It will be a grievous day indeed.

    We returned to the fairgrounds in Trammel after the task set before us was complete. Roberta greeted us one last time. She approached Skye MacLeod, and said; (I apologize I could not get the first sentence written down) Roberta: “… He died to a brigand arrow, and I could not bear the loss. I followed him to death, but the lich Devon followed my soul. He placed his heart in my grave to be close to me. His magics bound us together, and with his body scattered. I am free of his curse.

    Skye MacLeod : “I am so happy Roberta… Now may we reunite you with your beloved?”

    Roberta: “All that remains is for you… all of you… to the spirit realm to be with Locke. Yes. Take some of the dirt and place it where his remains are. There is nothing left of me here. But I am tied to the soil.”

    Everyone present took as much soil as they could carry and traveled back to the Britain Cemetery. Placing piles where her beloved Locke rests. She then appeared one last time to us and said, “Thank you, blood of my blood and friends. Locke is here! I feel him! Thank you! Thank you all!” Her corporeal form faded into nothing. Our job was done. Her soul will rest forever.

    Ashram – Elder of the Warriors Sect of the Serpent Council

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 5:45 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    AoV dinner reminder
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent to us by Anvil:

    The Village of Shadowlight and the Alliance of Virtue's Thanksgiving Feast being held this Sunday, November 19th at the Alliance of Virtue's Virtue Tavern.

    Gates will be summoned from the North Britain Counselors guild and Vesper Bank at 4:45pm, west coast time. There will be gates opened up through-out the dinner in these locations. Dinner will be served from 5-9pm west coast time. There are also runes available for yer own magical transprot at: The Golden Brew, and The Ring of Steel Tower.

    T' get a list o' the food being served please see the AoV's historical documents at the AoV website (simply go to the pages labled as 'news'). There is also a reference to the Village of Shadowlight's documents where ye can get a look at the area map should ye want t' walk t' the tavern.

    Good food, good friends, can't wait t' see ye all there!

    Anvil, AoV Master of Ceremony, HC

    Thank you Anvil for the messge
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 3:26 PM EST by Sha-Bubu (Baja)

    New Kingdom of Dawn recruiting center
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    The Kingdom of Dawn announces its new recruiting center. This site uses RealMedia enhancements as requires you have RealPlayer 7 or better installed to view it. Its under construction, but most of the content is there now! Come visit us!

    Kingdom of Dawn Recruiting

    Thankye, Arakthor, for this news.
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 3:19 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Giving Thanks...
    Gwendolyn of the Trinsic Council of Honor sends us the following announcement:
    There comes a time of year when each man, woman, and child should ask themselves, "What do I have to be thankful for?" and then pause to carefully think over their answer.

    I have done this... and I find that I am grateful for many things.

    I am grateful to have such a wonderful place in which to live -- one that is always changing, challenging, intriguing, with so many interesting people and opportunities for adventure. I am thankful for the friends I have made and for my guild, which is like a family to me. I am thankful for the opportunity I have had to lead the Trinsic Council of Honor. I give thanks for the beautiful house in which I live... and most of all, for the love I have come to know and share.

    I invite each of you to join the Trinsic Council of Honor this Saturday, November 18th, at 4pm Eastern time for a Thanksgiving Dinner. We will share food and drinks with friends and fellow citizens at the Keg and Anchor Tavern (in Trammel Trinsic). Come hungry, and perhaps you will share with us what you are thankful for this year. We look forward to your company!

    Knight, Knights of Sosaria
    Vice Mayor, Trinsic Council of Honor

    Atlantic Shard Town Councils Public Events Calendar
    Trinsic Council of Honor

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 1:45 PM EST by Xena Dragon (Atlantic)

    More World Faire Coverage - IanStorm
    Can't get enough of the World Faire? We've got another great review to share with you, this one from Newton Dragon at IanStorm. Lots of discussion about the new 3D client, including this snippet:
    Probably the biggest reason for the client overhaul is that the architecture of Third Dawn was built with the idea of expansion in mind. This will allow for future land and art expansion without too much difficulty with much smaller downloads. This will increase the ability for Ultima Online’s customization, which is the main draw of the game
    So make sure to check out IanStorm's World Faire Coverage for more details!
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 11:27 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    GameCenter Previews Third Dawn
    GameCenter just did a terrific preview of Ultima Online Third Dawn. Lots of details, lots of screenshots, and even some info that even the hardcare players may not have heard yet. Here's a snippet:
    The most noticeable change to the UO universe is that for the first time in a UO game, the characters, creatures, and items will be fully 3D. We asked Rick "Stellerex" Hall, coproducer (with Bryan Walker) of Third Dawn, how much of the game would be 3D, and he said, "Our ground is actually a 3D mesh. If you look carefully, you can see that it is affected by light sourcing; you can see shadows on steeper hills and the like. We are using a directional light source, so you can see where the ground ripples...Obviously, the characters are all fully 3D [and] monsters are all fully 3D. The particle effects that we're using for all of the special effects are actually 3D particles. You can see them moving in and out behind objects and the characters. When any item that your character can hold in his hand is represented in his hand, those are 3D models. Now, when you drop them on the ground, it's still represented by a sprite on the ground. It might just be better from a performance standpoint to leave that stuff as sprites." It seems kind of a waste not to have a moving light source to take advantage of the fully 3D landscape that uses light sourcing properly and casts appropriate shadows. Hall noted, "At this point, [the light source] is fixed, but there is technologically nothing to stop us from having a [movable light source]. That's not going to be a release feature; that's just one that we're playing with at this point." UO fans may just have a sun that moves over Britannia in real time at some future date.
    So head on over to the GameCenter Preview and read all about it!
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 10:34 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Moonglow City Victory Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<From the Moonglow Council:

    Hear ye, Hear ye!

    On sunday, november 19th, 6pm GMT (19:00 CET), the City Council of Moonglow will celebrate a festival for the towns victory over the pirate Kazari a week ago.
    All people - and especially the Moonglow defenders - are invited to join us in this happy celebration.

    There will be several events including:

  • An archery contest
  • A cow-tipping contest
  • A lottery
  • An item collection contest
  • And more!
  • More detailed informaion will soon be posted on the councils skypage:

    Thank you!
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 10:05 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    The Purple Rose Quest - Part III
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Exceptionaly the third part of the Ravenmoor Quest will be held on Sunday 19 november at 8:00 PM GMT. The reason for this is, that not enough people will be able to run this part next weekend. So, next weekend will be the fourth part of the Quest. We hope that this will not prove to be a problem for the players and we apologize for this situation.

    Come with your friends and share the fun of this Quest !

    All informations can be found on our site :

    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor.

    Good luck all
    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 9:22 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Who Wants to win 50K
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Stonekeep is proud to announce ‘Who wants to win 50k?’. The rules for this is very simple. Four contestants battle it out to win money. They then have to answer four questions correctly to win 50k. They have no lifelines, and they have to answer each question within 30 seconds of the host telling them the question and its answers. Each question has four answers, one of them is right, the other three are wrong. The values are 6000,12000,25000 and 50000 gold pieces. The contestant may choose to walk away at any time at the start of the next question with the money he/she has already gained..

    8pm GMT Saturday, Stonekeep Taverna.

    Stonekeep is located in the Trammel Facet in Yew. It is below Yew Cemetary and just above Yew Crossroads.

    Hope to see ye all there!


    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 5:41 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    New Citizens Move to Legends
    Ug Hummies!

    Rumors have been flooding the UOSS AOL Legends office of an influx of new citizens to our shard. Some are saying that the population has as much as doubled in the last few days and that our shard is currently "open" to citizens not associated with the mystic AOL guild. A visit to the Ultima Online Main Page has revealed no new information about this situation.

    In the meantime, I wish to encourage everyone to welcome these newcomers with open arms. They are intrepid adventurers with stout hearts and (one hopes) deep pockets. We will bring you more information on this situation as it becomes available.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 4:20 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Increased Brigand Activity in Uruk Village
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies

    One would think that I would be able to report on story happening in my own town first hand. One would be wrong. As a matter of fact, whenever I have tried to research this story myself, I end up taking a dirt nap. Thus, I present to you two different versions of this story. First, the Britannia Town Criers (motto:"If we aren't yelling about it, its not important.") filed the following report:

    Hear Ye Hear Ye, Humans and Orcs Battle in the Uruk village!!

    For the past several days brigands and orcs have been battling for control of the mountain ranges near the Uruk village. These brigands, undoubtedly the same group of renegade slaves that have been harassing the orcs of the Uruk village for weeks now, have recently sent demands to one of the few human inhabitants of the village.

    "Dem orcs gotta release all der slave by noon time saturday, or we is gonna burn down der museum."

    King Mopher, the orc monarch that rules the northern mountains and plains near the dungeon Wrong, was unavailable for comment. But many of his orc citizens were more then happy to comment of the recent occurrences.

    "Dat King Mopher, he not a true Uruk no more. All he do is sit 'n watchin' da hummie girls dance. Old day da Uruks be kill'n 'n raidn' 'n stuff. Now we gots' be cilvilized. Mopher say 'Trade wit' hummies or me cut orf yo' earz!' Well me 'n some oder boyz we be tinkin' o' showin' Mopher who real boss boy be!"

    The orcs interviewed were unwilling to give their names.

    We of the Town Criers will keep you all up to date as these situations develop.

    Aubrey Gawan, curator of the Museum of Brittania, had this to say:
    I bring news of a serious nature. Last night, my half brother Ga'Wen Half Orc was slain in an attack on the Museum of Britannia! He had been assisting me in setting up some of the displays and had removed his armor to save on weight. Well, the last thing I wanted to see was a naked and sweaty half Orc so I went off on a buying trip. It turns out that while I was away, Ga'Wen was attacked inside the museum by a gang of five brigands! There was also another camp of brigands in the woods outside the front door that joined the fray as soon as they noticed him.

    Ga'Wen fought mightily, but against 10 brigands, he had little chance as he was wearing no armor and had no weapons better than a chair in his pack. (The number of brigands is in question since the opponents keep multiplying every time Ga'Wen tells the story.) He slew several with body odor alone, but in the end he was dead.

    After running through the gray world some distance south, he came across a fighter who resurrected him and offered to follow him back to the tower to deal with the brigands. Ga'Wen was fuming by the time he got back to the museum and was disappointed when he found his attackers gone, leaving nothing behind but his bones, some broken furniture and the contents of his pack.

    Luckily for the museum, nothing was missing or damaged. The bandits apparently were only interested in causing grief. Ga'Wen was only inconvenienced by his experience and embarrassed to be taken down by mere brigands. He stormed out the front mumbling something I couldn't quite make out. I think he said he was going somewhere, and I caught the words "whomp" and "hummies", but his manner of speech quite often escapes me and I try to stay out of his hobbies.

    Well, that is what is happening up in Uruk Village. What is happening in your neck of the woods? Write to the UOSS AOL Legends Home Office with your news stories now!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 4:08 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Donations Pour in to Museum
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Aubrey Gawan, curator of the museum of Brittania, walked this report over to the office earlier today:

    Greetings all!

    Happy news! Only a few short days after announcing the creation of the Museum of Britannia the donations have started coming in! First a generous loan from my dwarven friend Khral enabled me to buy the tower, and now my first patron has contacted me and made a large monetary donation! I want to give heartfelt thanks to Wavace of Siege Perilous for his donation of 142,000 gold! He has helped the museum get off the ground. Now after the decorating is finished I will start scouring the land for displays. When I am at a point where I can begin receiving visitors I will post location co-ordinates and screenshots of the different rooms. (If anyone wants to check on my progress, the tower can be found at the southern end of the Orc village, North-West of Minoc, but I don't know the sextant location yet.) In the hall next to the stairs on the second floor I will be displaying books with short notes by my patrons. The first book by Wavace of SP is in place now.

    Just a short description of what I have in mind... In general, the museum will eventually have a practical purpose other than seeing strange things. It will also be a place you can go to learn. For instance, if you find your first ice staff and you need to know how it works, you could come to the Museum of Britannia and read the book locked down next to the one on display. (I'm looking for an ice staff with instructions if anyone has an extra.). Or you could read about the left facing plate chest that you can get from bone knights and how they give the same armor rating as normal plate with less of a dex penalty. Something no one ever told me but something important to anyone with low dexterity.

    The general layout will probably be as follows:

    • First floor... ...First floor main hall is taken up by stacks of shelves with small chests and a book next to each. The chests are the best representation I can come up with for a display case. The book next to each one will tell the visitor the category of the items in the chest. Inside each chest, items will be locked down with a book next to each describing the item, it's use and who donated it or where it can be found. The first floor displays will be the more common rares and semi-rares. And probably examples of strange weapons, so I have a home for the "meat cleaver of vanquishing and evil" you may have in the bank! ...also on the first floor, in the back room, will be the Museum Gift Shop. Vendors here will sell any duplicate rares or other items I come across in my travels. ...just before the stairs is a section with four bookshelves and a reading area. Here I will be displaying unique books that can be bought from vendors or written by players. (Looking for submissions for this! Put your character story in a book and get it to me. It will be put on display for everyone to see!) ...The first floor hall at the stairs will be a rune book library.

    • Second floor... ...The large room on the second floor will be for display of the more unique items such as ranger or demon armor, statues or other very hard to get rares. This will be the hardest room to plan and take the longest to fill. Probably will be laid out with tables instead of chests to physically lay things out upon with a book next to them. ...The hallway by the stairs is my "walk of fame", where I will be posting books to thank my major donors. ...the small room at the top of the stairs will be an art gallery or rune library.

    • Third floor... my private residence. (Hey I deserve something for all this work!) I will also be displaying rares there that look better as decorations, but these will also have books by them. ...the small room is a sitting room with a fireplace.

    • The roof... ...this will be the new home of the Happy Orc Tavern. Uniques or rares may be displayed here too, like the large statues. (if I can get my hands on some.)
    A note to anyone else who might be planning to donate items or money or loan items... Please do not ask me to friend or co-owner you to the museum. I will temporarily friend you if you need proof that I am indeed the owner, but not permanently. This policy is for the safety of the items on loan to the Museum and is not meant to offend or put anyone off. Just trying to be fair. And thanks to the other people who have e-mailed or PM'd me about items they have. I will still be trying to get in touch with you!

    This is a labor of love for me and I will continue to build and add new things to the Museum of Britannia myself to make it better and a more useful resource to all of Britannia. But thanks in advance to any who, like Wavace, want to help me with this ambitious project.

    I noticed there wasn't an aviary listed, so I will have to assume its a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bird) sort of establishment. I will have to peel my hairy self out of my chair and check this museum out some time.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Saturday, November 18, 2000, 3:55 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    KOA Scavenger Hunt Sunday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...

    KoA Scavenger Hunt Event

    The Crystal Consortium of KoA is hosting what is expected to be the one of the grandest KoA events to date on Sunday, Nov. 19th, at 7:00pm CST on the Lake Superior Shard. The festivities will begin and end at the KoA Village located around the large lake southwest of Trinsic. Entry fees will be collected between 7:00pm and 7:30pmCST. LATECOMERS ARE NOT GUARANTEED ENTRY! The event is scheduled to begin at 7:45pmCST. All players are welcome to share in the fun!

    Participants are to enter as a team of between 2-4 players. All members of a team are encouraged to wear a uniform of unique colors so that they may be distinguished from other teams. Each team must provide an entry fee of 3,000 gold (regardless of numer of players on team) by their team Captain. The proceeds will be given away as Prize Money to the winning team. Additional prizes will be offered/raffled as well.


    First Place - 50,000 gold and assorted valuable items
    Second place - 15,000 gold and assorted valuable items
    Third Prize - 5,000 gold and assorted valuable items

    ASSORTED VALUABLE ITEMS will include colored GM armor, runebooks, potion kegs, magic weapons and armor, rare items, etc.

    All participants will roll a set of dice to determine the winner. Highest combined total wins. If players are tied for highest number, another round of rolls ensues with just those players who tied for the highest total. This repeats until one player is the winner. The RANDOM DRAWING WINNER will be awarded a surprise gift.


    • The List of items to be collected will be posted on the KoA General Discussion board at the following link the night of the event @7:45pmcst (or as announced by Lord Ramsonne that night);
    • Additionally, books will be laid out with the list of required items. In case of discrepancies, the Master List posted by Lord Ramsonne on the General Board will be final!
    • Captains must submit all items in one backpack to Lord Ramsonne at the KoA Village Hall of Scholars upon their return. Included in the backpack MUST BE A RUNE etched with the Team Captain's character name. Prizes may be forfeit if a rune with team Captain's character name is not provided in the backpack. Items submitted will not be guaranteed return.

    POINTS will be awarded in the following manner:

    1. each item on the list submitted = 1 point
    2. Any team to submit a complete set of items will be awarded 5 points.
    3. A point value equal to the inverse of the order in which team Captains submit backpacks will be awarded. ie. If there are a total of twelve teams, the first team to return a pack is awarded 12 points. the second team gets 11 points. the third team back gets 10 points, and so on....

    ***** A MINIMUM of 20 items must be submitted or the team is disqualified *****

    I hope to see many of our friends there. Please feel free to discuss any concerns/comments at the above KoA General Discussion page with “Scavenger Hunt” in the subject field.

    Ramsonne (KoA), Lord of Scholars 

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:54 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Pub Night at House of Blaine Saturday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    Greetings citizens of Britannia,

    The House of Blaine would once again like to invite you all to join us for Pub Nite Saturday Nov. 18 at 7 p.m. cst (Trammel). Pub Nite will be held at The Drunken Norseman Tavern just outside Skara Brae.Gift bags will be handed out and food and drinks will provided as you mingle with folks from all over Sosaria. Raffle tickets will be sold at the cost of 1,000gp per ticket (limit 5 tickets per individual). Prizes will be as follows:

    • Semi-rares package of blacksmith rares (2 of each!)
    • Semi-rares package of misc. rares
    • 1,000 iron ingots
    • GM crafted gold platemail suit

    Gates will be provided by The House of Blaine from Britain and Moonglow, or see our guild web-site for maps to The Drunken Norseman Tavern.

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:47 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Events Update
    The following events will be taking place in a regular basis in the near future:

    Hero's Gathering
    Fridays, 7pm PST at the Journey's End in Moonglow, just south of the Encyclopedia Magicka
    This gathering will take place prior to events to update citizens of current quests.
    This will also give Guildleaders a chance to state their opinions of who is friend..and who is foe.
    Keep checking here for the next gathering.

    Story Telling
    Alternate Thursdays 7pm PST at the Journey's End
    Come tell tales of adventure, horror, romance, and earn a chance to win 5k in gold!
    Judges will be on hand to just the top three stories.

    Grand Hunt
    Alternate Thursdays 7pm PST, to start at the Journey's End
    Every prey is different, but dangerous! Warriors, Mages, Adventurers, use your skills in the grandest hunts in Britannia!

    Check back with us here for the latest in events!

    Keep Thy Faith

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 6:51 PM EST by Tyril (Sonoma)

    Ancient Graveyard Found on Western Edge of Skara Brae
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Another interesting story found on BNN
    Construction on the Skara Brae fairgrounds, paid for by Andrew Jollier, has come to a temporary halt while the exhumed remains of what is presumed to be former residents of the area are relocated to the cemetery in Britain.

    Mister Jollier had this to say about the unearthed bones. “I was aghast to learn that there had been a cemetery in the area. We’d have chosen another site to build on had we known, but apparently the burial grounds are so old that no one currently living knew about them. A few scholars have offered to look into the history of the area to see if it can be learned who once lived here so that recompense can be made to the families for disturbing their ancestors.”

    Construction on the site will resume once all the remains have been dug up and moved to the Britain cemetery.

    Lilia Newsman - BNN Reporter

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 4:42 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Gotta Get Me More....
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    OEK would like to announce the Grand Opening of Kibbles n' Bits! This wonderful shop is located in town right across from the East Brit' Bank. It has venders stocked with everything you could imagine from rares to arrows to gm potions and scrolls. We will have the Grand opening on Saturday the 18th at 10:00 am central! First 10 customers will receive free gm smithed items! So everyone please come check it out.
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 4:33 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant - episode #76
    Hail dark friends,

    The Undead Lords that dwell in the far reaches of Dungeon Shame, are resting a bit easier now that the Guardians have taken to patrolling her caves. For it be these Undead Lords we Guardians are sworn to protect.

    Come and read my latest tale of adventure and learn the ways of the Guardian. But beware, all who enter these dungeons in search of fame and fortune risk their very lives for a handful of gold.

    These are not some tales of fancy, but the true Adventures of Adam Ant.

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 1:36 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Wixim Spotted in Paxlair Again!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Wixim was seen in Paxlair again playing his game like he always does. I got the pigeon from Zann of the CFM, and I gated Aryslan citizens to Paxlair.

    I could see he was ready to play the game with Zann. In the distance I saw a ghost named "The Gatekeeper". I have seen and heard news about this "Gatekeeper" before. Why the ghost was there, I do not know. Again citizens tries to ressurrect it, with no avail.

    Wixim's dice were stolen from someone. Wixim then muttered some words and then made giant serpents of all kinds attack us. Then Wixim was attacked by some of the citizens. We all gave chase after him, but Wixim was far too fast for any of us to find him.

    We then went back to Aryslan, but heard nothing more of Wixim that night.
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 12:24 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Aryslan to be Allies with Dragonswatch
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Aryslan is VERY busy lately:
    The guild known as Army of the Dragon (ATD) has been in our land for quite sometime now, and has been allies with the Order of the Sapphire Rose (OsR). The ATD has formd a town named Dragon's Watch, just north of Aryslan and Vesper. Aryslan is the closest roleplaying town to them, and our border lies beside thiers.

    On saturday the 25th of november, we will be holding a formal alliancebetween the two towns. Dragon'sWatch pledges to aid Aryslan against the hoards of Mazrim's forces threatening the towns of today. With this alliance, Aryslan and Dragon's Watch could open thier borders up to each other, expanding the land we now have north of Vesper.

    This event will start at 8 pm eastern. We hope to see you all there. Tours will be given of each town and there will be plenty of food and drinks to go around for everyone!
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 12:10 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Deepwater Wrestling Competition
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Yet another Wrestling competition in Deepwater. Thank ye Elv'eng for sending in this announcement:

    This Sunday at 10pm cet (9pm gmt), Deepwater will host yet another wrestling contest. The winner of this contest will win 30000gp. The entry fee will be 1000gp, this will go to the prize pot. You will be able to start signing in around 9pm cet. Our current champion is Arabelle, will anyone beat her this time?

    It will be held as always, outside Owls eye tavern in Deepwater. Deepwater is located at the Justice shrine in Felucca.

    Rules of the Event:

    • No healing
    • No armour/weapons (except for what's said on this page a bit down here)
    • No looting
    • No fighting outside the ring
    • Robes may NOT be used

    What may be used:

    • Bonus potions, such as agility, strength and refresh potions
    • Most types of cloths (except for robes, see rules of the event above)
    • Orc's may wear the helmets

    Now if anyone would break those rules, he/she will be thrown out of the contest. Also if anyone would try ruin this event, they will be reported to Gamemasters as Harassers with out any warnings, and carebeared on sight.

    Elv'eng - Andune

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 12:03 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Celebration of Victory
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Aryslan will be holding a gathering in the town center velebrating the defeat of Zyrn the elementalist. We will meet and travel the towns which aided us against Zyrn's forces. Paxlair, Corwyn, Haven, and Humility. Each town will be visited and thank the citizens for aiding Aryslan in the victory.

    We will then visit the Tower of Souls after all the towns are visited. This gathering will help the people of Britania know where the towns are, as well as get to know its citizens. Its important that the towns involved in the defeat of Zyrn, continue to work together to help restore peace in our land that was lost years ago.

    We must work together to help destroy Mazrim and his forces. Aryslan cannot do it alone, we need your help. Perhaps this is the first step into making sure the roleplaying towns stick together through this, and perhaps even make an alliance between us all. Aryslan feels that we must make this pledge ... restore the facet known as Felucca to what it once was, before so many of our citizens made thier more to Trammel.

    This event will take place at the Aryslan town center at 9 PM Eastern on Sunday the 19th. Hope to see everyone there that was involved in the defeat of Zyrn and his elementals.
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:58 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    25th Spiritwood Tavern Lottery - Special Prizes!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<I received this announcement from Aranlindale of the Spiritwood Tavern:
    Next Sunday, November 19th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host the 25th Lottery. Again it will start at 21.00 cet (8pm gmt).

    The grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces! Although this time we'll have several winning tickets. Amongst the prizes ye can win are: a green Mug, a bottle of pink Champaign, a Champaign Flute, Leprechaun Boots, a whip and a SOS map.

    You can buy keys from the vendor outside the Tavern, but you need to register the keys with Aranlindale, by telling him your number(s). The keys cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Please try to buy one before Sunday. Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W and we are on Felluca.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]. I hope to see you all there! :-)

    Aranlindale, Spiritwood Tavern Barkeeper

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:56 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Purple Rose Quest - Part II
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    And the Quest of the Purple Rose continues. Thank ye Tyrghen for this announcement:

    On Saturday 18, the second part of the Ravenmoor Quest will take place. It will start at the house where the first part ended. If you didn't find the house, or don't have a rune to it, you can find a rune at the Ravenmoor Tavern, on the runebook at the entrance. If you don't know about this quest, or don't remember preceding events, you can check the site of Ravenmoor.

    We hope that many of you will come,
    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor.

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:47 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Ravenmoor Allies with the Towns of Twinkle and Morningstar
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Gino for sending in this information:

    Ravenmoor allies with Twinkle Town and The Morning Star Village.

    As reported the Ravenmoor council have had meeting with Twinkle Town and Morning Star Village. These meetings now result in alliances between the three cities.This alliance will mean the three cities will co-operate a lot. A counlcil will be formed with representatives from all cities in it. Events will be created and run together. On the long term this might result in the three cities going under one law as one state, thus creating the largest community on the Trammel facet.

    Gino Black
    Reporter for the Ravenmoor Journal

    The Ravenmoor Journal can be found at:

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:40 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Undead Rising
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    We received this report from Lady Tia Maria of Moonglow:

    My daily visit to the Moonglow Cemetery was cut short today when I was assailed by a more than usually powerful assault from its undead minions. Since the untimely death of my Lord Darius, at the hands of the evil Necromancer and Lich Lord "Soul-Eater", I have taken it upon myself to hunt the thing down and return its spectral followers to their graves. Everyday I pray for the beings return in order that I can slay it and put my husband's spirit to rest. Yet today I was repulsed by a force of attack that I previously believed only capable through the magical capabilities of the Lich's evil mind. But there was no Lich present. The undead themselves possessed these powers, mindlessly casting their new found magics at me and I was forced to retreat; escaping to the safety of the nearby zoo. Safely ensconced within it's hallowed walls I healed myself and helped the local guard finish of the creatures that had followed me from their open graves. I was unprepared and so I send this warning to the citizens of Moonglow - be ready. Something is about to happen here and if we are un-equipped to deal with it then the forces of Kazari and Reynaud combined will seem whimsy in comparison.

    Yours in faith,
    The Lady Tia Maria of Moonglow.

    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 11:37 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Gamespy Visits The World Faire
    Still haven't gotten enough about the UO World Faire? Then check out this announcement from Gamespy:
    GameSpy continues with the fantasy MMORPG events with a look at the recently concluded UO World Faire, where Origin announced UO: Third Dawn. Check out our report on the Faire and all the images we brought back at
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 10:07 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    The elements strike out!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in....
    On Tuesday night the elements themselves came to life. The town of Trinsic came under assault by the very elements themselves. There were elementals from all the types, even poison. There were also many mages attacking the town. Thanks to many hardy adventurers, and tamers, the city was saved.

    When the battle started it was just a few people fighting with the guards to stop them from entering the city. Then the word got out that help was needed, and the outpouring of help was astounding, gates started appearing just inside the city bringing several adventures and heroes at a time. Then tamers with dragons in tow were coming in. Out on the battlefield there death and destruction reigned. Bodies of the noble defenders, pet dragons, evil mages and brigands. The elementals just left their treasures as they were sent back to whence they came. Early on only the bravest would advance far from the gates; most would just help the guards keep the evil from entering the city and wreaking havoc.

    As the battle progressed, it moved it to small battles where elementals out numbered the defenders at least 2 to 1. The defenders waded into the fray, a few died as they went but they gave the guards some respite from the onslaught. The fight degraded into a big melee, where claw, magic, arrows, and blades hit both sides, killing many. The fight lasted well into the night, and at one point the elements pushed the defense of the city back into the city almost to the river.

    Near the end of the fight, the elementals and evil mages seemed to just appear from nowhere, and almost overwhelmed those that had pushed the fight out of the city. Bodies lay everywhere, a testament to the graveness of the situation. The defenders finally destroyed the last of the elementals. All that was left was to heal those that were injured and raised those who had valiantly given their lives to defend the city of Trinsic, and claim the treasure left by the destruction of the elementals.

    The Honorable Melvin-Sven Adventurer.

    My Thanks goes out to all the honorable defenders of Trinsic, it seems the evil forces will stop at nothing to gain that city.
    Posted on Friday, November 17, 2000, 12:21 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Siege Perilous East Coast Move
    The following was just posted to Shard Issues on the website:
    Siege Perilous East Coast Move

    On Friday, November 18th, we will be moving the Siege Perilous shard to our East Coast server location. This move will require two extended maintenance periods. During the first, we will be moving the shard to a temporary server located on the East Coast, requiring an extended maintenance period of approximately three hours on Friday, November 18th.

    Upon completion of the transfer to the temporary server, we will be transporting the regular Siege Perilous hardware to our East Coast server location. Once this hardware is in place, we will schedule a second extended maintenance period to finalize the shard move. We will release a schedule for this extended maintenance as soon as possible.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 11:07 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Order/Chaos on Sonoma Shard
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Order/Chaos on Sonoma Shard

    Sonoma players who participate in the Order/Chaos system should be aware that the system is currently active on that shard, on both facets. The system was activated during testing of the Faction system and it was our intention to disable it prior to this most recent publish. However, as it was our original plan to re-enable the Order/Chaos system on the Trammel facet of all shards, we will be leaving the system in place on the Sonoma shard.

    Important: If you are active in the Order/Chaos system and do not wish to participate in Order/Chaos wars on Trammel, you should speak with your Guildmaster as he or she may remove your guild from the system.

    We are currently targeting the release of the Faction System to all remaining shards following the Thanksgiving holiday (after November 23rd). The Order/Chaos system will be enabled on the Trammel facet on all shards as they are updated with the Faction System publish. We will release a target schedule for the Faction System publish in the future.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 11:05 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UOHoC Open House Log
    The complete log of the fifty-nineth UOHoC Open House chat about the upcoming Ultima Onlne: Third Dawn has been posted, and is available on the UOHoC Web Site.
    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 10:27 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    Calling all Lumberjacks!!!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<As some of you may have noticed, a great fair grounds is being built in Trammel by Skara Brae. As one can guess this will take a great deal of resources. Today a large shimpent of lumber was ransacked while on the road between Britain and the Fair Grounds. I am asking that any and all lumberjacks take up their axe and chop some logs for this cause. You shall be paid for your services, just how much you shall be paid is yet to be specified, but it was hoped that the grounds would be opened by the end of this week, and so all the help you could offere would be greatly appreciated. Please take all donations to the Farmhouse just to the south of the Fair Grounds at roughly 3:30 by the central skies. I thank you in advance.

    -Bonnie, Grandmaster Mage
    Representative of Mister Jollier
    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 8:04 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Runesabre Interviewed on Variety of Topics Including UO:3D and SP
    Last evening, after nearly two years in the planning, Joshua Rowan and myself finally got a chance to sit down with Runesabre(UO: Third Dawn Dev. Team) and discuss several subjects. Discussion ranged from Runesabre and his arrival at OSI through the development and changes to Siege Perilous up to the most recently announced UO: Third Dawn addition we're all looking forward to. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as Joshua and I had conducting it!

    Ce'Nedra Willow: Well, first off thank you for coming and being interviewed.
    Runesabre: It's great to be here! How long did this take... 2 years to setup? hehe
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Yeah, something like that.
    * Ce'Nedra laughs *
    * Joshua runs in quickly *
    Joshua Rowan: Hail Runes!
    Runesabre: Hail Joshua!
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I'd like to start by asking you about yourself.
    Runesabre: I am Runesabre, currently Lead Programmer for the exciting new UO Third Dawn, formerly Lead of UO Live and avid player before that.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: When did you first start playing the Ultimas?
    Runesabre: Believe it or not, UO was my first contact with Ultima.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: You were once an active poster in the CoB Tavern Forum yes?
    Runesabre: Yes I was. I can't recall exactly what CoB was called back in 1997, but it was a a single webboard then. Shortly after I started playing UO I discovered CoB as well as some other messageboards. In fact, it was my constant postings on CoB that ultimately caught the attention of the UO producer, Vogel who gave me my shot on the UO Dev Team.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I've read your stories that you posted there. They are very entertaining.
    * Runesabre smiles *
    Runesabre: Thanks ( though some are probably not for the kiddies ;) )
    * Ce'Nedra grins *
    Note: The tales of Vlad Talon(Rune's old RP player name) reside permanently in the Library of the Conservatory of Bardic Arts and can be read there.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: When you eventually got hired by OSI, were you startled at all to be in the driving seat finally?
    Runesabre: When I came onto the team, UO development was in one of its transition periods so there wasn't a lot of time to really think about anything but getting down to business. Faceless and I joined within a week of each other. That was when we had 9 servers and pagers that never stopped beeping in the night. :) At first the amount of work needed done was a little overwhelming but at the same time there was no shortage of things to do that needed immediate attention.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: As a player was it exciting the first time you met Richard Garriot aka Lord British?
    Runesabre: Funny story ( for me anyway ) I met LB on the way to the bathroom in the hallway late at night. It was a few minutes later that I realized it was THE Lord British. A very personal, creative and great guy to be around.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I imagine Joshua being awe-struck for a minute if he ever meets him and then going into creative discussions on his Nobility Titles.
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Runesabre: Think Joshua has a few things to say about Nobility titles? :)
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Perhaps a few...
    * Ce'Nedra smirks *
    * Joshua struggles to remain silent on Nobility Titles :) *
    * Ce'Nedra enjoys taunting. *
    Note: Joshua's Nobility Titles Proposal can be read at the Origin Stratics site.
    Runesabre: That's probably one the of the great experiences I have had with UO... the endless amount of ideas from both the team AND the players that can be shared. UO is a very flexible game in that respect.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Well starting as a player yourself, it's apparent that OSI recognizes the talent that lies in their player-base.
    Runesabre: We've learned that given the right basic set of technical skill, the people with a real passion for UO are the ones that excel in its caretaking.
    * Ce'Nedra nods *
    Runesabre: We can teach the rest as far as programming or scripting but we can't teach passion.
    * Joshua agrees *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: So tell us about Siege Perilous, sometimes known as "Runesabre's baby." What inspired the design ideas for it?
    Runesabre: Siege Perilous really represented the culmination of every players idea of what needed fixing in UO and what would make UO the pure experience it could reach. So while it may be attributed as my baby, the ideas and concepts are really the gathering up of all those ideas and putting them into action. Things like no recall, one character, restricted ability to obtain gold, no system enforced rules against murderers... We had the chance to really put all those ideas to test, to stop debating those subjects endlessly on boards, in newsgroups, and email and just see what would happen. It's been quite a learning experience.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: So then you are happy with how it turned out; considering it a success and such?
    Runesabre: I love a lot of things that Siege has experienced. The territorial guarding of certain dungeons by certain guilds and the rise and fall of one guild to another as time passed. Watching the players step in and try to help Siege grow with such things as organized PvP ladder fights and especially Safe Haven. Safe Haven is a great example of what I wanted Siege and its players to do; to rise up and take control of their own destiny. I attended Destiny's birthday on Siege a few months back. There were easily 50+ people on screen, well over half were red. Not once did I get attacked or see anyone randomly offing others and disrupting the event. I had never seen that sort of constraint before and it really exemplifies Siege and its players. Well, except for the couple orcs that wanted to eat the horses. *chuckles*
    * Ce'Nedra laughs *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: You seem to have kept track of the details of its progress. Does this mean you play it yourself?
    Runesabre: I've stepped within the world of Siege on occasion. Unfortunately, the opening of Siege was also around the same time as my step up as Lead Programmer of UO. So most of my time was spent overseeing and watching it from a distance.
    Runesabre: Do you play Siege?
    Ce'Nedra Willow: The regular shards are too tough for me as it is, so I've never created a character on Siege.
    Joshua Rowan: Were you involved in the recent changes to SP? Do you feel they were necessary?
    Runesabre: I had a strong advisory role on helping to stimulate Siege's overall population. Removing RoT was one of the tougher decisions I have had to make. In the end I supported the removal of RoT because its my opinion that RoT is not really what makes Siege. What makes Siege are the player interactions and the ability to truly affect the environment and decide what is right and wrong within the game confines. Additionally, Siege is very much a hard shard in my opinion. What I felt RoT did was impose an arbitrary limitation that players could not overcome. It was unnatural and limiting to a lot of players. Knowing that you would simply NOT gain skill because the system decided you couldn't was a little odd. At the same time I like a lot of the things RoT brought to the table. When you see a GM in a RoT skill you know for certain they couldn't have taken the easy route. RoT let players simply play without worrying about skill gain. Skill gain would eventually come... they would eventually GM their skills. And finally it really leveled the gap between powergamers and players who only had a couple hours a day to play. Both types of players could build up powerful characters in roughly equivalent time. What RoT didn't accomodate were the weekend warriors. RoT was built around the idea of the player playing on a daily basis. Players who only played weekends were still left far behind in character building. At any rate, the overall stigma of RoT is another reason for its removal. Over and over, I heard the same thing from various boards and emails "I would play SP if not for RoT"
    Ce'Nedra Willow: It seems to be a love it or hate it system then.
    Runesabre: At the very least and a very misunderstood system :)
    Joshua Rowan: Is there anything on SP that you've considered adding to all shards?
    Runesabre: Hmmm. Siege helped us find a lot of imbalances and loopholes in skills that were quickly addressed and released to all shards in the early days of Siege. Some other economy fixes that were enacted on Siege were put on the rest of the shards eventually as well. Otherwise, most of the changes to Siege were the types of changes that really couldn't be put on the regular shards at this point. Recall and one character for instance.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Where then do you see SP heading? What kind of future does it hold?
    Runesabre: I honestly don't know right now. That's for the Live team to decide and right now they are completely focused on finishing up Factions ( Go Sonoma and SP! ) and Vet rewards and other things that are on their plate.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Now that the server was moved to the East Coast, does that leave an empty server there in Austin? And if so, what will it be used for?
    Runesabre: No clue. That's more an operations matter. :)
    * Ce'Nedra grumbles *
    * Runesabre puts on his Tyrant mask *
    Runesabre: NO
    *** Runesabre is now known as Runesabre-Tyrant ***
    * Joshua laughs *
    Runesabre-Tyrant: NO
    * Runesabre-Tyrant cackles *
    *** Runesabre-Tyrant is now known as Runesabre ***
    * Joshua hides under the table *
    Runesabre: Whew... that can get addictive. :)
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Anyways.. for the part that will interest everyone the most.. UO: Third Dawn.
    * Joshua hoots and hollars *
    Runesabre: I have to ask... what were YOUR first impressions? Did you EVER think something like that would happen for UO?
    Joshua Rowan: My first impression? When I saw the movie at the World Faire I thought I was going to die. I was blown away. And honestly, I didn't think it would be possible to upgrade to this level, but I'm glad it can be.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I had heard rumors that it was in the works, so I wasn't surprised and since I didn't get to make the Faire, I didn't get to see anything other then screenshots and pics. I think this was almost a necessary step though to keep UO fresh and I'm glad you all decided to take it.
    * Runesabre nods at CeN *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: When was this project first developed?
    Runesabre: Its always tough to look back and try to pinpoint the roots of something like this. The Live team had discussed the mechanics of upgrading UO well before the launch of UO:R. These were mostly informal talks, after hours type of things. Then some executive voodoo stuff happened behind the scenes and suddenly we were given the go ahead to design and propose what we could do to bring UO into the modern age of graphical appearance. I think everyone can agree that UO's biggest weakness is its out dated look. Additionally, its underpinnings really disallowed us from updating its content on a regular basis which is key to keep a game like UO alive and growing from year to year. So it was a natural thing to want to upgrade UO with modern 3D graphics. But knowing that is something that should be done is not the whole story. A large part of the reason Third Dawn exists is because of UO's demonstrated success, its committement by the players and the love of the project by its various Dev Teams, most of which I have worked on. UO and the Dev Team really had to prove to the company and to EA that UO was WORTH upgrading. The amount of business attention UO gets compared to what it used to get 2 years ago is astounding. So here we are today, UO Third Dawn. A great look and feel as well as a committement to UO's future.
    Joshua Rowan: How do you feel fan reaction went at the World Faire?
    Runesabre: I was blown away by the fan reaction and overall response to Third Dawn and the team members in general.
    Joshua Rowan: You guys are all celebrities :)
    Runesabre: We've all been on the boards quite a long time and on occasion there can be some negative undertones that really make you stop and wonder if you are doing anything right. UOWF was really the point where I felt reassured that where we have come with UO was what the players wanted and they expressed that over and over.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Everything you do will be unfair to some, or something like that.
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Runesabre: Yes, working on UO is HARD. :) or something.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Can you run through a list of the UO Third Dawn team members?
    Runesabre: Well, let's see. Rick Hall ( StellarX ) is our producer. Rick has had 11 years game development experience on both PC and console. Bryan Walker ( whom you saw probably a lot behind the demo machines ) is our Development Director. He has been producer on such high profile games as Alpha Centauri. He is our schedule man and is the guy keeping this whole project on schedule and headed where it needs.
    Joshua Rowan: Was he the guy in the gray suit asking everyone questions? He was very cool!
    * Runesabre nods at Joshua *
    Runesabre: Several others you would be familiar with. Krelin, our server programmer ( formerly UO Live.) Jalek, one of the client programmers ( formerly UO Live, the guy who fixed container crashes and client ghosting in his first week of hire. ) Ignatz who helped build the new lands.
    Joshua Rowan: Ahhhhh, so that's where Jalek disappeared to.
    * Runesabre nods *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: You got the right creative person to build the lands. Now I can't wait to see what he came up with.
    Runesabre: Our 3D guru worked briefly on Origin ( the game ) as well as worked with Rick for 5 years on other projects outside of OSI. Oaks was hired on Live a few months ago during the big changeover after UOR and then joined us to also help build the new lands. He was a former UO player.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I've been wanting to meet him. I love his name.
    * Ce'Nedra likes trees *
    Runesabre: Alai who is probably the most veteran UO member on the team ( though he just graduated college last December! ) managed the map building effort as well is re-writing the entire UO interface system from scratch.
    Runesabre: Alai helped build the T2A lands and is largely responsible for implementing the extensive localization in UO prior to this project.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: He's the one repsonsible for the new backpacks right? As well as making things like scrollbars all work uniformally.
    Runesabre: Yes he is, though please remember, a lot of that is still very, very much in the early stages. :) For the most part he has worked 14 hours a day and weekends getting the underpinnings of the interface system up and running, as well as putting in interfaces to get functionality going, so we could demo at the Faire. Let's see.. We have 2 Artists, Scottie Jones and Mike Morlan, both who worked on the Ascension team. Mike is the Lead Artist and is also coordinating a large art studio who is helping us create a lot of our 3D models.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Which is why many of the graphics have the Ascension look to them?
    Runesabre: Probably. I believe that is the core team.
    * Runesabre afraid he accidentally left someone out *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: That's okay, most Oscar recipients forget to thank their mothers.
    Joshua Rowan: How hard was it to stay silent for the last 6 months, basically removing yourself from the fans?
    Runesabre: It was extremely hard to have to remain silent and I am relieved it's public now! I always loved interacting with the players but without anything I could say I felt it was better to simply disappear and not risk the temptation. :)
    Runesabre: Did you have a good session at the Faire Joshua? It was fun watching you web guys up front.
    Joshua Rowan: The Workshops? I was scared to death in the Fansite workshop. I don't do well speaking in public :) But it was still a lot of fun.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I think you were just scared of Aureus. He even scared his own staff.
    Joshua Rowan: Well, he was wearing a vinyl black suit. I think EVERYONE was afraid of him ;)
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Joshua Rowan: As for my other sessions, I did the Virtue System and the Player Town ones.
    * Ce'Nedra lived vicariously through various fan-site pics. *
    Joshua Rowan: Both were incredibly informative. It was really neat to see Sage so passionate about both issues.
    Runesabre: Both are definitely some of his biggest topics in UO.
    Joshua Rowan: I missed the Gold Sink one though. I think it was a conspiracy so that I couldn't talk about Nobility Titles!!!!
    * Runesabre chuckles *
    Joshua Rowan: We got some new UO3D pics right before it started. DOH!
    * Joshua grins *
    Joshua Rowan: So, can you tell us anything about the new lands yet? Such as new cities or dungeons or new monsters?
    Runesabre: They'll be cool!
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Heh
    * Joshua evil-eyes Rune *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: How about this then.. Can you explain to us how you'll be able to add land, monsters and items with greater ease? If you do add new items will these only exist in the 'new' lands?
    Runesabre: New lands I can't really explain, but the rest I can. Any new items, sound, music, wearables, or monsters added will be able to be added to any part of Britannia and NOT restricted to one area like T2A. There are a couple reasons why. One, the reason we couldn't add a new wearable in the past is because a wearable is yet another animation. Add up the animation frames in 5 directions for all 35 player animations and you end up with a very sizable, prohibitive download to patch. Just wasn't possible. With 3D, that same item is a fraction of the data size. 3D items do not have to be rendered per frame like 2D animations so you save a lot of data space. The 2D users will benefit from new items, new monsters, etc, however, they will see "default" art. So if we added a new monster for UO:TD, the 2D players will see that new monster as something like a black ettin.
    * Joshua imagines people walking around with a black square on their chest saying "default" *
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Runesabre: They will still see the proper text when they click the items and the items will have the same properties, they just won't look new.
    Joshua Rowan: And what will the UO:TD people see instead of a Black Ettin?
    * Joshua tries to find out about a new monster *grins*
    Runesabre: They will see whatever the new monster is supposed to look like.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: If, understandably, new items/monsters need to stay in the new lands, how much will people really appreaciate new wearables that they have to take off?
    Runesabre: New wearables are not confined to the new lands. :) Only the new lands themselves are confined to the new lands.
    Joshua Rowan: Can you tell us what some of the new wearables will be? Or has that not yet been determined?
    Runesabre: I'll let Rick announce all that.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Most players have asked about potential player housing in the 'new' lands that will come with Third Dawn. Is this a possibility?
    * Joshua nods *
    Runesabre: The general idea behind the new lands is a place to adventure without the smothering of houses.
    * Joshua likes the phrase "smothering of houses" *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Doesn't T2A already offer that or will you consider allowing housing in T2A with the 3D release?
    Runesabre: I don't really know what designs are in store in that area.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: What about the potential to add new lands for housing only?
    Runesabre: Too far in the future to think about. :)
    Joshua Rowan: What other games on the market inspired your move to the 3D Isometric realm? Did Diablo II or Baldur's Gate II affect the look of UO3D? Or any other games?
    Runesabre: Hmm, good question. I can't say that any other game explicitly inspired us in our move to 3D, but the artists would have more insight on that.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Speaking of artwork... While many of the graphical changes are amazing, there seems to still be a bit of disappointment with the land forms and the flora. Are these graphics still being worked on, or is what we've seen the final product for them?
    Runesabre: At this point I wouldn't say anything is final. We are still very much in the pre-alpha state. Our overall goal is to finish this product in such a way that it's the most clean, polished product we have ever shipped to date.
    * Joshua cheers *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: I noticed in some of the screen shots that the avatars appear to be a bit larger then the ones we currently have. Is this just a trick of the eye because of the more detailed graphics or is the proportioning of the skeletal frames to the world still being adjusted?
    Runesabre: I've heard a lot of mention about the current size of the avatar. In fact, up until the night before the Faire, the mongbat was almost as big as our current dragons. They were scaled down considerably which is another advantage with 3D... its easy to scale things up and down. Not sure what direction with the current avatar size the artists plan on going. I think a lot of it really depends on player feedback.
    * Ce'Nedra nods *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: It seems that from the system specs we've seen, the hardware requirements don't increase too much. The noticeable increase is in the graphic card mb. I believe 16mb is the recommended. Does this mean 8mb won't cut it?
    Runesabre: The actual requirements call for 8 megs of texture memory. UO will take advantage of more memory on the video card.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Will this bring more possible resolutions to run in?
    Runesabre: For right now we want to make sure we support what players have already come to expect with UO. Once that is achieved, we can always look into adding more options; but that is not our focus.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: There's been discussion of karma locks. Is this the only new feature being looked at or are other physical customizations being considered as well?
    Runesabre: oooh, colors!
    * Ce'Nedra pouts again *
    Runesabre: I'm such a meanie
    * Ce'Nedra nod nods *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: It was written in the official documentation that Beta participants would not need to buy the release but could download it. Does this mean that they won't have to pay for the download or does this mean that they can pay for the download rather then purchasing it at a store?
    Runesabre: I'm not really sure what Marketing and Tyrant have in store as far as distribution. The only thing I do know is that the Beta CD will be patchable indefinitely so if you manage to get a Beta CD you shouldn't have to buy UO:TD from the stores once it goes final.
    Joshua Rowan: Cool!
    Joshua Rowan: How do you plan on recruiting Beta Testers? And when do you anticipate them beginning?
    Runesabre: ooh colors!
    Joshua Rowan: Drat!
    Runesabre: colors are unfair to some :)
    * Ce'Nedra tries to bribe with a banana, then realizes that she has the wrong team and looks for cheese. *
    Joshua Rowan: Hehe
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Well we'd like to thank you so much for spending all this time answering all our questions.
    Joshua Rowan: OH, one last question
    Runesabre: oh what NOW! :) It better not be the briefs or boxers question.
    Joshua Rowan: Rune, what creature were you most excited to see in 3D? I honestly think the mongbat blew me away, though the Orc Mage was awfully cool too.
    Runesabre: I think for me the new Corpser was way cool.
    Joshua Rowan: Also, I heard that you guys will be putting in bunny rabbits that are 3x the size of dragons. And that they will attack and take over Yew. Any truth to that? *grins*
    Runesabre: That would be wholly incorrect. It's sparrows.
    Ce'Nedra Willow: That sounded like a Jinx question.. did he pay you to slip that in?
    * Runesabre laughs *
    Joshua Rowan: Haha Actually, someone really did tell me that they could make bunnies that big because of the way 3D works :) I just couldn't help but wonder how freaky that would be to come across a Giant Killer Rabbit ;)
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Before we go, was there anything else that you wanted to say to our readers Runey?
    Runesabre: Just many, many thanks for helping to make UO such a success over the years and proving over and over that UO is the best out there. Without the player dedication, UO wouldn't be here today, Third Dawn wouldn't be here and I would be writing some crappy image software for a no-name software firm.
    * Joshua doubts it *
    * Ce'Nedra doubts it too. *
    Runesabre: If there was any doubt of UO's future, I think everyone can honestly see where we are going and that UO has a very bright future ahead. Thank you Ce'Nedra and Joshua for having me. Its been fun!
    * Joshua cheers *
    Ce'Nedra Willow: Our pleasure!
    Joshua Rowan: Thank YOU!

