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March 2001

Lake Superior Chef's Faire Coming in May
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
Greetings one and all!!

I welcome you all to the Lake Superior Chef's Faire. The Chef's Faire will be organized by The Britannian Society of Chef's (BSC), a multi shard guild aiming to bring awareness to the Cooking Profession, gain support for the profession, and keep our Britannian Brethren well fed. The Chef's Faire will be held at The Kingdom of Harmony, located East of Britain near by the Guard Post before the Swamps, on MAY 12th at 11:00am Eastern Time.

The Chef's Faire is a tradition that has been started by The BSC or B^C, Britannian Society of Chef's as a way to bring awareness of The Chef Profession and to celebrate our love for our profession with the entire community. Every Chef's Faire will differ from Shard to Shard. What is to be expected of the Lake Superior Chef's Faire? The Lake Superior Chef's Faire will start off the event with a Pageant, of sorts, for both the men and women of Lake Superior. It is the Mr. & Ms. Britannian Chef Competition. There will also be a Bake off and a Grand Feast at the end. There will also be door prizes and a special prize for those whom take part in the essay competition.

If you would like further information or wish to sign up for a contest, please visit the Eye and Dagger Tavern at

Thank you and I hope to see all of you there!

Lady Maetrix Highmoon
Proud Member of BSC
Proprietor of The Eye and Dagger Tavern

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 9:07 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

51st Assembly of the 5th High Council Monday
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
51st Assembly of the 5th High Council

Date: Monday, April 2nd, 2001
Time: 10 PM EST/9 PM CST
Location: Magincia Parliament Building


  • Meeting Agenda to be announced at the meeting.

The High Council of Britannia

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 8:59 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

Saimanius' Journeys
News of the Virtues conference led by Saimanius:
Gathering in the Chamber of Virtues, The Gold One's Avatar, Saimanius of OGD, met with representatives from several guilds and noble-minded individuals. They discussed the current affairs in Trinsic and the recent attacks on citizens by the Dark Paladins. Although no alliances were formed, all present pledged support.

The meeting was rudely interrupted by the arrival of several B-D members. With grace and Honor, Saimanius agreed to allow the Dark Paladin Gwydion to show him what has become of Trinsic under the current government.

Before heading to Trinsic, Saimanius and his guard, Calista of O$D, were taken to the temple of the Black One where he met with Basil. The two discussed their opposing views on the virtues and balance, as well as B-D's recent activites.

With the arrival of Lady Lilibet, Basil dismissed the Avatar saying he had more important matters to attend to. As he offered the Lady a cup of warm tea, Saimanius and Calista were led to Trinsic by Gwydion, Duran and Eowen, all of B-D.

In Trinsic, Saimanius was shown how inactive the city had become. Not a single soul was seen at the bank or in the streets. He was led to the town hall where the activities of the current government were discussed. The group then traveled to the site of the burned out Paladin Library. Saddened, Saimanius had seen enough, and asked Calista to escort him home.

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 7:52 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

Mystery in the Mines
A miner from Cove reports on his recent discovery:
While chipping away at the Cove City Mountain, I saw a vein of silver running before me. Raising my pickaxe I brought it down, suddenly in a flash of light, I lost consciousness. When I awoke the vein of silver was gone, but on the ground before me was a marble tablet with old rune letters on it. I have no idea what it says, so have produced a print of it for you, whoever’s able, to translate. It happened at 8 PM of the Central Skies.
A marble runic tablet, eh? Interesting. Scholars interested in attempting a translation or the curious in taking a little look-see should find the print here.
Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 7:30 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

Ariel Wyndmere Attacks Trinsic
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Yesterday, members of the Justice Alliance confronted another minion of Scaramandine the Elder, an apparent madwoman by the name of Ariel Wyndmere. When she was found in Trinsic on Trammel, Wyndmere summoned a number of creatures to attack the Alliance. At this time, Wyndmere's motives in the attack remain unclear, as does Scaramandine's role. Aeife provided us with the following detailed account of the attack:
Pigeons came fluttering in from Watts the Dwarf—Ariel Wyndmere, one of the minions of Scaramandine the Elder was to be found at the south gate of Trinsic, in Trammel. Members of the Justice Alliance traveled quickly to the site and set about to find the woman. Following a trail of elementals, they at last come upon Ariel, as she summoned up the creatures. Ariel begged the members of the Alliance not to harm her pets, though the elementals were attacking all who came near. Vlad, Warrior Poet of the Defenders of Justice began to practice his bardic arts, provoking the elementals to attack one another rather than the innocents who happened near. Ariel objected saying, “I shall go elsewhere if ye make them fight.” She seemed unaware that it was her summoned creatures that were the aggressors. With that, a fresh wave of elementals attacked and Ariel was lost from sight.

Finding her again, the members of the Alliance began to talk to Ariel, trying to get her to go to Felucca. They hoped to get her to the Brazen Monkey Tavern to don the enchanted Verite Plate of Shielding, which would allow her soul to be freed from the power of the Orb of Soul Seeking. The woman seemed confused, staring blankly and they lost track of her as a swarm of gazers spawned about her.

Seeking her at the moongate, they came upon Ariel once more. XMackenzie began to speak with her, asking what she knew of Scaramandine. She identified him as a man of evil. Xmack warned her against Scaramandine telling her that he had lied to her and used her for his own ends. Again the woman seemed confused and asked after Agisto Fyrebrant, her lover from four generations past. Marna Joj offered to bring Ariel to a safer spot, but Ariel again disappeared in a massive elemental attack.

Reappearing to view the aftermath of the battle, Ariel seemed shocked to see her pets laid low, asking, “Who has done this?” The members of the Justice Alliance defended their actions, for they had been the ones attacked. Ariel protested that she summoned the elementals “to defend goodly folk and creatures.” To prove this she summoned up fire elementals that set upon a hapless caveman who had happened by. As Vlad began to provoke the elementals against one another to aid the man, Ariel clasped her hands over her ears claiming, “That music is frightful!” Suddenly she vanished followed by an attack of air elementals. After dispatching this lot, the evening lapsed back into its former peace and Ariel Wyndmere was seen no more.

Defenders of Justice
The Armor of Shielding is an artifact that, when worn, dispels the influence of Scaramandine the Elder. It has been used to that end on at least one prior occasion, when a drunken henchman was persuaded to try it on at the Brazen Monkey, where the armor still resides.
Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 5:21 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

Miss Britannia 2001 News
News from Zen:

Miss Britannia 2001 Beauty Contest

The last 3 out of 8 regional events for the Miss Britannia 2001 Beauty
Contest, will be held as follows:

Monday, 2 April 20:300 GMT: Skara Brae, Town Hall
Thursday, 5 April 20:30 GMT: Magincia, Parliament Building (aka COM base
Saturday, 7 April 20:30 GMT: Britain, Castle British

The fee for participating contestants is 1000gp, with the winner of each
regional event receiving the entrance fees as a prize.

You may enter more than one regional event, but must use a different
character. No one who wins a regional event may enter a subsequent regional

Winners of each regional event will go through to the final, where prize
money of around 500k is on offer.

1. Metal Armour
2. Leather Armour
3. Clothes
4. Your own combination

As part of the forth round each contestant will be asked to say why they
think they should be Miss Britannia 2001. Funniest lines gets extra credit.

Have fun...


Har, think me sister can enter? *Grins*

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 5:20 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

New Mayor Elected in Trinsic
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This letter was received from Mayor Gwendolyn,

Hail Citizens!

The Trinsic Council of Honor just completed holding a public election for Mayor. I'm pleased to announce that our next Mayor will be Annunzio!

Twenty-four ballots were received in all; fifteen for Annunzio and nine for candidate Martin Willow. Both candidates were well qualified for the position, and even I had a tough time choosing between them.

Annunzio will be sworn into office at our meeting this Sunday, and his term will start then.

Our next event will be a Trade Caravan and Bazaar scheduled for Saturday, April 14, 2001. More details on that will be coming soon.

The Trinsic Council of Honor is now officially a member of both the Britannian War Council (BWC) and the Consensus.

You are welcome to attend our public meetings to learn more about us and meet our new Mayor. We meet every Sunday at 8pm eastern time in the Trammel Trinsic Meeting Hall.

May Honor guide you!

Mayor Gwendolyn Trinsic Council of Honor

Thank ye Gwendolyn and congratulations to Annunzio!
Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 3:01 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

A Quest for Virtue Begins in the Kingdom of Dawn
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Today while I was reading the Kingdom of Dawn Forums I found this interesting tale by Arakthor

The ancient stone walls. Its flickering in the fickle winds that ran raging through the dark and dank cavern seemed to dance. He drew a breath and blew hard. Dust erupted from the rotted parchment. His steel grey eyes watched with fascination as the dust fluttered and flew. It signaled a new beginning. A fresh start. The old replaced with new. His fingers unbound the encrusted silk tie that held the parchment closed and gingerly opened it.

The writing was nearly scribble and in ancient Sosarian. It would take time to translate. He turned and sat on the broken desk before him, lifting the parchment to better light and read each word. His mind calculating the penmanship and the words to determine validity. Indeed, this to was written by Balthasar the monk. Alas he had found another clue. He broke out a book and quickly sketched out notes of his translations.

They have found me. They know I bear the sword. I must flee. but to where? There is nowhere in this world they cannot find... ... the new world Nystul the mage spoke of ... ...cresent shaped mountain range in the northern wilds, many caverns to hide in... ...I do not think they can follow me here...

A rustle brought his attention and tucking the parchment into the book, he slipped both into his pack while drawing a sword. It fit his gauntleted fist now, many days of replenishing his strength and girth had brought back the color to his skin and meat to his bones. Muscle now flexed on his powerful arms, though he wasnt fully recovered, he wasnt certainly much better off. Stepping carefully to the caverns opening, he peered out through the tree's. He could see nothing but the tops of the young city of Heaven's Forge.

Still, his other senses told him he was watched. The journal entries he had deciphered began to make sense. Of course. Juo'nar had not the strength to discover this new world. Not then anyhow. Balthasar must have hidden the sword in these lands but still, something, or someone watched his work.

He stepped from the cavern, vowing to return, for the virtues depended on it. But this clue had to be safely transported back to Dawn. He needed a magical stone to make the transference back to his home kingdom. Making his way through the tree's he stepped into Heaven's Forge proper. He breathed relief, for he heard the city was guarded by followers of the virtues. Now to find a stone.

A most interesting tale indeed...
Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2001, 2:47 AM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

New Spotlight Added for The Society of Gypsies
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Just added! A new spotlight on, The Society of Gypsies If you love role playing, mischief, adventure and romance ye will find all this and more in this delightful guild.
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 7:04 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Return of the Elves
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans (and other beings)!

If you recall, several cycles ago a group of those most magical beings, the elves, had taken up residence near the great central desert. I had lost track of these fine beings until I received this note from one of their ranks:

Many moons ago Ka, the leader of the high elves, order we elves to leave Bleanyc to find a safe place, a place were the drow would not be able to follow us. We moved first to the Shrine of Valor, then later to Willowport. Alas, the hatred between those in Willowport and the Elves was to much for us to bare, so again we moved.

This time we moved to a place abandoned by humans, a place where great elven cities once stood. It was there that we found the Temple of the Holy Wisp's. This temple is where we have been learn the teachings of the Wisps. Studying the Wisp,s we learned a great deal. We learned the reasons why the Drow won so many battles against. Perhaps even more importantly, we learned how to live and love all the races of this world. After all if we elves were the greatest of all races we would not have to struggle to hang on to life.

We Elves are still a proud race; that is something that will never change. But now events like those that happen in Bleanyc will not happen again, as we won't be so pig headed to turn away help when it comes from humans. To show that we have grown, we will return to Britannia and set up a few temples devoted to the Wisps and work hard to mend the damaged relationships with the other races.

To those non-elf beings, we would like to say we are sorry for the unhappiness we caused before we found enlightment. Please forgive us!

I find myself wiping a tear from my eye. Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance? I, though an orc, embrace the return of these fine people.

Praise be to Lord British!

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 6:59 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

Exciting Plans from Willowport
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

I was fortunate indeed to stumble across this thread from the rulers of Willowport. Check it out to get a glimpse of some of the events these fine citizens have planned for our shard's future!

Praise be to Lord British!

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 6:33 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

Fashion Show to be Held at Isle of Dawn
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
A fashion show will be held at 9:30 p.m. eastern standard time Friday, April 6, on the Isle of Dawn. Open to all citizens of the Lake Superior shard, the event offers not only a chance to win fabulous prizes but the opportunity to meet and mingle with the island’s inhabitants.

Those wishing to participate in the event must register by 9:20 the night of the event. Islanders, such as ladies Juliet and Misty, will be available beforehand to collect contestants’ 200-gold-piece entry fees.

The fashion show will consist of two categories: formal and informal. All manners of dress will be considered during the judging process, and no one will be disqualified for “inappropriate” attire. After all, it’s in the spirit of fun.

The first-place winner of each category will take home 30,000 gold pieces and his or her choice of colored GM plate or colored GM leather armor. Second-place contestants will receive 20,000 gold pieces and their choice of colored GM plate or GM leather armor. Finally, third-place winners will be rewarded with 10,000 gold pieces and their choice of colored plate or leather armor.

The Isle of Dawn is a pending player-run town located in the waters between Trinsic and Britain. A map of the precise location can be obtained by visiting the official Isle of Dawn website, found at

-- Lord Chas Claiborne, Town Crier

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 5:52 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

The Spring Festival of Fae Laughter
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<
 Tel'Mithrim Announces
 Tel'Ehtele Merende en' Shee'lalaith
 (The Spring Festival of Fae Laughter)

Vedui' il'er!
WHAT: Turalindir [Elven Bard] Contest
WHEN: Friday, March 30th, 9:00 p.m. (central time)
WHERE: At the Silver Arrow Tavern [map]
WHO: All who love story and song
CONTACT: Your Host, Camris Lindar [[email protected]]
  • This month's contest is restricted to any Spring-themed song or story within the fantasy genre.
  • The scoring will be from one to ten.
  • All will be scored by three judges chosen at random from the spectators (no relatives, no competitors!); their decisions are final.
  • Points are deducted the farther away you stray from the theme.
  • Keep the length under 5 minutes, please.
  • In the English language only so that the songs may be compared fairly.
  • 75,000 gold coins.
  • One tattered treasure map (Level 4).
  • One Elven standing harp.
  • The winners will be named Turalindir [Elven Master Bard], and their songs entered into our records.
Click on map for close up of the TelRuid Township
Click on the map for a close up of Tel'Ruid - Trammel

We hope to see you all there!

Tel'Mithrim, the Grey Company
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 5:49 PM EST by Xena Dragon (LakeSuperior)

Baja Mage Tower to Explore Ilshenar
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<While browsing I found this event, sponsored by The Baja Mage Tower Website

Ilshenar Events: Land Crawl - This Saturday at 7:00pm (PST)

This Saturday (March 31, 7:00pm PST), The Mage tower is hosting a Land Crawl.

What's A Land Crawl ?? - Well a land crawl is like a dungeon crawl but we explore new lands instead of dungeons. Ilshenar will be our new land to scout, to record, to explore, and like with every good Mage Tower event, to die.

In order to take part in this Land Crawl, you must have studied the latest world modifying instructions from the gods. (uo3d)

Baja Mage Tower

Aye Nekkar, it sounds like a welcome change from the typical dungeon run :)
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 5:23 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Announcing the Mystic Mead Tavern and the Oracle of the Mystic Knight
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This news was received from Trekonn,


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Trekonn, The Hierophant of The Oracle of the Mystic Knight. The Oracle is a group of individuals who follow the prophecy of the Avatar and his defeat over Mondain the evil wizard. We look forward to growing and becoming a major roleplaying force on the Baja shard. We are a nonfaction guild and will not war with any other guilds. We may, in the future, have internal guild stones for roleplaying purposes; but that is yet to be decided. We support the virtues and believe with them we will defeat the evil that has engulfed our fair land of Sosaria.

We have opened The Mystic Mead Tavern located south of Trinsic in Trammel. The Mystic Mead is a large brick with a bar and lots of room to socialize. We have a rune library in the back that will grow larger in time. We also have a stable-blacksmith room for travelers to rest, shoe and water their horses. Next door, to the east of the Mystic Mead, rests the OMK Marketplace. There are some vendors presently and soon we hope to have a vendor of every type. The tavern is open for all to come visit 24 hours a day. Bjorn is always there and eager to serve you. On Friday and Saturday nights from 5 to 8 PST there will be a guildmember tending bar as well. We hope all can come visit.

If you would like further information on either The Oracle of the Mystic Knight or The Mystic Mead, please visit our webpage at Thank you for your time.

Fare Thee Well,
The Hierophant
The Oracle of the Mystic Knight

Thankye Trekonn
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 2:41 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

Seeking Tales of Ilshenar
It's time for a new spotlight! This just posted to the site:
Seeking Tales of Ilshenar

There's nothing quite like the feel of standing on an open vista, seeing a vast and uncharted land, free from the congestion of civilization. Now that UO:Third Dawn has been released, many residents of Britannia have headed out to explore the new land of Ilshenar and feel the thrill of discovery once again.

Have you explored beyond the boundaries of civilization? Do you have tales to tell about your adventures or experiences there? We want to hear about your travels in the new lands of Ilshenar, and give you the opportunity to impart valuable advice to those who would travel there in the future.

Send an e-mail to [email protected] by Friday, April 6, and tell us a story of your experiences in Ilshenar. Please be sure your story falls between 500-1000 words, and include "Ilshenar" in your subject line. Please provide a name and phone number for verification of the story. Submissions to "uo-profiles" become the property of OSI and may be used for special events, promotions, and/or advertising. All submissions must be made by the original author and are subject to verification.

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 2:13 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

Dark Slayer Attacks Minoc
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Apparently, Dark Slayer attacks are no longer confined to Edinburgh. Aeife of the Justice Alliance provided us with this account of a recent attack on Minoc.
The week before had been a hard one, full of strife and uncertainty, so it was with pleasure that Vlad steered his boat out of the harbor heading for his favorite fishing spot. There had been the pitched battle at the Shrine of Justice, then the attack by the Valorite Dark Slayer. Dropping anchor, he dropped his line into the sea and leaned back to enjoy the peace and solitude. The gentle rocking of the boat, the peaceful sound of small waves lapping against the side of his craft, the cheerful chattering of a friendly dolphin soon wiped all care from his mind and Vlad fell into a half doze.

A sharp tug on the line brought him back to full awareness. He had fished up a sea serpent! Using his ability in peacemaking to calm the beast, Vald cast his line back into the sea and suddenly he faced a second sea serpent. Provoking one monster onto the other, this grandmaster of the bardic arts sat back to watch the battle, when suddenly the air seemed quite chill. Sensing another presence, Vlad turned to see the reincarnated spirit of Martel Nevarre standing in the bow of the boat, gazing at him intently. Nevarre had, four generations back, fought against the evil that was Scaramandine of the Necromari and had seemingly defeated him. Now Scaramandine was back in the realm of Sosaria , his soul freed in the shattering of the Orb of Soul Seeking and reincarnated into the flesh. Martel was back as well, called back to the flesh from his hero’s rest by the force of the Virtues, to oppose Scaramandine. "Istan mounts an attack in Minoc," he now warned. "Send out pigeons. Alert the others of the Justice Alliance."

Vlad flew to the coop at the stern of his boat and soon pigeons were fluttering throughout the land. Members of the Alliance traveled quickly to Minoc, in Felucca, and there found a Dark Slayer menacing the citizens of that industrious city. Falling to the attack, the warriors soon dispatched the mighty Slayer. Patrolling the boundaries of the city, they were unable to find any additional menace and at length returned to the tasks they had dropped to come to the aid of Minoc. No sign of Istan Magrul was to be found anywhere within the city limits or the nearby surrounding region.

Sorceress of Settings
Justice Alliance
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 10:10 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

Stonekeep Lumberjacking Contest
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Stonekeep:

Stonekeep Lumberjack contest.

Yew is renowned for is fine Yew trees and for the skill of the lumberjacks and carpenters that live in the area. On the 31st of March, Stonekeep will be holding a Lumberjacking competition. The aim of the competition is for the competitors to cut as many logs as they can in the allotted time (15 minutes). The person who cuts the most logs in that time will receive a grand prize of 10,000 gold. The entrance fee is 500 gold and the event will be held in the woods around Stonekeep. All competitors must meet at Stonekeep Tavern at 20:00 (GMT).

Stonekeep can be found at the Yew crossroads, trammel facet, sextant co-ordinates (38o 50'N, 35o 9'W)

More information can be found at

Hope to see ya there !

Klion - Event Organisor of Stonkeep. (Pigeon Number 74832864)


Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 7:15 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

UO2 & Origin "Wake"
I have to say, is doing a fantastic job of following this story. They have gotten yet again some incredible information about the demise of UO2, this time with pictures. Their latest article is entitled "UO2 & Origin Wake". All I can say, is that it was incredible to see Richard getting ready to light a HUGE pile of UO2 schedule & docs in a bonfire *evil grin*

Pics URL:

Here is a snippet from the article:
So tonight we gathered in Austin, in a lightly wooded area (that will remain undisclosed), to "celebrate." The mood was one part somber, one part nostalgic, one part excited (by the chaos). Some of the people who had, until late, been working at Origin had built a giant bonfire, made of UO2 schedules, design docs and such. Several people (including (I think) Richard, Star Long and Victor Meinert) lit the fire with torches in the form of a pyramid, sphere and cube. It was awesome. There was a small stuffed armadillo on top of the bonfire. As the fire lit, a column of sparks sizzled up into the black sky.
For those not aware of it, the Pyramid/Sphere/Cube is the symbol of Electronic Arts ;)

Also, they made mention of some t-shirts that Richard printed up for everyone. They said:

We Created Worlds...

Heh. I can't wait for that non-compete to end in a couple days :)
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 2:39 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

UO Merchant Alliance Writing Contest
Calling all Merchant Scribes! We just received the following announcement from Aramis, the Senior Administrator for UO Merchant Alliance:
Writing Contest!

This is your chance to benefit the UO community and earn a place in the UO annals of fame. Are you a wise old veteran? a savvy new merchant? Is there a writer in you? UOMA invites you to submit a merchant oriented essay. The top 10 submissions will be given a permanent home in our Merchant resources database, with full credit given to the author(Along with hearty thanks from the merchant community). All entries will be highlighted on the website as a weekly feature, again with full credit given to the author. Submit all entries to [email protected].

Further, he sent us word of some new features for the site:

Ultima Online Merchant Alliance adds exciting new features to the website: An Inventory Table Maker - Use this tool to create an HTML inventory table for your shop, which you can then paste into forum message, emails, or your own web page! And an expanding database of articles geared towards helping the dedicated UO Merchant. Do you have an article you would like to contribute? Join us at
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:41 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

UOSomething Finds a New Home
A quick update comes to us from DevilMan regarding UOSomething:
UOsomething from Grynn and company is back up and we are trying to update constantly. We are now located at a new server with a new address

I hope you will come and visit us!

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:37 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Cincinnati Player's Gathering Update
We just received the following update from Myron for the Cincinnati Player's Gathering, including some great news about Melantus attending!
***** Cincinnati Player's Gathering Update ******

It is confirmed! Melantus, OSI's Online Community Coordinator, will be making an appearance at this year's Cincinnati Player Gathering on Saturday, April 21st. So if you attend this gathering you will not only get to meet and share a great meal with others who share your love for Ultima Online, you can also participate in a question and answer session with none other than Melantus himself.

Those of you who attended last year's gathering know what a great time we had with Designer Toad and this year's guest will be just as good if not better. So if you haven't gotten your reservation in make sure you do so soon since the registration deadline is getting close.

For more information or to register for the gathering visit our website. Remember, all registrations and payments for the gathering must be received by Saturday, April 14th to allow processing time including mailing out your tickets. So don't delay - register today! Also, those players whose registrations are postmarked by April 7th will qualify for a special grand prize drawing - so don't delay!!!!!!


Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:34 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

Pater Imperium Borg's Vision
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Pater Imperium Borg, of the Purple Guardians of HONOR (PGoH) sent us this account of what was apparently a recent vision, and the decisions he made in its wake.
As a great blinding light dims Borg, Pater Imperium, kneels before ZEUS-GOD of GODS.

"What is thy bidding"; Borg asks as he bows his head.

"THE TIME HAS COME MY SON FOR YOUR BROTHERS, SISTERS, SONS and DAUGHTERS, FRIENDS and end what was wrought long ago with the appearance of the one orc in the farmers field so many years ago." commanded ZEUS-GOD of GODS.

"MARS-GOD of WAR has gone to council the LEGION and I have commanded the other GODS to seek their Senators and council them as well." added ZEUS-GOD of GODS.

*looking up into the eyes of ZEUS-GOD of GODS*

"Yes m'lord....understood. In the name of HONOR and its combination of Courage and Truth; the Empire will not fail this charge." replied Borg.

"The realm can no longer wait...darkness covers nearly every corner and enhabits every cave it can fester in....HONOR shall be the light that brings warmth and protection back to the realm citizens. There are many outside the walls of HONOR that do not realize the endless darkness that is slowly enveloping them. Greed has found many and swallowed them whole; so completely that they themselves do not even realize they have been consumed. The VIRTUES are the keys to unlocking them from chains that bind them unknowingly." ZEUS-GOD of GODS stated.

"Indeed" added Borg.

"Safe it fortified? it as it was meant to be....Safe?" asked ZEUS-GOD of GODS

"The Praetorian Prefect has improved much in the city of Safe Haven and the great tower still stands as sanctuary from all conflict. The nearby buildings and citizens have begun to embrace the ideals of its foundations" answered Borg.

" have ye found ground of HONOR to return OLYMPUS to the reach of mortals?" asked ZEUS-GOD of GODS.

*tipping his head and pensively grimacing slightly Borg answers*

"Not as yet father...the Empire rallies though and endeavors to rebuild OLYMPUS and its surrounding Imperial City of HONOR."

"Perhaps ye look to far my son...HONOR is within you all and always is where you walk most" ZEUS-GOD of GODS said as he then waved his hands and the pure white world Borg knealt in began to morph.

*From around Borg grew plants and trees...the sound of water became close and then the great stone pires familiar to him broke around him...then settling from out of the sky came the sight of his first view of his life in the realm....the HONOR SHRINE now was before the kneeling Borg*

*As Borg stood ye could see the city of Trinsic settling down across the horizon as the blanket of pure white now became painted with Borg then turned to look back at the HONOR shrine ZEUS-GOD of GODS spoke again*


*Borg cloases his eyes and kneels now on the stone tablet of HONOR*

"From this day forth.....all Legionnaires that enter service and HONOR shall carry my color onto the field of battle in the name of HONOR.

*Borg raises his hands above his head and conjurs the Legionnaires white doublet, purple apron and black boots.....he then changes the color of the doulbet to black*

"Until the day that ends the darkness that plagues this realm....this suit will be the Legionnaires charge to keep." Borg states.

Safe Haven, the town referred to in Borg's vision, is located just west of the crossroads where the roads to Britain, Skara Brae, and Yew intersect.

Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:28 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

Publish Update West Coast / Design 324
The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
Publish Update, West Coast

We will be publishing the changes listed at to all West Coast US shards to be active following their Friday, March 30th scheduled maintenance period. This will affect the Sonoma, Pacific, Baja, and Napa Valley shards. Please note that only the changes listed specifically in the above URL have been published. Other changes listed in Testing For Next Update remain in testing at this time.

The changes will be added to Latest Game Updates once the publish is active on all shards.

And here is Design 324:
Problems with item identification have been fixed, and will now function in the following manners:
  • Items will now retain properly the list of which player or players have recently identified the item. As new players identify the item, playerw that have not identified the item recently might need to re-identify the item again to see the full description of the item's attributes. The owner (defined as the player holding the item in their main backpack or equipping the item) will not need to re-identify the item unless the item is removed from their inventory and identified by other players enough times.
  • The players who “owns” the item will never be removed from the list, as long as they own the item. Ownership is described as holding the item in possession, or within the topmost backpack container.
The new player tutorial will now accept localized speech commands.

Vendors will now change directions to face only the vendor owner when spoken to. Additionally, the distance required for owners speaking to vendors to change their directions has been increased. Players wishing to purchase from vendors will now be able to do some from an increased distance as well.

A problem with dungeon traps overlapping has been corrected

An issue with Inscription was fixed.

Guildmasters unable to remove players from the guild with names listed on the second viewing page of the guild menu has been fixed.

A problem with guilds being unable to rescind or remove a war declaration once issued has been fixed. Now guilds can rescind a war declaration after it has been issued, before the guild being declared upon accepts the war declaration.

A fix has been added to fix crafting for anvils and forges. Also, abbattoirs and pentagrams are now fixed to properly check against the carpentry skill. Thus, these items can now be crafted as intended. The fletching requirement for forge and anvil making has been fixed (removed).
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:27 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

New Mayor of Deliverance Township
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following from the township of Deliverance:
Hail and wellmet,

I have some news from the Deliverance Township to report.... Last night, Mayor Alberich decided to take a long deserved vacation from the duties of Mayor of Deliverance, and passed on the reigns to his long term partner and wife, Chima. Alberich will still be involved in the township as Mayor Emeritus, but the reigns are now in Chima's able grasp. There will be a new council formed in the next few days and information will be posted as it becomes available.

Mayor Emeritus
Deliverance Township
Posted on Friday, March 30, 2001, 12:21 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

Trinsic Trial Cancelled
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<This is to inform the citizens and all involved in the Matter of Trinsic Vs Lord Elrond for the charges of Treason.

With the Recent Resignation of the current JAG Kata Raudbok And the dissapearence of the Currnet Minster of Defense Ku Kullin, the Trial that was scheduled to be held on March 31 is here by canceled.

With the loss of two key figures to the city and the fact that Ku Kullin has the evidence and witness list for this trial the charges are here by dropped. I can not speak for the future and if enough Proof positive evidence is brought forth the courts may wish to hold a trail at that date. I as Mayor do not speak for the courts.

The City of Trinsic also apologizes to Lord Elrond for any incovience this may have caused.

Mayor Raven McAllister Jarrethson
Mayor of Trinsic Trammel
Guild Mistress of Warriors of Wind
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 10:38 PM EST by Cheebatoke (GreatLakes)

Trinsic Attacked!
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<
With the recent appearance of Lillibet at the Temple of the Black One, and
the sudden rise in the activities of the Dark Paladins in Trinsic, I believe
this is something all virtuous souls on Great Lakes should be concerned

With Ku Kullin gone, the revenants of B-D made good on their promise to
wreak havoc on the city of Trinsic (Trammel). Last night during the Trinsic
Town Council meeting, members of the Cult of the Black Dragon lead by
Gwydion, set fire to the Trinsic Paladin's Library, and slew at least four
paladins who were caught inside as the group arrived.
As the Library went up in flames Mayor Raven McAllister, members of the
Order of the Silver Dragon and the Knights of Britannia appeared on the
scene from the meeting. They stood valiantly in front of the Dark Paladin
Gwydion and made sure he knew that no matter what the Cult burned, they
would rebuild.

As it turned out, the burning of the Library was merely a diversion for the
revenant FiRe, who kidnapped Eowen from the meeting at knife-point, and
returned her to the Temple of the Black One. Gil Shatterstone, a Dragon
Knight followed FiRe and Eowen back to the Temple of the Black One and
attempted to coherse FiRe in giving up control of Eowen... FiRe would not
have it, and Shatterstone was promptly dimissed from the Temple grounds.

Shortly after the kidnapping, the Toran Republic, lead by King Zeph,
declared war on the Cult of the Black Dragon. Riding to the meeting hall,
Gwydion and the rest of the Cultists found Zeph and immediately made an
example of him, claiming to watchers that this was the fate bound for all
who opposed the will of the Black One.
The band of warriors then continued on their rampage, setting fire to the
Ranger Station in the town of Phoenix Rising, and ending up at the Temple of
Balance in Moonglow, where Eli Drachen dispatched of EdGuArDo, who had
innocently strolled by.
As the attacks of the Dark Paladins and the Cult of the Black Dragon grow
more and more bold, the question still remains... who will defend Trinsic?
And what has become of the Hierophant, Ku Kullin?

Raistlin, Archmage of O$D
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 10:30 PM EST by Cheebatoke (GreatLakes)

The Gold One Speaks
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<
I bid thee Greetings Brothers and Sisters.

What I hear angers me. We must not stand for this
Act of unbalance, not one more day! We must act, and
bring wrath to the wicked. And let them Know we will
not stand for this now or ever! So I sound the bells
of war! All followers of Virtue, Hear my call.
I ask for 1 to 3 members of each guild , clan, or
come alone if you follow no such group; meet
at the Chamber of virtues In Brit, Thursday, at
10 pm Cst. So we may make plans of attack. Please
post this message on all the boards
you know of, and tell all of this. make haste!
I'm a man of peace, But the Gold One has told me
in prayer,
"Gather all that follow Virtue and balance, ready
them for battle, Bless thier weapons and armour.
Bring forth the Dragon Knights, and water the
ground with the blood of the wicked,
in the name of justice and virtue let them feel
our blessed sting! and a golden flower will grow.
And a new light will glow the hearts of the unsure.
And restore balance once again!" The Gold One has
spoken! So heed her words, and let us be as one
followers. Stand tall come forth; Once again the
sleeper has awoken!
May virtue be with you.
May the gold one bless and keep thee.

Saimanius, Avatar to the Gold One. servent to all OGD.
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 10:09 PM EST by Cheebatoke (GreatLakes)

Gaming Festival a Success in Britain
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

We received this fascinating story and picture from Aspen:

Greetings Humans and Orcs!

A Festival in Britain! While heading into the town of Britain, I came across an interesting event. Tables of various board games, food and ale were being presented near the West bank of Britain. At first it appeared to be a festival, but after closer examination, it was merely a token of appreciation from Sorcon Gartius to the citizens of Britain. I managed to get a local artist to capture the moment so I could send it to you. During the time the artwork was being done, a GM stopped by to see what was all the commotion, and was tempted to even sit down and enjoy the festivity.

Soon after, looters (petty at that) saw the furniture as a fine opportunity to stock their homes. But those who enjoyed the event, came back to help restock to keep it alive.

What fun! It seems that good, wholesome activities have not been completely snuffed out during these difficult times. Thanks to Aspen for the report!

Praise be to Lord British!

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 9:53 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

New Guild Challenges Shadowlords
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

We received the following taunting e-mail from an apparently nameless guild:

Just wanted to let you know that my guild is working very hard to increase our skills and power as a guild. By April 7th we plan crush the Shadowlords with the help of other guilds.
Could the mighty Shadowlords be facing a new threat? Names associated with this new guild include Hexeon, Caramon, and Greebo. I don't recognize any of them, but I've been on a spiritual journey these last few weeks.

Praise be to Lord British!

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 9:48 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

Seers on AOL Legends?
Hail Humans!

An old friend of UOSS AOL legends, Marco Polo, recently had an opportunity to interview Tenju, host of the In-Game Support Disucssion Board on the UO Bulletin Boards. Sir Polo sent us this excerpt of his interview:

Marco Polo: Is there an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for Seers for AOL Legends?

Tenju: I have no ETA on seers for AOL Legends at this time, though I'm sure it is something that the LIVE team will want to focus on soon.

We can only pray it will happen soon! Thanks to Marco for this information!

Praise be to Lord British!

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 9:46 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

New at Napa Valley Stratics
Dear friends,

I'm excited to tell you that Napa Valley finally has a quest section. The infamous Elle quest of last year has been finally included in the archive section. So, if you let your mouse do the walking I urge you to click on the little button that says 'Quests' to your left under the Lore section.

Also, we are going to try something different here in the Napa Valley news section. I took this job primarily to write interesting stories about the NV community and what is going on. But why should I be the one who does all the writing? Why not you!

So, in that vein (and stealing from's already established stories section) we are going to announce different topics every couple of weeks or so. You write about your experiences, send them to us and the best will get posted. It's that simple!

To start us off...Love. Yes, my friends, as the Beatles said that's all we need. I may be a bitter old man, but I'm sure there are a few of you out there who have fantastic stories to tell about finding love on Napa Valley.

Send them to: [email protected] and in a couple of weeks I'll post the best one!

Good luck :)
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 8:29 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

Repost of UDL's Ascension of the Dead
Hail, Lich Lord sent this in:

ASCENSION OF THE UNDEAD---- SATURDAY MARCH 31ST 2001, 10PM EST Mortals! UDL the premier guild of Events and Tournaments on our home shard of Siege Perilous is hosting yet another fantastic warfare orientated event for all to attend. The past Gauntlet Challenge was a huge success with 20 teams of two fighting it out for 400,000 gp in the prize pot. With the scent of blood still strong in the air we bring to you UDL's newest creation, The Ascension of the Undead! Time and Place: Saturday March 31st 10pm EST Held at the Wrong Arena. Spectators: Only allowed in Ghost form. Teams: All the teams will be comprised two players, no restrictions. Admission: 20k per team, given to the judges before your first match. Checks only please. Tourney Structure: UDL will be fielding 5 teams ranked in order. Opponents will start out with team one (easiest) and work their way up the ladder to the highest, team five (hardest). Defeating a UDL team entitles your team to the prize money according to the prize money structure listed on this page. Immediately after a victory, teams may elect to keep the prize money earned for the level just defeated or risk their earnings by advancing up the ladder to fight the next level of UDL. Teams may quit after any victory and are out of the tournement after any loss. Tourney Talk: UDL will have an IRC room open for all in the matches and spectators. The channel will be on the Stratics server, room #ascension. Tourney Rules: · No looting. · No magic armor/weapons. · No magic wands/staffs/items/clothing. · No pets/summons/energy vortex. · No hiding/stealth. · No horses, llamas, or other mounts. · No casting of spells or drinking of potions prior to the start of the fight. This means you cannot even start to cast a spell before the beginning. · If you lose connection during the fight, tough cookies. No rematches. · Anything else you can fit in your bag is legal. Handicaps: Only UDL teams will be handicapped. All the contestants have no handicaps aside from what is stated in the tournement rules. Team 1: Will only be allowed 5 potions total and 40-bandages/each regents in the team. Team 2: Will only be allowed 15 potions total in the team. Teams 3-5 will not be handicapped and be fighting on even ground with the contestants. How to Enter: Contact Lector ICQ# 21385263 for any additional info you may require. Entry Deadline Friday March 30th, 11:59pm EST. Prizes: Defeating No UDL Teams Nothing Defeating UDL Team #1 3,000 gp Defeating UDL Team #2 10,000 gp Defeating UDL Team #3 20,000 gp Defeating UDL Team #4 50,000 gp Defeating UDL Team #5 100,000 gp ASCENSION OF THE UNDEAD home page Thank you in advance, Lector ~Lich Lord UDL~
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:37 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

The Fate of the High Lady of LDH
There is some dirty work afoot:

A state of emergency has been declared in Cove and flags are flying at half mast at the Tower of Lynn'Dannae. More than a week has passed since Lady Kira Lynn'Dannae, High Lady of Cove and the House Lynn'Dannae, was abducted from her home as her guards lay wounded.

Witnesses have spoken of the speed of the attack. The abductors moved straight through the house to the Lady's apartments in the west wing of the tower, seemingly fully appraised of the location of her rooms. according to her guards they fought with an efficiency that suggests they were trained soldiers, quickly disabling the two guards and silencing the maid.

Alarums were raised and help arrived from the town below the tower, with several of the local populace risking their lives in an attempt to save Lady Kira. According to a servant who witnessed the fighting Master Yong and Lady Kathryn both made valiant attempts to stop the abductors as they dragged Lady Kira from her rooms.

The attackers, who wore uniforms of black and purple but no insignia to identify them, were forced back up the stairs towards the roof of the Tower from which they quickly opened a magical gate and stepped through, dispelling it from the other side before their pursuers could follow. It is unknown at this time where the gate led to.

Since then the town of Cove has been as a town bereaved, those of the House Lynn'Dannae that venture from their homes do so with a an air of sadness that is palpable to any who pass through their town. When interviewed, the Magistrate of Cove, Lady Crystal spoke with great sadness of the effect this has had on the town.

" Most of the town is at a loss" said the magistrate "The work in the fields is off by at least fifty per cent" she went on to say, "The people seem lost without the guidance of our High Lady"

As another search party forms and saddles its horses, ready to leave, the question at the back of everyone's mind, is this a search for a person or a body?

Reported by Djinn Macao.
What shall the brave scouts find: person or body????
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:35 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

Bards Called Back to the Badlands.
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Those darn thieves are at it again!

The Vesper merchant marine found the following missive on a shipwreck this week:

My dear friend Lord Blackthorn,

As I watched the tide undulating before me at my bayshore home, I realized that the port has been empty for some time, mayhaps a year now. When I mentioned it, my lieutenants said the serenity of my Ocllo residence is not unusual. The towns are for the most part empty, they said. Upon questioning, my scouts throughout the land reported that the dungeons themselves, even the mysterious Khaldun, is remarkably sparse of late.

Concerned with this report, I decided to get on my horse and go roaming through the moongates on an investigation. We had a peaceful, uninterruped sail to Magincia, also empty, from whence I took a Moongate to Skara Brae. Alas, empty also. Even my bretheren among the bards were nowhere to be found, the taverns a silent paraody of the social places they had once been.

Upon travelling to the Britain gate, I met more of my lieutenants. They reported to me that by performing a strange ritual, they were able to go to what appears to be a parallel dimension, with towns similar to ours, albeit with woods more lush and towns more populated. Once I understood the ritual, I decided to visit this land.

Oh! Old familiar faces! People I hunted with (and some people I hunted) all before me... youthful people.... in all the towns, a clamor like unto that I remember in the days of the Moonglow Council. Ah! I couldn't believe it! Bards' music everywhere, I was so pleased ... and yet....

And yet it was a nightmarish vision, literally and figuratively. The black demon steeds were enslaved to half the people I saw. Dragons and white wyrms, beasts of purest evil, enslaved to little boys and girls barely waist-high. I could not believe my eyes. And the way people spoke to one another! Rudely, with impunity. I could not believe my ears either.

I wandered outside town old woman being verbally abused by a child. With righteous anger at this offense, I reached into my reagent bag for some silk and ash and was about to set the wretched piece of filth alight. To my horror, my hand was stayed from doing its Justice. I was infuriated. What evil magick is this? And with foul-mannered children controlling dragonkind, in a land of no Justice, what if they were ever to come through the gate to my homeland? I returned home, shaken.

It is my plan, my friend, to bring the bards who left our dimension back to our lands. Should these dragon-children ever come to our lands, they would destroy the serenity of our lands. Only the bardic class can quell a dragon's rage, lead it away from its master, and set it free. Thus, I am asking for your help in bringing the bards back to our dimension, that they may join my band of other rogue classes in keeping our lands free of dragon children, and maintaining our hold on the dungeons and towns.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Lord Wren

Army of Thieves

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:09 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

A new Tavern is opening.
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Here's proof that the RPing community on Chesapeake is still alive and breathing. So go check it out already!

Grand Opening! The Council of the Sidhe would like to announce the grand opening of their tavern! On March 31, 2001 at 8pm EST the Council will be opening it's doors to the public and will welcome any creature that may pass. The evening's events include a Trivia Contest, Joke Contest, and Door Prizes. Plus, don't forget free food and drink! For more information on the Fae please visit or email Firefly at [email protected].

Runes will be handed out all week, and gates will be provided by Firefly at Britain West Bank starting at 7pm, or visit our website for a map.

Firefly, Faerie Queen, Fae

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:01 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

Wax Museum to Open on Sunday
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Mitrandir sent us the following announcement :
The Wax Figures Museum will open on Sunday the 1st April. There you can find different waxfigures wearing guildclothes of many different guilds of the Drachenfels Shard. What's more, you can see some famous people of the shard, known for differents reasons, be they PvPers, Merchants and so on.

This month's special is the House Decorations show on the third floor of the museum. A new special show will take place every month in the future, which will be the occasion for a big party.

I hope you will all come at 8pm CET (7pm BST, 2pm EDT). The museum is located on the Trammel facet, about three screens to the southeast of the Yew Moongate next to the Drachenfels Mage Tower. The exact sextant coords are 71°22' N / 34°31' W, and you can find it easily, since it was just added to the UOAM Drachenfels map.

See you soon
Museumholder of the Dragon Clan

Thanks a lot Mitrandir !
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 2:54 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

Books of Britannia look for reporters
>>> Felucca Facet News <<<Balgair, of the Historical Society Library AKA as the Books of Britannia has just sent us the following:
I'm looking to hire full time reporters for the Society to attend and document events throughout Britannia. I'm paying 4k per event thats covered. If anyone is interested, they may contact me via ICQ 100495231. Thank you for your time :)
Everyone is getting writers now except us :P
Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 1:53 PM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

DNS Change for Stratics this Friday
This Friday, at about 11PM CST the IP address will change for the entire domain. This means that the sites will not be available for a while. Depending on your ISP and how fast the change propagates across the web, we will be unreachable for an hour to up to a few days.

Last time we changed IPs most of the readers could access the site again after a few hours, and almost everyone was able to connect within a day. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope it will be a smooth transition.

If you keep having trouble accessing the site after the change, try hitting refresh in your browser and/or clear your browser's cache to force it to load a new page.

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 1:18 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

New Editorial: The Four Hour Alchemist
The editorial "The Four Hour Alchemist" is now available in (where else?) the Editorial section. Here's an excerpt:
Who is served by allowing players to become grand masters in 4 hours? Those best served are those people interested in outfitting a mule with the alchemy skill. If it is OSI's intent to foster this style of play, then clearly nothing needs to be done. If they value players interacting with each other instead of players being self sufficent islands floating in what is becoming a single player game with very realistic NPCs, then some type of change is called for.

There is also discussion about the article going on in the alchemy forum if you're interested in voicing your own opinion on this topic.

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 9:11 AM EST by Sie Ming (GeneralNews)

The Four Hour Alchemist

The Four Hour Alchemist

I am somewhat loath to write this article. It could be that I will do more harm than good by doing so. It could be that OSI will ignore this problem, and all I will have accomplished is to show those few people who don't already know how easy it is to become a grand master alchemist.

For the past six months, all it has taken to become a grand master alchemist is about 80k worth of reagents, a macro program and four power hours. If you're more of a purist, you can skip the macro program and do it in seven hours. If this is the way OSI intends alchemy to work, then so be it. It is, after all, their game. But I don't think it is the wisest choice.

Please don't think I am just one of those "old timers" who want everyone else to have it as rough as I had it. I feel fairly confident in saying I have done as much as anyone to help alchemists improve their skill. I even run a small website devoted to alchemy. It is not my intent to discourage people from pursuing alchemy. I simply feel that four hours is a bit much.

Who is served by allowing players to become grand masters in four hours? I don't think it is those players who wish to actually play a character with some alchemy skill. Those players intend to make potions to sell and for their own use (something getting to grand master in four hours does not accomplish well). They want some experience with the different types of potions (again, something the four hour method discourages). And, for the most part, they want to interact with other players. If they are interested in selling potions they need the time to build a customer base, and perhaps adventure with the friends they make along the way.

Who is served by allowing players to become grand masters in 4 hours? Those best served are those people interested in outfitting a mule with the alchemy skill. If it is OSI's intent to foster this style of play, then clearly nothing needs to be done. If they value players interacting with each other instead of players being self sufficent islands floating in what is becoming a single player game with very realistic NPCs, then some type of change is called for.

What would be the simplest and least disruptive way to remove the four hour alchemist? Remove skill gain for failure from alchemy. This relatively new addition to alchemy is the root cause of the drastic decrease in the time it takes to become an alchemist. This change would not cause alchemist to once again toil for months to become a grand master. It would move the amount of time somewhere between months and hours. A compromise that should be easy for all to live with. Players who really want mules can still make them, and players who want alchemists can relax a bit and enjoy the profession. Let us go back to the days when to gain experience in alchemy you actually had to make a potion. Let us move away from the current practice of simply attempting the hardest potion possible and hoping for failures that advance your skill.