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 7:07 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    The Tale of Marcus the Mage: part two
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    “And so there we were, in the middle of the Yew Woods,” Tristam said after a long draught of ale. “The original party had been split, one group was still on the road, and the other group was in the middle of the forest. The foul rain had ceased and corpses were piled everywhere. A quick assessment of our situation was not pleasant.”

    Tristam set his mug down on the Sandlewood table, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and looked around the room. “It was night in the middle of the Yew woods near a known lich hang out, our party was split in two, a majority of the warriors in our party were dead, Marcus the Mage had managed to escape, and on top of it all, it was believed that Nujel’m might use this fiasco as an excuse for a war. Now, just to clear up a slight matter, the group on the road, did not know about the group in the woods, and vice versa. Each thought that they were the only remnants of the original party, and they behaved accordingly. The group on the road decided that they would continue on to the Brit docks, and more or less explain the situation to Elrond. The group in the woods however, came up with a more… interesting idea,” Tristam grinned.

    He beckoned for Noleens the serving wench to bring him another ale, “For you know ‘s hard to tell a good story on an empty stomach.” After a few swigs from the ale bottle Tristam decided he should continue with his tale, “So as I was sayin’ the group in the woods was busy hatching a plan to try and prevent a war between Nujel’m and the rest of the world. We decided that a member of our group would impersonate Marcus and turn themselves in. It just so happened that a member of our group by the name of Ox Dematari happened to pick up the belongings of William the Bailiff. There were also quite a few dark mage robes lying about. We grabbed one and headed to The Sultry Sultan’s where I happened to have a dark colored mages hat. We had a Bailiff, and we now had an outfit much like that of Marcus the Mage, the only thing we needed now was a Marucs.”

    Tristam set down the now empty bottle of ale and began work on the next one. “And guess who got picked,” Tristam looked about the room with a slightly tipsy smile on his face, “me! Yes, my dear friends and companions whole heartedly agreed that I should be the bait. I think the reason they all agreed so fast is because they knew this would be a perfect opportunity to kick me, hit me, and in the end they could tell me that they were just ‘trying to make it real’. So I slipped on the robe, and hat, and we gated to the west Brit bank. Interestingly enough the other group had just reached the city of Britain and were headed for the docks as well. Due to a slight ‘mishap’ my group went to the wrong docks to meet Elrond and thus we were not the first to speak to him. When we finally found the right docks Elrond got the queerest look on his face. Elrond was such a little snot,” Tristam made his voice small and whiney, and adopted a snide expression, “’Hrmm… I thought that Marcus had escaped, and the Bailiff had been killed during the trip, and yet here they stand before me, what seems to be going on here’”

    “Our group did some quick thinking,” Tristam took a gulp of ale. Smothering a hiccup he continued, “They said that the others had been hit one to many times by the daemons, and they obviously hadn’t seen what had been going on, for here was Marcus and the Bailiff. Elrond looked a bit curious to the whole matter and then he said ‘Well, it really does not matter if this is the real Marcus or not, someone’s blood shall be spilled for the crimes committed against Nujel’m.’ With that he spun on his heel and called out ‘Captain Darian, has all been made ready for the voyage to Nujel’m?’ A grizzled old sea dog cried out from the boats docked there ‘Aye ‘t has! ‘re ye gonna get on board or just stand there you lubbers? I’m chargin’ ye by the hour Sir Merchant’ to that Elrond turned a rather interesting shade of purple.”

    Tristam chuckled, and beckoned for another ale. “I suppose this could be the funny part of the story, for while we were sailing from Brit to Nujel’m, we lost several people due to the fact that the boat was very overloaded. Ox, dressed as the Bailiff you remember, fell overboard, and awoke several hours later on the Brit docks. But the truly hilarious moment was when the captain fell over!” Here Tristam disinigrated into drunken giggles, before continuing. “And so” *sniff* “The Captain, Mr. I’ve been Sailin’ Since Before ye were a glimmer in yer da’s eye, fell off the boat” *wipes at his eyes* “He… he.. hehehe” *cough* “He was able to swim back to the boat, eventually, so I suppose our trip took a slight bit longer than normal. We were all wishing that Elrond would fall over the side of the boat, but amazingly he had better sea legs than the cap’n!” *another fit of the laughs*

    “As all things must eventually come to an end, we finally landed at the Isle of Nujel’m” Since we had lost the Bailiff at sea, BlackAngel took over the role of the Bailiff. I was marched through the city of Nujel’m, from the docks to the jail (which is located all the way over by the chess board). Along the way the peasants of Nujel’m poured into the streets. Let me tell you, there’s nothing like being herded to a jail cell while people throw garbage at you. Before entering the jail itself Elrond took a moment to announce to the assembled group of peasants that the guillotuine would be put to work soon for a public execution. With the sound of cheering about my coming death I was thrown into the Nujel’m jail.

    While I was in the cell I unfortunantly missed Elrond tell my “escort” about how I would be killed for the pleasure of the public. I was told he described everything in fabulous detail. Elrond left soon after a man by the name of Ildin the jail guard arrived. Ildin then took a few moments to entertain the gathered escort with graphic descriptions of how I would be tortured before my death. I was truly saddened that I didn’t get to hear what was in store for me, and so left to my own ends I simply paced back and forth in the jail cell. After a while the crowd cleared out, Ildin stood guard on the inside of the cell, and BlackAngel stood guard outside the cell.

    Things were beginning to look rather bleak, you see, the people of Nujel’m neither knew, nor cared, that Marcus the Mage was the servant of a daemon, they only wanted to kill him for destroying the Sultan’s Herbarium. They didn’t think Marcus could have been any use to them whatsoever. Realizing this the ‘original group from the woods’ decided to mount a rescue operation. Slowly they left the jail, and one by one gathered on the Nujel’m chessboard. Once a sizeable amount of them had been gathered they all polymorphed into daemons, at which point they raced into the jail and freed me.” Tristam grinned and swallowed the last of his ale.

    “And yet that’s not exactically the end, you see, we all decided to go to the Monastery Thurisaz and see if we could speak with Teleburiel about these matters. We got to the monastery and waited for Teleburiel for a while, after about ten min. of waiting Teleburiel showed up. He had just returned from Yew. Upon hearing the story of what happened he became quite concerned. ‘My friends’, he said, ‘I fear that the Sultan may send assassins after us all now… we must leave this place as it will undoubtedly be a target.’ We raced down the path and took the elevator to the ground, but we had not been quick enough!

    Gathered on the ground below the mountain stood a group of about 50 brigands who were most certainly employed by the Sultan of Nujel’m. We were able to dispatch them, but we took a few losses. Deciding that things were simply not safe in this part of the world, I gated us to The Sultry Sultan once again. Amazingly there were a few members of the Cult of the Rat waiting outside the establishment. We dispatched them quickly before running to the entrance of the passage that would take us to Delucia. Once in Delucia, we booked rooms in the inn, and slept for the night.

    I have also discovered that there are posts in the news as to this night,” Tristam said waving a piece of parchment around, “perhaps you should read these as well, and I think it should be known that I have a goatee, and not a Vandyke.” Tristam grinned and the many visitors gathered around to read of the account in the BNN newspaper.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 4:02 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    UO HoC Question Booth opened for UO3D chat
    Don't forget the UO House of Commons chat on UO: Third Dawn tonight. We've re-opened the UO HoC Question Booth so that you can enter your questions about UO: Third Dawn in advance. Since readers are able to vote on the posted questions there, it will give everyone involved a clue about what the hottest questions at this moment are, and second we may select a few questions from the list and get them answered during the chat itself.

    See you in #uohoc on Stratics IRC at 7PM CT.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 3:34 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    BNN: Destructive “Salamander” Dead at Last
    The following BNN article was posted in the Napa Valley section of the Ultima Online site:

    Destructive “Salamander” Dead at Last
    Tim Armstrong, Ranger of Britannia Nov 15 2000 4:31PM

    The quest to put an end to “the salamander’s” destructive attacks ended last night. The first attempt to accomplish this was a peaceful one. Warriors from the town of Liberalis in Trammel undertook a perilous journey to Felucca, through the northern desert in the new lands, so that they may try and talk the dragon out of doing any more harm. Rangers hidden near the dragon’s nest in the fire dungeon observed these negotiations for more than an hour, but the dragon was as stubborn as only an old dragon could be. At the end of the talks, the beast remained adamant that it would hunt where it wants, when it wants, and that it would spare no human lives in the process, if provoked. Just as the negotiations were failing, a man calling himself Alucard emerged from a gate with an ice wyrm following him. Although he was not affiliated with the group from Liberalis, he saw the salamander as an obvious threat, and sent his ice wyrm after the fire dragon. It is theorized that the ice wyrm’s affinity for cold was able to offset The Salamander’s impressive regenerative abilities. As a result, the salamander was easily killed, as it was unable to defend itself.

    Once the salamander was slain, Rangers from the Britannia Ranger Guild excavated its nest and found the bones of many humans, including some women and children. It seems that the salamander’s claim that it never attacked innocents was a complete lie, as its nest revealed the gruesome truth. If it had not been slain, more deaths probably would have resulted. The land is much safer now that this rogue dragon has finally been dispatched. The people of Britannia thank all those who took up arms against it until its weakness could finally be discovered.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 2:51 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Skara Brae Fairground Construction Underway
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found this really interesting piece on BNN News.
    Lilia Newsman Nov 15 2000 4:04PM

    Philanthropist Andrew Jollier oversaw the ground breaking ceremony in the fields northwest of Skara Brae today. Smiling for the artists gathered around, Mister Jollier posed with shovel in hand, a small pile of dirt at his feet. Various carpenters from all over have all been employed to make sure that the site is built in a timely fashion as well as making use of the finest materials available.

    Stone from Minoc is being imported along with sand from Nujel’m to build the fountain that will grace the fairgrounds. Timber from Yew is being imported to build tables and benches for what is slated to be a gaming area. Logs from north of Vesper are being brought in to construct a large stage and benches. Local wood is being employed to build fencing for a tournament area. From the jungles south of Trinsic wood is being brought in to build an outdoor tavern. Seamstresses from Britain are said to be sewing up banners and curtains and tablecloths. Orders have been placed for barrels of wine to be delivered from Empath Abbey. The local farmers have been asked to sell off some of their crops to provide food for the Faire. Herds of sheep and cattle have been ear-marked for slaughter as well.

    It seems that all is going well with Mister Jollier’s dream and that things are falling into place nicely for what appears, at least on paper, to be an exceptional recreational area.

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 2:03 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Fight Club News Bulletin
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Welcome to Fight Night. Fight Night is sponsored by Fight Club. Fight Night is a weekly single elimination PVP tournament to the death for prizes. This week our prize is 75% of the Gross Enrollment. The entry for the contest is 10,000 GP made out in check format payable only to the Ring Master.. Arcaneus.

    BONUS PRIZE AND SPECIAL GUEST THIS WEEK: Phatty Mike from the UO Newsletter will be awarding this weeks winner with 1000 Diamond Ring. Special Thanks To Phatty Mike for contributing to Fight Club.

    Basically two warriors at a time are put on the Fight Club Guild Stone for the match and then remove afterwards. There are rules to Fight Night which are posted outside the ring.

    Come to our tower, see the ring and review the rules. If you contact me, I ll make myself available to answer specific questions and sign you up.

    The Ring is located at our guild tower on Arctic Island above Deceit Dungeon on the left side of the mountain. I have red and white vendors. Here are our coordinates please visit us 113' 1' N 175 ' 52 W Tram. Please sign up in advance.... there will be far too many people signing up the night of the fight.

    Fight Night is Every Saturday 8 PM EST at the Fight Club. My icq is 63003345 if you have any questions. Enjoy the BEST PVP in Trammel Great Lakes. Please visit our tower and register in advance!!!!!!

    For those of you not familiar with Fight club we have a new site so that you can learn more!

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 1:42 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    PoC Supply Company Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    When: 8:00 PM CST, Saturday, Nov. 18th
    Where: Elysian Coast (Trammel) - Coordinates: 80° 30’ N 133° 31’ E.
    Hosts: Portia [CSH] and Shem Quicksilver [CSH] of Elysian Coast.

    Come one, come all to the Grand Opening of PoC (Pearl of the Coast) Supply Company. Be sure to buy your key in advance for our Glacial Staff giveaway and show up at the event to try your luck at opening the prize box to win the Glacial Staff. Other giveaways include a GM Valorite Archer Set, a sail boat, various rares, runebooks, and more. Gates will be provided from 7:30 PM CST - 8:00PM CST from the following city banks: Britain, Vesper, Moonglow, and Trinsic. There will also be food, drinks, discounts on all wares, and other activities for everyone’s participation. Please contact Shem (ICQ # 73210065) or Portia (ICQ# 77011125) with any questions, concerns, or suggestions. We look forward to seeing you all there!

    Thank you,

    Shem Quicksilver of Elysian Coast - Keeper of the Horn [CSH]

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 1:23 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Looking for a few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town ? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia ? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story ?
    Then mayhaps UOSS' Drachenfels Section is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Drachenfels Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Drachenfels to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to :

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Drachenfels community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you ? Then what are you waiting for ??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate ! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Drachenfels Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal (we're talking of real knowledge, not use of an editor)
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS ?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions ?
    Applications are due no later than November the 25th, 2000. There will be no exceptions !

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 10:19 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    BNN: An Unexpected Visitor
    The following BNN article was printed to the Ultima Online site:
    An Unexpected Visitor
    Erik Valstrom
    Nov 15 2000 7:16PM

    It has often been my inescapable misfortune to cross paths with rather sordid, despicable, characters in the pursuit of my quest for knowledge of events which transpire in our world. I have confronted men, daemons, and monsters whose threatening demeanor and ruthlessness have chilled me to the bone. So when Armande deSade, or someone claiming to be him, showed up at my door today, I was experienced enough with such things to comport myself with appreciable calmness during the discussions that followed between us.

    He was alone, apparently, and I allowed him entrance. I was at once extremely curious as to how he had found me, but remembering how easily the captured pirate in Yew was discovered by forces no doubt under his command I knew it had to be a magical source of great power and he would not tell me. Therefore I did not ask.

    I could waste my time detailing his appearance, what little I could see behind his cloaked form, but I am sure it was altered in some way. He knew full well I would report such things and doubtless took precautions to conceal the exact nature of his features from me. I, therefore, omit a description of him.

    I asked him what business brought him to my humble home.

    "Since thy tongue is heard by many of the... persons, shall we say, with whom I must contend, I shall use you as my own mouth to speak to them. I trust ye will convey the meaning of my words in their full context, and I seldom trust any man in any thing. Consider it an honor that I come to ye for such a purpose," he stated arrogantly in a rasping voice.

    I gave him my word as assurance that his messages would be accurately related as he told them to me. He nodded in approval and, cordially enough, made no threats or threatening gestures.

    "Allow me to explain my business at that sleepy backwater village called Edinburgh. I had reason to believe, and I now know, that an object which belonged to a kinsman of mine was stolen and buried in the mine. I send my minions to retrieve it and there they meet with resistance at every turn. The thieving, murderous, mob of townsfolk who dwell there, and those who visit looking for fortune, continually assault those I send there peacefully to recover my possession. I have therefore directed them to defend themselves. This is the reason for the many battles which have occurred there of late. If the villagers and visitors would leave my aides alone, they would find that no harm would befall either them or their property."

    I was astounded at the sheer brazenness of his mendacity. I asked him who this kinsman was, what was the nature of the object he claims to have been "stolen" and who had taken it.

    He smiled briefly. "That is no concern of yours, chronicler, but I will not evade thy question entirely. It is a simple crystal ball, an heirloom. It belonged to my great-grandfather. I prize it for sentimental sake alone. It is all that might be left of his possessions since he and all other things of his perished suddenly and completely long ago. It was recovered then stolen by some mage and well-hidden."

    I asked him if the ball had been hidden in the vein of gold in the mine and how he had found it if so.

    "I have means to detect it should I come near it. I have confirmed it is indeed inside the vein of gold at the mine in Edinburgh and have been sending my aides to melt the gold in order to free it. They do this by summoning fire elementals atop and around the vein to melt it down. Naturally the fire elementals are ill disposed toward intruders and the work is disrupted when they see and attack them. My aides become angry at their work being delayed, tempers flare, and, well, a battle ensues. If the villagers would leave us be at the mine for a while, our work of recovery could be completed without further confrontations with them."

    I wanted to know how the pirate attacks and gold elementals fit into this so-called recovery expedition of his and queried him on it.

    He laughed. "The pirates were of use to me for a time as their services for guarding and transportation were quite inexpensive. I used them to help my aides seek areas where the ball might be found, knowing that it had been lost somewhere along the Britannian coastline in a shipwreck which claimed the life of my great-grandfather. Hence ye witnessed what was called "raids" on coastal cities. The mere sight of my aides and their pirate hirelings was enough to instill enough fear in townsfolk to incite them needlessly. For the record, I take no responsibility for the numerous deaths of the townsfolk who thrust themselves into matters which did not concern them or pose any threat to their town or their livelihood. Once word spread that gold elementals were seen at the village, the pirates naturally wanted to go there. I consented, and by sheer good fortune found the mine and the location of my heirloom. It is all as simple as that."

    I was curious to know the connection between the gold elementals and the pirate captain, Caine. How was it that he was able to lure them on board his ships and then smelt them at Serpent's Hold.

    "The gold elementals seemed very possessive of the gold from which they spawned. Apparently some of the pirates came upon a corpse in the woods with some of it in his pack. While they divvied it amongst themselves, a gold elemental appeared, probably the slayer of the deceased man, and began asking for the gold from them. They fled to their ship and the brute followed them to the coastline. Caine returned and spoke at length with the thing assuring it that he would help them find the ones who had taken the gold, it's "little ones" as he put it."

    I asked him of Spyte the Knife who seemed to be looking for the ball as well.

    Armande's face reddened with anger. "He is another of the thieves which seeks to steal what is mine!! Ye would do well not to trust him! Ye think I am vindictive and ruthless? ...such a list of my deeds pales in comparison to his! He assaulted me recently. I escaped death by the narrowest of margins, a death from which there is no return. The blade he wields is enchanted or other-worldly... when it kills it banishes the soul of its victims to the void from whence they may never return. Mark him well. He is not to be trusted. If he is in thy employ ye are doomed."

    Nothing further meaningful could be drawn from him and we concluded the meeting. Armande bowed low, stating he would return if he needed a public voice for his concerns. I did not promise to provide a forum, but I told him I would do what I could to help us all come to a greater understanding of this mystery. With that, he said he was content, and disappeared.

    How much of this tale is true or something intended to lead us off the trail I cannot say. I am disposed to believing very little of it, but that which I do still unsettles me greatly. Many answers remain cloaked in shadow and I fear that only experience itself will bring the truth of them to light. - Erik

    Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2000, 2:24 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Napa Valley Housing Decoration Contest
    Myself and Haart from the Guardians of the Light have teamed up to sponsor this contest so all you Napa Valley types can show off your decorating skills. And guys...don’t be shy we know in your heart there is an interior decorator that’s just waiting to bust loose.

    The judges will be myself and Haart with the competition ending two weeks from now: November 28th @ 5 pm PST.

    The prize winners will have their homes posted on Stratics and also win some fabulous prizes. Tell them what they can win, Haart:

    (In his announcers voice) “Well, Pelle our grand prize winner will get an all expense paid trip to Haven where he or she can harass young players at will by snooping their packs and flicking their wait...

    *he looks at his cue cards*

    “I’m sorry, that’s the prizes for next weeks contest of how many mongbats you can flamestrike at one time. Here’s the ones for the housing contest:”

    1st Place: 50K, Black Dye Tub, 3 small plants, 2 roses
    2nd Place: 25K, Large Painting, 1 small plant, 2 roses
    3rd Place: 25K, 2 small paintings
    So, if you need an idea of what a cool house might look like check out Haart's site at:

    Then go have some fun and send your picts to either myself here at Stratics or to Haart at: [email protected]
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 8:28 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Free Weapon Repair Tonight
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in from Hammer, UBB Shardmaster for Sonoma:

    The United Blacksmiths of Britiania would like to invite all Warriors and wearers of Armor to bring all that old beat up armor in that secure chest of yours to the Hammer n Anvil Forge to have it repaired for "FREE" by the finest smiths in all Sosaria.

    The activities will commence at 7:00PM PST (10:00PM EST) Tonight (Nov 15th). Find your way to the Hammer N Anvil forge, at the northwest entrance to Britain on Trammel, and spruce up that platemail.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 8:05 PM EST by Ceryx Cybium (Sonoma)

    Legion of Dark Nations to Host Tournament
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following announcement from Kerrz, a veteran warrior from the Legion of Dark Nations:
    The Legion of Dark Nations is holding a tournament on Sunday, November 19th, starting at noon Eastern, in honor of brave warriors in our world who have passed on needlessly and with no profit for their death. The tournament is to find the best individual warriors and honor their struggle and desire to survive in this harsh world. There will also be a team prize given to the best group of six or less combined warriors.


    There are to be six events, and they are as follows:

    • One on One Combat:
      • Single Handed Melee Weapon with Shield
      • Single Handed Melee Weapon without Shield
      • Double Handed Melee Weapon
      • Magic versus Magic
      • Free For ALL
    • Two on Two Combat:
      • Free For ALL
    A full listing of rules, how to register, and prizes may be found here.

    Map to Griffon Township

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 7:48 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Several World Faire Reports
    For those following the happenings of the World Faire from this last weekend, make sure to check out Origin Stratics own UO World Faire Section. In addition, Virgil over at the CoNB let us know that they have also set up a terrific World Faire Report. And finally, this just in from Markee Dragon:
    The UO Faire was a huge success and the Markee Dragon team is pleased to have been a part of it. We have created a site dedicated to the people who attended and ran the faire. Currently there are over 250 pictures available at the site. Many celebrities can be found at the site. Some of the people you will find are many of the developers, GMs, Volunteer and people who run fan sites such as Lum the Mad, Several members of Stratics, Jinx from The Chosen, Fear from Battle Vortex and several more people including our team from Markee Dragon. We developed the database so that if you attended the faire and have pictures to share you can upload them to the site right through your web browser. Find the site located at We look forward to seeing you there. Markee Dragon
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 5:13 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Trinsic Council Results
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following item was reported by Lore d'Ascalon in the Catskills Tavern of the UO Tao Circle boards:
    Hear ye ! Hear ye !

    Let it be known that the Council convened yestereve. All the council members were present .. most of the time.

    Here are the important facts about what happened and what was voted:

    • Lady Reverie Dag turned down her nomination to the post of representative of Trinsic to the High Council. Lady Panama Khanan has kindly agreed to replace her.
    • Lady Reverie Dag has been nominated Ambassador of Trinsic to the other cities and/or foreign nations, and graciously accepted the charge.
    • Ser Brightblade of the Praetorian Guards has been nominated temporarily Justice of Trinsic till a suitable long-term candidate for the charge could be recruited by the council.
    • Lady-captain Amber has been sent by the military authorities of Britain to assume command of the Trinsic Royal Regiment. Military activities both in and around our good town are expected to increase.
    • Lord-general Rutger Dag called for a revote of the law which outlaws all orcs and undeads in our fair city. Despite some protest, his proposal met with the approval of the majority of the council.
    • A new law was voted which states that all members of the Shadow Clan and/or the undeads "living" in Necropolis are to be treated as enemies if they try to enter the city limits. As previously, if the militia or the army isn't around to handle their removal (the use of lethal measures was approved to that effect), citizens are authorized to take a hand in freeing our town from these villainous creatures. Civil laws do NOT apply to them.
    • Lord-general Dag stated that Paladin's Island shall continue to stand as a sanctuary within the city limits for those who wish to redeem themselves. However, any creature or person trying to abuse this act of Compassion shall be removed immediately from the island by the paladins.
    • The High Knight of the Order of the Silver Serpent asked the town council to add drows and vampires to the orc/undead law. Nothing has been decided yet regarding that issue.
    • A member of the Order of the Griffons has brought into town a magical talisman which he hopes can free the ghosts who haunt our city under the guise of mercenaries of the vanquished Broken Sword company. He shall stay at the disposal of the city for one week.
    With Lady Dag's announcement and a report from Jhelom, here are the current representatives for the Great Council:
    • Britain: Henry Guiscard
    • Jhelom: Artus Farwynth
    • Minoc: Theron
    • Magincia: Colclasure Fallari
    • Moonglow: Amus Moonbeam
    • Skara Brae: Unknown or unselected
    • Trinsic: Panama Khanan
    • Yew: Thomas Augustine
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 5:03 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    New Poll: UO3D Screenshots
    In our last poll, we asked you about the new "secret" rooms and puzzles in Dungeon Khaldun.

    27% of you have not yet been to the new Dungeon, but plan to go some time. 9,7% say they never plan to go there.

    34.7% like the puzzles, 17.5% dont care either way, and 10.8% dont like having to mess with them at all.

    Over the next several weeks, we will be asking your opinion on various aspects of the recently announced Ultima Online: Third Dawn expansion.

    This week, we want to know what you think about the screenshots that we posted in our General News section. If you havnt yet, take a look at the screenshots, then hop on over to our Periodic Poll and let us know what you think about them.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 4:57 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    Next Jhelom Gladiator Games on Friday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The Curator of the Jhelom Pit announced the next Jhelom Gladiator Games on the official UO website :
    To be a gladiator means to endure pain and hardship, to fight well or to die ignominiously, and above all, to make every moment of a short and uncertain life a way to show the virtues of courage and discipline. In fighting courageously and skillfully, you might demonstrate sufficient valor to win the respect of all the citizens of Britannia; in a death accepted without protest, you could acquire it as well.

    If you feel ready, come to the Jhelom Pit on the Felucca Facet and be prepared to fight against the best gladiators coming from all the different corners of Britannia.
    And what about the reward ? The champions name will be recorded in the history of champions book, and a carving will be made of the brave warrior, on exhibition for all to see. If you feel ready and brave enough come to the Pit and face your fate !

    The games will as usual be held in the Felucca Jhelom Pit, and will start on Friday the 17th, November at 8.30pm CET (7.30 GMT, 2.30 EST). The current Champion of the Pit is still Lady Penelope (Team Cow).
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 3:53 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Aryslan tavern grand opening!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Looks like we're going to have another place to go and drown a few ales quite soon!

    The town of Aryslan is announcing the grand opening of our fist tavern! It is located east of the town center directly below the tower of souls in Aryslan. We are looking for people who would like to staff the tavern and help run it. You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested in this.

    This log cabin is a great addition and improvement in the town, come and enjoy the grand opening party on saturday the 18th at 8 pm eastern time. A rune to the new tavern can be found on the floor of the town tower as you walk in. Its a short walk just east of the town center, and south of the tower of souls.

    We hope to see you there.

    Jamlyn Hakkendyn
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 3:53 PM EST by Dresden (Chesapeake)

    Make Me Rich Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Dragon Rouge is proud to present the Make Me Rich Tournament! One brave and mighty warrior will bring home a check for 500,000 gp!! There will be a meeting at The Kings Men Theatre in Brit, at 9:30 pm, Saturday the 18th. We can answer any questions that aren't cover here, but here are the basic ideas and rules.

    We will be hosting the battle here in Trammel, so there will be no interference by people who aren't aware that it's a tournament.

    You will need to quit your guild to do this, as there is no pvp in Trammel, and join ours for the duration of the Tournament, or at least your part of the Tournament. We will not be warring guild after guild to do this, and most non guilded people will have to join anyway.

    There will be a 25k entry fee.

    You may bring any weapon you wish, as long as its not blessed. To the victor go the spoils!!!!

    You may poison your enemy but do not bring a poisoned weapon, poison it during the fight.

    There will be looting, so be careful what you bring.

    Mages will not be permitted to cast daemons but they will be able to cast one elemental of from these choices: Air, Water, Earth. If you die before the elemental dies, you lose.

    No Draining Mana if you are a Mage fighting a mage.

    You are subject to be snooped before the battle. Make sure you don't have equipment that isn't permitted

    Sorry no tamers. No one can kill a dragon alone, and mares are pretty hard.

    There will be no refunds after your fight, No calling lag kills.
    Do not bring any disallowed items. You will not be permitted to fight with them. Or you will just be cut from the roster, and will not be refunded.

    The payment will be made just before you are gated to the arena, and will be taken in a check form.

    Thats about it, rules are subject to change, and you will know of any changes before you fight.

    So come see us at The Kings Men Theater. Saturday the 18th, at 9:30pm. You could end up rich!

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 3:03 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Sardisha Li'Sant Escorted to Vesper
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Yesterday evening Sardisha Li'Sant has been escorted by a large number of Eteral Knights, amongst 'em their King and Queen, from their town to Vesper. With 'em was a small detachment from Spiritwood consisting of some Custodes Fati and Skara Brae Rangers, led by myself. Much of the events, that happened along the way are covered in King Talysman's report:

    All went well in Moonglow. Kazari was turned back and his brother arrested. Moonglow appears to be safe, but the invasions in the Eternal City have only grown worse. Day after day the orcs come, often led by Karth himself. Many brave warriors have fallen but each invasion has been repelled.

    Sardisha emerged occasionally from her quarters to give vague warnings of danger and once to request that a caravan be readied for her so that she might go to Vesper. The caravan was readied on the 14th and many warriors and knights arrived to aid the escort.

    When the party left the tower it was immediately beset by orcs and fire elementals in great numbers - more than even before. Karth appeared and demanded that Sardisha reveal her secret or he would bring even greater armies to capture or destroy her. His orcs were smashed but the escort party was in a disarray. A small contingent of the escort quickly moved to the east, taking Sardisha with them. They move around the palace and boarded one of the ships of the Royal Navy of the Eternal Knights. The others soon followed, battling orcs and their elementals along the way until four ships were filled to capacity. The ships set sail and steered outward into Minoc Bay. All had been told that the escort would be over land, yet Maia must have sensed that it would really go by sea, for many elementals of water beset the ships and it was a slow, dangerous journey across the bay to the gypsy camp south of Minoc.

    The passengers disembarked, helping Sardisha across. There they all gathered at the gypsy camp and proceeded southward along the road to Vesper. 

    Great battles were fought, as Karth's legions beset the warriors at every turn. Sardisha remained well protected, hidden from her would-be captors by spells. Finally, they all arrived in Vesper, where Sardisha requested a shovel and managed to get one off a bewildered but compliant knight. She led her protectors to a spot behind the Ironwood Inn wall and began to dig. As she dug, more orcs came from the north, felling innocent Vesper citizens who were unaware of the danger. Those orcs quickly died to swords and spells, and the remaining citizens warned to lock their doors and bar their windows until the escort had left Vesper.

    Sardisha finished digging and pulled a fair sized and very old chest from the ground. She said it was from her "gramma" and that she never thought it contained anything important. The fact that so much danger surrounded her and the contents of the box led her to realize otherwise.

    The now weary warriors, tired and many badly wounded in the many battles along the route turned about and marched out of the city with Sardisha in their midst. Before they could even reach the crossroads, Karth again appeared and warned Sardisha one last time that he would send his army if she did not divulge her secret. She again refused and that army must have been near, for hundreds of orcs marched out of the woods and beset Sardisha's protectors. It was a long and fierce battle. Many good knights and warriors were felled, and even Sardisha's closest protectors were scattered. Sardisha herself fought against the orcs and when it was all over, succored the wounded before allowing the escort to proceed again toward the Eternal City. The remaining time on the road went without incident and even the trip across the bay was quiet but for a few elementals, possibly still waiting from the earlier crossing. 

    The marchers brought Sardisha safely back to the tower and there she presented her box to the assembly and asked that we try to find the secret that was hidden within.

    One item to be deciphered was the scroll. Upon it was written "No itovedg niyd nuse vircerenot seht sevig reve os ohw." This was quickly found to be "Whosoever gives the stone receives undying devotion."

    In the book was found written:

    "The Prophecy of the Stones
    by Elder Sithar Li'sant

    And there will come to the streets of a great city, a dark lady. She shall hold in her hand the power to sway the fealty of any man or woman.

    With her the beasts will come, and fire shall eat at the heart of the city. Yet the warriors of the great city will defend her, and the walls will hold fast. Then a king who is not a king, shall sit upon the throne uneasy, and the beast may be defeated by guile or by the sword.

    And the stone shall be a power for one... or the other. Yet the prophecy does not say which. And the king that is not a king may be suborned. And the king that is a king will lose and find what he holds dear. And the circle will be broken, then mended.

    Lwo PehbBluso lwo yoilw bluso veob gaheoy es lwo fuasliesb lwo iskeoslb kivvoy lhbei. Lwo bwihyb iho botihiloy isy kissul go fiyo mwuvo gal leb biey lwil ocos i teoko up el ghesrb yoilw lu ivv mwu luakwel. Lwo bokusy mib kibl atus lwo milohb. Bufo bix el mib bwivvumoy gx i reisl boi goibl el mib lwo WiloBluso. Lwo WoihlBluso povv lu lwo wisyb up i misyohesr lhego up rxtbeob yhobboy ek gvikn. Lwo VepoBluso mib bosl lu lwo mwelo viyx es lwo muuyb up xom mwu cisebwoy iploh lwo bluso mib hokoecoy up woh.

    None shall again know the danger or the sting of the stones if I can keep them from it, so I have recorded what I must, but not what I wished to.

    Scribe Sithar (a bloodstain obscures the rest of the signature except for the word... Caveat)"

    Many hours have passed now, and King Talysman and his scholars have gone over and over the seeming gibberish text within the riddle. They have finally deciphered it's words, but not it's meaning:

    "The First Stone, the death stone, lies buried in the mountains the ancients called trsia. The shards are separated and cannot be made whole but tis said that even a piece of it brings death to all who touch it. The second was cast upon the waters. Some say it was swallowed by a giant sea beast it was the Hatestone. The Heartstone fell to the hands of a wandering tribe of gypsies dressed in black. The Lifestone was sent to the white lady of the woods of yew who vanished after the stone was deceived of her."

    We can only hope that the scholars of Spiritwood, who are so much more knowledgeable of the ancient legends and the secrets they hold, will be able to find the meaning to these riddles.

    Several things seem clear ... Maia, the gypsie who is after Sardisha holds the Stone of Love, controlling Warbozz Karth with the powers of the stone. As it is told, the holder of the Stone of Love possesses the power to control people's emotions, though this is nay true love, the cursed will do anything to obey the holder of the stone, the one he thinks in love with.

    It is evident, that Kazari, who is troubling Moonglow for some time now, holds the Stone of Hate. Some warriors, defending Moonglow, witnessed Kazari using this very stone to escape when his army was defeated. If Kazari and Maia allied and combined their stones is unknown yet, though their power would be vast, with those stones combined, to whatever effect that may cause.

    Wherever the remaining stones are or whoever is possession of one of 'em holds a clue to this mysterious prophecy. It is up to the wisdom of the scholars and the strength of the warriors to alter the prophecy.

    May the virtues be with ya!
    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 1:08 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    BNN : "Circus Coming to Britain"
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A new Article from BNN was posted on the official UO website :
    As the farmer neared the first wagon he could smell a strange, strong aroma. When he stopped to think about it, he realised it smelled like sulphurous ash. The farmer, having seen some mages work with it, realised this was a reagent that could be used to create fire. He followed the smell to locate where it was coming from. He soon stood in front of a wagon filled with chemical powders, strange oils and torches. A wooden sign read, "Fire Breather".
    Go read it here !
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 11:41 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Khaz Durkham Recieves a Revelation About Factions
    It was a nice fall afternoon and small animals could be heard scurrying around under huge piles of leaves. The good prophet, Khaz Durkham, set on the front porch of his little country church in Coventry's Divinity Square finishing up some pamphlets for his newest disciples to read. A young, but widely respected prophet, Khaz Durkham has been called both an inspiration by some and a madman by others. Still, his followers in The Ministry (*M*) are devout in their faith of his teachings.

    On this particular day, he was going about his business as usual when, as many times before, he began to hear strange voices calling to him in the distance. "Khaz," a faint voice said to him, "the time is near."

    Khaz stood and looked around. His teachings had all been derived from what he had been told by these voices, but he still found the experience a little unnerving and exhaustive. Even he did not know the origin of these unusual voices. He only knew that the lessons that they had given him were of pure moral values.

    After a moment, Khaz responded to the voice as respectfully as he could, "But, I do not understand."

    "All will soon be revealed to you," the voice replied, "You have done well in your quests. I shall try to explain some as a reward for you service, so that you might better understand... but listen close for your world may soon fall into deep peril."

    "I have done all that you have asked," said Khaz, "But, I still do not understand. What sort of dangers await us?"

    After a brief moment of silence, the voice finally answered, "There have been many dark forces at work within the government of Lord British. You have seen signs of this already, such as the past troubles in Cove. I have seen these things played out in other worlds many times over and they must not come to pass in yours."

    "But, why is my world any different from the others?"

    "Khaz, as you know, your world is but one of many. These realms are like the shards of a broken mirror, all reflecting back similar images, but taking on different shapes. Your shard shines the brightest for it is composed of only the most courageous and compassionate warriors. That is why I have called on you. Your world may hold the only key to restoring peace to the kingdom and healing the broken shards."

    "I see... but what you said about Lord British... I have heard rumors of corruption in the government, but isn't Lord British a sovereign ruler? Does he not stand for peace and order?"

    "The true Lord British is indeed a good and wise ruler, but he is little more than a puppet in your lands. He has grown weak in his judgments and has given in too much to his advisers. In other worlds the Court Mage, Nystul, has created a facade of peace in which the people find themselves to be content while evil goes unchecked in the true realm. Still, there is hope for your shard. There is no Trammel nor Felucia there, only the true lands remain. Therefore, this is where our only hope lies. The other shards are fractured within themselves. Your shard remains whole, a testament to the community that inhabits it. That is why I have reached out to you."

    "Trammel and Fel.. uh.. I'm lost? I have heard stories about the Council of Mages trying to call forth the Stranger of legend that saved the lands once before, but I know nothing about any mages opening portals to false worlds."

    "Eh, yes.. the Stranger... that's right, Khaz. The Council of Mages have dedicated themselves to calling forth the "Stranger" but he cannot enter your world.. it is only possible that a few might hear his.. voice..."

    "His.. voice? But, I hear... voices," Khaz pondered. Could it be that the voices he had been hearing all this time somehow related to the Stranger? After giving the matter a bit more thought he finally decided to ask, "Wise Voice, where do the voices come from that I have been hearing all these years? I would really like to know."

    After a long pause, the voice finally responded, "Khaz, your faith has been true from the start. Your faith is strong because you and your followers already know the truth in your hearts."

    "Then it is true? The voice I hear is that of the Stranger?"

    "The voice you are hearing now is but one of many that you have heard in the past. I can say no more than that right now. I can only tell you to stay true to what you believe, a huge challenge awaits you," the voice continued, "This Council of Mages wants what is best for Britannia but they are too arrogant and too close-minded to get very far alone. Soon, the Mages will fall into peril. The true powers in your Britannia want to get rid of the Mages because they threaten to expose the corrupt British government for what it is. Soon, the Mages will be tried falsely and cast out of their homes in Moonglow. However, they hold the only true path to redemption for our lands. Your task will be to aid them."

    "But what of the True Britannians?" asked Khaz, "I know many brave and honest warriors that will fight to their deaths for Lord British."

    "You too will be fighting for a true Britannia," the voice replied, "but the warriors who fight under the guidance of Lord British's advisors are misled. The True Britannians will unknowingly fight for an administration that is as corrupt as the Shadowlords themselves. What's worse is, should the lands fall to Lady Minax or the Shadowlords, your realm may never recover from the chaos!"

    "Britannia is in a weakened condition," the voice continued, "and it is sad, but this opportunity must be ceased if true order is to ever be restored. The wise mages can do this, but they will need the help of you and your followers. Go to them in the coming weeks. You will find them hiding out in Magnicia. Tell them that the Stranger has sent you to be their guide. Show them the mark upon your neck so that they might know you speak the truth. Rally together all of the brave and honest warriors that you can find and continue to educate them about the Path. You must strike decisively against those that oppose you. The future of Sosaria rests on your shoulders. It is time for you to take up your axe and go fight for what you have worked so hard to establish. I wish you luck in your journeys."

    "But sir," Khaz quickly interjected, "I haven't any marks about my neck."

    "Aye," the voice whispered, "but you soon will."

    As the voice faded out into the distance, Khaz became aware once again of the rustling leaves drifting around in front of him and he soon began to wonder what the days ahead might bring.

    Ford Prefect
    Reporter for the Veteran Shard
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 7:16 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Siege News: Yew Hauntings Continue
    Here's a summary of recent events in Yew
    Yew Haunting Continues; Stranger Returns

    On (11/12/00) Sunday night, the Golden Unicorn of Wispwood was again haunted. The tavern and surrounding area was thoroughly search for any cause to the mysterious activity. The only undead to appear was a lone wraith. At one point, Ailieve (CWS) claimed to have seen Rythias Rose out of the corner of her eye.
    Rythias was the individual that may have been corrupted or possessed by some unknown evil force. This became evident in last weeks undead attacks. A week ago Monday, the tavern cleaning was assault by demons, dragons, greater undead and a few skeletons. Dene's (CWS) pet dragon and other adventurers were able to repelled the assault. During this fight Rythias did attack some of his fellow CWS members and look to be fighting with himself. The citizens of Wispwood were able to "subdue" him and help him regain his senses.

    On last Wednesday (11/08/00), a massive undead and demon force again accosted northern Wispwood clearing. Rythias seemed to turn join the side of assaulting forces. Just before this dire event, Rythias professed his love for Ailieve and his desire to wed her. In the battle, it seems Rythias was spirited away by the dark minions.
    (back to Sunday, 11/12/00) After recent the haunting, Raziel Maleki and Gabriella Paquiel visited the Golden Unicorn. Raziel Maleki, a reporter of sorts, had visited about two weeks ago and ask about the haunting. He told a tale appropriate for All Hallow Eve Festival. This time Raziel ask about "a disappearance". Grot, feeling that they owe Raziel a tale, told him of the recent events that plague the area.

    After a brief discussion, it was decide that the first blue skeleton may have bespelled Rythias. The skeleton did this with a dagger that was hidden behind his shield. The adventurers proceed to search the graveyard, thoroughly. During the search, A lich lord came from the western crypt building. The four plus adventurers quickly dispatched the lich lord with ease. Inside the crypt was a normal looking dagger, but it was fused to the floor. With prayerful mediation and some grunting, the adventurers pried lose the dagger. Ailieve and Tiberius put the dagger in a safe place until it can be inspected by a scholar. Ailieve and others are hoping this dagger will lead to some clue on how to free Rythias Rose. If you wish to help against these evil force, please contact Ailieve of Wispwood, she can be found most night tending the bar in the Golden Unicorn. The Golden Unicorn tavern is in the clearing east of the Yew graveyard.

    Strangers at The Golden Unicorn

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 6:34 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Reminder on the Fiction Competition
    As I sat in the Library that is my home looking around at all the same old and worn books, I had an epiphany. I realized that the land of Britannia is in the midst of a literary drought. So, to help along the resurgence of quality reading in Britannia. I hereby challenge all the citizens of this land who have chosen the pen and ink over the sword and shield.
    Submit a copy of your best works to be judged by myself and 5 others. The 10 best will be hailed across the land as the 10 greatest literary works on this shard. I care not what type of book you write, whether it be action, adventure, fantasy, comedy, horror(keep it clean), instructional(cookbooks, helpful hints, how top’s, etc..) historical, or poetry. I gladly accept any kind.
    I can be reached at [email protected] to arrange a time to collect your entries, or contact my associate at [email protected] as he also is collecting the books for this contest. As of yet I have no prizes, if you wish to submit a prize for the winners to receive let me know.
    The best way to turn them in would be to directly contact us, though you may be able to give the books to members of "The Unruled" and they will get them to the proper people. Also, the Monk Teleburiel has said that he would love to display the top ten books in the Monastery Thurisaz, when it is finally restored. The "due date" for all entries is Nov. 20th. We would love for any and all to participate, even the smallest glimmer of an idea can become a grand story with only a slight bit of work. Thank you and good luck. May the muse speak to you all.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 12:40 AM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Tavern Review Team Active
    Ug Hummies!

    Yes, at long last, the UOSS AOL Legends news team is ready to visit Establishments across the realm! This includes towns, taverns, inns, and other location of note. If you wish for one of our reporters to visit you, simply visit our submission menu underneath the Establishment heading to your left and send us a pigeon! We look forward to seeing you!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2000, 12:14 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    PTI Hosts a Story Telling Contest!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Lady Advantium just sent us this...
    Pacific Training Institute is pleased to announce our first story time session in Trammel.

    The event will be held at PTI on November 18 6 pm, Pacific time on the Pacific Shard, located at the PTI castle. Gates will be available at the Britain main bank at 5:20 pacific time.

    The story topic will be: Thanksgiving, what are you especially thankful for in our virtual world?

    Please use the purple book for your story, and submit when you're done sharing your story. All winners will have their book placed in the PTI library.

    Prizes are as follows:

    First place 10k in gold second place 5k in gold third place: a set of armor , shadow archer set

    Please rsvp if you can make it, [email protected]

    Advantium Founder of PTI

    Thankyou Advantium, sounds like fun!
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 11:30 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Havenwood Borders Violated by Non-Human Army
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<There seems to be trouble on the horizon for Havenwood:
    Recently our guard patrols and training missions to the outskirts of the town have picked up a large force of no-humans,the strongest of which appear to be only air and water elementals. Recently the mass has been edging ever closer to town and has come into conflict with the citizenry and the Army. We have estimated they will not be prepared to attack until Friday. Therefore the bulk of our attack shall be directed upon them Thursday at Eight. Any and aid will be appreciated, and we expect this will be an excellent time for young warriors to hone thier skills against the monsters of the realm. If any do chose to ceom with us during this attack we will be meeting at the Havenwood Tavern at Quarter of Eight in the Eastern Sky (7:45pm EST)

    For the Glory of Havenwood!

    Legate Commandant
    Nathiar deMonte'
    Havenwood Royal Army
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 10:40 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Christmas Charity Event in Nidaros
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Never too early to start up for Christmas. Great example of this is the charity being held in Nidaros. More information supplied below from miner:
    On Decemember 16th, 7PM est will be Nidaros's Christmas chairty event! What is that you ask? Well, if you donate two peices of armor, weapons, shields, or 50 regents you will be entered in a raffle for 20k! The items you donate will go to a very good cuase! Please help! Bars will also be open. The town knights will be dueling eachother, and yes you can bet! If you need help getting to nidaros please vist or ICQ 37706470.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 10:28 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Faction System Publish Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Faction System Publish Update

    We will be activating the Faction System publish, as listed in Testing for Next Update, on the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards on Wednesday, November 15th. The publish will be active on the Sonoma shard following it's regularly scheduled maintenance period. The Siege Perilous shard will be taken down for a special maintenance period following its first completed backup after 9:00 AM CST. Upon return from this maintenance period, the Faction System will be active on this shard as well.

    We will continue to monitor the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible. The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 8:13 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO Message Boards Open
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website: Message Boards Open

    We have resolved the technical issues affecting the Message Boards and have opened them to the public. Unfortunately, the same factors that led to the corruption of our user database also resulted in a loss of the database backup. Thus, it will be necessary for users to recreate their accounts before posting to the boards.

    Important: If you previously registered to use the Message Boards, your board name and password were stored in a cookie. This cookie must be updated with your new name and password. Please re-register using the following steps:

    1. Log in to MyUO.
    2. Visit .
    3. Click "New User" on the top menu or follow the instructions in the pop-up window.
    4. Enter your message board name and your email address.
    5. Once your new password has arrived in email, click "Login" on the top menu.
    6. You will receive an error message stating that your password is incorrect. Ignore this message. Your browser will redirect to a login page where you may,
    7. Log in with your board name and new password.

    After completing these steps, your cookie should be set with your new board name and password and you may reset any profile options as necessary, including changing your password to your preferred password.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 3:20 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Havenwood Weekly Meetings
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was submitted by Talimor of Havenwood:
    The City of Havenwood, in Trammel will begin holding Town meetings every Tuesday of each month. Unless changed in the future we shall be meeting in the tower directly South of the Darkhawk's Den, or as some know of it, the Havenwood Tavern. The meetings will begin at Eight O'clock on Tuesdays. The first meeting will be held The Twentyfirst (21st) of November. We hope to see some new faces, as well as old.