No matter what OSI decides to so, I rest secure in knowing that there will be hundreds of additional players with some alchemy skill over the next few days.

Sie Ming

Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 8:51 AM EST by Sie Ming (Editorials)

Clones Announce Plans to Cleanse Dungeon Covetous
>>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met, pilgrims.

Recently, I found myself wondering about the Clones. It's been sometime since last we've heard from these mysterious folk. Lo and behold, a pigeon bearing he following message paid me a visit during the night. Here's the message. I gave the pigeon to Ith'unk.

Greetings. I am the Second. I serve the Firstborn. I speak for the Firstborn. My coming was foretold.

My time is short, but I bring this news: our journey continues this coming weekend, as my brothers and I venture forth in the spirit of the Virtue of Sacrifice. Join us at the dungeon Covetous if you would travel with us. We will travel through the dungeon, then pause for a brief meditation at the shrine of Sacrifice.

  • Date: Sunday, April 1st Time: 12pm Pacific time (3pm Eastern time)
  • Location: Entrance to dungeon Covetous (Trammel facet)

    Until we meet next, walk with Virtue, my friends.

    Second High Priest,
    Temple of the Stranger (T*S)

  • Thus, they continue with this notion of cleansing the Temples. A worthy endeavor, provided they have no ulterior motives. Time will tell.

    Until next we meet, safe journeys to you, one and all.


    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 7:51 AM EST by Cyn (LegendsAOL)

    Mining Contest

    Thanks for this note:

    1st Villa Aqileia Mining Contest

    Hail to all miners!

    Villa Aqileia will held its first public Mining Contest on April,4th  21CET.
    All People are welcome.
    You can sign-up under ICQ: 96486906

    The Entry fee are 500 GP and you will receive a rune to our town.
    More information under:

    Phoenix of AQI


    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 5:44 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    New Faction Site
    News from Factions:

    I have created a website, specifically for the Europa Factions, it is
    designed to work with the existing uo faction websites, and also
    contains some new key features; such as

    Hall of Shame - A List of people who commit warcrimes, such as reskill
    Hall of Fame - To commend those who show great sportsmanship.
    Faction News - From EACH factions point of view.
    Battle Map - Updated daily, with who owns which sigils!

    Address is

    Many Thanks

    Sound Great!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 5:42 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Easter Egg Hunt!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

    I was tickled pink to read the following dispatch from the Warlord of Blood:

    I am writing to inform you about an Event I am going to host. It is going to be an Easter Egg hunt. My plan is to get 72 bags, 11 each of the following colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple. There will also be six specially coloured bags (see below). Each bag is going to contain 100 gold, 1 key and a book with a special code.

    The goal is to try to get as many bags as possible. Prizes will be distributed as follows:

    • The person with the most Red bags wins 500 gold.
    • The person with the most orange wins 1000 gold.
    • The person with the most yellow wins 1500 gold.
    • The person with the most green wins GM Gold Full Plate Mail set.
    • The person with the most blue wins 10,000 bandages.
    • The person with the most purple wins 100 of each reg.
    Special bag prizes are as follows:
    • The person who finds the gold bag wins 100 recall scrolls.
    • The person that finds the Silver bag wins 1 Red Pentegram deed.
    • Each person who finds a pink bag will win 1 forest osterd. There are a total of 4 pink bags.
    After 1 hour all participants must return to my house. Anyone who doesn't get back within 1 hour will forfeit their prizes. There will be a chest on my porch and anyone who can open it with a key they found in there bags wins the Grand Prize which is 30,000 gold.

    While the event will be scheduled for 4 pm PST, I am still mulling over which day to hold it. Easter day? The day before Easter? Is there a way people can vote? I will email you the name of the starting location when you register by contacting me.

    Oh, and there are only 2 rules: No mounts and No cheating. Thank you for your time.

    This sounds like good fun! We will alert you to the specific date as soon as we learn it.

    Praise be to Lord British!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 5:23 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Britain Council Update
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

    Dear old Mystic,, Guardian Lord of Legends, was kind enough to send us this update regarding the formation of the Britain Council of Compassion:

    I have been sorting through the many applications for Council positions, and I thank those who applied for the job. The process of choosing the people to serve is a tedious one, and will take some time. The Council will not be chosen for a few days, for I am reading every application that was sent to me.

    Since there are no current other governments at this time, the Britain Council of Compassion will probably work on issues other than the surrounding area, as well as the local issues. We may also solve world issues in the future, for Britain is the capitol of Brittania. If other governments form, the Council would be happy to help them the other in any way possible.

    Ah! Mystic will be excited to hear announcement concerning the government of Vesper. Look for that in the next few days.

    As always, we thank Mystic for his contribution.

    Praise be to Lord British!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 5:09 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Reminder: Guard Your Accounts!
    Hail Humans!

    UOSS AOL Legends recently received this scam report from an anonymous source:

    I was contacted thru ICQ today by the scamer. He requested that I let him get onto my UO account so he could refresh his house. He went into how he had to cancel AOL, so he needed to get onto my UO account so he would not lose everything. He was "nice" enough to offer me in game gold so that I would let him do this. When I explained to him that he would be unable to get into his bank boxes or refresh his house with my account he changed his story. Now he wanted my login to my AOL account so he could play his account.

    We all know not to give out our info, no matter what. However, I would hate to hear of someone losing everything because they were trying to be nice. In these cases, it is best to respond with a polite, but firm, no!

    Indeed, gaurd thy account info! You never know who is behind the alias. Thanks for the tip.

    Praise be to Lord British!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 5:05 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Azaria and Kyros Wed
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail Humans!

    Congratulations to Azaria and Kyros who were married last Saturday. I wish them a long and joyous life together!

    Praise be to Lord British!

    Posted on Thursday, March 29, 2001, 4:58 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Napa Valley Quest Archive Updated
    With all Pelle, Napa Valley News Manager's, hard work the Napa Valley Current quest section has been updated with an archived quest. The quest involving Elle is now completely chronicled and easy to review in one quick location.

    We hope you enjoy!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 11:53 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Heroes & Legends Festival Brings Out The Best
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Quill McMartin Mar 26 2001 6:48PM

    Jollier Fairgrounds, east of Skara Brae, held well over three hundred people during the course of the three night, two day Heroes & Legends festival. Citizens came from far and wide to enter games, gamble, and don complimentary festive party hats.

    For the full story go here.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 8:18 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia!***New Britannia Enquirer!
    This week I've loaded up the rant cannon and it's aimed squarely at all the new changes affecting this world we know as Britannia, as it relates to UO (2D), UO Third Dawn and the recently cancelled UO2. The new edition of the Britannia Enquirer should leave no doubt in your mind as to how I feel about where I stand on the changes. It seems lately about the only thing certain about UO is that it will continue to cost $9.95 (US) a month, and the issues
    the perpetual beta testers (you and me) really consider important will
    continue to take second place to whatever cockamamie scheme EA has dreamed up this week.

    Added Wednesday, March 28th, 2001:
    - The Britannia Enquirer - Vol 2. No 2 - What's wrong with this

    ImaNewbie does Britannia


    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 7:46 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    The orcs are coming, the orcs are coming!
    One night on the door of the East Britian bank a note was found. It was writen in an unknown language and in blood.
    Greebas umies,
    Dis iz jut a klergneng dat Bludchok-hai iz wundeuren da r'heez neer da shu'uk'a-b'hai ob Britun. Uz stungor den dem dum dum urukz. Uz iz strung en tuff. Ise ting tho. Iv uu geev tribute tu en Urk, heem nub clomp uu.
    - Bludchok-hai


    Hello humans,
    This is just a warning that the Bloodrock Clan is wondering the woods near the City of Britian. Us stronger then those dumb orcs. Us is strong and tough. One thing though. If you give tribute to an Urk, he won't kill you.
    - Bludchok-hai

    OOC: Bloodrock Clan is a large scale RPvP guild. We and mainly based on Great Lakes but are expanding. We live in a large smithy in an opening close to the guard post near the Brit swamps. We are not the strongest people on the shard yet but we are limited to what weapons we can use. We ask that if you war us Bloodrock Clan, that you follow a few guide lines. We would ask that you res us after killing we will not attack, we also ask that you do not loot us. We dont use anything worth taking. And we will only loot if you attack us more then 3 times in 20min.

    You can find our site at or on IRC at #Bloodrock and for bloodrock just napa at #Bloodrock-NV. Thank you and if you would like to talk further like joining or to set something up or just have questions email me at [email protected] icq 16685951 or come into IRC we like that. Please also note, we are in trammel until someone buys my smithy off me for at least 3 smalls side by side in Fel near Yew/Cove orc forts or near a mine. Thanks and gug'ye (goodbye)

    -Glunk Eldur Urk of Napa Valley
    Bloodrock Clan
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 7:41 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Junior Stormeye Captured Near Trinsic
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<On Tuesday evening, a caravan of seemingly harmless merchants travelled from Britain to Trinsic, carrying the legendary hat of Captain Stormeye. On the road, the caravan was first stopped by Nuk'togh the Troll on a bridge he guarded. He asked for a tribute, which the caravan paid without too much arguing.

    Then, as expected, Junior Stormeye, son of the dead Captain, attacked the caravan, and was surprised by the strength of its members, who were actually fighters in disguise. Actually, there were even orcs who wore human disguises until the fight started. Junior Stormeye was caught, and then escorted to the Jail of Trinsic, where Conrad Northwood, the orks and the local guards asked for informations which he refused to give.

    Before the start. Note the  cleverly disguised orks in the lower part of the picture.

    The following pictures and logs (largely edited) let you know more about the events that occured. It may be interesting to note that the Pirate received help from an unknown power, which some in the crowd considered to be Zalindera. Powerful demons were summoned to help Junior when he tried to escape the trap prepared by the caravan people. Could it be that the Spider Goddess and the Pirates work together ?

      Nuk'togh the Troll asks for Tribute.On the road, at the bridge :
    • Nuk'togh the Troll: Stooop! Noone shall passs
    • Darinia: Who are you?
    • Brind'Amour: Why do you stand in our way?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: I think that's his home
    • Nuk'togh: Me hear of rich oomie caravan. Me ere to for tribooot
    • Brind'Amour: What Tribut do you want?
    • Nuk'togh: GULD
    • Jafar McFinnan: this is ... unexpected
    • Brind'Amour: How much gold?
    • Nuk'togh: Ehmm.... Many !
    • Colugk'gor: huw much is meny?
    • Nuk'togh: Uhm... Million Guld coins?
    • Von Ravenwood: One Million is too much
    • Puddlegum: me hab that
    • Nuk'togh: Dis million?
    • Puddlegum: *nods*
    • Nuk'togh: One... twoo... Many !
    • Von Ravenwood: Can we pass?
    • Nuk'togh: Well lad gibe million me think... So me should let oomies pass?
    • Puddlegum: da ovver caravan be behind, it hab more gold... yuu can get them next and it nub guarded
    • Nuk'togh: Really? Nub trick Nuk'togh?
    • Brind'Amour: Don't betray the jewelry transport
    • Nuk'togh: Me Smart Trull ! Lads Go. Hurry or me eat


      The Pirate Ambush. During the fight :

    • Junior Stormeye: Come to me aid agin ! Send thine black troops on these scum ! Dark ally ! Slay these infidels !

      In Trinsic :

    • Richter John: What is happening here ?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: They captured the son of Captain Stormeye
    • Nick: WHO ?
    • Richter John: Why ? What has he done ?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Captain Stormeye raided the lands of Britannia : they captured his son to get informations on his father.


      Zalindera's Doing ? Certainly not in a Pirate's Power. In the Jail :

    • Puddlegum: Gib dem shiney stone tu mez and wez gu.
    • Junior Stormeye: Well, sadly I dont have it...
    • Niv'uk: hu hab it? Niv'uk: tell us wer it be an mebbe wez help lat :)
    • Junior Stormeye: If I knew ye could be bought, orcs.. I should have brought it... Maybe you'll get the stone, after you aid me. Har har har !
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Conrad Northwood is here
    • Junior Stormeye: Argh!!
    • Niv'uk: stoney furst den elp
    • Puddlegum: orcs nub make deal
    • Junior Stormeye: Well foolish orc, then there is no deal!
    • Conrad Northwood: Hmm so this is the son of Stormeye? What are orcs doing here? They might be allies of the pirate....
    • Niv'uk: wez come to get Nuk'toghs shiney
    • Puddlegum: Pirate have thing that belong to vrend of clan... we get or clomp
    • Junior Stormeye: Well orcs, get this thru yer thick skulls...
    • Junior Stormeye: You! Dont! Get! The! Stone! Har har har!!
    • Puddlegum: me gunna cut dis wun ub ! lat want sum?
    • Conrad Northwood: Order please..
    • Junior Stormeye: See you on the battlefield, orc.
    • Niv'uk: wez bin luukin fur dis shiney fur menee muuns... mez fink him need clompin !
    • Junior Stormeye: Clompin? My men w'll be visitin' ye... Listen, orc : all fun 'side.. the stone ain' 'ere...
    • Niv'uk: mez fink mez sharpun mez axe on him hed
    • Conrad Northwood: I need to talk to him in peace


    • Conrad Northwood: I think you would need a good night sleep in jail, and we'll see if prison food will clear up thy mind. Now, start to behave
    • Junior Stormeye: Sure.. you be the cap'n here... I'll behav'.
    • Conrad Northwood: You know what we want...where is the hideout?
    • Junior Stormeye: I ain' spillin' the beans that easy cap'n.
    • Conrad Northwood: I had thy father hanged, I will not doubt to recommend same treatment for you
    • Junior Stormeye: You be quiet 'bout father ! I be willin to show the hideout... if...
    • Conrad Northwood: If what?
    • Junior Stormeye: Listen 'ere Northwood ! I'll show ye the hideout... I'll take ye there if you want..
    • Conrad Northwood: No, you tell where it is!
    • Junior Stormeye: Just name a date and I sure as Hythloth take ye there!
    • Conrad Northwood: And how could we trust you?
    • Junior Stormeye: That's the beauty o' it : ye cant... So cap'n... whats the deal 'ere? Ye speak? O' was it a frog croakin'?
    • Conrad Northwood: If you trick us....
    • Junior Stormeye: Trick ye cap'n? Why woul' I eve' do that ? So cap'n.. the hat be in yer lap.
    • Conrad Northwood: Bah, don't you think I am stupid... I might be old, but not senile
    • Junior Stormeye: I didn' say ye where...
    • Conrad Northwood: Let us talk outside a bit, people. I will return to this jail after this.


    • Stormeye's Capture. Bel d'Ajoor: Niv'uk ! Conrad will talk to you !
    • Niv'uk: him blah abut Nukkys shiney?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: I don't think he did
    • Conrad Northwood: I think we might have to accept the deal... I may have to risk myself, the trap might be our big chance
    • Niv'uk: mez nub care abut hummie stuff
    • Bel d'Ajoor: He agreed to lead you there ? When ? How ?
    • Conrad Northwood: If more would die to the attacks because we just interrigate him for weeks... I could not accept that
    • Bel d'Ajoor: I think the orks would like to know if there is a chance their stone might be in Stormeye's lair
    • Colugk'gor: yub
    • Conrad Northwood: What do we owe to them? Their kind just raids and slaughters lawful people
    • Colugk'gor: *snarls*
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Well... those are kind of intelligent. Not bright, but enough to follow British's laws while on our facet
    • Niv'uk: lat nevvah blah'd dat wen wez clomp dem piruts erlier ! lat wus glad wez wuz der !
    • Colugk'gor: wud lat know about uz, humie?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: What's more, they fought well to capture Junior
    • Conrad Northwood: They did?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: *nods*
    • Niv'uk: wez clomp menee piruts an lat blah lat owe nuffin tu us ? lats ungaytful ! mebee wez teem up wiv piruts an see how lat like dat
    • Conrad Northwood: *frowns*
    • Bel d'Ajoor: You shouldn't let them, Captain
    • Julieanne: are you threatening Conrad?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: They're defending their honor, I would say
    • Conrad Northwood: You think I should ask of the gem then?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: *nods*
    • Puddlegum: if nub ask of gem... Trinsic fell dub times before, nub want it habben again me fink
    • Conrad Northwood: I will ask him then... But just because you helped us


    • Conrad Speaks with Orks. Conrad Northwood: Alright I will do it, but we want something from you before that
    • Junior Stormeye: And what is that?
    • Conrad Northwood: We want to know where the orc gem is hidden
    • Junior Stormeye: I see... Well... I can agree to that one... But the problem be.. 'tis well hidden. It should be manageable...
    • Conrad Northwood: Good... it is a start
    • Junior Stormeye: How about this...Junior Stormeye: The treasure cargo, the boat in my fleet... brings it? I cannae jus' go get it can I? Somon' gotta brin' it 'ere! I'll tell ya where it docks.. if'n cap here agrees...
    • Junior Stormeye: ... Ye know what ? I've changed me mind ! That bastard orcs shall pay... my men'll burn down their fort !
    • Conrad Northwood: Stop toying with us
    • Junior Stormeye: Now git the hell outta' my cell ! I'll burn in hell before the damn orcs get the stone !
    • Conrad Northwood: I think you need to rot at your jail!
    • Junior Stormeye: You think so captain?! Well.. go ahead.. lemme rot.. See what it does to help you.
    • Conrad Northwood: And you will show the hideout or I will have you exocuted for your crimes
    • Junior Stormeye: Aye, my deal still stands on that one. I shall take thee to the hideout.. don'cha worry.
    • Conrad Northwood: I will get back to you when WE choose to see the hideout. The time will not be at your terms...
    • Junior Stormeye: Whateve' floats yer boat capn'..
    • Conrad Northwood: Lock him up here, guards !


    • Conrad Northwood: Bad news I am afraid orcs : Instead of telling where it is, he promised to burn your place down. I think he has men outside, so I think you can expect attack. He does not threat for nothing
    • [...]
    • Colugk'gor: Gug'ye, captn humie
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Good luck with the pirates !
    • [...]
    • Conrad Northwood: I will summon people for the escort when it is time for me to find their hideout.
    • Bel d'Ajoor: How about leaving a message in your house on the book ?
    • Conrad Northwood: I shall do so, or put a seperate note on table. I need to determin a best day possible
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Thanks a lot !
    Well, that's all for today... Stay tuned !
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 6:29 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Having trouble placing your Third Dawn upgrade order ?
    Whenever I tried to order the Third Dawn upgrade I got a "Page not found" error when I confirmed the data I entered. First I thought it was a bad connection or the OSI site was not working as it should, but after a while I figured that something else might be wrong. After some experimenting I found out what caused the error. When I entered my phone number, I entered it in international format, with a + sign at the beginning (old habits never die), once I removed the + sign from the phone number all was well, and I was able to get my order confirmed. Just so you know...
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 5:57 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    BNN: Al'Cedra's Challenge - On the Trail of the Jest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    And now fer the latest BNN news by Bethsainda Ariaachas:

    Well, dear readers, the challenge on April 1st is going to be very different this time! I have this right from the dragon’s mouth! All those who capture a jester on that night, will be admitted into the lair upon the 1st of April. I am not exactly sure how to capture one of the tricky little fellows, said to be a lot like leprechauns, but without the gold. I do know that killing them is probably not a good idea. Those dragons are quite nasty when they get angry, as I remember back to the very first night in Al’Cedra’s Lair. 

    Clues, clues, clues! Yes, dear reader, that is what you must gather! It will not be easy, mind you. Those smart dragons are trickier than any human rogue. On the 29th of March, you will find clues with the Masters of the Word. Each master will have one small clue that will aid you somehow in your search for the jesters. You can begin your search at 9 p.m. GMT on that day. Al’Cedra has said that your search will begin at the signs of the animals throughout the towns of Britannia. I looked for signs and found plenty of horse hoof prints, and other rather substantial spoor, but I do not think that is exactly what she meant. 

    For new readers, the Trammel Dragon appears once a month upon the first, and poses riddles to all citizens of Britannia who have proved themselves worthy through prior tests and trials.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 4:46 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Jacob's Spirit Speaks and Necromancers Attack
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    We received this report from Daemona of the Custodes Fati regarding yesterdays events:

    Howdy folks, 

    Daemona the Bard here ta bring you all up to date on these here excitin’ events. Well, we was out a huntin’ with the lads of the Custodes Fati last night, when word reached us that we was to regroup in good ol’ Spiritwood, ‘cause Pad and them folks from Deepwater was fixin’ to go over to Shame and see that old cap. Willoughby. Well we got there and sure enough, the area just before the black mouth of that hell hole they calls Shame was a mighty assembly of folks gathered to meet the captain. Needless ta say, you don’t get so many folks standing round in one place and not have word start to fly about and before long, them savages, sun burned lads and other idiots started to gather, like circling vultures round a fat calf. Captain Willoughby started ta get a bit agitated an all and then he told us all to wait and vanished! Well, afore too long a purple gate popped up right smack in front of us all, but people sort o’ pondered and fretted, wonderin’ what to do, to go on through or wait like that old captain had said we ought to. Then someone noticed the gate had a name, in fact it was called Jacob’s Gate! Well, that’s all it took afore everyone jumped head long into it, causin’ a god-awful pile up on the other side! There was so many running through the ground got all churned up and some folks figured that we’d all drown in the mud right then and there. Eventually, things loosened up a bit and we managed to crawl inside a ways, certain that the mud men would have the upper hand and shortly finish us all off. But just then another gate appeared, another one o’ Jacob’s it seems and we dashed into it, hopin’ that where ever it lead the ground would be more solid. Well, it was, and I can’t rightly recall all the places we went to as that old Jacob lead us on a merry chase through at least three more portals. 

    Finally, we came to a big hidden room, a “house with no windows” just like cap Will had said it would be. There, smack in the middle was a magic circle with sigils all about it. Into this stepped a pitch black Shade and slap-me-down-with-a-cold-fish-if it didn’t start to speak to us! Yep, you guessed it, it was none other than the Spirit of Jacob his self. He was moaning and complaining, the way restless souls tend to, going on about how he had lost his heart when that treacherous brother o’ his, Darkhen, had used the Daemon Daregaurd to steal his heart. He said that another heart was the key to both his freedom and to the saving of his lady love, the one they calls Annoura. You know, that hussy wot caused all this trouble in the first place all them long years ago, when she broke one brother’s heart by goin’ out with t’other. Anyway, Jacob’s ghost told us that on the 4th of April, there was gonna be a great chance to set things right by him and Annoura. See, she needs to be freed of some possession she fell under. She now thinks she is some sort of daemon or Orc or something and is hanging out with bad company in the Yew Orc Fort. Jacob says that the heart of a Great Ancient Wyrm could save her, and she in turn save him. Sounds kind-a complicated, but it seems this Great Wyrm’s got two hearts and it will be coming out on the 4th!

    Well, after this news, Jacob sort of faded out and we all headed back to 

    Deepwater to tell Captain Willoughby what happened. He was just about to hand out some thank-you presents when, what do ya think walked into the town square but a brazen pack o’ Necromancers!! They arrogantly demanded that other book called Domain, at least a part of it known to be in the hands of the Custodes Fati leader, Pad O’Lion. Natch we all laughed at them, us outnumbering them and all, but maybe, just maybe we laughed a wee bit too soon. Brazen they was, brazen I tells ya, for they just pulled out their weapons and started layin into us all right then and there! Before you knew it, they was joined by Skeletal Knights and Mages, Liches, Lich Lords and who knows what else. The ground was knee deep in broken bones and moaning bodies by the time the dust settled, and that ol’ captain Willoughby was no where ta be seen. I guess he gave them presents over to Dianora, the Mayor o’ Deepwater to hand out, and skedaddled on outta there. Well wouldn’t ya know it, there wasn’t nothing suitable fer a Bard in the whole sack!! Sheesh, I told her we ain’t all mindless fightin’ brutes ya know. Oh well, maybe that old captain’ll bring a few more things round next time, includin’ his stomach when the going gets tough!

    Ta ra fer now-


    Tellin’ tales for the Custodes Fati

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:39 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    The Tome of the Crimson Serpent
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Greetings good souls.

    I write to inform thee of the events these past two nights concerning the Tome of the Crimson Serpent. 

    On Monday, as requested by the Noble Captain Sothe Willoughby, we gathered in the Counsellors hall at Serpents Hold although, due to some distortions in the space time continuum, the Captain was over an hour late in arriving. When he did at last appear, he asked the devoted scholars and questors gathered there what they had learned of the Tome since its retrieval on Thursday last. As we told him of our initial findings, a soldier of the King’s Guard called Otis entered and approached the captain, stating that he had an important message to deliver to him. With that, the soldier revealed himself a traitor most foul, and proceeded to attack Captain Willoughby with a mighty Halberd! 

    The assembled masses immediately leapt to the good captain’s defence and as the traitor Otis was beaten to within an inch of his life, I cast a spell of paralysis upon him and called for the warriors to bind him and demand his surrender. He shouted defiantly that he would never surrender and that the devil herself had commanded his actions, or at least “she” had appeared to be the devil to him. At that point Willoughby called out that Otis was a traitor to the Crown and that he should be put to immediate death! I protested that all had the right to a fair trail, but to no avail and the wretched Otis was shortly despatched. 

    After saying a few words over the poor late fool, I turned once again to the captain, who was now asking pointed questions as to what the Tome revealed about the ancient druid called Jacob. It was determined that there had once been an expedition to a cemetery outside of Cove, where the apparent tomb of Jacob had been discovered. Accompanied by Captain Willoughby, we quickly made our way there, only to discover that evil red Liches calling themselves Darkhen’s Guardians were defending the place. After a fierce but brief battle, we gathered round the grave, which was revealed to be that of Joseph rather than Jacob. Some suggested that Joseph was the original name of Jacob’s brother and then rival, since transformed into the wicked soul now known as Darkhen. Upon the grave was writ the following inscription: 

    "His brother’s love, his brother’s nayme, defiling both in tyme, in shayme.

    Needless to say, we immediately made our way to the dungeon called Shame and gathered once more, prepared to enter and search the place from top to bottom. But just then, captain Willoughby stopped us. He requested that we return the following evening to proceed and this was agreed. Refusing a gate to civilisation and safety, the good captain took his leave of us then. And now I too take my leave as I was not at the events of last night. 

    Peace Unto thee 


    First Chancellor, Spiritwood University

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:35 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Tours to the Rich and Famous
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Found this message on my door step, it sounds like a great adventure for an evening...

    Hail & Well Met!  

        I want to invite you to participate in something new and fun on the Great Lakes Shard, The Homes of the Exotic & Illustrious Tour!  

        We are putting together a tour of Great Lakes most interesting, beautiful, creative, and or rare filled homes! This month we have a awesome rares tower, a cool tavern, a unbelievable library, a messy but show stopping large marble, and a beautifully decorated tower!  Come by and see them all, pick your favorite, go rare spotting, kill some time before power hour, get some ideas for your new home or whatever you want to do!

        The Homes of the Exotic & Illustrious Tour starts April 1st! Come see the first 5 houses picked for our kick off tour!  Be ready to "ooOOoo" and "aahhaa" as you travel all around this great world of ours peeking into the five special houses we think you need to see!   

        Tour packs are available at the vendor house Last One on Ice Island(100o48N,157o18W) which is a great large marble that is on the northeast side of the Honesty Shrine! Also a runebook will be set up for those of you who just want to recall and not buy a tour pack!  And several people will be gating to the tour vendor house from major banks all around Great Lakes just in case you can't find it!!  Look for Elissa, the vendor, in the bright blue dress to start you off on your tour!

         Come help us start our tour off right!  We can't wait to see you!  Thanks!

                                            Kyra, tour coordinator 

        P.S. Also I would like to include an important thank you to the people who opened their homes so we could start this tour! Thanks Shorin, Incubus, Pug, Myst, Deagan, Everclear, and Seductress we couldn't have done it without you!

        P.S.S.  Think your home has what it takes to be on the Homes of the Exotic & Illustrious Tour? Well, just leave your name and ICQ in the book next to Elissa and we will get in touch with you about getting a rune to your home so we can check it out!  Every month we pick 5 new houses to sponsor for the Homes of the Exotic & Illustrious Tour so we need your fabulous home to keep this thing going!

    Hope to see you all on the next guided tour...

    Barth VanDorn

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:26 PM EST by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Green Gargoyle Restaurant fer Sale!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    With sadness I'm posting this note from the Green Gargoyle management. I really hope someone will take up the task to keep going that fine establishment:

    Greetings all.

    'Tis sad news I bear. The management of the famed Green Gargoyle Restaurant & Bar is moving out. This message is to ask if there are any people out there who wish to buy the restaurant and take over running it. It is a large marble building. Restaurant furniture will be included but most decorations will be taken out if sold. To see pictures and a map of the restaurant see If anybody is interested in purchasing the restaurant and continuing to keep it open, please contact me on pigeon (ICQ) number 22789326 or send a letter to [email protected]

    If there is nobody interested in taking over the running of the restaurant, it will be forced to close down and the building will be sold.

    Former Manager of the Green Gargoyle

    Good luck Kurt.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:13 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Spiritwood Lectures
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    And now fer the schedule of the Spiritwood Universities courses this week:

    Basic skills and Fitness Training

    On Monday the 26th of March, we shall again be offering our course on Basic Skills 101. These classes provide all newcomers to our lands with an introduction to the skills and a discussion of the professions available within Ultima Online. Where to begin, what skills to choose, how to train, and where to go. A must for all those starting out in our lands who wish to build up their general level of fitness. 

    Classes start at 8 p.m. GMT (21:00 CET), at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    Arcane Arts Lecture

    On Tuesday the 27th of March, Master Fai, Dean of the Path of Spirituality will again be offering his fine course on the Fundamentals of Magic. The first half of the third lecture in the Arcane Arts series will be solely focussed on the training of magery, meditation and evaluating intelligence (this will not be a training session, more a seminar on valued techniques).

    The second half will once again take the guise of a field trip. Students are advised to leave valuables in their bank boxes, and only carry sufficient reagents as they can afford to lose. Although the situation we will be encountering will not be combative, hopefully, there is a strong chance of peril. 

    Classes will start at 8:30 pm GMT, (21:30 CET), at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    Current Affairs Seminar

    On Wednesday the 28th, the Spiritwood University shall be hosting another discussion evening open to all who wish to learn more about recent news and events from across the realm. These seminars take the form of casual discussions where our scholars relate recent quest and event news to all interested parties. So, if you wish to learn a bit more about major happenings in the realm, or simply have a few questions about recent quests that need clarifying, why not come along and join in the symposium?

    The Seminar starts at 9 pm GMT, that is 22:00 CET, at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    Basic Black Smith Skills

    On Thursday the 29th, Phoenix, visiting scholar at the Spiritwood University, shall be offering a basic introduction to Smithing and Metalworking skills on Thursday evenings at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University. These sessions are a must for anyone wishing to learn the basics of these moneymaking skills. Learn how to mine, smelt and fabricate items. Learn the prices and markets. Set yourself up in business repairing the weapons and armours of all those battered warriors and turn a fat profit. 

    Classes will start at 8 pm GMT, that is 21:00 CET at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    The Way of the Warrior- introductory course. 

    Spiritwood University is proud to hold a promising new lecture on the Ways of a Warrior: Basic Warrior training & Etiquette. Lady Mae of Tel’mar shall be running this basic training course on a Thursday evening, the 29th If you’re a promising new warrior, then come along and join in the fun, I guarantee you’ll make new friends and have a good laugh! I hope to see you all there on Thursday! 

    Classes will start at 8:00pm GMT (21:00 CET) at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    Basic Cooking skills

    On Friday the 30th, Ms. Terri House Keeper at the Spiritwood University shall be holding her regular Friday evening session on basic cooking skills. The classes will cover a wide range of cooking and catering skills. Interested in someday running your own Tavern, hosting parties, holding a range of social events?, Then why not come along and learn the basics for success. 

    Classes will start at 8 pm GMT, that is 21:00 CET at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    To find the University, start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town. To get across to the main land, simply enter one of the small ferryboats there and say the word “Cross” to the ferryman. Once across on the mainland, go east on the road inland. Take the second road to your right (south, at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. The walk is short and the neighbourhood pleasant. From the end of the road, go across town and you will find the University Tower a short way beyond, in the clearing closest to the south-western corner of the great Hedge Maze of Sosaria. 
    For more information go to: 

    We welcome you to the Spiritwood University, a haven of learning for all.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:08 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Who is Paladin the Mystic Llama herder?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Katarn fer this warning. I'm sure people will be carefully watching the area around Delucia in the future:

    Perhaps I should introduce myself, I am Katarn, master warrior and aspiring assassin and I write to report a strange occurrence that happened near Delucia on the Europa Trammel Facet at 1430hrs GMT on the 23/3/01

    Whilst strolling back to Delucia from the City of the Dead I was unfortunate enough to encounter a stray Dragon who went by the name of "Silly" who duly attacked me, along with a band of orcs that regular hijack travellers on this road. "Not too much of a problem" I thought. Lacking the skill to face this beast I ran back to town shouting a warning as I went with the dragon hot on my heels scorching me with fireballs.

    I had barely made it to the gates, having outrun my pursuer when out of nowhere I was attacked by an odd looking stranger. Naked apart from a loincloth and bearing a viking sword this strange apparition glowed a strange white. Examining this fellow it seemed his name was "Paladin, the mystic Llama herder" who then proceeded to thrash me all the way to the bank while in my weak state I shouted for help from the gathered locals.

    "Guards! I shouted, guards?? Um....GUARDS!!???" No guards appeared and this creature struck me down with only a few blows from his blade! A passing mage yelled for the guards after my demise and dutifully they came and whacked the odd warrior. `Tis the second time I have seen this strange creature, the first was spotted by another member of my family, a noble warrior, who spotted him roaming round a hillock near Delucia.

    The second was by myself, Katarn, the previous evening whilst again returning from the boneyard. I spotted the guards slaying him as I passed through the gates. 

    I wonder whether this man preys on who the gods call unworthy, for I am regarded as dishonourable because of my skill with poisoning weapons.

    (A skill which to my mind is much maligned and has a "bum rep")
    A fair warning to all adventurers in these parts, beware the mystic Llama herder (and stray dragons!)


    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 1:00 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    UO Opens Shoppe
    This just in from Athestain about a brand new service for both merchants and their customers:
    I'd like to announce the opening of a new resource designed for shoppers and shop owners.

    The site allows shoppers to search, by shard and product category, to locate player run vendors. Each vendor gives details of exact items they sell, coordinate of the shop they stand in (including a map!) and can be rated by shoppers. The rating systems comes into it's own as vendors are displayed from highest rating to lowest, so if shop owners want customers they need to have good stock and accurate descriptions and appear at near the top of the list.

    For shop owners the site is designed to increase your trade, without needing to spend millions of gold of a very small building near a road. The map allows customers to find your no matter where you are, and your shop's description can contain even more detail.

    New features are being planned for the site, including a more detailed search options, tables of the best vendors, features on the best shops, an "email this vendor to a friend" facility so you can share your finds with others, and many more ideas. is now open!

    Athestain, Scribe of

    It's a great site so make sure to stop on by and check it out!
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 11:32 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Oceania Player Seer, Series 2 Scavanger Hunt signups
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Well Series Two of the Oceania Player Seer Scavanger Hunt are upon us. Each team can have up to four players with a 4k entry fee per team. You can find out more details and sign up at the Oceania Player Seer Website.

    Surprise prizes will be awarded to the three highest scoring teams at the end of the series.

    The Series starts on Sunday the 8th of April at 8pm Sydney Time, with entires closing on Wednesday the 4th of April.

    Dont miss out!..

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 5:46 AM EST by Diangelo Grey (Oceania)

    Heather's UO3D Adventure
    The following was just sent into us from Heather:
    Heather's UO3D Adventure

    Are you sitting on pins and needles, waiting for your chance to experience Ultima Online Third Dawn for yourself? Can't wait to see what the new lands of Ilshenar have to offer? Wondering what all the hullabaloo about UO:3D is? Not sure if 3D is for you?

    Well, here is your chance to take a closer look. Travel along with me and my companions as we explore UO with new eyes, and take a look at the new lands of Ilshenar. Get tips and hints on how to enhance your 3D experience, while you browse screenshots of gameplay with the new 3D client.

    Begin the journey with me as I get used to the new look, find new options, animations and sounds. Then come along as I travel to the new lands in search of new mystical beasts such as pixies, unicorns and kirin. I will update journal entries every day this week, starting with an adventure through the moongates of Compassion and Honor.

    Heather's UO3D Adventure

    Thanks for coming along!

    Very interesting stuff! I hope you all take the time to go check it out, especially if you want to find out more about the world of UO3D.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 4:45 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    UO Celebrity Chat - SLC Destiny and Dracor
    Hail and Well Met !

    Join us Monday, April 2nd (My B-Day), 2001 at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online for our Ultima Online Celebrity Chat located on Stratics IRC. Our Special guest this week will be SLC Destiny, and Dracor

    They will be here to answer any questions you'd like to ask them. About their roles as SLC's, in-game experiences they've had, or anything else you'd like to ask them! So feel free and stop by in #Ultima-Online on Stratics IRC. #Ultima-Online is the 24 hour chatroom brought to you by Stratics IRC. You can access the Stratics network via the following servers, or by using our JAVA IRC client located at 6667 6667 6667 6667 6667

    Visit us tonight (Monday), at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online, to chat with our guest, Tug. Or, drop by anytime for tips, news, and general conversation about Ultima-Online !


    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 4:35 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    ImaTown Gambling Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<And now we are happy to bring you this from ImaTown:
    There is a House in ImaTown
    They call the rising sun
    It's been the ruin of many a poor boy
    And God, I know I'm one.......

    Friday Night March 30, 8PM Pacific time
    We will be having free for all Gambling in the new ImaTown establishment "ImaHouse of the Rising Sun."
    The new place is in the villa that was formerly the mayors house.

    The only thing a gambler needs
    Is a runebook and a trunk
    The only time that he's satisfied
    Is when he's on a drunk......

    There are residents of this entertaining new establishment who will be happy to sell you all you can drink, of the strongest liquor available in Britania. And a gambling table attendant from whom you can purchase lottery tickets. There will be ongoing lotteries all the time. They will start small this week, and we will have some bigger ones in later weeks and months.

    Oh mothers tell your children
    Not to do what I have done
    Spend your life in sin and misery
    In the house of the rising sun.....

    There are dartboards, game boards and dice that you can use to place bets with your friends, and perhaps your enemies as well, for the settling of a score, or just to gamble away your hard earned gold.

    I've got one foot on the platform
    The other on the train
    I'm going back to ImaTown
    To wear that ball and chain.....

    If you need directions to ImaTown check the website for a nice full color map.
    Looks like another sure thing! *Takes out her trick dice* Thanks for the scoop!
    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 4:23 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    ATTENTION: Player Run Towns/Businesses
    I would like to ask those of ye who are operating the Player Run Towns / Businesses in both Felucca and Trammel to please email me, Vladimir Taltos, with the the follow Current information...  Current being the operative word here... *smirks*

    Name of the place...
    Person(s)/Guild(s) running it...
    Whether its in Felucca or Trammel...
    What town its closest too...
    Sextant coordinates...
    ICQ number(s) involved...
    Types of events/business held...
    Any rules that the place may practice...
    History, hopefully a Reader's Digest version, of the place...
    Links to any websites that may be associated with the place in question...
    And anything else that I may be forgetting to ask and is Important to the cause...

    Whats the cause ye ask...?  Well...  Thats simple...  Were in the process of updating the Webpage menu ye see to the left of thy screen...  Yes... Its slightly *coughs* outdated and were just trying to get it caught back up to speed...  And ye thought we were losing our sweet little minds... huh...?  That comes later...

    Psst...  This is also a good way for some of those player run places out there to get noticed and mayhaps get added to the site...  Food for thought, isnt it...?  Im sure Im leaving something out, but hey...  Im sure ye will tell me...  When all is said and done, Bones and I will visit ye in Felucca at a pre-designated time to check out and get a scribeshot of thy place in question...  Sage Arthur will visit ye in Trammel unless hes been kidnapped by some angry mongbats or something to that effect...

    Its all becoming as clear as mud...  Isnt it...  Alright...  Safe Journeys...  Ive filled enough of the page...  Now ye can read something more important, especially if this doesnt apply to ye...  Ye know... Books like "Why does mold grow" and "The cheese in my pocket isnt mine" or my personal favorite "How come my navel isnt an orange."  That book has always appealed to me for some reason...

    Pun seriously folks... Did ye see the staff profiles yet...? Yeah... Theyre at the bottom of the menu...  Just a little "getting to know thy shard reporter/press agent" thing... Please be sure to tell Bones his is cool, should ye see him around Sonoma...  Hes a little sensative about his, but dont mention anything about the mood swings...

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Wednesday, March 28, 2001, 12:06 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    TPR Archery Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    Thursday evening at 7:30 PM CST at the Skara Faire Grounds, the Phoenix Rangers shall hold an Archery Contest and Picnic.
    This contest is open to any and all archers; Come show off your skills and
    win the prize. Food and drink will be served at the tavern on Skara Faire Grounds.

    The Rangers of the Town of Phoenix Rising challenge you to come and beat their best archers, See you there.

    Posted by Aricia Delong; Ranger, Phoenix Rising.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 11:50 PM EST by Cheebatoke (GreatLakes)

    Report from Fishnetpoluza
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I received the following event report from Rowen of the Mercenary Inn:
    Report from Fishnetpoluza

    The BeastsThe night of fishnetpoluza is one I will not soon forget. We were around 10 people in number and each of us were ready with our fishing nets in hand. We all decided to get on one boat being as there were only 10 of us. On the count of 3 we all threw in our nets. As I stood with my fingers on the strings of my lap harp and words of power in the back of my throat, I watched as dozens of bubbles started to rise to the serface. The monstrosities of the deep soon did follow. As hard as we did try with swords and arrows flying,the sounds of music and spells connecting, we were too few to battle all of the vileness of the sea.

    The fist to fall did so quickly and were gated to trinsic's healers for reserection. The sea creatures were so intent on killing those who drudged them up that one of the sea serpants followed the dead to the healer's shop. Shortly after the rest of us fell at the tenticles of the beasts. Serpent Follows GhostWith no one to gate I sailed the boat to Skara Brea for the rest of us to be reunited with our bodies. Everyone alive, all be it a bit shakey, we gather our belongings from our corpses. We decided to go out and see if we could hunt down the beasts, but alas they had retreated back into the depths of the waters.

    In total I personaly counted 7 krakens 8 deep sea serpants and 3 water elementals.

    We have decided to make this a monthly event at the Inn with a few revisions for the sake of life presiverance.

    writen by: Rowen *Public Relations* of Mercenary Inn

    Many thanks for the great report and screenshot. I am sure many look forward to attending this new monthly event!
    --Sage Arthur
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 8:50 PM EST by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

    Baja's Ethereal Vortex and Baja's Player Run Establishments Updated
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Are you tired for fighting monsters? Would you like to know more about Baja's role playing establishments, politics and events? If so be sure you take a look at the Ethereal Vortex Clans of Sin and Virtue for an up to date look at Baja's player run towns,and political groups of interest.

    For a list of taverns and other noteworthy establishments be sure to visit Baja's Player Run Establishments New towns and groups added: Shadowlight Village, Fairhaven Village, The Warden's Gate, The Society of Gypsies, The Township of Heaven's Forge, The Town of Golden, the Shadow Imperium, The Darkmor Tavern, and The Rusty Dagger Tavern.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 8:34 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    The Book of Enchantments
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Well Adam Ant's quest got off to a great start last Saturday night as all hell descended upon the GuL at their secret hiding place in Shame. I won't even bother to try to post my own story since Tanqueray & Crazy Joe have already done a bang up job.
    Well Hello friends, I have quite a tale for you all!

    This past weekend I had a chance to aid my GUL brothers (and sisters) in combat, and also protect our beleifs and values.

    This will be a mighty tale, and it might take a while for me to tell it. So listen carefully, relax, and grab something to drink. (I would recommend some Tanqueray)....(cont.)

    Part One

    With the gate opened, and the order given from our Captain, Beldin... we are soon at the location for the chest.

    At this point, I have never been more proud to be a guardian. To see us all march in, and they hide in the shadows. What a wonderful sight....(cont.)

    Part Two

    With shame looking like it was lost, I returned home.

    When I arrived... there were a few ghosts, and my captain Beldin. A gate opened and soon the mighty Pantera himself appeared. But where was Captain Cowardly? Pantera was without his master! Beldin wasted no time in attacking this great beast, while I led it off into the woods, where we could put it down...(cont.)

    Part Three
    Of course, after reading Tanq's story you might still be scratching your head over Crazy Joe and his monkeys. Well, he wanted me to assure you he's perfectly normal...or is he? Better check out his episode for that night to find out the truth!

    Episode 106 pts. 1 & 2

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 7:35 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Trash to Art?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Twenty Seventh of March, year of our Lord Two Thousand and One

    A new movement in the arts in Britannia?

    Quite a sight greeted visitors to the bank of Skara Brae today. A previously unknown artist took it upon himself to collect all the unwanted items brought back by hardy adventurers and arrange them in an aesthetically pleasing manner throughout the lane in front of the bank. While bank officers could not be reached for comment on the proceedings, passing citizens seemed amused by the display.

    The artwork evolved slowly over the course of several hours. It began with a small arrangement of logs in the road directly north, and grew with each party that discarded a map or discharged wand. As various personages came to do business with the bank, it became obvious that the effort had struck a resounding chord. The first resources were looted unmercifully. But as the scale of the work increased, more and more items were donated by visiting warriors, mages, and craftsmen.

    Asked about the temporary nature of his artwork, artist Grimforge said "some people take, some people bring, it's all in the presentation." A passer by and obvious patron of the arts Alana was overheard to comment "People sure have a lot of junk"

    So the question remains. Does this herald a new school of thought in how to dispose of our trash? Can the community come together to create something positive out of the remains of our quests? or is this just the vanity of one idealist.

    The readers are left to decide, or perhaps even participate.

    03/27/01 AB (Associated Bards) scroll 32645-24

    -As a side note, the artist would like to thank a patron who contributed over 40 spyglasses whose name he can unfortunately not recall
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 7:11 PM EST by Cheebatoke (GreatLakes)

    Napa Valley Renaissance Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<(Rae is having trouble posting, so I did it for her)
    Hail and well met,

    This just in via carrier pigeon:
    Blessed be,

    Welcome countrymen of Napa Valley, to the "Napa Valley Renaissance Festival". Here we gather in good Company and faith, unburdened by the world and open before one another. It is a time of rebirth to our community as it is in the world around us. With the calling of spring and the new lands beckoning before us. Come celebrate our community and fellowship with your fellow role players. Aid us in the foundings of new friendships and traditions.

    Date: Saturday, March 31st 2001

    Time: 4pm PST to 7:30pm PST (open ended)

    Place: Jhelom City (Trammel Facet), Northern Island, Ravenod Warriors Hall

    Program of Events:

    • 4:00-4:15 Opening Words & Team Introductions
    • 4:15-5:00 Relay Race & Archery Contest
    • 5:00-5:45 Summoner's Battle & Wrestling Contest
    • 5:45-6:30 Gauntlet Run & Ursidae Pit Fight
    • 6:30-7:15 Jhelom Gladiator Spectacle
    • 7:15-7:25 Crowning of the Festival Queen
    • 7:25-?:?? Closing Words and Celebration

    If you would like to attend please contact the guild master of the Jhelom Dueling Pit Warrior Society, as soon as posible.

    Eamonn of Ravenrod

    Visit the Ravenrod Festival site at this web address

    Email the event coordinators at this email address

    Your humble servant,

    Raeven Aurora
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 6:08 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Cynthe Introduces Herself
    Cynthe, the newest member of the UO Community Coordinator Team, just posted a terrific introduction over on the official UO Roleplaying Board:
    Greetings and Salutations!

    I want to introduce myself for those who don't know me... I'm Cynthe, Community Coordinator for ORIGIN (UO2) until just a few days ago. As I'm sure you can guess, this has been a tumultuous week for me, and my head's still spinning (almost as if I'd tried to participate in that paradoxical time-travel thread down there in this forum). But I've been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to transition onto UO, and I'm looking forward to getting to know the game, and the players, much better.

    Before I continue, let me stress that I'm not Eidolon, and never will be. His knowledge of the Ultima Universe blows me away, and his attention to detail concerning the Ultima fiction is something that I can't match. I have a short background in Ultima, having had the opportunity to work with Richard as a designer on Ultima 9 before accepting the role of Community Coordinator for Ultima 9, and then UO2. And as well, I should make it clear that I'm not Eidolon's replacement, so I hope you'll all understand and forgive me if I'm not completely up to speed on the work that he's done, and the directions that he was taking.

    Now that I've told you what I'm *not*, let me tell you what I *am*. :) I'm going to be working in the UO community with Leilo and Melantus, both on the boards and on the website. To tell you the truth, though... after last week's upheaval, I'm still not entirely positive which facets of UO will fall into my domain. But no matter what, I think my first priority should be to get to know you guys, and learn what the players think of the game.

    So why start here? Well, two reasons... one, I don't know the game all that well yet. I couldn't even begin to answer the specific game-related questions that Melantus does on the other boards. And while I can make posts to show that I'm listening, that can get old without any content to go along with it. ("Hey Cynthe, tell us about __insert skill here__!" "Well, um... it's a skill... and.... um.... it's neat... and... um...") And two, I think role-playing is a vital part of UO. Without the roleplayers, we're just a game. With you, we're a virtual world, with its own atmosphere and attractions.

    It reminds me of a Renaissance Festival. Sure, there's employees paid to be at the Faire dressed in wench outfits and hawking pretzels, but what really makes it a Faire are the people who come ready to participate in the fiction and add to the atmosphere. (As a side note, I'm one of them... you should see my collection of Ren clothes. I've spent wayyyy too much money on that stuff.) You're the people who aren't afraid to put on a costume, talk in dialect, offer your services as bodyguard to the Faire's King and Queen, and have a good time, and you make the place a hell of a lot more fun for it.

    I think a really important part of role-playing, even moreso than the fiction that we create, is the fiction that *you* create. The player-run towns, the player-run taverns, the huge guild wars... that's truly amazing stuff. When I first started playing UO during its beta, I thought it was fun. I enjoyed the combat, the skills, the clothes, etc. But I eventually stopped playing due to time constraints, and have missed the last 2 1/2 years in the evolution of Ultima Online. What I see now is stunning. The player-run towns, taverns, events, websites... it's just amazing what you've done! Since I'm going to be working with the UO community, I want to learn more about you, and what you've created. Tell me about your towns, and your guilds. Teach me the fiction that's important to you.

    The Ultima fiction is central to the game, and we still have an event staff dedicated to making sure that doesn't get lost. But I also want to see a focus on your fiction, and the roles that you've created in the game.

    So remember I'm new over here... treat me like a beginner, and tell me about what's important to you. :)

    Community Coordinator
    Origin Systems

    If you get a chance, make sure to Head On Over and introduce yourselves to her and share with her a little bit about the world that we all love.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 4:44 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Dyna Angstrom's 10th Episode
    We just received the following announcement from Dyna regarding the 10th Episode of The Tales of Dyna Angstrom:
    "Listen as I tell the tales of Dyna Angstrom", announced the scribe to the children in his cabin.

    "This is a true tale of the happenings in Shame dungeon. I ask you to keep near the fire children, as hearing these tales may frighten you in your youth and forever plague your dreams. The warmth and light of the fire is your only savior, for Dyna Angstrom may lurk in any shadow."

    The Tales of Dyna Angstrom

    ~Dyna Angstrom

    Some great storytelling, so make sure to check it out!
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 4:32 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    UOMA Spring Fling Festival
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This reminder in from Kitiara.

    Sunday, April 1st, 3PM Eastern Time
    at The Water Tower - 49.13N, 31.13E - Atlantic, Trammel, Near Wind

    Shake off those winter blues!! Celebrate the coming of spring at UOMA'S Spring Fling Festival. There will be free food, games, and loads of prizes! Also, the winners of the Spring Shop Decoration Contest will be announced.

    There's still time for you to vote for your favorite shop in the Decoration Contest! Voting for the Players Choice Award is going on now at The Water Tower Vending House (via ballot boxes) as well as at the UOMA web site at . The Water Tower is located near Wind (Trammel) - 49o 13N 31o 13E. Votes will be accepted through Friday, March 30th.

    Here's the current game and prize list:

    Shop Decoration Contest:
    First Place - Full Set of 14 Colored Bells & 100K
    Second Place - 1OOK & A Large Painting & A Holiday Bell
    Third Place - 50K & A Medium Painting & A Holiday Bell
    Players Choice Award - 200K
    3 Honorable Mentions - A Holiday Bell & 20K each
    Thank You's - Each vending house in the Shop Decoration Contest will receive a semi-rare set and a treasure map, valued at 20K

    Games and Door Prizes at the Festival:

    SCAVENGER HUNT - First Place 100K
    Second Place 50K

    MOUNTED RACE - First Place 20K
    Second Place 10K

    RELAY RACE - First Place 20K
    Second Place 10K

    1.)A bag of Rare & Semi-rare items valued at 90K+
    2.)A check for 25K
    3.)A bag of Rare & Semi-rare items valued at 45K+
    4.)Stag Trophy Deed
    5.)A bag of Rare & Semi-rare items valued at 45K+

    DOOR PRIZES - 3 bags of semi-rares, 2 10K checks & A 25K check

    So break out of the winter blues and come join the fun!! The Spring Fling Festival will be held on Sunday, April 1st at The Water Tower (Trammel Facet, near Wind at 49.13N, 31.13E). Registration for the games will begin at 3pm eastern time, and the festival will begin at 4pm eastern. The announcement of the winners of the Shop Decoration Contest will be around 4:30pm eastern time.

    Questions? Contact Relena


    UO Merchant Alliance

    Thank ye, Kitiara.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 4:26 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Update on the Special Offer to Alpha/Beta Testers
    We've been told that there should be some additional information up on the website within the next few hours regarding the special $5.95 deal for the Alpha/Beta testers. I guess it is a completely separate program, which is why it wasn't included on the original Offer that went up this morning.

    Also, I've been told that the Alpha/Beta testers should be getting e-mails with details about their unique offers as well within the next few days, just in case they don't read about it on the net.

    Lastly, the web folks have been made aware of the 30-character e-mail limit and will look into fixing that problem ASAP.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 4:19 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO: Third Dawn Upgrade Site Open
    The following was just posted to What's New on the website
    UO: Third Dawn Upgrade Site Open

    The Ultima Online: Third Dawn upgrade offer site is now open at This promotion will last for 60 days, during which current UO customers with active accounts will be able to order this special upgrade for a price of $9.95 plus shipping and handling. The promotional upgrade version of Ultima Online: Third Dawn includes the final gold-mastered version of Third Dawn, the new retail version map of Britannia, the Lost Lands, and Ilshenar, and while supplies last - as a special bonus - we'll include a collector's edition cloth map of Britannia and the Lost Lands. This upgrade CD does not include a registration code and therefore cannot be used to create a new account nor qualify for new account free game time.

    Stop by and order your copy today!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 3:16 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Belan the Looter - New Episodes!
    Everyone's favorite looter has updated her site with two new hilarious episodes: Elipso, the human IDOC! & Roleplaying.

    So, for anyone who has a sense of humor and doesn't mind laughing at the misfortune of others you should give the site a visit.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 2:08 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Empath Abbey Block Party!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Knights of Yew and Dragon House Provisioners are proud to announce that on March 31st there will be a celebration of Empath Abbey held at and arround it in the Trammel Facet. Festivities begin at 8:00pm MST (10:00pm EST), and shall end at roughly arround 10 or 11. Food and drink shall be provided, as surely will many a fond story about the battles that have taken place there.

    There will be three main events, two races and time permitting, a dungeon crawl in Shame. 'The Great Yew Foot Race' is as it sounds, it will be a marathon type race starting at the abbey and ending at it. The other to be held will be the 'Loot Scoot Dash' race, a race for speedy rides and their masters arround the abbey since it also serves as Yew's bank. Pre-registration for these races are reconmended, so please send any inqueries to [email protected]. We hope to see you there!
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 1:11 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    UOAM Shard Map Updated
    Several places have been added to the UOAM map of Drachenfels Points of Interest today. Follow the link in the menu to the left to download the newest version of this map. Safe travels !
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 11:52 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    The Trial of William Smit the IV
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The Trial of William Smit the IV was received from Garret Granth,

    I walked from the empath abbey that day thinking on the name of the place. The empath is a bank and an inn, certainly, but it has a unique name, the Empath Abbey. An abbey, a holy place where monks worship, and also a place of empathy, of understanding and comprehension of others. A fine city for having a trial, for Justice requires understanding and empathy to be properly carried out. Would it today, though?

    Humankind has never had a love of orcs. They raid our cities, kill people, and make general nusiances of themselves whenever possible. Yet, they are fiercely loyal to their clans, and they are brutally honest, two things many humans could no doubt learn a lesson from.

    In the Court of Truth, William Smit the IV, half orc, half dwarf (a racial blend the orcs lovingly refer to as "dork") Vice mayor of Yew, sat before the Yew senate facing impeachment from his position. His council was Pug, the orc who made a surprisingly effective lawyer. Smit sat silently, an abrupt change from his usual jovial self. Scarab the judge began to inform the well selected jury of the charges against Smit, and reminded us that this was not, in fact, a criminal case, but an impeachment hearing. Smit sat with the orcs, seemingly stunned at the rather vicious attitudes of the crowd. A few weeks ago, he had been sage of Justice, now there were those who wished to draw and quarter him. But he had his orcish friends, who loyaly sat beside him and shouted at his detractors, and Smit and the orcs had my ale, which I had smuggled into the courtroom. A bit of legal advice, and I was back to my seat, wearily eying the ever-growing crowd of orcs gathered near William and on the benches.

    After the brief but neccessary introduction and disclaimer, Scarab effectively settled the rowdy crowd, which had stirred a cloud of rancor and dust from the floor and walls of the rarely-used courtroom. The heat was uncomfortable, even in those northerly latitudes, and the rays of sunshine beaming through the windows illuminated clouds of dust, making the scene seem all the more weighty. The first witness, Auren Therion, mayor of Britian made his way to the witness stand to tell the jury and the bystanders what had transpired that day at the Trinsic bazaar. He told of William's violent, psychopathic behavior, destroying tables and chairs, grabbing people, throttling bystanders, threatening Auren with all manner of vile threats. The man was, quite clearly, dangerously violent, and was a threat to those around him. Gwendolyn, the vice mayor of Trinsic then came up to further state the offenses of my old friend William. I saw him sitting, glossy eyed, occassionally listening to a word of legal advice from Pug.

    Gwendolyn testified to the further horrid actions of my old friend William. He had gone mad, he had attacked Gwendolyn herself, tackling her, shouting orcish phrases and blathering about cannibalism. I sighed. None of the honorable men on the jury were going to let William get away with attacking Gwendolyn. Assualting Auren was one thing, but tackling Gwendolyn and threatening to eat her liver was quite another. Yet, after this attack, William had apologized to Gwen, he had tried to make right his actions, but, when Gwendolyn refused his gift, he snapped again, and began assualting various other people.

    Then poor Will took the stage - he looked confused and removed from the action. He told the jury of his half orcish bloodline, of how it took control of him at times, of how he would black out and wake up afraid of what he had done. I knew of William's heritage, and I sighed. They would never let him rest for this. Pug's defense arguement, though pertient was shouted down by the crowd. No one would let an orc speak. It wouldn't have mattered if Pug had come through with the most eloquent arguement ever, William was not going to be the vice-mayor for long. I sat, thinking as the jury recessed. Behind me, Auren and Gwendolyn spoke about the need for more severe action. I reminded them that Will had been the Sage of Justice not a few weeks earlier, he had been a hero when he had helped save Aleph Aeris. Now a man from Stormguard sat in the front of the crowd, screaming to string him up as the orcs spat and hissed at him. William may have been an old friend, he may have once been an eloquent playwright, but now he was on trial, and the only human thing he held dear was about to be taken away from him.

    "Guilty." the foreman said, and with that, the orcs sprang into action. Will produced a sword and a shield - I do not know where he had hidden them - and the orcs all assumed the offensive, tearing through the Yew militiamen on duty at the Court, attacking Scarab, and a few others. Soon they were dead, all was in chaos, and I did the only thing I thought I could do; I ran after William as he and the orcs fled. When I reached the door William turned around. "Don't follow me." he said. I stopped and watched them run away, sitting down in the dust, watching a human being hunted by his own kind and defended by orcs.

    A few minutes later Annunzio came outside - valient man had been trying to keep dubious corpse looters from having their way. I suggested that we go to the orc fort, and, after a bit of cajoling, we were there, speaking to a lone orc named Pikdug, trying to figure out the where-abouts of William.

    "Ju fwiend or nub?" Pikdug asked. "We're friends of William Smit." I said. "Fwiend ob Will da dork fwiend of orc. Wut ju wunt?" "We need to speak to William." I said. "Where is he?" "Me nub know. He went to Yew to clump Yewbies." "Hrm, I need your help, Pikdug.. Here, have a ham, and help me find William." "Okie." he said, tearing into the ham. "Ok, think like an orc." I said. "Har har." Pikdug replied. "Now, think, you've just rescued William Smit from Yew - where do you go?" I asked. "Me go to orc fort." He said. "We're at the orc fort." I answered. "So is meeb." he said. I stopped, unable to argue with his logic. "Meeb smell de chief." He said, sniffing the air. "He be here soon. Ju ask him, he find Will. He da chief."

    So, as we waited, Annunzio retired, off to important business with the mayorship of Trinsic. I was sitting there practicing my crossbow aim on the local urks when suddenly Grishnak appeared in the trees. "Here da chief!" Pikdug proudly pointed out.

    Grishnak walked right next to me, breathing in my face. "Ju hear dis, humie. We no clump ju cause ju friend ob da dork. But me gib ju a message to gib to da humies and da Yewbies. We hab de chief ob Yew now. Yew be da orc town now. Ju humies got three days to get out ob Yew, if dey not out in three days, den we clump dem. Ju get dat? Ju humies got three days to get out ob Yew, or else we clump all da Yewbies."

    Then, as a victorious, screaming horde of orcs came thundering to the fort with William Smit, Grishnak gave the orders. "Ib ju see de Yewbies, clump dem. If ju see de humies, clump dem. Yew be orc town now."

    I thought it was a good time to leave.

    So William Smit is still at large, his strange fits of orcish behavior remain uncured. The orcs are planning something with Yew, and in three days I imagine we will know as well.

    Garrett Granth
    Guildmaster, Master Author,
    Guardians of Lore
    Thankye Garret for this account of the trial...
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 11:39 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    The Evil Zift Strikes Again
    This account of an escaped villian was received from Magnus the Guard,
    Hail to all,

    This last evening seemed to be quite boring as i took my post at the guard house between Yew and Britain. After several hours of watching citizens traveling back and forth along the road,came a cry for help. I grabbed my spear and jumped to my feet. I dashed off the steps of the guard tower and into the woods following the cries for help. I stopped a moment to listen but there was nothing.

    I walked a bit further into the direction i had last heard the scream,yet i heard nothing not even a bird`s chirp a dead silence took over the wood`s. As i listened motionless as not to make a sound a rumbling all around me had shaken me to my knees. The earth quaked, trees fell around me i struggled to get to my feet as my balance was hindered by the grounds shaking.

    I staggared back towards the road looking for some shelter from the falling trees. The earth quake must have disoriented my direction as i found myself near the Yew Orc Fort. Orcs lay dead around me bodies charred as if burned to death. Then i came upon the bodies of a hunters group. They lay, bodies charred from brimstone and fire their eyes open as wide as they could stretch a look of utmost horror or fear. The youngest of the group spoke his last words to me "Zift" is all he could say before he passed into the ethereal.

    I walked back to the guard post sending pigeons in all directions to warn others that the Evil Zift hath struck yet again. Heed my words citizens of Britain not an animal man woman nor child is safe until Zift is returned to prison. Be wary of strangers and pray that we find this murderous feind.

    Magnus the Guard

    Thankye Magnus for the warning, all would do well to guard themselves against this villian.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 11:33 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    PGoH Split...Another Perspective
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<In light of the recent devisive split of the Purple Guardians of Honor (PGoH), I have received news from Mallock, former Decurion of PGoH and owner of Olympus Castle and have spoken with Athril, former Senator of PGoH and new Guildmaster of the Valor Knights. Since the split, both have taken leading roles in the formation of the Valor Knights. The Valor Knights have been resurrected. Previously, they were a guild on the Pacific shard.

    Athril described the split much as Emperor Greg had done. Many guildmembers felt that PGoH should remain outside of the wars of highlighting. He said that the death of one of the members and subsequent looting by an Orc divided the guild on the issue of highlighting. Sides were taken. Harsh, angry words were exchanged. Athril's story diverges from that previously reported in that he stated that nearly 50 PGoH members defected along with the majority of the high level officers.

    Mallock and Athril both state that relations with their former guild and guildmates remain good. Mallock has requested that the name of Olympus Castle be changed to Vesper Castle. Each wishes that Vesper Castle and the Valor Knights remain a center of activity.

    It would appear that while lessened by the loss of officers and members alike, PGoH will survive. Parties from both sides wish each other well and will continue to have formal relations. Once again, war has created a difference of opinion. Some choose to war actively against the evil that pervades our land and others choose the battle the evil in other ways. However, both agree that the evil must be vanquished and will work together to achieve that goal.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 27, 2001, 9:15 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    David Swofford Speaks with GameSpyDaily
    GameSpyDaily was able to touch bases with David Swofford, the Public Relations Manager at OSI. Lots of interesting information:
    "We're still called ORIGIN Systems, Inc. That part hasn't changed. The studio name will always be OSI. The only thing going away is the ORIGIN brand. All of the products coming from OSI will be branded either under EA Games or EA.Com. That's pretty much the way it is across all the EA studios, including Maxis and Westwood. As for UO, EA is putting a lot more resources into the UO world. Both in terms of money and manpower. The UO2 project has been canceled, but UO is alive and well and we expect it to continue to grow and prosper."

    "We did have 85 cutbacks, but there are still more than 150 people here, working on UO and UO development is still handled from here. That group is not moving to Redwood City. The OSI office is not being closed. The UO2 project has been canceled. Many from that team were part of the layoffs. Some are moving over to work on UO Live which is getting an influx of money and manpower. Others on that team are looking for work. They were given a severance package and outplacement assistance."
    Interesting stuff. The article can be found on their site HERE.
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 11:51 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    New Spotlight -The Tomb of Oun'Mordrith
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Today a new spotlight was added for the Tomb of Oun'Mordrith the secret tomb of a mad god tended by a sinister priesthood.
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 10:03 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Golem Genesis
    This news on behalf of Lord Azalin the Lich arrived from Cymidei Fier:

    Years passed without notice in my laboratory as I carefully experimented. Each detail of design evaluated with utmost care. With one hand I opened a small golden casket filled with verite mechanical parts, and crystals. In crisp strokes I wrote in my tome of research" At last I have found it; the key to intelligent unliving creatures." I turned to face my oaken counter top. With a smirk I regarded the silent effigy before empty casing of verite. With my tools I began the painstaking process of bonding the corpse to the casings through my arcane powers bone and metal faded into one. The vague scent of earth and ether lingered in my nostrils as I continued casting my spells. "Yes...verite seals necromantic properties best..."I noted in my journal. My work was almost finished. "I shall see how my subject accepts the new crystal..." I printed in fine lettering. I carefully lifted the glowing green soul crystal out of a black silk bag. Then I inserted it into the embalmed brain inside the verite helmet. I stood upright with my staff over my head...Drawing power from the earth I focused the stubborn rays of black energy into the crystal. Finally the cranium of my subject began to throb. With a venemous cackle, I hissed "It is working...yes yes...the power of the golem is mine!"

    Lord Azalin the Lich The Shadow Imperium

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 8:48 PM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Upgrading to Ultima Online: Third Dawn
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Upgrading to Ultima Online: Third Dawn

    Due to unexpected issues, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn upgrade site will be launching at approximately 12:00 pm (Noon) CST, March 27. We will make public the upgrade site address shortly before the site goes live. This promotion will last for 60 days, during which current UO customers with active accounts will be able to order this special upgrade for a price of $9.95 plus shipping and handling. The promotional upgrade version of Ultima Online: Third Dawn includes the final gold-mastered version of Third Dawn, the new retail version map of Britannia, the Lost Lands, and Ilshenar, and while supplies last - as a special bonus - we'll include a collector's edition cloth map of Britannia and the Lost Lands. This upgrade CD does not include a registration code and therefore cannot be used to create a new account nor qualify for new account free game time. Alpha and beta testers who do not wish to participate in the upgrade offer will be given the opportunity to order the Ilshenar and cloth maps for $5.95, with shipping and handling paid by Origin Systems.

    We look forward to seeing everyone in this newest incarnation of Britannia.

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 7:55 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    The Opening of the Books of Britannia
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We have just been handed this special announcement from Balgair, guild master of the Books of Brittania:
    Hail name is Balgair Guild master of the Books of Brittania. I run a library on the fel side of Brittania in Snakes Pass (55o1N/28o53E) and I'm collecting player written books and regular books as well as offering a rune collection library. I would love to have some books written by your guild, about your adventures and any love stories among members :)

    I'm also interested in any type of guide books or trade books. Now, a'lil more about the library... It's a large marble house that I've converted with over 40 bookcases - sitting area on porch - librarian vendor selling copies of books of which the author will receive the money collected from the sales. I'm looking for support as well, to make this into an official shop through osi in the future, once we are stocked up.

    I have played scince beta (not 3rd Dawn beta) and plan to stay till I'm dead if possible, so this will be part of UO history and it's a great opportunity to put your guild's history at a players touch.

    Please consider this and let your guild know. I will pay 1k per book, and will be doing a monthly contest for the best books. There will also be a best sellers rack in the lobby. Contest winners will receive a cash award or a rare, please let me know if you're interested, my icq is 100495231.

    Thanks for your time.
    Awesome! I'm sure there are many stories out there waiting to find a home in your library.
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 7:25 PM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    New @ Stratics
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 7:09 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    LDA and MOM Announce Guild Merger
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Greetings, good citizens.

    After a short absence, I am back in the "salt mines" and toiling away beneath the glare of my orcish, Stratics task master, Ithunk. This bit of news was just received. Read on, pilgrims!

    Hail and good day. I am Lord Angus, High Lord of LDA. I wish to place a message if you could for me please. My guild, LDA, (Legion Of Dark Angels) and MOM,(Merchant's Of Mayhem) have finally come to an agreement and have now merged.

    We have not yet worked out the kinks of the two guilds joining forces and more info will come as the talks progress. But for now LDA will be known as "brother guild" to MOM. The Felucca and Trammel brothers have joined and we will have a plan of action, following shortly. Please stay tuned to Stratics for further information.

    Hmmm...a merger of two powerful guilds. What does this portend for the other warring guilds? As Lord Angus said, stay tuned to Stratics for further developments.

    Until next we meet, safe journeys to you, one and all.

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 5:00 PM EST by Cyn (LegendsAOL)

    Magincia Tavern Night
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Our colleagues at the Magincia Criers' Office are reporting the following:
    On Tuesday, march the 27th at 6:00 pm Pacific Standard time (9:00 pm Eastern Standard time), a Tavern night will be held at the great horns tavern just east of the magic shoppe. All are welcome, there will be entertainment, food, and drink. Please come out and have a good time.
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 4:28 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Yew Council Decisions
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We have transcribed the following from a message posted throughout Yew:
    Citizens of Yew, Yesterday, the council and I met to discuss several issues, including normal decisions and also the creation of a constitution which will be used for the government of Yew throughout the rest of the term and for future governments as well.

    The general rulings are as follows:
    • Due to an attack by several members of an organization known as the "United Pirates", the leader of this attack, a man known as "Hook", is now a wanted man in Yew and should be arrested on sight. Be warned he is armed and dangerous.
    • Also due to this attack, the United Pirates will be banned from operating in Yew if any more such activity from any of their members is noted.
    • We have agreed to a mutual assistance treaty offered by Winterfell, stating that if our city is attacked, they will assist in its defense, and if their Kingdom is attacked we shall assist in their defense.
    • A motion by Necare of the Britons to establish a seat on the council of Yew for foreign nations was declined.
    The rest of this notice shall be dedicted to explaining how our government shall function and what changes to expect in our current government due to this reorganization.

    From henceforth, the government of Yew shall consist of two councils:

    I) An elected council, as we have now, made up of five representnatives chosen by the people. Any citizen of Yew is welcome to run for council in the next election. One of these five will be chosen by the council as the senior councilor. If the council cannot decide upon a senior councilor, a general vote can be held, but we do not foresee this as a problem. This council will be responsible for:
    • General law making and decrees, such as announcing festivals and banning of organizations.
    • Census data, including keeping track of registered citizens and adding/removing citizens as is deemed necessary.
    • Overseeing elections.
    • Holding town meetings.
    • Choosing their senior councilor.
    The senior councilor will be responsible for:
    • Announcing town events.
    • Announcing council decisions.
    • Arranging guests for meetings.
    • Arranging council meetings.
    Note that the senior councilor has NO MORE political power than any of the other five councilors, and that the positions exists as a figurehead onto to communicate more directly with the people. The senior councilor can be changed at any time as seen fit by the council.

    II) The second council shall be a militia council, consisting of one member from any organization which holds 10 or more members in the militia. Note that is it not REQUIRED that organizations with over 10 members in the militia have a seat on the council, but it is highly recommended they do so. If there are over 10 members of the militia which do not serve in ANY organization other than the Yew militia will be allowed to choose a representative as well. Each organization can arrange the election of their own representative however it sees fit, within reasonable bounds. The election of militia representatives by their respective guilds will take place at the same time as the general populace elects the elected council. It will be headed by the militia captain, chosen in the same manor as the senior councilor. The militia council is responsible for the following:
    • Providing general orders for the mililita.
    • Enforcing the laws passed by the elected council.
    • Vetoing of laws passed by the elected council. As of this time, a veto requires a unanimous vote by the militia council.
    • Choosing a militia captain.
    The militia captain will be responsible for:
    • Announcing the militia orders to the general militia.
    • Announcing any militia-sponsored events.
    • Announcing any public militia council decisions.
    • Arranging for guests to meet with the militia council.
    The militia captain has equal power in the militia council with the other council members, and a vote of confidence in the militia captain can be requested by any member of the militia council at any time. The militia captain retains the highest military rank in the militia, and during battle, his orders take priority over any others, including other militia council members.
    The matters which both councils control involve the following:
    • Diplomacy, including official declarations of war and treaties with other nations.
    • Impeechment of any council official.
    • Choosing a representative for the Great Council and choosing a Chief Justice.
    We suggest the Great Council representative also serve on the elected council, so that the councilor can know exactly how the government of Yew feels when they approach the Great Council, although it is not required. The Great Council representative will also serve as a diplomat to other organizations.

    We also suggest the Chief Justice choose lower justices to serve underneath them, although it is not necessarily required if they feel they can handle each case individually.

    The method of choosing a Great Council representative and Chief Justice can be decided by the government at the current time.

    Note that this consitution is NOT final, and amendments or modifications can be made the same as any other law or decree by the elected council, assuming they are not vetoed by the militia council.

    Due to these changes in the government of Yew, the following modifications to the existing government are effective as of the posting of this notice:
    • The position formerly known as "Lord Mayor of Yew" is hereby abolished. Thereofore I, Jas Lightstryder, step down as mayor of Yew and, as unanimously decreed by the elected council, assume the role of senior councilor, and continue my role as Great Council Representative.
    • Captain Aaron Effington remains the militia captain, unless the militia council decides otherwise upon their creation.
    • Chief Justice Panae remains Chief Justice of Yew.
    • The militia council shall be formed as soon as possible, and will assume the previously declared duties upon its creation. The following organizations currently fufill the quorum of 10 or more members in the militia:
    • The Knights of Yew
    • The Keepers of Justice
    • The Free Corps
    I request that the leader of each of these groups contact me as soon as possible in order to discuss how the election of their representative shall take place, if they desire a seat on the council.

    That is all. Thank you for your time.

    Jas Lightstryder
    Senior Councillor of Yew
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 4:25 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    A Murder and a Ransom Note
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Mishca, barkeep at Kinship Tavern, sent us the following letter:
    The corpse of a murdered man was found at the docks near Kinship Village Sunday evening shortly before my barkeeping shift at Kinship Tavern. A lady named Faye found the body and the ransom note on it and brought it to me in the village. The note was addressed to Zaio with no indication who it was from. Zaio was instructed to meet the ransomers at the Shattered Skull Tavern in Skara Brae at 7pm Eastern time on Monday with 20,000 gold if he wished to see his child again.

    Since the body was found about an hour after that, we speculated that the meeting could be intended for Monday. A group of adventurers and citizens of Kinship Village plan to attempt to meet the ransomers and pay for the child's release Monday evening.

    This poses something of a dilemma for us, as we know Lord Zaio to be an evil man who is the mastermind behind many dark doings all across Britannia and whose partner is the notorious witch named Yosh. However, we worry that it is an innocent child being made to pay for his crimes.

    Another man who came to the tavern searching for a friend shed more light on this mystery. The man's name was Garritt and it was quickly determined that the murdered man had been his friend by the name of Geeliom. Garritt knew only that his friend was seeking a lady named Nicole who lived in Jhelom. His business had something to do with her 'special child'. We are speculating that she may be the mother of Lord Zaio's child and that Geeliom was attempting to deliver the ransom note to her.

    If the group that attempts to pay the child's ransom is successful, they will search for the lady Nicole and determine whether the child should be returned to her. It is unknown whether she is an innocent or part of Lord Zaio's evil.

    It was also speculated that this whole thing could be an elaborate hoax created to trap someone from the village. Lord Zaio has orchestrated such things in the past, including my own abduction. Many years ago, he and Yosh captured me in an attempt to ransom me for the Book of the Dead. While in custody, I befriended one of their servants, Zemies, who eventually was able to set me free and foil the plans of his wicked masters.

    Let us all hope the group is successful in rescuing the child, if innocent child it is, and that they are able to find the mother and return the child to her.

    Lord Zaio and his partner, Yosh, have been involved in previous attacks on the village of Kinship, including the kidnapping of Mishca. More details on those events can be found here; further details regarding his apparent re-emergence can be found here.

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 4:06 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Battle at the Shrine of Sacrifice
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The mayor of Edinburgh sent us the following:
    The crowd gathered at the Shrine of Sacrifice, waiting for the battle to begin, members of the Justice Alliance shying away from the fetid presence of the Undead. All were here to cheer their champions on to victory—Aeife, Jaryd Noi and Tauros for the cause of Justice; Void and the Valorite Dark Slayer standing for Scarmandine the Elder and the evil Necromari. A hush fell over the crowd and the air seemed suddenly chill. The spectators realized from his armored sleeves of valorite that this was Scar’s most powerful Dark Slayer, the outcome anything but sure.

    Challenges were exchanged. Suddenly the Dark Slayer fell to the attack and within a thrice, Aeife lay dead at his feet, denying Jaryd and Tauros the mage support they so desperately needed. Soon Jaryd too lay dead, leaving only Tauros to stand against the two champions of evil. Now, the Dark Slayer stood aside, allowing Void and Tauros to face each other one-on-one. The battle raged, as each warrior demonstrated his terrible competency in the arts of war. The balance teetered between the two combatants, first the advantage seeming to go to one and then to the other. It was a privilege to watch such skilled warriors demonstrate their intense familiarity with the martial arts. In the end, it was Void who lay dead, but Tauros’ victory was short-lived. His second vanquished, the Dark Slayer fell to the attack. Tauros fought valiantly, but in the end, he too lay dead at this arena of sacrifice. The Dark Slayer recalled away.

    The combatants were resurrected. His friends helped Tauros from the field of battle. Suffering from a lung infection contracted when he was imprisoned in Deceit, this hardened soldier seemed for the first time to be showing the true number of his years. As the crowd milled about dejectedly discussing the outcome of the battle, unexpectedly the Dark Slayer reappeared. Announcing that Scarmandine now allowed him to attack at will, the Slayer set upon the unprepared spectators. Grabbing up their arms, the members of the Justice Alliance rallied and were at last able to defeat this most powerful of the Dark Slayers. His champion laid low, Scaramandine himself appeared and announced that from now on the Dark Slayers would attack whenever and wherever they chose. When they were least expected, they would appear bringing death to all unfortunate enough to be present. With an evil chortle, the head of the Necromari then vanished in a crash of lightening.

    Now the crowd scattered, some going to the Shrine of Justice to offer up prayers of thanksgiving, others to Empath Abbey to seek the counsel of the learned monk, Anton Wygrant. Those at the Justice Shrine found themselves attacked by spawn, which they were able to beat off. Meanwhile, those at Empath Abbey implored Anton to search through his library of arcane knowledge for a way to use the Spell of Binding to banish Sacramandine from the plane of the living. Anton promised to study the matter, but cautioned the supplicants that he himself was not able not wield the Spell of Binding. For this role, they must seek another.

    At last, the weary folks returned to their homes in Edinburgh and throughout Sosaria to rest and prepare. None know what the future shall bring, but the days ahead look dark with challenge for the beleaguered citizens of Edinburgh and the Justice Alliance, which champions their cause.

    Niamb Goldenhair
    Mayor of Edinburgh
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 3:54 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Michelle Yeoh wins 4 Oscars but loses to J.Lo in the Underground Open
    Last weekend we dropped from a 52% lead to a 46% second place in the UGO Underground Open, and we were not able to get the majority of the votes again. Still, I want to thank each and every single one of you for your continued support in this contest. We knew it would be hard and we're really grateful, especially considering the opponents we had to beat. Because of your votes we were able to defeat Traci Lords, Napster and Lando Calrissian. Apparantly J.Lo's dress at the academy awards persuaded some last minute voters to vote for her instead of voting for the Stratics sponsored and multiple Oscar winning 'Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' star Michelle Yeoh.

    All your emails, PMs, forum messages and of course votes showed us that you care, and that means a lot to all of us here at Stratics. So congrats to you for helping us making it to the final 4 :)

    Thank you!

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 3:28 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Cynthe Moves To The UO Team
    Out of the ashes of UO2's demise, it looks like Ultima Online fans will be getting a great gift. Cynthe, one of the Community Coordinators for UO2, has recently joined up with UO Dev Team. Having worked with her for over a year on the UO2 project, I can honestly tell you that this is very good news.

    With that, I want to share with you a post that she made this morning to the official UO Discussion Boards on what plans they have in store for us after a few players showed apprehension about EA/OSI listening to what the players want:

    Well, since I'm still not caught up on everything going on in UO, I can't comment on any of the immediate plans. (On a slightly unrelated note, you guys just wouldn't believe how daunting it is to come in right now and suddenly start trying to learn everything about UO. This game is HUGE!) But what I can comment on is our priorities here at Origin. It's UO, all the way.

    After dwelling for several days on the exodus of my former team, and thinking about "what-if's", I've really started to look toward the bright side. And you guys in this community are the bright side, because you are now everything to us.

    So obviously Rome wasn't built in a day, meaning that the UO community isn't going to suddenly get everything they've ever wanted within a week... but you will see some changes. With the full and undivided backing of OSI and EA, and new resources, this is good news for UO.

    As our CEO just said on Friday, "The proof is in the pudding. Let's drive this boat." Which, translated from 'what-the-heck-did-he-just-say?' language, means that words and promises don't mean much without the end results. We're focused on UO alone now, and we're dedicated to making it better.

    So we're driving this boat, and eventually, we're making pudding. I hope you enjoy it. :)


    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 3:23 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    European Shard Hardware Upgrades
    The following was posted on the Shard Issues on :
    European Shards Hardware Upgrades - Mar 23 2001 2:12PM

    We will be scheduling hardware upgrades for the Drachenfels and Europa shards in the upcoming weeks, and will be continuing to upgrade hardware on the remaining shards in the future. We will update a dated schedule at least 24 hours in advance of any extended maintenance to complete these upgrades.

    Thanks to Sidney Silverman for pointing that out.
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 2:31 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    A Trap for Stormeye Junior
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A meeting was held on Saturday in Conrad Northwood's manor, in Trinsic. Here is the report made by Aldur Lightwind on the UOSS Drachenfels Board :
    The topic of the meeting at Northwood manor was how to capture Stormeye Junior, the son of the gruesome pirate Stormeye. We came up with the following plan :

    On Tuesday (March 27th) there will be a caravan to transport the original hat of Captain Stormeye from Conrad Northwood's old appartment in Britain to the Trinsic Market, where it will be officially burnt.
    All "Merchants" that want to come along to protect the transport should gather at 7pm CET (6pm GMT, 1pm EST) at the large bridge in Britain.

    Now for the fine print : In order to fool the pirates everyone has to wear normal clothing, keep your arms and armor hidden in your pack until the pirates strike.
    Furthermore, Stormeye Junior has to be captured alive : after all, we need some answers. So, don't hurt him too much (a bit of maiming will be acceptable, though). If anyone's interested, here is the log of the meeting.

    Sounds interesting, doesn't it ?
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 2:15 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    IOU Releases Trammel Ore Map
    Ash and Morgoth, members of Iron and Oreminers United [IOU] (and moderators of the DF board) announced in a thread on the UOSS Drachenfels board that they had released a first version of an ore map for the Trammel facet of Drachenfels.

    You can find this map on the [IOU] website.

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 1:59 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Muahahahaha Contest
    I went over to their website and gave this contest a listen. I thought it was pretty funny so I decided to share it with the rest of you.
    Ever seen people go 'Muahahaha' ? Ever wondered what this might sound like ? Well, now you can !

    The submission deadline for Serpentstone's (not so serious) 'Muahahaha Contest' has passed and it is time to cast votes for those evil participants. The recordings of all participants along with voting guidelines are linked to the news section of Listen, have some fun and cast your vote !

    Your humble servant,
    Prasutagus of Occlo
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 1:46 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Crimson Dragons Host Hedge Maze Race
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A letter received from General jubele king,
    Hail fine people of Britannia,

    This letter is to announce a live event from the Crimson Dragons...the event will take place Saturday march 31st at 9pm Eastern Standard Time on the Atlantic shard. The event is a race and at the hedge maze near Britain. Food, drink will be provided and everyone is welcome to come gates will be given out from the weapons shop in Moonglow.

    Thank you for your time,
    General jubele king

    Thankye, General jubele king
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 12:39 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Election Held for Mayor of Trinsic
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Mayor Gwendolyn summons the citizens of Trinsic:
    Hail Citizens!

    The Trinsic Council of Honor's public election for Mayor is now underway. The election is being conducted by a ballot on our webtome.

    The two candidates for the office of Mayor are Annunzio and Martin Willow. Both have been members of TCoH for some time now and I think both of them are capable of doing a fine job as Mayor. We held a Meet the Candidates event last Tuesday, 3/20/01. The log of that event is on our website in case you are interested in hearing our candidates' views.

    To be eligible to vote, you must be a registered Citizen of Trinsic. Registering is simple and can be accomplished in a few minutes on our webtome. You'll find the link to the Citizen Registry on the left side of the main page, in the Council section. The Registry will set up a webpage for you where you can post your biography, personal quote, guild url and other information. You are welcome to share the url with your friends, guildmates, etc.

    Our Requirements for Citizenship are as follows:

    1. You must meet one of the following criteria: was born in Trinsic; own housing in the greater Trinsic area; is a member of a Trinsic-based guild; consider yourself loyal to the city of Trinsic. 2. You must have a valid email address. 3. You must not already be registered as a citizen of another City.

    Don't miss this opportunity to vote for the next Mayor! The voting deadline is midnight eastern time this Thursday, 3/29/01.

    If you are interested to know more about what we do, you are welcome to attend our public meetings. They are held every Sunday at 8pm eastern time in the Trammel Trinsic Meeting Hall.

    See you in Trinsic!

    Mayor Gwendolyn Trinsic Council of Honor
    Thankye Mayor Gwedolyn
    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 12:29 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Feathers of a Mountain Raven
    And now for something completely different...

    Hello, my name is Senechal of The Black Company.  This is a report on some events that occured Sunday evening.

    First, despite some resistance, we were able to obtain Feathers of a Mountain Raven. Robyn ap Mir had previously located an individual by the name of Ameritus, a sailor, that had been shipwrecked, and had previously claimed to have seen a mountain raven. Robyn asked us that had gathered to go see him, and find out what he knew. She gave out a rune to Ameritus' camp.

    Upon arrival however, there was a large contingent of bandits swarming the area with a Kanur who's name escapes me at this time (Xan, or anyone else that reads this, I would appreciate the name if you remember) that claimed to have slain Ameritus. His confession was enough for me, so I began the effort to bring this criminal to justice.

    Everyone else gave him a merry chase until they were able to back him against a tree for awhile, until he made one more effort to escape. He then got trapped between the buildings where he was eventually slain. Several thought that might be an impossible task since it didn't look like we were getting to far, but as voices were beginning to be raised in despair, he fell dead at our feet. Some of us took from the criminal what little he had, however, the information that he took from Amertius was apparently taken previously from him, and we were not  able to get it.

    Reporting back to Robyn, we reviewed what Ameritus had previously told her about being stranded on what he felt was a large island, and that it had a beach and was surrounded by mountains. Heading to Papua, and after a little discussion, we launched a large ship and set sail. Fortunately, our first choice to look into turned out to be the correct location. We beach, and several of us spread out to search. I do not know what the group as a whole encountered because I got seperated while checking out the mountains to the north, which swept around all the way to the south.

    I entered a valley that had an inordinate number of harpies in one location, and as I quickly rode through, I spotted the mountain raven up on a ledge overlooking the valley.  The harpies started to take notice of me, and I sent a message to some that were somewhere further north to come to my area. Avoiding the harpies, I encountered a silver serpent, and was busy with it while the main group passed me on their way to where I said the mountain raven could be.

    Dealing with the serpent delayed me enough to finally arrive as I noticed some few starting to get aggressive with the mountain raven. The raven finally fell after a protracted battle wherein I attempted to keep various harpies off of those that were attacking the mountain raven itself. Xan was able to pluck the feathers, and Viper acquired the reagents that the raven was utilizing.

    Xan then handed the feathers over to Robyn, and we retired back to her office, where she thanked us all for our efforts, and made plans to continue next Sunday at the regular hours of 6pm PST.  I'm sorry to say that it came to that conclusion.  It was in my mind to maybe check the nest, but battle and chaos broke out before I could bring this up, and I fear that any nest was destroyed, because there was none to be found there.

    I would also like to mention that I had encountered one of the ShadowLord faction members who mentioned that Zhainir Ka had approached them in their headquarters, and secured their aid against the acquisition of obtaining  the components for his destruction. So, to my knowledge, the ShadowLords are now opposed to our further success.

    Sounds like things are starting to wind up, Senechal...  Good Luck!

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 4:46 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Feel like a Spring Fling?
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Something to go checkout. So go already!

    On March 31, 2001 The Town of Nidaros is going to be holding our first Spring Fling Event. This event will be held at the Dew Drop Inn. The event will start at 8pm EST.

    Some of the events will be Horse Races witha grand Prize of 10k, open bar, gambling, and much more. So please check it out!!!

    Thank You,

    Marlene and the Town of Nidaros

    Posted on Monday, March 26, 2001, 12:48 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Ultima 1 Drawing Contest
    Hello there,

    Ultima 1:A Legend is reborn is a remake of the original Ultima 1 game, being designed by Peroxide to be a freeware avaible to all Ultima fans. As it has been announced here on Stratics, we have our project approved by Lord British and have succeeded in building expectation and drawing the attention of the community. We have in our page a techdemo avaible for download, and we have another coming up soon with many new game features and polished graphics.

    We're proud to announce that a drawing contest is on its way. We're accepting submissions from professional and amateurs artists interested in seeing their concepts in Ultima 1. The best submission will become one of the monster models in our game. It will be modelled, texturized and fully animated. The rules are simple: We're not taking in account the art quality, but the originality of the concept, and its potential. Also, the model must qualify as a monster, we're not accepting concepts for player characters or general NPCs (Humanoid monsters are okay). The deadline, submission address and more details can be found at our page. While you're there, feel free to visit our message board and drop your opinions and suggestions on the game.

    So heads up, all the Ultima fans out there, grab your pencils and start drawing. Good luck!

    Ralph Damiani, 2d/3d artist, Peroxide Freeware

    <-Morthond, Atlantic Shard>
    Thankye, Ralph, for this news.
    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 9:18 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (CommunityNews)

    Zoomable Map to Lost Lands released
    Thanks to our friends at Ultima TR, where they first did a marvellous job on the Britannian map, we're now able to present you the interactive zoomable map to the Lost Lands. Have a look, fool around with it, and enjoy :)
    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 4:28 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Stratics needs those final votes NOW !
    The more time passes, the more we need your help. All week it's been around the 50-50 line, but this weekend our Michelle Yeoh dropped below 50% of the votes. Today is the last day you can vote for this round, and we really need those votes now. Also, try to mobilize as many of your friends as you can. Each and every single vote counts. Thousands of readers have voted in the UO2 Poll, if all of those would also vote for us in the UGO Underground Open then we should be able to kick Jennifer Lopez'es assets today.

    Please show your support, and vote for Stratics now. You will be helping us gain some fame and you could win some great prizes too :)

    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 3:11 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    NoB Casino Announces Games
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This is just in from Koga,
    Greetings to all Britannians, The NoB casino will be open from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm Eastern time on 03/28/01. There will be games and drinks. I will be at the East Britain bank to gate anyone who wants to come to the casino. The coordinates of the casino are 48o 41' N 35o 22' E in trammel. The casino will be open every Wednesday from 8:00 to 11:00. Hope to see you there, Koga
    Thankye, Koga
    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 1:08 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Lyceaum Courses
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<New Courses:

    Lycaeum Academy Courses (March 26th - April 1st)
    (Thirsday - March 29th:)   Conversational Britannian:
    On 7pm GMT (20:00 CET) Zinethi Arylliea will present her course "Conversational Britannian".
    This lecture informs about how to speak and converse in the Brtiannian (elisabethian) language. So if you allways have a problem to figure about the "thees" and "those" ... this is the place to go!
    This course is held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island in Trammel.

    (Saturday - March 31st)   OOC: Roleplaying 101:
    On 1:30pm GMT (14:30 CET), Renraku will present his OOC - course "Roleplaying 101".
    This is a course for all those people who always wondered how to roleplay in Ultima Online. You will get information about roleplaying in general, hints on how to talk in-character as well as impressions on how to roleplay specific character alignments.
    WARNING: this course is specifically for people new to roleplaying.
    This course is held in the Lycaeum on Moonglow island in Trammel.
    More information obout the Academy and up to date information on a class schedule calendar can be found on
    Hope to see ye there!