    Talimor deMonte'
    Lord of Havenwood
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 12:10 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Virtue Mass
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<There will be a Virtue Mass to be held in PaxLair soon. More information supplied by Friar Arthur Trieu below:
    A Virtue Mass will be held in PaxLair this Thursday at 9:00PM EST. All are invited to attend and realize how big a part of our daily lives in Britannia, the Virtues are. It will be held on the third floor of the Mage Tower. This is one of eight sessions that will held during the next four months. The topic for November 16th is the Virtue of Honour. This is in other words a church service, relating only to the World of Britannia and is sponsored by the Church of Britannia (Empath Abbey in Yew). You can find the city of PaxLair (Felucca) by going to
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 12:05 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    The Dark Minion
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    A dark minion led an undead attack on PaxLair Sunday evening around 7 by the Eastern Sky. Residents and visitors took down the undead and the dark minion with minor losses. During the fray, the people saw the flame of the Fire Monument near the Chaos Tower was extinguished. None knew why the dark minion launched an attack on PaxLair nor why the flame was doused. There is speculation Mazrim is somehow behind this attack.

    Wraiths, skeletons, liches, bone knights, and bone magi struck quickly as the dark minion appeared and disappeared on the city streets. Woodsman was the first one to engage the dark minion and kept it reeling in pain from his poison blade. Safious, a knight of PaxLair, joined Woodsman and they defeated the dark minion. While scouting the area for more undead, Falcor Trist noticed that the flame on the Fire Monument was missing!

    After defeating the attackers, PaxLair went forth to warn other cities of the situation and render aid if more attacks were underway. Erik, 8th-circle mage of the PaxLair Wizards, and Stormchaser, a well-known tamer in the area, traveled to Aryslan, Corwyn, Haven and Humility. Aryslan, Haven and Humility were quiet. In Corwyn, they met Danielle De’ Rosa, Neil and Locutis, who said that Corwyn had suffered no attacks this eve. Locutis thanked Erik and Stormchaser for the warning.

    Mayor Winfield at the Fire Monument
    Mayor Winfield arrived on the scene at the Fire Monument. The defenders informed him of the attack and the missing flame of the Fire Monument. Mayor Winfield asked if Mazrim could be behind this attack. No one knew.

    This attack comes in the aftermath of the defeat of Zyrn the Elementalist two weeks ago when many guilds and people launched counter-attacks from the cities of Aryslan, Corwyn, Haven, Humility and PaxLair. Zyrn was finally defeated in the dungeon Shame. This dark minion attack may or may not be connected to the defeat of Zyrn.

    The Fire Monument in PaxLair is renowned for dark rituals and assemblies of evil clans and beings. It is opposed by the Spring of Courage located east along the Twin Towers main street.
    And I just received this from Zann the ArchMage which is quite good to read:
    The dark minion does not serve my ally, Mazrim. I for one should know. I spoke with the minion after it killed me. It's reply to my question's were ... "I have no master" and "I am out on the night of the Hollow Eve". Therefor it is my speculation that this being was formed of all the evil spirits that dwell within our realm, and on that unholy night of All Hollow's Eve, the spirit's manifested themselves into this rather powerful being.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 12:01 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Cyn returns from the Nameless Abyss
    Greetings pilgrims!

    Oh, How've I've missed these hallowed halls! I'll not bore you with mine own sorry tale of personal misfortune. It shall be sufficient to say that I've survived my encounter with the "Reaper" and have returned once more, to the Land O' Legends.

    In the words of that immortal (or is that "immoral"?) orc, Ith'unk, "BRING ON THE PIGEONS!"

    Until next we meet, safe journeys to thee.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 9:43 AM EST by Cyn (LegendsAOL)

    Happy Orc Tavern Closes
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Sad news from popular the AOL Legends figure, Ga'Wen Half Orc. He came by my office today to deliver the following note, written in his human brother's script:

    "Today I bring news that may look sad on the outside, but is truly a reason to celebrate. Last night, the Happy Orc Tavern closed its doors...temporarily. With the help of the First Dwarvish Savings and Loan, I was finally able to purchase the tower I have been working so hard for, and decorating is now underway.

    "Why is this newsworthy?" you ask? Because this tower is the future home of the Museum of Britannia!

    "Since coming to this land it has been my dream to open a museum dedicated to the strange and unusual objects of Britannia. Many of our citizens need a place to go where they might see some of the objects they may have heard of but never seen. Not only will I be displaying rare and semi rare items, but also examples of the more common items.

    "The attractions of the museum will be:

    • A gift shop, run buy vendors selling souvenirs and samples of items seen in the museum
    • Displays of non-rare, but unusual items such as reversed objects (food, bandages, armor, etc)
    • Semi-rare food items...
    • Rare items and armor...
    • Named weapons, i.e. "Mace of ogre bashing" and the like.
    • and the rebirth of the Happy Orc Tavern on the roof of the tower.
    "I have attempted to purchase or acquire samples of as many unusual items as I can, but since the cost of rares rises every day, my displays may be a bit scarce at first. As such, I am making a call to all of our citizens. If you would care to donate or loan your OSI approved rare or unusual items to the museum, they will be displayed along with a book showing the patron's name and whatever story or details of it's discovery you would like to share. I will continue to try to purchase as many items as I can, but the tower has sapped my resources and accounts must be settled with my Dwarvish backers before more purchases can be made. Donations of gold are always welcome and donors can rest assured that all donations will go toward the purchase of new items for display.

    "So, come on out fellow Britannians and show you spirit! Help make something we can all be a part of and be proud of! Something for all the people to enjoy. Why have that full suit of ranger armor gathering dust in a locked chest when you can display it along with the story of how you acquired it? How does anyone know the hard work that went into finding that suit of demon bone armor when it is locked in a chest at the bank? Show your support and spread your fame by donating or loaning your special treasures to the Museum of Britannia!

    "Watch for future news about our grand opening as well as regular events at the museum."

    Master Healer Aubrey Gawen, brother to my youthful half orc friend, is listed as Museum Curator. I, for one, am curious to see what he gathers in this museum. Frankly, few things are as rare as a half-orc, so I suggested to Ga'wen that he lay low for a couple of days lest his brother place him on display.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 4:55 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    GM Ceremony Scheduled Near Vesper
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    It is so nice to be able to write this from the comfort of the UOSS AOL Legends Stratics office in Uruk Village! At last some of the pigeons sent to me in recent weeks have found their way this far North. The most recent one I've received was from Allwynn of the Easy Action guild:

    "Easy Action will be holding a small ceremony for several of its members that have achieved Grand Master status in various skills during the past month or so. We plan on making this a monthly event within our guild, and will be giving these individuals certain tokens of our appreciation of their efforts to reach this level of achievement.

    "We will also take this opportunity to welcome Zeta to our ranks, and announce our intention to patrol the environs of the town of Bleanyc, in effort to beat back the ravening hordes of scorpions, orcs, and elementals from the desert which lies to it's West. We feel that this will not only will this help out residents of Bleanyc, but it will make pilgrimages to the Shrine of Compassion somewhat easier for those desiring to visit it.

    "All are welcome to attend our gathering, which will be held in the clearing behind the Guild tower on Sat, Nov. 18th at 8:00pm (eastern). We are located South East of Vesper, at 87° 37'N 130° 8'E (Trammel)"

    Typically, we do not post guild specific events, but since Allwynn has been kind enough to make this something of a public event, I encourage folks to attend with ale, food, and more ale.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 4:42 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Lycaeum Academy Courses
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<New courses at the Moonglow Lycaeum:

    (Tuesday - november 14th) Gerneral Engagement rules:
    On 8pm GMT (21:00 CET) Blitz will present his course "Gerneral Engagement rules".
    This course is a must for all young warriers. You will get a picture on how to deal with different enemies and which weapons to choose for them. Information on healing as well as weaponlore will be provided.
    This course is held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island on Trammel.

    (Thursday - november 16th:) Britannian Philosophy:
    On 7pm GMT (20:00 CET) Zinethi Arylliea will present her course "Britannian Philosophy".
    This lecture informs about the most common philosophical streams in Britannia. The 3 principles, the virtues as well as order and chaos are discussed.
    This course is held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island in Trammel.

    (Sunday - november 19th:) The art of fighting:
    On 7pm GMT (20:00 CET) Paxicon will present his course "The art of fighting".
    This lecture will teach everything you need to know to become a fighter. From basic weapon lore to PvP tactics.
    The course is held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island in Trammel. It is also planned to have a trip to the Cove orc fort for practical use of what was tought.

    More information obout the Academy and up to date information on a class schedule calendar can be found on

    Hope to see ye there!

    Thank you, Yoldran.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 4:03 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    The Trial of Reynaud Wyndyar
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Moonglow:

    Hear ye - Hear ye!

    Kazari's brother - Reynaud Wyndyar - was captured during leading his attack on Moonglow city on Trammel.
    On wednesday, november 15th, 9pm GMT (22:00 CET) he will face his trial in the Court of Truth near Yew (Trammel).

    Announced by:

  • Moonglow City Council

  • Lord British's Guards
  • Thank you.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 3:54 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    A Caravan to Cove
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Videric:

    Thursday the 16th of November, 21.00 CET on Trammel facet.

    The Trade Caravan of Cove will be delivering supplies to it's own base at Cove from Britain. Any volunteers who wish to escort the Caravan are welcomed. We will leave from Britain Gazebo at 21.00 (CET). When we arrive at Cove, everyone is invited at the Trade Caravan Fortress for drinks as a token of appreciation!

    For latest updates at:

    Videric Gaveston
    The Leader of the Trade Caravan of Cove

    Thank ye, Gaveston.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2000, 3:45 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa) Message Boards Update
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website: Message Boards Update

    We are currently experiencing technical issues with the message board database that have required we close off access to the boards. We are working to resolve these issues as quickly as possible and return the boards to working order.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 11:51 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Extrodinaires to Host Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following announcement:
    Free One Million Gold Pieces! Free Small Tower! And much more!

    A number of months ago Trammel opened up, and soon after our establishment Extrodinaires opened its doors for business. Since that time you have made us one of the most popular player-run businesses on Catskills. Within the next week the doors to our sandstone will register their 10,000th visitor. We have decided to commemorate this event with a special event and contest. We are giving away one million gold, a small tower, and a special chest of goods and items to the winners of our contest. This is completely free, and done as a thank you to all of you that have made us successful. On Sunday the 19th we will be hosting a scavenger hunt for anybody interested. First prize is one million gold, second prize a placed small tower, and third prize is an incredible chest filled with rares, magic items, armor weapons, etc. Once again, entry to this event is completely free!

    Sponsered by Crysania and Raine, owners of Extrodinaires. This event is completely free and just our way of saying thanks to Catskills. All are welcome!

    Sunday, November 19th from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. Eastern

    Extrodinaires Vendor house just Northeast of East Britain Bank in Trammel

    For more information, please visit our website.

    Centurio of Tradespot

    Map to Extrodinaires via East Britain

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 10:00 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    41st Assembly of the 5th High Council Tonight!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    41st Assembly of the 5th High Council

    Date: Monday, November 13th, 2000
    Time: 10PM EDT/9PM CDT
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Information on the Council of Honesty's weekly tournaments.
    • Introduction of the new representative for Compassion and the city of  Britain.

    Lady Natalya Svyatoslav, 4th Seat, 
    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 9:45 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Thanksgiving at the Silverdrake
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    Date: Friday November 24th
    Time: 8pm CST (6pm PST)
    Where: The Silverdrake Restaurant and Tavern Lake Superior Shard
    Cordinates: 33o 13'N 52o 11'E (South East of Harmony)
    What: Thanksgiving Dinner

    Details: A full dinner will be provided for only 100 gold per person. With each dinner comes a prize and at the end of the evening there will be a drawing for a Broadsword of Vanquishing (unused) and a drawing for all the gold remaining after paying the servers for their service.

    Contact me to let me know if your comming so I can prepare enough meals.

    Contact Drake Brimstone by E-mail: [email protected] or ICQ: 8803803.

    Drake Brimstone
    Owner of the Silverdrake

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 9:42 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    "Why Wasn't My News Posted this Weekend?"
    Due to the UO World Faire, and my presence there, I was unable to post the news items I received from Wednesday to Sunday. I am reviewing all of the submissions that I received and will publish the timely ones.

    My sincerest apologies to all.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 9:37 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    UO Third Dawn HoC Chat

    Ultima Online Stratics is proud to host another UO House of Commons chat this Thursday, November 16th, at 7pm CST. The conference will occur in #uohoc and will focus on the just-announced Ultima-Online: Third Dawn, the upcoming expansion pack which will bring UO to the world of 3D. Be sure to join us to ask the design team all about this new technology as well as the new lands, monsters, and features which will be a part of it.

    To join the chat, connect to one of the following Stratics IRC servers, and type /join #uohoc. Or, use our Stratics Java IRC Client.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 9:31 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    United Pirates to Host 5th Black Market
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following announcement:
    Are ye interested in buying cheap wares? Ye need some armor or weapons or house add-ons or other crafted items fer good price. Then visit da fifth Black Market on Catskills! It will take place on Friday, November 17th at 8 pm Eastern on da Buccaneer's Den docks on da Trammel facet!

    If ye visit da Black Market, be aware that ye will come across smugglers, beggars, pirates, robbers, alcoholics and thieves, basically da worst scum of Britannia.

    All da landlubbr's are welcome to drop by and buy some of our high quality and low priced goods! For details about this event, visit here.

    United Pirates

    Map to the Black Market

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 8:29 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Olympus Invaded
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following article was written by Gorion, a councilman of Trinsic, and was published in the Purple Guardians of Honor site:
    The day had been filled with battle. It was midday when an army of Dragons attacked Olympus without warning, and without mercy. Although the initial attacks were fended off, a slew of Dragons and Drakes broke down the gates of the castle, and stormed the courtyard. With the dragons about to break down the inner gates many of the Purple Guardians of Honor retreated to Trinsic.

    Although the dragons had been easily visible, the one who commanded them was not. Throughout the battle many people reported hearing a voice, which seemed to come from the sky. This voice spoke of the destruction of Olympus, and to punish those who had tried to control nature's creatures.

    About an hour after Olympus had been taken by the unknown enemy, we knew what this voice was speaking of. Cedric, Grey's Cowboy, and Silvana Syav'ryn launched an attack of their wyrms and dragons on the castle. The people who were waiting outside as backup for the tamers soon reported that the three tamers came back out a few minutes later, and ordered their wyrms to attack the backup group. It was obvious that any who dared to bring a tamed creature into the castle would have their mind taken over by the still unknown evil.

    Soon it was decided by many that if we were to try and recapture the castle, that we would need help. Long ago during the Ventryn attacks on Winterfell, we met a group of people known as The Lords of The Eternal Realm. This group was very large in size and was very willing to help people out. I contacted their leader, Antilian, and he agreed to help our forces retake the castle.

    Although the Lords of The Eternal Realm were great in numbers, we still felt more help would be needed, so we turned to an old ally, from days long gone, The Guardians of Light. I met with Valkyrie, and her council, and requested their assistance. They were more than willing to help us in our endeavor to retake Olympus.

    It had been many hours since the invasion of Olympus and a massive force was gathering at the Trinsic Barracks. Nearly 70 soldiers of the Purple Guardians of Honor, Guardians of Light, and Lord of The Eternal Realm were ready to make an attack on Olympus so as to retake the castle. Soon the order was given to begin the attack.

    What was seen sent most people into shock when they gazed at the castle. Dragons stood upon the battlements and standing upon the roof of the Inner structure of the castle there were three massive Wyrms. We charged the front gates, which were still broken. We hadn't even made it to the courtyard, but many dragons, drakes, and a couple of those wyrms were already set upon us. We charged the creatures, with spears being thrusted into their chests and swords driven into their backs.

    Soon walls of the castle were littered with the corpses of the creatures. As our forces climbed over the corpses to reach the courtyard, dragons flew over us and began to attack us from behind. Soon we saw the three tamers standing on the battlements, not even looking at the battle below.

    They began sending more dragons at us, but we continued to bring down each dragon, one by one. We had finally reached the inner part of the castle. Within we found many more drakes, but we pushed on and killed each one. We finally reached the last wyrm. It was far larger than any other we had fought so far, but having all three guilds united, we had the power to overcome the wyrm's strength and destroy it finally.

    The three tamer's face became filled with hate, and with an eerie red mist, they faded from sight. Olympus was covered in blood and corpses. The walls had burns and cracks in them, and the front gates were destroyed. It wouldn't take long for repairs to be made, but a question was now brewing in the minds of everyone there.

    "What could have the power to do this?"

    Suddenly, as though it could read our minds, we heard the voice. It seemed to be coming from the sky, and its tone was filled with rage and hatred.

    "You have but won a small victory. Now your allies shall pay dearly for helping you fools. I am far from finished. You shall all feel my wrath!"

    With that, silence griped the armies below. A sense of dread soon followed, for we knew whatever had done this was far from over, and that our allies, the Lords of The Eternal Realm and Guardians of Light would also be targeted by this foe.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 8:14 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Serpent Council Raids Cove Orc Fort!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    From the Moonglow Free Press:

    Last night, the armies of the Black wolf Clan (BWC) and the Ancient Order of the Wild Hunt (AWH) allied with the Serpent Council to attack the orc fort in Cove, slaying hundreds of orcs and ettins in their wake. Led by Knight-errant of the Warrior sect Ilin Thral, The army of balance laid waste to the fortress, slaying any orc or ettin that got in their path. With the docks cut off by Trinsic’s navy blockade, many orcs fell into the sea, where the sea serpents dined upon their carcasses.

    This was in response to the recent Orc invasion on Trinsic’s borders, which killed several and put the entire city on a panic. Tacticians have identified the large force of orcs and Ettins at the Cove orc fort to be a possible staging ground for attacks on Trinsic.

    The sea route from Cove to Trinsic is all but clear, allowing ships manned by Orc sailors to make their way around the south end of Trinsic unnoticed, while allowing them a strong defense position in the event of a counterattack.

    A statement from Hierophant Ku Kullin determines their reason for their aggressive stance from an otherwise pacifistic organization:

    “We have studied the situation with the orcs, and found that the attack on Trinsic was far too carefully calculated to be organized by Orcs, who have a very fragmented social structure. We assume that there is a more intelligent general leading these orcs, and decided to take action. This attack on the Orcs was to dwindle their numbers, and to psychologically unhinge their hierarchy, giving us a tactical advantage. Also, we felt that they needed a good thrashing!”

    So far, there has been no response from the Orcs, or hostile counter attacks. Trinsic continues to remain on alert at this time.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 8:04 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    A Shadow Festival!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Mayor of Minoc received an invite for its citizens along with the other communities and towns, to come celebrate the Shadow Festival being held by the Gypsies of Shadowura (G*S).

    This event will be held on Saturday, November 18th, 2000 from 3:00 pm Pacific (this is 6pm for est.) till the end. The festival will be a community get together to celebrate the ending of days of light and the coming of the shorter days of night (daylight savings time).

    There will be a nominal fee for those that wish to participate of 500 gp per person or 300 per person for a group of 5 or more. The reason for this is that it will make up part of the grand prize contest. Some of the contest that will be offered are:

    Riddle Scavenger Hunt (3 people per group), Story Telling contest, Rogue Relay (Lock pick a box, retrieve the item from within it and bring it back, sounds easy enough), Secret Contest, and Pirate’s Treasure Contest.

    So for a friendly community celebration then gather your friends and come out for a night of food, drink and fun. Gates will be provided for those needing escorts from the banks at Minoc, Vesper and West Brit 30 mins before the event. The festival will be held in the city of Nujel’m at the Mystical Spirits Tavern, look for the D*S individuals.

    (Please note that this is a role-playing event and the G*S will stay in character. For more information and in a RP format please go to this is the page it will be listed on or to the main page at Also, in order to be eligible to participate in the contests you must pay Myliana De`Rosa the entry fee, so as the money can be placed with the grand prize contest. To contact me my icq is 61960126 or [email protected] . Looking forward to seeing everyone there.)

    Thankyou Myliana, and this sounds like a grand event!
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 8:00 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Jonathan Rye Offers Alternate History on Juo'nar
    We received the following Essay from Jonathan Rye of the Cult of Juo'nar:

    The following is intended as an alternative to traditional teachings. Much of the new information can be validated through careful research, to which references have been included, for your convenience.

    This correspondence is intended to dispel the rumor claiming the Cult of Juo'nar is motivated by darker intentions. This document will seek to remedy the confusion by revealing an accurate historical account, unclouded by political propaganda and agenda.

    To clear the name of the followers, one must first show the leader to be innocent of the sins claimed. To this end, we will refer to events in the early days of 1998...

    On February 5th, 1998, the Town Cryer reported that an attack on Trinsic was intended as a diversion for an assault on the Shrine of Spirituality, where Juo'nar was said to have brutally murdered three monks to obtain an amulet in their possession. Another article printed on the 11th went on to explain Juo'nar's expulsion from the Paladin's Guild, and his apparent alliance with orcs, ogres, ettins, and lizardmen. It also recounted the events that had transpired at the Shrine of Spirituality, involving three monks and an amulet. Both reports attempted to link him to the Followers of Armageddon, then known as the Zog Cabal...

    But there is far more to this story than our history books would lead us to believe.

    Juo'nar was of a noble family, and had quickly risen to prominence in the ranks of the Paladin's Guild. The Town Cryer would lead us to believe he was driven to divert funds and armaments to orc tribes due to excessive greed, but he was already well off, through his station and kin, and had little need of additional monies.

    The truth behind the matter is that the Paladin's Guild had been systematically committing genocide against the orc tribes south of Cove. Each strike against the orcish encampment brought their culture and kin one step closer to complete annihilation, without regard for the fact they were intelligent, sentient beings with a right to life.

    Juo'nar had protested the repeated attacks, citing little to no reasoning behind the assault, and soon requested an official investigation by Lord Crawworth of the Royal Court. When this was request was denied by Finth Desryn, Crawworth's lieutenant, Juo'nar publicly stated the Captain had made a poor decision based on prejudices against the orcish race.

    Realizing no one within the ranks of the Paladins would be willing to assist him, and taking into account the dwindling resources of the orcish defense, Juo'nar opted to take matters into his own hands. Using his position as treasurer for the Paladin's Guild, he diverted a number of arms shipments to the orcish tribes, in an effort to grant them a fighting chance against the unending tide of Paladins and their allies.

    When the murder of Lord Hartham brought the Royal Court into investigate the practices of the Paladin's Guild, Juo'nar's appropriation of arms and funds was discovered, and he was expelled from the Paladin's Guild. However, the character assassination was taken a step further by the Guild, who incited an angry mob to run him out of the city, with accusations he was in league with the Followers of Armageddon, and involved with the murder of Lord Hartham. This accusation was later shown to be false; Juo'nar had no ties to the Zog Cabal, as acknowledged in later reports involving the Followers of Armageddon, and therefore, had nothing to do with Hartham's death.

    It is common knowledge that Juo'nar ordered the strike on the city of Trinsic, sending both orcs and lizardmen, races normally at war with each other, into a siege of its streets. However, the purpose of the attack has been lost amidst the chaos that ensued...

    With his access to the Paladin's funding and armaments cut off, the orc tribe's supplies were slowly dwindling, causing their defenses to weaken and their hopes for survival disappear. Realizing that remaining on the defensive equaled unavoidable defeat, Juo'nar decided to make a move no one expected: a direct assault on the City of Paladins, intended to cripple the Paladin forces and their resources, thereby giving the orc tribe time to gather their resources and strengthen their defense.

    However, when the army marched upon the city, instead of manning the battlements and barricading the gates, the Paladins FELL BACK to Paladin's Isle, leaving the city proper undefended. The women and children left without guard panicked and struck out against the orcs and lizardmen that marched towards Paladin's Isle; an attack riles a response, and many died that would not have had the Paladins not retreated to their own sanctuary.

    Even with the element of surprise and city strategy provided by Juo'nar, the army was routed when they reached the isle. The ragtag army assembled was ill-equipped and sparse compared to the regal arms and endless ranks the Paladin's employed.

    While the waters around Paladin's Isle ran crimson with blood, Juo'nar was nearby, involved with completely separate situation.

    The incident at the Shrine of Spirituality has been debated for decades, but the truth behind the matter has never been discerned. The Town Cryer states that "Juo’nar was forced to kill three of the highest prefects of an order of peaceful monks, who were meditating near the Shrine of Spirituality". Oddly, the Cryer fails to name the prefect; if it was indeed one of the "highest prefects" in the land, one would assume it would be deserving of mention in news publications.

    The fact of the matter is, the Cryer was misled by the Royal Court. The investigation into the incident at the Shrine of Spirituality was led by Finth Desryn, now the Captain of the Guard, and evidence found at the scene was twisted to paint a dark picture of Juo'nar's intentions.

    During this time, as stated by the Town Cryer in its February 5th article, the lich "Lathiari wreaked havoc on the countryside near Yew". The monks at the Shrine of Spirituality were actually followers of Lathiari, and were attempting to corrupt the Shrine of Spirituality through use of an amulet provided to them by the lich they worshipped.

    Juo'nar had learned of this through contacts within the orc tribes, and had attempted to contact the Royal Court with the information. Due to his criminal status, however, his requests for an audience were ignored, and his concerns went unheard.

    Juo'nar then asked the orc tribe he had been assisting to provide him with a few of their warriors to accompany him to the shrine to deal with the situation. Upon reaching the Shrine, Juo'nar demanded the monks turn possession to the amulet over to him, but they resisted, through use of offensive magic. The citizen named Eric who reported witnessing the event did not arrive until after the monks had been felled, and upon arriving, instantly attacked the orcs accompanying Juo'nar without questioning the scene before him. When Juo'nar quickly forced him to submit or die in defense of his allies, the citizen fled the scene and began spreading an inaccurate tale of what had occurred, a tale that grew more flamboyant with each ale.

    Although the true power of the amulet has never been determined, authorities attempted to associate Juo'nar's leadership of both orcs and lizardmen with the amulet's enchantment, for lack of a better explanation of why the two races normally at war with one another would join together.

    The fact is, Juo'nar diplomatically enlisted the aid of a number of sentient races, citing the fact that if the Paladins succeeded in eradicating the orcs, it could be expected others would soon be targeted. Realizing unity was beneficial, the races banded together under Juo'nar's command, in an attempt to end the genocide and stop it from spreading.

    A Town Cryer article dated May 5th, 1998, indicates in a retrospective that Juo'nar "wore the necklace openly, using it's magic to control the minds of the creatures he commanded as an army." However, Juo'nar wore a platemail gorget, which would have concealed any necklace, and no portrait of Juo'nar from that era includes a necklace. Further, there is no basis or research to support the claim that the necklace is what bound the races to Juo'nar's orders, as it was never recovered, and therefore, never tested to substantiate this claim.

    February 19th of 1998 was rife with conflict, with Juo'nar directing numerous marches on a variety of locations. With the defeat in Trinsic, the only hope Juo'nar had was to cut off the supply caravans the Paladins were poised to receive; if they were received the shipments, there was little hope for the weakened orc defense, even with the alliance of other races.

    Additionally, Juo'nar was notified that the followers of Lathiari were attempting to corrupt the other seven shrines. As he did not expect the Royal Court to heed his warnings, Juo'nar dispatched troops to each shrine, to intercept the monks before they could complete their rituals.

    The citizens of Britannia, unaware of the motivation behind the orc marches, and spurred on by Finth Desryn's call to arms, assembled at the shrines and immediately attacked the forces as they arrived. The followers of Lathiari never materialized, undoubtedly due to the presence of both Juo'nar's forces and the citizens sent to oppose them.

    One of the atrocities of this conflict was the death of Tali Desryn, the wife of the Captain of the Guard.

    A caravan, carrying large amounts of weapons and armaments to equip the Paladins for what was thought to be their final strike against the orc tribes, was sent to Trinsic from Skara Brae. Realizing that there was no hope for the orcs if the caravan reached Trinsic, Juo'nar ordered it intercepted. When attacked, the caravan retreated to caves west of Trinsic, where conflict ensued.

    Tali Desryn, leading the caravan, was killed in the assault; Finth had spared no expense and wasted no time in dispatching as many people as he could to assist the caravan when he heard it was attacked, but his reinforcements were too late.

    The first report of the incident painted the assault as barbaric and without purpose; the Royal Court at first claimed that the caravan was not carrying military supplies, and that those leading it were unarmed and virtually defenseless.

    This was eventually debunked, however, when the Cryer coerced the Skara Brae council to admit the caravan was in fact carrying supplies and weapons for the forces at Trinsic. Additionally, it was common knowledge that Tali, as the wife of the Captain of the Guard, was well versed in combat technique, and citizens arriving before the eventual capture of the caravan testified that she was armed and attacking those seeking to seize her caravan.

    A note was found at the scene of the conflict, written by Juo'nar, including the following passages:

    "Mine name has been besmirched by a subtle lot with an agenda I find deplorable. Betrayed by men close, and now even closer to thee."

    This is obviously a reference to the associations implied by the Paladins, the refusal to order the investigation into the orc massacres, and the manipulation of the incident at the Shrine of Spirituality.

    "With these tools thou hast kindly provided me I will not wreak havoc, nor shall I bring Chaos upon thee. I am most desirous of an Order. An order borne of service and dedication to the truth I shall enlighten all of Britannia with."

    Here, Juo'nar indicates he does not wish to bring a state of anarchy, or waste the lives of Britannia's citizens; he intends only to bring order and peace, and to dispel the lies and deceptions the Royal Court had been perpetuating.

    Oddly enough, the last paragraph, which indicates a desire to "rule the world", was not written in Juo'nar's handwriting, and his name is signed with a capital N. Juo'nar's name does not bear a capital N, however, and you would think he would not make such a mistake in signing his own signature. It is believed the threats were added in order to maintain his criminal image, as the prior comments in the letter sought to dispel any reference to evil intent. The public would be in near revolt if the truth behind the conflict surfaced, showing corruption in the Royal Guard and races they were taught to hate working to stop Lathiari and Kyrnia. And so, the political wheels began turning, propoganda used to keep the perspective of the masses where it was needed for the Royal Court to maintain control...

    A troll ambush on Andre the Gambler's caravan March 29th was reported by the Royal Court to be part of Juo'nar's forces, but were in fact unaffiliated with the alliance, and working on their own accord.

    A report the following day indicated Juo'nar's forces were sent to "hit such diverse locations as the fort south of Yew, the Shrine of Honesty, the swamps north of Trinsic, and the human cabins West of Vesper." The fort south of Yew was home to brigands; Juo'nar sought to confiscate resources from known criminals to reinforce his army. The Shrine of Honesty was the only shrine not targetted by the followers of Lathiari on the 19th of February, and it was suspected they might try to corrupt it. The swamps north of Trinsic were home to the lizardmen in Juo'nar's ranks; they weren't attacking anything there, only gathering. As for the cabins west of Vesper, they were unoccupied at that time of year, and the orcs were using them as shelter during a storm. Citizens passing by noticed the army encamped, and called out the guard.

    The Town Cryer then makes a number of biased slanders, such as "like so many cowardly despots before him, he refuses to be in the vicinity of the attacks himself, preferring to work from the dark shadows where he keeps himself safe, and sacrificing the creatures he considers his slaves." This comment, even though they report him present at other battles, and at the Shrine incident. "This coward has no place in our world, and the sooner he is removed from it, the better." Would a coward defy the entire system of rule to prevent the genocide of a race his own people generally despise?

    A report on May 17th indicates that Finth Desryn learned the location of Juo'nar's hideout, his childhood home in Occlo, and ordered an assault on the building. The account of the battle is as follows:

    "Once discovered, Juo'nar attacked ferociously, using both magic and his blade to defend himself; he was none the less killed on the very land where he grew up."

    Juo'nar was not ignorant, and faced with more than a dozen adversaries, he would have surrendered to imprisonment. However, Desryn had not ordered an arrest; he had ordered Juo'nar's execution, circumventing the virtue of Justice he was pledged to uphold to exact vengeance for his fallen wife. Juo'nar was murdered, denied fair trial and victim of a stray from Virtue on the part of none other than Captain of the Royal Guard. And with his death, the truth behind the conflict died, as well, with the history books claiming those loyal to British once again victorious over "an unspeakable evil".

    The Paladins took charge of his body, but it somehow ended up in the hands of the Dread Lady Minax, who resurrected his corpse in the form of a lich and commanded him to lead an army of undead against the City of Paladins.

    Many unfamiliar with his history instantly despised Juo'nar, as he was now an undead general of the most vile enemy Britannia had ever faced, and eventually the victor in an endless siege of Trinsic.

    However, there are a number of facts to take into consideration. Juo'nar did not ask to become a lich; it was thrust upon him through necromantic ritual by Minax. And, as the animator of his corpse, Minax could compel him to her whim; in other words, although he limited control over his actions, he was a slave to Minax in every respect. Threatened that failure would bring Minax to seal him away in a tomb, forever trapped in the form she had forced upon him, and bound by the enchantment that gave him life, Juo'nar had no choice but to do what she commanded.

    His fall during the reclamation of Trinsic was release, but his spirit could no longer manifest to communicate with the physical world, due to his undead state prior to death. And so, banished from this realm and weighted down with the burden of the past and the sins of the present, Juo'nar mourned his future and gathered his strength to reach out to those who would listen.

    I have listened, and I believe.

    The Rapture now begins.

    -Jonathan Rye

    A biography on Juo'nar, which includes the Articles mentioned in the above essay, is available through the Stories and Secrets section. An interview with Jonathan Rye will be published in a later article.
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 7:47 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    News of the Return of Kor the Orc King reaches Urks
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Just recieved this little tidbit...on a side note, it's great to be back to posting for all you Pacific Citizens again.
    Greetings Humies,

    It seems the rumor and gossip of the land has spread far. Several weeks ago, Kor the Orc King, of the Orcs of Kor was resurrected. Having been dead for a lengthy time, and thusly weakened, the Orcs did not want to openly announce of his return just yet.

    Alas it seems that word has spread to the enemies of the Orcs of Kor. The lesser orcs that inhabit the world which they refer to as Urks, launched a great assault on the Orc Fort.

    Having just finished celebrating a great gambling victory, the drunk orcs were caught a little off guard by the assault.

    A loud blast of exploding fire was heard, as the doors to the Orc Fort nearly were blown away. Many Urks and Ettins rushed into the Fort, being led by an Urk Mage Lord. The Mage Lord, painted in pink-red war paint was a ferocious sight.

    Quickly the Orcs charged into the huge assault force. With orcish ale running through their veins, and endless enemies to kill, the Orcs surely thought they were dreaming. They were quickly reminded it was not though, as the Urk Mage Lord let loose tremendous amounts of magic, singing every orc in sight.

    Just as the Orcs turned to engage the Urk Mage Lord, more Urks rushed into the Orc Fort. Superior Orc combat tactics and healing did seem to even the odds... momentarily.

    Two Urk Cheiftains, coated in blue war paint rushed through the fort entrance, demolishing what was left of the doors. Just as strong as the Urk Mage Lord, these Urks quickly began chopping and hacking at the Orcs of Kor troops. Behind the Chieftains, came yet another force of Urks.

    Outnumbered, not a single orc thought of fleeing. A few Orcs did grunt angrily about starting to feel sober. The Orcs directed their attacks first at the lesser Urks, until they had all been slain.

    The three Urks in war paint, despite being constantly attacked, were barely harmed. Looking for an advantage, Kor the Orc King then led a charge into the tower of the Orc Fort. The battle has difficult and bloody. With unique Orc tactics and even some Orcish magic, the Orcs eventually defeated these vile Urk raiders.

    Most orcs swore that nearly half a day passed, until the last Urk Chieftain had falled. It was a long, gruesome, bloody battle. A good reason to drink!

    Now that Kor's return is known, the Orcs of Kor have sent out scouts to determine who may have been behind this attack. Is it a powerful Urk Overlord? A Demi-God? Or the dreaded Dark Orcs which have nearly vanished from the world? Only time will tell.

    Scribe of Kor, Orcs of Kor (ORK)

    I can't decide if this is good or bad news...either way, it's great to see you back Kor. This land was just getting a little boring... *grins*
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 7:45 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Changes to Stablemasters and Overland Spawn
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Publish Update

    We will be publishing the stablemaster changes listed in Testing for Next Update to the Sonoma Shard. The publish will be active on the shard following its Wednesday, November 15th maintenance period, barring any unforeseen downtimes. We will continue to monitor the Sonoma shard for any issues that may arise, and will continue to publish to all remaining shards as soon as possible.

    Additionally, we will be publishing the overland spawn changes, previously published on Great Lakes only, to all shards this evening. These changes will be available on all shards following their next scheduled maintenance periods.

    The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 6:32 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Edinburgh Residents Grow Weary of Incessant Attacks
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<After a series of attacks on Friday and a late one on Saturday, the residents of the formerly peaceful village of Edinburgh have expressed that they grow weary of the constant attacks being hurled against their village. These attacks are over access to a magical seal now reputed to hold a realm of unspeakable evil. However, the villagers remain committed to defending their village against their assailants.

    Also on Friday was the reappearance of Smithson, now in the guise of a green wraith. Here is Niamb Goldenhair’s account of that night’s events:

    We had two massive attacks on our town Friday. In the first, our numbers were small and I heard close to 12 were killed. Just prior to the attack, the ghost of Smithson appeared to warn the Village of Edinburgh. He spoke so that all could understand his words and pointed to the cave and then walked inside, saying he was lost and warning us to flee for our lives. With that Smithson disappeared beside the gold and a massive spawn erupted from both inside and outside the cave. This involved earth elementals, fire elementals, orcs, orc lords, ettins and evil mages. Our brave people were swamped and barely fought off this attack. Many lost their lives in defense of our village.

    Smithson warns an assembly inside of the mine near Edinburgh Village
    [Picture Credit: Kento of the Order of the Silver Serpent]

    Later in the evening Spyte came to the Whispering Pines Tavern. He said the mages have lost interest in the pirates as a means of gaining control of the mine. The pirates are not aware of this, however, and Caine plans to visit our village this evening. Spyte has plans for Caine and says he will kill Caine if he sees him.

    After Spyte left, we had another large attack of elementals, orc, ettins and evil mages, but with a large party on hand, were able to beat them off successfully.

    There is indication that the Elementals are after something else, as stated by Unicorn’s Lady.
    The golden elementals are going to the pirates because they are trying to get a child of theirs returned to them. Although it is most likely the pirates have just smelted the poor little thing down, we may want to try to find out if the baby elemental is still alive and figure out a rescue of it.
    Billy Gun of the Cavaliers and Theodore of the Red Cloaks of Britannia also bore witness to Friday’s attacks, confirming the presence of earth elementals, evil mages, orcs, ettins, fire elementals, gargoyles and pirates. They also stated the Spyte indicated that the seal may contain an evil “like we’ve never seen before.”
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 6:30 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    Events this Week!

    Stratics Central

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    Atriarch Stratics

    • A lot has been going on here at Atriarch Stratics! This week we released our fourth Developer Profile, this time featuring Iimzodar.
    • We also held our sixth Atriarch Stratics House of Commons developer chat! Currently in our news is also a log of the conversation that occured after the House of Commons, which sheds more light on some topics we covered. If you're interested in participating in these chats, or #atriarch, our IRC channel, you can check out our House of Commons section, or our Atriarch IRC section for more information.

    Camelot Stratics

    • Dark Age of Camelot has finally gone into second stage beta, a lot of people are awaiting their confirmation if they have been selected to join in. This should promise a lot of new stories and screenshots coming up soon.
    • Camelot Stratics has opened up an Art contest, make your best artwork for or about Camelot and win PRIZES, we have 3 prizes to give away. First prize is a Stratics Sweater, the second prize an official Stratics mug and the third prize is a Stratics mouse pad. Be sure to check the contest out.

    EverQuest Stratics

    • The EQSS Staff is back from the EverQuest Festival 2000 in Houston, Texas and it was a fantastic trip! Ron Pinkerton and his family and friends did a spectacular job of putting everthing together and everyone here from EQSS just had a wonderful time. Check out our stories and pictures in the EQ Fest 2000 Recap and Review!
    • The Racial Reference chart has been updated. Thanks to Leng for adding the Iksar and the Erudite Shadowknight!
    • EQ Stratics would like to welcome the Inn of Bristlebane to our family of forums. Please grab drink and welcome our new friends.

    Jumpgate Stratics

    • We have completed redesigning and upgrading all the statistic pages here at JumpGate Stratics. The three new pages are Radar, ECM, and Commodities. Next we plan on making them sortable any way you like!
    • Did you have a problem with the old forums of ours? Were they too slow? You should see how they run now!!

    Neverwinter Nights Stratics

    • Over 17 Bioware folks showed up this past week to answer questions from over 200 players! Check out the logs for last week's Neverwinter House of Commons chat.

    Neocron Stratics

    Shadowbane Stratics

    • Our wonderful Graublitz has delved into the highly anticipated promise by Q3 to create a game model (for Quake, Unreal, etc) in your own likeness. Read all about it in our exclusive interview with Q3's president.
    • Would you like to get involved with Shadowbane Stratics' artistic community? Submit some fantasy art and get it featured on our site!

    Ultima-Online Stratics

    • This week is of course the week of UO: Third Dawn, the newly announced 3D client for Ultima Online. Read all about it on our General News pages. Also, have a look at our reports from the Ultima Online World Faire, where players and developers spent two entire days together discussing all aspects of the game and of course having peeks at demos of the new 3D client.

    Stage 1 Sites

    • Middle Earth Stratics
      • Middle Earth Stratics is starting to reorganize, and focus on some neat stuff. Expect some announcements later this week.
    • Dawn Stratics
      • Dawn Straticsis coming alive! With help from Darien Kane, the fanatic JLBesser and other Dawn fans, we'll be creating new sections, content and updating Dawn Stratics with regular news.
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 6:09 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Live Catskills UO Web Cam
    Daemon Sly sent us this bit of info
    On my member site you will find the world's first UO Webcam. Watch me in UO as I adventure! This is a direct s-video feed from my display as I see it!

    Thanks for the submission. Not really the first (remember that guy who showed himself using a macro program ?), but still a funny thing to see. Go have a look.
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 5:37 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia!*** New 'Toon, New Contest and more!
    This week there's tons of new stuff to see at ImaNewbie does Britannia including a new ImaNewbie 'toon. In this episode ImaNewbie is messing around with magery when he discovers a new magic spell. There's also a Toon Contest with a chance to win great prizes, and another new feature entitled ImaNewbie does Other Games. So head on over to my site and check it all out.

    Added Friday, November 10th, 2000:
    - ImaNewbie Episode #128 - Who Says DoOdZ Can't Roleplay!

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 5:30 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CandidCoverage)

    All’s Well That Ends...Dead pt. 2
    The temple on Fire Island comes up a lot these days. Especially regarding the Harvester of Souls. Our Jungle Cruise into hell was no exception.

    We met at the Sambrook Winery as we usually do and teleported there. Waiting for us, just inside the pentagram, was the shifty looking Heresy Examiner Lloyd. Tethered to him, like a small child, was Sara. She had a leather strap around her throat that he would yank every so often to keep her in line.

    Tremain marched right up to Lloyd, ready to kick some butt when he stopped at the sight of a wicked looking sword. It glowed an unhealthy green and we all knew right away it was the match set to Tremain’s cursed armor.

    “He made me forge it, you must believe me!” Sara cried out with a look of desperation on her face. Tremain’s eyes narrowed, I could tell he wanted to believe this.

    Lloyd threw back his head and laughed. “Shut up, wench.” He drew the strap taut around her throat making her sputter and cough.

    Tremain’s fists started to clench. His jaw flexing as he gnashed his teeth together.

    “Tremain, you are a fool indeed!” Lloyd laughed again. “Now why don’t you be a good boy and hand over that armor.”

    “Even if I could I wouldn’t. The armor is fused to my skin. If you want it then it’ll be over my dead body.” Tremain hissed.

    “That can be arranged...” and with that Lloyd worked his deadly magic to conjure a pack of fire elementals. Only he didn’t count on our party defeating them so easily.

    In the end all he had was a pitiful threat to kill Sara. Holding her a knife point and the staredown contest between Tremain and himself was not unlike Clint Eastwood’s The Good the Bad and the Ugly. We were all ready to do some serious pain to Lloyd.

    Then, just like a movie, Sara slammed Lloyd in his nether regions and we were upon him like maggots to a dogs to a fire flies to...hmm...that sounds so terrible...well, forget the analogies we just chopped him up good. Of course, everyone raided his body for artifacts (see maggots above). When I took a peek I thought it was rather hilarious to find half a dozen chairs I took some out and had a siesta while Sara thanked Tremain profusely for saving her life.

    When the honeymoon was over Tremain got down to business. He wanted to know if Sara could summon the daemon. It was now or never since he was in possession of the armor and sword finally. She was affirmative, but cautioned us that the daemon had guardians we would have to hold off while the dark magic worked its power. Of course that didn't matter to Tremain. Nothing mattered to him...he was a man possessed. I think in order to fight something as awful as the Harvester of Souls for your families lifeforce you would have to be.

    Tune in next time for the conclusion to this spine chilling story.
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 5:19 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Man Walks on Lake Hammerfell
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received this strange news from the city of Haven:
    It seems that a man by the name of Forger was seen on Lake Hammerfell delivering some type of message, "Though your memory be clouded." The significance of this message is not yet known, but we will be sure to keep you posted.


    City of Haven

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 4:33 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    The Greatest Grimoire Tourney Ever!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Dear friends,

    While it is unfortunate that our resident PvP guru, Kamikaze (from Adam Ant's Guardians of Undead Lords), is departing our fair realm for something called: "Trying to raise a grade point average". His legacy for this tourney is quite impressive. The stakes will be high and the prizes impressive. Read on to find out more:

    Hail All!
    As you know I am leaving UO. This Fri 17th @ 9:00 PM PST 12:00 EST I will be sponsoring a 1v1 fight night at Grim.
    Here are the rules and the incredible stakes:

    1) Full Grim rules will be in effect.
    2) First place takes home 200K (Yes I did not insert an extra 0, 200K)
    3) The winner of the 1v1 (if it's not me) gains the privilege of fighting me for my 2 story (fel NE of Minoc no spawn) partially decorated and fully stocked. This will be a best 2 out of three match (time permitting).
    4) At the end of the event I will donate 200K to Grim and Dyastro will match it in my memory. This money is to be spent sponsoring grim fights and ensuring there will be no entry fees for a long time to come!
    5)There will be no entry fee to participate, but depending on attendance we may have to restrict participation on a first come first serve basis. SHOW UP TO REGISTER EARLY!

    I gained my wealth and possessions through PvP'ing (never had a mule char) and now I want to distribute them the same way I won them! I lived by the sword and I'll die by it! So come if you dare and try to take a piece of Kami home with ya!

    I expect it to be a very interesting night and for the level and quality of competition to be fierce! See you all there!

    If for some strange reason you don't know the Grim rules by now here they are again:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent.
    Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 4:02 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Europa Sosarian Senate Met to Organize True Britannians
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    The Europa Sosarian Senate had its 1st meeting last night but sadly 7 of the senators and their aids were ambushed by the outcast Lemon and his gang and many senators were killed.The senate was formed under the flag of LORD BRITISH to coordinate all those joining the TRUE BRITANNIAN faction so that large scale battles can be planned and fought in order to wipe the rising hordes of evil form the land.We call on all good people of fellucca to join us!! If you can fight register with the Europa Sosarian army to take part in our glorious defence of the realm! if you cannot fight join the senate to debate strategy or our support forces to help the troops on the battlefield! So to everyone joining the TRUE BRITANNIAN faction together & united we can have victory!!

    Please visit and select the join link to register with us and recieve news updates.


    Thankye, Senator, for this news.
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 3:22 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (TestCenter)

    Purple Rose Quest - Part I
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Thank ye, Tyrghen of Ravenmoor, for sending in this interesting story:

    Yesterday, the first part of the Quest took place in Ravenmoor. All the adventurers who came where assigned to find the Evil Durathor and his group and to put a definitive end to their activity. The Judge Tyrghen has asked to those brave souls to discover what lies behind those murders aswell as who ordered them. At first, the adventurers asked the family of the victims about any informations they could know and which might help to solve this case. They learned about the Britannian Vigilance Organisation, the BVO, and found a notebook where Khanor, the first victim, wrote this after the BVO abbreviation: "Eno Eno Thgie Htron' Yb 'Ytnewt Tsae' Yb Eht Noegnud fo Gnorw". Which was, if you reverse the words: "One One Eight North by Twenty East by the Dungeon of Wrong". Following this coordinates, the Adventurers found a house called: "The Heart of Vigilance".

    This was the end of the first part, and the house will be the starting point for the second part.

    You can find all news and events in the Town site:

    Tyrghen of Ravenmoor

    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 8:57 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    System Requirements for UO Third Dawn
    While filling out the UO Third Dawn survey, I couldn't help but notice that the system requirements were listed there. Note that these are not official requirements and may change in the future. I haven't seen this on the Third Dawn page yet.

    • Pentium II 266
    • 28.8k modem
    • 64 Megs of RAM
    • DirectX compatible video card with 16 MB of video RAM
    • Win 95 or better
    • Windows compatible sound card
    • 4X CD-ROM/DVD
    • Approximately 500 Megs of HD space for full install
    Posted on Monday, November 13, 2000, 2:14 AM EST by Beans Baxter (GeneralNews)

    Locking Karma
    Stratics talked with Sage at the World Faire this weekend and found out some great news about Karma. From the sounds of it one of the features of Third Dawn will be the ability to Lock Karma!!! Of course, there will be limitations to this, but this is definitely great news for those of us who enjoy both adventuring AND playing evil characters. For example, if you are an Unscrupulous character and you go out and kill some orcs or rats, you will no longer raise in Karma if you don't want to!

    As more details become available on this issue we'll make sure to let you know! Thanks to Sage for filling us in!

    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 9:58 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Benefits of a 3D Client for UO
    I wanted to share some comments that Ubiq, the Lead Designer for Ultima Origin, made about the benefits of adding a 3D client to Ultima Online (note that he's talking about UO, not his own game) -
    3D has lots of advantages over 2D. Particle effects are the tip of the iceberg. The animation in UO3D is smooth and seamless, and a lot more realistic. Also, it's a lot quicker to create animation. With Sprites, adding a new Laugh social animation is nearly impossible, since you have to draw every possible frame position for every possible piece of clothing. With 3D, it's just a skeleton. Easy to create and small to download.

    Other people have talked about other benefits, such as how it will be easier to add new stuff and the relative download size of polygon monsters vs sprite monsters. Also, it's not insignificant to note that using 3D offers benefits that the geniuses over at nVidia and 3dfx come up with.

    The camera remains static for a lot of reasons, many of which revolve around the balance and style of gameplay that already exists in Ultima Online that would be unfortunate to upset. For example, consider the piano screenshot that Joshua sent out last week. The fact that you can do that in UO is one of the amazing things about it, but if you can move the camera around to wherever you want, that delicate illusion is destroyed. There are other issues, such as ensuring that players of the 3D client have no advantages of range over those with the 2d client.

    I'm actually quite excited and impressed by what the UO3D team has done, and not totally because my brother is one of the programmers on it. =) I think that anyone who loves or loved UO should give it a shot before they dismiss it outright.


    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 9:32 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Basil's Death
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Sage McCain stood outside the front doors of Empath Abbey looking out into the trees. He had seen the warriors head that way seeking runes to Tar Valon. They had been gone for a long time. Surely they would succeed in their mission to free EdGuardo’s spirit from the imprisonment Basil had it under. For if Ed’s spirit wasn’t freed soon, it might wither under Basil’s power. His eye shifted towards a group of leaves that were stirring like a tornado, and then suddenly a blue gate opened and the Yew Militia and troops of the Silver Serpent’s came pouring out it. They were cheering, but had a sense of urgency to them. McCain saw that they had noticed him and were coming his way, he spoke softly, “Did you kill him with the blessed weapons?”
    Nero held up Basil’s head, “Aye, but Ed’s soul was not there, and Basil couldn’t be resurrected to tell us where he is.”
    McCain’s eyebrow twitched with this information. “Indeed. It was a possible side effect that if another spell was cast upon Basil at the time, his spirit would not be able to become one with his flesh again. This doesn’t mean anything to us though; it just means one less Chaos Knight that we have to worry about from now on. As for Ed, we must find his soul. It will wither if it does not come in contact with flesh soon. We must find where Basil hid him. I suggest we search all the areas Basil was commonly found.”
    Eldirarr stepped forward from the crowd, “Leshyani and Andrew Bishop were seen gating back to the Temple of the Black Dragon. I suggest we go there and see if any information can be gathered from them. Surely they will se the error of their ways of Chaos, and help us bring Order by restoring EdGuardo’s soul to the world of the living.”
    Nero nodded, “Aye, and there are other issues that need to be addressed while we are there. Especially those issues concerning Leshyani. Let us make haste, I have a rune to the Temple.”
    A gate appeared and the army was soon gone from the ground of the temple. McCain clutched his robe and pulled it closer to his body. He opened the door to the Abbey and began to enter, only to stop with the feeling of a slight breeze on his neck. He whirled around to find nothing there. Sighing to himself, he shut the door. He turned around to find a kryss at his neck. He gulped when he realized it was the Sinister Knight of Basil’s Cult.
    Venom grinned as he pricked at the Sage’s neck with the kryss, “My dear Sage, it has come to my understanding that you provided some information that lead to the death of my master. Is that so?”
    McCain, trying not to accidentally lean forward into the kryss struggled for words, “It is so, he is gone for good. The scrolls say so. He died while another spell, which I don’t know of, was cast upon him. I can’t do anything. I beg you spare me, for it is no good if you kill me, you only bring a bounty upon your head.”
    Venom leaned forward and crooned into the Sage’s ear, “You better hope to whatever god you follow that what you say isn’t true. For if it is, we will meet again.” Venom cut the Sage’s cheek and was gone.
    McCain stood there quivering, totally having forgot about the others that were trying to rescue EdGuardo.
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 9:21 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Avalon Scavenger Hunt November 19th
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This came in from Ursula (not of the Golden Brew):

    Here are the details :

    Sunday, November 19th from 2 pm (pst) to 4 pm, there will be a scavenger hunt. It will start from the town hall of Avalon at 2pm sharp. I will have books available with rules at that time. Some of the items may involve a little hunting so come prepared. Prizes are as follows:

    1st place 30k in gold
    2nd place 20k in gold
    3rd place 10k in gold

    If you have any questions, ICQ me at 28846597.

    If there are many people that need help getting to Avalon, transportation can be arranged--just icq me.

    Ursula (not of the Golden Brew)

    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 5:49 PM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    The Rich Mans Inn is Hiring
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Rich Mans Inn is looking to fill multiple postions for the tavern. The jobs are volunteer work but it is very entertaining to fill htese spots If you are intrested in participating in our fair tavern please ICQ me at 55432884. The Positions are...
    • Advertisement Director
    • Casino Dealer

    The sooner we fill these positions the sooner our tavern will be open full time. Thank you.

    --Alan the Barkeep--

    Thankye, Alan, for this news.
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 2:19 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Secrets of the Wintermoor Attacks
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hail to thee my good friends. Sit down and let me tell ye of some recent secrets that have been revealed to me regarding the fair city of Wintermoor. Both Beast of foul origin and Behemoth of the Depths have invaded our fair city again and again. Every incidence of attack has yielded more and more waves of creatures, thus we can only assume much darker days ahead.

    The night dragged on and quickly many of us fell to the various Water Elementals, Sea Serpents and deadly Krakens that paraded over the land. More and more valiant warriors arrived to slow down this menacing threat.

    But we realized from this last attack, that something was not quite right. The monsters were entering various buildings and spreading themselves throughout the town in search of something! These foul beasts were either being controlled by someone or something. This last attack, which was the strongest, occurred after the old Naval Academy had been closed for renovations. This building is to be reborn into a new wing of the Museum.

    The Western Wing of the Museum has been bringing in new and foreign rare objects in for display. It was there that we noticed the strange humming sound and the mild blue glow on some of the foreign objects. We will have to do some further study, but it does appear that there is a link between some of the new objects for future display and the recent attacks.


    Xanthar of the Museum

    Mayor of Wintermoor
    Thankye, Xanthar, for this news.
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 2:16 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Sunday Wedding of Croc and Emma
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hello citizens of Baja,

    Please join us for the grand wedding of Croc and Emma on Sunday November the 12th at Emma's tower just behind the old LoD keep on the Felucca facet. On the map, this is just on the west side of the mountains around Wrong, between the mountains and the player-ran city of Avalon. Hope to see you there. It will be a spectatular occasion.

    Baja Newsman

    Thankye, Baja Newsman, for this announcement, and Congratulations to Croc and Emma on their nuptuals.
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 2:06 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Grimoire Fight Night Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We have yet another Grimoire record! There were a total of 48 fighters who participated in the 3 vs. 3 sponsored by DeamonKnight. Here are the results:

    1st place: Calvin Klien, WaR PiG, & Crazy Canuck
    2nd place: RoadRunnerXXX, Aman'Ra, & Change
    3rd place: Karina, Tempest, & Rex

    Congratulations to all the fighters! The competition was really tough and you all did very well.

    Thank you Grimoire staff for making this event possible. Thank you LeeLu, Madness, Fiona Pentell, Mianoumi, Lost, Craggan, Fang, Dyastro Farkas, and our happy snoopers, Merle and Azzkikr. Thanks a ton!

    Next week there will be a 1 vs. 1 in honor of Kamikaze, due to his departure from UO.

    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 12:21 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Drachenfels IRC Meeting about PvP
    Sion Verdox, of UOChat, sent us the following announcement :
    Hail !

    On Sunday the 12th november (tonight), at 9pm GMT (10 pm CET, 4pm EST), is holding the first ever Drachenfels PvP irc meeting, on the Stratics IRC servers ! Every single PvP guild is annoyed with Buccaneer's Den, and we aim to resolve this as of now.

    All guilds are invited to attend. The session will work like this, much like the UOHoC :

    • Every guild can have one member (best if it's the GM) voiced in the channel.
    • The room for the first thirty minutes will be moderated and all topics and questions will come from the GMs
    • If during that time people wish to ask something they must private message the gm of their guild to ask.
    • After the first 30 mins the room will be un moderated and it will be a free discussion.
    Tonight on, Channel, uochat will be hosting the first EVER drachenfels pvp talk ! The aim of this is to resolve once and for all the locations we fight in. If we all agree on things we will have much more fun in the game and small guilds and such will follow us.

    Its for all pvp guilds, so make sure you dont miss out!

    Thanks Sion for this announcement.
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 9:34 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    AoV/Shadowlight Thanksgiving Dinner
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Anvil sent us this announcement:

    The Alliance of Virtue and the Village of Shadowlight would like t' invite everyone t' Thanksgiving dinner!

    We will be serving a three course meal on Sunday, November 19th at the AoV Tavern of Virtues, on the Trammel Facet. Dinner will be served between the hours of 5:00pm & 9:00pm, west coast time.

    Thanksgiving is a time t' be thankful for the things we have. The AoV and Shadowlight have many a reason t' be thankful.. because of this, the meal will cost ye NOTHING. Tis' our way of saying thank ye t' the friends and allies we have, and t' those we hope t' have in the future. Those of ye that think ye have nothing t' be thankful for, ye will soon enough! The food will be better then ye can get at any pub in town!

    Yer meal will consist of:

    1st Course/Salad
    Salad with Fall Squash Chutney Dressing
    Various Breads

    2nd Course/Main Entree
    Mashed Potatoes
    Choice of One Vegetable- Corn, Carrots, Cabbage

    3rd Course/Dessert
    Pumpkin Pie


    A pitcher o' any beverage will accompany yer meal. Additional beverages can be purchased at a minimal cost, just ask yer waiter/waitress.

    Gates will be provided from North Britain Counselor Guild and Vesper Bank. Gates t'will begin at 5:45pm west coast time, and will be summoned at intervals all through-out the dinner. There are also runes at the Golden Brew and the Ring of Steel Tower. For a map t' the village and tavern, please visit the Shadowlight Historical Documents and look at the 'area map'.

    Can't wait t' see ye there!

    Anvil, AoV
    Mstr of Ceremony, HC

    Thanks for the invite!
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 5:49 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    New Weekly Tournament for Baja
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Obao sent us this news:

    Together I, Obao, and my friend Savage Vamp, are hosting a weekly tournament. The event well be held every Saterday, 2 PM Est (11 AM Pst), on Savage's large tower roof. On the Felucca facet, Located at 123 29 n 86 24 e, about a 30 second run north of Minoc stables. The tower itself is named Nifty Little Shack.

    Official tournament rules and regulations:

    Tournament will held for 1 vs. 1 or group(s). No more than 3 per group. If you wish to participate in a group, you have to have your group chosen beforehand. With groups there may not be another group willing to fight of the same size, so no guarantees.

    There will be a small fee of 1k per person to fight. Around 10% of the total will go to me for the use of my tower, random supplies and decorations. The rest will go back as prizes. Depending on the number of people who show up, the prize amount will vary, but will be approximately 60% to first place winners, and 40% to second place.

    Looting will be decided by the people in the fight beforehand. If you don't want any looting to occur you must request it. If any member on either team decided upon no looting, neither team can loot.

    Anything goes...well, almost anything. No pets allowed except a regular horse. No mares for fighting purposes, if you only have it to ride then mares will be permitted. All forms of PvP allowed. Bards, Assassins, mages, warriors, whatever you want to use. Bandages, potions (including explosion) may be used.

    All forms of poison are legal, and no magic weapons or armor may be used. GM is top of the line. Any weapon style may be used.

    There will be several vendors on top of tower selling cloth, bandies, potions, armor, weapons, and other combat related items.

    123 29 n 86 24 e are the coordinates. Tower's name is Nifty Little Shack. It is located around 30 seconds north of Minoc stables. No reservations required. If lag gets to heavy from too many people watching, the tournament will be broken into 2 segments and half of the participants and people watching will have to leave. I will decide who leaves, and my decision is final. If you don't not get to watch or participate in the first event, you will see the second.

    Not sure how I am going to keep the fighters from not giving murder counts. I will have a guild stone and hopefully guild the participants so that no count can be given.

    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 5:44 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Dawn's Tournament for Merchants
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Wildstar sent us this news:

    The Kingdom of Dawn will be hosting its first Tournament for Merchants on Sunday, November 26, 2000, starting at 6 PM PST. It will be held in the Kingdom of Dawn, which is located east of Dungeon Wrong, Felucca facet. The events and rules are as follows:

    Harvesting Contests:


    The contestants will have 30 minutes to get as many logs/boards as possible from the trees in the nearby area. You will drop the logs/boards at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.


    The contestants will have 30 minutes to mine as much ore as possible from the nearby mountains. You will drop the ore at the feet of your counter. We will try to have no more then 2 contestants per counter. No pack animals allowed. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Crafting Contests:

    Blacksmithing (Non GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Plate Helms as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Blacksmithing (GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Plate Chests as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No resmelting, strength or bless spell, or strength potions allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Carpentry (Non GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many Writing Desks as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will examine the items to determine their quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Carpentry (GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Quarter Staff as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Tailoring (Non GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many One Piece Female Armor Leather with Brown as possible of the highest possible quality. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will arms lore the items to determine the quality. The winner will receive a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Tailoring (GM Division)

    The contestants will have 5 minutes to make as many GM Marked Studded Leather Tunic as possible. You will be given a backpack with a book with your name on it to put them into. No unraveling allowed. You will hand the backpack to the judge who will explain the items to determine their quality. The winner will get a cash prize of 10,000 gold pieces.

    Pre-registration for the crafting events is requested. Questions and pre-registration can be emailed to [email protected].

    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 5:33 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    The tale of Marcus the Mage: Part one
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The clock struck 9:00 by the eastern sky. The upper courtroom of the Court of Truth was packed as it hadn’t been in months. Through out the courtroom groups of people gathered in tight knots, their heads bent in whispered conversation. “Will Marcus be executed?” “Is he really guilty? I mean he was being controlled by a daemon after all.” Sticking rigorously to the schedule, Marcus was marched out of his cell by William the Bailiff. Once Marcus was settled only a short time passed before the trial began in earnest.

    William the Bailiff: All rise, Druidess Necyn presiding.
    Necyn: You may be seated.
    William the Bailiff: The Crown versus Marcus the Mage, of Moonglow. Charges are High Treason, Murder, and wanton destruction of private property.
    Necyn: I have spent three days considering this case, and the evidence presented this last week in trial. I am ready to pronounce judgment. Marcus of Moonglow please stand. You have chosen to represent yourself in these matters, do you have anything to say, before I reveal my verdict?
    Marcus the Mage: No I do not.
    Necyn: Very well. Marcus, there is no doubt in my mind that you committed these acts, However, that is not all there is to it. Your claim of automation due to the magical control of the lich Acruvir has been confirmed. Therefore, on the charge of High Treason, I find you not guilty. Likewise, on the charge of Murder, I find you not guilty. The charge of wanton destruction of private property however, is different. I have grounds to charge you here , as the Herbarium which you destroyed was owned by a private citizen. However the fact that the citizen is the Sultan of Nujel’m, makes the matter difficult. After due consideration, I have decided that this matter falls under the jurisdiction of the city of Nujel’m. Therefore, Marcus of Moonglow, you will be judged for this crime there, in Nujel’m.

    At this point very interesting things began to happen. A man by the name of Elrond stood up with a great air of self importance.

    Elrond: Your honor. I represent the city of Nujel’m. Marcus has been judged guilty of the crime and is to receive the penalty of death. We request that he be transferred to Nujel’m immediately for execution. I will therefore need a group to escort Marcus to the Britain docks. Beware though, DO NOT use a gate, should he gain access to a gate he can distort the magic and slip away.

    The courtroom exploded! Outraged cries of injustice rang through the courtroom, as well as cries demanding Elrond to produce some form of identification proving that he truly did have the authority to order the execution of Marcus. In the midst of the cacophony Teleburiel tried to express his wish to question Marcus on the subject of Senzez the imp and his master, but Elrond would not have it. After continual prompting Elrond finally gave in and contemptuously flashed a copy of his Writ of Order from the Sultan, before the assembled group. With many grumblings and mutterings, yet knowing that we really had no choice, the assembled group agreed to escort Marcus to the Britain docks. Upon hearing the reluctant agreement from his soon to be escorts, Marcus noticeably lost his color and could be heard muttering things about injustice and innocence. Elrond tartly informed the assembled that he would not be making the journey with us as he would need to charter a boat to get the prisoner from Brit to Nujel'm.

    The courtroom cleared reluctantly, but cleared none the less. Teleburiel asked members of the group to try and question Marcus during the journey as we needed all the information we could get about his master. In the midst of Teleburiel's instructions for questioning, Elrond spun around, eyes blazing. "You!" he cried with an audible quiver in his voice. "Y.. you will not be a part of the escort. No way, no how, and should Marcus not make it to Nujel'm, the sultan shall hold you personally responsible!" With the clank of armor and the flash of steel, the warriors of the group stood ready to aid Teleburiel, should he need it. Teleburiel however, sensing how little would be accomplished through any sort of confrontation with Elrond, agreed to not accompany the group to Nujel'm. Leaving instructions and warnings Teleburiel took his leave of the group. William the Bailiff led the convicted Marcus out into the courtyard of the Court of Truth. Elrond muttered a few flippant comments (which were lost in the noise of the crowd readying for the journey) before intoning the words that would take his foul self to the Brit docks.

    The day was beautiful as we began our journey to the south. We kept Marcus well in check as we progressed towards Brit. As we walked many people tried to get information from him about his master. His answer to everything was either stony silence, or the cry "If you free me I will tell you." Needless to say things became rather frustrating. We continued down the road, keeping a rather brisk pace. In no time at all we had left the deep Yew forest behind us, for the thinner forest that lies between Yew and Britain. It began as we walked under the guard post that spans the road. The wind came from the south with a fury no one had ever seen. The clouds began massing above us as the wind continued to howl through the dead trees. Weapons at the ready, spells on the lips, we continued forward, heads bent to the thousands of leaves borne on the wind. It was when the "rain" started that we knew things were truly amiss. Smelling strongly of sulfur, the rain was warm, even hot, some there even went so far as to say some drops were blood. And with the rain came the noise, I doubt that any individuals there will ever forget the sounds of that day. From the woods came the baying of the hellhounds, the high pitched laughter of the liches, the moans of the lesser undead, and even the deep bellows of the daemons. We were surrounded. Back to back we stood on the road, Marcus in the middle. In the woods we could begin to see the actual sources of the sounds that haunted us, pitched about on the wind. Liches to the south, hounds to the east, and daemons from the north. As we stood there waiting the foe, Marcus cried out "Are there none sympathetic towards my plight?! I am innocent! Please, someone, anyone cast me a gate and allow me to escape this injustice!" How differently things would have turned out if The Wolfman had not been misinformed about Marcus's true nature I can only guess, as it was though, Wolf ran from the circle of warriors on the road and into the woods shouting "Marcus I shall cast the gate for thee!" Half the warriors dashed after Marcus and Wolf into the woods, and half were attacked by the hordes of hellions and undead. Our forces, now split, did not fare well against the foe. William the Bailiff fell on the road from Yew to Brit a true hero, working to hold back the enemy advance, and many others fell with him, though each adventurer took many hellish beasts with them as they fell. The group chasing Marcus fared not much better, for not only did they loose the quarry, they discovered something much worse. Members of the Cult of the Rat, a group of rogue mages that traded their freedom for power. Some people that chased after Marcus in the darkness said that he slipped into a gate opened by a daemon, others say that Wolf was successful in gating Marcus away, while still others say that Marcus simply slipped away into the darkness and the rain. Just how Marcus managed to escape truly does not matter, the fact is that he escaped, and should Nujel'm find out... we feared that the consequences would be dreadful. In the end, the evil forces were defeated, and the road of the adventurers split, the group on the road, considering the others lost continued on to Britain, and the other group, gathered in the woods and began concocting a plan that would hopefully prevent Nujel'm from behaving too rashly once they found out what had happened....
    Posted on Sunday, November 12, 2000, 3:19 AM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    UO Third Dawn System Requirements!
    While filling out the UO Third Dawn survey, I couldn't help but notice that the system requirements were listed there. Note that these are not official requirements and may change in the future. I haven't seen this on the Third Dawn page yet.

    • Pentium II 266
    • 28.8k modem
    • 64 Megs of RAM
    • DirectX compatible video card with 16 MB of video RAM
    • Win 95 or better
    • Windows compatible sound card
    • 4X CD-ROM/DVD
    • Approximately 500 Megs of HD space for full install
    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 4:39 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    *covers ears and concentrates*
    Currently, tis 3:20pm on the 2nd Day of the Faire and a band called "Grim Faeries" is playing. The music can only be best described as a cross between heavy metal and someone strangling a rather angry cat. Gm Canyon says they are closer to "Nine Inch Nails". *grin*

    *covers ears and continues typing* - Kidding, just not into heavy metal, Sesame St is more my thing :)

    We watched some lovely displays of weaponry and martial arts performed by "Shaolin-Do (Kung Fu & Tai Chi)" during lunch. Along with the "Society for Creative Anachronism" performing bardic tales and live sword fights and the "UT Madrigal Dinner Singers", it has been an interesting day.

    I did not get time to get to any of the sessions today, but won a bid in the Silent Auction and acquired a lovely pewter dragon painted by Melantus. This proved to be a good buy as all the proceeds went to benefit "Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy". It will look good on top of my monitor back home in Australia :)

    Met lots of people here at the Faire and made more friends... Hope they have it again next year!!!

    Til then,
    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 4:34 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Grief Players: What's Done
    Earlier this afternoon I paid a visit to the session on Grief Players. Headed by GM Rock and Richard Zinser of OSI. Grief players are a major problem for all UO players, and this session concerned itself with informing those present of what qualifies grief players tactics and what OSI does to curb this behavior.

    Grief tactics are defined as players who perform actions for the sole purpose of distrupting the game play of other players. This includes sexual and racial harassment as well as the more greyer areas of "stalking" and monster "leading." Monster leading is when one player takes a monster to another area of a dungeon, for example, hides and then loots the corpses of players who have been killed by the monster.

    What happens to a player who violates the TOS and makes it difficult for others to play the game as intended? There are a variety of things that OSI does to curb this behavior as swiftly as possible. GMs note violations on the players account [Note: this information is not made available to the end user -- do not contact OSI to find out if your account has any notations on it!!!]. Over a period of time, if a pattern of abuse has been found due to the listed violations, OSI will take the necessary steps to prevent the continuation of this behavior.

    Most players assume that OSI does things behind the scenes. Oft times we hear alleged reports about players being banned for "fighting lich lords," when in fact the player has most probably done much more. OSI stressed how much they research the situation thoroughly before taking action. This can take the form of emails or even a phone call to discover what exactly is going on.

    OSI also discussed "penalty boxes." Depending upon the number of account suspensions or comments on the account, a player will receive either a 24, 48 or 72 hour suspension. The player is unable to access his account during this period. Extreme cases may warrent a fullblown ban. In these cases, again, OSI does their best to research the issue.

    Also disclosed during the meeting was that OSI bans by credit card. While it can be difficult to discover repeat offenders quickly, OSI endeavors to get the bad guys.

    Those attending walked away feeling that, while OSI doesn't have an easy job and does make mistakes from time to time, they try their best to get it right as quickly as possible, and are taking measures to streamline the process.

    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 4:28 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Bidding ends!! Sanity sells for $.40!!

    The second final day of the UO World Faire began with a grand spell fizzle, as masses of patrons from the first day were unable to gate from their hotel rooms after a night of partying as intense as gamers are capable of. Indeed it wasn't until noon that some people were unable to manage to walk the 1.5 blocks from their hotel rooms to the convention center. Only a half hour into the second day, I attended the community building session, where Gordon "Tyrant" Walton actually managed to not say a word while the most vocal UO community members spat back and forth about message board activity, and reporter ethics. Then, finally, Gordon spoke up, only to say, "Bug Sites BAD!" (words in italics are mine)

    Of course he didn't really use such simple english, but this being a family site, I cannot use his actual words. Which I will only say starts with the letter "F", and does not inlude these letters: 'a,b,d,e,g-j,l-t,v-z'. This being a wild party and all, we were not unfamiliar with the term. The fem-dom vendor was still open, and full of stuff. We think this may be because their items have been nerfed. (there seriously is a fem-dom vendor here, but they don't say "welcome to my shop", they say something else.) Maybe someone will come by later and check them for money, and let us know why they're here.

    They've had a lot of live acts going on, live poem readings in a heavy accent, grown white men singing Little Mermaid songs, Kung Fu demonstrations, and even renaissance costumed battle displays! It's worlds more fun than I expected to have. It seems that no matter how much fun I have, LadyMOI has more. She was seen earlier alone in the stands, perhaps the only person moving to the music. We salute her enthusiasm, for it's worthy of saluting.

    Seriously now, this is much more fun than I expected to have, and that's saying quite a bit. Must go, they are rolling out the cookie carts!


    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 2:59 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    The Ravenmoor Journal will host the first Death Drink
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thursday the 16th of November the Ravenmoor Journal will host the first Death Drink. Place of happening will be the Drunken Guard Tavern. Healers and warriors from all over Britannia are invited to join this new monthly event.

    More info can be found on

    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 5:41 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Guardsmen Militia Escort Merchant Kendal
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A report from James Whitely

    I was sitting in the library at Stonekeep today studying old guardsmen’s reports one of my favourite pastimes. I had just finished ready how Former Corporal Glywellyn had defeated a Lich with his fists when all of a sudden I heard a commotion outside. I rushed to the window and saw four or five guardsmen running around near the Workshop. Not wanting to be excluded a moment longer from the new excitement I rushed down the stairs and within a minute was standing by the Workshop.

    It was to my horror I saw three dead orcs lying belay the soldier’s feet and Captain Drakan and Sergeant Rhodry looking concerned. They were talking to a citizen. By now a patrol had come back from the valley and a few other citizens had joined the commotion. Manuvering myself into a better position I started to listen intently to what the Officers were talking to the citizen about.

    Within a few moments I gathered that this Citizen was actually a Merchant and an employee of the Yew Winery. He said he was carrying important artefacts that must be delivered to Vesper before dawn! He said he would gladly pay more than double the Kings Tax for an escort to Vesper. More guardsmen had joined the circle and it was getting to be quite a gathering of folk. After a few more words I heard Sergeant Rhodrys voice cut through the crowd. ‘Line UP’ he shouted with a soldier like tone that someone could identify as him long before they could see his face.

    Now the guardsmen were organised I could see that there were around ten guardsmen in the line up. Captain Drakan turned to the guardsmen and explained that they would be escorting the citizen from here to Vesper. Not wishing to miss a battle opportunity the guardsmen leapt at the chance and promptly marched out of Stonekeep.

    I must admit that I was quite shocked so far at my whole experience but never the less I continued to allow myself to be swept away in the crowd. As I had predicted this was not an easy journey… Almost straight after we left Stonekeep we were ambushed by a fair few orcs. For a moment I though the party was a gonna but only one-man fell. I decided then to position myself between the Merchant and his escorts.

    As I said it wasn’t an easy journey to Vesper. Trolls, Ettins, Orcs, Wraiths and other bloodthirsty fiends met us at every bend. At the first bridge we came under heavy attack by Harpy’s, at the desert it was yet more orcs and at the edge of Vesper; trolls. However the party made it to Vesper in one piece and the Merchant deposited the Artefact in one piece. He then gave the guardsmen a present, to the corsair division he gave treasure maps, to the merry men he gave wine and to the marksmen squad he produced precious gems. Each guardsman also received a good wage packet that day.

    The merchant however promptly departed and the Officers wished him good luck with his business in Vesper. Way beyond their boundaries the Guardsmen turned back for the long walk home….

    As I sit back in the library I reflect on the events of today, so many questions unanswered, What was the Artefact? Why was it needed in Vesper? And do the orcs that attacked the Merchant have anything to do with the orcs that sieged stonekeep under Maia’s control a few weeks back…

    *Sighs as he finishes the parchment* Mayhap time will tell…

    Guardsmen Line up at Vesper

    James Whitely

    Citizen of Stonekeep

    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 5:37 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Journal interviews a brigand
    The Journal interviews a brigand

    November 9

    With danger for my own live, I interviewed one of the brigands who are often seen in the Mainstreet. They form an danger to everyone passing through or visiting the town.

    I been attacked many times by brigand in the Mainstreet. I always managed to outrun them, but this time that was not the idea. I was going to talk to one. Before I went to see them I visited the Drunken Guard Tavern for some ale for courage.

    When leaving the tavern I went looking for the brigands. And as usual, when you are looking for someone, they can't be found. But he who continues wins, and so, after an hour and a half searching I found one. Well, she found me. I was looking for them in the north part of town, when I suddenly heard someone shooting: Attack. Liza, as that was here name came running up to me, her spear aimed at my heart. As my leather armor, although made by Woody, does not offer protection to that, I ran. While running, I remembered my mission for that day. I stopped running and leaned with my back to a tree. Liza ran towards me. At the final moment I stepped to the right, and her spear went into the tree. Now that she could not attack me, I started talking to her. Furious as she was she only called me names. I offered her some fish steaks and some ale to calm her down. Finally she agreed to talk to me.

    Why are the brigand so often in the Mainstreet?
    What’s the Mainstreet?
    The Mainstreet is the road leading from the guardpost to the swamp.
    Oh, well, as you might have seen there are several shops on this road. All those are filled with goods. Many visitors come here to buy those goods. We don’t want them to spend their money on the goods. We want them to donate their money to the shrine of evil.
    How can they donate their money to the shrine if you kill them?
    We kill them and take their money of their corpses. Than we donate their money to the shrine of evil. In fact we are doing them a pleasure. They don’t have to travel all the way to the shrine.
    But you kill them!
    Well death ain't so bad. Heaven seems to be very peaceful.
    Can't you just ask people for their money? You donate it to the shrine of evil, so it for a good purpose.
    We did that long time ago, but most travellers refused. So we killed them. Which reminds me, I want your money too. To donate ofcource.
    Well, I am sorry, but I don't have anything on me. I am just a poor reporter.

    My reply invoked her anger and in one burst of strength she pulled her spear out of the tree and attacked me. I managed to avoid her attack, although I was heavily cut in my arm. I ran and lost her in the forest. The town healers took care of the cut in my arm. Now that I know the reason of the brigand attacks, I will donate some money to the shrine of evil in the near future. I hope that will end the brigands attacks.

    Rik of Ravenmoor
    Reporter for the Ravenmoor Journal

    The Ravenmoor Journal can be found at
    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 5:21 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Europa Sosarian Senate Had its 1st Meeting


    The Europa Sosarian Senate had its 1st meeting last night but sadly 7 of the senators and their aids were ambushed by the outcast Lemon and his gang and many senators were killed.The senate was formed under the flag of LORD BRITISH to coordinate all those joining the TRUE BRITANNIAN faction so that large scale battles can be planned and fought in order to wipe the rising hordes of evil form the land.We call on all good people of fellucca to join us!! If you can fight register with the Europa Sosarian army to take part in our glorious defence of the realm! if you cannot fight join the senate to debate strategy or our support forces to help the troops on the battlefield!

    So to everyone joining the TRUE BRITANNIAN faction together & united we can have victory!!

    Please visit and select the join link to register with us and recieve news updates.

    Senator Morgroth

    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 5:11 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    The Search fo Snide.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    It was a stormy night when I arrived in Spiritwood. Cold and soaked to the bone in my leather garments I stood before the great oak doors of the Ranger Headquarters. "Knock, knock" went the sound as my gnarled and worn staff tapped upon them. The door opened as if I was expected and a Ranger calling herself Wenchkin quickly greeted me.

    "Greetings and who might you be?" the slender woman asked I quickly entered into the doors and handed her the message that I had been sent to deliver. "I come with grave news, the undead have arisen and are destroying all in their path. Farms and small villages have come under attack. My master sent this message for you" I said quite hastily without taking a breath. I handed her a rather wet note wrapped in leather.

    "To the rangers of Skara Brae, I send this message in deep urnest, for the undead have arisen in great force. They have destroyed settlement after settlement searching for a man called Snide and something named Eden? What Eden is, I know not but at least to say I do know this Snide. He is a renowned pirate of these parts, a cowardly figure that would sell his own mother. This man will arrive on Sunday in Yew. H e often comes to port to release crewmen from jail or to get heavily drunk at the winery. The undead seem to know this and a great army is marching towards Yew. Please come to our aid, I fear I will not be here when thou dost reach the city for I will flee with my family. Aid the people of Yew and stop the Undead from consuming the northern lands. Sir Robert.

    Looking quite astounded by what she had read the lady begged me to sit for a while. "I am sorry but I cannot stay long I must return to Yew and defend by land" I said as she passed me a cup of warm brew. Looking at me with concern she asked, "When will the attacks take place? And in what direction"

    "From the south they will come, from their den of Nohkmar" I hissed cursing the foul abominations beneath my breath "They have destroyed farms and homes of the forest people"

    Another knock came at the door and there came three more rangers and soon a meeting was held. It was brief to say the least but that is what's needed in such hasty situations as these. Soon I departed and rode as fast as I could to the city of Yew.

    When I arrived my worst fears began to come to fruition; I saw burned out houses, dead cattle and fields crushed underfoot by vast numbers of boots. Nearing the abbey I saw torches and banners bearing the symbols of the Undead. I ran out of the bushes which I was hidden to try and pass them into the woods near my home. 'Twas a foolish endeavour not two steps from the bush had I trod before being spotted by a regiment of evil.

    Scared outta my wits I ran into the heart of the town only to come face to face with two adolescent orcs. They promptly demanded I pay them tribute but I was not going in for such nonsense my mind was filled with the fear that my family had been slain already.

    Running as fast as I could to get away from the evil that lay about I ran towards the courthouses in desperation that some guards had blocked the gates to defend themselves. As I approached I found the place crawling with troops. And yet these men that scavenged the buildings where not men of Yew and nor were they Rangers.

    I approached stealthily towards the gates where a group had amassed and there in the clearing of the courtyard amongst these strange warriors dressed in garments of black and white stood the Rangers.

    "John!" came a familiar cry. I quickly turned to face the direction of the voice to be relieved to find the fair Wenchkin coming towards me. " We have come John I said we would, but as for talking to this Snide he is going to be arrested by these men for treason" Wenchkin said pointing towards the warriors. "Arrest? But who are they? They are not men of Yew? I replied as the fear in my head now subsided into confusion. "They claim to be the Guards of Eden, they have joined forces with us to prevent the invasion" Wenchkin quickly explained "However these Men have only granted their assistance if we help them arrest Snide, and so we have agreed"

    By now I was confused about these turn of events but needless to say I was most eager for these men to help defend my hometown of Yew. The men now began to search the courtrooms and prison cells for this Yellow-bellied pirate only to eventually find the tyrant skulking in the depths of the jailhouse stores. Snide lay next to an open barrel with sword in hand, as we approached him he quickly stood to his feet and began to wildly slash the air with his cutlass "You won't take me ya ..Hic".

    Not fearing the threat of the cold steel in Snides wild hands a large menacing man with a shock of dark green hair and a cold hard look in his eyes walked straight at him and promptly detained the crazed drunkard. "I Grimreaper hereby arrest thee Snide in the name of Eden for the crime of High treason". Snide then began to squirm as the man shackled his hands and proceeded to lead him away. "Lieutenant open a gate to Eden" Grimreaper ordered at one of his mages.

    The poor wretch was then magically transported from Yew kicking and screaming. We briefly arrived in what I can only presume to be Eden. The Guards calling themselves the "Gdn" placed Snide in a cell upon the roof of their headquarters and placed a guard upon the door before returning. " We have been granted permission to aid thee Rangers in defending Yew from destruction. You have shown to be goodly souls and we will assist you in this plight." Grimreaper said he then turned towards me and gave what I can only describe as an apologetic nod. " The people of Yew should not suffer through our problems" Grimrepear said to me in a solemn tone.

    Before long we had been transported back to Yew and began assembling are men at the abbey. We were few in number and had not seen head nor tale of the Undead forces that had been here previously. This put us on edge for our band was small and we felt as if the shadows would pounce at any moment.

    Then the terrible sound of drums and the roars of an army could be heard heading our way. Scouts ran back with news, which terrified us all. Upon the roads leading from the city's centre an army of Drow were marching alongside the undead waving the banners of Nohkmar, the evil enclave of the dead. Then all chaos was loosed upon our band, a trap had been set most likely to the design of Xirzin and his minions. Before we could break ranks to attack the approaching Undead a group of Drow attacked us from behind.

    This devastating turn of events shattered the defenders, we could not stand fast against both armies attacking us from both sides. And as one by one the guards and rangers were slain by the poisoned blades of the Drow or the rusted warhammers of the Dead. In a sudden and fleeting moment something hit me, "my family!" I gasped through all the goings on I had forgotten about my family so I ran from the battle to my home in the town, I kicked the door in to find nothing but a simple note pinned to the wall.

    We the Undead of Nohkmar have captured your Priest of Eden, unless you release the key to us we will destroy this city and your precious priest. Already the families that once dwelled here serve as our brothers and sisters now. Do not force our hand your pathetic armies are no match for us, your destruction is inevitable.

    Falling to my knees, the tears began to swell in my eyes with a beating sense of rage behind them. I stood grinding my teeth to dull the pain and turned towards the battle once more, running head long in to the undead I smashed one of the foes clean down with a blow of mighty force. However it was for naught the Rangers and the Guards were being slowly pushed back and then the sound of the retreat was called.

    We fell back from the city as fast as we could before another wave of Drow attacked. The Guards opened a magical portal and transported me to Eden, where I know reside. As for the Rangers I believe they also made it safely back to their staging post at Ranger point. The battle for Snide had been won but at what cost? Yew was decimated and now under Drow control, a vastly sizeable force of Undead had defeated the Rangers and Eden had lost its priest to the accursed city of Nohkmar.

    The time will come I hope when I shall see the dreaded Undead smashed before their own city and Yew's families are avenged for the suffering they have caused.

    John Snitch , Local farmer and defender of Yew

    (This is part of the Legen of the Ne'thra scenario of the felluca facet. To join one of the guilds or for further information contact [email protected])
    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 5:09 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    New craft shoppe
    An announcement from Hendel Stoneaxe

    Hail citizens of Britannia.

    As some of ye may already know, I have opened a new craft shoppe in Britannia. As promised, I am posting this to let ye know how my little shoppe was doing. After many struggles against the mountain raiders, I have finally managed to get my delivery of Smithing tools. This now means that ye can buy any piece of armour or any weapon, although I am nay Grandmaster yet. I am still awaiting that title from the head Blacksmith of my Clan.

    As stated before, ye can order the items on my skypage, which is located at :

    The next shipment should contain my Carpentry tools and resources, so I will let ye all know as soon as they arrive. If there are certain items that anyone needs, then a pigeon may be sent to 21155163.

    May the Virtues guide thee all

    Hendel Stoneaxe
    Master Craftsman of the Stoneaxe Clan

    Posted on Saturday, November 11, 2000, 4:48 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Havenwood Rejuvenation Party
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    After a somewhat long period of being dormant, Havenwood will once again become an active city.

    To celebrate this occasion, Saturday the 11th of November at Eight o clock (8pm Eastern Standard Time), we shall be having a celebration to announce our return. We would be delighted for you to share in our celebration and accept our hospitality. We shall be having numerous activities, up to and including a knife throwing contest, a race, a story telling contest, an ale drinking contest, cock fights, a song competition, a dance competition, our Royal Army shall be sparring each other, and perhaps some visitors for your enjoyment.

    Talimor deMonte'
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 11:15 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Greetings From Reed

    Let me start off by saying what a great pleasure it is to now be considered part of the Chesapeake team. This has always been one of my dreams and now that I have the position I can live it out and bring you, the Chesapeake community, the best reading material possible.

    I am still very ecstatic about this whole ordeal and I can't wait to report my first event. That is a hint to you all to go ahead and start sending in your events, stories, etc. so that our team can go and check them out.

    For now that is all I have, but be certain you will be hearing a lot from me in the future. =)

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 10:35 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Stormhaven Wedding
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Here Ye, Here Ye.

    M'Lords and Ladies, Knights of the Realm, and the people of Napa Valley. The citizens of Stormhaven and the Storm Ryders of Hope, request your presence to witness the virtuous union of Milady Trinity to Milord Cujo, on Saturday, the eleventh of November, in the virtuous year of two thousand. It will commence at 7:30 PM (PST) on the top of Storm Watch Tower in the fair city of Stormhaven (coordinates: 62o 29'N 53o 26'E).

    The blissful couple wishes to extend an invitation to all citizens of Napa Valley to come and share their special day with them.

    As always, humbly yours,

    Elsa, Baroness of Stormhaven
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 6:14 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    In Game Events: What Needs to Change
    This afternoon I had the opportunity to duck out of my host duties and sneak into a session on the interest program. For those of you who are not familiar with the program, these are the people who run in game events--Seers, Elders, Troubadors. The session was headed by Eidolon, UO's Lead Event Designer, and Augur, an Interest Game Master. Actually, "headed" may not be the best word as this was primarily a relaxed discussion between OSI staff, current interest volunteers and the so-called regular player.

    The speakers opened the floor up for questions almost immediately after introducing themselves and naturally the main concern voiced was that of getting the word out about events. Attendees tossed around several ideas for spreading the word about Interest Program run events ranging from dropping scrolls into players' backpacks to messaging players in the corner of their screens. Eidolon and Augur explained what was not possible about some of the ideas and took notes on others. Messaging would not be consistent with in game fiction with many of the events, dropping scrolls would not ensure a turnout or could possibly result in an overabundant turnout, sending out emails to a list would inherently show preference to those already in the RP in crowd, etc. An increase in the number of town cryers located outside of town seemed to be one small but possible solution that everyone approved of.

    The general consensus was that players do want to know about these quests and that the current means of informing them often tend to favour those already involved with the roleplaying community. It was also mentioned that many times, players have been a part of a quest and not even realised it. Much brainstorming was done on how to involve those who who have not yet become familiar with RPing or who may be reluctant to get involved in such events because of differeng playstyles. Busily jotting through the session, OSI's reps gave us the impression that they were genuinely interested in not only preserving the integrity of the fiction involved but also in drawing in new sections of the UO community.

    Well, more news later I'm sure but it's almost time for happy hour. *evil grin* Cya!


    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 6:10 PM EST by Xena Dragon (UOFaire)

    Hunt to Begin at Journey's End
    A grand hunt is planned for tomorrow eve, Saturday at 7pm PST, starting at Journey's End in Moonglow. A hunter will be there to inform all interested of the details and prizes given.

    All who wish to join in on this hunt please meet at Journey's End preferrably thirty minutes prior to the hunt so that you may be briefed.

    Good Luck and Have fun!

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 5:03 PM EST by Tyril (Sonoma)

    Screenshots of Third Dawn!
    Some terrific new screenshots of UO Third Dawn! Click on the images for a larger version.






    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 5:02 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Incredible New Screenshots of Third Dawn!
    Some terrific new screenshots of UO Third Dawn! Click on the images for a larger version.






    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 5:00 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Mage Broadcasting Company is Online
    Greypawn sent us the following news from the Council of Mages :
    The Council of Mages has sponsored a crack team of news reporters to host shows done under the purview of the CoM, its ideals and causes.

    MBC is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest news from around the world in an easy to understand format for the mage, scholar, and layman alike. The format will be much the same as the "other guys" the Britannia News Network, but will endeavor to focus more on the faction oriented news and fiction while bringing a Council of Mages characteristic flavor to the forefront. This marks the beginning of something grand, friends ! Tune in for more MBC reports as this most eventful year progresses.

    We Are United

    Thanks for this announcement.
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 5:00 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (CommunityNews)

    UO: Third Dawn FAQ
    Here's the first FAQ about UO: Third Dawn
    How would you describe the new lands?
    Ilshenaur, the new land introduced with UO: Third Dawn, is a completely new land mass filled with new locations and new creatures.

    What are the system requirements?
    At this time, we are still finalizing the system requirements for UO: Third Dawn, so we’d hate to tell you one thing and change our minds later. We can say that it will require a 3D accelerator card with 8 megabytes of texture memory Direct3D support.

    Will I need to upgrade my computer to keep playing UO?
    No. We understand that not all of our fans have the latest computer technology, nor do all of us! You will continue to be able to play UO with the T2A client if you prefer. In fact, we’ve designed Third Dawn to allow both clients to interact smoothly on the same servers. If you use the 2D client, and your friend uses the 3D client, you will be able to adventure together. Your friend will just see the world with the 3D enhancements. However, you won’t be able to access the new lands with a 2D client.

    Will I be able to visit the new land with my 2D client?
    No. The 3D client is required to visit the new land, as well as to view any of the 3D effects and enhancements included with UO: Third Dawn.

    Do I need to buy a new CD to play with the 3D enhancements of UO: Third Dawn?
    Yes. Ultima Online: Third Dawn includes a great amount of new artwork for both the new lands and monsters, and to update the existing monsters. Combined with the 3D client software, it’s simply too large of a download to be feasible.

    May I continue to play UO without purchasing UO: Third Dawn?
    Yes. You will not have access to the new lands, or any of the enhancements available with UO: Third Dawn.

    Is UO: Third Dawn first person perspective or isometric?
    Third Dawn maintains the isometric perspective that has contributed to Ultima Online’s popularity for over three years.

    Will I get to keep my current character in UO: Third Dawn?
    Yes. Third Dawn is an add-on to Ultima Online and you will be able to keep your current characters after upgrading.

    How much will UO: Third Dawn cost?
    We haven’t established a price for UO: Third Dawn at this time. However, during the game’s open beta period, we will be offering the beta CD for the cost of shipping and handling. This CD will be fully patchable - you won’t be required to buy the final version of UO: Third Dawn from your local software store when it ships.

    In case you're wondering where all this info is coming from; it was taken from the UO: Third Dawn Pages at There are also some nice screenshots of 3D monsters there.
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 4:42 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    New Magic Systems Player Chat
    The largely informal chat was hosted by Paul Sage (Sage) and Jonathon LeCraft (Oaks), mainly asking for input on the current and future magic systems.

    The players offered suggestions from ideas for new ways for mages to be useful to the community such as enchantment as a new skill, being able to recharge magic weapons and using mages as parts of making things like magic weapons being a combo of mage/smith; to improvements for the current 8 circles of spells.

    I found the most interesting to be a what if the 8th circle was abolished except for "resurrection" and what would we add or how could we enhance the spells already there...

    All in all, the future for magic looks great...

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 4:20 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Hail to all from Maria
    Hail Citizens of Britannia,

    I would like to greet you as a new member of the Chesapeake news team. It is a great honor to be able to work for you all. I shall strive to do my very best in helping to bring to you interesting and objective news that touches your lives.

    Now that I have introduced myself, I suppose that I should tell you a little about my background.

    First of all, I must make a confession. I am a murderer. My mother died during my birth. I stole her last breath for myself and used it for my first. This was the way my father often reminded me of it during my childhood. He never ceased to remind me of my evil deed that took his love away from him. In spite of his lack of love for me, I still loved him as a father. This was basically the way he raised me until he was taken away from me one night when he got into a fight over a dice game.

    After his death, I went to live with his older brother Merlios who was a grandmaster mage. He trained me in the magic arts and seemed to sense from me some natural ability. “Always do honor to yourself and those around you, for I foresee that you will become a great mage” he once told me. He trained me constantly, not only in magic, but in life’s lessons as well. He was very strict, but always remained very fair. Every trait that I possess I earned from the knowledge he gave me. I am eternally thankful for everything that he did for me.

    When his life ended due to natural causes, I found myself all alone in Vesper as a poor little magical girl. I met another girl from similar circumstances by the name of Raedia. She was a tailor and helped me to survive during my early days in the city. Our friendship did not last very long. She disappeared strangely one day and I found myself alone once again and also poor. I didn’t stay poor though. A chance occurrence several days later, that I still somewhat regret, brought me into enough money to live. And live I did. And I continue to live. I live with my uncle’s dying words that someone once told him, “Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 3:42 PM EST by Maria (Chesapeake)

    What's In Store for the Counselor Program
    Earlier this morning, I paid a visit to the "Volunteer Programs: Counselors" session, hosted by GMs Guardian, Kal El, Scorch and TRasa.

    During the session, filled with several counselors from several different shards, Kal El and the counselors discussed the current state of the counselor program as well as ways to improve it.

    One of the items of interest discussed during the session was the admission that OSI will be providing a Web site where players can request and schedule weddings.

    Also, during the session, the GMs took extensive notes on issues both the counselors and players brought to their attention. The rapport was easy-going and one went away with the feeling that OSI really does listen to what the players have to say.

    It turned out to be a rather interesting and informative meeting. OSI will be holding a second session on Saturday on the same topic, for those late comers who are interested in this valuable volunteer program.
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 3:07 PM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Saturday Events in Haven
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Azazel from Haven sent this in about some events planned for this Saturday in the city of Haven and a GREAT Flash movie that everyone should get out to get you in the mood:
    The City of Haven is beginning to establish a name for itself in respects to festivities! For the past month, the City of Haven has been deeply involved in many quests, and has been taking a liking to holding regular events. The Mystic Lake Tavern in Haven will continue this growing tradition with it's renowned Tavern Games this Saturday! Come by the tavern at 8:00PM EST to participate in drinking contests, relay races, and an assortment of other events with big prizes! Also on Saturday, Korin the Scribe is promising the start of the anticipated quest for the Shield of Courage of Armor and Love.

    Included in this post is a special Shockwave Flash presentation of the Mystic Lake Tavern! You'll need to download the macromedia applet here in order to view this short video. It's only a little under 700K so it shouldn't take very long to load.