    Thanks! Aint ye dead Yoldran? *Grins*

    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 7:50 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    News from Spiritwood
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    News from Spiritwood:

    Hail good friends all,

    It is with deep concern that I pen these words now, for I know not the full
    meaning of the events of these past two nights, and yet I feel certain that
    they are of grave importance to all goodly souls. Last night, I made my way
    to the Magincia home of the Gypsy known as Rilla, for I had heard that she
    had warned the people of Spiritwood just the night before that terrible
    visions plagued her. As I got there, many had already gathered to hear her
    recount her visions. As one we fell silent and watched as she waved her
    hands over the Crystal Ball of Far Sight and closed her eyes in deep
    contemplation. To our collective consternation, we all clearly saw the
    swarming writhing forms of red serpents coalesce within the sphere. She
    shuddered and then relaxed, claiming that this was all she had been seeing
    for some time now. The assembled folk told her of the giant red serpents
    that had attacked Spiritwood just the night before, along with a vast horde
    of huge Rats and Lizards that walked like men. They spoke as well of the
    sighting of the black-hearted Irae Darkhen who strode among them with
    impunity, summoning yet more vile minions to do his wicked bidding. Rilla
    set her mind to deep concentration and tried to see more of what lay ahead,
    this time using her gift of glimpsing future events through her deck of
    prophetic Tarot cards. This time she saw more, indeed 'twas the form of a
    great and ancient book that she saw then, one which she guessed was called
    the Tome of the Crimson Serpent. This she called a book of Prophesy, one
    that, in the hands of the forces of good, could change the very course of
    events to come. She spoke of fleeting visions of warriors of Silver standing
    fast in defiance of sorts. Someone suggested that the Order of the Silver
    Serpent, the King's own honour guard, could be the ones she saw there. It
    was then that I pointed out that some weeks back, Pad O'Lion, master of the
    Custodes Fati, had mentioned to me a visit to Spiritwood by a certain
    Captain Sothe Willoughby, Paladin of the King's Guard. It seems that this
    Captain Willoughby had asked the brave and true of our fair community to
    come to Serpents Hold on the 22nd of this month, for there was to be a grand
    gathering for Military Manoeuvres of some sort. He added that this Captain
    Willoughby had seemed vexed and concerned by certain threats that he was
    unwilling to elaborate on, and mentioned some lost book of sorts. The
    assembled listeners were surprised by this, and realising that the 22nd was
    indeed the very next day, hastened to make ready.

    And thus I arrive at today's events. Having shared the recent news with
    students and staff at the Spiritwood University at our regular Wednesday
    night Current Affairs symposium, I decided to gather a couple of keen
    learners and head over to watch the promised Military Spectacle in Serpents
    Hold. When we arrived we were surprised to see the Captain there in a nearly
    deserted chamber. A few hastily despatched pigeons were all it took however,
    and soon the Counsellor's Hall was bursting with representatives of
    Spiritwood, Deepwater and beyond.  Captain Willoughby spoke of a book called
    to my surprise the Tome of the Crimson Serpent! I informed him of Rilla the
    Gypsy's visions on the matter just the night before and he seemed quite
    alarmed that she should have knowledge of this recently recovered relic. He
    told us that a certain King's Guard called Darius was now in possession of
    the Tome, and that he now sought the help of the assembled scholars to put
    their minds to deciphering its riddles. Darius he told us, was in the
    Warriors guild awaiting us even then. As the assembled warriors and
    dignitaries made their way to the warrior's hall, they were met with an
    explosive attack of literally hundreds of Rat and Lizard men within! Long
    did the fighting rage, with waves of assault and counter attack blowing like
    a fell wind back and forth again. The honourable Darius was struck down,
    alas, but not before the Tome of the Crimson Serpent somehow found its way
    into the safe hands of Gui Zarith of the Noble Order of the Custodes Fati,
    who wisely spirited it away to safety in Spirtiwood was the final tide
    turned and victory  fell to the forces of righteousness.

    In Spiritwood a great gathering formed and voices clamoured for news of the
    Tome. Gui Zarith gave it into my care and Captain Willoughby charged us all
    to see to it that it was studied by the wise of the realm, BUT, also to keep
    it safe from those of wicked persuasion who would use its powers for their
    own selfish ends. An attempt was made to gather together a body of scholars
    in old Spiritwood, which collapsed in dispute as first the Drow Xirzen, then
    an Undead Lord know in former life as Valdemar Den and finally the ancient
    Orc Wozza Saktoth made clear their vile intentions of stealing the secrets
    of the Tome for their own. As tensions grew and reports of a full out Orc
    attack echoed through the Spiritwood Town Hall, I fled through a magical
    portal to Skara Brae's Moongate between the realms, followed closely by the
    evil Saktoth and the brave Amos, Dean of Valour at the Spiritwood
    University. The Wozza tried to grab at me as I made my way to the moongate
    and safety beyond in Trammel. Amos drove his horse between us and interposed
    himself. Again the Orc tried to grab at me and again Amos swung his mighty
    Halberd to separate us. Now the Wozza produced a wicked gnarled black staff,
    not unlike the one I had know to steal the souls of the unwary, (which I had
    subsequently been called upon to restore in times gone past). I realised
    that I was in mortal danger and fled as Amos struck again, this time at the
    cruel staff itself. A few paces into the trees, I wove a spell of
    invisibility about myself and then magically transported to the safety of
    the University tower.

    Here I now sit, having long considered these events and the words of Captain
    Willoughby, who charged me to share the contents of the book, but at the
    same time to protect it from evil eyes. Thus, I have constructed a sacred
    and blessed alter upon the roof of the University tower here in Spiritwood
    Trammel. Bound round with a multitude of magically ensorcelled and blessed
    gem stones, betwixt four beacons of cleansing light upon which sit holy
    ankhs, held in a sacred purifying eternal flame and couched in sanctified
    silver and gold threads, it sits. All these and more wardings have I woven
    about the Tome of the Crimson Serpent, such that no evil hand may remove it.
    And so it rests, free to all goodly souls who would gaze into its pages and
    see the secrets of what might be unfold therein. All are welcome to come and
    test their wits 'gainst its riddles.

    By my hand


    First Chancellor of the Spiritwood University and Humble Monk of the

    Sacre Benedictus

    Ooh, good luck!

    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 7:48 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Results of the 1st Ociana Companions in Arms Tournament
    The day of the great tourney had finally arrived and heroes (or would be heroes!) had gathered from the greatest guilds of the land. As the competitors milled about on the tower roof, a harsh wind swept across their tense faces, bringing the smell of death and decay with it, that is so common in the barren land of Feluccia. Over the clanking of armor and weapons and the tense voices of those about to risk their lives, John Carter, the tourney host raised his voice and cried "Let the First Oceania Companions in Arms Tourney begin!"

    Highlights of bravery (non-placing).

    Thus the battles began that would decide the champion warriors and magus of the land! Many were the acts of bravery and heroism that day, as the warriors and magus tested themselves, far too many to recount fully. Some that stand out are:

    • Talur - A brave soul of only a few days in our land , who threw herself into the thick of battle despite the odds against her. While she fell, extreme bravery was displayed to just enter the ring, let alone to fight to the death!
    • Skambha - A special mention for his sprinting skills! Unfortunately when he met Darkblade, that worthy's axe quickly severed Skamba's legs, which slowed him down considerably!
    • Grimstone - A fine display of skill at arms, which earned him the prize for the best non placing fight of the tourney.

    Individual Player Vs Player Event.

    So, to the final three champions of the 1 on 1 event:

    • Ishmael. A mighty warrior, whose mace demolished any who stood in his path and superior battle tactics showed clearly. Truly a champion warrior.
    • Darkblade (SoE). A stoic warrior, who just wouldn't give up .his bravery and fine skills earning him the second place.
    • Thalon (TDR). A truly fine display from this warrior, as he wielded his sword with skill, dispatching his opponents.

    Battle of the Mages.

    The Magi battle was a truly amazing spectacle, as spells of the mighty wizards lit up the sky. The three top placers were:

    • Tasselhoff (BMG) - Lightning spell combos were his trademark.
      Nathael - Superior tactics and an occasional right hook, won him the second place.
    • Daft Vader (TDK) - Used his poison spell to deadly effect in his combos.

    Team Event

    Due to the tough competition in the previous two events, the Teams event was postponed till next weekend as we ran right out of time today! John Carter, Ranger of the Wolf, Huntmaster of the Danaan Rangers and Tournament Organiser will be in contact with all those that wished to contest in the teams event and will let everyone know when and where the event will be held. The details will be posted on this site soon.

    A note from the Organiser:

    All competitors in both events fought with honor and bravery and a good time seemed to be had by all. The many spectators who looked on seemed awed by the battle prowess of the competitors and no doubt went away that day with a greater understanding of close combat. Thanks to everyone who attended spectators and competitors alike. Its you that made the First OCA Tourney a success!

    - John Carter, Ranger of the Wolf and Danaan Huntmaster.

    Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 12:02 AM EST by Multani (Oceania)

    Boat race at Domingo's Pride Tavern!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
    This Sunday, March 25th, the Domingo's Pride Staff will be running a boat race for our Sunday night event. The winner will take home a check for 25,000 gold! Domingo's Pride will be open from 8 PM CST until we close, and the race will begin at 9:15 PM CST. If you don't have a rune, check the [map] at The rules are simple!
    • It's a boat race. You'll need a boat!
    • You must leave from the Domingo's Pride area.
    • Bring a sextant, because you'll have to find the end boat to win!
    Well, that does it for the rules. Told you they were simple! The specific rules and coordinates to the boats will be announced when the race begins.

    Along with Sunday nights, Domingo's Pride Tavern is also open Thursday and Monday nights from 8-11 PM CST, though we stay open later if we're busy!

    Good sailing!

    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 10:07 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Harmony Storytelling Contest Sunday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Hail Fellow Britannians!

    The Boar's Head Tavern in Harmony will be hosting two contests on Sunday night, March 25th at 9pm cst. The Storytelling Contest will be held on the roof of the tavern and the Songwriting Contest will be in the Piano Room. Anyone who has a story to tell or a talent for songwriting is welcome to enter these contests. There is no entry fee and prizes will be awarded in each category.

    The Boar's Head will also be taking book donations at this event so if you have songs or stories written in a book that you would like to donate to the Harmony Library, please bring them along..

    Marie Laveaux, Grand Perceptor OSS
    Sponsered by: Order of the Silver Serpent (OSS)
    Harmony Town Council

    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 10:04 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Orc trouble
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Special correspondent, Snake, just hand delievered this to my in-box.
    On the eve of the Coalition of Might’s weekly gathering, we were met with unsettling news. According to Decimus, there was a large army of Orcs in Felucca being organized by a great Orcish Warlord. With a leader spear-heading the attack, this army could be far more devastating than anyone could imagine.

    The exact location of this Orcish Warlord and his army was unknown. This resulted in the division of the Coalition. Systematically searching each Orc Fort in Britannia led to the dreary fact that the army was indeed located at the largest of the Orc Forts, located south of the city of Cove.

    Upon approaching the gates of the Fort, Coalition members were met by a literal wall of Ettins and every kind of Orc every created by Minax.

    At the front of the wall was a new sight: An Orcish Warlord. Quick to
    attack, I found that this new enemy could not only take a great deal of damage, but could also command the army of Orcs and Ettins to attack a specific target, which was quickly proven once I presented a minor threat. After my brief attack, all hell broke loose as the
    Orcish Warlord cried: “spring da’ trick!”, instantly summoning more than thirty to fourty more Orcs and Ettins.

    Realizing that attacking the Warlord in the midst of its army was foolish, the Coalition began to hack at the army that seemed to be getting larger and larger. After what seemed to be forever, the Orcish Warlord was delivered a mighty blow, causing him to double over and breathe his last breath in the land of the living.

    With their leader defeated, the army did not seem to be as aggressive, but still posed a threat to many of the Coalition members that were left alive. Using good tactics and common sense, they found that with their objective completed, there was no further reason to endanger themselves any further. With a few words of power spoken, the brave warriors returned to the safety of their homes, satisfied that evil had been defeated, at least for now.

    What plans have been laid out for Trammel by Minax? Is she attempting assume control of Trammel as well? What will the Coalition do about this new dilemma? To find out, feel free to come to the Coalition of Might gathering held in West Trinsic every Tuesday night @ 7 p.m. PST.

    Farewell and safe travels.

    I would like to thank Belan for providing the pictures you seen in this story. Thought I highly doubt that the Coalition of Might was very happy having her along for the ride. ;)
    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 6:10 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Miners Library Serves 1000 Pickaxe Wielders so far...
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Morpheus celebrates the success of his library
    Jacob receives his prizeThe Miner's Library turns out to be a real success. Since its grand opening last Sunday it has hit the 1000 visits mark today. It's like living in a bee-hive, the door goes clapping all day and all night while busy miners make their personal copy of the books. Jacob was lucky visitor number 1000 and so I handed him the prize of 1000 of the finest shadown ingots. He was so glad about it, that he shows me another site to mine valorite which will be marked tonight and will add even more value to my library. Thanks Jacob.

    Morpheus the Battlesmith
    Senior Librarian of The Miner's Library
    Yew Moongate/Trammel/Drachenfels

    Congratulations Morpheus on your success, and to you Jacob for your nice prize. For those miners reading, and anyone else wanting to visit, the library can be found at 79o58'N 37o7'W.
    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 1:06 PM EST by Finsbury M'wa (Drachenfels)

    Auction at TGB Tower
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in by carrier pigeon:
    TGB announces an auction to be held at the TGB tower in Trammel. The auction will be held on Sunday, March 25, 2001, 9 PM to 10 PM Pacific time. The coordinates for the tower can can be found on the events page of the guild web site listed below.


    A general list of the types of items to be found at this event can also be found on the events page. In addition, there are a number of guild vendors located in the sandstone directly north of the guild tower. So chances are, if you can't find what you are looking for at the auction, then check out the vendors. All who are interested in bidding are welcome to attend.

    Good Hunting and Safe Travels - Silverspar

    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 11:49 AM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Free HTML/Graphical Tables for Guild Sites
    If you're working on creating a website geared toward UO guilds, make sure to read the following about useful site building tools now available from Brimstone: is offering free HTML and graphics for people to use however they wish. The first (of many) offering is a set of tables, small and medium sized, they have a Grey Stone texture. The tables are coded properly to allow them to expand as large as the user wants. The tables are great for headlines, news articles, member rosters, screenshot of the day, trivia and a hundred other uses. Also, the graphics that make up the tables are transparent gifs -- so they blend into ANY background the guild may have on their site.

    Preview of "Greystone Table (Small)":

    Preview of "Greystone Table (Big)":

    In the next few weeks, expect to see new themed tables, as well as entire guild site templates being given away. This includes graphics and HTML.



    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 5:28 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    New Uncle Zifnab Comic
    A new Uncle Zifnab is out. Here's what Raknar sent into us to explain:
    Hail! He has returned after weeks of travelling and sightseeing. Uncle Zifnab comes up with his newest adventure 'Problems with Summoning?'. You find it at
    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 4:57 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    UO Chronicles - Stories of UO Families
    A great new website, UO Chronicles, has opened up to promote the the stories and adventures of your UO's character and his/her family. Here is their official announcement:
    Announcing the Grand Opening of a new UO related web site. Do you have an interesting story or background behind your characters in Ultime Online? Ever wanted to share those stories with other people out there? UO Chronicles ( is a place where you can read about the history, lives, and adventures of some of Ultima Online's families. Here, you can hear about the heroic deeds and fatal flaws of some of the interesting characters that inhabit the world of Ultima Online. Currently, two families call this page home. The Family Arania and The Family Lisanden (Atlantic Shard) Space is available if anyone else would like to post their characters lives here. Interested parties should send email to [email protected] and ask about putting their adventures on this wonderful new opportunity to make your characters come alive through their backgrounds and stories.

    Go to and see what it's all about. Email [email protected] if you want to take part in this wonderful new medium for sharing your characters.

    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 4:50 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Trials and Tribulations in Yew
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    These tales of trouble and woe in from Yew.

    I had gathered my things after the conclusion of the Clan Moor property
    dispute trial. Most spectators and participants had left the courthouse
    after my ruling in favor of Clan Moor. Figuring that it was a little early
    to retire for the night, I gathered up the stragglers in the courtroom and
    opened an ethereal gate to Trinsic. When I arrived at the Trinsic Bazaar, I
    saw a few familiar faces, including Yew's Vice-Mayor, William Smit IV, and
    Militia Sergeant-Major Thorin. Thorin informed me that Will had apparently
    been causing quite a ruckus about the bazaar. As Thorin began explaining
    what was going on I heard a loud crash behind me and I turned about to see
    Will exchanging heated words with Auren Therion, the Mayor of Britain. In
    the context of their rather rocky relationship, I thought little of Will and
    Auren butting heads yet again. The argument seemed to me to be in the
    spirit of jest at that moment. However, I suddenly felt quite exhausted
    after all the day's events and decided to head home for some rest. Saying
    goodbye to Thorin, I summoned a portal to my humble home, and the last thing
    I heard before the magic surrounded me was the upraised voice of Trinsic
    Vice-Mayor Gwendolyn shouting something out to Will.

    Apparently I missed the heart of the incident.

    The next morning at the weekly Yew Town Council meeting, I arrived to find
    Will surrounded by a host of orcish warriors from the Stormreaver Clan.
    Someone whispered to me that they were Will's "bodyguards," for it seemed he
    feared for his liberty in the aftermath of his actions from the night
    before. As the meeting progressed, Auren Therion stepped forward to read to
    the assembled Council a citation that had been jointly written by Trinsic
    and Britain's Town Councils. Things seemed much more serious that I had
    thought. I hung my head in anticipation of more Court involvment so soon on
    the heels of the Clan Moor/Oggaroth trial.

    Then matters took a decidedly unfortunate turn for the worse.

    The leader of Will's brigade of bodyguards, one particularly smelly orc
    named Durgoth, grew tired of Auren's speech. Maybe the big words hurt his
    small brain. All I know for sure is that one minute all was normal, if a
    little tense, in the Yew Council Hall, but the next minute chaos ensued.
    The Stormreavers swarmed over members of the Yew Militia and Firm Militia,
    swinging sickly poisoned blades with a terrifying fervor and a disturbing
    glee. In minutes the Council Hall was doused in blood ... bodies strewn
    about ... orc victory chants rising into the air. All who did not make it
    out the door were slaughtered.

    I exchanged a few brief words with Will after this outrage. I told him that
    he would be hearing from the Court of Truth very soon.

    That day has now come. In light of the events at the Trinsic Bazaar and the
    aforementionned Council Meeting, the Yew Town Council is hereby called into
    special session to determine the fate of William Smit IV. An impeachment
    hearing will be held this Sunday, March 25th at the Court of Truth in
    Trammel in lieu of the normally scheduled Council Meeting. The impeachment
    hearing will begin promptly at 3pm EST at the Court of Truth, the time
    usually reserved for Yew Town Council Meetings. All regular attendees of
    Yew Council Meetings are asked to attend the hearing, as it will be their
    duty to weigh the evidence against Will and vote on his removal from the
    office of Vice-Mayor of Yew.

    Yours in Justice

    Judge, Court of Truth
    Corporal, Yew Militia

    Such a pity. *chuckles* Thank ye, Scarab.

    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 3:37 AM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    The Wedding of Lord Dane Malleant and Lady Scintara
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This wedding invitation was received from Lord Dane Malleant, it can also be viewed on the Official UO Calendar
    The marriage of Lord Dane Malleant, Guildmaster of the Warriors of the Renaissance to Lady Scintara, Guildmistress of the Legion of Light is to take place on March 24th at 8 pm. The ceremony will be held at the Temple Pool in the Hedge Maze, gates to be provided prior to the ceremony. The reception will be held outside the Secret Mage Tower.

    The happy couple have been friends for quite a long time and have enjoyed a long courtship. Lord Dane proposed to the Lady on the eve of the 24th of February at the Hungry Halfling Tavern in the city of Rivendell. The ceremony has been set for one month from that proposal - and adjacent to the Vernal Equinox.

    Lord Dane and Lady Scintara would like to ask all their friends and well-wishers to join with them at this joyous occassion. Please bring a candle to hold during the ceremony. And - join them afterward for a feast and celebration of their union.

    Thankye Lord Dane! May you and the Lady Scintara have a blessed wedding.
    Posted on Saturday, March 24, 2001, 1:04 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    2nd Sonoma Fun Festival!
    Ok, This just in...

    Ok folks after the relative success of the last Fun Night we move closer to the 2nd Sonoma Festival of Fun.  This time around we have the Trammel town of Tendai taking part in the festivities. There will not be any cross facet gates but if those who live in Felucca can make their way to the West Bank in Britain, in Trammel there will be a gate leading to the township of Tendai. The gate will be located in the same place as the gates are located in Felucca. That is just south of the west bank of Britain, between the guard tower and the large bridge.

    Time, Event,...
    When: Sunday, March 25, 2001
    Facet: Trammel & Felucca
    Start time: 4PM PST
    End time: 7PM PST

    Avalon: Crafts bizarre and contest - gate location: 78o 55'N , 6o 32'W
    Gologatha: Scavenger hunt - Gate location: 43o 46's, 20o 23'E
    Oasis: Fight night - Gate location: 68o59'N, 49o13'E
    Tendai: (Trammel) - Smack the Thief! - Gate location: 34.11N 47.52E
    YMCA: Lottery, food and drink - Gate location: 722, 1164, 0
    Gate-farm location: 9o 34'S , 5o 50E

    This is south of the Guard tower near the moat at the West Bank of Britain. Between the Guard tower and the bridge. Same location for gate to Tendai near the west bank in Britain only in Trammel.

    I am really pleased to see the addition of Tendai this time around and I am at this point extending an open invitation to any other towns in Trammel or Felucca that want to take part in would have to come up with and run your own event...hope to hear from you!

    Darkwing, of Avalon

    Sounds like a Barrel of Fun...

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 11:15 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The Fishing Council of Britannia Moves To A New Site
    Sarah sends us the following announcement:
    We've Moved!

    The FCB has finially gone out and bought our own domain, so this will be the last move ever!
    We want to be assured that fisher's will always have the same execllent service we have always provided, so we felt this was a step we needed to take.
    We are now located at and you can get the new Message Board Here.

    We hope to see you shortly at our new home! :)
    Sarah, FCB Admin
    Thanks for the heads-up Sarah.
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 7:35 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Log of Chat with UOAssist creator Tug has been posted
    The log of the Stratics Celebrity Chat with Tug of Tugsoft, creator of UOAssist, has been posted on the UO House of Commons web site.
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 5:30 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Fallen Age Stratics Opens
    Stratics is pleased to announce its newest Stage 1 site, Fallen Age Stratics. Just a couple of months ago, Netamin, the developers behind Fallen Age, seemingly came out of nowhere to announce their game, a blend between science-fiction and fantasy. Having worked on it for some time, Netamin chose to focus on the game itself, rather than on publicity. And now, with the product nearing completion and the public beta about to begin (scheduled for April of this year), they are ready to let the world know what Fallen Age is.

    Set in the distant future on a war-torn planet Earth, Fallen Age deals with the remnants of the human civilization, who emerge from a sheltered existence deep beneath an earth that was long ago conquered by the Dark One. Not knowing what to expect, a land finally free from the Dark One's influence, or a world that has been utterly corrupted, it becomes your place to make the world into what you would have it. A blend between science-fiction and fantasy, Fallen Age promises to appeal to the roleplayer and the PvP enthusiast alike. Fallen Age is accepting beta applications now.

    At Fallen Age Stratics you will find:

    • An in-depth FAQ on what you can expect from Fallen Age
    • An exclusive interview with Netamin's own Savant
    • A gallery of screenshots from the game
    • Our House of Commons schedule with the game's developers
    • Access to our Twin Swords Pub forums
    • Access to #fallenage
    • And more!

    With its regularly updated news and the most up to date information available, be sure to make Fallen Age Stratics your #1 source for this exciting new MMOG.

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 4:53 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    New @ Stratics
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 4:51 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    OSI cuts back on UO Board Hosts
    Yesterday I posted on General News about how the current volunteer programs were not affected by the cancellation of UO2. When I wrote that, I had the in-game volunteers, such as companions, counselors, elders and seers in mind. Today I received an email from a volunteer that belongs to a group that *has* been affected, the UO Board hosts.
    I was volounteer host on Your story about the vol prog is just fine is just propaganda. We were fired after a long time for work we didn't get paid for. I can tell you that the former volounteer hosts are very bitter.

    Got this from Melantus the other day. [which is about 3 days ago]

    "Board Hosts,
       I regret having to bring you this news. We are having to change the Host program, to be made up of fewer contractor positions. This means that many of the current Board Hosts can no longer be Board Hosts, as there just aren't enough contractor positions to go to everyone. This is effective immediately. I am really sorry to have to tell you this, and I made strong efforts to try and get the number of contractor spots increased. Unfortunately we are under guidelines which mandate this change as well as restrict the amount of spots we are able to have. So many of you work very hard and are great board hosts. Deciding who among you can be a contractor has not been easy. It was often just a matter of having to pick someone out of a crowd of great hosts. A choice had to be made, and that was extremely difficult. I only wish that you could all be contractors for us, but that isn't how things are working out. I cannot thank you enough for the Host duties you have performed so far, with little if any requirement of supervision from me. If any of the contractors decides they do not want to continue their duties, the former Hosts will get first pick at filling that position. Once again, I wish this did not have to occur. Letting good people go just feels wrong, but it is something we must do. I wish you the best, and please feel free to email me back if you have any questions or concerns over this.
    My apologies for not thinking of this group of volunteers when I posted news yesterday. I can imagine how it feels to be let go after you've volunteered moderating the UO Boards for so long.
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 4:20 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    The Pacific Auctions Committee
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We were just sent this message from Nomad:
    If anyone has any items they are looking to auction off, please post them on the Pacific Auctions Message Board. An auction will be held Saturday March 24th, at 7 PM Pacific Standard Time, the location is at Lord Brock's of CV's tower. There will be gates available from the CV mall.

    The items must have an approximate value of at least 30,000 gold pieces. The Pacific Auctions Committee will be attempting to run several of these auctions. Plus, we will try and host numerous other shard-wide events such as Fights, Scavenger Hunts, and Races. The Committee is made up of members in good standing of the Companions of Virtue. I am in this guild. I am also a companion, for those of you who do not know what that is we are OSI Volunteers who help young. I am looking to recruit people for the Committee from outside of CV.
    I used CV members too initially get this project under way.

    Please feel free to contact me via email or ICQ me at 4009329 for information regarding the auction. The auction comittee will take roughly 8% off of the winning bid as a sellers fee but this money will for the most part be donated to people who are scammed or lose stuff to bugs, and also go directly back into the program to help run other more costly events.

    For more info and to post go to our website.
    Location: The coordinates for the event are 140o 37'N, 130o 13'E, the x y is (3175 24), Trammel
    Thanks :D

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 3:00 PM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    It's 50-50 again, Stratics really needs your votes !
    Wow, how much closer than that can you get ? This is without a doubt the hardest round in the UGO Underground Open so far. Jennifer Lopez and our own Michelle Yeoh now have 50% of the votes each. If you did not vote for Stratics in this round, then now is the time to do so. Please help us to get that extra bit of leverage we need to get into the final. Yes, starting next monday the final battle will take place, and we sure want to be in it. So contact your friends, your guildmates or even the guys that PKed you and get them to vote for us. With only about two days of voting left, we need all the help we can get.

    So, vote for Michelle Yeoh, win a few prizes, and support Stratics as we prepare for the Finals next week.

    Vote today! Thanks!

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 2:21 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    KOA Golden Knights "Golden Magic" Tonight!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    KoA Golden Knights #63 - "GOLDEN MAGIC" - hosted by NeoMikel, KoA Sage

    DATE: Friday, March 23, 2001 @ 8 PM CST
    TIME: Registration takes place from 7:30 - 8:00 PM CST. The event begins @ 8:15 PM CST.
    WHERE: The event takes place in the Alliance Village. The coordinates are 136*24'S 27*12'E

    ENTRY FEE: 600g


    • Winner receives 500 of each reagent
    • 2nd place receives suit of GM coloured leather

    DESCRIPTION: This tournament will be a 1-on-1 pvp event for mages only.

    WARNING: Although we will have certain security measures in place, and will endeavour to protect your body from looting should you die, we CANNOT GUARANTEE that this will not happen, and WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY for stolen articles or equipment. Anything you bring to the tournament you bring at your own risk. (You may wish to consider yielding rather than fighting to the death, in order to protect your belongings)


    • No pets allowed (ie: dragons, nightmares etc.)
    • No mounts
    • No hiding or use of Invisibility Spell
    • Time limit of 8 mins per match - if both contestants still alive at the end of 8 mins, the match winner will be determined by the GK judges based on several factors - skill of play, damage dealt, damage received


    • No faction fighting in the village during the Golden Knights event.
    • Please do not equip bows around the ring. Spells or potions may hit you that will cause you to attack back.
    • Please try to stable or feed your mount prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem.
    • No casting, sparring, or fighting right around the ring. If you wish to do this go to another location in the village.
    • No spectators in the arena after the event begins.
    • The Golden Knights event is a Seer sponsored event for Lake Superior. Grief players are at times removed and/or jailed, banned, etc. The consequences for disruption are solely thedecision of the representatives of Origin Systems.
    • Have a great time! Cheering for your friends is encouraged!
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 2:03 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Richard "Lord British" Garriott Speaks about UO2
    As many of you are hearing, Richard "Lord British" Garriott got together with GameSpyDaily recently to talk about the closure of UO2. Here is the most important part:
    "As everyone else has heard, I have heard that Origin is now shut down both as a name, which happened a few months ago, as well as the product Ultima Online 2, and the Harry Potter game and a variety of other services. For me, on the one hand, its very sad to see the company that I founded and sheparded for 20 years to basically be coming to a close as an era, so that's kind of sad. And also to see all of my friends... I've got 85 of my best friends that just got laid off. On the other hand, personally, it could be an opportunity in the sense that my non-compete [agreement with EA] runs out here in about 8 days, and I was debating how to hire a team to get back into the business and I know a lot of the best people, a lot of my best friends who were at Origin, were very committed to their team and to their project and to the leadership around them within that company. Of course there was a non-solicit clause in my non-compete, so it would have been difficult for me to build a team. Well, suddenly now its not so difficult, so its going to be interesting for me to go back to Austin and start up discussions with the large stable of close friends who are now looking for something to do, right about the time that I'm looking for something to do, so that should be fun."
    I don't know about all of you, but I'm envisioning Lord British riding in on his white horse to save the day. It also reminds me of the final sentences of the Prequel Lore:
    British leaned forward on his elbows. "You're saying I died in the cataclysm."

    The gypsy's voice answered him. Her smile was almost mischievous. "So it appears to those you left behind. But you don't die. You travel on. Britannia was never your ultimate destination."

    He gazed into the empty air. "I can't... believe it's over."

    "It isn't over. Your footprints will never fade from Britannia. You shaped a world of rich treasures and virtuous character. Children who idolized you have grown into men and women who seek to walk your path. That's your legacy, Lord British. It's a marvelous thing." She took his hands across the table. "You're the grain of sand in the oyster's shell. See what beauty you made."

    British let out a soft, sad laugh. "And now I'm to travel to a different world and start my work over again."
    To read the entire article make sure to GO HERE, as it includes some anonymous comments from some of the UO2 Dev Team members as well.
    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 1:57 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Heroes and Legends Festival this weekend
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    by Quill McMartin: BNN News Reporter

    The Jollier Fairgrounds, east of Skara Brae, Trammel, will be the site of a three night, two day festival beginning this Friday. Events are being hosted by a variety of guilds, towns and establishments. Below is a schedule for the festival.

    Merchants are encouraged to bring their wares on packhorses and buy or trade their goods and services. Blacksmiths may want to make use of the forge to sell or repair armor. Food and drinks will be provided throughout the weekend at the fairgrounds al fresco tavern. Competitions are wide-ranged, with something for most every level of experience or occupation.

    Throughout the weekend, the Cap and Dagger Casino will be hosting an assortment of games of chance. Anyone wishing to host an event of their own is welcome to do so. The fairgrounds feature an area with game boards, a dart board, an archery butte, a maze/race course, a stage, a pub area and a stable master. All of these facilities are available to everyone, provided they are not in use for one of the scheduled events.

    Festival Schedule (all times are CST):

    Friday night: 3/23/01

    • 8 pm: Hosts gather to set up and finalize plans for the festival.
    • 9 pm: Scavenger Hunt I, hosted by River’s End (For teams of 5)
    Saturday: 3/24/01
    • 11 am: Chicken Run (Bring your own chicken or use one of ours)
    • 2 pm: Mystery Entertainment Fiesta, hosted by Royal Kilted Police/Lionel
    • 4 pm: Treasure Hunt, hosted by Treasure Hunters of Britannia (Maps provided)
    • 6 pm: Edible Artwork, hosted by Riverveil
    • 9 pm: Storytellers, hosted by The UnRuled
    • 10 pm: Scavenger Hunt II, hosted by River’s End
    Sunday: 3/25/01
    • 11 am: Whack a Rat (Back by popular demand)
    • 1 pm: Dueling Henchmen, hosted by Cap & Dagger Casino
    • 2 pm: Running of the Bulls, hosted by The Noble Houses of Britannia
    • 3 pm: Steeplechase, hosted by Phoenix Rising
    • 5 pm: Best of the Butte, hosted by River’s End
    • 7 pm: The Great Bard Off
    • 9 pm: Faster Caster, hosted by The Sisters of Enchantment
    • 10 pm: Scavenger Hunt, III, hosted by River’s End

    Ever dreamed of being a hero or becoming a legend? Now's your chance!

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 12:09 PM EST by Helper (GreatLakes)

    The Orb of Soul Seeking Quest Continues
    This scroll was delivered to me by a messenger from Aeife

    Long has Scaramandine the Elder ruled through the power of the Orb of Soul Seeking. Wielding its power he has held sway over the evil Necromari and his most powerful servants, the Dark Slayers. Worst yet, he used the power of the Orb to absorb the very souls of his enemies. There imprisoned, these formally good men and women found themselves forced to act at the Elder’s behest no matter how heinous the order given. Four of these minions stood out: Istan Magrul, former Captain of the Minoc Guard; the once lovely Ariel, consort of Agiston Fyrebrant; Strom Elkhart, the architect and Dale Larkspur, former Ranger of Skara Brae.

    Long has the Justice Alliance opposed the evil, which is Scaramandine the Elder. Many of the Alliance are descendants of those who opposed the Elder some four generations back. Relentlessly they have gainsaid Scar’s wickedness at every turn, slowly chipping away at the source of his power—his minions of iniquity. Many of his Dark Slayers have been vanquished through mortal combat, their number dwindling low. Using the clues provided through the Seven Riddles, members of the Justice Alliance were able to force Dale Larkspur to don the Enchanted Verite Plate of Shielding, freeing the poor man’s tormented soul.

    Tuesday evening members of the Justice Alliance again faced a Dark Slayer of Scaramandine the Elder. I had found myself suddenly banished from the realm of Catskills. Upon reentering that land, I received an urgent pigeon from my cohort, Zharn—“Come to the Brazen Monkey immediately! We cannot wait for latecomers.” I immediately set out for the tavern and arrived just in time to take a gate to a location I did not recognize, save as a dungeon I had n’er visited before. There I joined Daerik Van Burace, Deminzata, Fang Whitestone and Zharn. Fighting our way through stone harpies and gargoyles, we came to a bridge and found our way blocked by a Dark Slayer. Deminzata and Daerick fell to the attack with Zharn casting spells of offensive magic while Fang and I struggled to keep the valiant pair healed. The task proved too much for us, for the blows of the Dark Slayer are mighty-10 times that of mortal man. Deminzata fell dead and we focused on keeping Daerik among the living. Slowly Zharn and Daerick chipped away at the Slayer till at last he fell dead at their feet. Moving quickly onward I learned the object of this mission for there stood Strom Elkhart, a minion of Scaramandine the Elder. We felled the monsters that beset the man and gated him to the Brazen Monkey Tavern. Once there, Telos Agralia began talking to Elkhart, convincing the man to don the Enchanted Verite Plate of Shielding. Once shielded from the power of the wand Scar had fashioned in the shattering of the Orb of Soul Seeking, Strom came to himself, free at last from Scaramandine’s evil dominion. Suddenly the man’s corporal self disappeared in a burst of flame and the armor clattered empty to the floor, his tortured soul at last free, Scar’s forces again reduced.

    Yesterday Deminzata had a vision from Martel Nevarre, ancient nemesis of Scaramandine the Elder. He called for the heroes of Justice to come to the Justice Shrine to receive a special blessing. Meeting at the Whispering Pines Tavern in the Village of Edinburgh, the group traveled together to the Shrine of Justice. There, Martel appeared, telling us that tonight we must send three champions to meet the last of Scar’s Dark Slayers. Assembling the warrior within the shrine, Martel gave his blessing, urging those of the Alliance to hold true to the course of Justice and not allow petty bickering to detour us from our course. He warned we had not the wisdom or skill to use the Spell of Binding, which Aneid had said was the key to banishing Scar from this plane forever, and suggested we seek one of wisdom who might aid us in our cause. Telos Agralia, Niamb Goldenhair, Watts and Deminzata then offered special prayers before the shrine, asking that our cause be blessed.

    Even as these prayers were offered up, Scaramandine sent wave upon wave of spawn against those who invoked the spirit of the shrine. The gathered warrior barred the door to the shrine holding off, ettins and orcs, serpents and giant rats, bone magi and liches. Eventually, their enemies felled, final prayers were spoken and the party scattered, some journeying to Empath Abbey to seek among the learned for one who could help the cause. Others returned to Edinburgh for fear an attack would be unleashed there as well. Finally all returned to the Whispering Pines for drink and camaraderie before retiring for the night.

    Sorceress, DOJ

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 11:53 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Kale'Joka tome of magic recovered!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Hail and well met fellow Britannians!  It seems that a reliable source has provided me with some important information concerning the Kale'Joka and the Calith Umbra...  But dont take my word for it...  Please, read on...

    Following the imprisonment of Calith Umbra, the Kale'Joka Edwina came to us seeking assistance in recovering the tome of Kale'Joka magic sought by herself, Calith, and Zhainir Ka. With Calith out of the way, it was time to recover the tome. According to Edwina, this tome contained a spell capable of ridding Brittania of Zhainir Ka, a foul creature who even now wreaks havoc across the lands with his legions of undead.

    A brave group of adventurers gathered in secret by the telescope in Yew, where the first in a series of clues would lead them to the resting place of the book.   These clues would take them from Moonglow, to Yew, to the Lost Lands, finally ending in the depths of the Terrathan keep. Here, the adventurers cast a spell to summon Edwina who was able to recover the book and take it away for study. This past week, a messenger delivered a note from Edwina with the results of her research - a spell capable of destroying Zhainir Ka once and for all.

    Brave adventurers are needed to gather the reagents for this spell, and are asked to meet at the home of the archaeologist Robyn ap Mir in Britain (Felucca). Her home is located just north of the cavalry guild, and the meeting shall take place this Sunday at 7pm o'the clock, immediately following the Sonoma Festival of Fun.

    Check it out, people!

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 11:23 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Stonekeep Fishing Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    News from Stonekeep:

    Fishing Tournament.

    On Saturday the 24th of March, Stonekeep will host its first Fishing Tournament. The Tournament will be a chance for both experienced and young fisherman to compete against one another for a cash prize. All are welcome to participate in this event as long as they don't ruin the fun for others.
    In order to win the cash prize of 10,000 gold coins you must catch as many fish as you can in the allotted time (Ten Minutes.) Once the time has expired all the competitors must hand over their total catch (which will be cut up into fish steaks,) and the one with the most amount of fish steaks will win the cash prize.
    The entrance fee is a mere 500 gold coins. And afterwards there will be free ales and food at the Tavern.

    All competitors must meet at Stonekeep Tavern at 8pm GMT for departure to a selected fishing spot on the Yew Coast.

    Stonekeep can be found at the Yew crossroads, trammel facet, sextant co-ordinates (38o 50'N, 35o 9'W)

    More information can be found at

    Hope to see ya there !

    Klion - Event Organisor of Stonkeep. (Pigeon Number 74832864)


    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 10:59 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    A Drake Tournament
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A Ranger Note:

    5th ERC Drake Tournament
    Sponsor: Lord Meister Propper (Council Leader of ERC)
    Date: April 15th 2001
    Time: 9 PM GMT
    Location: Jhelom (Trammel) Arena

    meeting 8:30 PM GMT at Jhelom Bank to get all attendants onto the tournament stone and collection of entrance fees.

    Entrance fee: 4k for each attendant

    This is a public event on Europa, aimed to the taming community.
    Non-Tamers are welcome to watch and bet on the winner (or loser)

    Pizza Service and drinks will be available - brought to you by: The Pizza Ranger Tavern (owned by the Levis family)

    Good Luck with the Drake Training.

    Good locations to train your drake are:

    Shame - earth eles, water eles, air eles, fire eles, elder gazers
    Titan Valley - Cyclopean Warriors and Titans
    Destard, Covetous - other drakes and lichs

    Remember that you will need veterinary (+ bandages) or high magery (+ regs) to heal your drake while training!

    The tournament does not allow any healing or any form of support while the fights run! Cheering is welcome though

    Bard (peacemaker) for the tournament wanted to stop fights if one of the contestants decides it!
    Lord Meister Propper
    Council Leader of ERC
    Europa Rangers Council

    Thanks, sounds good!

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 10:50 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Dart Throwing Contest
    The following was just posted on the Oceania Events Calendar concerning the Miner Corp Dart Throwing Contest this Saturday March 24th on the Trammel facet Minor Corp HQ ( 98 5'N 173 58'W ) at 3:00PM AEST:
    There will be 32 contestants, divided into 16 pairs. You will be given 5 throws for each round, player with the most points at the end of the round, wins and goes on to the next round. Once there are only four players left, the winning two people go on to the finals and the losing go on to determine 3rd place. Once 3rd place is determined, the final two players will each be given 7 throws and will play for 3 rounds. Player that wins 2 out of the 3 rounds gets 1st place and the loser gets 2nd place.

    Gates and runes will be provided to Miner Corp 30 minutes before the event. 1st place gets a full set of GM Verite Plate, 2nd place gets 300 of each reg, and 3rd gets 7500 gold.

    For any questions ICQ me at 103599459.
    Echo of Miner Corp.

    Posted on Friday, March 23, 2001, 3:16 AM EST by Calvan (Oceania)

    Yet another UO2 Petition. This time against it...
    It seems the petition to keep UO2 has found it's counterpart. Here's what we received today.
    Since you posted the keep UO2 going pettition link I thought we should have a petition for both sides of the trace :) I want my view is the address for my pettiton

    And this person is not alone. Various emails reached us today, from people that tried to explain why the discontinuation of UO2 is a good thing. Here's an example:
    Just wanted to give my .02$ about all this hubbub.
    First, how can you all want them to bring UO2 back? This news should make UO players breath a sigh of relief. Do you all really think that OSI would continue to support UO when a newer and better UO2 came out? They would most likely slowly phase out the updates of UO and leave behind a skeleton support team. Now that UO2 is canned, they will be focusing most of the things they wanted for UO2 into UO. This will prolong the continuous life of UO updates and new material. That's an Amen from me. I dont hate UO2 i just want you all to think about what will happen. Think good thigns.

    "J'ani Do'lim"

    So, let's find out where we all stand now. Have a look at our current poll and let us know if you think the cancellation of UO2 is a good or a bad thing for the UO community.
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 8:46 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    New Poll. UO2 Cancellation: good or bad ?
    We received so many contradicting emails the past two days that we felt it was time to figure out what you all *really* think. Some people have been cancelling their UO accounts when they found out that UO2 had been cancelled, others think cancelling UO2 was the best thing EA ever did. So tell us, what do *you* think about the cancellation of UO2 ?

    Take the Poll!

    This poll is also available from the menu on the left, should you want to have a look at the results of the poll later.

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 8:40 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    "Guild Management System" Opens its Doors
    Amidst all the UO2 turmoil there's also some regular community news:
    As of today, the GMS team is making its site public. We are now looking for input and suggestions for the Guild Management System.

    The Guild Management System (GMS) is a project, currently in development, designed to assist guild-masters and leaders of various organizations in maintaining a guild web page. Our goal with this project is to simplify everything we can think of. From generating a general list of members, to more advanced functions, such as keeping track of skills and stats.

    There are currently several parts of the system planned, but we want input from the people that, we hope, will want to use this system. Please go to for more information.

    Thank you,
    - The GMS Team

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 7:21 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    EA explains about the recent changes
    FuckedCompany (what's in a name ?) posted this letter that was sent to EA employees. It explains about the recent changes at EA. Here's an excerpt:
    Second, we've decided to dedicate more focus on Ultima Online. After pioneering the Persistent State World genre in 1997, UO continues to amaze us by generating greater and greater numbers of loyal subscribers. Rather than create a second world that would compete with UO, we'll dedicate our resources to improving the core product. There will be new lands, new creatures and a world that continually evolves. Some of the people who had been working on the UO2 Team will be reassigned to UO in Austin and other PSWs in development at Redwood Shores, Maxis and elsewhere in EA's global studio system.
    Still, I keep having these mixed feelings. Sure, it's wonderful to see UO get continued support, but I would have preferred much less casualties to get that...
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 7:10 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Is this the end of the UO volunteer programs ?
    Gotta love them National Enquirer headlines... The answer is: No, the UO volunteer programs are not being stopped. Read what two officials have to say about it.
    I'd like to squash a couple of false rumors that are listed on several UO news sites. Yesterday's events at OSI had no effect in relation to the volunteer programs. The rumors of Counselors and/or Companions being removed from the program because of this, is false as well. Despite the changes within the company, the volunteer program will continue to assist the player base.

    Counselor Coordinator
    Ultima Online

    and this one

    I just wanted to take a moment to assure you that the Counselor program is most definitely not defunct within Ultima Online. It is still alive and kicking and we have not made any moves to dismantle the program.

    As for Kal El, I am still with EA/Origin, and don't have plans to go anywhere!


    Jack Wood
    Manager of PSW Support Texas

    Thanks for the heads-up guys.
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 6:22 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Wedding Bells for Fulgore & Sorcia
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    Wedding bells are to ring again:

    Fulgore & Sorcia are getting married on March 23rd, at 7 p.m. PST at the Moonglow Lycaeum Trammel Facet. Gates will be provided at the Britain Counselors Guild, North Mines, and Moonglow Counselors Guild.

    There will be a reception following at the Stronghold of Myst, in Yew; hosted by Dante and Rhoanna Kerr. Gates will be provided following the ceremony, and all are welcome to attend. Food and beverages will be provided for the guests.

    Congratulations to the happy couple
    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 3:16 PM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Want UO2 development continued ? Sign the petition.
    Ultima Online 2 fans are making themselves heard with this petition. If you want to tell Electronic Arts that cancelling development of UO2 was a bad thing, then please sign the petition.
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 1:53 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Arx Draconis Lottery
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement was just sent in by The Syndicate,

    The player run, island city of Arx Draconis is proud to announce another of its famous, and very popular Lottery Events for this saturday at 3pm EST.

    This event will take place on Arx Draconis in Trammel and is hosted by The Syndicate. Syndicate members will be at all major Trammel banks to gate people who wish to participate to the event. Return gates will also be provided.

    The Lottery is FREE and open to all players. 25-30 prizes of high value and desire will be given out. Prizes typically include magical items of great power, rare items, potion kegs, colored armor and much more. Grand prizes have included houses and boats before as well.

    So stop on by! Its free to participate and your chances of winning something are large due to the many prizes given out. Look for a Syndicate member with LLTS over their head at your favorite bank between 2:30pm and 3:30pm EST on Saturday.

    Thankye, that sounds too good to pass up!
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 12:17 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Vesper Cemetary Attack!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<High Queen Maeve sent us this report of a recent attack:
    Hail Gentlefolk,

    I was walking on the Kingsroad of Vesper, near the graveyard when I saw a most terrifying and awesome spectacle! An entire coven of muderous mages and foul beasts swarmed through the graveyard.

    Apparently they were trying to seize if for their own purposes. Their leader, Mordis the Avenger pursued me up and down the road before a passing knight slew him!

    I paused amid the carnage to paint this picture, so that all the knights and knaves of the land may hear of this most odd occurance.

    High Queen Maeve

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 9:47 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Dungeon Wrong Overrun
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< Maria P sent us the following warning:
    I went to dungeon wrong earlier this morning and was horrified to find an unusually large number of brigands near the entrance. What was even stranger was that among the bringands were evil mages. I held out against them for as long as I could but eventually I was forced to retreat. I have never seen evil mages on level one of dungeon wrong and didn't normally see brigands so close to the entrance.

    I decided that someone must've been chased by the pack of evil brigands and mages from some far corner of the first level. I went back later and discovered that this was not the case. Right before my eyes I watched evil mages and brigands come through the fountain that leads to level two. In spite of the great surprise it brought me, I was able to lay down a paralyze field and picked them off. I left to go resupply with regs and returned to wrong to confirm what I had just seen.