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 2:39 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    The Adventures of Adam Ant - episode #74
    Hail dark friends,

    I have found myself overwhelmed with intruders of late, in the caverns that run throughout dungeon Shame. Shame is home to the so-called Evil Mages, which I am sworn to protect.

    Come and read my latest tale of adventure and learn the ways of the Guardian. But beware all who enter these dungeons in search of fame and fortune, for I shall defend the Great Ones with my life.

    These are not some tales of fancy, but the true Adventures of Adam Ant

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 1:09 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Third Dawn Announced - UO Goes 3D!
    Here at the UO Faire, as the guests were just starting to arrive, a few computers off to the side of the room were on. And what we saw on them could very well be the future of Ultima Online.

    What did it look like? UO in 3D. The characters were living and breathing, like actual people running across the screen. The trees and buildings literally came alive, poking out of the monitor. We only caught a glimpse, and we are not yet sure what this is, but you can be assured that we will break this news right here the very instant it is announced. Stay tuned!

    10:03am CST Update: OSI has just announced that the beta for Third Dawn is set for January 2001. Third Dawn is currently in an alpha state(which makes the screenshots look even better). They have no official release date set as yet. They did mention that the upgrade will not be free, AND will have new adventure lands (much like T2A).

    2:00pm CST Update: Here are several pictures of Third Dawn's new look.

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 11:34 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    The Next Generation of UO??

    Here at the UO Faire, as the guests were just starting to arrive, a few computers off to the side of the room were on. And what we saw on them could very well be the future of Ultima Online.

    What did it look like? UO in 3D. The characters were living and breathing, like actual people running across the screen. The trees and buildings literally came alive, poking out of the monitor. We only caught a glimpse, and we are not yet sure what this is, but you can be assured that we will break this news right here the very instant it is announced. Stay tuned!

    10:03am CST Update: OSI has just announced that the beta for Third Dawn is set for January 2001. Third Dawn is currently in an alpha state(which makes the screenshots look even better). They have no official release date set as yet. They did mention that the upgrade will not be free, AND will have new adventure lands (much like T2A).

    2:00pm CST Update: Here are several pictures of Third Dawn's new look.

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 10:29 AM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Ultima Online : Third Dawn !
    I'm pretty sure you all heard the rumors...

    Here is the first preview on :

    Thanks to Joxer (Drachenfels) for pointing that out !

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 9:30 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (GeneralNews)

    Items & Artifacts Section Updated
    I have recently been working on a first set of updates to the Items & Artifacts section.
    So far the main US Shards have been updated, as well as Oceania. If you have any missing information or pictures of the listed items, or have information on extra quest items that are not yet listed, then please email me here with the details.
    I will next start work on the European and Asian shards and again any information on quest items on these shards will be gratefully received.
    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 9:15 AM EST by Courage (QuestandEventNews)

    It begins!

    It wasn't any surprise to any of us at Stratics that the first words uttered were.... "Where's the coffee?" After staying up far too late the previous evening, and mistakenly believing we needed to be here at 4am, we were tired. Much to our relief, an I.H.O.P. was open just down the street...

    ...Too bad they WERE OUT OF PANCAKES.

    This nightmare only began to subside after dawn, when Bush solidly claimed a maybe victory, and the coffee began to flow.

    The faire isn't yet open, and I'm already spending far too much time oogling the demo machines that are playing UO in full 3D...(stay tuned)

    --- Rainman

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 9:06 AM EST by UOFaire (UOFaire)

    Screaming Liche Cafe Reopens for Regular Hours
    The Screaming Liche Cafe will now be open on Fridays from 11:30 PM till 2:00 AM EST starting tonight. If all goes well we may add nights and hours to the schedule. Expect many events to be held at this location in the comming weeks.

    If you or your guild is looking for a nice establishment to use for gatherings or events please call on us. We are located in Coventry's Divinity Square, which is in the center of the large clearing North of Minoc, by the cave entrance to the Lost Lands.

    We look forward to seeing you there later tonight. Stop in for a little relaxation after a rough day of hunting and dueling. It will be open mic night, so please bring a good joke, song, or tale with you and join in the fun.

    The Screaming Liche Cafe
    129o 43' N 84o 47' E

    Minister Fury
    Guild Master of the Ministry
    Follower of the Path

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 6:05 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Undead Fighting Undead?
    Here is an interesting account of a recent event involving yet another undead attack near Yew. Rather than try to summarize, I'll let you read it for yourself.. I don't understand this undead speech very well..

    Battle of the Bones

    Posted on Friday, November 10, 2000, 5:58 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Grand Opening of Baja University Library
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was sent to us by Golden Angel:

    Greetings !!

    Baja University is proud to announce the opening of its new library. We would like to formally invite the Baja community to attend the grand opening celebration of the library this Wednesday evening (November 15, 2000) at 6:00 p.m. PST. There will be refreshments for all, and at 6:30 p.m. Meredith will grace us with one of her stories, followed by an open poetry reading session. For those that would like to come and tell a story, or recite their favorite poem, please contact Golden Angel via ICQ 10392292 in advance.

    Baja University is located at 18 22N, 30 1E on the Trammel facet of the Baja shard. From the bank in east Britain, travel northeast about one minute, Baja University is a large tower. A picture of the university can be viewed at Tradespot, and if you have any questions please contact Golden Angel.

    Thank you and hope to see you this Wednesday !!

    Golden Angel of Baja

    Thank you, Golden Angel, for this news.
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 6:39 PM EST by Sha-Bubu (Baja)

    Grimoire Fight Nights
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Grimoire Schedule of Events!

    Several very generous Napa citizens will be sponsoring the upcoming events at Grimoire. The entry fees will be waived and huge prize gps will be awarded to the best of the best on Napa. Please join us on Friday nights, new champions may be named!

    3 vs. 3 Sponsored by DeamonKnight:
    Friday, November 10, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 30K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, 3rd place 7.5Kgps.

    1 vs. 1 Sponsored by DeamonKnight:
    Friday, November 17, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 20K gps, 2nd place 10K gps, 3rd place 5K gps.

    Gladiator Bar Fight, Sponsored by DeamonKnight & Fiona Pentell:
    Friday, November 24, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST) NO ENTRY FEE, 15K gps to the last fighter left standing.

    Here are the rules for this Friday's 3 vs. 3 Event (11/10/2000):
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure
    everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Hope to see you there =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff

    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 4:12 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    News From Mythndale
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<It seems that evil is spreading into the peaceful village of Mythndale. Their High Protector, Govannon Mac Lyr, has sent this information to update on the situation:
    For too long now the shadow of the Clan of Vampires has fallen across our lands, blighting the landscape. How many innocents must be taken in the dark of night, the only witnesses Luna and her owls, before we stand and eradicate their presence from our moonlit glens and dimly-lighted taverns? It is time to drive them back to the dank holes and broken crypts they once gibbered and howled in. And now, their power growing, they threaten to raze our peaceful town to the ground, with none other than Vienne, Mistress of Souls, at the head of their dark army.

    Aye, Vienne. The bright-smiled lass who's eyes shone with an inquisitve passion to learn, often seen brushing her purple locks from her face as she bent in study over some moldy tome in the libraries across the land, always eager to help a her fellows... this Vienne is no longer. Many of you once called her friend, as did I... a dear friend. But she kept her most recent studies under wraps, and I was loathe to see the signs of change in my friend until it was too late. Having no option left, I placed her under arrest this last eve, and she damned herself by her own words, admitting the lives of the foolish mortals within our town, and all of Britannia for that matter, were of no consequence to her, all that mattered any longer was her growing powers of the Void. Her magickal mask slipped in her hatred, and I saw the deep pools of souless black that her eyes had become, and I knew she was lost to me. Not long after, I was beset by a combined force of Vampires and Wraiths, and myself and the sole Guard who stood with me fell to their combined might. As my eyes closed, the last thing I remember is her arm around Vampire, an evil smile curving her lips as she watched me fall. I was told, upon awakening, that before she left she went to the tavern with those she'd allied herself with, and promised to come back at the head of a ghastly army, razing the town and taking the sacred artifacts within our temple for her own unfathomable uses.

    I sit here now, quill in hand, my heart heavy with loss. But I have no time for such contemplation, for I have a duty to the Lady Rose and Lord Kondor, and the citizens I am sworn to protect. But as it is, my duty, which I will follow to the end, can only result in the deaths of I and my men, the combined forces facing us being overwhelming. I know not when the night will come, but I spend my nights awake and vigilant, shunning the light as do those who seek to destroy us. Therefore, I call upon my friends and neighbors, and any in the land who may not know of me or the town I defend, Mythndale Village, but have been wronged by these dogs of the night for too long. I call in both favors owed, and favors I will pay in the future, no matter the cost. I will call upon the very Worms of the Earth if it will keep those I love and protect safe in this dark hour. Come, join us... stand allied with us against these dark forces before they wipe us from the map and look to the next town to satiate Vienne's growing power, and her unending hunger for more souls ...

    Yours in Arms,
    Govannon Mac Lyr,
    High Protector of Mythndale Village
    Related link:
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 3:20 PM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Moonglow Selects Representative for Great Council
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following item was found in the Tao Circle:
    Seen in a local Moonglow newspaper:

    The Moonglow Council gathered this Sunday and decided to appoint a new representative for the Great Council of Britannia. At the surprise of all observers, it was Amus, one of the guildmasters of the Guild of Arcane Arts, that was chosen for this task. After approximatively fifty years of absence, it is the first time that the Guild of Arcane Arts regains the Moonglow seat to the Great Council. This decision is probably linked to the fact that the Mages of the Lycaeum still haven't returned from their Book Caravan across Britannia, and the Moonglow Council could have used this decision to show their disagreement. One of the members of the Council commented that the place of the Lycaeum Mages was in Moonglow, and that the only consequence of this Caravan was to make the Lycaeum an empty place, preventing the City to function properly. The Chancellor of the Lycaeum, who took the decision to start this Caravan, was not available for comments.

    The Moonglow Council also issued a public statement regarding the new laws of Trinsic:

    "It has been brought to our knowledge that the newly elected Trinsic Council voted a law allowing every citizen of the city to remove any orc from the town limits, by force if needed. The City of Moonglow strongly disagrees with this new law, and hopes that the City of Honor will reconsider it shortly. As evidenced through the studies made by the scholars and mages of Moonglow, the orcs are indeed a primitive and brutal race, but they are intelligent enough to be considered as distinct individuals. On many occasions, orcs raised outside of their tribal and religious system were found to show no aggressivity and were in no way a danger. While the City of Moonglow understands the difficulties encountered by the City of Trinsic in the recent invasions, it is our belief that orcs should not be discriminated simply on the base of their race.

    The Moonglow Council also condemns the concept of laws allowing all citizens to take the justice in their own hands to remove criminals, and insists for this task to remain the duty of the city guards, officials, and Paladins".

    The Trinsic Council will be meeting on Sunday to discuss Moonglow's objection to their recently passed measure.

    The current list of representatives to the Great Council are as follows:

    • Britain: Henry Guiscard
    • Jhelom: Unknown or unselected
    • Minoc: Theron
    • Magincia: Colclasure Fallari
    • Moonglow: Amus Moonbeam
    • Skara Brae: Unknown or unselected
    • Trinsic: Reverie Dag
    • Yew: Thomas Augustine
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 10:59 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Jonathan Rye's Recent Actions Uncovered
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following article was published on the Purple Guardians of Honor website:
    Twas a very hot day in Trinsic, with the sun beating down upon the sandstone. My fellow Guildmate, Greg approached me with some dire news.

    "Gorion, Eve and I are currently trying to find a United Pirate, do ye know where we might find one?"

    "Perhaps Red Skull Bay, or Edinburgh, I heard they've taken residence there lately."

    "I've already checked, they are not there."

    Eve then came outside from the Bank.

    "Hello Gorion, 'tis been too long, I take it Greg here has told you that we seek one of the United Pirates, Aye?"

    "Aye he has, but why?"

    "We have heard that Jonathan Rye, leader of the Cult of Jou'nar, was in Britain this morning seeking some of them, we want to find them before he does so we may know why he is looking for them."

    "Hmm... I have heard that Hawkeye Pike has taken up residence in Buccaneer's Den, we should check there."

    Eve noded, and then opened a gate to the Isle of outlaws. Not many were on the isle, so we began to search for Hawkeye's home. We reached the northern part of the isle, above the caverns, when we saw a pirate in the distance.

    She was leaving a few books on doorsteps, and then she looked in our direction. She began to approach us and seemed very unagressive, only asking why we were there.

    "We are searching for one of your fellow pirates, perhaps Patsy or Hawkeye so that we might ask them a few questions." said Eve

    "Dey arn't awake, but Cap'n Hook should be around 'ere somewhere, let me get him."

    A few minutes later Hook approached us from the west, wearing his normal blue hat on his head, and a hand on the cutlass in his hilt.

    "Arr.. whatcha be wantin'?"

    "We seek to know about Jonathan Rye, and your connection to him."

    Hook was able to remember Jonathan Rye, with the help of some gold. During the first day Trinsic was attacked by the United Pirates, Jonathan had approached them in the Tavern and decided he would hire them to complete some tasks that he needed to be done.

    These jobs were to prove their loyalty to him. The first was they were to kill an actress from Vesper, whom Jonathan had claimed was a traitor to him, and that she had once worked for him. The second job was to get him a copy of The Book of the Dead. Although they did give him a copy of it, the copy they recieved from the owner of the original was incomplete, with key sections missing from the pages so that he couldn't even unlock a portion of its power.

    After these two missions were complete, Jonathan told them to find five shadow ore veins and to bring him runes to each. He never showed up to the meeting point where they were supposed to give him the book in exchange for payment.

    After hearing the story, our group purchased the runebook, and a second copy of the altered Book of the Dead from them so that we could use this information if needed. Although the runebook could be quite helpful, the Book of the Dead, after it was translated, is pretty much useless because all of the keywords are missing.

    After we finished our business, we left the isle to return to Trinsic and study all the information we had gathered. Armed with this knowledge, we began to make plans to try to stop Jonathan Rye.


    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 10:07 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    The Titan roared its last roar as.......
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Azure AL Shard's spell was released, the energy bolt hitting it fairly in the chest and killing it. He stepped off of his boat and onto the shore, notcing with a trained eye the Wyvern flying a little further off and the two Cyclops' grumbling a ways further down the beach. All in all it had been a good days hunting, with plenty of gold in the hold of his boat and a few magical items to boot, he knelt down to loot the Titan of its goods. The stench was near unbearable but he found its loot stash in one of its belt pockets and stood to leave when he noticed a scrap of parchment poking out from under its side. Leaning over the stinking corpse and trying hard not to gag he retrieved the scrap of paper and was pleasantly surprised to find it was a treasure map, with squiggly lines runnin this way and that. It was rumored amongst the people of the land that Titan maps were to be of the highest level, yet no-one was sure as there was no-one skilled enough to decipher them. Rolling it up carefully he tucked it into his backpack and boarded his boat, bound for the City of Delucia, where the map would remain until one skilled enought to read it became apparent.

    Many months passed and the map stay locked away in the vaults of the trustworthy First Bank of Britannia, whose branches reach like those of a great oak, far and wide. Twas a breezy and bright sunny day and Azure leant against the bank wall in the city of Vesper, reading from the message board there. The usual this and that, of "Such and such has been kidnapped" and "so and so has gone missing" and he almost turned away when something caught his eye. A scrap of paper, with a message written in what looked to be a very excited and hurried hand. It read as such:

    "Hear one, hear all! I have done it! Many many months of hard work and training has paid off! I have studied greatly and have achieved what I believe to be a Grand Master standing in the art of Cartography! Signed Cortez."

    Could it be true? Truely, many had tried and much paper and ink had been wasted trying to master this most boring yet rewarding of skills. Cortez would have to be found and soon.
    A few days passed, with Azure recalling to this bank and that, looking for the one called Cortez, and he almost gave up, thinking it nothing but a prank, when he spotted a man fitting Cortez' description. He walked up and asked:

    "Be you Cortez, the one who claims to have mastered Cartography as none other has?"
    "Aye, that be true," grinned the man.
    "I wish not to be rube or ignorant, but can you prove it to me? I have in my possesion a map of great quality, from the slain corpse of a Titan," asked Azure.
    "Certainly," Cortez replied and Azure handed him the map.
    With a russle of the parchment and a look of concentraion on his face Cortez studied the map. Not a few seconds later he looked up grinning.

    "I know where this map leads to, I know where the treasure lies, and if ye have no other business this night, would ye like to come on and adventure?," he asked.
    Grinning as madly as the man in front of him, Azure assured Cortez that all prior plans were now off, there was Treasure hunting to be done! Cortez informed Azure that he had a friend, an outcast by the name of Monroe that was a highly skilled lockpicker, the kind we would need for such a chest as this. We met the man in Britian and set out from there, to a little island that Cortez called Dove Isle. A gate was cast and we stepped through into a lightly wooded area. Before the gate could close behind us another figure stepped through, by the name of Balthazar.

    "A treausre hunt,", exclaimed Balthazar, "would ye be needing a hand with any critters?," he asked.
    "Aye, come along for the ride," we all chimed in, and we set off, following Cortez to the spot marked on the map.
    "We will have to be careful here," said Cortez "who knows what will appear as the chest surfaces."
    We all agreed and readied a spell of invisibilty as Cortez struck the ground with his shovel, and the sound of metal on wood rang through the trees.

    What came next, no-one would have guessed. Twas chaos, as in the blink of an eye the chest surfaced and an army of evil appeared before our eyes. Two Blood Elementals, their wavering bodies running scarlet, an Elder Gazer, its miriad blinking eyes seeking out whom to kill first, and a Lich Lord, master of all undead swept down upon us wounding all and killing Azure within seconds. The world went grey and he wondered how it could have happened so fast. He could hear Cortez yelling to him to run south and he did, finding Cortez relatively unscathed and was ressurected on the spot.

    "Good mother of God!" Azure exclaimed "That was quick."
    "Yes, a little too quick," replied Cortez, casting healing spells upon Azure, "Lets get back and se how the others are doing."
    "Do you have an instrument upon you at all, Im a bard of some standing and I may be able to provoke these critters onto one another," asked Azure. Cortez handed him and old harp and the ran back to the chest, noticing three of the creatures through the trees. They crouched low and surmised that one of the Blood elementals must have died and that Monroe must be hidden somewhere, when they heard the sounds of battle to the north. Looking that way, they seen Balthazar fighting a Blood Elemental by himself.
    "Go and make sure he's doing ok", said Azure, "I'll try and provoke these others.
    A noise behind them made them jump with frght as the muzzle of the figure of a horse and its rider came closer. Azure recognized the figure as that of Aurantang, a valiant warrior of the OtR guild.
    "Hail and well met. I must say that you catch us at a bad time, but we would indeed be grateful of thy help", said Azure.
    "truly? Then I shall help, as I have naught else to do, and shall not stand back as innocents die to such atrocities as these."
    Cortez was away and Azure stood up, harp in his hands and began playing his music. His fingers sped lightly across the string and soon enough, the remaining Gazer, Lichlord and Blood Elemental were soon locked in battle.
    Monroe came out of hiding at that stage and Cortez and Balthazar returned from fighting the remaining Blood and victorious in their battle. Monroe proceeded to pick the lock and the chest was soon opened, filled to the brim with Magical Items, both weapon and armor, masks made from bears and deer, reagants used in spell casting, colourful gems alrge and small, and towards the botom of the chest what must have been close to 5000 golden pieces.
    Reaching into the chest Azure started to take this and that, when a blood curdling laugh pierced his ears. Looking up from the chest and into the faces of his adventuring friends, he noted both fear and awe. Turning from them he looked behind him into the vacant eyes of yet another Lich Lord. His harp lay beside him, and the sounds of fighting from the earlier spawn of monsters could be heard just slightly off into the trees. Grabbing his harp and the attention of the Lich Lord, he led it away, running with all the strength he could muster. Shouting back behind him, he instructed the others to take what the could. Once again the strings of the harp sang and the LichLord forgot about him, and instead centred upon the now badly beaten figure of the days earlier Lichlord, the two locked in battle and Azure turned to head back to the treausre chest. What he found was again chaos, for three demons had spawned and were attacking the others. His fingers sore and almost bleeding he set the harp to singing once more and turned the monsters ferocity upon one another. The party returned to the chest once more and cleaned it out, leaving naught but a few useless scrolls.

    "Lets finish these demons off and collect the loot from any other dead critters," suggested Monroe and we set out to do just that, collecting a huge pile of gold in the process. With all clear and now peaceful once again, Aurantang bid us farewell as did Balthazar, exclaiming happily that he was part of the first treasure hunt of this calibre.
    Azure, Cortez and Monroe decided to head back to Vesper, to bank there monies and identify there magical goodies. When it was all done and finished Cortez made to bid Azure and Cortez farewell when Azure stopped him asked if he'd like to gues what was found on the remains of one of the slain Blood Elementals. Cortez raised an eyebrow and Azure, grinning like a madman, produced from his pack a scrap of parchment covered in blood.

    "Are you kidding", asked Cortez, his eyes wide.
    "You have to be, surely not......", chuckled Monroe.Azure nodded and asked slowly:
    "Want to come treausre hunting again tomorrow?"

    Thats right folks, tonight, the first ever Level 5 Treasure map was decoded and completed by 5 adventurers.
    Id personally like to thank Cortez (Kleinzeit from our board) whose determination to become a grandmaster cartographer made it possible for us to have an absolute ball.
    Monroe, for without whose skill we would never have opened the chest.
    And Balthazar and Aurantang, who both faught valiantly by our sides.
    Well done team.
    Well done.

    Azure Al Shard.
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 8:13 AM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Hip Hip Hurrah!!
    A Hearty Cheer of "Well Done" to Oceania's (to the best of my knowledge) first GM Cartographer...

    Well done Cortez!

    The time to die refers to whats going to happen to him over and over doing level 5 chests!

    Von Ravend, Oceania's Stratics Reporter
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 7:40 AM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Trial of the Evil Murderer Durathor.
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Ravenmoor:

    The trial of the Evil Murderer Durathor has turned into a nightmare. Everything was going normally when several warriors entered the Courtroom and killed everybody to free Durathor ! One of the witnesses was a murderer.
    Nobody escaped, except the Judge Tyrghen.
    Ravenmoor now fear for its future. The Town Council ask the help of all the adventurers who want to join the quest for Durathor and his fellows.
    Come at the Ravenmoor Castle to ask Tyrghen all the needed informations Saturday 11 November, starting at 8:00 PM GMT in Ravenmoor Castle.

    Tyrghen of Ravenmoor.

    Good luck to ye!
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 6:19 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Undead Attack Wispwood, Rythias Rose Lost
    What began as a very pleasant evening in the player run town of Wispwood Shire quickly turned into tragedy on Wednesday night. Citizens had gathered in the Golden Unicorn Tavern following a town meeting when a local by the name of Rythias Rose called for everyone's attention.

    In a moment of tenderness (which is rarely found in these harsh lands) Rythias took to one knee and asked the fair widow, Ailieve, if she would be his bride. The crowd was awed by this display of affection but, before Ailieve could give her reply, some sort of strange sickness overcame Rythias. Coincidently perhaps, it was at this very moment an army of the undead chose to attack Wispwood.

    The gathered warriors, who were strong in number, quickly came to the town's defense and the advancing horde of skeletons and bone magi were soon met by fierce resistance. Leading the army of undead were also several lich lords and enormous daemons.

    During the attack, to everyone's dismay, Rythias ran about rooting for the undead and actually attacked various defenders. A few members of The Ministry were on hand for this event and it was suggested by them that an exorcism might soon be in order. However, before Rythias could be seized, several members of the Undead Lords (UDL) swept through the town adding to the chaos.

    It was somewhere during all of this confusion that poor Rythias was lost. It is unknown if perhaps the undead forces now hold him captive. However, it was shortly after his disappearance that the attack ceased.

    If you have any knowledge of the where about of Rythias Rose, please contact the authorities in Wispwood Shire so that he can be dealt with before he can cause any more damage to himself or someone else.

    Ford Prefect
    Reporter for the Veteran Shard
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 5:24 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Correction About This Week's Expedition
    A correction for those of you joining the Wispwood based quests
    I am sorry to tell ye that, but I will have to postpone our expedition to Friday.

    Reasons will stay personal, till then, I hope to see you all on Friday!

    Same time, 8pm EST!

    Bleyn Luysse,
    Archeologist and Player Seer of Wispwood.
    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 4:35 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Mission Statement
    My name is Helper. As you have seen in the last 4 months, I am a reporter here on GL Stratics.

    I know my introduction was a bit vague, as all introductions are. But as all introductions I believe it is the formal "OMG I am here and have no clue what to do speech."

    Now that I have been here 4 months, I wish to speak again:

    As my name implies; I help. I spent my first 6 months, every night on UO at britt X-roads getting owned..I dont give up. I wont go till I am ousted, by Stratics or anyone.

    I am here for You readers. You who look into GL everyday and do not submit, you who think you do not have anything to put in. You who wish maybe... one day you would see your name. I am here to convey your wishes, weddings and worries. I want you to know that somewhere... someone cares about what you submit. I am Helper: your GL reporter.

    Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2000, 1:26 AM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Cherry's Tavern
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<To All Oceania Residents,

    My name is Yan Yan. I'm currently setting up my own player-run tavern. The tavern is located northeast of Britain, in a tower under the name of Cherry's Tavern.

    Let me introduce some features in the tavern.

    First floor will be the bar/bistro and motel.

    Second floor is the training room, for those who just started playing UO and dun have a house, it has a large forge, an anvil, a loom, a spinning wheel, a training dummy, a pickpocket, 2 stables with mortar on top and a water trough (don't know what to train with this).

    Third floor is the so called "The Forum", this is where some heavy discussion about the Realm in general will happen. There are storybooks on shelf for you to read, to know more about the past about Britainnia.

    The rooftop is the "Big Gathering", where I am still discussion with serveral experienced player about the design for it. Rooftop will be a like "The Forum", but instead of heavy discussions, it is a gathering of friends, guild mates and whoever wish to join, foods and drink will be provided by the BGF Guild.
    My ICQ is 66373246 if thou wishes to contact me.
    The Tavern itself will be open by the end of this week.

    Good luck with running this....
    If you care to send in the UOAM co-ords I'll add them to this post.

    Von Ravend, Oceania Stratics Reporter
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 9:06 PM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Circus Caravan Settles near Britain
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Klaas sent us the following information :
    Hey there,

    I was mining in Britain at the mountains when I saw some wagons parked near the road. A sign mentioned something about Shabum's traveling circus.

    Perhaps someone could go and take a look and take some pictures. It was near a Britain farm just outside Britain on the west side.


    After going there, I can confirm the coordinates are 3°15' S and 8°34' W. You can see a larger picture of the spot by clicking on the picture.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 8:46 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Britain Graveyard Invaded Again
    Doominator sent us the following report :
    Hi !

    On the 7th november, the undead invaded the Britain Graveyard. There were Liches, all kinds of ghosts, all kinds of skeletons and zombies.

    On the road between the graveyard and Britain were about 20 guards, who stopped the undead from following people into town. There were more people than undead, though, many dragons and summoned demons too.

    There were piles of money in the crypts. When someone picked these up, a couple of undeads spawned outside on the graveyard.


    Sounds fun ! Thanks Doominator for this report.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 8:23 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Stranded in Paradise : Final Report
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Caretaker sent us the following report :
    A week ago, two teams were stranded on an island and had to depend on their own, developping their skills in the wild.

    Pirates of Darkness Raid the IslandAfter being raided by the Pirates of Darkeness (PoD), attacked by silver serpents and hordes of lizardmen, the two teams had to face eachother for a final battle which the Valorite team won.

    Ber'guk the ORK Demands tribute from the Valorite Team during a Chess GameOf course it wasn't only about fighting for survival : for example, the organizer challenged both teams for a game of chess, which he lost both times. The teams also had visitors, like Ber'guk the ORK, who came to ask tribute for his wargod, and Tribal Trader who was able to smuggle some items to the island (for the right price of course).

    They also had a "Miss Island 2000" contest which was won by Trista of the Shadow team, and last but not least they had to search for the "Chippendale outfit", which was stolen by thiefs who had a hideout on the island.

    Yesterday the castaways where gated back to the mainland where they were screaming : "I survived it !" and went celebrating in "The Keg and Anchor" in Trinsic.

    Happy to hear all went smoothly ! Thanks Caretaker for both this project and the report about it.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 8:01 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Fancy Dress Ball a Success
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Raknar, of the Merchants on Tour, sent us the following submission :
    Hail all !

    Kalinda, First Prize of the BallSith Lord, Prize for the Most Creative Outfit The fancy dress ball was fantastic. Check out the pictures.

    The next dungeontour from MoT is set for the 8th November 2000 at 10pm CET (9pm GMT, 4pm EST) to the firedungeon.

    I hope to meet you there !
    Raknar the Merchant [MoT]

    He also included a german version :
    Hi Ihr werten Newssammler.

    Das Kostümfest war super. Hier sind einige Bilder.

    Die nächste Dungeontour von MoT ist am 08.11.2000, 22.00 CET (21.00 GMT) zum Firedungeon.

    Vielen Dank für Eure Aufmerksamkeit.
    Raknar the Merchant [MoT]

    Thanks Raknar for these news !
    Casanova was there too and brought us the pictures of the two winners you can see in this post.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 7:29 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Traceroutes and Technical Support
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Traceroutes and Technical Support

    Ultima Online is an ever-changing game and from time to time you may experience technical difficulties that require helpful intervention. In most cases, these situations will require either contacting Technical Support, or sending us a traceroute of your connection to your regular game server. Sending the correct information through the correct channels greatly improves the speed at which we may address your technical issues.

    Technical Support should be contacted when you are experiencing problems specifically with your game software, such as display problems, error messages, or inability to successfully install or run Ultima Online. Ultima Online Technical Support is available from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM CST daily at (804) 963-8577 (Press option #2 from main menu). You may also email technical support questions using the form located on our contacts page.

    Occasionally, you may experience difficulties connecting or maintaining a connection to a server, or experience latency issues that cause your gameplay to be slower than normal. In these cases, we recommend that you review the troubleshooting suggestions at Should these suggestions fail to resolve your connection difficulties, we recommend sending a traceroute (a log tracing the path of information from your computer to the UO server) to [email protected]. We have available a small program, called UOTrace, that allows you to easily trace the routes to all of the Ultima Online servers. Once these traceroutes have been forwarded to us, our network team will analyze them for any significant issues that are within our control.

    Thankye, Leilo, for this reminder.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 6:25 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (GeneralNews)

    Stuntman Finds his Thrills in Ultima Online
    This article was submitted to us by our former Siege Perilous reporter Tigerlily:
    Kicked by an Angel

    A typical day for Mike Smith begins with a shower, much like anyone else's. He grabs his work bag and maneuvers through the traffic-filled roads near his California home. When he arrives at the job site the similarities between Mike's work day and most other people's ends. While an accountant always knows he will be tackling numbers or a dentist knows he will be repairing teeth, Mike is never sure what his day might entail. He may spend five hours with a make-up artist who transforms him into a demon, wear the famous cowl of Batman, jump motorcycles, or even become "Bond, James Bond" for the rest of the afternoon. When his day is through, he returns home to his wife and two-year old daughter, who will become a big sister next year when the Smiths welcome a new baby to the family.

    Smith is a professional stuntman. A Texas native, he attended Auburn University in Alabama. After college, he built a successful landscaping business. It was 1990 when he traded digging in the dirt for playing in it and began doing stuntwork, eventually moving to California to become a full-time stuntman in 1993. A long list of film credits includes: "Batman Forever," "Tomorrow Never Dies," "Wild, Wild West," and "The X Files" as a stunt double. He had speaking roles in "Boogie Nights" and the newly released "Charlies' Angels," and of late completed work on "Pearl Harbor," to be released next year and his top choice of all the work he's done. On the small screen, he did a four-year stint on "Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman" and recently wrapped up the next season of "JAG" and "The X Files" series, as well as numerous other series and specials. Currently, he is in Germany working on "Librium" with Christian Bale ("American Psycho") and Angus McFadyen ("Braveheart").

    "I don't tell my wife a lot of the things I do at work," Smith explained with a laugh. He related a story of stringing Christmas lights on the roof while wife Wendy stood below, warning him to be careful as he jumped from dormer to dormer, not knowing that earlier in the week he had leapt from a helicopter, a feat far more dangerous than climbing on the roof. Always an athlete in school, Smith said his move into the stunt world came naturally for him. "It's stuff I would do for free, but they pay me for it."

    And who does Mike pay to make his world more exciting? Origin Systems. Mike has been an avid Ultima Online player since 1997, his most prominent character being DragonBane on both the Lake Superior and Siege Perilous shards. Having played many of the games in the Ultima series over the years, and a variety of other computer games, as well, Mike joined the UO crowd when his friends from another online game announced they were departing for the newly discovered Britannia. "I was overwhelmed," Mike explained about his newbie days in the Ultima lands. "I didn't know what to do or where to go."

    He has been a self-proclaimed "closet gamer" since high school, when he would lie to his friends about where he was going on Friday nights rather than have to admit to them that he was going to a weekly "Dungeons and Dragons" gaming session because he thought being labeled a gaming geek would harm his reputation as a "jock". As demographics could attest, Ultima Online's player base is a veritable cornucopia of people from all walks of life, countries and professions. Interestingly, Mike is joined in Britannia now by two friends he's known since kindergarten, the same ones he snuck away to join on Friday nights to play "Dungeons and Dragons" in high school and with whom he has maintained contact despite them living in different states. "We would still talk a couple of times a year," Mike said, "but since we play UO together, we talk every day now."

    Spending his free time in the game, he was one of the first players on his shard to become a Grandmaster Mage, an accomplishment that drew admiration from fellow players. As he honed his skills and learned more about the mechanics of the game, he was drawn into the world of player versus player, which he still enjoys.

    "I miss the Dread Lord Days," he comments wistfully. "I remember when the whole game was player versus player. You would walk into a dungeon and see six 'Corp Por''s before you could 'In Lor' yourself. I would love to be a roleplayer," he adds, "but I stink at it. I hate to type. I think it could be enveloped into pvp'ing, but the pvp'ers lack the guidance in it."

    As much as he admires the roleplaying aspects of the game, it is the player versus player activity that keeps him logging in each night. "I think player killers add a huge element to the game," Smith said. "I don't like getting pk'd. No one does. But that's what gets your heart going, knowing you can walk into a dungeon and get killed. I want that element of danger. If you didn't get pk'd and lose your belongings, you'd always have the same stuff. In UO, you can lose everything you have, but you can replace it with other stuff. Unlike other games, you don't have to be stuck with the same armor for the whole game."

    It's that depth and versatility that holds the stuntman's attention. "This is the greatest roleplaying game I have ever played, period. I've been playing for three years and I still haven't seen everything in the game." He adds that the updates to the game mechanics are a welcome practice, keeping the game fresh for him. "I like how there are so many different things to do, the detail. I like the intricacy and I really like being able to find unique items. You don't have to just go out and kill stuff." The recent addition of unique weapons and items to the Ultima world is what Smith considers to be one of the best changes made in UO. "You're not going to find them every time you go out," Smith stated, "but it's the possibility of finding them that makes it fun and challenging."

    The interaction with other players and sense of community is another facet of Ultima that Mike enjoys. "You can interact with people universally, talk and do things together. I find that when I come home, I can log on and play with friends from all around the world. I can escape for an hour or two and then go back to my real life." Eventually, Smith would like to make the transition from stuntman to Second Unit director, directing action sequences for films.

    Mike applauds the tremendous strides made in the last year in the area of customer service and player relations. "The improvements on this are amazing. It's a shame, though, that the actions of a few troublesome players have to hurt everyone and sometimes the response time, due to overwhelming numbers of players, is too slow." He is quick to add that these rough edges don't hinder his enjoyment of his favorite pasttime. "I really feel that Origin has the potential for UO to be the greatest game ever," he repeats emphatically,"EVER. I believe that if they will continue listening to the player base, as they have in the past year especially, the game can only continue to improve."

    In preparation for his three-month trip to Germany, he purchased a new laptop computer. "I want to finish my tamer on Siege." (At 95 taming, the character is so close to reaching the goal, Mike doesn't want to wait until he returns home to get those last five points.) "I'd also like to collect as many unique weapons as I can."

    The fact that someone who gets extreme doses of adrenaline on a daily basis finds this level of excitement in a computer game speaks volumes for Ultima Online's success in its quest to be the premiere online game available. "I've tried other online games and played practically every other computer or video game ever published," Mike said, "but none can come close to this one."

    Thanks for the submission :)
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 5:58 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    BNN: Edinburgh Besieged
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following BNN article was posted on the Ultima Online site:
    Edinburgh Besieged
    Erik Valstrom
    Nov 7 2000 10:57PM

    Much has come to light since my interview with the pirate, captured recently in the raid on Yew. I was forced to take a brief detour on my route to Edinburgh to visit an old friend who could more adequately direct my way there, and perhaps provide valuable clues. While there, word came to me that the pirate had been brutally slain, not by his captor the poetic Constable, but by some other means, and means most foul. I was shocked that it could occur while he was held in a supposedly secret place, but knowing what I know now, that there are forces of incredible evil and power involved in this mystery, I am only amazed it did not happen sooner.

    My informant told me that another pirate raid had been reported, this time south of Minoc. It followed the same pattern as those that preceded it... brigand pirates led by evil mages came ashore from several ships riding at anchor in the bay. They ransacked houses and buildings all along the coast, including the tents of the gypsy camp. Fortunately, the alarm was raised and numerous brave and able defenders rushed to counterattack the raiders in defense of their town. The raid was halted and the insurgents returned to their ships and fled the area. I, therefore, hurried on to Minoc to gather details of the story. I was fortunate to find one citizen willing to talk who happened to be in the area at the time of the attack, but who demanded to remain anonymous. Of course, I agreed.

    I heard them coming and ducked quickly behind a small tower. The brigands were not acting normal or talking plainly... it was as if they were under some kind of spell, or drugged, but they were not drunk. This one mage kept shouting at them and actually killed one of them! I heard him tell a group of them something like, "To the abyss with you all... we will be done with you soon enough... earn your pay!" One of the brigands, or pirates, said something in reply and I heard the mage say, "Armande has plenty, fear not." They then kicked the door in and went inside the tower. I kept myself hidden until they left.
    That was the first time I had a name to go on... some inkling of who might be back of this, and his name is Armande deSade. This name, the Villagers of Edinburgh later confirmed to me, as one who helped lead the attack on their town.

    While in Minoc my informant friend met me and told me to proceed at once to Edinburgh Village, which I did post haste. After escaping several brigand ambushes, undeterred, I arrived at the beautiful Village where I met several of its citizens in the now famous mine. I rested after my long trip and later interviewed some of them inside the Town Hall building. They told me of the attack recently on their Village, one that they had prepared for, how they had been warned of it and signaled many groups to aid them in defense of it. It was estimated that between fifty and one hundred defenders took part, and because of that, the defense held. The attack was fierce, the mages were more numerous, and they summoned fire elementals and brought in drakes to assist them. They were nonetheless defeated. Frustrated, and after taking enormous losses for little gain, the pirate Captain and leader of the forces, Caine, along with his consort Ursula, turned their attention to the sudden appearance of two gold elementals named Mudrup and Krag who shambled out of the mine toward them. For some reason they expressed a desire to follow Caine and Ursula, allowing themselves to be taken aboard the pirates' ships, sadly, for a journey to their doom... a blacksmith's forge in Serpent's Hold. Tricked by Caine into entering it they were both destroyed, smelted, and many thousands of gold ingots were gathered from their remains. I was greatly saddened to hear of their demise, for I have never seen a sentient elemental, and I truly longed to speak with one of them. It convinced me too, not that I needed any, that the evil behind this scheme is utterly ruthless in nature and cares nothing for life.

    I learned from speaking to the Villagers that they believe some kind of dire evil exists in the mine, sealed in, perhaps, by the gold vein, which, since the appearance of the elementals, has dwindled considerably in size. I touched the vein myself and nothing happened. However, as I dismounted my horse, Andar, to do so, I was shocked to see Andar's fear and nervousness. Andar has never flinched from anything I have faced in my journeys with him, including Britannia's most hideous abominations, Liche Lords. What could be more desperately and frightfully evil than that I cannot, and do not wish to, fathom.

    I will remain in the area as long as I may, to continue my observations. Like many, I have been drawn into this dark enigma, and will not rest until I know its secrets. ~ Erik

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 4:19 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    BNN: Understanding The Phantom
    The following BNN article was posted to the Ultima Online site:
    Understanding The Phantom
    Nov 7 2000 5:59PM

    *The following was written upon a rolled and bound piece of parchment found outside of the BNN offices*

    Greetings. I regret that I must remain safely anonymous for the time being, to ensure my safety. Although I may not be able to reveal my identity yet, I am quite willing to provide what information I do have regarding recent activity in the city of Yew. The phantom known as Xenthyl seems to have targeted the Yew area and the homes of the people who inhabit the area surrounding the city. A wave of spider attacks controlled by Artarion, self-proclaimed "Lord of the Spiders" seems to be increasing in frequency with no apparent end in sight. All of this seemingly has a connection to the past...

    Xenthyl once served Lord Ventryn, a powerful lich who would stop at nothing to gain possession of the ancient Stormguard relics. Xenthyl, bound by the soul binder armor, could do little to break free from Ventryn's control - but occasionally could break free long enough to provide those who opposed Ventryn with important information. Eventually Ventryn was stopped and he repented, proclaiming that never again would he stride along the path of evil. Xenthyl however did not trust Ventryn's promise and vanished from sight before Ventryn could free him of the soul binder armor. Although Xenthyl was free of Ventryn's control, the soul binder was still bound to him. Ventryn parted ways with those who saved him and wandered the land in hopes to enlighten himself and cleanse himself of his wretched past. Neither Ventryn or Xenthyl were seen for an extended period of time...

    However all was not forgotten. Rumors began to spread like wildfire, rumors stating that a dark figure had been seen wandering the forests of Yew and even within the halls of Empath Abbey itself. The citizens of Yew began confronting Xenthyl and learned that he had a hidden cause and a mysterious master who obviously had Yew in their sights. Xenthyl was soon accompanied by a small army of spiders, which would harass the innocent citizens of Yew. Xenthyl, however, insisted the spiders were not under his control and were the minions of yet another mysterious individual. And soon Artarion proudly introduced himself to the citizens of Yew...

    Artarion began conducting the spider attacks himself – with no apparent cause or reason behind them. After several attacks that seemed to have no motivation, Artarion partially revealed the intent of his attacks. Artarion was more inclined to reveal Xenthyl's intentions rather than his own, however. Artarion explained that Xenthyl's intentions had a connection to the distant past. Apparently Xenthyl deemed the citizens of Yew responsible for the power that Ventryn achieved before being stopped. Ventryn's reign began in Yew and many underestimated his threats and power early on. Xenthyl believed that if the citizens of Yew would have acted more courageously in opposing Ventryn they could have stopped him before he gained more power and his influence spread outside of Yew. Xenthyl convinced himself that Yew did not do all that they could to stop Ventryn and thus Xenthyl would now seek his own revenge. Artarion explained that he would stop at nothing to aid Xenthyl in his cause, and if Xenthyl requested spiders to accompany him on his visits to Yew he would comply with his requests. Artarion was reluctant to reveal his motivation however, only mentioning that his hatred for Yew was far less complicated when compared to Xenthyl's hatred.

    So after considering this brief history many questions come to mind. What is Artarion's motivation? Is Xenthyl still bound to the soul binder armor and being controlled by another? Is there a third individual directing the attacks of Xenthyl and Artarion? Both Artarion and Xenthyl have mentioned the elementalist Qua'Tel who aided in Ventryn's defeat; does he have some connection to recent events? Where does Ventryn fit into this puzzle, if at all? I understand that I provide far more questions than answers, but I believe that if we begin to research the answers to these questions we might be able to better deal with Artarion, Xenthyl and any other individuals that may be involved. Again I regret that I must remain anonymous for the time being, but my own safety is a priority as well. If the day comes that I can reveal my identity I shall, but until then I watch from the shadows.

    Farewell, until next time.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 4:04 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Catskills Faction Test
    The following was added to the FYI section of the Ultima Online site:
    Catskills Faction Test
    Nov 8 2000
    11:57AM CST (GMT -06:00)

    Backup issues have required that we refrain from using a Sonoma backup for faction testing at this time. We have restored a backup of the Catskills shard to a test shard and will be opening the shard as “Cats Factions” later today. We urge all Catskills players and others to stop by and join this final testing of the Faction System. Your assistance will allow us to speed the testing process and bring the Faction System to launch as quickly as possible.

    At last look, the shard is currently running. Have fun and good luck testing!
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 3:53 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Mendur Marris' Daughter Missing
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Last night Mendur Marris met with some people from Golden and Heaven's Forge. He had wanted to speak to us about trade routes, but quickly told us that his daughter, Aireen, had been kidnapped. He told us about how an ex clerk of his named, Paburt, had kidnapped her and he asked for our help to get her back. He told us that Paburt was often seen in Vesper (Felucca) at the pub there. We all agreed to help Mendur and gathered our group to head to Vesper.

    Once we found the pub at Vesper we spoke with Tanya the barkeeper. After explaining our plight, she told us about a man who bragged about having an uncle that was the Fisherman's Guildmaster. She couldn't tell us anything more, so we searched for the Fisherman's Guildhouse in Vesper.

    At the Guildhouse we met with Treben, who was the Guildmaster there. At first he claimed he didn't know anyone by the name of Paburt, but soon enough he admitted that Paburt was his nephew. He told us that Paburt felt he was being set up, that he hadn't done anything. Treben made us all pledge not to hurt Paburt for information on how to find him. After we all pledged to keep Paburt safe, Treben told us he was hiding at the graveyard outside of Vesper. We thanked Treben for the information and raced off to the graveyard.

    Activity was high in the graveyard. We saw Paburt, but he was running around yelling for us to help him. All sort of undead began attacking us. Everything from zombies to lich lords, and even a bone knight that seemed to be particularly strong. Eventually we beat back the evil that had attacked us and were able to speak with Paburt.

    Paburt told us he hadn't seen Aireen and he was rather upset about it. It explained that they often spoke (and actually gave us the impression they might be sweet on each other), and that their closeness upset Mendur. He also told us that Mendur had accused him of stealing some gold from the company, but he had not. We could tell by his distress that he was indeed telling us the truth. He then suggested we speak with a merchant by the name of Flenniel Loak. Unfortunately, Flenniel was out on business and wouldn't be back for a week. Paburt told us he'd get a message to Flenniel to meet us at the Golden Brew next Tuesday (11/14) at 7pm PST so we could speak to him. Paburt felt that Flenniel might know Aireen better than anyone, other than her fiancée, Eilis, who has passed away.

    We escorted Paburt safely to Vesper, then made our way back to golden to speak with Mendur. We convinced him of Paburt's innocence and discussed other possible suspects. He explained that only Paburt had access to the money, but it seemed to us that actually other merchants might have the opportunity to get to the money. Also we were curious to hear more about his good friend Amon. Amon is very wealthy, and rather old. He also would love to marry Aireen. We asked Mendur if Amon could have had anything to do with the kidnapping, but he said there was no way that could be possible. It was late by that time, so we all said goodnight and agreed to meet next week.

    Talking amongst ourselves however, many of us thing that Amon may not be as innocent as he seems. If Aireen has fallen for Paburt, perhaps Amon is jealous and trying to frame Paburt.

    Hopefully next week we'll find out more information and discover who is behind this horrible crime.

    - Ursula

    Thankye, Ursula, for this recounting.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 2:22 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Baja)

    Lycaeum Academy Courses
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Yet more courses at the Lycaneum in Moonglow:

    Lycaneum Academy Course: Blacksmithing

    On Wednesday, November 8th, 8pm GMT (21:00 CET) Frendor will present his course "Blacksmithing" in the Lycaeum of Moonglow island on Trammel. This course will provide in depth information for young blacksmiths who wish the knowledge to become a grandmaster in their art.

    Lycaneum Academy Course: Conversational Britannian

    On Thursday, November 9th, on 7pm GMT (20:00 CET) Zinethi Arylliea will present her course "Conversational Britannian" in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island in Trammel. This lecture informs about how to speak and converse in the Brtiannian (Elizabethan) language. So if you always have a problem to figure about the "thees" and "those" ... this is the place to go!

    More information about the Academy as well as a class schedule calendar for up do date info can be found on

    Best wishes,

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 1:25 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Caravan to Spiritwood

    Thanks Videric for sending in this announcement:

    Thursday the 9th of November, 21.00 CET.

    The Trade Caravan of Cove will be delivering goods, such as wine and cloth to the town of Spiritwood. As the wine needs to be collected from the abbey, the journey will begin at the front of the Abbey at 21.00 (CET).

    Thou can find the latest information at:

    Videric Gaveston
    High Merchant of the Trade Caravan of Cove

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 1:22 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Kazari Leaves Moonglow - Reynaud Captured!

    It seems Kazari finally withdrew from Moonglow. Thanks to Yoldran, the Mayor of Moonglow, for sending in this report:

    This saturday, Kazari tried to conquer Moonglow the third time. After having send water elementals and undead, we knew he would now come personally. Mariae Wyndfell - one of Kazaris former followers in clayn Achyron - came to the Scholars Inn before his attack to give out daggers as tokens. Many worriers gathered at the inn to get one such dagger. She had told us that if we can nay slay Kazari, we should tell him we will give him Mariae as exchange for Moonglows freedom - and the dagger would be the proof that she is still alive.

    The attack was fierce and on both facets. While Kazari attacked the Lycaeum on Felucca, his brother Reynaud lead the attack on Trammel Moonglow. Both were accompanied by a large number of evil mages. But the mages proved not to be sufficient. Soon after the begin of his attack, Kazari was surrounded by fighters, who tried their most to bring him down. However he was too strong - fleeing when severely wounded and comming back again fully healed. Thus the people turned to the second option and told him about Mariae. They convinced him to go to the Scholars Inn were Mariae would await him. However she still hid inside the Inn and could only be convinced to come out by Marcusane Dorain - Moonglows vice mayor. 