    What I saw next was beyond belief. I saw two of what I first assumed to be brigands come out of the fountain to greet me on level one. I was startled when one of these "brigands" seeped almost all of my strength with two swings. Upon closer examination I discovered one of these brigands was actually an executioner. It now seems, at least for the time being, that the evildoers that normally inhabit level 2 have become dissatisfied with people that go to level 2, fight a bit and then retreat when the going gets rough. Mages, brigands, and executioners seem bent on coming through the fountain to hunt players on level one.

    I urge extreme caution to anyone that travels to dungeon wrong.

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 9:39 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    A Battlefield Dispatch
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Sir John sent us the followin battlefield dispatch:
    Hey everyone, Sir John here,

    I reported a while back when Britain was attacked by Jou'nar in Feluccia.

    A seer run event today that took place, which was a battle to remember, took place in Trammel. The battle took place a little before the Britain swamp on the way to ImaTown. Only about 50 people were there, and there was a constant spawn of Brigands. Not normal Brigands, but chew-you-up-spit-you-out kind of Brigands. Also Brigand Champions and Brigand Commanders. These things were taking out dragons like flies.

    20 dragons and 15 blades later, we killed one of them, only one, and there were more still spawning.

    Well, he battle is still going on, and I need to go res people. More information as it happens!

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 9:33 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Dog Fights at Dragons Watch
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<John McBain sent us the following:
    Sat., March 25th, at 8PM Eastern, the Town of Dragons Watch will be hosting its first ever DOG FIGHTS.

    If you are intested in entering your dog please contact me.

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 9:20 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Children Sing of Dark Times
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Locutius of Britain sent us the following:
    I am Locutius of Britain, keeper of the Music Academy and appointee of the town council. The following nursery rhyme has been heard in places children gather around the Realm since the rise of Factions.

    If any can help me locate the source of this piece, I and the Royal Guards would be most appreciative.

    Thank you very much for your time. - Locutius


    This is a dark time dear brother
    The factions tax your dad and mother
    And merchants overcharge each other
    Aye friend, the times could not be tougher

    It is time to find a way
    To fight war's Invasion
    And the rogues of Ocllo say
    They can be Salvation

    Aye it's a dark time dear brother
    The Factions fight not just each other
    But tax one good and then another
    E'en the gifts you give your lover

    The Thief Army rises now
    To rob Faction spoils
    People everywhere see how
    the Thief Army toils

    Sure it's a dark time dear brother
    But keep the Code, rogues, with each other
    and share the wealth with one another
    And Providence ov'r you will hover

    A Thief Army guides the way
    To help end oppression
    From the shadows they can sway
    The great gold depression

    No it won't be dark long brother
    The faction wars end by Another
    Who loots the corpse while under cover
    of Shadow Magic like no other

    A Thief Army calls you now
    To unite the classes
    Enlist brother, here is how:
    Join the Army's masses
    Army of Thieves
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 9:11 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    The Opening of a Tavern/dye tower
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This little announcement in from Soundwave:
    This is a notice to inform everyone on the Pacific shard of the following...

    The Night Wolves of Justice, part of the Pacific Alliance of Wolves (PAWS) will be opening a tavern/dye tower. We are located north of Britain, Trammel. If you simply go out on the east road of Brit, then head straight north you will find the Twin Towers of B*C and NWJ. We are the large tower on the right of the two. *notice the many vendor ladies on the steps*

    From 8pm to 10pm on Fridays, members of NWJ will be there to dye everything and anything. We currently do not have a Special dye tub *Yet*, but we have everything else. Furniture, leather or any clothes to be dyed, black can be done, and there aren't any limits to the number of items dyed. This is done at no charge. If you have items of furniture that you would like made, Please bring the neccessary wood etc. to make the items.

    Soundwave (Wolf Lord of NWJ)
    Needing a nice stroll, I went to look for this tower, the location is approx. 35N 25E ... have fun dyeing!
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 8:52 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Imatown's Swamp Race
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<And now an announcement from Imatown:
    Friday night, March 23, 6pm Pacific time, we will be having a swamp race.

    The object is to run from the tavern, through the swamp, pick up a book which will be hidden someplace in the swamp, put his or her own name in it and bring it back to the tavern, and give it to IrmaDufus.

    One of the books will be the ticket to win the 10k prize. Each player will be allowed to turn in one and only one book. You must make it to the tavern alive to enter, of course. After the prize is awarded, we will have a good time getting drunk, cooking up the lizard, gator, and snake meat that we will collect in the process of racing through the swamp.

    As usual, ImaGuildmistress will be on hand to add any of those interested to the IMA guild.
    For more info visit
    Sounds like another fun time for all :)
    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 8:13 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Ocllo Captured by Lich Soulstealer!
    The guards of the town of Ocllo ran from every direction shortly after the gate opened up to allow hell itself to pour out.  Lich Soulstealer was at the front of the massing army that the outnumbered guards wear daring to face.  Members of the Black Guard stood side by side with their Golgothan counterparts as they displayed their contempt for the would be defenders of the city.  Within a matter of minutes, thirty-two guards stood in front of impossible odds.  The evil lich just sat there and watched the men in front of him who would soon give up their souls for his cause.

    Silence soon fell over the streets as doors and windows were shut and locked.  Women wisked away their children and ran for safety as news spread like wildfire throughout the town that the it was under attack.  The stares being traded off between the two groups were almost enough to kill.  The deaths would come, but not by looks alone.

    The defensive formation that the guards took was at the direction of their leader.  An older man who had seen several wars.  He lined his men up by the west side of the bank and told them to stand their ground despite what happens around them.  Seconds passed like days, minutes passed like weeks before Lich Soulstealer quietly gave the word for his troops to descend upon the hopeless warriors that stood in the way of the town's freedom.  The old captain of the guards quickly whispered in the ear of the younger drummer boy, telling him to get word to KingDavid and Faramir before it was too late.  The boy dropped his drum and ran northeast into the woods.

    Howling as they charged, the hordes sent spells into the middle of the guard's ranks as the flanks were attacked by the ground pounders.  Within a few short minutes not one guard was left standing.  The blood filled the streets and some of the evil men cut out a few hearts from the wounded and ate them right in front of them as they drifted off into the land of the dead.

    Meanwhile, the drummer boy just finished the words of his recall spell when two men who were sent after him tried to keep him from leaving.  They were too late.  The followers who were sent after the boy came back empty handed and reported the news to their master.  It cost them their lives.  Lich Soulstealer took out a small device and started to collect the souls of the recently fallen and when he was done he proclaimed Ocllo as his to do with as he pleased.  There was no one left to dispute his claim.

    Banners of the Council of Evil were raised throughout the city.  The mood of the city changed within a twinkling of an eye and the help that never came continued to not show up.  After several hours, all the gold and materials for war were stripped from the town.  The men were beaten and the women were killed or worse.  The children that weren't hidden or failed to get out of the town were forced to watch as their parents were killed.  Some children were made to kill their own parents.  The mayor of the town was drawn and quartered without a chance to negotiate an agreement with the lich.

    As the drummer boy appeared at his destination at the entrance to the Nujel'm palace, he quickly dashed inside past the PAS guards standing there yelling for the king.  The commotion caused by his interuption of dinner caused KingDavid to come see what had gotten the boy all worked up.

    After the boy finished relaying his message to the king, he told him that he had to go tell Faramir before it was too late.  The king told the boy that he would take care of it and then ordered a servant to help the boy to something to eat and make sure he got some rest after what he had just been through.  The boy protested, but the KingDavid assured the boy that his message would get passed on.  The boy left with the servant, allowing the king to start preparing for a war he didn't see.  A war he didn't want.  A war that soon would be fought and where thousands would die.  And for what, thought the king to himself.  The day had turned into a black day after all and there was a lot to be done, and quickly.

    KingDavid raced down the hall to one of his council rooms and summoned all of his couriers to him, along with his military staff.  As soon as the word was given, the couriers left to inform those who would help thwart the insanity that was infesting itself upon the lands now.  There was work to be done and the meeting that KingDavid was preparing for with the arrival of the other guilds who would help was the first of many steps to be taken to stop Lich Soulstealer before he struck again.  The time piece was ticking.

    Posted on Thursday, March 22, 2001, 12:31 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    A Plea to the Seers and Implementors
    This came in from Lady Hayloh:

    A recent magical event, known by some as a "patch", caused our loyal and friendly Town Cryer to vanish. It has been several weeks since her disappearance, and we fear for her safety and well being. We pray to the Seers and Implementors of the shard for her safe return to our kingdom, for she has long served as a source of news from far-off Britain and is sorely missed! Rumour has it that the Town Cryer assigned in nearby Avalon has also disappeared, and we hope that whatever has caused this will soon be resolved and that our Town Cryers will soon be returned to their homes.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 8:44 PM EST by HellRazor (Baja)

    Player Run Establishment
    Hail, This is a new player run establishment that is looking for recognition by OSI. I sure hope they get it!
    I would like to announce the establishment of a new Player run town on the Siege Perilous Shard. It is called Southern Light and is run by the guild called Delucia Trade Association (DTA). My Character on Siege is called True Grit. The sextant coordinates are 139o 9'S 33o 15'E. Attached is a screen shot of the center tower within the town. The guilds web site is HERE!


    In the far South of the lands of Britannia on the shard called Siege Perilous, lies the town of Southern Light. Amid the swamps south of Trinsic, this town strives to be the last bastion of light amid a land overwelmed by brigands and cut throats. It is a town established by a guild of craft folk called Delucia Trade Association who ply their trades to the folks of Siege Perilous.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 7:50 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

    Be on watch for the Army of Thieves.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<These guys are really getting bold now. Watch your back and your gold!

    The man looked over his shoulder... It had been a week since he had left the city of Britain. A small contingent of Guards had been dispatched to safeguard his life, but worry still filled his mind. The Guards seemed to distrust him, but it was fair to expect that... having been a thief his whole life. It was consequence that drove him to call out for the Guards that day. He betrayed his fellow thieves for a pittance of gold. Now, darkness fell. Shadows flickered through the mists of the swamp. Every now and then, the screams of the Lizardmen would ring out... but those foul creatures were not what disturbed the solemn thief. The promise of death... the inevitable end of a fetid and meaningless existence. He knew he could only run for so long, he had been marked for death, and he would soon feel the embrace of transparacy. A twig snapped to his left. Spinning around with his dagger drawn, he caught glimpse of a dark figure descending into a pool of muck. The serene scene seemed undisturbed... perhaps it was simply a branch falling. It fell so silently, so effortlessly, it must have been a small branch. Reassurances filled his mind as he tried to sooth his nerves. The guards started to rekindle the now dying fire. Ashes jumped through the air and sent terrible smoke through the heavens as a guard poked a log with his sword. A small din sounded... The thief's ears pricked up. A small ding, of metal perhaps scraping against wood. Yes, it must have been. A careless guard dropped his sword, or...

    Fog passed, and lifted. The camp seemed like a perfect place for the lumberjack to rest, but something was amiss. He approached the camp cautiously. Four fully armored men, their skin a sickly green, lay dead next to the ashes of a dead fire. A few yards away, a man leaned against a tree, his life long since passed, and a strange marking on his bare chest. The Lumberjack leaned forward to get a closer look at the signature left behind. It seemed to be carved with a sharp dagger and some type of corrosive element. An "A" and a "T". AT? What did it mean? Perhaps it was the work of some assasin... No, it must have been the lizardmen. What sane person would ventutre out this far just to kill some petty group of men? The man noticed some strange green plant against the tree, being pinned up by a long dagger. The sturdy man lifted the blade from the tree, allowing the scrap of weeds to fall over a lifeless corpse. Examining the blade intently, the woodsman could barely make out an etching on the metal... The deep etching was hard to read with all the blood on the blade, but after a moment it became apparent what was carved. "Army of Thieves."

    With a shrug, the woodsman dropped the dagger and continued on his way, leaving the scene of death for the scavengers to find.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 7:10 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Things seem Strange?
    Hail one and all,

    If you have logged onto Oceania today and founds things are not quite what they were when you logged off last night, no major need to panic.
    Oceania endured a very small Shard revert last night.
    At about midnight Oceania returned to a image of around 6pm earlier that day.
    So no need to major panic if it looked differnet, but be sure that if you refreshed anywhere last night that needed it rather urgently to make sure you refresh it again today.

    Von Ravend,
    Stratics Oceania
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 6:06 PM EST by Von Ravend (Oceania)

    Winterfell Market Day
    A messenger from the Kingdon of Winterfell delivered this scroll this afternoon.
    The merchants of the Kingdom of Winterfell invite all travellers from near and far to purchase weaponry, armor, and a variety of other goods this Saturday starting at three in the afternoon (Eastern time). Rather than simply dealing with the realm's vendors, visitors shall be able to purchase and barter from the actual crafters of the wares themselves. The services and wares of a grandmaster smith and tailor shall be found, with prices that are truly among the fairest in the realm. We shall also have a tinkerer and carpenter on call to help fill orders. Those seeking magical armaments can bid on a number of items recently recovered from shipwrecks. This auction of magical wares shall begin at 5pm Eastern. Food and drink shall be available throughout the day, and merchants shall be about as long as their are patrons about to do business with. Additional events and possible door prizes shall be announced as the event commences. We look forward to your visit to the North and hope you find our wares of the highest quality and the lowest expense.

    (The Kingdom of Winterfell is a roleplaying community located northwest of the Desert of Compassion on the Trammel facet. After crossing the bridge just northwest of the desert, you'll find yourself at the bottom right of this map. For more information, contact us by icq at 7871747 or go to

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 5:28 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Ultima Online 2 Cancelled
    OSI's Leilo sent us the following sad announcement
    Electronic Arts and Origin Systems have announced a plan that will increase their focus on Ultima Online and halt production of OWO: ORIGIN (UO2). The reason is simple, rather than creating OWO: ORIGIN (UO2) as a parallel world competing with UO, we've decided to put those resources into growing and improving the core offering for Ultima Online's 230,000 loyal subscribers. In the near future and with the release next week of Ultima Online: Third Dawn, players will see new lands, new creatures, and a world that is continually evolving within Ultima Online.
    I can not begin to describe how sorry I am for all the people that have been dreaming about UO2 for many months already, designers, developers and future players alike. We can only hope that all their dreams will one day come true in the game that has become such a big part of our lives...
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 3:39 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Michelle Yeoh and Stratics in the Underground Finals ? Vote Today !

    Final Four UNDERGROUND Open

    Well here we are, down to the Final Four participants in UGO's eight-week (Feb. 5, 2001 - April 2, 2001) single-elimination tournament. Win prizes ranging from a Dig Dug vintage arcade machine to a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid figure to an iMac. All you have to do to win is vote for one of the 4 remaining contestants, to see who will be the "Champion of the UNDERGROUND."

    Who ya gonna vote for? The contestant who will win, of course: the Stratics sponsored Michelle Yeoh. First she trounced Traci Lords, then she smashed Dig Dug, impressively shut out Napster, she blew away Lando Calrissian and now Michelle gets down to business, kicking Jennifer Lopez's Assets.

    Michelle Yeoh was kicking butt overseas long before teaming up with James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, and now she's bringing both worlds together in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was even asked to play the villain in the upcoming Matrix sequels but turned down the role in order to work with her own new production company.

    So, vote for Michelle Yeoh, win a few prizes, and support Stratics as we face off against other UGO affiliates.

    Vote today! Thanks!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 2:52 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Report: Candle of Leadership Restoration
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<I was sent the following event report from Newton:
    I have a report on the happenings of the quest that occurred tonight, the 20th day of March. We began the journey at Journey's End Inn and all seemed well, minus the usual members of the Kargat that were hanging around. Marisa Mordin informed us that tonight our mission would be to create another Candle of Leadership to replace the one that the Kargat had stolen on a previous quest. For any who don't Mugwort the Orcknow, the Kargat are the followers of the vile Lichsoulstealer. Then appeared Lady Morlira and she told us that we were off to visit Mugwort the Orc because he had the blood we needed. I gated away and soon we saw the red orc before us. He said that before he hands over the blood we must vanquish the "humies" that have woke his fellow orcs from the grave. We follow Lady Morlira to a mountain pass and discover the "humies" the orc was speaking of, 100's of brigands. Unfortunately in the heat of battle my scribeshot "paintbrush" broke so I couldn't "draw" any pictures (the program malfunctioned). After dismissing the murderers, we discovered an orc spirit, named Narub, who thanked us and then returned to his grave. Returning the Mugwort to receive the blood, all hell broke lose. As soon as Lady Morlira received the blood many of the Kargat attacked Mugwort. Mugwort was outraged and summoned many of his fellow orcs to defend him. Lady Morlira shouted for us to regroup at Journey's End and promptly gated herself there.

    Once order was restored, she told of the next step. We had to transport the blood to the Justice Shrine so that the candle could be made. Now is when it got really bad. Many of the Kargat were there and as soon as the alchemist, Fizzalaotum, began the procedure they attacked him and stole the beeswax that was laying on the floor. The beeswax is an important ingredient because you need wax for a candle. Many who attacked Fizzlalaotum and those who tried to protect him were telestormed away. Obviously the "Gods" were not happy with the combat. As I had attacked Xan, the first to attack the alchemist, I was sent away. Luckily I received a gate back via Kumbamontu. Two seers in their traditional green robes appeared and an argument ensued in which the Karagat claimed they were role-playing and the Seers claimed they were disrupting an event. The argument was heated and eventually the Kargat left. Elder Bridgett, who telestormed me away, apologized for what happened and the event continued. Fizzlalaotum managed to conjure the candle with what was left of the beeswax and all was well in the end. My opinion on the quest is that the Karagat acted like ignorant jerks and that the Seers used their power to much by sending away those who were attempting to help. It was an interesting night none the less and I hope to see you at the regular Story Telling Night this Tuesday at 7:00 PST.

    Written by Newton with the help of Kumbamontu

    Sounds like overall it was a lot of fun. Thank you for the information; keep those reports coming!
    --Sage Arthur
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 1:45 PM EST by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

    Swamp Village Grand Opening
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found the following information on the Swamp Village Website:
    Upcoming event!

    Grand Opening party! Saturday, MAR. 31, 2001 8:00 PM Pacific Coast time.
    How do i get there?Azazia will be handing out runes from 3:00pm to 5:00 pm at West Britain bank in trammel. An advertised gate will be opening up at this same location from 7:45 - 8:15.

    Party hosts: Any one with (NPC) guild title, Azazia, Val, VladTheImposter, Ginger, Lancelot, Mahsalia, Drizzt Cypher, Bionic Shadow, Missy and more! They will be recognized by a violet robe.

    Events will include:

    1. Animal fights (first hour)
    2. Mounted Races (after animal fights)
    3. PVPing (after mounted race)
    4. Scavenger Hunt (at end of party, 11:30ish?)
    For more information about the individual events click here.
    Swamp Village is the newest addition to the Sonoma Community. Best of luck with your village! A map to Swamp Village can be found here.
    --Sage Arthur
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 1:29 PM EST by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town ? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia ? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story ? Then mayhaps UOSS' Drachenfels News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Drachenfels Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Drachenfels to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to :

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Drachenfels community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community, be it on Trammel or Felucca
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you ? Then what are you waiting for ? Apply... right now... do not hesitate ! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Drachenfels Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number
    4. Stratics Forums name
    5. Character name (the name of the character you would be using as potential shard reporter)
    6. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal (we're talking of real knowledge, not use of an editor)
    7. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS ?
    8. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    9. Any questions ?
    Applications are due no later than March the 30th, 2001. There will be no exceptions !

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 8:43 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Yew Vote of Confidence Concluded
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The results of the Yew vote of Confidence have been published. Mayor Jas Lightstryder announced the news at theUOTC Catskills Tavern.
    208 citizens of Yew had registered to vote. Of those, only 39 (19%) decided to go to the polls and vote. All 39 voted to keep the current government in place. An additional vote on the ballot asked whether Okami should remain on the council. The voters expressed confidence in Okami by a 32-6-1 margin.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 7:26 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    The Pacific Chefs Faire is Coming!!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This exciting announcement just in from the BSC:
    On Saturday, April 7, New Haven will host the Pacific leg of the Chefs Faire, sponsored by the Britannian Society of Chefs! The event will begin at 4pm PST, and will last until approximately 7pm.

    Activities for the Pacific Chefs Faire will include a scavenger hunt, a cook-off, a poetry contest, and a fashion designer contest. Free food and drink will be available to all guests, and players of all levels are welcome! For more information on the BSC and the Chefs Faires, please visit

    The Britannian Society of Chefs (BSC) is a new cross-shard Guild that organizes and sponsors Chefs Faires on many of the major shards. The first Faire was held on Chesapake on St. Patrick's Day and was a success!

    Location Information: New Haven, Pacific Shard, Trammel Facet 23o50W 7o05N (Northwest of Britain, near the mountains) More info can be found here.

    --Samara, Hostess of Pacific chapter of the BSC
    Finally! An event that speaks to our lesser known professions!! Awesome :D
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 3:39 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    The Tournament of Champions
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This parchment was received from Lady Lipstick,
    Sitting quietly by Britain’s west bridge with your fishing line dangling in the cool water’s below you feel quite pleased with day of relaxation you’ve chosen. The loud clop of many hooves upon the wooden bridge behind you give you pause to turn.

    A large patrol of Knights dressed in gold and black bearing a banner of a griffin is passing into the city. You notice a page sitting up behind one of the knights and recognize his face as the same you have always associated with the Kingdom of Stormhaven.

    The page like wise notices you sitting there and with a wink he waves a scroll at you before he and his entourage passes around the guard post tower and out of sight.

    Gathering up your fishing gear you head for the town’s posting board knowing you will find that The Kingdom of Stormhaven has another big event planned. Arriving at the bank you discover you were right and begin to read the post.


    THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS Once again to be held Saturday, March 24th, 5pm Est. At the Citadel of Stormhaven, Trammel, Atlantic Shard. THIS MONTHS TOURNAMENT IS LAST MAN STANDING! . An all out, no holds barred battle royal. PRIZE PURSE OF $25,000. GOLD! Sponsored by the Kingdom of Stormhaven Entrance fee will be $2,000 gold per contestant.

    With the coming of spring and a New Year ahead this Month’s Tournament shall be in honor of the kingdom’s Allies From the past year and our newest Alliance to be signed with Sic Semper Tyrannis [2st].

    Tournament contestants may sign up the day of the event 1 hour prior to the tournament start at the Stormhaven Event Hall which can be found on the map located on our skypage (see below). Contestants will be required to join the Kingdom Tournament stone in order to participate in Trammel and prevent any outside interference.

    The Alliance signing will follow immediately after the Tournament in the Township of Cernhedge at the Silver Stag Tavern (coordinates 169.6’S, 21.9’E in Trammel). Gates will be provided from Stormhaven to Cernhedge.

    All Allies are invited to attend and greet our newest Ally and all friends and tournament participants to come for the signing and a good mug of ale.

    For more information on Tournament rules, where to sign up and location please see our Kingdom of Stormhaven new skypage and follow the link for the Tournament of Champions.

    Lady Lipstick Queen of Stormhaven, SHS, S*G, BWC, HoA

    Thankye, Lady Lipstick for news of this regal event.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 1:46 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Orcs of Kor on the Rampage in Britain!
    For the next week or two the orcs are having a permanent town-invasion of
    Britain... so here's the details. :)

    The Pilgrimage.
    by Gor'duz

    Gor'duz had seen the orcish mystics perform their work only a handful of
    times, and never did they fail to send a chill up the spine of even such a
    hardened warrior. The warlord sat in a dank room lit only by foul-smelling
    candles, before the workbench of the mystic, Siofra. The femorc was still,
    silent, gazing longingly into a bowl of blood upon her entrail-covered

    Gor'duz was simple, had little understanding of the ways of magic... and was
    unnerved by the seer's scrying - but at the same time, the warrior knew that
    this meeting was a necessity. Da'nograh, patron deity of the orcs, god of
    war, god of honour, had not answered Gor'duz' prayers for days. The
    battle-scarred orc felt lost, alone, vulnerable. To add insult to injury, a
    veritable plague of urks had descended upon orcish lands. The few orc
    survivors were holed up in the look-out towers and huts that surrounded the
    fort - their fort - fighting a guerilla war against the urkish menace.

    For this reason, the warlord sought out his most trusted advisors, but none
    of them could offer any answers. It was with grim desperation, then, that he
    finally approached Siofra...


    The mystic raised her head after over an hour of scrying, and cast back her
    blood-red hood. A look of sorrow, emptyness, was upon her face.

    Shaking her head, she spoke in a gutteral rasp - 'Da'nograh did nub answur
    Siofra... wheer dere wunce wus a giding vuice, dere nuw is...'

    Composing herself, the femorc continued, '...nubting'.

    'Nubting?', Gor'duz was shaking. What did the seer mean? Surely she was
    mistaken... could the god that Gor'duz worshipped so dearly have abandoned
    him? Abandoned the orcs of Kor?

    Visably shaken, the warrior turned back to Siofra, seeking solace. 'Whud
    duss dis meen?'

    'Da'nograh is unpleesed witt da orcs... he has sent da urkish plague as a
    punish-munt. Da urks will nub stup untill da clan has redeemed itselb.'

    Gor'duz only knew two things that could appease his noble lord - devotion,
    and the slaying of humans... and the orcs were hardly the type to hold a
    prayer vigil. For this reason, Gor'duz calculated a plan, one that would
    assuredly be pleasing to da'Nograh...


    One man was responsible for the death and subjugation of countless orcs...
    one feeble human had cost the clan many lives. A human who weilded no blade,
    and cast no spell. A man who had fled to the 'fluwur landz' - Trammel. The
    man was known as Lord British. It was his head the Gor'duz would personally
    sever, and offer as sacrifice upon the altar of da'Nograh. Sounding the
    horns of war and summoning his hounds, Gor'duz prepared to venture to
    Trammel, and claim vengeance.


    OOC: For the next week from the 24th, orcs have permission to venture into Britain, to
    hunt for lord British. Humans are to be met with blade and spell, and no
    quarter should be given.

    So far the SoE, ORB, VKR, OtR and T*F have 'volunteered' to help drive off
    the orcish plague that will soon be descending upon the human towns, but any
    other human guilds who wish to help are welcome to. Contact me on ICQ
    (39281620) for details. Note that the ToW will be adhered to, with the
    exception that orcs may get carried away with their hunger and slay any
    unridden horses. The clan will pay compensation of 750 GP for every horse
    killed in this way.

    Until then, humans - be on guard, as the orcs may descend upon the streets
    at any time.

    And orcs - good luck in the search for British, and may your blade swing
    true. :)
    Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2001, 1:19 AM EST by Chainsaw Knight (Oceania)

    Reminder: Kristas Festival and Museum Opening
    Final reminder for some stuff already posted here.

    In one hour, at 8 PM CST begins both:

    • Festival at Krista's Ranger Station in Felucca (see the article PARTY DOWN AT THE RANGER STATION osted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:28 PM EST.)
    • Opening of the new Magincia Museum and Library (see the article NEW LIBRARY AND MUSEUM TO OPEN posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 4:45 AM EST.)

    Hope to see everyone there!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 8:04 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Resource Battles in Jhelom...Finale?
    Sitting at my desk, preparing a scroll, a knock came upon my door. Opening the door, I found this scroll lying upon the stoop.
    Lord Rakknarr sits in his throne room, on his throne of bones and his crystals that line the walls light the room in an eerie glow. A knock at the door. He waves his hand slowly and the door opens. It's his Tome Keeper, armed with scrolls.

    "My Lord, I have the battle reports of the last eve, as you requested. Shall I leave them for you on the table or do you wish to have them now?" asks his servant.

    Lord Rakknarr motions him close and takes the scrolls from his hands. As he unravels them, he motions for the Tome Keeper to leave. He bows out and makes his exit. The words seem to burn off of the scrolls as he reads them as follows :

    My Lord, it was early in the eve as our family made their way to Jhelom to gather the final components needed so we cna make our way to our next target. As always the Roses were there and we made our best efforts to keep the workers working as the family distracted the dwellers of the town. The battle seemed to go on forever, My lord, as neither side could gain the upper hand for very long. For ever Rose that fell, another would take their place, and such is the same in our case, every family member that fell, another arrived to take their place.

    Just as the battle was reaching it's apex, something happened. Grinnok the Viking fell to a ruthless and impressive Rose bombardment and he was soon surrounded by a familiar uniformed human platoon. Romans. Fearing dishonesty, the honorable Roses stood by the Viking's body while his spirit gathered his things. Not soon after did Lord Moridin arrive, striking at any Roman that moved. Nocturne gave the order for the Roses not to interfere, and quite soon after the family began fighting Rome, the roses had their hands full with the Undead attacking. My Lord as I write this report, I would not have believed it if I haven't seen it with mine own eyes. It seemed a world war was in the process. I followed a few of our members to the Jhelom bank and soon after Nocturne rode up on his mighty Etherial steed.

    "Seems we both have a problem" He said to Lord Moridin. Moridin nodded.

    "You deal with your problem, we'll deal with ours and maybe later we can continue our issues. I have informed my men" Nocturne then said as an Undead creature ran by, gaining his attention.

    Lord Moridin agreed upon our behalf, and led the raid on Rome. The Romans fell to the assault, and as the family made their way towards the tavern in Jhelom, it seemed the Undead were also beaten to a retreat by the Roses. As we all sat and discussed, it semed a bit too quiet. Just then, as we all expected, an Orc Mojoka arrived, caused a scare and was chased to the moongates where he was killed. An Orc attack was obviously not far off.

    In what seemed like HOURS passing, some undead began arriving. By this time, the family had lost a few numbers due to sheer boredom of waiting, as well did the Roses. A perfect time one would say. The Undead attacked again, just as that happened, the Orcs arrived. My Lord, twas a bloodbath. I could not record all of the events as it was amazingly crowded, but in the end, all that was standing was a few Roses, and a few family members. Two of each it seemed. The Undead were beaten once again by the Roses, and the Orcs made their attack and vanished back into the gates screaming and howling victory as they left. Seeing as the Orcs revel in chaos and death, they achieved their goal. But all was not lost, My Lord as I made sure our goal was achieved as well. As of now, our resource gathering is complete and we are prepared to move onto our next target. Also, as a last word, Lord Moridin believes he is still very close to finding the seal. The Empire awaits your final word.

    As the final word burns from the scroll, Lord Rakknarr smiles. He stands and walks over to his crystals to find Lord Moridin to send him word. "Lord Moridin, our resource time is ended. Inform the family we art done and ye hae tae find th'seal yet, so PhM will still go into Jhelom when needed. The Roses are nao aware we are nae a threat for their lands, but as always use caution. fights can still break out" As Lord Rakknarr finishes his words, Lord Moridin gazes at the skies and nods as he cracks the skull of some hapless Faction human commiting a criminal act.

    (Just a side note, the members of PhM and myself would like to publically thank the Black Rose Society for participating in this plot, and to thank them for making this one of the best encounters with another guild to date. I highly recommend interacting with this guild of fine players. They always performed above and beyond the call. Well done, well faught, it was never easy but it was always fun!)

    "Thou art but a man........I am forever"

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 7:35 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    New Mayor for Vamp's Lair
    Xavior, new city Mayor sent a messenger to deliver the following message.
    Would like to announce that Vamp's Lair has a new Mayor. Xavior, City Mayor, will be doing his best to provide more vendors for the people to browse as the come by the Lair. If you are a merchant and would like to place a Vendor at the Vamp's Lair Tower in Felucca, please visit the Vamp's Lair web page to fill out an application. XAVIOR, City Mayor
    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 6:25 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Dark Slayer Battles Conclude—Peace Restored to Edinburgh
    Returning to my desk and cot, I found this lying on the floor, slid there by Niamb Goldenhair or one of her emissaries.
    From four generations back, Scaramandine the Elder of the evil Necromari has held a grudge against the people of Edinburgh for opposing his nefarious ends. Recently released in the shattering of the Orb of Soul Seeking, Scar has tormented the Village of Edinburgh and its poor citizens in a series of vicious attacks. He had promised the beleaguered villagers a reprieve from his depredations if they would send forward seven champions to challenge his powerful minions, the Dark Slayers. For each champion who defeated a Dark Slayer, the village would earn a week of peace. If all seven were defeated Scar would call off his attacks on the town.

    The results of these contests were mixed, with some heroes triumphing over the Dark Slayer they faced and others falling in valiant combat. At each bout, the warrior next to face a Dark Slayer seconded the combatant. At the last battle, Ashton fell to his Dark Slayer and his enraged second, Tauros of the City of Trinsic, went berserk and fell upon the Dark Slayer with blows from him mighty mace. Resurrecting at the Shrine of Honor where the contest was held, Ashton joined in the assault after the Dark Slayer attacked a non-combatant present as a reporter on the scene.

    Scaramandine the Elder sent a message of scorn to the Justice Alliance, saying the actions of Tauros had dishonored the Alliance. The Justice Alliance held a Tribunal of Justice on Tauros’ actions, which ended in a hung jury. It was decided that the gods would settle the dispute, matching Tauros against a Dark Slayer in Trial by Combat. Scar declined to accept this means of adjudicating the offense and instead called for a final battle of the Dark Slayers. He offered a final contest of three Champions of Edinburgh against one of his Dark Slayers.

    Last evening Aasham, Zharn and XMackenzie faced one of the Dark Slayers of Scaramandine the Elder in a final contest, to the death. In the end, the virtues triumphed and the Slayer was slain. The triumphant heroes returned to the Brazen Monkey Tavern where many of the Justice Alliance gathered to celebrate the victory.

    Aneid of the Namaracsa appeared at the tavern. He is a mysterious fellow who recently appeared in Edinburgh to offer aid in opposing Scar the Elder. Information received recently from the Undead led us to believe that Aneid was truly Scaramandine II, that it was not truly his phylactery that Void of the Undead had destroyed. While meeting privately with Deminzata, Aneid was suddenly consumed in flame. The malevolent presence of Scaramandine the Elder was felt by many of those present, sending an aching chill through many and dropping Telos Agralia, guildmaster of the Defenders of Justice, to his knees. Immediately the tavern and the surrounding areas were under attack by hosts of brigands. The brave members of the Justice Alliance fought long into the night to clear the area of this vermin, but at last peace again was achieved. It came at a heavy price, however, for many brave warriors fell ere the evil doers were vanquished.

    submitted by Niamb Goldenhair--Mayor of Edinburgh

    Story modified 3/21/01 to correct two facts.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 6:12 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    The Grand Opening of EveryWares
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A tiny pigeon delivered this brief note to me this morning,
    Announcing the Grand Opening of EveryWares, a new mall/rune library located just outside the Trinsic city walls and only steps away from the Trinsic Moongate (113. 38'S x 34.22'E)in Trammel on the Atlantic Shard. We hope to see you there!

    Thankye, Suzanne for this news
    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 6:11 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Caina Seeks Applicants for Projects
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This letter was received from Treadeau Du'rome,

    Due to the unheard of expansion and prosperity, the city of Caina has experienced over the preceding weeks we have found ourselves short of manpower for key positions. However, this lose can be your gain if you feel like you are one of exceptional capability and quality to fill these exciting roles..

    The first position is that of the Master of Ceremonies for the city as a whole, what we are looking for from the applicants is a being of extraordinary talents who is willing and has the creativity to formulate his own events and to continue the city's previous tradition of Fight Nights and Gladiator games. Include here with this position is the aiding and assistance in re-opening of the Asylum, the Caina casino and bar. The second position is that of militia commander to organize and formulate the city's armed forces and defenses and must be an excellent PvPer with elite training skills along with that the second duties of helping the Master Ceremonies with the combat events. Lastly but not least we are looking for regular undead and living citizens to setup vendors in the Caina Merchant League (Which is of course most profitable) and for your everyday role-players for everything to the town lunatic to the town drunk. Applicants should address there applicants to [email protected] stating your name, a brief summary of your experiences in-game along with a comprehensive description of where you would like to take the previously mentioned projects.

    Walk in Darkness,
    Treadeau Du'rome
    Thankye, Treadeau
    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 5:39 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Client Patch 3.0.0
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 3.0.0

    We are currently releasing client patch 3.0.0. This patch synchronizes version numbers for the client in preparation for the release of Third Dawn.

    Please note: Once you have received this patch, you must completely shut down and restart your Ultima Online client before you will be able to reconnect to the game.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.

    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 1:54 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    New THB Illustrated Guide on Dungeon Chests
    Blackheath and Magellan of the Treasure Hunters of Britannia have started an Illustrated Guide on Dungeon Chests. In there you can find detailed information on the spawning treasure chests that appear in Dungeons and other interesting areas of Britannia. For easy navigation we've added links to the various Dungeon Chest pages on our Dungeon Pages. For serious treasure hunters and lock pickers this new guide is a must-read.

    Enjoy !

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 12:09 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I found the following event information posted on the UO Event Calendar:
    Sponsor: Mercenary Inn
    Facet: Trammel
    Location: Mercenary Inn (trammel)
    Start Date: Mar 25 2001 10:00PM EST
    End Date: Mar 25 2001 11:00PM EST
    Recurrance: 1 Time Only

    Ever thrown in 2 special fishnets at a time? I have seen it and it is a sight to behold. 4 krackens and a deep sea serpent came bubbling out of the deep blue depths.

    What I would like to see is about 12 to 30 nets thrown in at once and a HUGE group of players on boats to slay the creatures. If nothing else, it will be a sight to behold! Bring more than one net if you would like. Mercenary Inn will supply the ships. We will have several large dragon ships positioned out at sea. Each ship will have a captain, who will open gates from their ship to fill it with people. On a 3 count we will all toss our nets in and see what we can drudge up from the bottom of the sea. Each Captain will have a rune marked for a healer's shop. In the case of an untimely death, you can be gated to a healer and quickly step back through the gate to reclaim your items from your corpse.

    There are no prizes except for the loot on creatures and the adventure itself.. Krackens do carry SOS bottles and ropes as loot.

    The only rule is no dragons, drakes, white wyrms or nightmares, and everyone must be on foot not mounted.(For space saving sake.) We will all meet at Mercenary Inn. For a location map of the Inn go to

    What a sight to behold! I wish you the best of luck (and safety) in this endeavor. The Mercenary Inn is a large tower located just northwest of Cove, in Trammel.
    --Sage Arthur
    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 3:46 AM EST by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

    Sonoma Festival of Fun 2
    I found the following announcement on Sonoma Notepads posted by Darkwing:
    Ok folks after the relative success of the last Fun Night we move closer to the 2nd Sonoma Festival of Fun. This time around we have the Trammel town of Tendai taking part in the festivities. There will not be any cross facet gates but if those who live in Felucca can make their way to the West Bank in Britain, in Trammel there will be a gate leading to the township of Tendai. The gate will be located in the same place as the gates are located in Felucca. That is just south of the west bank of Britain, between the guard tower and the large bridge.

    When: Sunday, March 25, 2001
    Facet: Trammel & Felucca
    Start time: 4PM PST
    End time: 7PM PST

    Avalon: Crafts bizarre and contest - gate location: 78o 55'N , 6o 32'W

    Gologatha: Scavenger hunt - Gate location: 43o 46's, 20o 23'E

    Oasis: Fight night - Gate location: 68o 59'N, 49o 13'E (Registration Required, see post below)

    Tendai: (Trammel) - Smack the Thief! - Gate location: 34o 11'N, 47o 52'E

    YMCA: Lottery, food and drink - Gate location: 40o 40'N, 40o 40'W

    Gate-farm location: 9o 34'S , 5o 50'E

    This is south of the Guard tower near the moat at the West Bank of Britain. Between the Guard tower and the bridge. Same location for gate to Tendai near the west bank in Britain only in Trammel.

    I am really pleased to see the addition of Tendai this time around and I am at this point extending an open invitation to any other towns in Trammel or Felucca that want to take part in would have to come up with and run your own event...hope to hear from you!


    Darkwing, of Avalon

    Hopefully this event will be even more successful than the first Sonoma Festival of Fun. The exact message can be found here.

    NOTE: Clicking on the coordinates will make use of the UOSS interactive map, giving you the exact geographic location of each of the towns. (All towns except Tendai are in Felucca)
    --Sage Arthur

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 3:15 AM EST by Sage Arthur (Sonoma)

    Sound of the Drums of War
    The rain was causing the wheels of the caravan to carve out huge ruts in the road as it winded through the forest of Trammel just south of the Britain moongate.  The lich, known as Soulstealer, sat on his mount cursed the storm that had been plaguing the wagon train since it left Jhelom with the weapons.

    "Master, the ore wagons from Minoc are being hindered by the storms as well as the lumber wagons from Yew." said one of Soulstealer's followers as he bowed before him.

    "Bah!  Curse this wretched rain!  My magicks do not work like they should here in these Trammel lands!  I should have been able to stop these rains!"  bellowed the lich, without looking at his follower.  "Send word to the other caravans.  Tell them to put extra horses on the wagons and run the horses into the ground if they have to, but tell them to get here quickly.  Now go!"

    "Yes master." said the man, never once looking up at the lich that stood before him.

    Rain upon rain continued to fall as the lich thought about his plans to take over Felucca once and for all.  "I have been delayed long enough.  It is time that we move and move quickly before news of my intentions reaches the ears of those who would dare try to stand in my way.  I will get what I want." said the lich to himself.  He laughed aloud at the thought of those he knew who would band together in a feeble attempt to stand in his way.

    Soulstealer knew his time had come and this time he would show no quarter.

    Hail and well met fellow Britannians...  Yes, war is about to break out again and what are ye going to do about it...?  What side will ye choose as the line in the sand is being drawn...?  Decide quickly lest ye become a prisoner of war without ever choosing a side...  By the way...  Heres where ye can keep up on the daily happenstance should ye be interested: War Report

    As for the conduct of the war, this was what was sent to me.  The rules and list of guilds participating can also be seen on Sonoma Notepads by clicking the link.  These rules and sides were decided at the meeting held Sunday night at 6pm, pst.

    1)  No res-killing.
    2)  Only one pet per battle per side and no naturally hostile mounts (Nightmares, Ki'ren or whatever they are called, Unicorns, and Frenzied ostards.)
    3)  No fighting in any town that is not a part of the war. (Faction towns, Nuje'lm, all towns in Trammel)
    4)  If any craftsmen or non-participants are killed, the killer or guild of the killer must conpensate the victim.
    5)  Two battles per week. Raids and skirmishes can be set up prior to battles as well as caravans attacks.
    6)  No gating into a fighting area or an enemy city in lue of a battle.  All armies will face each other in mounted/foot combat like the days of old.
    7) Deaths during battle are perminant for the battle. Field medic stations will be set up for ressurection. Mounts will be gathered after the battle.
    8) Looting is permitted. DO NOT bring anything to a battle you cannot bear to part with.
    9) Kidnapping is permitted as long as the victim's guild agrees. Same applies to Assassination atempts.
    10) If you die in battle, you are NOT allowed to bring an alternate character back to the battle grounds to use. Once you die you are out of the battle.
    11) Successful assassination attempts on a person will mean that they will not be able to attend the next battle as that character.  Failed attempts will mean the possible death of the perpetrator.
    12) Any player town events going on will not be disrupted by the war. Enemies of the occupational forces will be welcomed to any venue sponsored event as well as OSI quests.
    13) Any rules that are broken need to be addressed by the leaders of the councils and fixed as soon as possible.

    As for sides, well...  Heres whats been set up so far...

    Councils:     Conclave of Death (Evil)                        Council of Light (Good)
                                  =G=                                                     PAS
                                  STW                                                    PS
                                  TFA                                                     KP
                                  B^G                                                     ARS

    This war looks to be a real doozy folks so whatever ye do, Dont Sit This One Out!  If ye do, ye might find thyself talking to a monitor screen somewhere down the line in the future saying "WHY DIDNT I JOIN IN THE FUN?!"  Have I convinced ye yet...?  Dont make me start telling bad jokes now...  Or worse...  Have Bones show ye his scribeshot collection from his vacation trip he took to Yew...  If I dont see another Yew tree pic again in my life, and the next one, it would be too soon...  *shudders and wipes cold sweat from his brow*

    Burning red eyes glared out over the wagons as whips cracked and horses strained to move the wagons closer to the rally point next to the Britain moongate.  "They will take me serious now!" said the lich as row upon row of wagons lined up to wait for the rest of them that would arrive within the week.  Smoke hung low in the air and spread across the field pointing to the east as campfires tried to burn the wet wood.

    The people of Felucca continued to go about their business unaware of what fate awaited them in the sister land of Trammel as the sun shined down upon all those outside.  Laughing children could be heard as the spring day started to work hard on melting the snow that had been collected from the winter now passing into time.

    Time that was soon running out.

    May the Great I Am Smile upon thee...
    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 12:01 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Roy's Sandbox Has Arrived!

    Hail and well met fellow Britannians...  It would seem that RoY has finally gotten their sandbox outside the YMCA, with the help of Vance Kylathew...  *smirks*  Bones got this scribeshot while he was journeying about over the weekend...  Only problem is I dont see any sand buckets, but Im sure theyve been ordered...  Right Vance...?

    Enjoying the warped (get it? boards? warped? *slaps knee*) humor, keep it up Vance...

    This is...

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 11:08 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The Book of Enchantments (A quest)
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Some of you might remember how wildly popular Adam Ant's first quest night was - the Kill Adam Ant quest. Well, in that same vein there is going to be another one with lots of good prizes again. Check it out:
    The Book of Enchantments
    (Saturday, March 24, 2001, Napa Valley, Felucca)

    Hail trusted Guardians,

    After speaking with the red mages of Shame, I have decided to move fathers treasure from it's current location in the mage tower to a secret vault.

    It seems that the red mages have been under attack and Kahn's ‘Book of Enchantments’ is no longer safe.

    Even though the chest that contains this tome is protected by a powerful curse, I feel it prudent to move these treasures to the Vault of Tagnik'zur, deep in Dungeon Shame.

    This is where I need your help my dear and trusted friends.

    I will be transferring this chest Saturday, March 24, 2001 between 9:00-11:00 PM PST to the secret vault.

    Because of the fantastic wealth it holds, I will need all available
    Guardians to insure my safe passage.

    --Adamodious Anthias


    The Prizes: A log cabin and 100K gold

    The Rules:
    Some time between 9:00 and 11:00 PM PST on Saturday, March 24, 2001, I will be moving a chest through Dungeon Shame.

    This chest will carry a powerful curse, so bravery and strength may not be enough!

    This chest will carry a check for 100,000 gold and the ‘Book of Enchantments’.

    The gold will belong to whoever is clever enough to grab the check and get out alive!

    The log cabin will belong to the first individual that is able to post the contents of this sacred tome on the message board located at

    This event will be live cast on AdamVision to help the trackers to locate me and the chest...

    Some images you may see, may be false clues, others may take you to your death!

    Oh, and one more thing…
    The Guardians of Undead Lords will be there in full force to insure that I remain safe.

    Do not attempt this quest if you are accustomed to the easy life of Trammel. These Guardians will use every means possible to insure the safety of Kahn’s Treasure.

    Special Requests:

    1. No Murder Counts: I ask, out of respect for the sponsors of this quest, that you do not give murder counts.
    We are only able to put on a quest of this magnitude if we’re not all running around Sosaria for the next 6 months as ghosts!

    2. No Dragons:
    We all know how powerful Dragons are. This event is intended to be warrior against Warrior, Mage against Mage. Please leave your pets at home.

    I would like to thank the sponsors of this Quest:
    Reflex The Log Cabin!
    Dyastro Farkas 100K Gold!
    Jade Great Decorating of Cabin

    Good luck to all!

    --Adam Ant

    P.S. Check here for Quest Updates!
    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 5:45 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Third Dawn Beta Message Boards
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Third Dawn Beta Message Boards

    As a reminder, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn beta message boards will close later today, March 19th. We will be archiving the contents of the message boards to allow the QA team to address any open issues, however we will be shifting focus back to our regular bug reporting method using the [email protected] email box. Please direct any additional bugs to either of these email boxes and include the following information:

    • Client Version Number. This is located at the bottom of the main UO login screen.
    • Server Name
    • Detailed Bug Description (step-by-step, tell us what you did and what happened)
    • Date/Time of Occurrence
    • Location (Sextant coordinates, facet, and city location)
    • On-site references (If you spoke with a counselor or GM, what was his/her name and what were you told?)