    I was not present at that moment, but it was told to me that Kazari opened a gate for her to the Lycaeum and after going through - both vanished from the island ...... Thus Moonglow was safe!

    I was told that on the Trammel side, Reynaud lead his mages in the attack. But when the defenders had fought their way towards him and paralized him, he gave up and the attack stopped. The defenders captured him quickly and brought him to the Yew prison. After a guard was called he was locked away and will stay there until his trial. The picture below shows Reynaud in custody.

    This trial will happen on November 15th. Moonglow is still searching for witnesses who can tell of Reynauds crimes. If you want to testify please contact the prosecutor Kabach Cryonax (Town Constable of Moonglow).

    Best wishes,
    Mayor of Moonglow

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 1:20 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Aftermath of the First Million Warrior War!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Thanks Phil for sending in this report:

    Hail once again warriors of Europa. And a special hail to a particular 35 of you! You know who you are. You're the score and three quarters of warriors who braved terrible odds this Sunday yet won through! You are the warriors who went hand to hand with the darkest denizens of the deepest dungeons! Yes, this Sunday, the first Million Warrior War travelled to Hythloth. Down there it was responsible for the demise of no less than FOUR Balrons.

    Give me a moment and I'll tell the whole story!

    It began early in the evening, from around the world, warriors began to arrive in Tel'mar, travelling either magically or on foot. (Thanks to Orim, Cazador and Titanya for the gating service). Once in Tel'mar, I met and greeted each in turn. A heroic list indeed!

    The Roll of Honor
    Akhual Anonymous John Aurelius Buzz
    Creator David Roland Dinin T'Sarn Drago
    Dunkelbier El'Landerthorn


    Gantine Gimli Gerrard Gladiator
    Hawkster Ironfist Jen K'Tar Kalheras
    KRITORA Lady Mae lighthunter Lord BogenHaagen
    Marloc Moaz Mirab Mistress Zena
    Njal Sandy Peetree Phil
    Preacher Roget de Vallion Sandy Silven
    svend Trystos Walter

    I know there were more of you, I'm sorry! I can't remember all the names...

    These brave souls assembled in Tel'mar, city of Justice. After the usual bit of sparring and good old fashioned boasting the time had come. Directing everyone to line up, I handed out the robes that had been made for the occasion. Four different coloured robes, ten of each colour. This divided the warriors into their healing teams. Each warrior was to defend and heal those of his own robe colour.

    This done, the process of gating each team, member by member into the depths of Hythloth began. Once again, many thanks to Titanya for the gates. I bet you gained some Magery out of it. Stepping through the gate with the last team members, we were confronted with the gloom of Hythloth. Right beside us sat the stairway that we knew led to the Balron's lair. Apprehension maybe, but none assembled there showed fear at all! We ran down the stairway into the heart of the dungeon.

    Here at once we were fighting, hand to hand with vicious gargoyles, fire breathing hellhounds and mischievous but deadly imps. No army of these beasts would keep us at bay though, we struggled on into the pit, hacking left right and centre to destroy the fiends. Eventually we entered a huge chamber, fresh blood dripping from the walls and a surprised group of mages (safely hidden behind a wall). Their first comment was "WTF is this???" as you might expect... Nevertheless we entered the chamber, and there we found him.

    Sitting on a throne, a throne of cast iron, a throne thirty feet high, sat the darkest fiend any of us had ever seen. There sat The Lord Of The Abyss. His gaze alone would have made most men turn and flee, and as his eyes glowed red and he drew his massive broadsword from it's sheath, even a few amongst this mighty group were unnerved.

    But we threw ourselves into the fight, swords, maces, bows and spears everywhere. If I did not know better, I would have sworn the monster was surprised! Who were these mortals invading his lair, how dare they attack him, This would be over VERY soon. He would fell them one by one!

    Alas for the demon, 'twas not to be. For even the might of the darkest beasts cannot hold a candle to the might of virtue itself. With eight virtues behind us, and not a small amount of courage, we fought on!

    The creature finally fell, and as we chopped up its corpse to ensure it could never return, I surveyed the scene. Half a dozen human corpses littered the dungeon, we had not killed this beast without loss. But now as the dead were resurrected and they began to rearm themselves, a circle of black fire formed upon the ground. From it arose a second beast, blackened skin, a massive blade held in its two hands. VENGEANCE was all he screamed before he started the assault. Seeking revenge for his fallen brother, the Collector of Souls was upon us before we knew what was happening.

    He fell though, just as his brother had fallen before him. This foul monster killed but a handful of our number before it was driven to death by sword and hammer. It's unsettling to see the blood of a balron running across the floor of a dungeon, for their blood is thick and black like tar. As the blood of the two fallen ones mixed it began to bubble and boil.

    We were not to be so lucky though. A moment later a third beast seemed to appear from nowhere. This was The Slayer. This was in fact the beast we originally came down to fight! This one was golden in colour, not black like his brethren. With ever more gusto we threw ourselves into the melee. Knowing full well that with virtue and a little luck on our side, we could easily demolish these beasts... Indeed we were right. The Slayer fell to our weapons, just as the others had fallen...

    Final proof, the domain of the warrior stretches to every monster out there. We can kill anything, if we just put our minds (and the minds of our friends) to it!

    A special mention to Trystos, the only one amongst us who, by some twist of fate, did not die at even once while in the dungeon. Another special mention to Jen K'Tar, master of the death robe! And a final mention to Ironfist, the only paladin who ran The Wrong WAY and ended up outside Hythloth feeling rather sheepish no doubt!

    Thanks for making it work so well guys! The runaway success of this venture means that there WILL be another Million Warrior War in the near future. Hey, if it keeps on working, maybe we can make it a monthly event!

    Just a few little quotations from today's war:

    Gladiator: Do you want to buy a War Mace of Vanquishing?
    Aurelius: Not just now... Suspect I may lose it fairly soon!

    Akhual: Everyone bought their insurance policies?
    Aurelius: Don't cover acts of insanity...

    And finally the conversation that started the whole thing!

    Mae: So what are we slaying tonight?
    Gimli: Balrons!
    Tarathel: They would tear Talon apart without much difficulty.
    Gimli: I'd say not.
    Tarathel: I hate to think what they would do to the six of us.
    Gimli: With 2 healers.
    Hawthorne: oO oOoO OOo oo
    Mae: I suspect we could slay a Balron ...
    Mae: But I wouldn't like to be in front.
    Owen Greylock: I'll have 'em for breakfast pal!
    Gimli: I would say so.
    Mae: *grins*
    Mae: Demons, easy.
    Tarathel: I'm sure it's been tried Gimli. And I bet the Balron wins all melee.
    Owen Greylock: What do they hit for?
    Owen Greylock: 50?
    Tarathel: It's not possible to melee it!
    Gimli: I bet 30 warriors could do it np.

    Special thanks have to go to, the Slayer, Lord of the Abyss and Collector of Souls. Let's face it, without them, this trip would have been a washout!

    Thanks again everyone! See you all soon for the next Million Warrior War!!!

    - Phil of Europa

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 1:14 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Win A Placed House!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< Tesla, Mayor of Humility, sent us the following:
    Greetings all !

    Once more, I would like to announce our weekly event, the Thursday Night Pit Fights in Humility.

    Come demonstrate your PvP skill in this tournament style event and you could win This Placed Stone Workshop ! It is located just one and a half screens North West of the Shadowlords Stronghold, and is a perfect faction house either for those of the Shadowlords, or any other faction as a safe house.

    Due to this particular prize, the entry fee is 2,000 gold, (usually 800g) and contestant tickets go on sale at 8:30 eastern. Tickets are limited, so if you intend on entering, be sure to come early.

    We invite all to come for food, drink and friendship. Our bartenders will be serving up lots of free refreshments, and are always up for a little wager on the fights, so don't come empty handed, unless you are competing. :)

    Complete rules can be found on our website here: Humility Village It is strongly recommend that if you intend on entering the competition, that you take the time to review these rules. (also, for their safety, please stable your mount before joining us)

    As always, good luck, and we hope to see you there ! Tesla,
    Mayor of Humility

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 12:51 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Siege Perilous, Sonoma, and Factions
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Siege Perilous, Sonoma, and Factions

    We will not be shipping the Faction System to Siege Perilous this week. We have decided to run the system through a couple of production shard backups before releasing this to Siege Perilous or any other shards for additional system and load testing. We will be placing a recent backup of the Sonoma shard to a test server late tonight, to be available for play beginning tomorrow, and we strongly urge everyone from Sonoma and other shards to stop by and join in the final testing of this large and complex system. Your assistance and participation in these final beta tests of the Faction System are critical to its successful launch.

    We are currently targeting to publish the Faction System to the Sonoma and Siege Perilous shards early next week. A detailed schedule will be posted as soon as the publish date is confirmed.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 2:38 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Siege Perilous East Coast Move
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Siege Perilous East Coast Move

    We are planning to move the Siege Perilous shard to our East Coast server location during the week of November 13-17th. The East Coast location provides greater bandwidth capabilities and we believe it will offer more players access to the Siege Perilous shard.

    We will post an exact date for the shard move at least 24 hours in advance.

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 2:30 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    News from Over the Weekend
    Here is some late news of events occuring over the weekend
    On Friday night the Story Telling contest took place. Unfortunately, only two people told stories. This was likely due to the fact the guild NEW also held a 2 vs 2 tourney on the same night.

    About 12 people showed up to hear the stories. The two story tellers were Grot and Holly. They both told very interesting stories that made you think. Great work guys. Holly took the grand prize of 7k home, while Grot donated his winnings to the Shire. Thanks to all who came out, it was fun (even when the orks attacked).

    Serlesh, Citizen of Wispwood
    The winners of the NEW tournament were Jerry Springer and Jove. They took home 70k from the tourney which took place betweeen 14 teams on three seperate towers. There was some confusion with the orc clan attacking Safe Haven (again) as the tournament was being organized. It was a very entertaining evening though and a good time was had by all attending. For more details check the message boards at

    Here is an update on the Lizardmen/Safe Haven conflict:
    Lizardmen fight Orc and UND in Safe Haven

    On Sunday, soon after the Battle for the ork's Curse Keep, The orks of Orc and the undead of UND raided Safe Haven. The lizardmen also decided to attack the town during their raid. As the two of sets aggressors fought, the defenders of the town cut them down. When the battle was over, the defenders stood over the numerous hostile forces and some allies corpses.

    This attack seemed smaller than previous ones and there were not any
    lizardmen of an odd color.

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer
    Thanks for the updates Sara. I am also told that a couple of seers and a counselor were later spotted in Safe Haven on this night. Citizens of the player run town say they expect more related events to occur in the comming weeks.

    Ford Prefect
    Reporter for the Veteran Shard

    Posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2000, 2:26 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Ports in Moonglow Are Closed!
    This statement from Moonglow to the rest of Sosaria. Enoy. We certainly did. *grins wickedly*

    This is right from the mayor’s desk to the people of the world.

    The Moonglow Town Council in conjunction with the august and esteemed Council of Mages has ordered the closing of Moonglow's port on both facets of Sosaria, which is hereby effective immediately.

    The local authorities will brook no inbound naval traffic of any sort. All incoming ships, frigates, and vessels will be turned away, and will not be permitted harbor in our port waters or the utilization of the docks. All outbound ships will be inspected under close scrutiny and cargo seized if a threat is detected. All ships disregarding this policy will become subject to seizure of goods or vessels, with the crew and Captain facing possible criminal prosecutions.

    All inbound diplomatic envoys will be permitted use of port and harbor, with prior notice, sufficing approval of the two governing Councils.

    We Are United

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 11:48 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Denouncement in Moonglow
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This tidbit of news relates to our behated friends in Moonglow. It would seem to us that the forces of Light fracture apart even more. Oh joyous day indeed! *smiles darkly*

    A hush came over the small crowd gathered at the Church of MoonGlow. Cerdic the High Priest of MoonGlow looked to the crowd and smiled. He began to speak.

    I welcome you friends of Virtue. Today’s sermon is one that shall not run along the same course as the others. For today I am here to speak to you of a new evil. An evil masked as the greatestleader and philosopher of this era. I speak of Lord British.

    We as a people toil the land every day in an attempt to change it. Make it better...Make it more livable. Some forces out there try and stop us. Try and make the world a challenge. These forces are ones of great evil. The worst of them is the one I stated earlier. Our lord British. He has taken from us our honor and our land. Felucia lies in ruin... we are a race of men and women on the run. Because HE could not hold his ground and HE lost all that we loved. The new land is... different. It is free of the vices of murderers and brigands. But what or our Honor? We sacrificed that the second Nystul opened the gate here. Nystul... another evil of this land. He has caused more damage then Minax herself! We have proof of things that he has done.. his mistakes. Lives were lost and so was our land.

    Stepping back to British. British has arrested members of many orders and held them in his prisons. Why might you ask? Because like us they were rising against him. For them using their free minds they now rot away inside the dungeons of Yew. But now we stand here today. We the men and women of Moonglow. We stand here with one clear voice that says “we shall not be dishonored. We shall not wasted our lives. For we are united!” But... We are only one group... one small tree in the forest of life. But we know what we are. We know where we are going. We will no longer be subjugated. For we are free.

    This reminds me of a story I once heard. A ship lost at sea for many weeks finally sees another vessel. The captain of the lost ship calls to the other one. Water we need water! The other captain responded “drop your bucket into the water and pull it up.” The lost ship captain stunned by this repeated the plea and was given the same answer. He tried several more times until he finally dropped his bucket into the water. When he pulled it up it was the freshest water he had ever seen. Then he looked to the east and saw a stunning river that he had neglected to see. Friends I ask you to cast your bucket. To those of my group who depend on the bettering of their condition in a foreign land or who underestimate the power of within that creates the strength we need I would say “Cast down your bucket where you are” Cast it down in making yourself stronger mentally and physically. Cast it down in farming, building, commerce, and domestic services.

    Though it may seem like we are acting in complete and utter treason. We are taking back what was taken. Our Virtues... our way of life. He has shown us that though he may have created this way of life he cannot stay the course. By defying British we are not going against the Virtues. The Virtues were created by British but he does not own them. They are not his to have. The Virtues are for the people. No matter what walk of life brigand or merchant. They are for the people, we as people say British has strayed from his path. The time of change is apon us children of the Virtues.

    Before a reaction could be given by the crowd GreyPawn stood and began to speak of the coming evils of the realm. He spoke of nightmares that plagued mages across the land. Then he returned to his seat. As he sat some members of those that watched clapped while others cried treason. GreyPawn and Cerdic nodded for their point was put across.

    -Scribe of MoonGlow

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 11:40 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Strange Plants and Gargoyles - Interesting Bedfellows
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Greetings mortals and denizens of the realm. We have returned from our reclusion and innacting rituals that have kept our physical shell together for yet another year to come. chuckles evilly We are sure ye are extremely pleased with such news. Speaking of which, we found these scrolls collecting dust in our chambers and now present them to ye. This in from Tay M'real. Enjoy.

    The autumn winds were chilling as they blew across the ocean and stung my skin. With my chain mail armor, I felt as though I was in an iceberg. Alongside me was my companion of oVc, James Zachery.

    After recent rumors overheard in local taverns, I told James of the strange occurrences in our neighboring Facet of Felucca, regarding the appearance of gargoyles and their attacks upon many of the villages of the countryside. After a round of ale at the Cat's Lair, I overheard a haggard sailor talk of the attack on Evermore, giving details of locations and battles. We decided to investigate the rumors and traveled to Felucca. Forgetting to pack to my trusty sextant, we wandered aimlessly through the jungles of Trinsic. After no luck, we decided to venture forth the guildhall of my friend Shadow Mcbain (OAK). Along the way, James yelled to me as he noticed a strange plant that grew nearby. For the life of me, I had overlooked it, but a feeling of excitement washed over me. We neared the plants, investigating them slowly. Without my sextant, I wasn't sure if this was the site that the old man at the bar had spoken of. With my trusty bow, I attempted to attack the plant but with no avail. I also attempted to uproot it, and open it. Each attempt was in vain. Puzzled about what connection they had to the gargoyle, I recalled the old man's tale of the strange plants having some kind of connection, a power for the gargoyles. Atop Kinson my steed, I drew him back to look over the ruins of a small stone house, as I stepped upon the dirt, my body was induced with a terrible poison. Weary, and slowly fading, I applied bandages, and salves to my wounds. The same had to be done to James, and we both recovered.

    Unsure of what it was that I had discovered, I planted a Trammel stone in the soft dirt and entered the green portal with James. As soon as we entered Trammel, skeletons and wraiths set us upon. The battle with quick, and with the luck of the virtues, a sextant was found on the body of one of the apparitions. I smiled and with a gleam in my eye, began to check my position. 154o 35', 48o 43'E.

    Hopefully, this will give us some clues as to what the gargoyles want, and were we can find them.

    Tay M'real

    Thank ye Tay M'real for your tale.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 11:28 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Golden Event: Golden Knights #50(!) to be Held... Next Friday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was sent to our offices...

    The bad news first. This Friday, November 10th, there will be no Golden Knights event. Following is the explanantion for this.

    The REALLY GOOD news. GK#50 is a TREMENDOUS benchmark. The fact that the Golden Knights event has remained a popularly attended Community event is one of which we, the KoA, are extremely proud. It is also a time for celebration with our friends and neighbors in the LS Community! Recognizing it as such, the Crystal Consortium and Council of KoA are implementing MAJOR plans for the 50th Golden Knights event. It will take place;

    <> Friday November 17th @8pmCST in the Alliance Village
    <> As in all GKs, this will be a player-combat format. However, GK#50 WILL BE ON A SCALE AND OF QUALITY RARELY SEEN IN UO, IF EVER!!!!!
    <> All friendly participants and observers are welcomed.
    <> The Gods of Britannia have recognized the Greatness of this benchmark as well and will be present to not only enforce non-griefing policies more than ever (as the GK is a Seer-sponsored event), but they will likewise be present to enjoy the celebration with us!
    <> Though GK #50 will be a monumental event showcasing some of the finest combatants on LS shard, it is of a unique format that will embrace participants of diverse caliber.

    So keep up on this board for details on GK #50!!!!!

    Of course, questions may be posted below. However, some may not be answered directly if it means revealing the details of the event. We want some semblance of surprise for everyone!

    Ramsonne (KoA), Lord of Scholars

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 10:07 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Mayor of Destiny Retires
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following sad news was published on the City of Destiny's skypage...

    It is interesting the amount of work it has taken to get where we are.  It is interesting at the different friends we have seen come and go, or just temporarily go to "other worlds."  Our friendships and bonds are strong and we call each other friend.  This all from an idea or a group of ideas. 

    It is hard to imagine what it was like before Destiny for me.   Destiny is like an everyday reality really.  I miss it when I'm away, and I want to make it better when I am there.  I am proud when I see others enjoying what Destiny provides.  I know it can provide even more.

    That is why I feel it is time for me to let someone else take it further.  I am stepping down as Mayor of Destiny.  My time at this position has run its course, for Destiny and for myself.  I have put forth what I believe Destiny should embody, that of diversity and acceptance.  I have tried to provide a place for all types of social friendly activities to be born and grow. 

    I am proud at what we have accomplished and it has not been at a small price.  We didn't choose the easy road to develop this broad range of activity and interest.  It is, however, the most rewarding.  There is yet many more avenues for Destiny and I do have a person in mind for my support in replacing me.   This will be decided democratically mind you.

    I have asked Hyz (never remember the full spelling) to run the election.  In my mind, she is the most impartial and well known individual in Destiny.  She will go into the specifics of how she wants the election to be run.   Basically, there will be a registration phase, nomination phase, and then a voting phase.  We will try not to draw this out too much so we can get a new leader into the position.  I will, of course, continue my duties until that final vote has been cast.   Now for my nomination (I'm already registered.)

    I give full support to Carina.  I believe she will keep the programs, interests, and ideals of this community as they are, but introduce many more that are needed.  Her support and activities in the roleplaying community amaze me especially remembering how she started in our "world."  At first, she was quite reluctant to communicate with others.  In fact, I believe she left our world for awhile and returned.  I remember my first meeting with her (I didn't know who I was talking to....thought it was just a new friend looking for citizenship.)

    I hope that I had something to do with her further involvement in our community.  I do know that she accomplished much more than I had even thought.   She is level headed and opts for peace rather than violence in situations.   However, she does not back down from a good fight if forced. 

    She has the enthusiasm that it takes to get new ideas and programs going.  She has the tools and interest in keeping the communication going on these pages and more to come.  I could go on, but I think most of you know that she would be a great candidate in this position of diplomacy and judgement for the masses. 

    To answer what you are going to probably ask, no, I am not quitting UO.  I will be playing just as much as before and I hope to be put into a position of perhaps advisor.  I will help with the websites as best I can and will always support Destiny in general.  My involvment in Destiny will not decrease, but it will be in a different manner.  As many of you know I have characters in most all the different factions in Destiny.  If you don't know then you'll just have to find out who they are *wink.*

    Look to the boards for more information from Hyz on how exactly to be involved in the election process.  I am looking forward to seeing how this all ends up.  Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be the best for Destiny.

    --Dren Jootz, Mayor of Destiny

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 10:03 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Council of Compassion Holds Giveaway; Seeks Members
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...

    This Thursday November 9th at 8pm The Council of Compassion presents The Uba Newba Giveaway! The location will be the Counselors Hall just south of Blackthorn's castle, and just east of "The North Side Inn" We have armor and weapons ready for the giving, as well as a few magic books, and some other little surprises. There will be a drawing for 20,000 gold after the event. (Everyone who donates items will be entered into the drawing) We will still be excepting items throughout the event, so feel free to stop by and share the wealth!


    Are you someone interested in becoming more involved in your community? Have you tried getting involved with one of your local town councils? The city of Britain is currently looking for people who are interested in joining The Council of Compassion. There are no requirements, although we do ask that you enjoy helping others *grins*. If you would like more information feel free to e-mail The Council at [email protected] or you can contact Benito Gundar personally at pigeon #15588540

    The Council of Compassion

    The Voice of Compassion

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 9:58 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Rivendell Town Night Thursday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...

    Greetings from Rivendell (Felucca),

    Rivendell Town Night returns this week (Thursday, Nov. 9th).  We will be hosting a 2 vs. 2 warriors' tourney.  First and second place prizes will be awarded, and will be generous as usual.  Everyone is invited to attend, whether participating or observing the fun. Gates will be available from West Britain bank and Moonglow bank.

    The following rules apply:

    Any GM made weapons are allowed, competitors may use any combination of weapons
    No poisoned or magic weapons
    No magic armor
    No magic allowed
    No Order/Chaos shields allowed
    Bandages allowed
    Potions allowed but:Limit of three healing potions per individual contest (bring enough for several rounds)
    No looting
    No pets
    Fight to the death or yield
    Healer and resurrections will be provided at no charge

    There will be a $4k entry fee for each pair due at the time of registration.   Registration will begin 30 minutes prior to the start inside the Rivendell Tavern.  The back room with the teleporter to the arena will be opened at the 7:30pm CST start time.   With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.)  We will be limiting the number of warrior pairs for this tourney.

     Vlad/Civilian and Sabrina/Moloch may want to regain their titles lost in an ugly ripple in the space time continuum.

    We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones to Rivendell.  Thank you for your support!

    Rivendell Town Council

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 9:47 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Extended Maintenance Due Wednesday
    The following was published on's Shard Issues section...

    The Lake Superior shard will remain down for extended maintenance following its Wednesday, November 8th maintenance period. The shard is expected to remain down an additional three hours beyond its normal maintenance period. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 9:43 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Tribute to all Guild Masters from RoR
    This was sent to us by Amairgen:

    Tribute to all Guild Masters from RoR

    In the lands of Britannia with its many people, several have chosen to live within certain groups or guilds. This choice brings several opportunities and responsibilities but in large part the responsibilities fall to the select few who would lead such groups (the Guild Masters).

    The men and women who carry the mantle of leadership here face a burden from which most would shrink. Some fail, most get by and a very few take their guild to the peaks of success. In every case however these folk do outstanding work in our community and deserve our deepest bows and gratitude.

    With the variety of age, experience, maturity and goals our citizens possess, leading such a group and maintaining a common purpose is a daunting task. To this must be added the drain such an effort takes on a Guild Master's own time and enjoyment for life in this land.

    We who have been here a while, see guilds come and go. We watch the UO records of such things and see guilds grow and shrink or disappear. For the most part nothing much is thought about it except for the folk in individual guilds appreciation of their own situation. There are exceptions and one in particular is worthy of note.

    The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) began a short time ago (about a year). Under the leadership of Adian O'Rourke a small band of four found a common purpose and a friendship was formed. This friendship and purpose became infectious and good folk were soon attracted to the group.

    It was amazing to watch as RoR climbed steadily through the ranks to become Baja's largest guild. This was possible solely through the steadfast efforts of Adian O'Rourke and holding to standards that were fair and clearly stated.

    Everyone who became a member of RoR was made to feel special. The spirit of "family" ran high. Loyalty and trust within the group could maybe be matched but never surpassed.

    The Rangers of the Realm had purpose and a storyline with goals but hidden in the layers of this was the realization that friendships formed here were tangible and the true prize.

    We are unable to imagine the hours each day that Adian exhausted for the good of RoR. Never did a member find himself in trouble that Adian would not appear to save the day. Never did a member falter without Adian's hand appearing to hold him up again. Never did we wonder who we were, where we were going or how it would be accomplished.

    Adian O'Rourke is a magnificent person. He would be the last to accept this and that is part of his greatness. He has taken down the RoR stone now that has RoR achieved its purpose and we applaud him greatly. Through him we can appreciate the task of all Guild Masters in the land.

    The Rangers of the Realm (RoR) are now gone (Vanished into the night) yet their is little sadness within the folk of RoR. The spirit that Adian brought to us and shared is a thing we hold dear. It is self sustaining and will surely spread as we go our separate ways.

    Some of us will form guilds and others will find new families. In all of this the work of one great Guild Master will prevail to grow in other families. None of us will ever again accept less and all will strive for more or as grand.

    Tributes to RoR have found their way onto the RoR board from respected guilds throughout the land. They too have been influenced in many ways by the example of RoR. We wish greatness to them all and offer our highest praise to the men and women who will lead them on their way.

    From RoR, one last battle cry - RAWRR!

    - Amairgen (RoR)

    Thank you Amairgen, for that news.

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 8:16 PM EST by Sha-Bubu (Baja)

    While out shopping.....
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<You realize something is amiss in the lands of Britannia this day. In every town there is a buzz, of whispers and quick over the shoulder glances. Continuing on your normal routine you happen to pass by a town crier and the rumors flying about the land begin to make sense:

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather this eve at the Court of Truth in Yew, for the reading of the verdict against Marcus the mage this evening at 9:00 by the Eastern sky. He has been accused of high treason against the crown, consorting with daemons and undead, and many other crimes too numerous to count! It is rumored that the minions of the dark may try to organize a rescue mission for this fiendish man. Come one, come all, and come armed, for all are needed!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 7:50 PM EST by Sha-Bubu ((none))

    While out shopping.....
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<You realize something is amiss in the lands of Britannia this day. In every town there is a buzz, of whispers and quick over the shoulder glances. Continuing on your normal routine you happen to pass by a town crier and the rumors flying about the land begin to make sense:

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Gather this eve at the Court of Truth in Yew, for the reading of the verdict against Marcus the mage this evening at 9:00 by the Eastern sky. He has been accused of high treason against the crown, consorting with daemons and undead, and many other crimes too numerous to count! It is rumored that the minions of the dark may try to organize a rescue mission for this fiendish man. Come one, come all, and come armed, for all are needed!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 6:34 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    The State of Great Lakes, Part One
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Teleburiel set down his quill and rubbed his aching eyes. Night was falling on the grand ruins of the Monastery Thurisaz. The last rays of the sun set dancing dust motes ablaze, and the slight breeze sent them spiraling through out the ancient structure. Much had happened since the death of the daemon Kuraazg, and the empowerment of the spirit Turme. Almost a full season had passed he mused, and much had changed in the land. Lord Hoyt, Alkart Ashcroft, and the mischievous Shalis Lilias were gone from this world. The first signs of the fast approaching winter were in the air, and here he sat in the rediscovered Monastery of Thurisaz, ancient home of the daemon hunters, his people, The Order of the Monks Militant. This order, founded during the Age of Darkness, dedicated itself to the destruction of daemons and hell spawn in general. They were the creators of the Daemonbane Staff, Midnights Wrap, and The Lieber Daemonicum. At some point in the far past, as of yet undetermined, the Monastery Thurisaz fell to apparently hellish minions and the few monks that survived the war were scattered to the winds across Sosaria, and later Britannia. The once great Monastery was abandoned, left to the wind and rain, it’s location lost for generations. The Order of the Monks Militant, became single individuals that made the hunting of daemons and hellions their mission in life. Just the presence of one of these followers sends an audible tremor of fear through the fourth level of Hyloth, two causes absolute panic, one can only imagine the type of power that a Monastery full of these monks must have held.
    And now, through a strange turn of events the ancient monastery had been rediscovered. Teleburiel let his gaze rove through the ruins. Sometime in the future this would all be restored, he was sure of it. Even if it took the rest of his life, the Monastery Thurisaz would be restored! His mind wandered and he thought back to the night the great discovery was made….
    The hunt for Acruvir the lich was in full swing. Before the moon set this night Acruvir would be reduced to a pile of foul smelling dust. A large band of Britannia’s greatest citizens had gathered at the Yew Winery bent on the destruction of this foul creature. Two groups were formed, one went in search of Acruvir’s lair where they would work on killing his physical manifestation. The other group was sent to the depths of Deceit where they were to destroy Acruvir’s relic of power, which kept him almost immortal in his state of un-death. The group hunting Acruvir’s lair began their search in the Moonglow graveyard, which had seemingly acted as Acruvir’s base while he tried to stir up a war between Moonglow and Nujel’m. Undead swarmed through the graveyard and kept the adventures on their toes. The second group had better luck in their quest, through their way was fraught with danger. The hordes of undead inhabiting the lowest level of Deceit knew that one of their lords was in danger and they attempted to stop the adventurers at every step of the way. The hordes of undead were held back, and Acruvir’s relic was destroyed. As the final blow to the gem was dealt, laughter rang through the ancient halls of Deceit. A curious looking man stepped from the shadows, his gray wizard hat pointing off at an odd angle. “I see ye have what it takes to destroy Acruvir,” he laughed. He introduced himself as Marcus the mage, a man Teleburiel had warned of, for he was the main cause of the possible war between Moonglow and Nujel’m, Acruvir’s “right hand man” so to speak. Weapons drawn the adventurers faced this possible threat, torchlight flickering off their battle hardened faces. “Please!” Marcus gulped slightly, “I am here to help you!” he cried, flinging his hands in the air. “I know what ye seek and I can be of aid to thee!” A piece of parchment fluttered to the ground. “That is what ye should seek! There ye shall find Acruvir, and ye may then put an end to his vileness!” The adventures looked from one to another quizzically, not understanding this change of heart, this could easily be a trap… but they were almost certain to find Acruvir, they decided it was a risk they could take and with that, the adventurers used the wings of magic to fly to the Moonglow graveyard. The groups came together and Teleburiel studied the map with great interest. Why would this lich be hiding out in the middle of the forest? As far as the group knew nothing was located in the area shown on the map, but taking the gamble the group headed to the leg of the mountain range surrounding the Desert of Compassion as fast as they could….

    Teleburiel looked up from his work, night had finally fallen. “And there, in those mountains, we found the ancient monastery of Thurisaz, the true lair of Acruvir and his undead minions. We defeated them all there on that mountain top, the forces of good truly triumphed that day.” Teleburiel smiled to himself and closed his book. With a small puff he extinguished the candle and leaned back in his chair, taking in the beautiful night sky. Acruvir had indeed been defeated, and it seemed that Marcus the Mage had been arrested for high crimes against the crown. But it seemed that things were not over by a long shot. A new problem had just recently reared its ugly head. Senzez the imp, who’s backwards talk and flighty nature had not been helpful in giving any leads as to the true mastermind behind all this. Teleburiel sighed, it was amazing how something so small could wield such power. Senzez had the power to call forth daemons, hell hounds, and even balrons. If the true master of Senzez and Acruvir was not discovered soon…. Well, Teleburiel was not one to muse on dark topics at night in ancient ruins. “Perhaps when dawn breaks I shall write more about the current mystery of this Imp…” And with that Teleburiel prepared for bed.
    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 6:09 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    Winners of the UoV Decoration Contest!
    The UoV had a Halloween contest which, I'm sorry to say, happened some time ago. It's just now that I'm getting around to posting the results, but never now than never.

    I wasn't able to include all the winners entry pictures because by the time I found out where they lived some of them had taken the decorations down already. :(

    I did, however, happen upon Stormhaven's tower that was decorated really nice so I thought to include that picture just for fun. They weren't able to participate in the contest, but I figured what the heck.

    Anyway, here's a listing of the winners:

    Monday, October 30th, 2000

    Fiona Pentell, Saucey Wench & Raeven Aurora judged the entrants in the UoV Decorating Contest.

    Honourable Mention:
    The Phoenix Inn - Ravenrod

    3rd Place:
    Blood Wood Owner Lord Scotia

    2nd Place:
    Shannara Town Hall Entered by Alanna Ceres

    1st Place:
    Castle Valier Entered by Cailin Draxus
    2500gp & Skeleton Container (holds 125 items)

    Thank you to all the participants for your effort and cooperation.

    -Raeven Aurora-
    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 6:05 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Capture the Flag!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< On Sunday, the 19th of November, at 7:30pm (Sydney time) there will be a Capture the Flag event (CTF). All are welcome to attend, and it should be an enjoyable evening. There will be four teams for the event, with a maximum of 10 people in each team. That means, there are a total of 40 positions available for the event.

    Positions are limited, and if you are interested in joining in, ICQ me on 65360996 to either book a place, or to ask for more information. There will be a 4k entry fee, to cover the costs of the event, and the members of the winning team, will each recieve a 10k prize.

    Hope to hear from you soon Stormlord of Talos (T*F)

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 8:51 AM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    New Poll
    Last time, we asked you what you thought of the new creatures that inhabit Dungeon Khaldun.

    Almost 44% of the respondants said thay had not yet been to the Dungeon yet, but plan to do so. 10% say the never plan to go see it.

    10.6% thought the creatures were too hard, while 7.6% said they were too easy. The rest of the respondants, 27.6%, liked the new Dungeon population.

    Dungeon Khaldun not only has strange and unusual inhabitants, it also has rooms and areas that can only be reached by figuring out various puzzles. There are fake walls, levers, teleporters, and other interesting items that need to be utilised in the proper manner and sequence in order to gain access to the special rooms.

    This week's poll asks you what you think of this. Do you like figuring out the puzzles, or are "normal" dungeons more to your liking?

    Head on over to our Periodic Poll and let us know!

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 7:03 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (GeneralNews)

    A Shadow walks the Land
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< Sam, Chancelor of the Gentry, sent us the following:
    Skara Brae (Felucca)

    As a walk along the road from Skara Hollow back to town, the wind suddenly came up and the sun was darkened... As I turn to see the cause a Shadow Dragon, stops long the east road.

    'Blight' by name, and the size of a small house, this Shadow Dragon proceeded to claw me to death with ease....

    Upon my return to the living he told me a tale...

    "Your time is short human
    Your kind have slain mine Kin for far to long
    Now vengence shall be ours !
    Tell thine kine that the streets will flow with blood
    Be away female least you feel my fangs again!"

    Blight then turned and walk up the road towards the crossroads killing all living creatures.

    Sam, Chancelor of the Gentry Skara Brae (f)

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 6:19 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Edinburgh Withstands Attack, Pirates Smelt Elementals
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<With the assistance of many fine guilds and lone adventurers, the villagers of Edinburgh were able to withstand the onslaught brought against them by the pirates Caine and Ursula on Sunday evening. The villagers were warned of the attack by Spyte the Knife and were able to assemble a formidable defense to thwart the pirates in their quest to obtain a crystal ball that they believe the villagers possess. This crystal ball is rumored to be the key to the seal located in the cave that contains an ancient artifact of pure evil. The defenders came from far and wide and for various reasons. The Goblins of War has been involved since seeing Smithson in Buccaneer’s Den, the Crusaders of Virtue have their origins near the Justice Shrine, and the lone adventurer Sasquwatch was looking for “Something I might add to my library.”

    The pirates Caine and Ursula started up the coast from their respective ships, the Red Tide and Red Tide 2, bringing with them other pirates, fire elementals, mages, daemons and the occasional drake. They arrived into the village proper and upon seeing the mass of warriors assembled at the town hall, cursed Spyte in absentia for warning the villagers of the attack, and decided that they will have to wait another day for a try at the crystal ball.

    The pirates Caine and Ursula (top center) observe the fighting inside Edinburgh Village

    Meanwhile, a pair of gold earth elementals (later revealed to be named Madrup and Krag), emerged from the mine near Edinburgh. Upon seeing the elementals, Caine decided to try to lure the creatures. Saying “We can take some of what we came for,” he started to entice Madrup to his boat. Against the pleas from the villagers and defenders, Madrup followed Caine to the coast. Caine during his enticement called to Madrup, “I got your little one,” and the elemental was all the more eager to board Caine’s vessel. Ursula was then proceeding to lure Krag to her vessel and was likewise successful.

    The beasts aboard, Caine and Ursula each took aboard a passenger. Caine took with him Banicus, a member of the United Pirates who was supplying the pirates information during the battle. Ursula took aboard Deminatza, daughter of Sirrico.

    Caine coaxes one of the gold earth elementals toward his vessel, the Red Tide

    They then set sail. A few of the villagers and defenders set sail in pursuit. Some were successful in pursuing the pirates to Serpent’s Hold. There the pirates revealed their treachery by taking the elementals to the blacksmith’s shop and smelting them.

    The pirates returned to their vessels and, after a brief effort to trap Ursula's ship, the pirates were finally able to elude their pursuers and sail off.

    We have received reports that there were subsequent attacks in the village including an appearance by Spyte the Knife. We hope to bring you more as the details are brought forward.

    Some of the guilds sending representatives in defense of Edinburgh were (in addition to the ones mentioned above):

    Posted on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, 1:48 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    U02Pid Update
    When MaStA ShArKiE calls a GM over a problem, he's greeted with a one ticket through a moongate, which being the d3Wd he is, he takes. Where does it lead? What will he see? How will whats behind it treat him? Why can you never find a REALLY good plate of General Tso's Chicken at 3am?

    Find out the answers to most of these questions in MaStA ShArKiE and the Mysterious Moongate, appearing now at UO2Pid.
    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 5:26 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    All’s Well That Ends...Dead pt. 1
    The beast, now free to kill came lumbering at us. Its eyes red like fire and hell. Its claws gnarled and bloody, but sharp. Teeth rotting, but gnashed together in anticipation of the kill. We were frozen solid as we watched it move towards its prey. The screams were piercing...echoing through the dungeon. The sounds of the a living dead girl.

    But I’m getting ahead of typical of me. I should recap the events proceeding just in case you’ve forgotten. There’s a big ugly daemon, working outside of Minax’s influence, who sucks down souls and uses them like extra batteries at the point of death. Lord Tremain, who is no longer a lord, has his family trapped inside of this bad boy and is trying to free them. Sara, who murdered her sister Elle, has been kidnapped by Heresy Examiner Lloyd and has been forced to make a demonic sword.

    OMG! It’s like a friggin’ soap opera! ;)

    What do they say...”If you’ve got nothing nice to say come sit next to me” Well, my friends I hate for this to turn into a gossip rag, but I have a few bits of speculation. Remember when I said Lord Tremain wasn’t a lord anymore?

    Well...after Sara killed her sister and tried to use Elle’s husband for daemon bait she was taken into custody by Tremain. Sometime later, Tremain took her out of custody and stashed her away at his home. This is how Lloyd was able to kidnap her in the first place.

    Tremain was demoted for this act and is no longer a paladin. I wonder...was it just to enlist her help in rescuing his family or was there more?

    To see him at the latest Heroes Gathering with his red demonic armor was a frightening sight. This armor, made from the bark of a rare reaper, was fused to his skin. I don’t know about you, but that does something to a man. Think about it for a second...cursed armor fused to your skin.

    He spoke that night, after the outburst by Dyastro, of confronting Lloyd and rescuing Sara. It seems Lloyd had forced her to make the demonic sword and so if Tremain was going to defeat the Harvester of Souls he would need that.

    Was this next adventure going to be more like the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland or a boat ride in Joesph Conrad's Heart of Darkness? I guess you'll find out in pt. 2 of the story.
    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 4:21 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Reminder about Monster Blocking
    This was posted on FYI
    As a reminder to the players, "monster blocking" is considered to be an exploit and can result in GM intervention. Monster Blocking is defined as using items such as boxes or chests to block a monster or player into, or out of, a certain area thus allowing for easier combat. For more information on this topic, please refer to the Support Pages at . Thank you.
    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 3:53 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Golden Calf Captured! Ancient Dragon Slain!
    Last evening, a large group of loyal citziens gathered at Robyn ap Mir's house, preparing for a hunt that would only occur once in a millenia. This was the hunt of the Golden Calf. Though many did not wish to see this beautiful golden creature slain, it was a necessary evil, for it was the only thing that would lure the Ancient Dragon from its lair. This dragon held the key that would open the tomb doors recently uncovered in the deserts of Papua. After the calf was led to all the shrines for a ritualistic blessing at each, all met at the Just Inn in Papua. Samir of the Kanur clan met with them to discuss details prior to the trek. Controversy started there as advocates for the calf's safety argued it should be set free. Sage Arthur and Aegis Dalamar both made rare apprearances, to try and settle the matter. All in all, the need for the key outnumbered, it seemed, the need to save this calf's life. With all armed and prepared for the worst, gates were opened and people poured into the temple of the Ancient One on Fire Isle.

    Entrance to this temple was not easy however. Liches and many other evil creatures guarded this lair with ferocity, and some people fell to these denizens of the underworld. Eventually, the calf was lured to the bloody altar where it would take its last breath. Upon order, a female archer pierced the calf's heart with an arrow. As the calf fell and its blood poured from the wound in its chest, the scent of the blood lured the Dragon from its resting place.

    Angry at being disturbed, the Dragon called upon its minions, fire elementals, to dispatch the warriors and mages but to no avail. Hephastus of Andelain and a few others attemtped to talk reason to this great lizard, explaining their mission here, but the dragon would hear nothing of it. After attacking many people, the warriors and mages loosed their defense, eventually bringing it down. The key was then retrieved and delivered to Robyn ap Mir where it is now safely kept.

    Brave citizens of Britannia are now called upon again to assist in the opening of this mysterious tomb and the retrieval of the book inside. Another unsettling presence is the sarcophagous that lays quietly inside. It seems the evil Tregor wishes to keep all away from this tomb, preventing any access he can. Is this Tregor hiding something? Perhaps the book can explain. What are the odd words inscripted within it? Are they words of dire warning? Words of Warding or Binding? A curse? Only time, and the golden key of the tomb, will tell.

    And that time is next Sunday at 6pm of the clock PST. All who wish to assist on this mission, please meet at the home of Robyn ap Mir in Britain, Fel. Her home is located just north, across the road from the Cavalry Guild. Silver weapons are suggested as the threat of undead is highly likely.

    May the gods be with you.

    Keep thy faith,
    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 3:19 PM EST by Tyril (Sonoma)

    UO World Faire on Stratics
    This weekend, the Ultima Online World Faire will take place in Austin, Texas on November 10th and 11th at the Austin Convention Center. Hosted by OSI, the UO Faire offers an exciting chance to meet the design team, be the first to hear the exciting future of UO, take part in over 50 sessions ranging from customer service to player vs. player combat, and guarantee your spot in the UWO: Origin beta.

    What's that you say? Can't afford the hefty $200 (plus expenses) entrance fee? No need to worry. You can experience all the thrills and excitement of the World Faire from your very own computer.

    Stratics will have a full team of over 20 volunteers and reporters covering the entire UO Faire and updating the site throughout the conference, bringing you blow by blow coverage of all the sessions, secrets, suprises, and more. What's more, your friends at the Faire will receive the opportunity to update Stratics themselves with their own views and thoughts on the Faire.

    Don't miss out! Check with Ultima Online Stratics for UO related news and Origin Stratics for Origin related news throughout the day for all the fun!

    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 2:14 PM EST by Xena Dragon (UOFaire)

    Holy War!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    This rather interesting piece of information was sent in by Minos Numenor II:

    Holy War!

    Hail to ye, fellow strangers. It is my task to bring this Information to you, that you might help us in the fight against evil which is currently up in Trinsic.

    Well, shortly after my dead, old friend Allan appeared in my Village, I met the Medium Gypsy Rose from Morning Star, who, in a Séance, told me that in times of great need and danger, the dead could return to the world of the living and talk to them. So I sent out my dear Arch-Bishop Atlan Evilslayer with some guards to have some investigation in Trinsic, where, as Allan hath told me, something mystical was going on. They searched for hours in the vicinity of the town, as suddenly out of nowhere the Ghost of Allan appeared. As no one could talk to a ghost, they followed Allan into the Trinsic Garden, where , I remember, Allan hat died by the hand of a "Rotting corpse". There some lights whirled around him and the whispering of voices was to hear.

    With highest concentration Atlan could understand some of the ghostly words, they told him of a Holy Artefact, called the "Staff of Cataclysm", which is a connection to the Godly Powers which form the spirit of this town. Then the Ghost disappeared and a glowing light came from the sky, my fellow guildmates fell on their knees as the light formed the shape of a person and spoke in an unknown tongue to them, we believe it was a sign from our god............

    There a gate opened right beneath the praying Children and it spit out ugly reddish, laughing daemons, attacking my men. Some died but our war training helped the rest to defeat this evil scum. This showed us clearly that the spirit of Minax is still in Trinsic, nay the guards nor any citizen of Trinsic helped my men in their fight against evil! A dark cloud is lurking in Trinsic and stuns the astrayed people of this Holy Town. Fast my men returned to Holy Den and we discussed this incidents. It was clear that we have to fulfil two tasks: Get this Staff of Cataclysm and free Trinsic from their Possession of evil. Thus we called out or most deadly weapon : The HOLY WAR, in which everyone from the Children from the Light would spent his live with no doubt to achieve their tasks..... We called our friends from Kult to aid us and they agreed, thus we decided to invade Trinsic on the very next day to occupy it and gain control of it, as the guards of Lord British and the Paladins are nay more the guards that this town needs.

    The next day brought rain, clouds and storm, as the combined forces of the Children from the Light and Kult gathered in the southern vicinity of Britain to begin their Crusade. About 15 brave men walked the long way to Trinsic und the Leadership of myself and the Kult commander Bronwen, ambushed by some Ettins and Orcs, which might have been send by the evil side to stop our task. The we stood in front of the once proud town, their sandstone walls still shining bright, even in the stormiest day. We entered the Trinsci Jail and arrested the local Guards Commander as the Leader of The Second Dawning Adon Cotoron appeared, the most known and great Trinsic resident Guild, and asked us what we do here. I told him that from this day on the Alliance of the Children and Kult occupy and reign this town, as their current leader is corrupted by evil. He stared at us not believing our words and disappeared. We stayed in Jail and tried to get some informations from the Guard Commander but he was silent as a fish. Then someone called "Attack !" and we rushed outside, finding ourselves surrounded by a Patrol of the Second Dawning. "Thou shallt not reign this town , you Renegade !" , shouted Adon at me. Well I had no choice and I wasn't here for talking, it was our HOLY aim to occupy Trinsic. "Children charge !" , I shouted and my merry man followed this command with passion. A battle emerged and our alliance drove the enemy patrol away from the jail and broke their rows. But from the South more troops appeared but they attacked wild and uncontrolled and were after forced to retreat. More Enemies were hunted down near the Trinsic Gardens, where I nearly faced death as some arrows hit me but couldn't penetrate my blessed armour. The enemy seemed defeated as out of a sudden Adon tried a last attack with his last few men to charge us out of town, but he failed........Our ranks were to disciplined to break and so we won. And some aftertaste is still around, why were the only ones defending Trinsic The Second Dawning ? Even if they are strayed and possessed, no one else cared who is in control of the town ? This shows us we did right!

    As the dust of the battle settled and we healed our wounded and buried the dead, we moved to the Trinsic Gardens as we hoped for a miracle. Well, what shall I say, it happened. Allan once again appeared out of nothing , looking as pale and sick as I saw him in my home. And he held a glowing Staff.

    Allan told us that he has been waiting in the Netherworlds for us to hand us the Staff of Cataclysm. With highest pride I took this Holy Artefact, the sign of our reign over Trinsic. Then Allan told us something very important, the Staff of Cataclysm has some kind of counterpart, the Staff of Nexus its called, it has the same powers but if someone would combine them their power could even unleash the Gods........ Then he disappeared, and we nay know if we see him ever again........... Shortly thereafter we celebrated our victory in the "Keg and Anchor" , there a pigeon reached me. it was sent by Adon Cotoron and it reads :"Minos, you and your army won the day and are now in control of OUR town. We retreat. But only to gather more man and power to crush you and your Renegades and free our Town of this illegal occupation. Be ready for ..........Revenge!"

    Minos Numenor II

    (More about Holy War at : )

    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 1:45 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Grimoire Fight Nights Results
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hi gang! We had 22 fighters (11 teams) participate in the 2 vs. 2 sponsored by Elwind Thorne! Here are the results:

    1st place: Mr.Beemu & Joe
    2nd place: Don Cherry & WaR PiG
    3rd place: Calvin Klien & Gravis

    Congratulations! The competition was VERY tough.

    HUGE thanks to Grimoire staff and to Elwind Thorne for funding this event. Thank you Mianoumi, Fiona Pentell, Craggan, Lost, and Dyastro Farkas for making the event run so smoothly.

    Please join us next week for more Fight Night action! DeamonKnight of [ROB]generously donated his prize gps from the Tournament of Doom event to sponsor the upcoming Grim Fight Nights.

    Hope you can make it =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff

    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 1:42 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    New @ Stratics
    Here's a quick look at what's new to the Stratics Network this week:

    Events this Week!

    • Neverwinter Stratics will be hosting the first ever Neverwinter House of Commons chat on Tuesday, November 7th at 8pm CST in #nwnhoc.
    • The Ultima Online World Faire takes place this weekend in Austin. Can't make it? Let Stratics take you there with regularly updated coverage during the conference itself.

    Stratics Central

    • The Stratics Forums will be going down for maintenance on Monday, November 6th. This will add many new features as well as improve speed. Be sure to visit out message boards then!

    Adellion Stratics

    • There's a great community to participate in! Come on down and enjoy our Adellion message boards! Find the roleplayers and the strict roleplaying game you've been yearning for!

    Asheron's Call Stratics

    Atriarch Stratics

    • We've released our third exclusive Developer Profile, this one focusing on Iimzodar, a world builder intern. Read Iimzodar's profile or read the other two exclusive profiles in our Developer Profiles section.
    • Taeg, one of the loyal denizens of our message boards, has recieved 100 names in reply to his post. Because of this superb example of the strong involvement in our community, Taeg's supervisor at his electronics store has agreed to promote Atriarch with materials supplied from World Fusion. A very special thanks to our community!

    EverQuest Stratics

    • On Monday, Abashi and several members of the development team at Verant participated in the first EverQuest Stratics House of Commons. This online chat session was a big success and Verant has indicated a desire to do more of them. You can read the transcript of the chat here.
    • This weekend, members of EQSS attended the EQ Festival 2000 in Houston Texas. Look forward to lots of pictures and a review of the weekend soon!

    Jumpgate Stratics

    • We have new ECM, and Radar pages now up! Next week you'll be able to sort them as you like!

    Neverwinter Nights Stratics

    • The first Neverwinter Nights House of Commons is quickly approaching!

      On Tuesday, November 7 at 6:00 PM PST (7:00 PM MST - 8:00 PM CST - 9:00 EST) we will be hosting the first House of Commons Chat with Bioware, the creators of Neverwinter Nights.

      The NWN HoC will be held in the IRC Channel - #nwnhoc. For more information about installing IRC, using the IRC client or the Java IRC options that are available, hop over to

    • From the results of our last poll lots of folks have questions to ask the Bioware developers - but we ask that if you plan to attend the chat take the time to read the current FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) documents on Neverwinter Stratics and the official Neverwinter site so that we can focus on questions that have not been answered publicly yet! Thanks for your help!

    Origin Stratics

    • Player Art - One of the best features of Origin Stratics is the submissions given to us from the players themselves. And one of the best sections dedicated to this is our Player Art Section. Lots of new stuff to check out, including interpretations on Meer, Demons, and Pirates. Enjoy!
    • 4th Exclusive Screenshot - Origin Stratics is proud to present our 4th Exclusive Fansite Screenshot. In this one you'll see Yew at Night. Included in the shot is a detailed image of a moon as well as a small pond to feature the water that will be in New Britannia.

    Shadowbane Stratics

    • Attention Writers: Would you like to get a point across to the Shadowbane community or motivate others? Shadowbane Stratic's Editorial section is eager to hear from you. If you want to see your article on Shadowbane Stratics, feel free to send one in!
    • Shadowbane's Beta is starting to loom on the horizon, so be sure you're completely up to snuff with the basic premise of Shadowbane, the current status, and what to expect visually from Wolfpack!

    Ultima-Online Stratics

    • Today I'm proud to present another fine addition to the site. As of today we are hosting the UO Tools of Douglas Portz. Douglas is the creator of several tools such as UO Home Owner that will allow home owners to use all house related house commands, UO Rudder that will allow sailors to easily navigate their boat and UO Tamer that helps tamers with giving commands to their pets. Douglas is also working on UO Stable Master, a tool that will keep track of where you've stabled your animals.
    • Although the UO Pro program has been discontinued by OSI, all these tools are created in that spirit; their use promotes and is in keeping with the spirit of the Ultima Online product, community and value system. There is nothing you can do with these tools that you could not do with macro keys in the UO client. All that these tools do, is simulate typing a command in the UO window and pressing enter. No UO client code or data stream is being changed or monitored. Nevertheless, since neither of these tools have the official UO Pro seal of approval, use of these tools is at your own risk. However, judging by the type of tools that were UO Pro approved, I cannot imagine someone getting into trouble because of using these new tools.

    Camelot Stratics.

    • Last week we received some official screenshots from Mythic Entertainment, featuring a complete spellsequence.

    • Mythic Entertainment announced the second stage beta of camelot, which will start on Nov. 15th.
      Application submission will be open from Nov. 8th. on the Official Dark Age of Camelot site.

    Make sure to drop us a visit, we have much more thrilling news and articles for you.
    Posted on Monday, November 6, 2000, 1:41 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Oceania Times, out now!
    Well issue 5 is out, with headlining articles by Messix, the new Times journalist....

    New site address as well... (so update your bookmarks)

    Von Ravend
    Oh and ignore the issue number in the corner of the site, a slight oversight and they forgot to change that. :)
    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 11:44 PM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Shrine of Sacrifice Corrupted!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Well, it has been a slow news week here at UOSS AOL Legends. Fortunately, Aubrey Gawan has unearthed some fresh horror and shared it with us. Read on!

    Hail Britannia!

    It is with heavy heart that I bring you this news, but I ask for patience as it is a story best told from the beginning.

    I was wandering about in Moonglow, Trying out my costume for the All Hallows Eve festivities. You see I had dressed up as my half brother Ga’Wen Half Orc and was fooling all I met in my travels. Just when I was feeling I had his accent and inflections perfected, I was approached by a man named Belasurius, who seemed to know who I really was. He asked if I knew where he could find the shard reporter for AOL. As I am not yet a shard reporter, and did not want to misrepresent myself, I tried to direct him to Ith’unk. To my surprise, he dropped a rune book on the ground and asked me to recall off it. Being suspicious of strangers, as one is wont to be in these troubled times, I hesitated. Belasurius noticed my reluctance and promised no harm would come to me. Finally, curiosity won out and I cast the spell.

    I appeared near an unfamiliar mountainside beside a house labeled House of Chaos. Since Ga’Wen is in an order guild and I was wearing his clothes, this was reason for worry! Belasurius appeared next to me and led me into his house. After showing me to a seat, he offered food and left the room to fetch a friend who was going to tell me the story for which I had been summoned. After a few moments and a couple of roast birds, a tall man arrived and introduced himself as Mirlayus the elf, Guild Mage of the chaos guild HoC. After also offering me food, the following exchange occurred.

    "Lord Crom is entrusted to guard the shrine behind this house. It is the shrine of Chaos."

    Now I had an idea where I was and I did not like it. I readied my rune book for a quick escape.

    "Lord Blackthorne gave Lord Crom this land and charged him with the care and protection of the shrine."

    My skin shivered at the mention of Blackthorne. Then my host said something that took me by surprise.

    "Do you know what happened to the shrine of sacrifice?"

    "Why, no."

    Mirlayus the elf cast a magical gate and said "Come look."

    Again curiosity overcame my caution and I entered the gate. The sight that met my eyes was shocking and words fail me as I even now try to describe it. I stood in mute shock as I saw the Shrine of Sacrifice corrupted!

    My host continued, "An evil mage destroyed it. It no longer works."

    "I see!" I said as I painted.

    "Lord Blackthorne is afraid that he is after all the shrines so he charged Lord Crom with the Shrine of Chaos"

    "Who is after the shrines?" I asked, trying to hide my revulsion as I walked through the blood covering the Shrine of sacrifice.

    "The evil mage. I am not sure of his name. I know it is not Moldin."

    The elf seemed to not want to discuss this further and cast a gate back to the house. Upon arriving he said "Lord Crom has sent for me he will be right with you." And he departed.

    After a few moments, in rode Lord Crom, Commander, HoC, on a magnificent black horse. Again, food was offered, but I was too upset by what I had seen to eat.

    "I need to show you one other shrine." He led me behind the house to the Shrine of Chaos, which I had previously heard of only in stories. "I have swore my life to protect this to Lord Blackthorne. I need your help in finding the evil mage, so that I can destroy him or be destroyed trying! He will destroy all of the shrines if we can not stop him"

    "I will put the word out!" I said. "Is there any clue to his identity?"

    "No I am sorry he is like the wind."

    Just then, Lord Crom seemed to wander off subject. "There is another elf village that you do not know of. Close to here."

    "And that is?"

    "But they have asked me not to tell about it. It will be revealed in time."

    "I see." I said, though I did not.

    "No I have said enough. How can I serve you my friend?"

    "What assistance do you require?"

    "I must get the word out about the shrines."

    "I will do that!" I offered.

    "And learn the evil mage’s name."

    "Consider it done! The people of Britannia will know of this travesty!"

    With that said, we said our farewells and I returned home to compose this missive.

    What foul magic has tainted the Shrine of sacrifice? What could be in store for the other shrines of our land? What is this evil mage’s name and whom does he serve? Who is Moldin and why is Mirlayus the elf so sure it was not him? What part of this puzzle is this mysterious Elf village? I must pose these questions to you, the people of Britannia! Evil is afoot, and it’s cause must be rooted out! With a fearful heart I set these words to paper. Not fear for myself, but for our fair land, so fresh from the ravages of the recent turmoil that split our world in two. Could these same events be happening on the Felucca facet as well? Only time will tell my friends. Use my words. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!

    Inspired by this story, I visited the shrine of sacrifice. Indeed, it is in a sorry state and I recomend you check it out for yourself. Alas, Aubrey's fine drawing of the shrine was eaten... er... destroyed when I was forced to fight the carrier Ostard which delivered it. Remember, folks, send pigeons, not frenzied beasts!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 11:37 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Are you going to the UO Faire?
    If you are joining us at the UO World Faire in Austin this coming Friday, and you will be in town on Thursday, Nov 9, my husband and I, George and Heather of the Cove Merchant's Guild, invite you to drop on by our home on Thursday, anytime after 4pm for some home cooked BBQ, and to meet other players from Great Lakes. Some GL players that plan to be here are Kazola of the Treetop Keg and Winery, Krista of the Ranger Station, Red Devil of the RD Auction House, Jim Spellhurler, iNetWebguy (who won the UO Shoppes World Faire T-Shirt design contest) and his wife, Mildew/Erika of CMG. We will provide the food (including vegetarian fare), but please bring your own drinks. I have provided a map with directions that you can print out and use to get here. This invitation is not limited to GL players, please RSVP to my email [email protected] so we can be sure to have enough food. I look forward to meeting you!!
    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 7:46 PM EST by Tristam (GreatLakes)

    More Clues Uncovered as Edinburgh Awaits Attack
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Village of Edinburgh, located west of the dungeon Wrong on the Trammel Facet, has assembled a large group of defenders who await tonight’s [Sunday’s] attack against the village as predicted by Spyte the Knife. The village has been the scene of several attacks since the appearance of a strange gold earth elemental several weeks ago. Meanwhile, the villagers have uncovered some clues that may reveal why these attacks have been occurring.

    According to a village elder, Fredrick Adams, it is now known that the gold earth elemental is a Guardian, protecting a seal that contains a powerful ancient artifact of Pure Evil. This seal is located in the mine near Edinburgh and appears to the visitor as a pile of golden ore. Meanwhile, the Council of Evil Mages, a hitherto unknown group, seeks this ancient artifact. They commissioned a band of Pirates based out of Buccaneer’s Den and led by Caine to retrieve the artifact. The pirates believe that the village possesses the key to unlocking the seal, although the villagers deny this.

    The key may be in the form of a crystal ball, which is sought after by Spyte the Knife. It may have fallen in the hands of Smithson, the ‘miner’ who was killed initially. Smithson’s involvement can only be speculated, but the present theory, brought forward by Zharn of Moonglow's Defenders of Justice, is that Smithson overheard the Council of Evil Mages commission the pirates to retrieve the artifact. Smithson raced to the mine ahead of the pirates and attempted to break the seal. However, upon doing so, he activated the gold earth elemental, which subsequently killed him. The mages learned of this treachery and before Smithson could be resurrected, the mages put a spell on him. The exact nature of this spell is not quite known. Several boxes were unearthed in the mine recently by the villagers. Discovered therein were a pickaxe, hammer and some ore. The tools bear the mark of Sawyer, who is from Glasgow, the same village as Smithson. One of the boxes may have contained the crystal ball, but it can only be guessed where it presently lies.

    Map of North Central Britannia

    It is believed that Caine will lead tonight’s assault upon the village. Hopefully, there will be enough stout warriors and mages around to aid in the defense effort.

    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 12:25 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Go and take yer chance at the Spiritwood Tavern Lottery. Thanks Aranlindale for sending in this announcement:
    This Sunday, November 5th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. It will start at 9pm cet (8pm gmt).

    The grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces! You can buy keys from the vendor outside the Tavern, but you need to register the keys with Aranlindale, by telling him your number(s) by choosing a number consisting of three digits and each digit ranging from 1 to 3. The keys cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Please try to buy one before Sunday. Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south untill the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W and we are on Felluca.

    If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected]. I hope to see you all there!

    Aranlindale, Spiritwood Tavern Barkeeper
    Town of Spiritwood

    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 7:11 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Stratics Hosts Tools by Douglas Portz
    Today I'm proud to present another fine addition to the site. As of today we are hosting the UO Tools of Douglas Portz. Douglas is the creator of several tools such as UO Home Owner that will allow home owners to use all house related house commands, UO Rudder that will allow sailors to easily navigate their boat and UO Tamer that helps tamers with giving commands to their pets. Douglas is also working on UO Stable Master, a tool that will keep track of where you've stabled your animals.

    Although the UO Pro program has been discontinued by OSI, all these tools are created in that spirit; their use promotes and is in keeping with the spirit of the Ultima Online product, community and value system. There is nothing you can do with these tools that you could not do with macro keys in the UO client. All that these tools do, is simulate typing a command in the UO window and pressing enter. No UO client code or data stream is being changed or monitored. Nevertheless, since neither of these tools have the official UO Pro seal of approval, use of these tools is at your own risk. However, judging by the type of tools that were UO Pro approved, I cannot imagine someone getting into trouble because of using these new tools.

    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 5:50 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Dragons Watch Grand Opening Pushed Back
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    We have decided to push the grand opening to the 11th, not this commming becasue of sudden real life activites we cannot get out of. It is for the best, we're sorry for inconvenience.

    Ka Anor, Barkeeper
    Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2000, 2:42 AM EST by Narga Saiyen (Chesapeake)

    Sunday Night Violence
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Yet again, to uphold tradition the Stratics Crew are going to hosting another dungeon run. Tonights dungeon will be decided when we have a good idea of the numbers that turn up, though it looks as though people should bring along a silver weapon */end hint*

    It will start at the usual time. We ask that people arrive at the Stratics Keep* by 8:00pm Sydney time. This means that by 8:30 we will all be ready to hit the dungeon and have some fun.

    We ask that everyone brings two pieces of clothing that can be dyed. Last weeks rules still apply, plus two extra requests.

    1): No fighting within the Keep. It's just not big enough. There is a grassed area to the left of the Keep where people can practice their combos.
    2): No waiting out the front of the Keep. This is where most people marked their runes, and if everyone is standing out the front, people wont be able to get there. There is a grassed area to the left of the Keep where people can wait about.
    3): No spamming inside the Keep. Feel free to talk, of course, but it's not the place for people to advertise the weapons they're selling.
    4): If someone asks you to be quiet, please do so. This isn't because we dont love the sound of your voice, but rather because the Stratics Crew will be making big speeches and want their 15 minutes of fame.
    5): We will name the party leaders at the beginning of the night. If one of these party leaders asks you nicely to do something, please do so. It helps the night run smoothly.
    6): Tamers are very welcome, but we ask that tamers only bring one creature. Preferably a Drake or something simuliar. This just means it's easier for your party to get equal share of the spawn.
    7): When you enter the keep, there will be dye tubs on your left. Please dye one piece of clothing depending on what class you are. Warriors should dye one piece red, bards green, mages blue and anyone else should dye themselves purple. This helps us select even parties.
    8): Remember to have fun!
    9): Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel UGLY.

    Hope to see you all there
    Sha'mad Conde

    * The Stratics Keep lies south west from the Trinsic Waterfall. Its Coorderinates are: 132o32`S, 23o39`E

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 10:25 PM EST by Sha'mad Conde (Oceania)

    Announcing Another Expedition for Next Thursday
    I have just recieved another letter from near Yew:
    First of all, I'd like to thank all of those who came on the last expedition. I was pleased to see that many people! We had some great fighting in the ice dungeon until we were surrounded by elementals and ice snakes.. many died and I had to run. I beleive most of the people there didn't notice that I had dug a little chest, well now you know.

    I am launching a new expedition, this next Thursday at same time (7:30 pm est we gather, 8:00 pm we leave)

    Prepare yer weapons, and feet, as we will be unable ot travel by boat, and much farther this time. Once again we are meeting at the Golden Unicorn tavern in Wispwood. I shall reveal new information about what we seek then!

    I hope to see you all and many others next time!

    Bleyn Luysse,
    Archeologist and Player Seer of Wispwood.
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:47 PM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    UOC Halloween Special
    Halloween is over, but still it's worth taking a look at the Ultimately Overboard Comics website, where a halloween special has been added, and the "ask the characters section" was updated.

    UOC Website: click me
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:39 PM EST by Casanova (CandidCoverage)

    More OSI European Staff Interviews
    I know this isn't really fresh news, but I discovered three interviews today on the Official European UO Website. I hope you'll enjoy these as much as I did.
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:36 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Introducing The Skara Brae Council
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<William Vance shared his plans with us, to form a council and to make the life in and around the town of Skara Brae more interesting. I had the chance to speak with him personally, and I think you can expect quite a row of events and small quests down there in the nearer future. Meanwhile read his first announcement:
    Hail friends !

    I have been wandering around Skara Brae for some time, meeting many of the people living there and using the city's facilities, and decided to throw an idea around and see if anybody agrees to support it :

    My goal would be to create a city council, based on the model of the Councils of Virtue on some other shards.
    For example, on Atlantic you can find the Yew Town Council, the Trinsic Council of Honor, and a few others, including Britain, Minoc and Moonglow. [disclaimer : I am not and have never been affiliated to these, I'm just adding links to them as examples]

    This would be the ideal platform to run events and quests (be it market day, crafting school or a questlike storyline). There are many active people in and around the city who would certainly be a very sane basis on which such an establishment could grow. Actually it did start already, as you should soon see in the news.

    To make Skara Brae a more vibrant community and give more motivation to build a structure, it only takes people to come there regularly, even without a specific goal :

    • Need to go to a bank ? Go to Skara Brae !
    • Need to stable your pets ? Go to Skara Brae !
    • Need to buy reagents or anything else ? Visit Skara Brae and its mainland ! Many good shops can be found on the road near the docks.
    Now my question is adressed to everybody : Does this sound fair ? Do you want to be a part of a new and active community ? If you can answer YES, let me know.

    William Vance, [CSB]

    Thank Ye, William !
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:34 PM EST by Casanova (Drachenfels)

    Fight Club News Bulletin
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Welcome to Fight Night. Fight Night is sponsored by Fight Club. Fight Night is a weekly single elimination PVP tournament to the death for prizes valued at over 200k. This week our prize is 75% of the Sign-Up fees. (I can hold the tower if need be for the winner to work out ownership or a sale) The entry for the contest is 10,000 GP made out in check format payable only to the Ring Master.. Arcaneus.

    Basically two warriors at a time are put on the Fight Club Guild Stone for the match and then remove afterwards. There are rules to Fight Night which are posted outside the ring.

    Come to our tower, see the ring and review the rules. If you contact me, I ll make myself available to answer specific questions and sign you up.

    The Ring is located at our guild tower on Arctic Island. Here are our coordinates please visit us 113' 1' N 175 ' 52 W Tram. Please sign up in advance.... there will be far too many people signing up the night of the fight.

    Fight Night is Saturday Nov 4th 8 PM EST at the Fight Club. My icq is 63003345 if you have any questions. Enjoy the BEST PVP in Trammel. Please visit our tower and register in advance!!!!!!

    On Nov 10 Friday 8 pm east we introduce 2 on 2 winner takes 50% off the enrollment pot 2nd place takes 25% entry fee 20k per team.

    Wednesday Nights 8 PM Eastern Time. Go on a scavenger hunt for uncommon items. Entry fee 750gp. First two people to return with complete list win a free ticket to compete at Fight Night valued at 10k.

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:14 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    OEK Wedding Announcement
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    OEK Would like to announce the wedding of Sir Charles Grandmaster of OEK and Sheena.

    The happy event will take place Sunday the 5th of Nov. at 1:30 p.m. central time at the Nujel'm Palace. All are welcome to attend with a dungeon crawl afterwards for all the poor drunk souls!


    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:10 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    FCB Trammel Tower Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Tis time, Gem. The preparations are made." Smiled Hook. "The FCB is ready for the Grand Opening our our Trammel Tower." Fizban chimed in "We possess Britannia's largest aquarium, a lovely second floor tavern that will be staffed nightly, and many will wish to idle an hour in the billiards parlor."

    The Grand Opening will be held Sunday November 5 between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. EST. Directions can be found at

    We will hold a contest for the best fish story (lies)--the grand prize will be a suit a ranger armor at 7:30 p.m. At 8:00 p.m., there will be a fashion contest for the best nautical costume--the grand prize will be a full suit of valorite.

    Gem Fleet Captain, FCB
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:05 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Closing the door of her room, Lotus shuts out the laughter and noise coming from the party in the pub. Leaning back against the door, she smiles and thinks *Let them have fun tonight. It might be awhile before we do again.*

    *Damn, I hate War*, she shouts to the dark walls around her. Shutting her eyes, she can still see and smell the stench of the last war they fought. Bodies lying sprawled in grotesque positions, blood everywhere, the screams of the dying, riderless horses running in circles, fear showing on their faces, the smell of smoke burning the very air she breathed...........

    Shaking off the memories, Lotus walks to the window, flings open the shutters and takes a deep breath of fresh air trying to clear the mental images.

    We came to Trammel to be free citizens. We thought we left the carnage behind us in Felucca. We have fought so hard to keep our city and once more must fight again. When will it end.........

    *So many friends I have lost to these senseless wars*, she says to the night sky. *And yet again I must, as a Council member, ask our citizens and allies to go fight again.*

    Off to the SouthWest, she can hear the beating of drums and chants. Sighing deeply, the word *DROW* forms on her lips. *As much as I hate War, I shall never allow these creatures to destroy Sanctuary or the Shrine of Compassion. People see me as a stoic, no feelings, opinionated woman. How many of them have had to send their friends and citizens to fight , maybe to die? Do they think it is easy? Each time, it is like a bit of my heart dies. Each time I shudder to think if we aren't successful. Where will we go then?*

    Closing the shutters and locking them, she turns and lights the candle by her bedside. Undressing and pulling her nightdress over her head, Lotus listens to the sounds of the night. Crawling into her bed, she leans over and blows out the candle. Sleep will not come easy tonight. Too much to think about...........Too much to bear once more. Silently praying, Lotus says , * Give me the strength one more time to do this........Let me be strong enough to send them to War and please dear God, let them come home alive and well so that I may stand in the tower doorway and lovingly count them all.*

    As the moon light slowly peeps thru a crack in the shutters, tears glisten upon her face.......the strong do cry, but only the moon sees it.

    White Lotus,
    Councilwoman of Sanctuary

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:02 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Shrine of Compassion Quest
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    1)Subject: Shrine of compassion no longer!!!!

    Vendui' abbilen. Silvaria has officially proclaimed in the name of the most evil Lolth, the Shrine of Compassion now belongs to Lolth and her faithful here in Sosaria. Take heed citizens of Sanctuary, do not stand in our way if you value your lives. Bregan D'Aerth claims the Shrine and your city as our territory now!


    See the horrible site at this link

    2)subject: Woe to the Bregan D'Aerth...

    Citizens... Allies... We knew the time was approaching. The appearance of the accursed Drow could have only signified great evils to fall on Sanctuary and the Shrine of Compassion. Now, the time has come to take up arms against this blight on our community. Tonight we eat, drink and enjoy each other's company. Tomorrow, we embrace the Drow in a dance of death...

    To the Drow and their minions...

    Know this, hellspawn, you will be destroyed. Never before have you faced such a stalwart force of men and women. Our cause shall maintain us to victory.

    Gamaliel Gaiblin

    Captain of the Rangers of Sanctuary

    3)Subject:The chant...

    Tarick steps forward across the cold stone floor with his drums. The slow bass beat alerts the drow across the realm. Gradually, the castle walls are enclosing many drow. The desecration was performed without any interruption at all from the rivven, who seemed to have already fled in fear. The scouting party prowled their streets and none dared to approach them.

    Gleaming black Drow armor, mighty steeds of death and destruction, and words of power fill the chamber. The durm beatings continue, Lolth's faithful chant in unison praises to the Spider Queen.

    Like so many times before their deity has put before them a task of battle, and even those that do not worship Lolth, are so committed to the Bregan D'Aerth and their Jabbuk Lord Caleb, they push aside their hatred of Lolth in service. None have ever survived the onslaught of the BDA once aroused to war...

    Tarick's drum beats grow louder and faster. The chanting matches the beats, then suddenly it is silent.


    The massive assembly of drow bellow aloud, and the walls of the castle ring with their rage.

    all submitted by Jon von Darkmoor,Ranger of Sanctuary

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 1:56 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Mith Tourney
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Announcing a Mith Sword Circle event: 1 vs. 1 tourney

    Sponsored by: Order of the Sacred Rose (OSR)

    When: Tuesday November 7, 2000

    Where: At the Mages Tower, City of Mith (Felucca location at

    Time: 6:30 PM Pacific, 8:30 PM Central, 9:30 PM Eastern

    Featuring: NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 25K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, and 3rd place 10K gps.

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · The use of Chaos/Order shields id not permitted. · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The Spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent. Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    - No pets.(i.e.: Dragons, Nightmares, Drakes)
    - No Looting.!!! Looting will NOT be allowed!!! Punishable by death.
    - No drinking of potions before the match begins.
    - No Outside assistance.
    - No Stepping outside the fighting circle. Doing so will mean you have forfeit the fight.
    - To prevent lag, we ask that everyone hides during the fights that they are not involved in.


    · A match will not be repeated because one or both of the contestants experienced lag or a server disconnect. The decision whether or not to fight, is left up to the individual contestant. The event Coordinator may cancel the event if shard instability is ongoing. All decisions made by the Event Coordinator are final. Any disputes will be handled after the event
    · All contestants are subject to snooping by OSR Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    Gabe, Guardian OSR
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 1:31 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    BNN: Rogue Dragon tracked to remote nest
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following BNN article was posted in the Napa Valley section of the Ultima Online site:

    Rogue Dragon tracked to remote nest in the lost lands.Britannia Ranger Guild Nov 1 2000 6:39PM

    An elite detachment of rangers was recently dispatched to discover the nesting site of the ill-tempered dragon that has caused so much damage to residential areas in recent weeks. Today, this team has reported that the beast nests near the stone bridge on the first level of the Fire Dungeon, in the Lost Lands. The nest is described as a simple dugout filled with hay, with animal carcasses and human remains piled around it. It is generally believed that it is in the best interests of public safety to hunt down and slay this beast before it does any more damage to life or property. It is believed that the dragon is passive while nesting, so travelers in the fire dungeon should not fear it unless they attack it directly.

    The Dragon typically returns to its nest around 7:30 PM (Pacific Time) and rests for thirty minutes to an hour before leaving to hunt again.
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 1:17 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Fancy-Dress Ball Tonight
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Raknar posted the following invitation on the UOSS Drachenfels Board :
    Today we will celebrate this year's fancy-dress ball hostet by the Merchants on Tour and the Pirates of Darkness. We have choosen the caves under Bucaneer's Den on Trammel as venue. We would like to inform you that everybody should wear a nice fancy dress because we are going to give away prizes to the nicest dresses with a total amount of 60000 gp.

    It starts at 21.00 CET (20.00 GMT) (14.00 EST). A gate-service will be available from the MoT-Shop near Trinsic (1st house on the left side) and in the Serpents Hold Bank.
    A big amount of food and drink will be awaiting you. We hope that you all will arrive in nice fancy-dresses and have much fun.

    Raknar [MoT]
    Conner of Minoc [POD]
    Baronin Alina [UOB]

    *mumbles* I always have to stay home when nice events like that occur... I hope you'll all have fun !
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 11:50 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    FCB is seeking Sailors and Fleet Captains
    From the Fishing Council of Britannia:
    Ahoy Sailors of Britannia!

    If your looking for a place to dock your boat and meet fellow sailors.. Come visit us at the Fishing Council of Britannia ! A Great place to go to tell your exciting fish stories is in the Tavern. Pull up a chair and tip back some ale with us! If your new to the fine profession of fishing, take a look in our Library. Or float through our FAQ page to get all your questions answered!

    We are currently looking for dedicated sailors that would wish to Captain a shard Your skill isn't as important as your desire to establish the FCB on your shard. There is a link to the Fleet Captain Application Form on the main page.

    If you're a Sailor looking for a home port, or just floating through.. You are Welcome to join us! :)

    Sarah - FCB Admin
    Fishing Council of Britannia

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 10:00 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Stonekeep Auction!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Announcing Stonekeep Auction! Sunday 8pm GMT!

    Stonekeep auction is a auction with a Difference, come and place bids or come and sell a item! Its up to you! Need to get rid of the power mace? Want some money for the ranger tunic? Well it all happens here at Stonekeep Auction.

    Want a better incentive to come to such a marvellous event? Rilla Takhista has donated a full set of valourite armour crafted by the Gypsie Urdus. These crafting folk are proud of their work and we will be proud to have this item in our auction. The Gypsie Urdus have also crafted us a Longsword , this will be auctioned separately to the valourite armour.

    What better way to finish of the Weekend. Stonekeep Auction will be held in Stonekeep Taverna. Stonekeep Town is located on the Trammel Facet at Yew Crossroads, south of the Cemetery.

    Hope to see ye all there!

    Marshall Drakan
    Event Organiser.

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 6:07 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Contest of Mages
    An announcement from the witches

    Greetings Traveller.

    It is the time for the weekly Contest of Mages again in the town of Tayrnagh. Mages from far and wide will be attending and battling to prove their summoning skills before you. All are welcome, to either participate or spectate and share a glass of wine or mug of ale in the inn after the contest.

    The lucky winner of the contest travels home with 25,000 gold coins in his bag and are inscribed in the great Book of Conjurers for all eternity. Grab your pack and head for Tayrnagh on Saturday 4th. Contest starts at 9.00pm CET. You can find more details on the contest and a map to the town here.

    Lady Kira
    Witch of Ginseng

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 5:50 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Major changes to Stratics Forums
    Greetings friends!

    The Stratics Message Forums are scheduled to be down for maintenance starting in the late afternoon on Monday, November 6th, 2000. The forum software we are currently using is going to be upgraded and a great many new features will be added. The downtime is expected to last no more than a few hours, but we are leaving ourselves with a fairly big window. In fact, I am only going to say that the forum will be back online sometime prior to Tuesday morning. In all likelihood the forums will only be down for a couple hours barring any unforeseen issues arise. This is a major upgrade and it requires a lot of work on the server.

    There are actually two phases to this upgrade. The first phase is a hardware upgrade. The second phase is a major software upgrade. Our software upgrade is schedule for Monday, as described above. The hardware upgrade has been done yesterday. Once both phases have been completed, you will finally be rid of the darn lag that has plagued us for months during peak usage (generally during the day between 12:00pm - 5:00pm EST). We thought we had it beat a couple months ago, but the volume our forums generate is such that the server simply could not manage the load anymore. You all are simply too rough on our poor server! Without going into boring details, we are going to make some major modifications to our forum software and our hardware back-end which the software runs on. The end result will be much better performance for you.

    Features you can look forward to in the new upgrade:

    • Improved interface - An improved and easy to use interface.
    • In-Post Polls - Polls built directly into the forums!
    • Enhanced Private Messaging - An enhanced PM Control Panel.
    • A Private Address Book - Store registered users in your address book
    • Multiple Skin/Color Schemes - Choose from a large number of different skins. You'll have at least a dozen skins to choose from.
    • Member List - Look up registered members.
    • Time Offset - allows you to set the forums to your own time zone.
    • Improved Search - The search features have been repaired.
    • Send to a Friend - Now you can forward posts to friends.
    • Enhanced "Jump To" - Fixes previous issues the jump feature had.
    • Comprehensive Help System - A vastly improved help system.
    • Quick Views - Shows new messages posted within 24 and 48 hours or the last 7 days.
    • In-Forum News/Announcement system - Keep up to speed with current events like never before.
    • Improved Who's Online - See who's online and what they're doing!
    • New "Subject" Page Links - Links in the subject lines to multi-page threads. Helps you read threads much more quickly.
    • Superior Security - Security features have been enhanced as well.

    We have also made some dramatic improvements on the back-end, which will help speed up the forums. This is where the bulk of the downtime will be spent, migrating data from one large database to many smaller more compact databases.

    After this upgrade you can expect even more new features to be added on a regular basis from here on out. Some examples include an "Ignore" option that allows for you to place troublesome users on your own personal ignore list. This list then blocks or filters out any message from the person. This is very similar to "/ignore" in most online titles. We will also be adding more colors and more icons than ever before; spoiler mark-up tags, special "mark all read" options and much, much more.

    It should be pointed out however that if you have or know of, a web site that links to our forums. The URL used to reach our forums will be changing. So please be sure to update your links or inform those sites you know of to update theirs starting on Tuesday. If ever in doubt on how to reach your favorite forum because of this URL change, simply visit and you'll find a complete directory of all of our forums, services and features.

    It has been a while, but we have been working diligently to try and improve the speed, performance and feature set of our forums and starting Monday we are going to take a MAJOR step in that direction. So again, please be aware that come Monday afternoon the forums will be coming down for maintenance and we will have them back online as quickly as possible. As soon as the hardware upgrade is in place participating in our forums will no longer feel like a chore, it will be a lot more fun... The fun is only beginning folks.


    Stratics Community Development

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 5:47 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Felucca Shrines Corrupted again ?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following report from Elrond [DH] :
    Honesty NowHonesty During Minax's Attacks

    I was on Dagger Isle today and visited the Shrine of Honesty. When I reached it, I was baffled by what I could see. The picture I included will explain better than words what I mean.

    Elrond, [DH]
    Diablos de Hispania

    Seems the shrines are back to what they were during the great Minax invasion, though I must admit I'm not sure if they had changed back after it... Could anyone clear this doubt ?
    As you can see on the pictures, one difference still : the shrine is still visible, while during the Trinsic War it was nowhere to be seen.
    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 5:24 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    World Faire T-Shirt Design Winner
    We've just learned that Jeff "iWG" Olson is the winner of the UO World Faire T-Shirt Contest. Below is an example of the image being offered:

    Several different products are available for purchase, including White and Gray T-Shirts, Gray Sweatshirts, Mugs, and Mousepads. So make sure to head on over to the World Faire UO Shoppe and check it out. And a hearty congrats to iWG!

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:43 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Expedition in need of brave adventurers
    This past week a number of adventurers went to explore the recently discovered ruins in the Lost Lands. The rumors of undead activity were not exaggerated as they withstood wave after wave of zombies, liches, and skeletons.

    With the undead dispatched, they set to seek entry into the mysterious tomb exposed by the recent sandstorms, and the apparent focal point of the undead activity. No matter of force or magic could gain entry through the heavy bronze doors. All looked quite hopeless when a number of strange figures emerged from the desert. Clad in the garb of the desert nomads and astride ostards, they identified themselves as the Kanur, a race long thought to have been extinct, and the current focus of Robyn ap Mir, the Lycaeum Archeologist responsible for these excursions.

    They explained that their tribe was the victims of an evil race of wyrms that slaughtered their people, and cursed their lands, transforming them into the deserts they are today. According to their leader, Samir Al&rsquo;ib, the tomb contains a sacred text that will allow the Kanur to reverse the evil wyrm&rsquo;s curse. The adventurers quickly offered their assistance to Samir, who then explained how to unlock the tomb.

    According to Samir, the key to the tomb&rsquo;s entrance is worn about the neck of the only ally the Wyrms could trust &ndash; an ancient dragon that inhabits the isle of fire. It is this dragon that the adventurers must now face to retrieve the key. But first, the dragon must be summoned. Samir explained that the only way to summon the dragon was a blood sacrifice of a golden calf. This calf must be found and duly consecrated before the dragon can be summoned and the key retrieved.

    Samir also warned that he suspects the paladins of the Order of Ta'Sal Ek'Flam are in league with the wyrms.  Their leader, Lord Tregar du Coeur, has made numerous death threats to Robyn and her companions if she continued her search for the Kanur, and is suspected in the murder of Saul the Mad, the hermit who's weather altering spell resulted in the uncovering ofthe tomb.

    Samir will meet with adventurers at the Just Inn in Papua to explain the consecration process, and direct adventurers to where the golden calf may be found. With an ancient dragon involved in this, every mage and warrior will be needed if the key is to be retrieved.

    If you would wish to help, the expedition is to meet Samir Al&rsquo;ib at the Just Inn in Papua (Felucca) at 8PM o&rsquo; the clock (pacific) on Sunday, and depart shortly thereafter. Be sure to arrive on time, and fully equipped for an eve of adventure!

    Robyn ap'Mir also sent word letting me know that she will be at her shop at 6pm of the same said night before the expedition departs on this long journey. Be sure to stop by and speak with her first before seeking out Samir to aid him in his plight.

    Good Luck!

    Posted on Saturday, November 4, 2000, 2:25 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Faction System Murderer Reprieve
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was just posted to In Development on the website:
    Faction System Murderer Reprieve

    The faction murder reprieve will be a one-time reduction in the various types of murder counts that a murderer may have accumulated. This reprieve will be given only when a murderer who has not previously received a faction-related reprieve first joins a faction. The reprieve will carry the consequence of regaining all of your prior murder counts should the character become labeled as a murderer once again (i.e.: they get 5 or more short-term counts). This reprieve will only be offered for one month after it is published, after which the reprieve code will be disabled.

    To get the reprieve, the murder must join the faction (as described in the Faction System document) through the faction stone. Note this means murderers will not be able to join the Council of Mages or True Britannians factions unless they are part of a guild whose guild leader is able to get to the faction stone and join the faction.

    Murders who have more than five short-term or long-term murder counts who receive a reprieve will be set to four short-term and long-term murder counts and automatically become "blue". Murderers whose "ping-pong" counter is 4 or greater will have that counter set to four. The system will retain the previous short-term, long-term, and ping-pong for these characters and should a reprieved murderer become a murder again, all of these counts will be set to their original numbers

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 10:29 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Siege Perilous Downtime and the Faction System
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Siege Perilous Downtime and the Faction System

    We will be bringing the Siege Perilous shard down this afternoon (CST) in order to remove the Rate over Time (RoT) skill gain system as currently detailed in Testing for Next Update. Other changes to the Siege Perilous shard (such as those listed in In Concept) will be published at a later date.

    In addition, we are currently targeting early next week to publish the Faction System to Siege Perilous. We will then monitor the shard for approximately one week. If all goes well, we will publish the system to the other shards. A detailed announcement will be made to this section of the site once the publish date is confirmed.

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 10:26 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ruins Revisited!
    Earlier this week, brave warriors and powerful mages battled against an army of undead so large and so deadly it almost dwarfed Jou'nar's attack on Trinsic. This battle was the second attempt to gain entry into a mysterious ruins housing not only a large sarcophogous but an odd book bearing even stranger words. What these words mean is anyone's guess. The doors of this ancient tomb remain sealed at this time, allowing no access. As the battle drew to a close, two unknown desert nomads appreached the crowd of people. The two nomads, a man and a woman, claimed these ruins and desert lands were the home of their now mostly extinct tribe. Blame was set upon the Wyrms of this realm for the destruction of their homeland and people. They asked the people of Sonoma for assistance in retrieving what they claimed to be the key to the tomb where the book lay waiting. This key, the nomads said, could be found hanging about the neck of the Ancient Wyrm himself. This now brings us up to date and into the near future.... This Sunday at 6pm PST all who wish to assist in the capture of this key are to report to the home of Robyn ap Mir, located just north of the Cavalry Guild in Britain. Come well prepared and expect undead..or worse... Keep the Faith, Tyril
    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 9:46 PM EST by Tyril (Sonoma)

    GM Darkness and IGM Talos Captured !
    After weeks of hiding in brushes, crawling in mud and backstabbing the guards surrounding them with my best deadly poisoned daggers, I managed to capture two of the most widely known figures of our shard, GM Darkness and IGM Talos. ok, I'm lying here. The UOSS Europa staff posted this a few days ago, and I thought it would be interesting for us here too.

    The members of Uo Witch (of the Necromantic Order of Witches - a Europa-based roleplaying guild, it seems) managed to get a grip on GM Darkness and IGM Talos, and after lots of beatings and bannings (ok, no bannings, but there could have been some... oh, and no beatings either), managed to ask them a few questions (and yes, I know I've put too many brackets in that sentence).

    You can find GM Darkness' interview here, and IGM Talos' interview there.

    Worth a read for sure. *waves to GM Darkness, amazed to hear he used to live here*

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 6:58 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    RoT Gets Dropped Today and Factions Hits SP Next Week!
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    We will be bringing the Siege Perilous shard down this afternoon (CST) in order to remove the Rate over Time (RoT) skill gain system as currently detailed in Testing for Next Update. Other changes to the Siege Perilous shard (such as those listed in In Concept) will be published at a later date. In addition, we are currently targeting early next week to publish the Faction System to Siege Perilous. We will then monitor the shard for approximately one week. If all goes well, we will publish the system to the other shards. A detailed announcement will be made to this section of the site once the publish date is confirmed.
    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 2:39 PM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Attacks on Moonglow!

    Attacks on Moonglow!

    Yesterday evening, as planned a week before at the Moonglow War Council, forces gathered in Moonglow to defend it against Kazari's forces. Rilla foretold their attacks and so the defenders had enough time to prepare and set up their defense. Both, the Trammel and the Fellucian side of Moonglow were manned and ready to fight against whatever hordes would be loosened against the town.

    I sent out scouts to patrol the area of Moonglow, but for quite a long time nay reports of any movement except ours was received, when suddenly a message arrived from our Trammel allies telling, that they were under heavy attack by Water Elementals at the southern gate. I immediately sent off a group of warriors to strengthen the southern gate of Moonglow, while I continued to read the message. It told from blackish Water Elementals of huge power amongst the attackers and I remembered Rilla's advice to fight water with fire.

    I did nay take long when I heard shouts from the southern gate: "ALARM!", someone yelled, "They're comin'!". Already warriors were running towards the gate, while I quickly sent a message back to our Trammel friends, telling of the attack here. When I arrived at the gate I saw people trying to summon up Fire Elementals, although due to the magic barriers it was nay possible to summon 'em up. 

    It seemed to last for ages ... elementals flooding into town, warriors shouting and mages hurling their deadly spells against the enemy, while everything around me seemed to move as if I was under the water ... gettin' slower and slower, if this was some ancient spell I nay know, but many brave men met their faith while bravely fighting the enemy. 

    In the end though the victory was ours. Some brave men lighted fires underneath the black elements and they instantly vanished as if never been there. When the last of the elementals was destroyed, Kazari himself appeared at the scene, yelling some insults at the people and then he used something Sardisha had told us about, some ancient artefact of gypsie legends ... he used the "Stone of Hate" and vanished before the warriors could engage him.

    After collecting our wounded comrades we returned to Spiritwood for some refreshment and rest. In the meantime though, I was told later, Mairae appeared in Moonglow, looking for Kazari, but was nay able to find him. I was told, that she spoke to some people regarding the second attack on Moonglow, which will happen tonight. She told 'em about the Reaver, the undead, the one Rilla had warned about. Mairae though spoke without fear, and told the people of her ability to destroy the Reaver. How, she did nay tell, only that she will be at the "Scholars Inn" in Moonglow during the attacks. 

    So people, be prepared for the Reaver tonight and look out for Mairae ... she seems to be the one who might be able to get rid of that undead fiend.

    Pad O'Lion

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 2:02 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    UO Witch Interviews IGM Talos and GM Darkness
    The nice people over at has interviewed IGM Talos and GM Darkness:

    What was the most funny thing you ever witnessed as a GM?
    A player blocking 2 Noble NPC's in the woods with chests, calling me, saying: I took those NPC's hostage and if you wont help me I have to kill 'em.

    Also find out what Darkness' favorite meal is, and what the R.A.F Officers do in their sparetime!

    The Necromantic Order of Witches.

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 12:56 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    The Story of Marto Neo's Kidanapping
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A report from Lolion

    A mere fortnight ago, the FVM had gathered as usual in their headquarters, and were discussing the situation in Vesper. When suddenly D'Angelos father, Martio burst in through the doors, quite severely injured. All those who attended were quite startled, and rushed to help the old man. What he then told us sent shivers down our spines, and turned one of our greatest fears into reality.

    The Decadanti had apparently somehow gotten a hold of the infamous Lich book, which we had faught so bravely to defend. And as luck would have it, they were summoning a daemon to translate it when Martio happened to walk by. A quite small amount of time passed before a Decadanti guard spotted him, and cried out to the others the words of Martios presence. Somehow Martio managed to hide, after being hit by an arrow. His disruption was nay in vein, however, as it had caused the Decadanti mage to lose focus for a few minutes. This had resulted in the daemon to turn upon it's own summoner. Unfortunately they were able to strike the daemon down quite quickly, and were to attempt the summoning once again the same evening. Upon seeing how distressed Martio truly was when speaking these words, I and my commander, Marto Neo decided it best to send out a patrol that same evening, in an attempt to stop any further plans the Decadanti had for the Lich book.

    I was indeed truly impressed by the great number of FVM soldiers to attend the patrol. It became apparent to all what impact Martio's story had had upon us. Before we set out Marto told us that he and D'Angelo had slain a Decadanti earlier during the day. This perticular Decadanti had apparently held the book describing how to summon the very same daemon that they had summoned earlier during the day. Now we had indeed gained much confidence, and 'twas with proud words of victory the men set out, scouring the forests surrounding Vesper, trying to find the Decadanti search party that was bound to attempt to recover the book. When I and Conor McLeod neared the Cove cemetary, we suddenly heard Marto Neo's cries for help. We ran as fast as we could back towards the northwest Vesper bridge, as Marto's shouts grew stronger. Then, upon arriving, I saw a large force of Decadanti holding Marto prisoner. Among those in the Decadanti lines were Amon Kal'Groth, Memnoch Al'Zufe and Lord Lanfear. There was little doubt the Decadanti had brought their most powerful mages to try and recover the book, and they were quite content with having taken our commander prisoner. Before the entire patrol had arrived, Memnoch threw Marto Neo into a moongate, all the time mocking those that were watching.

    Then, the rest of our men arrived, quite eager to do battle with their enemies.'Twas nay long before a large battle erupted, claiming many of the lives from both sides. Sadly, our forces were greatly harmed by the magic wielded by Amon and Memnoch. And in the end nothing remained of our great patrol.

    When we returned to the headquarters I met D'Angelo. And 'twas indeed with great grief I told him what had happened. However, my story does nay end here. Shortly after the battle had taken place, I took a few of our men to scout out the location of the infamous Decadanti tower. It took us quite a while, but eventually we discovered it's location. Alas, 'twas empty, and our commander was nowhere to be found.

    We waited for days that seemed endless, hoping that the Decadanti would somehow expose themselves. Then, one day during a patrol, one of our mages going by the name of Mace, was caught by the Decadanti, and tortured by Memnoch Al'Zufe in his laboratory. Mace told us of many a gruesome sight he had witnessed in there. And the mere thought of what he had to suffer through, still makes it hard to sleep. Fortunately Memnoch had underestimated Mace, and had left him unguarded for naught more than a minute. During this time, Mace managed to escape by means of magic, forever physically scarred by Memnoch's "experiments". This event did indeed have most of our members quite restless, and many started to lose faith that they would ever see their commander again. Mace was however much more convinced of the opposite. What we were nay aware of, was that Memnoch had forgotten to blindfold Mace during his transport towards the laboratory, and Mace had decided to seek out it's wearabouts once again. This might, to some, have been an irrational thing to do, alas it seemed completely natural to Mace. And he kept it a secret to all of us until he had returned. He then told us that he had carved a rune to the laboratory, as well as taken a swift look around inside the building itself, hoping to find anything of use. And this he did indeed ! Just as he was leaving, he noticed a very old book, lying on Memnoch's writing desk. Immediately feeling the book was of great importance to the Decadanti, he copied it. The book proved to contain many an arcane secret, amongst those the summoning ritual of the daemon Alash-Traagh. This restored some hope to us. Alas we did still nay hold knowledge of Marto's wearabouts.

    Then, one day, a man the name of whom I am nay aware, stumbled in through the doors of the headquarters. He was bleeding from his forehead, and looked in severe pain. With his dying breath he told us that he had, in fact, seen Marto Neo running off from a somewhat large Decadanti force in direction towards Vesper. Naturally saddened by the fact that the man had given his life to tell us this, I was still filled with a sense of glee. We were all certain Marto had escaped the foul Decadanti, and was on his way back to the FVM. The only thing worrying me at this point, was the thought of the large Decadanti force, who could very well be tracking him. Should they capture him once again, we would most likely never see our friend again. Therefore I gathered what men I could, and set off to find Marto Neo.

    Those that joined me had to ride quite far indeed, as we searched the way from Vesper, all the way towards Yew, where Marto had escaped. Then, at the crossroads of Vesper, Britain and Yew, one of my fellow bowmen, a man called LowNoise, pointed towards the large building placed upon the the fork in the road.