    It is extremely important to include the necessary steps to recreate a bug, thus allowing the QA Team to promptly review it. We do recommend that you try to be as concise as possible when sending in reports as well. Try to tell us only those steps that were necessary to activate the bug.

    We would like to thank everyone who took the time to concisely report bugs during this beta period. Your input was invaluable to Ultima Online: Third Dawn.

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 5:36 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    BNN: Plans for Trinsic?
    The following BNN article was posted in the Napa Valley section of the Ultima Online site:

    Plans for Trinsic?
    Kestrel Mar 18 2001 10:00PM

    T’was last Tuesday eve that the Coalition first became aware of my involvement with them. The reception was as I would have imagined; a forced smile here and there, however t’was the arching of a brow that became the most common greeting.

    But what else should I expect? A rogue entering the midst of those that are loyal to our Lord’s Virtues – and where is the honesty in being a burglar? But my report here is not the place for such arguments.

    After the introductions on behalf of Decimus, I explained quickly my plans for the evening: My sources with the various Rogue Guilds throughout Britannia had hinted that a spy of some sort was hiding inside of Dungeon Wrong. One who finds him or herself hiding usually has a good reason for doing so, and it was that which I desired to learn. The group of adventurers were quick to offer their help, and we quickly found ourselves standing outside of the dank caves northeast of Yew.

    It took only a brief search to discover that prisoners were the only living humans we might find, and one of them had to be the spy I was informed of. But which one? The choice was made more difficult when we discovered one of the prisoners to in fact be a raving lunatic. The most we could get from him was that bananas are his food of choice, and that the map I happened to find sitting comfortably inside of his shirt was nothing more than his pillow.

    Questions awaited both he and the pirate we found also to be imprisoned, but they both made a swift getaway after our party was jumped by a roving band of Orcs.

    Decimus, though disappointed that the men were not brought in, was pleased with the discovery of the map. Upon further inspection it was revealed to be a map of Trinsic’s Guard patrols…but as to what this all means, well, that remains a mystery. Had the prisoners not avoided capture we might know more.

    I leave tonight to speak with a Council of Rogues, to discuss this interesting revelation. Perhaps they will have more information as to who this madman and his pirate accomplice are. Or perhaps they are nothing but pawns in an interesting game of chess…in which Trinsic is the board.

    Who then, is playing to win Trinsic from us?

    Or are there darker plans at work here?

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 4:04 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    UO Celebrity Chat with Tug Tonight
    Hail and Well Met !
    Join us Monday, March 19th, 2001 at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online for our Ultima Online Celebrity Chat located on Stratics IRC. Our Special guest this week will be Tug, of Tugsoft.

    He will be here to answer any questions you'd like to ask him. About his role with UOAssist, in-game experiences he's had, or anything else you'd like to ask him ! So feel free and stop by in #Ultima-Online on Stratics IRC. #Ultima-Online is the 24 hour chatroom brought to you by Stratics IRC. You can access the Stratics network via the following servers, or by using our JAVA IRC client located at 6667 6667 6667 6667 6667

    Visit us tonight (Monday), at 7:00pm CST in #Ultima-Online, to chat with our guest, Tug. Or, drop by anytime for tips, news, and general conversation about Ultima-Online ! Dariuas

    Thanks to Dariuas for this announcement !
    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 3:53 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (CommunityNews)

    Purple Guardians of Honor (PGoH) Fractured
    Rumors have been flying concerning the recent devisive split in one of the oldest, most well respected guilds of our world, the Purple Guardians of Honor (PGoH). Concerned, I sought out Emperor Greg to discover the facts.

    "I'd like to be able to give the people of Sosaria an accurate tale of the recent PGoH split." I said.

    "I thought to expand and improve PGoH with highlighting, to go deeper into the roleplaing of UO. I sought this to provide substance for our finely trained soldiers of the great legions of PGoH in order to fight and use their skills. Some were opposed to this idea. Those that detested the idea went along at the beginning. Things were not easy once the Council voted to War.

    Our first partners were the Orc clans. Our rules of engagement state that no looting is permitted unless the use of bags decided beforehand for certain booty or by other agreement. One of our members read that Orcs will loot their fallen. When contacted, one Orc said that they loot bandages, etc. Following this, much miscommunication took place. Harsh things were said that caused people to become upset. The upset people decided to leave and create their own guilds-independent of PGoH.

    Now we must rebuild our ranks with a core of people." replied Emperor Greg.

    "Were all those who left opposed to highlighting?" I asked.

    "No. The war caused a spark which ignited the fire." he replied.

    "Will PGoH continue to highlight?"


    "How many left the guild?"

    "We had about 60 who were actively involved. We are now 35-40." Emporer Greg responded.

    "Were there any high ranking officers who chose to leave?" I continued.

    "Yes. About five. Two Senators, one Legate, one Phalanx, and one Centurion."

    "Were they all opposed to highlighting and war?"

    "Not necessarily. As I said, war was the spark that started the fire. Some were discontent and wanted to go off on their own." he stated.

    "What is the current relationship with those that left?"

    "Our relationship remains good. Some were expelled for crimes/misdoings. The relationship with those is not great." Greg answered.

    "How many are in this group?"

    "Several. One was expelled and several jailed."

    "For what crimes?"

    "We have a strict code of conduct, our Codex. Upset, they violated this code of conduct and were disciplined." Emperor Greg explained.

    "Do you have anything you'd like to add in closing?"

    These are tough, hard times for PGoH. We will look to the future and use this experience to grow and be stronger." He concluded.

    "Emporer Greg, I thank you for your time. It was a pleasure speaking with you Sir."

    "The pleasure is mine. Strength and Honor."

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 3:43 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Lost in UO - 2 new comics!
    This was just dropped in my in-box. Thought I'd share.

    The site has recently become active and so far has had two new comics added #114 and #115 - I believe the owner has indeed returned to the site!!

    The URL:

    Have fun!!
    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 2:22 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (CandidCoverage)

    Tis a sad day in Grimoire...
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<As a friend and comrade to the players of Grimoire I hate to pass on this depressing news.

    Tonight Grimoire says goodbye to one of it's own. Craggan has spent many hours helping the Village become what it is today. Tonight he passed the Key to the Village over to Baby.

    Craggan came to Grimoire back in 98. He became Grimoire's Executioner in which his main job was Security of the Village. He led the guild that he founded the Ministry of Darkness (MOD). After Cardinal Fear left Grimoire back in May of 2000. Craggan took over as the Mayor of the Village. He remained Mayor until September of 2000 when our paths crossed. Soon after he stepped down as Mayor so that I could fill the position. Craggan was happier being in charge of the Villages Security.

    I would just like to give my thanks to Craggan for allowing me the chance to become what I am in Grimoire now. You will be missed and you will always be welcome if you decide to return to the Village.

    Dyastro Farkas (Mayor of Grimoire)

    In honor of Craggan
    1 vs. 1 at Grimoire this Friday March 23 2001
    Sponsored by Jade.
    1st place 100k 2nd place 50k 3rd place 25k


    No charged magic items, clothing, or jewelry.
    No magic armor and weapons allowed.
    No pre-poisoned weapons. They may be poisoned during the battle.
    No use of summoning spells, offensive field spells, blade spirits, energy vortex, recall nor gate.
    No Stealing is allowed during battle.
    The only pre-casting allowed (casting done before the match countdown) is Magic Trap, Reactive Armor, and Magic Reflection.


    All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly. The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event. Anyone who disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.

    In the event that a contestant loses connection during the event, the Event Coordinator will make a decision as to the possibility of a rematch. That decision stands and may not be disputed. Any disputes will be handled after the event. A connection loss during combat events where the roof is sealed off, will result in an automatic forfeit. The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.


    To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:00 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. No late entries. Tournament will start at 9:10 PM PST. We must have a minimum of 4 teams to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena. Tournement Rules

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village. Village Laws

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit: Grimoire Village of Evil

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 1:48 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Hunter's Clan Variety Shop - Grand Opening!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This news in from the Hunter's Clan.

    Join us for the Grand Opening of H*C Variety Shop on Saturday, March 24 from
    2:00-4:00 pm (EST). Bring your friends and stock up on a huge array of
    prizes. Our lotto vendors will be stocked with a Whispering Rose, a
    Paintings Package including a large, medium and small painting, a Daemon
    Bone Armor Chest Piece, and a Holiday Bell. There will also be a Vendor of
    Keys, a Raffle Drawing, and Misc FREE items scattered throughout the
    vendors. Various contests & events scheduled throughout the afternoon with
    over 250k in prizes.

    We offer 13 vendors including a GM Tailor with dyed leather and special dyed
    clothing, a GM alchemist offering all potions in bottle and keg form, deadly
    poison weapons and custom orders of deadly poison. Also featured are a GM
    carpenter with dyed furniture & interior decorating, a GM Scribe with a
    variety of scrolls, a GM Blacksmith with various armor and weapons, a magic
    weapons vendor, a magic armor vendor, a GM Fisher vendor offering nets,
    maps, MIB's and more plus two vendors for reagents.

    Our shop is located north of Minoc. Sextant coordinates are 127o47'N
    . Please visit our website for a detailed map of the location
    ( H*C members and volunteers will be
    located at all major banks to provide gates and runes to the event. So pack
    up that heavy armor, empty those packs and shop to your hearts delight.

    - Analeiza, Guildmistress Hunter's Clan (H*C)

    Thank ye Analeiza for this news.

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 1:19 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    News From Stonekeep
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    A note from Stonekeep:

    In the last few days there were constantly raid on the city of Stonekeep. As the Necromancers' attempt to gain the Militia's part of the book Domain failed the Necromancer General Syn tried to invade the keep and to gain the ownership over the book with force. The attacks were mostly easily thrown back through the Militia's defenses and all undeads were set to their final rest. Last we recovered with the help of the Custodes Fati, the journals and notes of a man who was tracking the monsters, however a gruesome skeleton showed that he had been killed in the processes. The attack of the 17th march showed the Militia that the Necromancer's power were underestimated by them. An unimaginable amount of well trained undead warriors and mages attacked the Citadel of Stonekeep and the guards had to retreat to the Tower's entrance fastly. Although one undead after the other were destroyed the reinforcements of the Necro General's army seemed to be unlimited. Leaded were the undead armies by a blue glowing skeleton captain who's tactic was very simple but also very effective … send in group by group to slay the guardsmen. After over a hour of fighting the tactic seemed to work as some fatigued guardsmen were slain by the still growing forces of the undeads. Another problem were the shortcut of bandages , arrows and bolts that was reached meanwhile. However meanwhile the Militia's allies had arrived and started to engage the undead forces from behind so the Alliance had the undead army well surrounded. Under heavy casualties the forces of the light were able to reduce the numbers of undead rapidly also their stream of reinforcements came to an end. The undead Captain who fought with his troops were finally destroyed by the guards. In his corpse his orders were found written in an book by Lady Lynn. Because of the very alarming contents of this book it was handed to the clergy at once to have it secured at a save place. Meanwhile even the last undead were history and the Alliance members were cutting their losses. The victory felt very bitter after a look over the battlefield … a lot of brave warriors an mages found their end that day and the part of the book "Domain" would have been for sure captured by the Necromancers if the Alliance wouldn't have had combined its force to fight them back.

    - Ahmed Ibn Fadlan , Waywatcher of the Militia.

    Arg! Good Luck!

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 1:03 PM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    50th Assembly of the High Council Monday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
    50th Assembly of the 4th High Council

    Date: Monday, March 19th, 2001
    Time: 10PM EST/9PM CST
    Location: Magincia Parliament Building, Trammel Facet.


    • Investiture of new Councilor for Skara Brae.
    • Other subjects, to be announced at the meeting.

    Lady Geneveve Orseau, 8th Seat, The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 12:40 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Problems with the new Publish

    Regarding the new publish:

    There are problems with the new publish including a client crash problem when opening the new windows (House menu and Stone Menu) and a page turning problem with the new windows. When speaking to OSI they assure me that they are working on both these problems and they will have them fixed soon. Regarding the problem where you have a client crash, this affects French Users and for a temporary solution, go to your uo.cfg file in the UO directory (should be a plain text file) and add the following line into the code:


    This is what a GM told me. If you can only see boxes it may be that your uo.cfg file is corrupt and you will need to reinstall UO.

    Lets hope this gets fixed soon.

    Marshall Drakan.


    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 12:38 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Jas Lightstryder and the Yew Militia
    On a recent visit to Yew, I happened upon another small discussion concerning the "out-of-control Yew militia." Having recently written upon this subject, I listened and soon, Jas Lightstryder, Mayor of Yew joined the conversation. It soon developed into a talk between Jas and me. We spoke at length concerning the thoughts that had been expressed to me by many in Yew.

    Initially, our conversation centered around oppression of the citizens of Yew by the Militia. After some discussion about a definition of oppression, we settled in for a long talk on the recent issue of masks worn in Yew and the deaths that have resulted because of wearing masks. Mask wearing is not prohibited in Yew. I asked why then, since there was no law, did the Militia insist on forcing, even on pain of death, that persons remove their masks on demand.

    Jas replied that Yew had many enemies. He felt that one masked enemy could infiltrate the city, make her weaknesses known to her enemies, and then upon attack, create many more deaths than would have previously been possible. I agreed that there was little inconvenience in removing a mask. He further felt that those with nothing to hide would have little problem removing their masks. Again, we agreed on this point. I then asked about the recent death for not removing the mask. Jas felt it unfortunate and that perhaps the individual had been a little over zealous. But, he believes that it is better to err on the side of safety.

    We then discussed reports of some of the militia attacking without real provocation and going overboard. Jas did not defend these actions. He stated that it is sometimes difficult to control the actions of some and that there were bad people in all organizations. He felt that the Militia was a stellar organization and providing an invaluable service to the city of Yew. One should not judge the efforts of many based on the actions of a few. Here, we agreed completely. I apologized if it appeared that I had misrepresented the Yew Militia. He understood and returned to the argument of a few ruining the reputation of the whole.

    We continued with a discussion of the ongoing vote of confidence. He did not know how it was going, but felt it was progressing well. I wished him well and we parted company. Our discussion helped me understand the formidable task that Jas has undertaken. The city of Yew is a diverse mix of many types of peoples. And, Jas is tasked with managing, protecting, and growing the city. The vote of confidence will tell how the citizens of Yew feel that Jas is doing.

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 12:11 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    The Alliance of the Night
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< Archemiedien the barkeeper sent us this disturbing news:
    Finishing my shopping for goods in Mythndale, I was preparing to leave home for Havenwood when quickly, first a vampire, then a daemon, then another vampire, and another, and a daemon, soon there must of been a score of evil types lurking about the mythndale tavern. Then, appeared Nox Maelstrom. With his appearence I knew something was afoot...

    Then the mayor of Paxlair, Don Martin, a few others, and the evil ones moved south, myself and the mayor follwoed them. Soon, it became overly evident why they were all about... Nox began speaking, soon enoguh his words began to form a very vivid picture in my mind of what would happen next...
    An alliance of evil...
    The Wraiths, the Vampire Elders of Sosaria, The Clan of Vampires, The
    Crimson Fist of Mazrim, the Death Watch, Daemons, Vampirus Camarilla
    and others...

    I learned the name of this combined force of evil is the:

    The Alliance of the Night

    I fear dark days lie ahead for us all.

    Havenwood Barkeeper

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 9:02 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    BWF: Ended before it began
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< Hades sent us the following sad news:

    This is Hades, C.E.O. and Owner of the Brittannia Wrestling Federation. Unfortunately I have some bad news. The BWF is retiring before we could even get going. Numerous attempts have been made since the founding in September 2000 to recruit staff members and get the company going. None of them were successful enough to get us going.

    Many apologies to the disappointed fans and staff members that took part in the company. President Thunder said "Maybe Britannia isn't ready for a sport like this" . We appreciate all those who sponsored us and would like to give thanks to all of them. If you still think we have a chance, please tell us.

    But don't loose all hope. One more attempt will be made this summer to try to launch the company again. Maybe we might just have a little luck in the future, and still stand a chance to be Britannia's very first professional wrestling company.

    Again thanks to everyone for their support.

    HADES (C.E.O. and Owner) BWF

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 8:49 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Mabon wins first ever Dragons Watch Downs
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< John McBain sent us the following news:
    At the city of Dragons Watch in the Dragon Republic the first ever Dragons Watch Downs was ran tonight. 8 Jockys competed for the first place prize of 15k gold. It was a double elimination tourny and Mabon of ATD squeezed out and close victory agianst Chad of RBG.

    It was a great time for all and the finaly race lived up to all excpectations. Congrats Mabon and Chad!

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 8:42 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    A Warrior's Oath
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< Govannon Mac Lyr, of Mythndale, sent us the following:
    It had been a long and wearying week, and it bore down visibly on his slumped shoulders as he walked solemnly through the woods to the shoreline where he could sit and think, alone and undisturbed. The load he bore was not a physical one, but the mental burden of his failures. Too many to list, too long a line extending back into his past, binding with the present in an endless circle of pain. Now he had failed another. Maria, finest of his squires, whom he had taken under his wing... a squire he was proud to call a friend... Maria had been taken by the Wraiths. They had been impressed by her as well, and what better way to weaken and demoralize an enemy than by taking one of its finest and making her their own?

    As he made his way further from Myth, he let his shoulder drop even more. He was tired... so tired. He'd left behind a life of constant conflict to find peace; and he'd found it in his beloved home of Mythndale, and the people who lived there. Yet even in this idyllic setting, it was not long before death and sadness returned as his companions. The burden on his soul had begun to manifest itself physically; and although he wouldn't allow himself to think it was anything other than fatigue, he'd found the dizziness and shortness of breath coming more and more. It was all he could do to try to hide it in front of the others, or to shrug it off as lack of sleep should any see it. He was still in his prime as a warrior, yet his body was beginning to rebel under the constant stress. Wearily, his steps weaving erratically through the woods, he made his way to the coast.

    His heart tore, yet again, as he turned the corner and saw her standing there, her body tensed and eyes flashing to him in fear; too afraid to even flee, like a deer when it first spots a hunter in the wood. He knew it wasn't him she was afraid of as her eyes darted to the woods, back and forth through the trees... alone, afraid, hunted. He raised a hand, trying to calm her, all the while shocked to see her there himself. Had she been freed? Escaped? The haunted look in her eyes told him never the former, but the latter? His questions brought soft, hollow answers from her lips. Like him, she had come to sit alone, to think on her fate, and on those she was forced to leave behind, unwillingly but without the strength to resist. Guv reached out to her, wanting to reassure her, but she shied away from his touch.

    "If they see me with you they'll punish me again... I can't let them find me here..."

    "No one is about Maria, we are alone here..." he frowned at the mention of punishment. "They've hurt you?"

    Slowly, she pulled off her gloves to show him the serpent-shaped scar across her palm. He stepped up to take her hand in his, soothingly, and although the fear never left her eyes she did not pull away. She explained how they'd ordered her to plunge her hand deep into the forge and hold it there, and she couldn't resist the command. They'd made her hand whole again, through magic, yet the pain was no less, and the scar was left to always remind her. Holding her hand, he asked her what he could do.

    "Maria, the bracelet... how can I use it? How can I help you?"

    "I... I can't tell you... they'll punish me again... if they catch me here with you..."

    "Please, Maria... tell me how I can use it. Tell me who made it, where can I find him?"

    With some urging, she finally told him, in soft hushed tones of the ritual, and the one who performed it. She hadn't planned on the process being reversed... the ritual was merely to capture her soul in the gem, so that the Wraiths could not get their hands on it. As long as the gem was not in their hands, she was not fully theirs. But she had no idea if it could be reversed... if the soul could be returned to her body and she be made whole again, free of the Wraiths. Maybe the monk who performed the ritual would know a way. Frightened, her eyes still darting to the woods at each sound, she gave him the name, and a place.

    He allowed himself a small smile as some hope came to him. He placed his hand at the opening of his scabbard, and in one flash of movement pulled the sword free, slicing open his palm as the sword drew across it. Maria looked on, startled, and before she could react he plunged the sword into the ground at his feet, and lifted her hand to his. He pressed his hand, blood dripping on the grass, to hers; his wound to her scar.

    "On my blood I will do all in my power to restore you, Maria. By the time my wound is a scar like yours I'll have you back at my side, free of this curse."

    He saw the bright glimmer of hope shine in her eyes for the first time, yet only for an instant, before she looked down again. She whispered a soft, heartfelt thank you, and Guv turned to walk back into the woods, leaving her to her thoughts, not wanting to endanger her any further should she be caught with him.

    Posted on Monday, March 19, 2001, 8:40 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    Britain City Council's New Citizen's[Young] Week
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was received from Auren Therion, Britain City Council's New Citizen's[Young] Week
    The Britain City Council is very happy to announce New Citizens[Young] Week. New Citizens Week is a week long event of multiple activities created specifically with the New Citizen[Young] in mind. The event will take place this coming week starting Sunday, March 18th through Saturday, March 24th, 2001.

    Events kick off on the afternoon of Sunday, March 18th with the final show of A Midsummer's Night Dream Part 1 brought to us jointly by the Conservatory of Bardic Arts and the Britain City Council with special thanks to Lia Fail Empire. The show takes place at the LFE Tower in Trammel at 3pm EST. A rune is available in the KoS Rune Library in Trammel and gates will be provided 15 mins before the show from in front of the Yew Abbey and the Britain Wayfarer's Inn.

    On Monday, March 19th, evening the tours of the City of Britain, Trammel, begin. The city is divided into five tours for your convenience. Tour #1 is the Northwest section of Britain and is led by Molly and Ragnar Teach. Tour #2 is the Southwest section of Britain and is led by Molly and Ragnar Teach. Tour #3 is the Northeast section of Britain and is led by Annunzio. Tour # 4 is the Southeast section of Britain and is led by Ce'Nedra Willow. Tour #5 is Lord British's Castle and is led by Auren Therion. Each tour lasts approximately 30 minutes and is scheduled twice throughout the week to give you the opportunity to catch any you might miss. The schedule is as follows:

    • Monday at 8pm EST - Tour #1
    • Monday at 8:30pm EST - Tour #2
    • Tuesday at 8pm EST - Tour #3
    • Tuesday at 8:30pm EST - Tour #4
    • Thrusday at 8pm EST - Tour #5
    • Thursday at 8:30pm EST - Tour #1
    • Friday at 8pm EST - Tour #2
    • Friday at 8:30pm EST - Tour #3
    • Saturday at 8pm EST - Tour #4
    • Saturday at 8:30pm EST - Tour #5
    All tours will gather and meet at the gates of Lord British's Castle in Trammel Britain.

    On Tuesday, March 20th, evening the United Tamers of Britannia will be giving away free mounts: horses, ostards, or rideable llamas. Just come to the large corral just outside and west of Britain near the road to Trinsic anytime between 6pm and 10pm EST. They will also be happy to answer questions about taming and introduce you to UTB.

    On Wednesday, March 21st, there will be a mini festival held at the Britain Faire Grounds south of town in a clearing just north west of the moongate. The Knights of Sosaria will be hosting an archery contest there at the archery buttes at 7:30 pm EST. A page has been set up for people wishing to participate to register. Register Here! There is no entry fee required. Contestants can also register immediately before the contest starts. Young characters will compete against each other in one contest. Older characters will compete in a second contest. GM made bows and arrows will be provided for the contest. Once everyone is registered, contestants will be called by their number.

    Also Wednesday at the faire grounds will be a Kissing booth. Make sure to bring some gold because these kisses will cost you! This event will occur in the Faire Ground tent from 7:30pm to 9:30pm EST.

    Additionally there will be a Drunken Footrace held at the Faire Grounds at 8:30pm EST. How are they to get drunk? Throughout the whole evening refreshments will be provided as well. And not to be passed up, the Lost Order of Akalabeth will be handing out spellbooks filled to level seven and runebooks at the Faire Grounds.

    Thursday, March 22nd evening starts out with more of the tours scheduled out above, but ends with the Britain City Council's weekly council meeting. The meetings occur weekly at 9pm EST in the southeast Counsellor's Hall in Trammel Britain. All are welcomed to attend, but asked to be courteous and raise your hand when you wish to speak.

    Friday, March 23rd, will start off with tours again, but will end with the Virtue Mount Race. Those wishing to participate will meet at East Bank in Trammel Britain on their mounts at 9pm EST. They will be given a race kit with a map of the race route, a sextant, and a book explaining each of the 8 check points along the way. Each checkpoint will have an item for the contestants that they must collect. The winner will be the first person to collect all 8 items and cross the finish line.

    Saturday, March 24th, will conclude our week long celebration and besides concluding the tours will also be the night the United Blacksmiths of Britannia are available at the Britain Trammel northwest smithy, from 9pm to 10pm EST, to answer questions about blacksmithing and give a smithing demonstration. Look for Laren the Shardmaster and other UBB Blacksmiths.

    We're very excited about this event and have been planning it for quite some time. We hope to see all of you New Citizens[Young] as well as all of the long time citizens sometime during the week.

    Auren Therion, Mayor of Britain

    Thankye, Auren it sounds like a wonderful opportunity for young players and veterans alike.
    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 7:32 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Interview: Some Insight on KB and STW?
    Hail and well met fellow Britannians...  I was contacted earlier today by Lady Arwen of the KB guild who asked if Bones and I would please consider an interview for an invitation to help clear up any misunderstandings caused by Thaellan Shadows' showing up at the STW tournament last night.

    Lady Arwen, Thaellan Shadows and Senechal met Bones and I at the Moonglow moongate where we went over to the Trammel side to go to the Sonoma Stratics headquarters, since the one in Felucca isn't currently functional yet.  Once in the conference room, we proceeded to talk about what happened and why it did.  Here's a bit of what was said and please keep in mind that this is only one side's view of how the problems started...  Im sure STW has a different version than this, but pointing things in the other direction...  Now wheres my grain of salt...?:

    Vladimir Taltos: I thank ye for the opportunity here...  So... *smirks*
    Arwen: Well since I asked for this interview
    VT: Shall we start at the...  Please, go on milady...
    Arwen: I will tell you the events from the beginning, If that is ok
    VT: What has brought the events between ye and STW?
    Arwen: Several months ago, several disgrundled KB members formed a guild called KOB, Killers of Balaklava.  They harassed us endlessly.  We finally called a GM in and he told them to disband that guild, which they did.  They then joined STW.
    McCoy: *starts to draw scribeshots*
    Arwen: Well we excepted an ex member of STW, a youngster. Well he would not stop posting ugly things on there board
    VT: *jots down a note*
    Arwen: We did tell him to stop and he did for sometime.  We also have a member who joined us that they had a personal problem with before he joined us.  We voted that it was a personal issue and not guild related but they would not accept that,  so not once but twice they came to our guildhouse under a flag of truce.  During our meeting  their members attacked ours outside, So both times we disbanded the meeting.  Then after that they taunted, harassed and caused havoc on our guild, they attacked our resist parties and most of our events.  They killed alot of our people that do not dwell in Fel, but in Trammel that wouldn't hurt anyone.  Of course we gave them murder counts.  Many of their guild left, but still they continue to attack us, even my bard who hurts no one.  They follow her around and steal her kills to get her to attack.  This is never ending and I am tired of it as most of our guild is.
    McCoy: Do they still do this to this day?
    Arwen: yes

    It would seem that there is some bad blood between the two guilds...  That much is certain...  Why, do ye ask...?  The most I can figure is that evidentally there were some former KB members who set out to fight KB where ever and whenever possible as ye just read from the interview with Lady Arwen... But this doesnt get STW's viewpoint, so please... Keep that in mind...

    Thaellan Shadows did mention why he showed up and with the wyrm, and he also said that he didnt know who Kill-vin was...  It was because Wolverine had evidentally been pk'd by some of the people down there...  Why he was pk'd is beyond me, but Thaellan's only purpose, he stated, was to go down, rescue Wolverine and help get his stuff back...  He also mentioned that Gwyndion and he are bitter enemies and that when he saw him down there, he sent Lightning after him...  And thats when people started to attack Thaellan and the scene just got ugly...  Stating that Gwyndion has killed him several times and vice versa, Thaellan showed no remorse for putting him down...  He did say this though:

    Thaellan Shadows: Let me say for the record that I am sorry that I disrupted the event, but I would kill Gwyndion again, and again, and again.
    VT: With an attitude like that...  How can ye claim peace...?
    TS: I claim it not.  My Lady wishes it, but I have an arch enemy and his name is Gwyndion.

    Regardless of who started what, let me just say this on the matter...  People... Cant we all just get along...? *impersonates Rodney King*  Lady Arwen doesnt want to fight as with the rest of her guild, except Thaellan evidentally...  Is all the aggravation worth the $9.95 a month, plus your ISP costs...  and the time invested in playing, which to me is worth alot more than the money spent on trying to Have Fun with friends in game... Readers, please form your own opinions by reading KB's and STW's websites to see for yourselves whats going on here...

    The lands are certainly big enough that both parties, if they dislike each other that much that they could more than find a place to go and hang out where the other guild shouldnt bother them...  If Im wrong, let me know...  Bones and I arent here to try to lay blame, say who's at fault or point fingers... *points his finger at you*  Er... And we're not going to let the board become a Jerry Springer scene either about what he said or she said or they did this or they did that... Then again... Some people thrive on this stuff... I dont...

    So... with that in mind...  Lets just call this whole thing a learning experience, do that, and then move on with our lives inside and outside the game...  Life's too short...  And so is McCoy...  Dont lose thy sense of humor, people...  Its one of the better qualities that makes us human...  Uhm...  Not being short, but uh...  Well... Ive said my piece...  Now its up to thee to peace things out...  Hopefully...  Sorry STW for not getting a chance to hear thy side before posting... May the Great I Am smile upon thee...

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 6:43 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Shadowclan Orcs Look to OSI for Leadership
    I wondered about this letter. Wondered if I should even post it here, thinking it was just a private gripe with OSI. I read it again realizing that this letter is not OSI bashing. Certainly there is a complaint but they are also asking for recognition from OSI, asking for help. This letter has news in it whether a person agrees with what they ask for or not, they deserve an answer:
    I am a member of the Shadowclan orcs ( Probably, the oldest, largest, most respected, and most active RP guild to ever come to UO. Recently the spawn at the Yew orc fort on all shards has been changed to the point where there are nearly 10 orcs and several ettins in the fort at any moment. As soon as the spawn is killed off it comes right back a second or two later. This spawn makes it nearly impossible to RP within the fort without being interrupted by massive orc spawns. On Seige Perilous, where the orc fort is the center of PvP and RP interaction this spawn has ground the once thriving center to near death. I'm asking you on behalf of the Shadowclan and all other orc guilds from UO to help us support spawn reduction at the fort. Players who come to the Yew orc fort come to interact with the Shadowclan not to kill NPC orcs. So far we've been ignored by OSI and we can use any help we can get. We currently have a thread on the Dev board with over 17 pages which is still being ignored by OSI. It can be found here: Again I ask you to help us in any way to you can to support spawn reduction. Thanks, Kevin Wright Mahk'Chak Shadowclan

    If what they were asking for is special treat for their guild, without any regard for other players on SP, I would have ignored this letter. They are not: they RP not only with their own guild but many of the PLAYER run COMMUNITIES on the shard. I wish them luck.

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 4:34 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

    YMCA Has a New Website!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Alright now... Listen and listen good...  Wah-huh... *turns and walks over to Dor like John Wayne*

          Just a brief note to let you know that KewL DooD has erected a new website for the YMCA, which includes directions, screenshots, a bit of history, the published Code of Conduct, and a message board, wherein current events or comments may be posted. He's done a great job, so be sure to check it out at: YMCA Website
          Thanks! By the way, the site is still in its infancy, so if you have any history, screenshots or comments to contribute, they will be happily received. :-)
                                           ~Dor of Sonoma

    Thank ye, little lady... Wah-huh...

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 4:29 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Absence of News
    I have to apologize to Sara Gules and Arilyn Muzette. They sent in information on an event for March 14th. I had troubles with my connection and was unable to get the event posted or to contact Stratics staff to help. Sorry and I hope it doe snot happen again! Sincerely, Rocko
    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 4:19 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

    UDL's Ascencion of the Undead
    Lich Lord sent this in:


    Mortals! UDL the premier guild of Events and Tournaments on our home shard of Siege Perilous is hosting yet another fantastic warfare orientated event for all to attend. The past Gauntlet Challenge was a huge success with 20 teams of two fighting it out for 400,000 gp in the prize pot. With the scent of blood still strong in the air we bring to you UDL's newest creation, The Ascension of the Undead!

    Time and Place:
    Saturday March 31st 10pm EST Held at the Wrong Arena.

    Only allowed in Ghost form.

    All the teams will be comprised two players, no restrictions.

    20k per team, given to the judges before your first match. Checks only please.

    Tourney Structure:
    UDL will be fielding 5 teams ranked in order. Opponents will start out with team one (easiest) and work their way up the ladder to the highest, team five (hardest). Defeating a UDL team entitles your team to the prize money according to the prize money structure listed on this page.

    Immediately after a victory, teams may elect to keep the prize money earned for the level just defeated or risk their earnings by advancing up the ladder to fight the next level of UDL. Teams may quit after any victory and are out of the tournement after any loss.

    Tourney Talk:
    UDL will have an IRC room open for all in the matches and spectators. The channel will be on the Stratics server, room #ascension.

    Tourney Rules:
    · No looting.
    · No magic armor/weapons.
    · No magic wands/staffs/items/clothing.
    · No pets/summons/energy vortex.
    · No hiding/stealth.
    · No horses, llamas, or other mounts.
    · No casting of spells or drinking of potions prior to the start of the fight. This means you cannot even start to cast a spell before the beginning.
    · If you lose connection during the fight, tough cookies. No rematches.
    · Anything else you can fit in your bag is legal.

    Only UDL teams will be handicapped. All the contestants have no handicaps aside from what is stated in the tournement rules.

    Team 1: Will only be allowed 5 potions total and 40-bandages/each regents in the team.
    Team 2: Will only be allowed 15 potions total in the team.

    Teams 3-5 will not be handicapped and be fighting on even ground with the contestants.

    How to Enter:
    Contact Lector ICQ# 21385263 for any additional info you may require.
    Entry Deadline Friday March 30th, 11:59pm EST.


    Defeating No UDL Teams Nothing
    Defeating UDL Team #1 3,000 gp
    Defeating UDL Team #2 10,000 gp
    Defeating UDL Team #3 20,000 gp
    Defeating UDL Team #4 50,000 gp
    Defeating UDL Team #5 100,000 gp


    Thank you in advance,
    ~Lich Lord UDL~

    If you have never been to an UDL event or participated in one, you should. They run quality events that are organized and FUN!

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 4:09 PM EST by Rocko Spoogie (SiegePerilous)

    Client Patch 2.0.9a
    Note that this is a new patch, in addition to the Client Patch 2.0.9 that came out yesterday as well (see News below). The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.9a

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.9a. This patch addresses addresses a crash related to viewing certain magic items while the items are in containers or are equipped.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 12:16 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Aldameir Tournament - A Champion hath been Choosen
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    *As ye pass the town bank ye notice a young man talking to a crowd*

    Hear ye Hear ye!

    Hear about the tournament held at Aldameir tower! A great day of battle and prowess in fighting abilities! A champion hath been chosen!

    *And so his speech about the tournament begins*

    Read more at:

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 11:57 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    New Town Crier Network

    A New Idea:

    With great joy, the start of a town crier network is presented.

    Throughout the shard, on both the Trammel and the Felucca facet,
    town criers have been employed. These town criers hold receiver
    crystals in their back packs, to receive the news from the reporter,
    that holds the broadcast crystal. The reporter will send the gathered
    news to all the town criers in the land, who on their turn inform the
    citizens of news and announcements of events.

    The purpose is to inform citizens of upcoming or ongoing quests and
    events, which are held and organised in the various towns and
    establishments. The hope is to bring the existing communities, both on
    Felucca and Trammel, a little closer together.

    The town criers will broadcast the news recieved from the reporter
    between 19.30-20.30 GMT. If ye would like to listen to the news, please
    visit one of the town criers at that time. The network just recently
    and as of now, we have several confirmed and registered locations.
    The map of these locations on the town crier skypages
    ( will be updated frequently.
    Of course there will be room for special announcements as well, outside
    these hours.

    Our alliance is yet small. If ye wish to donate, we would gladly except
    gems to charge the broadcast crystals.

    Currently involved in the broadcasting business are Aeribian, citizen
    of Spiritwood ( and member of Custodes
    Fati, and Maeve Aughskel, citizen of Valoria (
    and member of the Order of Virtue.

    What a original and good idea! Good Luck!

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 11:10 AM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    The Winner of the OPS Scavanger Hunt is....
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<On Sunday the 18th of March the first series of the Ocenaia Player Seers Scavanger Hunts ended. After a exciting four round challange the Night Clan came in first with the Care Bears a very close second out of a total of nine teams who entered.

    For further details about the Scavanger Hunt, its teams or just to check the scores visit the Oceania Player Seers
    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 7:58 AM EST by Diangelo Grey (Oceania)

    Factions : True Britannians, Day One
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< The UOSS Drachenfels team has had for some time already the project to enter the faction wars as neutral observers for our beloved news site. A UOSS guildstone was placed this weekend to make sure we aren't mistaken with other participants during our reporting there, and we sincerely hope everyone will enjoy our work there. We will be moving to a new faction each week, to see the wars through the eyes of each party.

    If you see one of us bearing the title [Reporter *UO, SS*], and whichever faction you (or we) are in, please say hi and stop for a little chat, as we'd love to know more about you, and need ideas on how to make these reports more entertaining. Now, let's go ahead for my first impressions, on Saturday the 17th March 2001.

    We begin shortly after UOSS officially joined the True Britannians for our first week of reporting. All started in the entrance of Castle Britannia. A few TBs, from Dragon Avengers and Team Cow as well as other guilds and even unguilded individuals are keeping the entrance to the stronghold, waiting for a possible raid by another faction.

    Not much would happen in the next minutes/hour, but faction members kept chatting together, and the odd enemy factioneer came to tease the defenders now and then. *takes note* I'll really need a horse in the next days... each time a small fight occured I was outrunned and couldn't take proper pictures. However, I could see the result of one of them, as a member of the Shadowlords army came out of the healers hut.

    The respect shown to members of the other factions was interesting : no resurrection killing took place in Britain while I was there, which clearly shows that PvP combat does in no way equal grief tactics. For example, Gawyn Starkherz of the Council of mages hanged around the Britain fortress, heavily guarded on this picture, but showing by wearing his deathrobe that he wasn't equipped to fight, and being left free of movement by the defenders.

    After some time, a rather large group of True Britannians gathered in front of Castle British, and a raid on Minax's stronghold was decided. A gate spell was cast, and everyone was soon in Papua, going south towards the fortress. The defenders came out of the stronghold to fight the raiding party as soon as they noticed the presence of True Britannians, and both groups met in a narrow place right next to the northern wall.

    I sadly did not see the end of that fight, due to an unfortunate event *cough*, and very disappointing and repeated deaths at the Papua healers. Considering the number of points I was attributed when starting and the amount of items I was carrying, I am not sure spending over 40 reagents on my poor body was worth the trouble. But I live to serve, and was happy to bring what little amusement I could provide to these particular Minax factioneers. All the while, I was having quite a refreshing discussion with Korn [C R], while we waited for a moongate to bring us back to Britain.

    A little later, I managed to follow yet another True Britannians raid led by Julie Cabaille (Woodstock) on diverse cities, which all proved to be empty. Papua, the Yew crypts, Moonglow, Delucia and finally Magincia were empty of any faction, and of course just as I reached Britain again, I saw that the enemy was waiting there. Several fights occured, and eventually Britain was calm again after the attackers were repelled.

    All in all, I must say the fights I could witness were quite impressive. It all went incredibly fast and I had trouble understanding everything. It seemed to be very enjoyable, if you accept the possibility of losing everything, of course *grins*. I'm looking forward to some more faction action in the next days.

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 5:36 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Events of the STW Tournament!
    Hail and well met fellow Britannians...  Vladimir Taltos here to bring ye news on how things went down at the Shadows of the West player tournament, held on 03/16/01 at 7:00pm...  I wasn't sure what to expect since I never had the opportunity to attend any of their past tourneys, but I can tell ye this...  It was exciting all the way until the end...  Despite some people's attempts to sabotage the fun being had by all who did participate...

    Everyone gathered at the east bank of Britain at the appointed time and were gated over to the Shadow house by Ryoko...  Once everyone who was going to enter, about twelve groups in all, finally arrived, we were gated to the star chamber under the Terathan keep.  There the first match was started with Korn and Johnny Appleseed being called out to fight against Cyrus and Mangoloid...  I believe this was one of the fastest fights I've even seen in all my travels here within Britannia...  Within about twenty seconds Korn and Johnny walked out of the ring victorious...  I was amazed...

    The next match began shortly after Amazing Pimp and Nightmare were called out to face Nightblade and Redwing...  After a false start, the match began again with Nightblade and Redwing taking the floor...  The third match gave us Doolittle and Cyrus going up against Phobos and UgSly...  Right off the bat Doolittle did exactly that...  Sorry Doolittle...  Leaving Cyrus to fight off the two enemies for the evening...  The match went the distance and Cyrus held his ground, but unfortunately he had healed himself after the time limit for healings were allowed and was disqualified...  Cyrus...  I'd fight by thy side any day...  Well, actually...  I'd like ye fighting in front of me while I hide behind ye...  The winners of this match were Phobos and UgSly...

    Darkmoon and Thanatos were the next to be called out and fight against Redsaint and Ke'aldren...  Within a few minutes and several spells later, Redsaint and Ke'aldren won the bout...  The fifth match was probably one of the nest of the evening...  The fighters were Lysander and Etrigan versus Pestilence & Astinus...  Both parties exchanged spells and swings for almost the whole duration of match before Astinus was felled...  Pestilence carried the fight to Lysander and Ertigan for almost as long by himself...  It seemed that everything those two did couldn't bring down Pestilence, even after the no healing phase was well under way...  Alas...  The two on one finally did catch up with Pestilence and he was finally put down leaving Lysander and Ertigan to claim a victory...  The sixth and final match of the first round involved Casper and Brooklyn against Archon and Terror Knight...  Shortly after the match began, it ended...  Casper and Brooklyn gained the right to advance to the next round...

    The second round's first match started off with Korn and Johnny Appleseed facing Redwing and Nightblade...  Here's where the whole tourney took a slight nose dive in entertainment.  It seemed there was person by the name of Kill-vin and a friend of his showing up late, but still wanting to join in...  Meridion told them no, that it was too late and it seemed that Kill-vin was quite put out by this answer...  So...  What does Kill-vin do...?  He attacks Korn for some strange reason and runs through the ring...  Kill-vin's attack was confirmed by Korn when I had a chance to ask him why he chased Kill-vin out of the ring...

    Needless to say...  Kill-vin's attack came just as Redwing was slain...  Korn proceeded to chase down and put down Kill-vin and then come back into the ring to help finish off Nightblade for Korn and Johnny to win their match...  I wish it would of gone on from there...  the tourney that is...  Unfortunately it didn't run smoothly after Kill-vin's death...  Some one proceeded to resurrect him and he came back and started to pick up the ring side markers to which he was hunted down and killed again and in which he gave out murder counts, from what I understand...

    You'd think it would of gone better from there, right...?  Wrong...  The next thing I saw was that of Kill-vin coming through a gate, alive again, with a buddy of his from the KB guild named Thaellan Shadows, who in turn brought a white wyrm named Lightning...  Thaellan proceeded to noto-attack anyone and everyone regardless of who they were and what they were doing while saying "ya killed my friends so kiss my ass."  How much more of a direct quote did you want than that...?

    Well...  In trying to make the story shorter for the sake of those who may be vertically challenged...  Everyone who was still in the star chamber was gated out to another location to finish the tourney...  You've heard of the farms of Jhelom, right...?  Anyway...  After the slight delay, a semi-final round robin of sorts was held where Redsaint and Ke'aldren were called out to fight Lysander and Etrigan to which Lysander and Etrigan won...  Then Casper and Brooklyn fought Korn and Johnny Appleseed to which Korn and Johnny won, even after Johnny went involuntarily unconscious for about a minute or so...  All in all, it was a great display of some good fighting...

    The final match involved Korn and Johnny Appleseed going against Lysander and Etrigan for the winner's purse, estimated to be approximately 340k in gold...  Though that estimation could be off by about 100k...  The combatants danced around the ring putting up defensive spells before actually engaging each other...  Etrigan was the first to go down and was quickly followed by his partner, Lysander...  Amidst much trial and tribulation, Johnny and Korn had this to say when asked the following...

    Vladimir Taltos: Korn and Johnny... a word please...
    koRn: this stuff aint as easy as it looks
    Johnny Appleseed: It was all because Korn Rocks!!
    Vladimir Taltos: Now that ye've won the tourney... what will ye do...?
    koRn: ill go back to my home of Britain and kill all enemy faction members
    Johnny Appleseed: We will bask in the glory & tell our children.  *smiles*
    Vladimir Taltos: Congradulations, you two...

    How could anyone have put it in a better way than what Korn and Johnny had to say...  Well...  Maybe Johnny's was better than Korn's, but I'm not going to tell that to his face...  *smirks*  Would ye...?  I would also like to say good job to those who did attend the tourney, better luck next time...  Oh yeah...  I'd also like to add that despite the slight interuption, the Shadow of the West guild did an excellent job of running the show...  Thanks Meridion and the rest of STW for all thy hard and effort in trying to bring some fun and entertainment into our corner of Sonoma...  If ye have any questions of Meridion in regards to how to run an event such as this or about their guild, please contact him at Shadows of the West.

    I hope ye enjoyed McCoy's scribeshots...  He works quite hard at his job, ye know, so if ye should see him around, please... Please!!  Tell him he's doing a good job... He can be so depressing sometimes...  I can nay stand all the moping...  Sheesh...  Anyway... Hope to see ye at the next event...

    Signing off, this is...

    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 4:32 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    True Britannians : Controlling the Sigils
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Woodstock, guildmistress of Team Cow posted the following interesting report on their website :
    Last thursday when I logged on, Vampire (Dragon Avengers, True Britannians) told me they were thinking about having a 24-hours session for sigil guarding on friday night. As we were down to only one controlled town, it sounded like a very good idea, so i agreed and assured him of our support.

    Shortly after, however, some TBs managed to somehow bring all sigils back to the stronghold, and all seemed quite ready to begin sustaining the siege already. We talked a little, sent some Faction Messages and began to collect funds. With the collected silver, Traps were placed to ensure the attackers would have a hard time. I alotted all our faction's silver on Britain, and let Faxe and Vampire take turns being Sheriff of Britain to manage the npc-guard defense.

    The first raid that took place on Castle Britannia some hours later already saw the other factions uniting. It wasn't surpèrising to see them allied in this matter, but the fact that there didn't even try once to attack on their own. There was no other real attack that day, since it took the factions a little by surprise guarding the sigils on a weekday. We began to look for people to guard them over serverdown and in the morning hours and I was lucky enough to find some US, Canadian and UK players willing to guard them at that time. Some Dragon Avengers were also part of the morning team, which is of course the most critical time at a 24h guard.

    True Britannians control all city sigils I dont know if problems arised around the server downtime, but I came back in the afternoon, just in time for a big attack again. I woke Nirax up and came up with a few members of Team Cow in the back of the attackers who were already having a hard time aginst the defenders. A little later, the sigils were corrupted.

    We basically had two main possibilities to replace the sigils and get control of the towns : either going as separate teams or going in a large group. I personally prefered the single group option, instead of spreading out and dying in different places, losing sigils. This opinion prevailed, and we all walked to the moongate to reach Skara Brae. Sadly it has to be pointed out that UO servers aren't ready to hold the full extent of faction activity. With so many people acting and fighting together, we needed five minutes to go from the moongate to the bank, which isn't that much uncommon with factions.