    "Look there ! "
    "Up on the roof ! "
    "By the stars, 'tis Marto Neo !"

    The entire group was filled with an anxious mumble, and we rode off to help our old friend.

    I was the first to greet him. In doing so, he looked upon me in a way that was, to say the least, terrifying. 'Twas an inner fire, the likes of which I had only witnessed before in the eyes of Tanq Sibris and Jonny. He spoke in a toungue foreign to all of us, and then drew his sword. I was certain my final moment had arrived when my commander lunged towards me, screaming out his hate towards the FVM. Then, just as his sword touched my tunic, 'twas swept aside. I looked up, only to find that Slow and Conor McLeod had thrown themselves upon Marto, nay caring for their own safety, and thusly saving my life.

    Conor and Slow quickly removed his sword, and held his arms, forcing him to stand up. During this time, Marto violently resisted all our attempts in reasoning with him. Alas, all he would do was to spit and curse the FVM for capturing him. He said he had seen the light, and was nay longer limited by our "human flaws". At this point everyone was unsure of what to do, and most of those attending were nay doubt thinking of what had happened to our dear friend Jonny nay too long ago. During that brief moment of hesitation, Marto pulled out a dagger our guards had nay seen, and with it, he stabbed Conor in the arm.

    Conor released his grip around Marto's arm in a terrible scream of agony due to the severe pain inflicted by the dagger. The instant my commander got his arm free, he spoke at us, once again in the foreign tougue, his eyes burning even brighter with every word that left his mouth. Then suddenly, he stopped, closed his eyes and vanished into thin air. All that remained of his presence was the name Alash-Traagh, echoing along the corridors of the crossroads building. Upon seeing this, I almost fell off my horse. I could nay believe what I had just witnessed. There was little we could have done, and we decided to head back towards Vesper, hoping the Decadanti force the man had spoken of was nay planning an attack. Fortunately this was nay the case, and I told the men to double the number of patrols, as the situation around Vesper had been all but calm recently.

    I was awakened from my slumber the following morning, by a light scraping sound. Upon looking around the room, I noticed a pidgeon had flown in through my window during the night. 'Twas carrying a letter from Marto Neo.

    "This letter is for ye, FVM dogs.
    Last night ye found out I had seen the light.
    Ye damned cowards were fortunate enough to have yer strength in numbers. Tonight, however, the tables shall turn... Guard yer dead well, lest ye nay value their peace.

    Marto Neo"

    As soon as I had read through the letter, I immediately notified D'Angelo and the other captains of that which was stated therein. D'Angelo was swift to gather all the FVM that were available, and we set off towards the cemetary to "welcome" the Decadanti that would arrive... When the Decadanti finally arrived, transported by Memnoch's dark magic, a most unsettling sight met them. Surely they had thought we would nay have the possibility to gather a large force in a short amount of time.

    This proved to be a fatal mistake.

    They were swiftly surrounded by the FVM force. In spite of this, they were still very sure of themselves, something that worries me still to this day. As their force consisted of merely four warriors, they were slain quite quickly by our large patrol. After the battle, we found that one of the bodies belonged to our commander, Marto Neo. We quickly brought the body to our headquarters. Well there, my leader D'Angelo and one of our mages, Skippy, tried both long and hard to resurrect it. When the body finally began to move, both my leader's and Skippy's powers were virtually drained. 'Twas as if Marto's entire being had resisted to be brought back to life. I insisted to personally hear Marto out, while he was still semi-unconsious. This way he could nay resist by force, and he would easily answer whatever he was asked. However, what I had nay counted on, was the mental state he was in.

    I have nay ever seen eyes so blank, 'twas as if his very soul, and whatever had posessed him, had been ripped out. Now all that remained was an empty shell of my commander. Just then I heard hooves outside. 'Twas Mace that had come to the headquarters, having heard of Marto's recapturing. Now, Mace has been studying the daemons, and people who were believed to be posessed, since the day he fled from Memnoch's laboratory. And he told us of a good friend, that might be able to "reconstruct" the pieces of Marto Neo's soul.

    We did have our doubts that Marto's sould could ever be returned from wherever it had gone. Alas, we had to try. Mace told us that his friend would arrive the day of the next meeting, when Fellucia and Trammel were at their closest. And so he did.

    During the meeting, exactly two weeks after Marto's kidnapping, an old bearded man in worn clothes, and holding a gnarled wandering staff in his right hand, treaded upon the steps of the Free Vesper Militia headquarters. He introduced himself as Praecor Loth, and asked to see our commander. I ran up to fetch Marto from our quarters as quickly as my legs would carry me. There he sat, just as I had left him a few days ago. Riddled upon the floor around him, however, laid the remains of fishsteaks, various breads, and small critters that Marto himself must have caught. I gently grabbed his arm, and lead him down to the main room. Upon seeing Praecor, Marto started to move by his own force, still very weak, but one could tell that he did nay wish to be still for very long. Praecor took a long gaze at Marto's eyes, and also took Marto's pulse. After doing this, he let hear with a sigh, and seated himself once again, trying to look untouched. Alas, one could see the sorrow in his eyes, and the slight shiver over his body, as he pondered Marto's state. He spoke no more during the meeting, and we were all very worried. Then, just as we were all being dismissed by D'Angelo, he looked up and asked if he might have yet another look at Marto. This time, somewhat more private. D'Angelo agreed to this, and ordered me, Slow, and Skippy to join him, as we were close friends of Marto, and could hopefully aid Praecor in his examination. D'Angelo also told, that Marto had in fact, been slain by a very special weapon indeed. A kryss D'Angelo had recieved on his travels, known to the living as "the kryss of good". 'Thad slain many a daemon's earthly form in times of need, and might have something to do with Marto's state. Praecor did nay hesitate for a second, and took the kryss from D'Angelo's hands. Then he, myself, Slow, Skippy and Marto, proceeded upstairs to see if we could find out what was happening inside Marto.

    The first thing Praecor did was to point the kryss straight at Marto, constantly asking him what it meant to him, hoping to get an answer. Marto did nay respond to this, and merely sat there, completely ignoring both Praecor and the kryss. Praecor was somewhat pleased with this, as it "indicated that Marto nay longer had any evil left in him". What worried him, however, was that Marto did nay speak, and furthermore remained completely silent no matter what happened. We were all getting slightly desperate, and were nearly out of suggestions, when suddenly I got an idea, which seemed logical at the time. And I asked Praecor if we could see how Marto responded to outer stimulance, such as heat or cold. Praecor nodded slowly, and I handed him a torch from off the wall. The old man lit the torch, and began to carfully wave it in front of Marto Neo's eyes, slowly moving closer to him. Then, when the torch was about three feet away from Marto's face, my commander sprung up from his seat, startling everyone in the room, and moved away from the torch. Praecor looked, to say the least, faschinated. He then explained to us, that all that seemed to remain of our good commander's mind was the most basic of instincts. The fear of fire, and the will to hunt, thusly explaining the remains of small critters surrounding Marto's chair. Praecor told us that he had to retire to his study, and see if he could find out anything of the daemon that had posessed Marto.

    Just as Praecor was leaving the house, I remembered the book Mace had found in Memnoch's laboratory. I told him where Mace had obtained the information stated therein, and the old man looked upon me, his eyes filled with a new hope. He told me that he would seek Mace out, and as soon as he had found out anything that might aid Marto, he would notify me. Until Until that time arrived, he would be staying at the Ironwood inn.

    The very same evening, while I was enjoying my dinner alongside my beloved Luggage, a pidgeon settled upon my shoulder. 'Twas carrying a note from Praecor, in which he wrote that he had found a ritual that would most surely be able to force the daemon to completely release it's grasp of Marto's soul. 'Twould be most dangerous, however, and he adviced me to call upon as many men as time would allow. When I then arrived at the headquarters, Praecor had already been there for some time. He was sitting in one of the thrones, stroking his beard, and constantly chuckling to himself. This did nay doubt serve as somewhat of a reassurance to me. Only two men other then myself arrived at the headquarters. Praecor was certain that the rest of our men were afraid of what could happen when mortals dealed with beings from the outer planes. And for this he did nay blame them, nay, on the contrary, he believed himself and those who shared the room with him to be fearless madmen. When he felt certain nay more of our men would arrive, he told us what the result of his research...

    As it turned out, the person that had been, or was, posessed by the daemon had to stand in a circle of light. Whilst the daemon was to be summoned and slain upon a special type of altar, the last which proved to be found in the mysterious stone circle between Vesper and Cove. And furthermore, 'thad to be slain by a holy weapon.

    As we soon found out, D'Angelo was away on other errands, and he had brought the kryss with him. Fortunately both our guard captain Conor McLeod and myself own blessed weapons. When night fell, the small group set out towards the eerie stone circle. Then, as we were nearing the altar, we heard hooves coming up from behind us. 'Twas LowNoise, who had defied his fears, and decided to join us. Now there was nay time to lose, and we began to place lit candles around Marto, while Praecor Loth made certain Marto would nay flee, by somehow paralyzing him. In the distance we could hear the wolves howling, and 'twas indeed a frightful place, in which we prepared ourselves to battle Alash-Traagh itself. On our sign, Praecor swung his staff up over his head, speaking the words that would summon Alash-Traagh. The staff shined with a light, as bright as the very sun itself, and the air was filled with a massive rumble, nearly shattering the altar. Then, a completely black figure started to take form upon it. Dust was swirled up and around it, and leaves were lifted from the ground and thrown into the evergrowing silhuette. We all knew that 'tis first when a attacks a mortal, that it becomes truly bound to our plane. The flickering daemon turned around and frowned at Praecor. The old man then took his staff and pointed it towards Conor, ordering the daemon to slay him. As soon as the daemon recieved the order, all the dust and leaves fell to the ground. The daemon was now bound to us, and thusly vulnerable !

    After a long and brave fight, we stood victorious. As the daemon fell, we heard cries from the other end of the circle. We turned around, only to find the screams hailed from Marto who was clutching his head, screaming in agony. Then, suddenly, he collapsed in the circle of candles, nay moving a muscle, with eyes wide open, and hardly breathing. Praecor shouted to us that we did nay have much time, and had to return to the headquarters before dawn broke. He began wielding his staff, speaking the words Vas Rel Por. Suddenly, the air began to flicker, and a moongate appeared, leading straight to our base. I took my commander in my arms, and carried him into the magical gate. When in the headquarters, I seated him in my chair, alas, he was still nay moving. We all spoke at him, and put food before him, hoping that he would respond. Then, when we were all on the verge of giving up hope, Marto's eyes began to move. He took some of the food. Mumbled a few words to us, confirming that he was feeling fine, although a little tired. The shouts of joy in that room can nay be described by mere words. I lifted him up, once again and carried him up to the quarters, leaving him to rest there.

    When I came back downstairs, I noticed Praecor Loth had put on his wandering robe again, and was leaving us. I tried to explain my gratitude to him, alas I could nay. The old man smiled at me, bid us farewell and left through the doors, carrying naught with him but his lantern and staff.

    Yours, Lolion, Bowman Captain of the FVM.

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 4:29 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Man of the world part 2
    The riddles are solved ...

    Greetings again, Citizens of Britannia

    Tonight was to be the night when the ancient Dragon Al´Cedra would come before those who had gained access to her lair on Monday. At the appointed tame, about 30 people in all were teleported into her Lair and brought before her. Of these people 9 were the members of Kult that had made it into the final round.

    After the greeting by Al´Cedra herself, her son Al´Norin saw to it that each and everyone recieved a book with the seven riddles, that were to be solved, inscribed therein.

    The riddles were as follows:

    1. I am the candle of the night and what lovers swear by. What am I?
    2. I am seven and seven and three and four, fixed and doubled, led to the end of my beginning and spun around. What number am I now?
    3. Bide me, waste me, find me, but you cannot turn me back. What am I?
    4. Once I was no more than a mote of ocean sand, now I am a lady's pride. What am I?
    5. The longer I stay the shorter I get. By me you can mark the hours or romance the ladies. What am I?
    6. In the spring soft flowers bode me, in the summer none can use me, ever am I sweet in the fall, in winter find me not at all, and I am the mark of Adam's fall. What am I?
    7. If I am good you court me, if I am bad you leave me screaming. Yet you are the one who shaped me after all. What am I?

    After recieving their book everyone withdrew into a corner of the lair to start searching for the solutions. The members of Kult gathered and started communicating with magic means, debating the riddles, as we had agreed before to work as one, not caring who of us would win, only that it was one of us.

    On 6 of the riddles agreement was soon found, onle riddle 2 left us unsure.

    It did nay take long until the first daring souls presented their books to Al´Cedra, so we decided to try as well. I was the first in line of Kult to present my book, should my answers be wrong, we would have 8 more tries. And alas, I was rejected, my solutions were not those searched for.

    But right behind me came Wolfsbane, Magician of Kult. Al´Cedra opened his book with her mighty claw and gazed at the answers he had scibbled inside. Her stern face became light as she read his answers and soon her booming voice could be heard in the Cave: "All yer answers are correct. Ye shall be Master of the Word"

    Before he even understood what fate had bestowed on him, the pure white sash was on Wolfsbane, under the cheering of the rest of us. The answers to the riddle, as given by him were

    1) Moon
    2) 244
    3) Time
    4) Pearl
    5) Candle
    6) Apple
    7) Dream

    Difficult they were and alone probably none of us would have solved them all, but with the strength of a group, it was possible. So now, Wolfsbane of Moonglow is the 3rd Master of the Word. He especially deserves this title as he is one much learned and wise. I am sure he will always carry the title with pride.

    Soon after presenting the sash to the winner, the two dragons bade their farewell. They have annouced that on the 1st of the next month once again a Master of the Word will be named. So all ye aspiring seekers of knowledge, prepare yerself for the next challenge comming.

    In closing, one personal statement may be allowed to me. I am an old man, not many walking the Shards of Britannia can claim to be older than me. Many a strange and interesting thing I have seen in my time and many a quest I took part in. But none of them were as fascinating and challenging to me than those posed by Al´Cedra and her 2 sons. I have been there all 3 times now and will surely be there next month. Their riddles are a great source of fun for, from what I hear, not only me, but many others who have taken part. We can only hope that they will keep blessing us with their appearences in the future.

    With Regards
    Zreto Lusorian

    Posted on Friday, November 3, 2000, 4:20 AM EST by Eldariel (Europa)

    Spyte the Knife Warns Edinburgh; Pirates Attack Minoc
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Spyte the Knife, the assassin who was involved in the events at the Brazen Monkey Tavern last week, has warned the villagers of Edinburgh about a possible pirate invasion. According to Niamb Goldenhair, “Spyte advised that we call upon all our allies, friends and neighbors to help in the defense of our village for he predicted a fearsome onslaught the like of which we have not seen to date in the next few days.” Spyte also indicated that there was an invasion of pirates in Minoc last night, and we’ve received late word from Mako the Pyrate of the Cutthroat Pyrates that there was such an invasion, which they helped repel:
    I wuz busy finishin "liberatin" sum loot from sum brigands on Wednesday when a parrot flew down an landed on me shoulder. It 'twas me guildmate Coggy da Bastid's parrot, an it told me dat thar wuz an invasion o' pirates goin on in Minoc!

    I rushed there as quickly as I could. As I rode me horse up tha road towards tha gypsy camp, I found meself ta be surrounded by pirates! Fortunately I had me lucky bardiche handy, an I started fightin me way through dem, finally makin it up near tha gypsy camp, where I met up wit me mate Coggy. We were soon joined by another o' our mates, Annabelle, an we began pressin forward as a team fightin off hoardes o' pirates an their leader mages.

    We made it down ta a small stone tower jest south o' tha gypsy camp not far from tha coast, whar several other brave souls were helpin ta fight off tha attack. A pile o' bodies built up around dat spot, as dat wuz whar tha main part o' tha battle wuz. Suddenly, I found meself ta be under attack o' a mage. Most o' tha other mages I wuz able ta easily defeat, but dis one wuz much tougher. I reckon him ta be tha leader o' tha invasion. I cannae remember his name, but Coggy liberated 'im o' his red robe after we finally felled him.

    Soon, tha pirates seemed ta be makin a retreat, so's we headed ta tha coastline ta block their escape. We wuz able ta get most o' dem, but a few were able ta get away, unfortunately.

    Tha Cutthroat Pyrates were glad ta help out tha townfolk o' Minoc, an ye kin be sure dat I'll be keepin me one good eye out fer dese pirates. I recognized sum o' dem as ones dat our crew turned down fer membership, seein as they wuzn't good enuff ta be in a real pyrate crew.

    Cutthroat Pyrates

    Afterwards, Niamb reported seeing a pirate Ursula, who wished to speak to one of the village elders. When she learned that the elder was not available, she unleashed a massive attack upon the city. Once things quelled down, Ursula appeared on her ship, The Red Tide 2.

    Kaltes Feuer of the Purple Guardians of Honor, offers what happened next:

    I walked up to the other boat, only to find the others talking to Ursula. She stated that her only captains are the sea, and Caine. After she 'ad threatened us several times, She then went to the 'old, where she then sailed the boat away. Within a few seconds after we stayed a brigand attack, the Golden One appeared and walked down to the shore. 'e walked to the place, where Ursula’s boat was anchored.

    'e then walked onto another boat farther south [The Red Tide], and repeated the words, "Mk bot go", and "Mi gt gld". After of which we explained that we could not make the boat go, Grim Loc Daugh, a goblin, went onto the boat directly next to the one the Golden One was on. We all climbed aboard, and so did the Golden One. 'e asked us to take him to his gold, so Grim decided to 'ead into the bay north of Minoc. We killed some brigands, trolls, ogres, and ettins, and then the Golden One said, "Whre is mi gld". We told 'im that we thought 'e knew where the gold was, but 'e said, "Mi nt kno".

    The goblin Grim Loc Daugh takes the gold earth elemental on a boat ride

    After trying to reason with 'im, we finally asked 'im where 'e thought 'is gold was, and 'e stated that Smithson 'ad it. After a short while of explaining that Smithson is under an enchantment, and 'e doesn't 'ave your gold, 'e stated that Caine said 'e had it. Then, we began explaining that Caine is a bad person as well, and 'e was deceived by Caine. The Golden One still did not believe us, and kept demanding that we return 'im to the mine. We made 'im promise that 'e would not send 'is friends after us, we took 'im to the mine.
    The elemental returned to its mine and demanded that everyone leave it alone. Grim offers some analysis of what was learned from "Goldie" during the evening:
    • Goldie thinks Smithson took the Gold only by what Caine had told him
    • Goldie thinks a "bot" will take him to Gold only by what Caine had told him
    • Goldie Likes and Trusts Caine
    • Goldie says "Smithson is gn" not dead
    • Goldie Wants "His" Mine left alone
    There is much to mull over as Edinburgh prepares for a possible onslaught.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 9:46 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Guardian Provisioners to Offer Armor Repair Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following announcement:
    The Guardian Provisioners in Trammel will be holding its weekly armor repair session on Saturday night between 7:30 and 8:30 eastern. This event is to thank and help support all the warriors of the land that visit the establishment.

    Guardian Provisioners is a tower located SW of Trinsic at sextant coordinates 135o15’S 31o30’E. The building offers a tavern on the first floor and a large selection of vendors on the second floor.

    A representative of the Guardians of Light will be offering magical gates from the west Britain bank during the hour-long event.

    Guild Elder
    Guardians of Light

    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 9:30 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Quest Tonight!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I was completing my latest story on the Harvester of Souls when there was a knock on the door. On the other side was a small child dressed in common garb.

    “Are you Pelle Svanslos?” he asked me. “My master has sent me to look for a reporter.”

    I ruffled his hair and confirmed his query. “How can I help you, son.”

    “My master needs your help.” he held a small book before him which I took. Without taking his eyes off of me he watched as I read through the pages.


    My name is Professor Higgens and I live on Moonglow Inland. Well, I need a group of investigators. You see someone has stolen my pet bird. His name is Midnight. He was given to me by an old friend who has now long passed on. I am not looking for strong warriors but I do need adventures that know how to think. I do have a treasure map here that I can give to the person returns Midnight.


    Professor Higgens

    Closing the book, I promised the boy I would spread the word. He gave me a map that showed where the Professor lived. Looking at it closely I saw a small farm house located at 13o 53'N 141o 50'W.

    “When, is he expecting us?” I asked the boy. He frowned for a moment and said: “Somewhere around 10:00 pm in the Eastern Sky.”

    (10 pm EST, 7pm PST)

    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:17 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Pick Up a Drunken Sailor For Fun and Profit!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Hail mateys!

    One of our Seadogs has been on leave for a bit and hasn't been seen. Well it's time for him to get back to work and we are offering a reward of 100,000gp to anyone who can find the scoundrel.

    We are certain he is at one of his favorite bars, so to fund this reward we are selling off his rune collection. To claim your reward simply buy one of his runes and at 9cst November 2, see where it take ya! If the drunken sailor be there.. well you can collect the reward. We'll be selling the runes at Seadogs Saloon starting at Thursday, 8cst November 2. Seadogs is located at 117o25'N 20o23'E on the Felucca side of Great Lakes.

    While we are waiting to find that Seadog, some of the boys have a wager on who's boat is fastest. If you think you have a faster boat be sure to come join the boat race it'll be starting at 8cst Thursday, November 2 also!

    Seadogs Saloon

    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 4:28 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Yet Another Year Passes in the Lichlords Long Life
    Today marks another year of passing in the life of Stratics' very own lichlord, Azalin. While I'm unsure of the customs used to celebrate birthdays of the Ebon Skull members, we here at Stratics, would like to wish him a very happy birthday with many future ones to come.

    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 2:07 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    Merchants on Tour : Informations
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Raknar, of the Merchants on Tour [MoT] sent us the following note :
    Hail kind news-collector. Here is an update about the Halloween-activities on the Drachenfels Shard yesterday : Thanks in advance,
    Raknar the Merchant [MoT]
    German Translation :
    Hi Ihr werten Newssammler.

    Hier ist ein Update über die gestrigen Haloween-Aktivitäten auf dem DF-Shard :

    Vielen Dank für Eure Aufmerksamkeit.
    Raknar the Merchant [MoT]
    I am the one thanking you, Raknar. *bows*
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 1:41 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Grimoire Fight Nights
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Friday Fight Night at the Grimoire Arena.
    2 vs. 2 Sponsored by Elwind Thorne, in memory of Grimtooth:
    Friday, November 3, 2000 @ (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)

    NO ENTRY FEE, 1st place 25K gps, 2nd place 15K gps, 3rd place 10K gps.

    Here are the rules:
    · No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    · No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    · No use of summoning spells, field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall or gate.
    · No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    · The spell Des Mani (Weaken) is not allowed, nor can you cast Bless on an opponent.
    Casting Bless on an opponent will result in immediate loss of match.

    · All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    · The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    · Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    · In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event.
    · A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit.
    · The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.

    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST.

    We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit:

    Hope to see you there =o)
    Baby-Grimoire Staff
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:26 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Stormhaven Caravan Run
    Baroness Elsa, Sovereign of the City of Stormhaven, and Milord Savage Storm, Guild Master of the Storm Ryders of Hope, invites all indomitable and chivalrous adventurers to join the Stormhaven Gendarmes in escorting several caravans, carrying important supplies from the city of Vesper to Stormhaven. It is important to point out that the mysterious packages are crucial in the continuing struggle against Minax and her evil hordes. Failure to stand and deliver will make newbies of us all.

    There will be up to ten teams, each comprised of three adventurers, plus a Stormhaven Gendarme guide provided by Baroness Elsa. The Gendarme guide will be in command of the caravan. The objective is to get the packhorse, carrying an all-important package to Baroness Elsa, in Stormhaven Castle. A word of warning: one of the Baroness' highly placed intelligence operatives has informed her of substantial arms and troop movements, coordinated by some of Minax's most ruthless and efficient lieutenants, on the Stormhaven Turnpike. Given this disturbing report, the Baroness is stressing that only the most stalwart ramblers and thrill-seekers should join the convoy.

    Below are the special rules governing this event:

    1) This is a PVM event, players need not join Storm Ryders of Hope to participate
    2) Members of warring guilds, participating in the festivity, are asked to issue temporary truce for the duration of the event
    3) Teams must use the Vesper-Stormhaven road for this affair. Recalls and Gates are prohibited
    4) Dragons, nightmares and drakes are barred from this episode. Minor pets (bears, spiders…, etc.) and summoned creatures are perfectly acceptable
    5) First team to get their assigned packhorse, carrying the special package, will win a princely treasure chest
    6) All teams that get their packages AND packhorses (alive) to Stormhaven will receive 15k gold to split among the team members (the Gendarme Scout-Captain is eligible for prizes)
    7) Teams that can not get the packhorse alive to Stormhaven, but succeed in getting the special package to the Baroness will receive 5k gold

    Mustering of arms will begin: Friday, November 3rd, 7:30 PM (PST); 9:30 PM (CST)
    Location: City of Stormhaven, coordinates- 66 Degrees North by 54 Degrees East (Trammel)
    Gates will be provided at the West Britain Bank, 15 minutes before the start of the event.

    Don't miss your chance to strike a mighty blow against Minax and her evil plans to invade Trammel! Come well armed and be ready to inflict great slaughter.

    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:16 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Liberalis Party!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Chess tournament and party in Liberalis this Friday November 3rd, at 7pm Pacific Time, 10 Eastern.

    Come one, come all to match wits in the mental tug of war associated with chess! Will include open bar, games of dice, checkers and darts compositions!

    Most attractive male competition! (Cannot promise to be unbiased) Winner receives 1,000 gold pieces and a date with CopperZerO!

    Bring your trusted steed for the horse races! Dance, sing, and play music! Bring weapons and armour just in case ;) Free food and drinks!

    Winner of the chess tourney will receive 5,000 gold pieces!

    Your Lady,


    *soft music plays...*
    *Here she comes... Miss Britaaaaaaaaaaainniiiiiaaaaaa*
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:08 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Khaldun Run
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    This Friday (November 3rd) Angels Haven is hosting a Khaldun run. Schedule is as follows...

    We will meet promptly at 6:00 at Moonglow South Exit Gate on Trammel side and will party up, provide gates and hand out schedules till 6:15
    Then we will open facet gates and magical gates to the dungeon entrance 6:15 - 6:30
    After we arrive at the dungeon we will reorganize and enter the dungeon 6:30 - 7:00
    Once inside we will smash through the lower level monsters gathering confidence and easy loot 7:00-8:00
    Then we will go bigger and better and move on to the "hidden" areas and tougher monsters 8:00-9:00
    After we get our share of loot and fame we will re-party and head back to the entrance where we will again open facet and moongates 9:00-9:30
    After safely at Angels Haven we will divide the loot to non Angels Haven Staff 9:30-10:00

    * Please note two resurrectors will be outside to res, along with a "retrieval unit" to help you safely relocate your items and 1 lockpick will be inside to pop open and untrap the chests (should we find any) *

    More information about this event and more may be found at our website

    Town Founder -gig
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:02 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Cove Suffered Humanoids Attack
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<My relative Belmakor sent me the following note a few days ago :
    Hi Bel !
    A few days ago, an attack occured in Cove. The Town Cryers called for help, announcing an orcish invasion. As I arrived there I noticed most of the attackers however were orges and ettins. The defenders were having a very hard time, but victory was about to come, when suddenly a crowd of Ogre Lords appeared in front of the gates.
    That was a turn in the battle, which lasted for a long time after then, but finally after many losses, the defenders claimed the remnants of the city.

    Brother in Arms, [HYS]

    Note to everybody reading this : please don't forget, each time you witness such an event, to let us know here.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 9:04 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Fourth Jhelom Gladiator Games Tomorrow !
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was posted by the Curator of the Jhelom Pit on the Events Calendar :
    To be a gladiator means to endure pain and hardship, to fight well or to die ignominiously, and above all, to make every moment of a short and uncertain life a way to show the virtues of courage and discipline. In fighting courageously and skillfully, you might demonstrate sufficient valor to win the respect of all the citizens of Britannia; in a death accepted without protest, you could acquire it as well.

    If you feel ready, come to the Jhelom Pit on the Felucca Facet and be prepared to fight against the best gladiators coming from all the different corners of Britannia.
    And what about the reward ? The champions name will be recorded in the history of champions book, and a carving will be made of the brave warrior, on exhibition for all to see.

    If you will ready and brave enough come to the Pit and face your fate !

    This Event will take place in the Jhelom Pit (Felucca) on Friday the 3rd November, at 8.30pm CET (7.30pm GMT, 2.30 pm EST). To register for the contest, come early at the eastern entrance of the Pit.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:39 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Brotherhood of Utracht Announces Event
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A member of GWU sent us the following announcement :
    Utracht with thee !

    GWU (Wandering Preacher's Society of Utracht) is a small guild which is above all on intent offering a place for good roleplay to our members. As a roleplaying guild we, of course, will mainly do this by adventures which we repeatedly invite players to be a part of. If you wish to play with us it's not neccessary to be in our guild at all.

    We have thought out some kind of riddle-rallye for our first event. From the startingpoint, in front of Empath Abbey, we will hand books descripting how to reach the next stage. There will be some jobs to be done or players will have to compete in a little game. After this you will receive the next book which once more contains the description leading to the next stage or to the finish.
    We have placed prizes for the first 6 ranks but we do stress that you should take part for the fun and the common experience. The one who wants to start off just to win won't enjoy the game. The games and small tests are intended to bring the victory to the lucky ones. So in contrast anyone who wishes to experience about 2 hours change, tension will be well off at this competition.

    You can get further information on our website or directly apply for the event. There you can fill out an application for the competition, if it's all to your liking.

    The number of players will be limited. The order follows exactly the date of applications. If there is a huge number of interested players, we will hold a second similar competition. Please do not apply if you don't really want to attend the event.

    I wish thee great fun and joy at this event.
    The members of GWU,
    Wandering Preacher's Society of Utracht

    Thanks to GWU for this announcement ! As a final note, the website is in german, but the application can be found in english too.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:31 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Ghosts Friendly Uprising in Britain
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Finsbury sent us the following note :
    Fellow citizens,

    It seems there was an uprising this night of Halloween in Britain.
    I can report there was no evil intent, and no attack except those whose heart stopped momentarily as the spooks appeared. It seems these friendly spirits even made use of the Councelors Guild Hall facilities for some kind of meeting.

    GM Sol himself showed up and was scared witless by the greeting awaiting him.

    Safe travels,

    Thanks Finsbury for this nice story ! Lady Zarzal sent us more details about this reunion :
    This was the Halloween spook meeing of the Dragon Clan. It was really fun walking invisible as ghosts through Britain and going simultaneously in war mode near someone.

    We met later at the counselors guild in Britain (Felucca) in hope to see some counselors. One of us put a call in the help queue to get one. But after 10 minutes of waiting, GM Sol himself showed up (in a scary outfit). He told us about the party in Vesper/Trammel. As we all agreed to go there, Sol brought us first to Vesper/Felucca. Then he opened some facet gates and we tried to go to Trammel. Ever seen 15 ghosts who try this simultaneously ? It was a big laugh because one can't enter the gates as ghosts.

    Sol resurrected us all quickly and open new gates for us. We switched sides, attacked a guard and continued with spooking. The whole story can be found here, with more pictures.

    Fare Well
    Lady Zarzal,
    Dragon Clan Drachenfels

    Thanks for these precisions Zarzal !
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:25 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Another Undead Attack on Trinsic !
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Mealina sent us the following report :
    On tuesday morning, there was a big invasion in Trinsic at the meeting hall on Felucca. Two magic gates opened and lots of lich lords, mummies, and skeleton knights were spawning all around in the meeting hall.
    I had no time to take pictures as they all seemed eager to attack me directly, and I barely escaped, severely wounded. The town cryer was not reporting this at all, and after some time the guards were called and killed the creatures, but the magical gates were still opens three hours later.

    GM Mage of RID.

    Thanks Mealina ! Can anybody confirm if the moongates are still open there ? It could be interesting to know.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:20 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Stranded in Paradise : First Report
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Caretaker sent us the following update on the situation of the two teams of "Stranded in Paradise".
    Hail everybody !

    I promised to keep everybody updated about the situations that will develop on the "Stranded in paradise" event, so this is a small report of our first day :
    Today the two teams where gated to the island. Meeting the other teammates, changing ICQ numbers, handing out orders, the sound of pickaxes digging for ore to build tools... wonderful I must say ! Both team where really looking forward to explore the island but realized soon enough that they needed to train their combat skills first, when the first ghosts came OoOOoing back to their stranded ships.

    First impressions on each team are :

    • Shadow : This team isn't very agressive and already was able to craft chainmail armors on their first day. They have built up some stock already and clearly have more and better weapons that the other team. They divided there tasks very well and work very organized.
    • Valorite team : This team does not really care about a good equipment. They love the smell of fresh blood, even if it is their own ! They gangbang everything that moves, except for the real tough monsters... As you can see, they fight with everything they have... and that includes torches !
    For more details about this event you can always visit our website.
    That will be all for now, back to the island
    Thanks Caretaker ! I also received a report from Ber'guk, an ork who appears to live close to this lost island :
    Me wuz out clomping rocks wif dem pickaxe thingy, and mez fink mez go to dem funee island to git more rock. Wen mez git dere, mez see manymany humies dat nub were dere before, so mez say : "Gib tribuut fur dem wargod !".
    Mez not happee, because dem very nicey, and dem gib manymany shinies fur dem clan, so mez can not clomp dem.

    Mez come bak soon wif dem clan and wez ask more tribute, and wez clomp dem ! Hoowaah !

    Uhm... er... thanks, I guess. *shrugs*
    I also would like to thank the Interest team on behalf of the organizers for adding the necessary structures to the island for the duration of the event.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 7:19 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    A Visit From Mendur Marris
    This news was submitted by War Child:

    The other nite, a stranger approached the Kingdom of Dawn Mage Tower. This stranger turned out to be Mendur Marris, a prominent merchant from Britain. He chatted with a few citizens of Dawn at the tower for some time. He told the Dawnites that he was accompanying a trade caravan from Britain to Yew, and after arriving in Yew, he decided to drop by and see about trading opportunities in Dawn. He asked about our Vendor Mall and what our chief products were, and mentioned that a close friend of his, Amon, was an arms and weapon merchant, but he himself simply bought and sold merchandise. He then turned the conversation to his daughter, and how her fiancee was allegedly killed by orcs. He was worried that she would end up an old maid. But he said he might try to arrange a marriage for her, possibly with his friend Amon, even though he is quite her senior in age. He then bid us farewell, saying that perhaps he might drop by another time. But he soon returned running, chased by a band of orcs. Luckily War Child, Wolfhere, and SLY were nearby and easily dispatched the band of orcs.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 2:08 AM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Sunday, Nov. 5th, UOPG Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    I am hosting a tournament for Sunday, November 5, at 11am EST on Test Center. This is an official UOPG Tournament, and everyone is invited. I am also attempting to bring in some Big Name UO personalities, but no word as of yet. There is a possibility. Everyone is welcome to attend, as long as they understand the rules and register. This tournament will allow people from every shard to meet and compete. As of right now, a tournament and battle royale are planned. There will most likely be a capture the flag event also. If you can attend, please register on the registration thread. Thank you for your time!

    Rules can be found here.

    Register here.

    Thankye for this announcement.
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:45 AM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (TestCenter)

    News From Around Sosaria
    Here's a summary of recent events from across Siege Perilous
    On late Monday(10/30/00) and Tuesday nights, Safe Haven received attacks from large forces of lizardmen. The defenders were able to thwart these invasions and resupply many stores of leather. In the lizardmen forces were normal lizardmen, dark grey lizardmen(normal str though), giant serpants and a few ratmen.

    On Monday(10/30/00), there was a stranger in Wispwood asking about the haunting and undead attack in the area. (Will forward more details as they become available)

    On Tuesday at 1AM CST, the Yew graveyard was besieged by undead. There are rumors of black liches among the forces. (dito)

    There is also a belated report of strange green robed ones visiting the Shadow Clan orc fort around Oct. 22. Also, there were possibly monster attacks during the visit. Any formal report from the Shadow Clan would be welcomed.

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer
    (from the Shard that BNN never talks about)

    Leather anyone?

    I was able to speak with one of the warriors caught up in the attack on Yew graveyard and he had this to say, "It was crazy! There were several black liches, one was named Lord something.. I forget. Also, there were several lich lords and mummies on the perifery around the cemetary. A lot of undead spawned, we fought that for awhile. The Lord was hard to kill, he often teleported around when he was in trouble. Demons spawned too and attacked... No real character monsters though, none of em talked from what I saw." So, perhaps the Shard o Screams wasn't the only hot spot for undead on Halloween.

    I have also confirmed reports of green robed seers visiting with members of the Ministry (*M*) and the House Lynn'Dannae (LDH) late on 10/26/00 at a tavern in the player run town of Coventry (located North of Minoc) No unusal occurances have been reported in that area though. Thanks for all the updates Sara!

    Ford Prefect
    Reporter for the Veteran Shard
    Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2000, 12:17 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    2 v/s 2 Siege Perilous Tournament
    Here is a note from Luxor, Guild Master of NEW:
    Announcing The First monthly (hopefully if all goes well) 2 vs. 2 Siege Perilous Tournament. Sharpen thy sword, and twine new bows, your in for the
    fight of your life!

    This event will cost 5,000g per team. The money will go to the winner of the event. So the more people that show up, the more money will be at stake. The event will be held on Friday November 3 at 7pm PST/10pm eastern time.

    We will all meet in front, that's right in front not in, the tower next to the [NEW] training house. Once we are all set up, we will allow one team at a time to come into the tower, where they will be greeted by our friendly cashier, who will write down their team name, and write there name in the book from which we will make the match ups from. After which everyone will got the rooftop and wait for the event to start. Meanwhile, pull up a chair and chat with a friend.

    Also make sure to leave your differences aside for at least one night. Any unapproved fighting will result in the instigators of the fight to be removed from the tournament. And furthermore, person(s) is now allowed to be killed by anyone without removal of the killers from the tournament. So, please just behave!

    Two teams will be called up to battle. This is a single elimination tournament. Once both players are dead, the team is eliminated.

    The rules for battle are as follows:
    1) No looting, feel free to bring your fill of reagents, and arrows
    2) No horses, you will be fighting on the top of a tower so there will be no need for a horse.
    3) No leaving the battle mat, if you step off and attempt to start fighting again your team will be eliminated!
    4) Poisoned Weapons are fine to use, so have your cure potions ready.
    5) No resurrecting your teammate during the fight
    6) No summoning Daemons
    7) Tamers can't use any animals, sorry tamers area is too small.
    8) No magic items, just GM made at best

    Direct any further questions to me via icq: 32016558
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 11:48 PM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Safe Haven and Lizardmen First Peace Summit
    Here is an account of the recent Peace Summit between the Lizardmen and the town of Safe Haven
    On Thursday (10/26/00) at where the road meets the north of the swamp, Mayor Vaniir of Safe Haven and Shaman Lord Silshy met. The lizard leader showed precisely at 10PM CST and the mayor was fashionably late. Spectators from the surrounding area gathered to watch and listen. Heavy winds hindered people from hearing. Unfortunately, these winds also effected the main participants. After a short windy meeting, these things were able to be stated:

    **Both Vaniir and Silshy want their own borders to be honored.

    **Vaniir would like border markers on territories. Silshy is unable to make anything permanent of their border.

    **Silshy tribe lives in the East part of the swamp.

    **Shaman Lord Silshy: !usssa attacked oursss holyyy guardssss da other daysss! (Actually, a group of adventurers kill their holy guard. I hope they didn't need him.)

    **Shaman Lord Silshy: dersssa are otersss whooossa wishie uss to no beee friendsss

    **And the other tribes or possibly some of other influence does not want Safe Haven being friends with Silshy's tribe. Also, the "other" tribes attacked Safe Haven.

    After the meeting, A proposal came up from the leading citizens of Safe Haven that, 'We will defend any(lizardmen) that are intelligent enough to declare themselves peaceful.'

    This meeting did establish that man and lizardman could possibly live in peace, but only time will tell. Vaniir said, "I suspect we have not heard the last from them though."

    Sara Gules
    Wandering Healer

    PS. A special thanks to The Ministry(*M*) and Cove Merchant Company (CMC) for helping setup the area for the summit.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 11:43 PM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Ever Wrestle a Dragon?
    Dragon Wrestling! Several Kinsmen gathered at Phenazo's Tower.  Saturday night at 8:30, Phenazo held a competition on the roof of his tower.  There were to be three matches.  Each match the last person standing got 50k.  The rules: no armor, no weapons, no healing, and no hiding. Those who did not compete gathered in a corner on the roof.  Phenazo placed boxes so that the dragon "Killer" would be unabe to get to them.  Those who were competing gathered in a circle around Killer.  When the time came to start, Phenazo released the tame red dragon.  Killer began his attack.  Taking us out one by one.  It seemed everytime.  Someone would start moving around, Killer would focus his attack on them.  It was a brutal slaughter.  Finally, the first match was over.  The last one stand was the Respectable Big John.

    All those who had been slaughtered, were brought back to life by Phenazo.  He then had everyone gather in the circle around Killer again.  The second match everyone was a little more clever.  It seemed that Killer's hunger would never end.  He cut through us like a hot knife through butter.  Three brave souls gathered in a corner.  They began to bring each other's courage up to attack the dragon.  Finally, they charged Killer and began to lose their lives.  Finally, the second match was over.  The last one standing was the Respectable Big John once again and those who had been slain were brought back to life.  The third and final match started out slow.  Everyone had begun to pick up on Big John's technique.  It got down to five brave souls.  After smoke cleared, Legion was stood proudly the last Kinsmen standing.

    In all everyone had an excellent time.  If you would like to join in the Kinsmen Guild Adventure, check out our website at:

    Sounds Fun!

    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 10:12 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Wedding of Lord Kheldin & Lady SilverRose!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Here Ye, Here Ye.

    M'Lords and Ladies, Knights of the Realm, and the people of Sonoma. The Knights of Solamnia and The Knights of Balaklava announce the union of alliances in the Wedding of Lady SilverRose, High Clerist of Knights of Solamnia with Lord Kheldin Starson, Knight Captain of the Knights of Balaklava, Member of the Council of Ten and Ambassador to the Knights of Solamnia. The Wedding will be 4th day of the eleventh month in this our Lord's Two Thousandth year. It will commence at 6:00 PM PST in the Counselor's Guild of Serpent's Hold on the Trammel side of this orb.

    The happy couple wishes to extend an invitation to all citizens of Sonoma to come and share their special day with them.

    As Always, the faithful servants of Sonoma.

    Est Sularus oth Mithas.



    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 10:04 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Come Visit The Haunted Seaview Inn
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    "Have you heard a good spooky story lately? Come visit The Haunted Seaview Inn. Located @ Sextant Coordinates: 110o 18'N, 153o 12'E on Trammel. Sit with the residents and take a look at the strange mechanical device that has them hypnotized to the very spot. Just don't stare too long, as you may never want to leave!"


    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 5:11 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    UO Merchant Alliance Opens
    This announcement was sent to us:
    One of the most intriguing aspects of Ultima Online is its ability to simulate a working economy. UOMA offers a unique service no other website does. We hope to bring together the finest and most stable merchants, to give them a place to reach the population at large, to reintroduce them to old and new travelers alike. For the veteran merchants of the game, those who have built their reputations upon honesty and good ethics, UOMA wishes to laud them by bringing them and their deeds to public attention. For the beginning merchant who works so diligently to establish a place within the UO community, UOMA supports them by giving them much deserved recognition. With all merchants, we hope to form an alliance, one that is based upon trust, ethics, and honesty, for the betterment of every UO experience. We hope you'll join us!
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 5:11 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Rebirth of an Empire.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    The soldier looked nervously toward his commander. The commander’s return look was just as nervous as his own. Was it raining? He wiped his brow. Not rain, sweat. He about dropped his sword when a horn sounded from over the ridge. Quickly Commanders were shouting orders and preparing for the impending attack.

    "Form up you worms! We have to hold them here!" If the commanders’ voice hadn’t been so high pitched from fear it might have strengthened his resolve. If.

    He gripped his sword tight as the sound of hoofbeats thundered over the ridge. Seconds later the enemy could be seen. Urks by the score poured over the ridge quickly followed by mounted Disciples. Among the onslaught the soldier could hear three words "Sanctus Mondain Dominus!"

    Those were the last words he ever heard. The Urk arrow was true to it’s mark. He didn’t even feel a thing.

    Hail and well met fellow traveler. I bring word of dark things to come. The Disciples of Mondain are attempting to unify Evil orientated guilds into a Dark Empire. So far it only consists of The Disciples (SMD) and the Bloodrock Clan (URK). I have been told by the Prophet of Mondain himself to spread the word. Any guilds interested in joining the Dark Empire are to contact me so that we can spread our influence over and even greater area. There will be many battles to be had and new friends to be made. We need strong-willed guilds willing to role-play in order to form a successful Empire. If interested please icq me (32304578) or post a message on our board at

    Jared S. Ishbar, The Daystealer
    High Bishop of SMD

    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 4:52 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    Love is in the air...
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Napa Valley is blessed to have another union between man and wife. If you like going to these types of things (free food and drinks...dancing all night) then I've got the event for you:

    Orrick Leynoc will hitch himself to Patches in a ceremony that will take place tonight (Wednesday, November 1st) at 7:00pm PST.

    It will be held in the Palace Garden in Nujel'm. (U1 on the Nujel'm map.) The reception location will be announced at the wedding. The Guild LMS (the groom's guild) will provide gates from the wedding site to the reception location.

    Looking for love yourself? I find weddings are the best place to meet girls. Try it yourself and see if I'm right. ;)

    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 4:48 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Golden Elemental Appears During Edinburgh Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following account from Kaltes Feuer, a Legionnaire of the Purple Guardians of Honor. This is what he witnessed on Monday evening during the village of Edinburgh’s Halloween festival:
    There was an unexpected guest at the festival. The Golden Earth Elemental reappeared, and it was quite shocking to Kara and me. We followed it to its destination, a boat out on the water. The Golden One went onto the boat, and wanted to go somewhere. ‘e repeatedly stated, “Mk bt go”, as well as, “Me go mne”. He as well seemed to glare at us a lot, but we knew that he wanted something.

    Kara and I repeatedly explained to him that we couldn’t make the boat go. We wanted to help with him as best as we could, but it was just hopeless. It then left the boat, and traveled back to the cave where it spawned, right next to the Pie Relay Race. He went to the pile of golden ore, and stated, “Me go mne”. After that, he disappeared into a gate. Kara and I attempted to follow, but we were shot back out where we originally were in the Mountain.

    After waiting a short while, The Golden One reappeared, glared at us, then went back through the gate. Attempts to return through the gate have failed repeatedly. Since Kara has seen the Golden One before, she expected what would happen, and was true. The cave became riddled with Earth Elementals. I shouted for the others to retreat, since I am a very skilled warrior. But, my companions were as well, so they fought the battle.

    That was the last I ‘ave seen of the Golden One. Maybe the fact that he wanted to go out on a boat was a big hint. I shall keep ye all informed of the actions of The Golden One.

    Kaltes Feuer
    Legionnaire, PGoH

    This tale continues to become more odd as the days progress. Hopefully the reason the elemental wishes to set sail will be figured out soon.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 4:33 PM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Illegal 3rd Party Programs
    Calandryll Posted the following on the UO Discussion Forum
    Illegal 3rd party programs

    I’d like to take a moment to address some of the concerns that I have seen regarding the recent third party program detection system. While I will not say how the system works exactly (for the obvious reason that we do not want to tip off those who are cheating), but I would like to dispel some of the rumors I have seen floating around.

    1. We are not scanning hard-drives. The system does not need to look at the hard-drives in order to detect the third-party program.
    2. We are not banning people for using approved third party applications (such as UOA) or firewall programs.
    3. The system is not auto-banning players. Each and every case is being reviewed at length by our account administrators.
    We have checked and re-checked our detection system and feel confident that the system on the live shards is only logging true offenders. As I have stated many times…we are committed to removing from Ultima Online those players who choose to cheat. We even went so far as to put up a warning on the website, these boards, and the log-in message reminding people that using unapproved UO third party programs could result in an account suspension. Those who choose to continue using these programs are the targets of this detection system.
    Still, on Test Center, people who are not using any illegal programs get gumps saying they have been banned from the game. Looks like some coding needs to be fixed there. Read the thread at the UO Discussion Forum for more info.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 5:55 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Story Telling Contest Friday
    More news from near Yew
    This Friday night at 10pm EST the Shire of Wispwood will be hosting a storytelling contest at the Golden Unicorn Tavern.

    1st place will receive 7k and a horse.
    2nd place will receive 5k.
    3rd place will receive 3k.

    There will be three judges to decide the winners. Try to keep the stories somewhat short. Everyone who enters will also get a free picnic basket. You will be able to sign up on the day of the contest or ahead of time by posting on our message board. Come and have a cold ale and listen to some of the land's best stories.

    To find the Golden Unicorn tavern and Wispwood or to find more information on Wispwood visit us here:

    Serlesh, Citizen of Wispwood
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 3:05 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)

    Announcing an Expedition for Thursday
    This just in from near Yew:
    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

    I, Bleyn Luysse, call forth warriors and mages of all types to accompany me on a perilous expedition.

    Recently I found a strange manuscript which I managed to understand with help. As we translated the book, we discovered secrets of very high importance. The destination of the expedition will be revealed as we gather this next Thursday. We shall gather at 7:30 PM Eastern Sky in the Golden Unicorn Tavern in Wispwood and we shall leave at 8:00 PM.

    There shall be more information on the event as we leave the tavern.
    I hope to see many of you young and veteran citizens of Brittania.

    Bleyn Luysse,
    New Archeologist of Wispwood.
    Posted on Wednesday, November 1, 2000, 2:59 AM EST by Ford Prefect (SiegePerilous)