    When we arrived, we ran directly into NPC guards, which gave us a hard time there. With the lag, we could barely crawl around, and went into trouble with the overpowered guards. While fifteen of us were casting spells on one of them, he still managed to dispatch two of our members. I would like to point out that we fight in PvP because we want to actually fight players. If I wanted to fight monsters or NPCs, and like having to beat overpowered drones, I would go to Hythloth. I'm not sure forcing factioneers to interact with such uninteresting creatures is that much of a good design.

    I do say that as someone who also uses guards on his side, but I personally wouldnt miss them. I saw a lot of grey due to client instability (part of which was due to a localisation glitch it seems), as did many others. The sigils that were held by fallen fighters popped up in Britain. I was pretty disappointed at that point, since I was proved wrong after deciding we would go as a large group. Luckily an idea crossed my mind. I messaged Rammstein, asking if he could get a grip on Caranthir, knowing that both were playing a lot with stealthing characters before the UO:Renaissance release. Caranthir wasn't available, but Rammstein was thrilled by the idea of getting with his stealther through a huge number of guards, players and dragons to place the stones on the town holders.

    Well with sometimes a little help and diversions from others, he managed to give us control of Moonglow (which was heavily defended), Skara Brae and Delucia, finishing in Yew where again the whole town was filled by NPC guards. Sadly my system crashed at that point, so I can not post any picture, but you can imagine twenty of us fighting as many guards, and how pathetic the whole thing looked.

    Thanks a lot to Dragon Avengers and South Park that were also a backbone yesterday.

    Woodstock, as Nirax
    Team Cow (faction stone)

    Learn more about the current faction rankings on
    Posted on Sunday, March 18, 2001, 3:28 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    #drachenfels on the Stratics IRC
    Come and join us each day on the #drachenfels IRC channel on

    A channel of general discussions about the Drachenfels shard is now open for one and all, for all discussions relevant to the shard and its population that can not take place in other channels. Ask any questions, meet new players in a friendly atmosphere where some of the patrons of the UOSS Drachenfels board meet and chat regularly.

    You can access the channel either through the Java IRC client linked to in the left menu... *points* ... or with an IRC client such as mIRC. Help and informations can be found on the Stratics Chat website.

    I hope to meet you there soon !

    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 10:07 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Mystic Seeks Councilmen
    Ug Hummies!

    Mystic, new head of the Britain Council of Compassion, sent us a plump little pigeon, a delicious treat for the whole Stratics office. While cooking it, we noticed the following note tied to it's drumstick:

    I am now looking for people who are interested in a position as a Councilman or Councilwoman for the new government. You do not need to join a guild, nor do you need to belong to a guild or faction. Those who are in Order/Chaos guilds or are Faction members may apply for a position also. If you would like a position, send me your qualifications and why you should be on the Council. The time of fair representation begins now!
    The human systems of government are fascinating to we orc. We usually choose our leader through "last man standing" combat. This way, the strongest orc runs things. Unfortunately, all the orcs that the winner would potentially lead typically died during the contest. This is one of the main reasons we're not the dominant species in Britannia. Oh well.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 9:22 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Shadow Lords Tighten Grip
    Word has come down through my informants that the Shadow Lords have taken back the four towns that the Council of Mages liberated from them only days ago. This means that Shadow Lords have almost controlled all Felucca for more than two weeks now leaving me to only ask one question, who will stand up the these lords of darkness?
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 8:56 PM EST by Dengar (LegendsAOL)

    Stormhaven Scavenger Hunt
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrire pigeon:

    Hail Citizens of Britannia!!
    Stormhaven is proud to announce their second Warrior/Mage Scavenger Hunt.

    The rules are simple. You will first be handed a special colored bag. In the bag will be a book telling you what items you must find. We will then gate you to the pre-designated area. The first one to complete the list, place the items in the bag, and then turn in the bag to the referees at the site wins. This will not be as easy as it seems since many will be after the same thing you are and will be attacking the same prey. Are you fast at looting?!

    Special Rules:

    • Registration is unlimited .
    • Battle pets such as dragons, wyrms, drakes and nightmares are not allowed. Barding is permissible; however, this event is fast and others will be attacking your barded prey.
    • Attacking the same prey while others have targeted it is permissible.
    • You must not leave the pre-designated area.
    • Please! No cheating. This is a fun event for all and if you cheat you are simply proving what an idiot you are and you will be barred from events of this nature in the future.

    There will be four chests loaded with checks, magic weapons, semi-rares, mage supplies, home add-ons, filled kegs, and Grandmaster manufactured goods.

    • First place may pick one item EACH from 3 of the 4 chests
    • Second place may pick one item EACH from 2 of the 4 chests
    • Third place may pick one item EACH from 1 of the 4 chests
    Special Note: All magic weapons are Force or above. Therefore, no id wands will be allowed while choosing from the magic weapon chest.

    Date: Monday, March 19th, 2001
    Time: 7:00 Pacific, 9:00 Central
    Location: StormWatch Tower/Tavern – Stormhaven, Trammel
    Coordinates: 62o 13’N, 53o 43’E
    Above coords. linked to zoomable map
    Hosts for this week's event: Tay’loren and members of the Gendarmes
    Hope to see you there and remember,
    *** DRINKS ON THE HOUSE! ***

    Stormhaven Sovereign

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 8:06 PM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Last Chance to Register for Shop Decor Contest!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This reminder in from the UO Merchant Alliance.

    Don't miss your last chance to register for the UO Merchant Alliance Vending
    House Decoration Contest! We are accepting entries through Monday, March

    First Place: a full 14 color set of holiday bells valued at over 1 million
    gold, and a check for 100k.

    Second Place: a large painting and a check for 50k.

    Third Place: a check for 50k.

    Players Choice Award*: a very rare no draw tile, kindly donated by the
    Supreme Court vending house.

    The theme of the Shop Decoration Contest is "Spring." To be eligible to
    compete, your house must be public. This includes shops and other player run
    establishments such as taverns, rune libraries, etc. To enter the contest,
    visit the UOMA web site at . Voting for the
    Players Choice Award will begin March 20th and continue through Friday,
    March 30th.

    Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at UOMA's Spring Fling Festival
    to be held at the Water Tower (Trammel, Near Wind - 49.13N, 31.13E) on
    Sunday, April 1st. There will be games and door prizes at the festival -
    game registration will begin at 3pm Eastern time, and the Shop Decor Contest
    winners will be announced around 4:30pm Eastern time.

    Visit the UOMA web site for more information, or email Relena of The Water
    Tower at [email protected].

    * Due to the fact that the no draw tiles may be considered "illegal" by OSI,
    we are offering the winner of the Players Choice Award a choice of the no
    draw tile or a check for 300,000 gp.


    UO Merchant Alliance

    Thank ye Kitiara. Evil luck to all of the contestants.

    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 5:30 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Client Patch 2.0.9
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website
    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.9. This patch addresses addresses a crash fix related to certain localization files.

    Please note: Once you have received this patch, you must completely shut down and restart your Ultima Online client before you will be able to reconnect to the game.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer. If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 4:58 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Wedding Bells Update
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Knight's of Britannia (KOB) cordially invite the Citizens of Britannia,to join us at the wedding of Sirus and Mystic Rose.

    The Binding of their Souls will take place on the Shore in Cove at 7:30 pm under the central skies on March 17th. Following the ceremony guests will be gated to a beautiful location for a celebration of their love. There will be food, drink, dancing and contests for all to enjoy.

    It is respectfully requested that all mounts/pets be stabled or left at home.

    We look forward to seeing one and all on this beautiful occasion.

    "My sword speaks for me!"
    Knight's of Britannia
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 3:10 PM EST by Lisa Valorite (GreatLakes)

    Farewell, Britannia!
    I have been guildleader of THC ^'^ (Trans High Corporation) since its beginning and have always tried to give the guild a sense of adventure. We as a whole unit have tried to stand for what UO is all about, the players. I have watched most of them grow into brave and strong warriors. I feel that I too have grown tremendously along the way. I will truly miss my guild and UO, so to them I say "GOODBYE, I WILL MISS YOU!!!"

    Thanks for listening and supporting all of us players here in UO whether it may be GL or LS. Keep up the good work.



    And thank you, Lost One, for the kind words. Good luck wherever life leads you next, I'm sure that you'll find new adventures ahead. :)
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 2:55 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Payment Upon Delivery
    The tradewinds off the shore whipped at Rath's cloak as he stared out into the waters and toward the mainland. The Skara Braen docks bustled with activity this morning with shipments arriving and others departing, sailors swapping stories and pewter mugs of cheer. He watched with interest as a mottled orange cat darted after an almost teasingly elusive mouse, its tail always a step ahead of its predator's lusting paws.

    "Sir, the preparations hath been made. All wilt be well this eve, m'lord." Rath Stonesoul glanced over at the man, no more than a boy, but with the valor and courage to be a great hero no doubt. "Let me see the notice quick," Rath asked.

    At the hour of 5 PM CST on Saturday the 17th of March, a caravan of cloth and wood wilt depart from the Jollier Fairgrounds of Skara Brae in Trammel to arrive in Trinsic Felucca as time permits. The Noble Houses of Britannia [TNB] and the Order of the Round Table [ORT] wilt oversee its safe delivery, but any who wish to join the escort should feel most welcome. No trouble is expected, as it is well known that Oakley the bandit fears the forces of TNB.
    For more information on the Sinister OAKLEY, please refer to the article ROOKS FOR ROCKS posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 4:59 PM EST, and BRIGANDS FOR BREECHES posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 5:47 PM EST.
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 2:44 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Hidden From Harm
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This tale is from Lord Wolf,

    I woke up to sounds of my father shouting in the next room. Mother was shaking me. “Wake up, wake up! We have to run!” She dragged me out of bed and into the main room. Papa pushed a large knife into my hands. It was like a sword to me. “Richard! He’s only seven!”

    “Old enough, if need be. Don’t worry, you’ll both be safe there. And the Honor Guard will have word soon. Now go!” She kissed him, and grabbed me by the hand. In a daze, I tried to keep up as we ran out the back and headed through the woods. I glanced back to see my father pulling out his great viking sword that usually hung over the door.

    “Orcs are attacking! And hundreds more were seen skirting ‘round the swamps. We have to go see Thomas,” she panted, “He’ll keep you safe”

    As we rushed along, I remember hearing shouts in town to the south. Then some of the shouts turned to screams. We kept running. Thomas and the Elysian’s house never seemed so far.

    Mother stopped short. Somewhere ahead we heard heavy footsteps, leather, and steel. Dragging me into the bushes, she said, “Stay down here. If they look this way, I’ll lead them south. When they go out of sight, run to Thomas’s house! I’ll meet you there.” I started to cry for her not to leave me, but she covered my mouth.

    Orcs came around the bend at a slow trot. I had never seen an orc up close. They looked huge and mean. My hand tighten in fear around Papa’s knife. Just as they came past us, one of them stopped and turned, sniffing the air. “Remember to find Thomas” she whispered. Then Mother jumped up and ran across the path and into the trees. The orcs growled and followed her. I was frozen with shock and fear. Then finally, I got up and ran on.

    I found Thomas and the others outside their house, listening to the sounds of battle in the near distance. “We have to prepare to leave”, they said.

    “We can’t leave. Mother is coming! And the Honor Guard will be here soon.”

    “They won’t get here in time, boy. We must protect the Book. I pray your good mother will be alright, but we must leave. And the Book tells us that you must come with us. Let’s get inside quickly!”

    “Inside? I thought we had to leave? But I can’t leave my family and my home!”

    Thomas comforted me, “We have to go, boy. Your parents would want you to be safe. And this is a great mission you are about to embark on.” He smiled. “We will leave by going inside. Come along and you’ll see.” We went in and he explained, “There is great power protecting this house, but even so, to protect the Book we have to prepare to teleport far away. In fact, we will prepare a spell to travel to another land. One where few men of Britannia have yet gone. It’s similar to this world, but unknown to men. But since the Book has chosen you, I should tell you more about it, while the others prepare to leave.”

    While the other Elysians packed the Book and some other belongings in backpacks, Thomas told me a little about the Book. “Some say the Book came from this other land ages ago. While the Book can talk, it often speaks in cryptic phrases that take careful study to understand. And even though the title can be read by all, we can not yet translate the writing inside. And the Book can’t, or won’t, tell us what’s written inside. It’s believed to be a language from before all known history. Or even a language from some unknown land. We had hoped to search this alternate world for scrolls of translation that the Book tells us exist somewhere. I suppose that now we’ll get the chance to do just that. Come, it looks like we are ready.”

    We sat in a circle and the men began chanting a spell unlike any I had ever heard. Then as they chanted, a stranger stepped into the circle. “I am Thornewood” he said, “I have come for the Book of Destiny! I can not let you leave!”

    The Elysians looked up in fear, but they didn’t stop their chant. The one called Thornewood reached behind his head and pulled a strange wand from his pack. He held it high and also began to chant. The competing words of power rose to a crescendo just as I was covering my ears in pain and fear, Thomas pushed me back out of the circle. At that moment, it seemed there was a powerful explosion! I don’t remember much more after that.

    The next thing I remember was wandering in the woods far from home. For months I struggled just to survive alone in the wilds, with occasional help from rangers and lumberjacks. I befriended a young wolf cub whose mother was killed by hunters. As I grew, men began to call me Wolf, just like my constant companion. Eventually, I was able to find my way back to Paws. Or at least, where Paws once stood. And I found the remains of the Elysians house. There was little left of it. And certainly no sign of Thomas or the Book. But somehow I knew that the Book had not been destroyed, and vowed I would devote my life to finding it again.

    And now the Book has been found. After being gone for months, my daughter Nova returned with the Book. But then, the Book spoke and told her she had to continue on a personal quest. She transferred her position as Mayor of Trinsic to Gwendolyn and gave me the Book. Then she disappeared again. I don’t know where she found the Book, or where she has gone, I can only hope she is safe and will return to us someday soon. Nova told us she was pursued by great danger and that we should keep the Book safe.

    The Knights of Sosaria will devote ourselves to protecting the Book, and to understanding its revelations. And we will now search for the translation, for I hope that it may be found somewhere in Trammel. But even without it, the Book can tell us many things. When will it speak next, and what will it tell us?

    We have made the Book accessible to all the people of Sosaria. Those who seek it for study or contemplation can find it in the library of our tower north of Trinsic, next to the castle that houses the Elysium Rune Library and Drunken Dragon Tavern. The coordinates are 79o 53’ S, 33o 36'E

    If we are away, please tell us if the Book speaks to you. This is a wonderous time in for us all, as the tale of Destiny continues to unfold!
    Thankye, Lord Wolf I shall have to see the mysterious book myself :)
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 1:58 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Spiritwood Tavern St. Patrick's Day Party
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Aeribian fer the invitation:

    Greetings fellow Brittanians

    In honour of Lord Britishs home land, the Citizens of Spiritwood intend to hold a party in honour of St Patrick of Ireland. This usually means lots of people dressing up in green and drinking lots and lots of alcohol so cant be bad eh?

    It is being held in the Spiritwood Tavern (25°23'S 27°59'W), at 6pm (GMT) on Saturday.

    For all those in green there will be a small hunt for a Leprechaun's gold

    Aeribian * started drinking already * IV

    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 12:47 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Grand Opening of the Miner's Library
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Morpheus sent us the following announcement :
    Greetings !

    On Sunday, 18th March at 4pm CET (3pm GMT, 10am EST) we celebrate the opening of our public rune-library dedicated to all players ripping valuable raw material out of caves and mountainsides, constantly fighting the ultimate boredom. You will find a complete set of runebooks for all colours of ore (Dull Copper to Valorite), and other helpful runes for mining as tinkers, stables and banks.

    The Miner's Library is located at 79°58'N 37°7'W, 5 ore spots (40 tiles/steps) north of Yew Moongate on the Trammel facet, so you don't even need regs to go there if you have access to a moongate. Look for the sandstone with patio (which was formerly known as Jasmine's Rune Library).

    To celebrate our opening we have lots of food and beverages and a tombola with a lot of cool prices (e.g. Valorite, Verite, Agapite and Golden ingots in lots of 500, pickaxes of power, gargoyle's pickaxes and many other useful things).

    All miners and non-miners are welcome. I hope to see a lot of you, folks. Yours faithfully,
    Morpheus the Battlesmith
    Senior Librarian

    Thanks a lot Morpheus for this announcement.
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 6:10 AM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    The Tome of the Forest and Wonderous Stag
    This tale of a wonderous stag was received from Auren Therion,

    I have another great tale for thee. It was late Saturday evening when I walked into the Adventurer’s Guild in Minoc. There I saw a few gathered around the table with Sergeant Grant Fiest. Apparently he had just finished telling of a strange legend. It was a legend of a White Stag. I am afraid I did not catch Grant’s tale on the matter arriving late to the drinking and storytelling. I was looking out the window as more people were coming towards the guildhall when my ears lifted I heard the mention of Spencer the Elder from Cove. Sergeant Fiest told the others that I would know where Spencer might be since I have met him before. I knew he would be in Cove Felucca since that is where his home is. Although upon occasion he will travel abroad investigating other matters. With that information the throng of adventurers went along their way. Everyone eventually gathered at Spencer’s home. A few had entered unexpectedly catching the elder at dinner. We gathered outside to seek wisdom from Spencer. Many began asking various questions that seemed to bewilder him. He tried answering one at a time what he knew on these things. He said he was in the middle of investigating a matter so everyone would have to give him time to recall information. When asked about the legend of the White Stag he looked for one of his old journals. After finally finding the journal he said that the information he has is something about a ranger or druid and something else about Yew Wood. After debating what it means Spencer suggested we ask a lumberjack or bowcrafter in Yew on information regarding this. So onward the group travelled until we arrived in Yew’s [Felucca] town center.

    Each of us wandered the bowcraft shop and around the general area. After asking several of the shopkeepers and people around we finally came upon a lumberjacking strolling into town. His name is Marcos. After asking what he knew of the White Stag he said he only knew of the children tales. He did not remember them. When asked about Yew Wood Marcos said that it was strong wood. He broke his axe trying to chop it. His father was also a lumberjack and he did cut wood from a tree once. His father who apparently cheated on Marcos’ mom according to him was dead. He remembers the wood being sold to a bowcrafter who could craft a bow from this strong wood. He only knew the last name of the crafter was Golvar. Marcos recounted that the bow was strong and whoever shot it would deal great damage but would hurt themselves in the process. Marcos revealed the crafter went to the other facet known as Trammel. He told us to look for the Ranger’s Guild in Skara Brae farmlands the last known whereabouts of Golvar. So to Skara Brae Trammel everyone departed. I manage to make my way to the Ranger’s Guild in Trammel after a brief encounter with a now dead thief in Skara Brae Felucca. Everyone was gathered in a back room of the hall. Sitting at a chair behind a desk was man in a green feathered hat, leather armor and green boots. His name is Flint Ap Golvar. Flint wielded a special bow as well. It was called the Yew Bow. He said he was a spiritual man like his ancestors before him, but he needed to ask us some questions in order to see what was in our hearts. He first asked where the Shrine of Spirituality was located. We answered west of Trinsic. His next question was which city was the City of Spirituality. We said Skara Brae. He then asked what was His Majesties most trusted advisor who followed spirituality. Which is of course Shamino the Ranger. Finally, Flint asked what is the way to get to Skara Brae from here. We told him to go south to the docks and to "cross" at the docks. With that final answer he thanks us for coming. He said he now knew our hearts and would ask us to help him on this quest.

    Flint Ap Golvar is a ranger like his ancestors before him. Their path has always been of spirituality. He said the quest we are undertaking is personal to him. For the "Heavenly Stag" is no ordinary deer he said. It is actually the spirit of a ranger. An ancestor of his died long ago and his spirit was transformed into this stag. Since then only a person of the family’s blood may approach the stag without frightening it. He asked us to take him to the stag so he may be reunited with his ancestor. Also there was the legend of a great treasure trove which the stag is said to lead strangers to. Flint said the locals reported seeing the creature nearby drinking from a river, but he believes it has since left. He then attempted to commune with his ancestor. He sensed it was near a waterfall far north of Skara Brae. We realized this was the Waterfall near Yew. I was separated from the group as they made their way to the waterfall from Empath Abbey. I did manage to find a rune within the Elysium Rune Library. The group was already far ahead so I figure I would await them at the falls. As I recalled to the location I found Molly and Ragnar Teach of BWC waiting also. I began to survey the general area. As I was thinking of the other group and how they were doing, I suddenly saw a strange stag emerge right next to me. It was not white however as the legend said. It appeared more of a bluish green. After spotting me however it quickly lepted across the large river divide and ran south. Not wanting to lose sight of it I gave chase. The stag moved rather quickly dodging between bush and tree, running over rocks and hills. I could barely keep up to it. Others already at the falls attempted to give chase as well. We kept losing sight of the stag throughout. Flint arrived with the others and he noticed the tracks made by the stag. We went across to the north side of the river. Flint began to call for the stag when suddenly evil mages and brigands began to emerge from the trees. We were under attack. It seemed Lord Lawrence was after the stag as well. He was directing his group against us. It was a difficult battle. I ended up falling prey to a brigand and fell. I quickly recovered to rejoin the defense. The stag was frightened as Lord Lawrence made its way towards it. It quickly ran off and disappeared. Flint became enraged and swore Lord Lawrence would not get the stag. He quickly shot off his bow against Lawrence and the horde. We eventually manage to fight back the brigands and mages. Till Lord Lawrence wailed in defeat. I attempted to approach him and perhaps detain him somehow, but he quickly ran and ordered his remaining brigands and mages to block his exit. We manage to finish off this last assault. But Lord Lawrence had made his escape. After everyone recovered from the battle Flint had us gather around in a circle. He had us disarm and dismount as well to not startle the stag. Flint began to call his ancestor. I few moments later it appeared in a magical shimmer. The adventurers gathered were in awe of the sight. Flint was filled with joy and peace as he was reunited with his ancestor. The wondrous stag disappeared as Flint bid it goodbye again. Flint went on to tell us that the legendary treasure trove was nearby and for us to find it. We quickly scattered in search. Finding a large wooden treasure chest the group gathered to pry it open. Only the chest was locked. None of our magic could open it and there was not a good lockpicker in sight. So Locke of d[t] used an axe to break the mighty chest. Noxious fumes escaped the chest as it exploded into pieces. It was trapped with deadly poisons. All of the mages began to cast cure spells but to no avail. Lock succumbed to the deadly poisons and died. He was resurrected. I do not know how much treasure lay within. But many had their hands on it. But another strange thing was a small red box was found therein as well. This too was locked. Ragnar Teach decided to break the box this time. He too died in the same manner as Locke and was resurrected. Within the red box was a book.

    Dryzzid of C^C held the book in his hand reading over the passages. Dryzzid said the book is called the Tome of the Forest. After finishing he gave the book to me so I could make copies for all present. Flint said that the book was to be shared and the meaning spread to all. I finished scribing many copies and even included one to be viewed with this tale. We bid farewell to Flint and returned to town. It was a most memorable event. I hope all who read this book understand and take its meaning to heart.

    Go in reverence with mercy and respect,
    Auren Therion, Mayor of Britain
    Thankye Auren for this fascinating tale of adventure!
    Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2001, 2:38 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    An Introduction to Ilshenar, in three parts
    Three new BNN articles have been added to the BNN Archives. They describe various interesting details about Ilshenar and are a must-read for all people interested in finding out more about this new land. Make sure you read the articles in the proper sequence.

    Enjoy !

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 7:03 PM EST by Xena Dragon (QuestandEventNews)

    Nightwood and Shadow Shifters
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Town of Phoenix Rising Phoenix Knight Jon Von Darkmoor submits news of Nightwood and their mysterious plight.

    "Now where did you hear this Ari?” Lotus asks. "Someone named Mordaki came to town today marking runes and he told me about it", Ari answered while dangling her feet in the fountain. "It seems this town of NightWood is cursed. Children are stolen, citizens slain and no one knows why. Strange shadow-like things are seen in the woods nearby. I'll bet it is the Shadow Shifters again", Ari spouts out all in one breath.

    Laughing softly, Lotus makes waves in the water with her toes. "You know Serpico would be angry we are doing this", she jokingly says. "Anyway, tell me want you know about the Shadow Shifters," Lotus asks Ari. Sighing, Ari continues: "Long ago near the city of Yew, these strange creatures ruled by force. They ravaged the land, killed any in the way and made life intolerable. I had thought they were destroyed by VS and YM. But I guess they weren't. I am convinced that Nightwood is being cursed by them."

    The complete and intriguing tale can be found here.
    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 6:27 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    More Detailed information on Vendors and Gold
    James Wife of Napa Valley sent me this regarding the previous news post on vendors
    Dear Xena

    Thanks for the vendor post, but there was a mis-statement in the post about Player-operated vendors...It is true that when you say vendor gold now to collect your profits, the vendor places a check for all the money he can give you in your main backpack. If you have not personally dropped gold coins on his head recently, he will be UNPAID and will decay in his next refresh period (every 5 minutes the vendors take a portion of the money in reserve and send it home to their families in the country to support them)

    Here is the new change: When a vendor runs out of support money now, they dissapear--vanish, with no body, no backpack containing your wares, and most importantly, no death scream. They just dissapear. This has been confirmed and replicated by me and one other friend of mine on a different account. I lost over a million in goods in the time it takes to recall to a bank and back. Therefore, I would advise-Do not wait to hand your vendor gold until after he has given you the check. Give him gold BEFORE you say "William Gold please" and then then retrieve your own pay. Just like in real life, employees should be paid before the owner sees any of the profits. Also, If any of you are missing the old statement our vendors used to give us about how many days they would serve you (I hate doing the math myself,) open your journal before you request information. Apparently, They still report this precious tidbit of info, but they report it first and since one can only say 3 lines at a time, the # of days worth of reserve pay that the vendors have on them gets pushed off your screen by the other 3 statements-- Gold available, gold in reserve (salary) and cost per UO day (which by the way lasts 2 real life hours.)

    Various other readers also informed me of the fact that a Vendor has in fact two wallets, one that holds the money you pay him and one that holds the money from sold goods to other players. If there is money in the first wallet then the vendor will use that to maintain itself. As long as you keep the first wallet filled you are not in any danger, and you can collect money from the "sold goods" wallet without having to fear he will be gone some day.

    Some believe that once the first wallet is empty, the vendor will instantly disappear, others believe that the vendor will start taking money from the "sold goods" wallet like they used to do long before bank checks even existed. In any case, if the vendor's first wallet is empty, chances of his sudden departure have increased dramatically. As James suggests, it's safest to pay him first and collect the gold later. And of course check your vendor's status frequently by asking...

    I hope this clears up some of the confusion about vendors and their gold.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:58 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Book Exchange Sponsored by the Good Folk of Wind!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<
    The Government of Wind will be holding a book exchange/sale at their Embassy on March 21st from 9pm to 11pm CST. This is a chance to get together and speak of literature and trade or sell books you may have. Runes to many of the player-run libraries will be available for sale as well.

    If you were unable to get books you wanted at the new Magincia libary at its opening on the 20th, this may be your second chance. At the very least, there will be copies of the play "Crendall's Demise" and copies of "The Eight Holy Days" available, and hopefully many more tomes of wisdom and/or folly.

    The Wind Embassy is located somewhat southeast of the Trinsic moongates in Trammel. If you head south past the small river, you will see a marble patio with many vendors, from there head eastward, until you see the large tower with banners.... the Wind Embassy! Contact Desdemona (icq 24124261) or Redlowwinski (icq 16166003) for more information if necessary.

    Thanks, Windies!
    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:41 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Party Down at the Ranger Station
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Tuesday, March 20th marks Ostara, the day we celebrate the Vernal Equinox when the day and night are equal. As per tradition, Krista's Ranger Station will hold a festival on this day. The festivities will last from 8 PM CST to 11 PM CST. There shall be much in the way of food, drink and merriment. And it has become quite warm enough that there may be less clothing on the attendees!

    Desdemona the druid will be on hand to deliver a traditional blessing for the event. That would be a verbal blessing of the whole event, with a chance at further blessings for the handsome young stags at the event... There will also be cookbooks handed out and copies of the new book "The Eight Holy Days" which explains how and why we celebrate the seasonal holidays.

    Krista's Ranger Station is located on the Felucca facet, a bit southeast of the Yew Abbey. The coordinates are 59o 14' N 34o 44' W. Runes are available at many of the major player-run establishments as well. For more information, please contact Desdemona via icq at 24124261.

    Thanks, Des! Calendar marked! Hopefully the recent wave of attacks at the Station won't disrupt the festivities...
    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:28 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Yew Bank Merchant's Guild Gives Prizes
    A submission from YBMG owner Kuary:

    I am the proud owner of the Yew Bank Merchant's Guild in Trammel, our large white marble located just 5 paces behind the Yew Bank at Empath Abbey (73 N, 46 W). While we're just a beginning establishment, we have over twenty well-stocked vendors, a garden dedicated to *love*, and a garden/shrine dedicated to all those who have left these lands. I come to you today to announce a contest of sorts wherein prizes are awarded to people based on the number of visits we get. For example, we just awarded a prize to our nine thousandth visitor (specifics can be found at the website) and we are geared up to give away our largest prize yet when we hit the 10,000 mark. We have played around with lotteries in the past, and plan more events and games in the future. We're also kicking around some ideas for some player-sponsored quests and hope to get in better contact with the Great Lakes community. Oh and I almost forgot! We just installed a complete Trammel Treasure Hunt library, the key to which can be found as well on the website.

    Thanks for listening!


    Thanks for the submission, Kuary. You run a great shop!
    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:23 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Trade Window Warning
    Mark and Sunny sent me a warning about less scrupulous players using a trade window bug to scam you out of your precious items. Without going into exact details; make sure that when you trade something, the items you are trading are not in a container (bag, pouch, box, whatever).

    Thanks for the heads-up!

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:14 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Death of a Monk
    Cara Newsman Mar 15 2001 6:07PM

    Another look at Teleburiel's death from BNN Reporter Cara Newsman, which includes an interesting interview with the TUR folk who knew him best and some intriguing pictures from an anonymous source. The full article can be found here.

    For more information on the death of Teleburiel, please refer to the article THE DAEMONOLOGIST'S DEMISE posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 5:56 PM EST.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 5:09 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Rooks for Rocks
    Seems that the Sinister Oakley has been busy. Loki of Hells Angels [H^A] reports on another caravan attack which took place before that on Lady Shannon's escort.
    About a month ago, I helped to take this merchant, Maddy, from Cove to the city of Minoc. There must have been four of us: my guildmate Bloodward, our mutual friend Deception, a man I didn't really know, and then myself. We left from Cove, the four of us, with Maddy and 2 pack horses loaded with 40,000 iron ingots. As we got close to Bucs Den, we were attacked by Oakley the highwayman and his followers, 20 to 30 branded murderers [red npcs]. We fought valiantly and were able to save Maddy, but we lost the horses. After the packs died, Oakley, who was fighting Deception, ran with Deception right behind him. Oakley (who was marked a criminal to Deception) disapeared and Maddy popped up grey to Deception too, which makes us think this was an inside job. Maddy cried how her boss might never send things again and how she had failed him. We restocked our regs and repaired arms and armor and went back to the place of the hijacking. There was waiting Oakley again who was boasting how we'll never stop him and this will happen forever. He was there for ten minutes before he ran and hid. We were told to spread the word. We went to all cities and tried to tell all of our adventure. I am writing this because we see others have helped and been hijacked but no one has heard this story which I believe was before the recent hijackings.

    Loki of H^A

    Thanks for the account, Hells Angels!

    For more information on the Sinister OAKLEY, please refer to the article BRIGANDS FOR BREECHES posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 5:47 PM EST.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 4:59 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    A visit to Kinship Tavern
    Having spent the better part of the day traveling across our world, I felt hungry and felt the need for a good taste of ale. Remembering an invitation from Mishca of Kinship Tavern, I decided to accept the invite. The journey to Felucca was without incident and the new gates were quite helpful. It was but a short journey from the Skara Brae moongate to Kinship Village. The village itself is quite large, numbering some 17 establishments. The hour was late so there were few citizens about. I found the tavern with a bit of difficulty. It is tucked north of the main town. The exterior of the tavern was quite appealing with flowers and bushes.

    Upon entering, I was greeted happily by Gryffon, the bartender. My first drink was free and the other patrons were friendly and entertaining. The decor was great, happy, and welcoming. I spent a good deal of time there and enjoyed it immensely. I would recommend that anyone with a bit of free time looking for lively conversation and quality ale try the Kinship Tavern.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 4:19 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Town Of Kivork
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< Deathstrike sent us the following news:
    Hail, The website for Kivork will be up and running in the next few days which i am pleased to announce. In the mean time I am looking for players, preferably roleplayers and players that have a knowledge about medievil England, who would want to get involved with the creation of this town.

    The aim of Kivork is to introduce a truely Roleplaying community to the pacific shard, to create a town where people can be immersed in another story line or even create a quest that can be run from our town.

    I won't lie, this is a BIG project, but hopefuly within the next month the town will be fully opened.


    Icq - 27807772
    E-Mail - [email protected]

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 3:44 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    Spiritwood Lectures

    More Spiritwood Courses:


    Basic Cooking skills


    On Friday the 23rd, Ms. Terri House Keeper at the Spiritwood University shall be holding a regular Friday evening session on basic cooking skills. The classes will cover a wide range of cooking and catering skills. Interested in someday running your own Tavern, hosting parties, holding a range of social events?, Then why not come along and learn the basics for success.


    Classes will start at 8 pm GMT, that is 21:00 CET at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    To find the University, start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town. To get across to the main land, simply enter one of the small ferryboats there and say the word “Cross” to the ferryman. Once across on the mainland, go east on the road inland. Take the second road to your right (south, at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. The walk is short and the neighbourhood pleasant. From the end of the road, go across town and you will find the University Tower a short way beyond, in the clearing closest to the south-western corner of the great Hedge Maze of Sosaria.

    For more information go to:

     We welcome you to the Spiritwood University, a haven of learning for all.



    Basic Black Smith Skills


    On Wednesday the 21st, Phoenix, visiting scholar at the Spiritwood University, shall be offering a basic introduction to Smithing and Metalworking skills on Wednesday evenings at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University. These sessions are a must for anyone wishing to learn the basics of these moneymaking skills. Learn how to mine, smelt and fabricate items. Learn the prices and markets. Set yourself up in business repairing the weapons and armours of all those battered warriors and turn a fat profit.

    Classes will start at 8 pm GMT, that is 21:00 CET at the Trammel Campus of the Spiritwood University.

    To find the University, start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town. To get across to the main land, simply enter one of the small ferryboats there and say the word “Cross” to the ferryman. Once across on the mainland, go east on the road inland. Take the second road to your right (south, at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. The walk is short and the neighbourhood pleasant. From the end of the road, go across town and you will find the University Tower a short way beyond, in the clearing closest to the south-western corner of the great Hedge Maze of Sosaria.

    For more information go to:

     We welcome you to the Spiritwood University, a haven of learning for all.


    Thank ye.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:28 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Catch the Ravenmoor Murderer
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    News from Ravenmoor:

    Hail to thee !

    The Ravenmoor Merchant Council Recruits

    By Barian III, representative for the RMC :
    Due to the lack of decisions of the Town Council, we
    decided to call for adventurers in order to solve the
    case of the murder.
    Every adventurer interested must come at the Ravenmoor
    Town Factory around 6:00 PM GMT on Sunday 18.
    More informations will be given there.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    For all informations look at :

    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor

    G'luck in catching him!

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:27 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Stonekeep Foot Race
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    News from Stonekeep:

    Come to Stonekeep this Saturday to compete in a race and win a grand prize of 10 000gp. To enter it only costs ye 500gp entrance fee. The race starts at Stonekeep at 8:30PM GMT, ye race up to Yew Prison and must touch the door (open the door) then race back to Stonekeep. There will be guards at certain points to make sure no one cheats.

    It will be held outside the Stonekeep Tavern on Saturday, 17th of March at 8:00PM GMT.

    Stonekeep can be found at the Yew crossroads, trammel facet, sextant co-ordinates (38o 50'N, 35o 9'W)

    More information can be found at

    Mithran - Event Organiser of Stonekeep


    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:26 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Deepwater Wrestling
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<A note from Deepwater:

    This sunday (18/3) night Deepwater will host the Deepwater Wrestling
    Championships again. However this time we'll be in the Deepwater Tower of
    Magic, witch is located east of the Deepwater tavern, Owls eye. It will
    start at 9pm cet (8pm gmt). Wrestlers should be there atleast 10-30minutes
    before the event start to sign up.

    Wrestlers will have to pay a fee of 1000gold coins to join, this will go in
    to the prize pot that can be won. The winner will recive a check on
    25.000gp, and will also get the title Wrestler of Deepwater, untill the next

    Rules of the the competion:

    You may NOT use healing in any form, nor may you use weapons or armor. If
    any of this rules would be broken by one person, he or she will be kicked
    out from the event.

    However, you MAY use bonus potions, sutch as refresh, strenght etc.
    Leather/Studded gloves may also be used, and this can be magic if the person
    wants to wear that.

    So do not forget, this sunday, at 9pm cet (8pm gmt). Deepwater will host its
    Deepwater Wrestling Championships. And you can win up to 25.000gold coins.
    Location is at the Deepwater Tower, witch is located east of Owls eye, the
    tavern in Deepwater.

    Ryndir - Event cordinator



    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:24 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Spiritwood Lectures
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    News from Spiritwood:

    Spiritwood University Basic Skills and Fitness Training 101

    The Spiritwood University is proud to present another of its open Monday Night  sessions on Basic skills and character development. This session is open to all but is primarily aimed at new and Young status players who are just starting out in the world of Britannia. The evening will begin with a basic theoretical discussion of skills and abilities and how to develop them, and will continue with a more practical training session. The evening begins at 8 P.M GMT, that’s 20:00 CET and is based at the Spiritwood University’s Trammel campus. That’s Monday the 19th of March.

     To find the University, start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town. To get across to the main land, simply enter one of the small ferryboats there and say the word “Cross” to the ferryman. Once across on the mainland, go east on the road inland. Take the second road to your right (south, at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. The walk is short and the neighbourhood pleasant. From the end of the road, go across town and you will find the University Tower a short way beyond, in the clearing closest to the south western corner of the great Hedge Maze of Sosaria.

     For more information go to:

     We welcome you to the Spiritwood University, a haven of learning for all.


    Grand! Thank you for the note!

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:23 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    St Patrick at the Dancing Dragon
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The following announcement was posted by Corin on the UOSS Drachenfels board :
    Top o’ the morning to ye all !

    The Dancing Dragon Tavern is proud to present to ye a night full of drinking, costumes and riddling. This will be hosted at the Tavern on Saturday the 17th March at 8pm GMT (9pm CET, 3pm EST). All are welcome to come watch as Bards, jesters and tricksters try to outwit each other in a riddling contest (rules can be found at the Tavern for all those wishing to take part).

    Ah, but t’would be no fun without a little extra. So we bring to ye also a fancy dress contest, as well as a raffle. Anything goes in this party so the most original costume will win the crock o’ gold!

    As usual Narr and myself shall be at hand before the event and any would be riddlers should make themselves known at least an hour before the event starts. We hope to see ye all on Vesper beach for a little fun.

    Fair winds to ye all!!
    Death Walker,
    Dancing Dragon Owner

    The Dancing Dragon tavern is located on the beach at the southern exit of Vesper.
    Coordinates (available on the Drachenfels UOAM Map) are : 51°N, 102°E.
    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 12:03 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Funeral for Old Man Kensey
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<SirCrunch sent us the following:
    A funeral for a great man, Old Man Kensey, who changed the lives of many with his wise words, will be held at 8PM Eastern, Friday March 16th at the Town of Waterdeep Castle.

    Waterdeep Castle is in the plains just north of Trinsic in Trammel.

    Everyone is welcome to honor Old Man Kensey on this sad eve.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 11:42 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Chesapeake)

    A Midsummer's Night Dream - Part 1
    Ce'Nedra Willow sent us the following:
    The Conservatory of Bardic Arts[CBA], in conjunction with the Britain City Council[Bri] and the Lia Fail Empire[LFE], is proud to present A Midsummer's Night Dream Part 1 theatrical production on the Atlantic Shard.

    You can catch the incredible show at one of two show dates and times:
    Friday, March 16th, 2001 at 9pm EST or Sunday, March 18th, 2001 at 3pm EST

    The show will be located at the Lia Fail Empire tower in Trammel near the Brigand Camp south of Britain, north of Skara Brae. For Atlantic residents, a rune is conveniently located at the Trammel KoS Rune Library. For inter-shard travellers, as all are welcomed and encouraged to attend, gates will be available in front of the Yew Abbey and Britain Wayfarer's Inn in Trammel 15 minutes prior to show time. Please stable your pets before coming to the show as there is no where for them to safely wait at the Tower.

    Refreshments will be served after the show. Because of the use of communication crystals the audience is asked to refrain from speaking during the performance.

    We really hope you are able to catch one of the two performances and enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed preparing it.

    -Ce'Nedra Willow, Director, and Cast

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 11:03 AM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    Grimoire's Dueling Ladder
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrier pigeion:

    Last night Baby, Grimoire's Event Organizer unveiled her newest Event idea "Grimoire's Dueling Ladder". What is the Dueling Ladder? Well in short it is a tournament that has no set time or date, it can take place anytime or anywhere. It is a way for those whole believe they are the best on Napa Valley to come out and prove if they are as good as they claim to be. By challenging others in the Ladder to become the #1 fighter on the Ladder. The Official rules and details of this new event can be found here Grimoire’s Dueling Ladder

    It kicked off to an amazing start with 18 fighters appearing only hours after the Event was unveiled. Hours of fighting began to ensue atop the Temple of Immortality. Warriors, Mages and Hybrids alike had come from the furthest reaches of Britannia to attempt to become the #1 ranking fighter at the beginning. But only one could behold this position. And only time will tell how long they can keep a hold of it.

    After all the blood had been cleaned from atop the tower’s roof and the Referee’s had sent word of the battles. It was soon announced how the fighters had done last night. With the following end the night ranking in the top 5.

    1. NICOLAE (Record) 8 wins 0 losses (Last Loss) None Registered
    2. Change (Record) 4 wins 0 losses (Last Loss) None Registered
    3. Greater Cad (Record) 6 wins 3 losses (Last Loss) Change
    4. Lost (Record) 4 wins 0 losses (Last Loss) None Registered
    5. Haart (Record) 3 wins 4 losses (Last Loss) Greater Cad

    If you would like to take place in Grimoire’s Duel Ladder matches please contact one of the many Referee’s. Baby, Lost, Craggan, Josh, LeeLu, Jade, Sagen Kai, Vladimyr, HORN, LeeLu, Beldin, Elwind Thorne, Jade, Calvin Klien, NICOLAE, or myself Dyastro Farkas. (Yes I am aware there are 2 Jades in the list and it is not a typo.)

    I would like to give a big thanks to Baby for coming up with, implementing and pretty much everything to do with this new event. With you Baby this event would not be here now. (And I don’t think Grimoire would run as smooth as it does either.)

    Dyastro Farkas (Mayor of Grimoire, Keeper of GuL Secrets)

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 9:20 AM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    More on Vancouver BC Player Gathering
    A quick update note from the folks putting on the Vancouver BC Player Gathering in a few weeks to let you know about their new website:
    Saphire Ice is pleased to announce the publish of the official website to the UO Vancouver BC Player Meet at

    Any players interested in attending the Saturday April 28th, Player Meet should visit the website for more information.

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 3:16 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Grand Tournament This Saturday!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Hail and well met, fellow Britannnians...  Here's news of another upcoming tourney!  Why don't you go ahead and check into it...?  Who knows...  you may even win...  I know I won't...  I'm a writer not a fighter...

    Shadows of the West will be holding a 2v2 tournament this Saturday the 17th of March at 7pm PST. This is unlike the average 1v1 tournament, this one actually takes planning and strategy. Sonoma can get very boring at times due to the lack of WAR, so please join us in this PvP tournament for EXPERTS only on Saturday.

    These are the best rules I can think of, if you can think of any other rules or persuade me to change the rules that I currently have, please ask and I'll look into it.

    1. Only GM made weapons/armor are allowed.
    2. No magic items of any type are allowed to be used during the match. This includes rings, sashes, etc. The only exception is magic mage hats that can be bought at a mage shop in any town.
    3. All poisons are legal, including DP.
    4. No hiding, looting or stealing.
    5. No tamed pets allowed in a match. This is PvP, not PvM. Mounts are also not allowed, including etherals.
    6. No fighting outside of matches. There will be oranges to some of you there, and you are not to attack them during the tournament unless in a schedules match.
    7. There are also no Order or Chaos shields permitted.
    8. No limit on potions, bandages or regs.
    9. All summons are allowed during match. (not before)
    10. No kind of precasted magic reflect or reactive armor, no predrinking of anykind either, but this can be done at the start of the match.

    We will meet in Britian at the east bank in Fel at 6:45pm. There you will pay 10k per team. The winner gets it all. And please dont whine about the entry fee, its not that much. The 1st place prize might not be all that big, but who cares? we dont pvp for money, we do it for fun.

    From the bank we will be gated to my house where we will then be gated to our secret location. Please bring all the neseccary items to fight at most 4 rounds. Once you get to the location you wont be able to leave and come back.  Also, DO NOT BRING MOUNTS! Please remember this is a 2v2 tournament, which requires a partner (we will not be setting anyone up). Hmm.. I think I got everything covered, but if you still have questions PLEASE ICQ ME at any time. I am not going to make registering required, but it sure helps me organize everything. Please post here or on our site which is located at : Shadows of the West

    Thanks and I hope to see you there!
    -Meridion of STW

    Good Luck to all who enter and good fun to those who attend...  After all, it's a spectator sport too...

    Posted on Friday, March 16, 2001, 1:04 AM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Rivendell St. Paddy Free fer all Saturday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Greetings from Rivendell,

    The Village of Rivendell would like to announce that we will host a St. Paddy’s Day Free-for-all warriors only tourney.

    It is going to be a free for all, few rules, and first place will get 70k. The first warrior to fall will get 20k. The warrior best dress for St Paddy’s Day will get 10k. There will be four rules:

    Rule 1. No killing the ringmaster, if the ringmaster is killed, HE gets the 70k.
    Rule 2. Stay alive any way you can, and kill everyone else.
    Rule 3. Must have something green on to participate.
    Rule 4. No pets, or mounts.
    Spectators: Please do not faction fight during registration or the tourney. It is a distraction and others may get in the way. Thank ye!

    There will be a $2k entry fee for each participant due at the time of Registration. Registration will begin 45 minutes prior to the start inside the Rivendell Tavern. The back room with the teleporter to the arena will be opened at the 7:30pm CST start time. With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.) We won’t be limiting the number of entrants for this tourney.

    We look forward to seeing old friends and welcoming new ones to Rivendell. Thank you for your support!


    Rivendell Town Council
    New Web page:

    Map: target=_top>
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 9:43 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    UOLS Temporarily Down
    Talanithus Tarant sent the following to the UOLS mailing list...
    UO Lake Superior will be down temporarily as we are moved off the xrgaming network. Arrangements have been made to move onto our own servers, and we will have the situation under control within a week.

    We apoligize for the outage, and will have things back to normal as quickly as possible.

    Talanithus Tarant
    UOLS Editor

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 9:39 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Destiny's Festival of Trees Arbor Day Celebration Information Now Available
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Festival of Trees Arbor Day Celebration
    Sponsored by the Town of Destiny
    Map to Destiny
    Arbor Day History

    March 22: Earth and Water Collection, 8pm CST
    In the book "Basic Gardening", found in the Destiny Library of Knowledge, we have learned what ingredients are needed to regrow our trees. Be prepared for battle, as collection of the most important ingredient requires it. Meet at our Knight's Pub in the Town of Destiny at 8pm to help us collect earth and water.

    March 23: Travelers of Destiny Crafter Fair, 8pm CST
    Destiny's talented crafters will be on hand to craft the finest products Britannia has to offer, for no charge, if you bring resources. If they provide resources, all items will be sold at half price. Visit the roof of Destiny's Mage Tower Friday, March 23, at 8pm to stock up on the bargains.

    March 24: Arbor Day - Tree Planting, 8pm CST
    With the ingredients collected Thursday night, we will plant new trees in Destiny. All participants in planting a tree during Arbor Day will receive a special commemerative green exceptional sash, short boots and green leather "gardener" gloves. Meet at the Knight's Pub in Destiny at 8pm to plant a tree with us!

    March 24: Arbor Day - Post-planting Party
    Enjoy a drink and meal with us as we celebrate our first annual Festival of Trees. We'll have a raffle for some nice prizes. Don't miss this fun right after the Tree Planting Ceremony in Destiny!

    -Destiny Events Committee

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 9:36 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Destiny Names How-To Book Contest Winners
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Congratulations to our how-to book contest winners. You may see their books on display on Shelf 10:
    • Lady Faith, Mage's Desktop Reference (15K)
    • Big John, Blacksmithing for all Levels (10K)
    • Telzarn, Understanding Flagging (5K)
    Please contact our magic scroll at [email protected] to arrange pickup of your prizes this week.

    Also, until Midnight CST Wednesday night, you can win 15K for naming our new statue. Commonly referred to as the "caesar bust" statue, he keeps watch over our library but we think he needs a better name than that. Thank you Calamity for securing this wonderful addition to the library! Please post any and all suggestions for a name at our bulletin board Let's hear those ideas.

    Sabine, Destiny Librarian

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 9:30 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Rivendell Has New Skypage Address
    We received the following...
    The Village of Rivendell, on the Felucca facet of LS, has moved their webpage to The site contains F.A.Q., a town as well as maps and directions.

    Timedancer has also started a bard's corner featuring original music from the Rivendell Musica (in mp3 format). Any other bards of the realm are invited to submit music for this site as well.

    Drop by and give us a visit.

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 9:27 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    ImaTown gives away free Gator Leather!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This just in...
    Friday, March 16, 6pm pacific time Irma's Seaside Tavern in ImaTown will be giving green leather armor to everyone that shows up. This is genuine gator armor made from the gators that live in the ImaTown swamps.

    There will of course be fish and ale as usual, so come hungry and ready to drink plenty.

    Once in the tavern your safety is assured, but beware of the journey ! there are lizards and snakes in the swamp. and gators !! more gators than you can shake a stick at.

    If you do not yet have an IMA character make one and come ready to be added to the guild and show off your new green leather. Visitors with non-ImaNames are welcome as well. and all will be given green armor. If you do not know the location of Imatown, visit our website

    Thankyou CJ.
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 8:47 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    GoL open a new Tavern.
    This came in a little bit earlier
    The Guardians of Light are opening a new player run tavern on Pacific. We are having 3 major events on opening night and a contest is going on right now to name the tavern. The prize for the winning name is 2 rares worth over a million gold. We are expecting a good size crowd on opening night and will have a lot of free food and drink. Come along and join the fun. In total our prizes are worth well over 2 million gold.

    Opening date is March the 17th at 8 PM PST. Check out and look for the tavern forum under message boards. Theres a post about the events and another for you to enter your taven names to try and win the rares.

    The tavern is located at co-ordinates 35o56N 43o18E or for you non seaman on the south side of the road east of brit about half way to the swamp. There will be people on most nights this week giving out runes at the major banks. Also we will have people at the West Brit bank on Saturday giving out runes. Hope to see you there and having a good time.

    This will most certainly be fun.
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 8:44 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Comments from Cal, Leilo, and LadyMOI
    The following was just posted to Comments from the Team on the website:
    Comments from Calandryll

    For almost two years, I've spent my time here at OSI listening to player feedback and then going into someone's office (usually a designer) and delivering that feedback to them. I've always enjoyed these conversations, learning the thought processes of the designers and working to find compromises and solutions between the original design and the hundreds of different players' feedback. During that time, I've had more than one person ask me "So when are you going to become a designer?" It's something I have thought about a lot during those meetings.

    Starting next week (Monday, March 19) I'll be on the other side of those conversations as I move from Manager of Community Services to a Designer on the Ultima Online Live team. As much as I truly enjoy Community Relations, the opportunity to work with folks like Sage, Runesabre, and of course reuniting with LadyMOI (the person who hired me in the first place) is something I could not pass up. Add to that the chance to work directly on the game I have played for over 3 years with one of the most dedicated teams I have ever had the pleasure of working with and it really was a no-brainer.

    I am also very pleased that Leilo is taking over as Community Manager as there is no more qualified person in the industry that I can think more worthy.

    So how does this affect all of you? Well, for one thing, I won't have time to answer anywhere near as much e-mail or post as much as I used to. That's not something I am particular happy about, but given my new responsibilities, the time to do so simply won't be there. I'll still be reading the boards as much as possible though as I've always felt those posts are an invaluable resource to anyone who works on UO. At the same time, I hope to bring what I have learned as a community representative to my role as a designer.

    I do have a long way to go however, before I even approach the level of skill of the current design team. For the next few months, I'll be learning the scripting language, previous designs, and everything else I can before they even let me actually change anything.

    So while this is certainly not a farewell, for me, it does sort of feel like one. It's never easy to leave behind something I helped build from the start, but at the same time, I could not be leaving it in better hands. To say I am excited about this new opportunity would be an understatement and I am looking forward to the future of UO, now more than ever.


    Comments from Leilo

    On Monday morning (March 19th), I'll be stepping into the role of Manager of Community Services here at OSI. In doing so, I'll be following in the footsteps of two pretty amazing and talented people - LadyMOI, who created the Online Community Relations group here and helped lead the group to becoming fully integrated with the game teams, and Calandryll, who has been working with Cynthe and Gbob to expand our community to ORIGIN, while providing Melantus and I with the tools we needed to focus on Ultima Online.

    Though much of my time has been spent behind-the-scenes in the last year and a half, I've had the fortune to work with many of you in my previous role as UO's Web Content Supervisor - a task that allowed me to work on growing the UO website to support all aspects of the UO community. In my new role, I'll be focused on supporting my team - which includes both community relations teams and the Events team - as they focus on the communities of Ultima Online, ORIGIN, and whatever new and exciting games lie in our future. As for the immediate future? I'll be reading your comments on our Message Boards, familiarizing myself with ORIGIN, exploring the new land of Third Dawn, working with Melantus to gather your opinions, and wrestling Calandryll's laptop computer away from him by Monday. I'm very excited to be given this opportunity, and I'm looking forward to helping my team work with all of you to keep the communities of UO and ORIGIN exciting, fun, interesting, and productive. The communities surrounding both games are already fantastic, but things can always be better, and I hope with your feedback and participation, we can bring about a great future.


    Comments from LadyMOI

    I hope that you will all join me in congratulating both Calandryll and Leilo on their promotions to these new positions. This is a particularly sweet moment for me, since I am responsible for hiring both of these talented individuals into Origin.

    First Calandryll, who, through his dedication and hard work, helped me to evolve the community relations role into one that is wholly committed to serving the needs of the UO players and the future players of Origin games. Now he will join forces with me again, this time on the dev side of things, where we will continue to listen to what you like and want and need in order to grow and develop UO further and further.

    Leilo was my second hire to Origin and within a few months of her arriving began to develop some of the coolest web features we have seen. Her creativity and her tough as nails work ethic are stellar. You will not be disappointed in her efforts in her new position. I feel very proud of these two individuals and am grateful for my continued opportunity to work with them. The future is very exciting.


    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 8:34 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    A Midsummer's Night Dream Part 1
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This in from Ce'Nedra Willow.

    The Conservatory of Bardic Arts [CBA], in conjunction with the Britain City Council [Bri] and Lia Fail Empire [LFE] is proud to present A Midsummer's Night Dream Part 1 theatrical production on the Atlantic Shard.

    You can catch the incredible show at one of two show dates and times:

    Friday, March 16th, 2001 at 9pm EST or Sunday, March 18th, 2001 at 3pm EST.

    The show will be located at the Lia Fail Empire tower in Trammel near the Brigand Camp south of Britain, north of Skara Brae. For Atlantic residents, a rune is conveniently located at the Trammel KoS Rune Library. For inter-shard travellers, gates will be available in front of the Yew Abbey and Britain Wayfarer's Inn in Trammel 15 minutes prior to show time. Please stable your pets before coming to the show as there is no where for them to safely wait at the Tower.

    Refreshments will be served after the show. Because of the use of communication crystals the audience is asked to refrain from speaking during the performance.

    We really hope you are able to catch one of the two performances and enjoy the show as much as we've enjoyed preparing it.

    -Ce'Nedra Willow, Director, and Cast

    Thank ye Ce'Nedra for this news.

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 4:12 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Mystic Proclaims Theocracy in Britain
    Ug Hummies!

    If you visit our Councils of Virtue page, you will note that Mystic has been proclaimed head of the Britain Council of Compassion. He sent us a detailed description of how this government will function:

    The goverment of the Britain Council of Compassion will be a Theocracy headed by myself, and will have an elected council as well. This system will work as follows:
    • I will act as the "President" or "Governor" of the city
    • The Council will be voted or chosen into office by the people of the city. They will act as a one-house "Congress"
    • The President has right to veto anything the Councel proposes, but may be overruled by a majority vote
    • The President cannot be impeached
    • Both the Council and the President will serve as judges should a court case happen. The President will act as the "Chief Justice" while the Council serves as the other judges (like the Supreme Court)
    • If a Council Member does something wrong, he can be impeached and tried for his/her crime
    • If guilty, the Council Member will be removed from office, and a new Council Member will take his/her place
    • The Council is granted immunity for certain occasions or situations (such as a census, special session, investigation, etc.)
    I thank you for your time in reading this, and I pray that you will all recognize this as the legitimate government of Britain.
    Mystic has suggested that there will be more information on this subject soon.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 2:54 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Vendor Owners Pay Attention Please
    This was posted on our Trade Forum by dasmart:
    An issue with vendors has come to light that can be absolutely devastating.

    The recent patch rollouts have changed the way in which gold is retrieved from a vendor. Basically, you now get a check for all the gold the vendor is carrying rather than just the max amount of gold you can carry at the time.

    That's the problem: you get ALL the gold the vendor has, including the gold it needs for its own support! This means you get a check, dump it in the bank, log out, and the next day you find the vendor gone and all the items you placed on it for sale looted by other players when the vendor decayed minutes or hours after you left.

    This may or may not be a bug but the way to handle it, I believe, is to carry some gold coin with you when you go to check your vendors. Retrieve your vendor's gold (automatically in check can't change this), drop the gold coin on your vendor to maintain it, THEN restock your vendor with goods and use the Status command to confirm how long the vendor has before decaying (based on the prices of the goods you just restocked it with).

    Thanks for the warning. I sure hope all vendor owners will take heed and pay their vendor with gold coins after retrieving the check for all gold from it. Here is how vendors deal with giving their owner money.
    Player-owned vendors will be able to give the gold they are holding to their owners in bank check form if the amount is between 4999 gold and 1 million gold. If the gold amount being held for the player by the vendor is between 4999 and 1 million gold, the vendor will hand this to the owner in the form of a bank check (as long as the vendor is actually carrying this amount). If the amount is less equal to or less then 4999 gold then the vendor will hand the owner the amount in gold form. If the gold held by the vendor is more than 1 million gold, the vendor will retain the amount over 1 million gold until the next request for gold is made by the player.
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 2:14 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Resource Battles in Jhelom Heat Up. Not a Clear Outcome in Sight.
    Returning to my desk late last night, Lord Rakknarr had had delivered this message.

    Late afternoon. The Roses are training up and making patrols. Lately the Phantom Menace have raided as dusk fell and they wanted to make sure they were ready. As the last man recalled out to their Tower, Kenyon made his way into the tavern to sit with a lady friend for a drink or two.

    "A drink of ale, sir Kenyon?" asks his friend.

    Kenyon shakes his head slightly. "Nay lass, I'm still on duty, milk will be fine," he says with a smile. "One always has to be ready," he says with certainty as she grins at him.

    Then a voice from the back of the tavern.....somewhat familiar. "Yeah, bub, never know when somethin' might happen."

    The speaker appears from the shadows. It's Deadpool. Kenyon shoots a look towards the tavern door, slightly open. Nightfall already. He should have been prepared.

    The Mercenary wanders over to Kenyon and leans in, sticking his finger into the Lieutenant's milk, and tasting it. "Milk, chucky? No drinkin on duty huh...." Deadpool mocks.

    Kenyon shakes his head. "I can't win some nights" he says to his friend as he slightly turns and spills the milk down Deadpool's kilt.

    The mercenary's voice goes from pleasant to deadly. "Ya know, Ken. I wasn't gunna whack yas, but ya kinda left me no choice."

    With that, before Kenyon could react Deadpool unslings his long spear and pierces the soldiers side, sending him reeling to the floor. He has just long enough to send a distress to the Roses to come to his aid before he passes out. As Deadpool summons his etherial Ostard and rides out of the tavern a gate opens and 12 Roses come darting out towards him.

    "Ut oh, dis don't look so good fer me" He smirks as he attacks one new private.

    The recruit has no idea what he is in for and makes a hasty retreat as Deadpool gains the upper hand. Just around the bend the others spring at him. He makes a fast dodge, pushing through them and heads towards the moongate. Just as Nocturne strikes the mercenary, he makes it through the gate and to his safety. The Roses regroup back at the center of town just in time to see a small wave of PhM forces attacking.

    "Stay together!!! Don't let them separate you!!" Nocturne barks.

    "Push them back! Don't let them in the city tonight!" Lanzo screams as his armor is set ablaze from an explosion spell.

    "They're headed towards the teleporters! Follow them through!!!" Yells Samhain over the clashing of swords to shields.

    Minutes later the remaining Roses return to Nocturne who is waiting by the tavern for any lone PhM warriors.

    "Sir, they've been beaten back. We've........we've won this one," explains Torinor with a smile on his lips.

    "Excellent work Roses, excellent work" Nocturne answers.

    Some hours pass as the night creeps on. Some of the Roses have retired for the night and the city sleeps. As crickets sound the night, another sound emerges. An evil sound. the sound of horses. A dark cavalry. Six Roses patrol and one is caught totally off guard as Pitr the Pist rides up and relieves him of his nights duty. The alarm sounds, and the remaining five Roses spring into action on the Viking. He darts off, leading them right into the awaiting grimaces of Kaolin the Dark and Grinnok Greymane, the other Viking warriors of the PhM. Stinking of ale and sweat the Vikings practically run over the Roses, screaming, slicing and laughing the entire time.
    Revenge was had for the nights earlier defeat.
    And just as quickly and suddenly as they came, the three Vikings vanished into the night air, just before dawn, just before the new day is born. One can certainly say that if this skirmish continues to be back and forth this way, it's not likely we'll see an end to this resource war anytime soon.
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 10:12 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    LER St. Patrick's Day Party
    I received the following from Lucia Talon LER Advisor.

    The Lords of the Eternal Realm of Catskills invite all to attend their first ever St. Patricks Day Party on Sunday, March 18, 2001. Come join us for food, drinks, and fun!!!

    Event schedule is as follows:
    All times are in Eastern Standard Time. Entry fees for the competitions are asked so we can afford prizes. Events will be described below the schedule.

    2:00 Guilds gather at Lord British'es Castle in Trammel for the Parade (I'im assuming that it will take about an hour to get everything organized for this to work properly).
    3:00 Parade begins (we will travel from Lord British's castle down the main road of the city to the east bank, then continue on to the other major city's of Brittania; Trinsic, Vesper, Moonglow, and finishing with Jhelom).
    4:00 Parade ends. Mages will open gates to the location of the party.
    4:00-approx 5:00 A large amount of alcohol consumption and socialization between guilds. Register for events at this time.
    5:00 Bardic competition begins-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee, 100gold).
    6:00 Archery competition-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 100gold).
    6:30 Drinking contest-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 150gold).
    6:45 Eating contest-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 150gold).
    7:00 Scavenger hunt-Lists will be provided by event coordinators. All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 500gold).
    8:00 Footrace begins-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 500gold).
    9:00 Move to arena for PvP tournament and mud wrestling competition.
    9:20 PvP tourny begins-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 2000gold).
    10:00 Mud wrestling competition begins-All entrants for this competition must register before this time (fee 500gold).
    11:30 everyone goes home/passes out.

    Bardic competition rules-Present a song,poem or story to a panel of judges (and the crowd). The more original the presentation, the more points will be awarded. The winner is the person with the most original and entertaining presentation (prizes TBA).

    Archery contest rules-Each entrant will be provided with a Bow and 5 arrows. The winner will be the one who hits closest to the bulls eye out of 5 shots (prizes TBA)

    Drinking contest rules-Each contestant will be given 15 bottles of ale (to be consumed of course). The winner will be the person who drinks the fastest and loses the least amount of mana (prizes TBA)

    Eating contest rules-Each entrant will be given 30 pies to eat. The one who finishes first wins (prizes TBA).

    Scavenger hunt rules-Entrants will register in teams of 3. Lists will be given out to the leader of the team. The first person to return with all the items on their list wins (prizes TBA).

    Footrace rules-Entrants start at Britain and run to the southernmost point of the continent totally weaponless/armorless. The first person to cross the finish line alive wins (prizes TBA).

    PvP tourny rules-All entrants will be gated to an undisclosed location in Fellucca they will be allowed the use of 25 potions 35 bandaides and 50 of each reagent. GM made equipment is accepted. No magical items are to be used. Horses will be provided (for a small fee) to those who don't have one (prizes TBA).

    Mud wrestling rules-contestants will be placed in a square of mud with 1 bandaid/healing reagents and otherwise totally naked and equipmentless. The winner will be the person to walk out alive (there will be a Male and Female heat for this event) (prizes TBA).

    Remember the more the merrier! Invite your friends/guildmates and lets have a good time.
    If you have any questions please post them on our public message board at
    ~Seuyar Lethariel Event Coordinator

    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 10:00 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Ghastly Galleries
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This parchment was received from Azalin, Lich Lord

    Hail Denizens and Mortals of the realm.

    Within the forbidding Archives found in the tombs of the Ebon Skull there can now be found artwork of many dark visages related to the Ebon Skull and the city of Caina. Within time more and more artwork based upon the villains of the realm shall be added. If ye would like to view such horrible and vile images please dare the dark depths of the Archives.

    Lich Lord

    Order of the Ebon Skull

    Archives of the Skull

    (OOC: If you have an evil character, artwork based upon your evil character and wish to be within the Ghastly Galleries then please submit the artwork to [email protected]. You can find the images within the Archives image map page via the picture on the wall. Enjoy!)

    Thankye, Azalin
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 2:02 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Grand Opening of the Lazy Llama Casino
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was just received from Yeqwiua,
    Hail all those of this realm, on Friday March 16th at 8:00PM, the Lazy Llama Casino will have it's Grand Opening! All those wishing to attend please contact Daimwn ([email protected] or [email protected]), the manager of the casino and the events. The Casino itself consists of organized fights within certain specialty groups they choose to sign up for. Betting in the casino will occur the following week, all depending on the popularity of the casino. Those still interested, we offer only a few specialty groups for the opening just to see the response from you the people. Other categories of events can and will take place soon after, such as chicken duels. For each group there will be so many people, all depending on how many sign up. Entry fees fluctuate, but the winner of the fight at the end, of either category, shall receive a large sum of cold hard. Prizes may be different depending on difficulty of class and/or number of participants (normally around 20-30k for first place and so on). For starting groups on this event shall be:

    *Magic armor/weapons(7k gp entry)
    *Poisoned weapons(7k gp entry)
    *Traditional PvP(5k gp entry)

    The Casino is located 75, 35 South 29, 48West, it’s NW of Destard and SW of the Hedge Maze directly off the coast. Any, who wish for more information, please feel free to contact Daimwn of LOA or [email protected]

    Thank you,
    Casino Book Keeper, LOA
    Thankye, Yeqwiua
    Posted on Thursday, March 15, 2001, 1:42 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Various Changes and Fixes
    The following was just posted to Testing for Next Update on the website:
    Various Changes and Fixes

    An issue with Inscription was fixed

    Some issues with the Faction system were corrected, including:

    • Players with more then one account not being able to join Factions with both accounts simultaneously
    • Silver accumulation and retention issues
    Guildmasters unable to remove players from the guild with names listed on the second viewing page of the guild menu has been fixed.

    Required skills for creating craftable carpentry and tailoring items have been adjusted to require the appropriate level of skill.

    Certain high level creatures were not including treasure maps as part of their loot. This has been fixed.

    House sign hueing issues were corrected.

    The new player tutorial will now accept localized speech commands.

    Vendors will now change directions to face only the vendor owner when spoken to. Additionally, the distance required for owners speaking to vendors to change their directions has been increased. Players wishing to purchase from vendors will now be able to do some from an increased distance as well.

    A problem with dungeon traps overlapping has been corrected

    A problem with the house decoration tool has been corrected in the following manner:

    • Yellow boxes are no longer flippable
    • Stackables are no longer flippable
    • Items over 100 stone weight are no longer changeable
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 11:17 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ultima Online: Third Dawn - Coming Soon!
    The following was just posted to What's New on the website:
    Ultima Online: Third Dawn - Coming Soon!

    We are pleased to officially announce the upcoming release of Ultima Online: Third Dawn - bringing an exciting new dimension to the world of Britannia. Beginning March 27th (March 20th in Japan), Ultima Online: Third Dawn you'll be able to grab your own copy and start exploring the new and dangerous land of Ilshenar on your favorite Ultima Online shard.

    We will be offering a special upgrade offer to all of our existing Ultima Online customers. For 60 days, starting on March 26th, current UO customers with active accounts will be able to order this special upgrade for a price of $9.95 plus shipping and handling. This promotional upgrade version includes the final gold-mastered version of Third Dawn, the new retail version map of Britannia, the Lost Lands, and Ilshenar, and while supplies last - as a special bonus - we'll include a collector's edition cloth map of Britannia and the Lost Lands. This upgrade CD does not include a registration code and therefore cannot be used to create a new account nor qualify for new account free game time. Alpha and beta testers who do not wish to participate in the upgrade offer will be given the opportunity to order the Ilshenar and cloth maps for $5.95, with shipping and handling paid by Origin Systems.

    In preparation for the launch of Third Dawn, we will officially close the beta testing period on Monday, March 19th. We will be closing the Third Dawn Bug Message Board at that time, and ask that any further issues be directed to [email protected]. We appreciate all of the effort that our alpha and beta testers have given to the product and look forward to seeing everyone in this newest incarnation of Britannia.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 11:15 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Sign Up For Oasis Fight Night!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Hey folks, here's an event you won't want to miss!

    The Oasis Fight Night
    Sunday, March 25 at 2pm pacific.
    From feedback provided by you the players we will be running mage vs mage, fighter vs fighter, hybrid vs hybrid for all rounds until we have the top two from each category. These 6 will than proceed in mixed combat to determine the overall winner.

    Runes to Oasis can be found at the YMCA, Ironwood, and Dark Tower. In addition gates will be provided from the Skara Brae bank beginning 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.  You can register at [email protected]


    THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THE OASIS FIGHT NIGHTS!! This event is run by people who want to show all people of Sonoma a good time and who like to see good PvP.  For this reason, when you are in Oasis for the Fight Night Event...we ask that there is no Noto-Killing, Order/Chaos or Faction fighting. We're here to see good PvP and we aren't concerned with your guild, your color or your faction. We'd like to have an environment where even Red characters can come out and participate in a PvP contest without fear of getting attacked simply because they are red. So please, park all of that at the login screen when you come out for this event.

    Registrations must be sent to [email protected] by 12am PST on the night before the Fight Night(when it becomes Sun). In your registration email, please include:

    Character name and character class: (Warrior/Mage/Rogue/Hybrid).
    Registrations received after that cut-off time will be discarded.
    There is a 1,000gp entry fee. This fee will be collected when contestants are inside the Arena House, prior to their match.
    Participants will be randomly paired (by class) by the event coordinators.  The tournament is single elimination. With the top three performers receiving prizes detailed below.

    If a participant isn't present at the Arena House when they are called for their match, they will have five minutes. If they do not arrive within those five minutes, they forfeit the match and their opponent advances to the next round.

    Once in the pit, the judge will give a quick run down of the rules to avoid confusion. He will then ask the player to flag on him, turning them gray.  This is for the safety of the competitors, to insure that murder counts will not be given.

    There will be no time limit for the matches. However, at the seven minute mark, the judge will declare 'No Healing'. At this point, the participants may no longer heal damage through spells or bandages. Curing spells may still be used.  Bandages that were started before the 'No Healing' call are allowed to resolve. However, if a bandage heals damage more than 14 seconds after the 'No Healing' call, that person will be disqualified.

    If a participant can steal, he may utilize that skill against his opponent.  At the end of the match, the thief will return any items stolen from his or her opponent. If the thief wins the match and wishes to be killed to get rid of his 'perma-grey' status, an official in the pit will do the deed.

    During the match, mages may not cast Earthquake, Meteor Swarm, or Chain Lightning.

    All magical weapons of force and less, armor, and items may be used.

    Participants may not "Buff" themselves up before the match begins through the use of spells, potions, or items. If a participant drinks a potion or casts a spell before the round begins, the judge of the pit will Flamestrike them as soon as the round begins.

    Fencers and swordsman may use any grade of poison on their blades. Mages may cast the Poison spell without limitation.

    No pets may be taken into the pits. This includes all tamable monsters and mounts, even ethereal mounts.

    Overall First place      - 50% of the total entry fees plus a 30k check
    Overall Second Place - 30% of the total entry fees plus a 10k check
    Overall Third Place    - a 10k check

    In addition there will be special merit awards given out.  However these will remain undisclosed to prevent people from "throwing" a fight or dragging it out to receive one of these prizes that are based on performance and not if you win or lose.

    Sounds fun!  Hope to see you there!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 9:30 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    The Cove Bay Privateers Have Arrived!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<The waters about Buccaneer’s Den have grown a little colder, for the Cove Bay Privateers have taken the waters for their own!

    Privateers and outcasts all, these hearty adventurers travel the waterways of our realm, offering refuge to all types of people; bards, magi, warriors, barbarians, toothless vampires and more.

    Seekers of adventure are welcome to contact these water bound wayfarers. Their pigeon flies to 47211357.

    If you have found that the realm about you has turned you away, though you yearn for the call of the open sea and the companionship of others of your heart and hearth; if a freedom fighter you be and freedom fighters you seek then find you their port of call or visit their pirate's port for more information.

    Their call crosses the realm, if you be courageous enough to heed your want to answer.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 9:30 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Otherworld Express issue #165 released
    The Otherworld Express has released issue #165. In this installment you will find:

    The OWX features articles, essays, advice columns, and more all written from an "in-character" gamer's perspective. Newly expanded to cover all MMOGs, the Otherworld Express brings you up-to-date news and commentary each week. Check out the latest issue today!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 8:01 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Clones Crawl Through Deceit
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    My all time favorite clone (and it's hard to pick just one), Second, High Priest of the Temple of the Stranger, sent me the following gripping tale:

    This eve, I gathered together with a number of people and ventured into the dungeon of Deceit. The journey was to be a symbolic one, to show the personal triumphs over Deceit in the name of Honesty.

    In this artist's rendering, we see the Clones and their companions at the Shrine of Honesty The inhabitants of Deceit had other plans for us, and rose from their accursed graves time and time again to stand in our way. The beginning of our trip was met with light resistance, but as we ventured deeper into the core of the dungeon, Deceit unleashed its full fury upon us.

    Lich lords, liches, and silver serpents rained upon us, felling several of our members, myself and one of my brothers included. We were fortunate to have been saved from the Gray Realm before Deceit could seize our spirits, forever binding us to undeath. Our thanks go out to the many healers who traveled with us.

    After recovering our things, we left the dungeon and headed south to the shrine of Honesty. Our journey ended with a brief prayer at the shrine, and some friendly drinks and conversation at the Shamrock Pub.

    Many thanks go out to all who participated in tonight's journey. The list of names is much too long to mention. My brothers and I owe you a debt of gratitude.

    Until next time, walk with Virtue, friends.

    I have many fond memories of playing with baby lich as a wee orc back in my youth. Still, it is nice to see somebody take up an interest in the place again. I confess, many in my community view it as low income housing.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 7:11 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Kudos to Jolly Roger
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    I received the following note earlier this week:

    As he was preparing to officiate at the wedding of Kaz Saique and Akara, Uncle Dullblade's wife had a mishap late Sunday, which resulted in a trip to the local MASH unit. Therefore, the esteemed Jolly Roger stepped in and performed the ceremony. The bride, groom and Uncle Dullblade all wish to express their gratitude for Jolly Roger's assistance.
    I am intrigued by this "MASH" unit concept. Would this be a new word for a group of wandering healers that travel together?

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 6:54 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Interactive Zoomable Map of Britannia
    Our friends at Ultima TR in Turkey (Europe) graciously offered us a copy of the Zoomable Map of Britannia. This map serves a number of purposes.

    First of all, you can use the map to zoom in on Britannia from 1:8 to 1:1 view. Simply click on the area you are interested in to see it in more detail. Rinse and repeat.

    Next, you can see the sextant coordinates of the point you clicked on below the map. Quite handy if you want to explain to someone where to go, and all you have handy is a browser and some form of communication like ICQ, IRC or email. This also works the other way around, enter the sextant coordinates and optionally change the zoom level to see a map of the area surrounding these coordinates.

    And finally, you can use the map to show the world exactly where in Britannia something is located. Rather than telling people to walk 4 screens west from the Vesper north bridge to reach your vendor, give them the URL of the zoomable map and the sextant coordinates. It doesn't get any easier than that, just remember to also tell them what facet they need to be on :)


    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 6:34 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    BNN: The Phantom's Betrayal
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Lord British's state news service, the Britannian News Network, recently released the following article:
    Yet more developments in the battle against Artarion and those closely intertwined in the conflict.

    According to eyewitness reports the phantom Xenthyl appeared a few days ago in the forests outside of Empath Abbey. Xenthyl seemed eager to know the status on Ventryn, and whether he remained secure in preparations for his trial. After being reassured that Ventryn was still captive and amply guarded, Xenthyl revealed information of his own. It has been suggested some time ago that it could prove beneficial to investigate Artarion’s past as a shopkeeper to determine if it has any relevance to his recent motivations. Xenthyl hoped to gather a small force of adventurers to search the city of Yew for any indications of Artarion’s past connections to the city.

    Within a couple days a reasonable force had gathered outside the Abbey and awaited the phantom’s arrival. When the phantom did arrive the adventurers could identify a sense of urgency in his voice as the phantom divulged some information regarding Artarion’s former residence. After crossing over to the Felucca facet, the adventurers followed Xenthyl to a home just outside the city limits of Yew. Once inside, Xenthyl explained he had investigated the location several times earlier, and on one of his later trips to the residence he witnessed an armored individual cleaning bloodstains from the carpeted floor and then vanishing from sight. The adventurers found no evidence of foul play but only a shopkeeper’s delivery log nestled inside of a flowerpot. Inside were listed several delivery recipients and confirmations that the deliveries had been completed. However, the final entry, a delivery planned for the Baker’s Dozen in Jhelom, had not been marked as completed. The adventurers began making several relevant connections to recent events, discussing that Qua’Tel’s home had been in Jhelom and the possible murder of a couple weeks ago also occurred in the Healer building within Jhelom. The adventurers wisely suggested a trip to Jhelom to investigate the Baker’s Dozen, despite the fact that the phantom was reluctant to travel there and apparently deemed the journey a waste of time.

    Once the adventurers arrived in Jhelom they traveled to the Baker’s Dozen to begin their investigation. The search for evidence yielded little result and Xenthyl repeatedly stressed his belief that the trip to Jhelom was a waste of time and suggested that the group move on to another location. Fortunately just as the group started to depart one of the bakers returned from his daily rounds. Although slightly aggravated that his shop was being rummaged through, he began to answer the questions posed. When Artarion’s name was mentioned the baker remembered little, but supposedly a physical description of the bald mage jogged the baker’s memory. The baker remembered Artarion as a shopkeeper from Yew who delivered flour and vegetables on a regular basis. The baker then mentioned that he had not seen Artarion in several months and several other shopkeepers who received deliveries from Artarion assumed he had moved out of Yew or was deceased. The adventurers thanked the baker for his time and began making preparations for their departure.

    Unfortunately, the phantom had other intentions. Just as the phantom thought the last adventurer had departed through the moongate to Yew, he immediately attacked the baker. However a few adventurers reemerged through the gate and witnessed Xenthyl slaying the baker in a few swift blows. When Xenthyl realized there had been witnesses to his crime he fled the scene quickly, vanishing from sight before anyone could confront him.

    There is little more to tell regarding the phantom’s betrayal, but it seems the phantom could possibly be working both against Artarion as well as those attempting to stop Artarion. The rationale for Xenthyl’s actions are unclear but it is quite possible he is also responsible for the possible murder in Jhelom which some speculate was an apprentice healer who was the understudy of Qua’Tel’s friend, Fann. Perhaps Xenthyl does not want the adventurers to learn of Artarion’s past and feel sympathy for him, much like others felt sympathy for Ventryn in the past. Perhaps Xenthyl wants to ensure Artarion’s death and will stop at no means to do so. It was also recently learned that Artarion can possibly take on the guise of anyone, and has masqueraded as the Pit master Tykryon Valier on occasion. According to reports, the baker in Jhelom was bald and bearded, bearing a resemblance to Artarion. Perhaps Xenthyl believed the chef to be Artarion under the guise of the baker.

    Regardless of Xenthyl’s motivations, it seems that as it stands now some adventurers may need to side with the lesser of two evils, if they side with anyone at all. Artarion relentlessly attacks those who oppose him with powerful creatures and quite possibly could be allied with Ventryn, but his past may reveal a once honorable individual corrupted by an unknown evil. Xenthyl the Phantom seems to oppose both Artarion and Ventryn but utilizes cold-blooded murder as a twisted solution for the difficulties that have arisen. And with Qua’Tel missing there seems to be no trustworthy ally, assuming that Qua’Tel can even be trusted. It is because of occurrences such as this that I am appreciative I only need to report these situations and not attempt to resolve them.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 3:05 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Dark Angels Host Tournement
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    Angus, Lord of the Dark Angels from the Legion of Dark Angels (LDA) recently announced the following event:

    A call to Warriors only, in the spirit of true and honorable combat. The Legion of Dark Angels (LDA) is announcing a grand event: We are hosting our first tourney.

    A 3k entry fee will be required of each combatant. Competitors will need to meet at the Vesper Bank in Felucca on Sat. March 17th at 7pm EST. From there all contestants will be escorted to the private home of Kormear, where an arena has been erected in the honor of this event.

    Rules of Combat:

    • No magic items
    • No magery
    • No poisoning of weapons, only supplied weapons will be allowed
    • No pets or mounts allowed during combat
    • Two of each potions are allowed, but will not be provided.
    • 10 bandages per combatant will be provided
    • No looting
    • 1st place 60k
    • 2nd place 30k
    • 3rd place 10k
    We look forward to meeting all valorous warriors showing themselves for this event. All are welcome and can contact me for more information.
    This has been an excellent season for tournments! Why not kill a few ogres, collect their gold and enter?

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 1:57 PM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    UOMA Shop Decoration Contest & Spring Fling Festival!
    This in from the UO Merchant Alliance.

    Shake off those winter blues!! Celebrate the coming of spring with UO
    Merchant Alliance's Spring vending house decorating contest. The Atlantic
    shard is proud to host the first of many to come of UOMA's in-game events.
    The theme of this contest is Spring. There will be 4 main prizes - 3 awarded
    by the UOMA staff, and a fourth Player's Choice Award, determined by votes
    of the UO public.

    First Place: a full 14 color set of holiday bells valued at over 1 million
    gold, and a check for 100k.

    Second Place: a large painting and a check for 50k.

    Third Place: a check for 50k.

    Players Choice Award: a very rare no draw tile, kindly donated by the
    Supreme Court vending house.

    Voting for the Players Choice Award will be held at The Water Tower Vending
    House (via ballot boxes) as well as at the UOMA web site at The Water Tower
    is located near Wind (Trammel) - 49o 13N 31o 13E.

    So break out those flowers and spring designs and come join the fun!! The
    awards will be given out at UOMA's Spring fling on April 1, 2001, where
    there will be door prizes and games raging from mounted races and relay
    races to scavenger hunts. Registration for the games will begin at 3pm
    eastern time, and the festival will begin at 4pm eastern. The announcement
    of the winners of the house decoration contest will be around 4:30pm eastern

    To enter the contest or vote for the Player's Choice Award, visit

    Questions about the contest or the Spring Fling Festival? Email
    [email protected]

    Fine Print: Neither any UOMA representative nor TWT will be allowed to
    participate in the shop decor contest or games.
    All entries to the Shop Decor contest must be received through the UOMA web
    site by Monday, March 19, 2001. UOMA Representatives will complete voting
    for the top 3 prizes by Friday, March 23, 2001. Voting for the Player's
    Choice Award will continue through Friday, March 30, 2001. Votes will be
    tallied and awards given out on Sunday, April 1, 2001 at approximately
    4:30pm eastern time.


    UOMA Administrator
    [email protected]

    Thank ye Kitiara.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 1:17 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Mayor Yoldran Found Dead!

    A shocking affair in Moonglow:

    I have some sad news from Moonglow:

    Today Moonglow´s mayor, Yoldran, was found dead in the Lycaeum by the City
    Treasurer Kulgan. It looked like the scribe had been reading a book in the
    southwest chamber of the library, when an assassin stabbed him in the back with
    a poisoned weapon, as local healers reported.
    As the situation in Moonglow is very tense at the moment, with several
    different parties officially stating a desire for Yoldran´s death, suspicion falls
    on very many people, and the research on this will probably take a long
    The political circumstances now are that vice-mayor Gathis will from this
    moment on take over the position of mayor, until new elections have been
    organised by the City Council.

    For more informations, please visit .

    May the Virtues help us overcome this crisis,

    Yoldran was a great mayor...sad to see him pass away like that..

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 1:13 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Client Patch 2.0.8s
    The following was just posted to FYI on the official website:
    Client Patch 2.0.8s

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.8s. This patch addresses updates changes to the magic item properties display, allows guards to be called using the word “guards”, and updates localization files.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the “Patch” directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 11:43 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Publish Update - All Remaining Shards
    The following was just posted to FYI:
    Publish Update - All Remaining Shards

    We will be publishing the changes and fixes listed in Testing for Next Update Testing for Next Update to the all remaining shards to be active following their Wednesday, March 14th (local server time) maintenance period.
    Shards updated with the publish at this time will be:

    • Oceania
    • Formosa
    • Arirang
    • Balhae
    • Yamato
    • Asuka
    • Izumo
    • Wakoku
    • Hokuto
    • Europa
    • Drachenfels
    • Baja
    • Napa Valley
    • Sonoma
    • Pacific
    • Siege Perilous

    While Siege Perilous does not normally maintenance on Wednesday’s, it will be brought down for maintenance at approximately 7:00am on March 14th (CST) to accommodate this publish.
    Changes in this publish include:
    • The addition of the Ilshenar land mass
    • Taxidermy kits
    • Hair Stylist NPCs
    • Item Identification changes
    • Good creatures vs. karma
    • Player-owned vendor changes
    • And several additional updates and fixes listed at Testing for Next Update.

    Please note: as this publish contains a major number of changes necessary for Ultima Online: Third Dawn, including the addition of the Ilshenar land mass, the maintenance period for these shards will last approximately 1 hour beyond the normally scheduled downtime.

    Important: While the publish will activate the Ilshenar lands on the East Coast shards, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn client is still in beta testing stages. Please keep this in mind before traveling to Ilshenar with any of your established characters. You will be unable to access the Ilshenar lands without the Third Dawn beta client.

    We will continue to monitor these shards and will announce a schedule for publish to the remaining shards in the near future.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 11:41 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    An Encounter with Lief, Immortal Daemon
    The following was submitted by DragonMage. His excitement was such that it was necessary to edit his tale.

    Friday eve, I set out with my dragon to hunt a few lichs in the upper level of Covetous. Gating in, I expected to see other hunters, but was surprised to see only one other person there. We talked and I found out his name was Leif.

    He asked, "Can you help me?"

    "Help you with what?" I asked in reply.

    "Help me get to the chapel." he responded.

    I opened my map of the dungeon and found the chapel. It wasn't too far from where we were so I told him to follow me. He did.
    Several lichs attacked, but Spot, my dragon defended us well, killing the lichs with little trouble, but not before I had been poisoned. I drank a pot and hid so Spot could finish the monsters. Lief attacked the lichs, doing good damage with his strange quarterstaff. I thought it odd that nothing attacked him though.
    We arrived at the chapel and I ordered spot to attack the mummy there.

    "I need to go to the other lands to complete my transformation." said Lief.

    The entire event was so strange, I could not resist the temptation to go along. I called Spot off the spawning monsters. Lief said some strange power words and disappeared for a moment then reappeared with a blue gate. I called Spot to follow and we entered the strange gate.
    We were immediately attacked by another mummy. I ordered Spot to attack. While my dragon defended us, Lief spoke some more strange words of power in front of the altar. Sparkling lights enveloped Lief for a minute or so.
    A daemon stood in Lief's spot.

    "Finally. My transformation is complete. I am now truly immortal. Thank you for the help. Here." the daemon said, dropping three piles of gold and a treasure map at this feet.

    He uttered more words of power. Flame consummed him and when the flame was gone, so was Lief/deamon.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 9:22 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Edinburgh's Fifth Champion Defeated
    Found upon my desk, deposited by Aiefe, DOJ, or her emissary
    Dire news I fear for the  Village of Edinburgh.  Last evening Ashton, Champion of Edinburgh, faced the fifth of Scaramandine the Elder's Dark Slayers. Though our hero fought bravely, in the end he lay dead at the Slayer's feet. Tauros, the next Champion to face the Slayers, was present as Ashton's second. Enraged to see his friend laid low, Tauros could not restrain himself and fell upon the Slayer in a fearsome rage. A resurrected Ashton, gathered his goods from his fallen corpse and joined in the attack. Faced with this unprecedented action, the Dark Slayer began to heal himself as our heroes pressed their assault. Joining the fray, I set about healing Ashton and Tauros, as each blow from the Slayer's mage cleaves a heavily armored warrior's health by half. Finding himself hard-pressed, the Dark Slayer called up hosts of undead. Determining discretion to be the better part of valor, I opened a gate and we returned to the Brazen Monkey Tavern to contemplate our new defeat. We had scarcely time to breath, however, when word reached us that Edinburgh was under attack. Members of the Defenders of Justice and others of the Justice Alliance sped to the defense of the villages beleaguered citizens. The attackers were eventually driven back, but I fear at great loss of life.

    Aeife Sorceress, DOJ

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 8:53 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    New Library and Museum to Open!
    Lilia Newsman Mar 13 2001 8:40PM
    Greeting readers! In the news today, a new Library and Museum is slated to open next week in the lovely town of Magincia. Librarians from all around Sosaria have been discussing the new addition and vying for the position of Caretaker. Through some investigative reporting, I have learned that the new Caretaker of the Magincia Library and Museum is a young woman from the city of Jhelom named India West. The Library and Museum will be holding its grand opening on Tuesday, the 20th of March at 8 pm.
    For full details on the opening of the MAGINICIA LIBRARY AND MUSEUM, check out Lilia's full article here.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 4:45 AM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Spiritwood Tavern Lottery
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<News from Aranlindale of Spiritwood:

    This Sunday, February 25th, the Spiritwood Tavern will host another Lottery. It will start at 9pm cet (8pm gmt). The grand prize is 100.000 gold pieces!

    You can buy keys from the vendor outside the Tavern, but you need to register the keys with Aranlindale, by telling him your number(s) by choosing a number consisting of three digits and each digit ranging from 1 to 3. The keys cost 1000 gold pieces each. One person cannot buy more than two however. Perhaps that number will be the lucky number... Please try to buy one before Sunday. Good luck everyone!

    You can find the Spiritwood Tavern if you follow these directions: If you start at the Skara Brae docks right outside town, go east. Take the second road to your right (south) (at a crossroads). Keep going south until the road turns eastwards. Keep following it and you will end up in Spiritwood. From the end of the road, go a little to the northeast and you'll see two large brick houses. The eastern one is the Spiritwood Tavern. The sextant coordinates are: 65S 27W and we are on Felluca. If there are questions, please go to the #spiritwood IRC channel on the server or mail me at [email protected].

    I hope to see you all there!

    Aranlindale, Spiritwood Tavern Barkeeper

    Good luck Aranlindale, and of course to all of you!
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 2:12 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    Bards Sing of The Thieves Code.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was submitted by a towne crier in Britain:

    The bards of the land seem to be doing the work of the darker
    elements of the rogue class. Angry voices rise up in small taverns
    scattered throughout the badlands:

    Well the bad thief, silly thief, lousy thief man
    stole from a rogue and then quickly he ran!
    but the bad thief, silly thief, lousy thief can
    Hide not from Lord Wren and his great thief band!

    Does the bad thief, silly thief, rotten thief know
    There is not shelter to which he can go?
    Can that bad thief, silly thief, rotten thief row
    To distant shores where his blood will not flow?

    Oh rogues! Oh-oh please!
    Keep ye the Thief Code or fall to your knees
    Steal from rogues ... call guards' swords ...
    ... Thief Army soldiers will show up in hordes!

    So Sir Bad Thief, Silly Thief, Lousy Thief Man
    Run while you mayest! Escape while you can!
    For the Darkness cometh and it is death
    Break thou the Code and you'll breathe your last breath!

    Can the bad thief, silly thief, rotten thief see
    a corpse be swinging from the highest tree
    Tell the bad thief, silly thief, lousy thief, "Flee!"
    Lest he be tied up and thrown in the sea!

    Oh thieves! Oh-oh please!
    Keep ye the Thief Code or fall to your knees
    Steal from rogues ... call guards' swords ...
    ... Thief Army soldiers will show up in hordes!

    Army of Thieves

    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 1:54 AM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Saint Patricks Day Free Green Armor Giveaway!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement was received from Cloud,
    What: UMF St. Patrick's Day Green Leather Giveaway
    Where: Goldie's Emporium of Britain just north of Britain
    13 42 N 24 36 E Trinsic Shop just north of Trinsic
    Moongate 113 38 S 34 18 E
    When: March 17, 2001 12:00pm 3:00pm CST

    In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, the United Merchants Federation (UMF) is giving away FREE sets of GM exceptionally crafted GREEN studded and leather armor at our shops in Britain and Trinsic. All we ask is that you bring along the materials needed to make the armor i.e. 150 hides for studded and 100 hides for regular leather. We will provide the GM Tailors and leather dye tub to make the armor for you. Limit: 2 sets per customer please. Gates will be provided to and from the shops from Britain's West Bank. In addition to giving away the green leather armor, we will be holding a raffle for two sets of full plate Verite armor. All you need to do to qualify is to give us a book (available at any scribe or provisioners shop) with your name and ICQ # on it. We will be notifying the winners immediately after the event is over. Even though we will only be crafting green armor free for this event, our vendors will have a variety of other colored leather and armor available. Our shops are well maintained and frequently updated to provide the best in customer satisfaction. Look for many new and exciting player run events in the future including Treasure Map Competitions, Competitive Dungeon Crawls, and other craftable giveaways. We hope everyone comes by and visits us to pick up their free armor. Cloud of Baja Community Relations Chairman United Merchants Federation
    Thankye, Cloud
    Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2001, 1:42 AM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Yew Militiaman Found Guilty
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<After a lengthy hearing in the Yew Court of Truth this evening, Chief Justice Panea found Yew Militia Officer Flint Fireforge guilty of Wrongful Detention, though he was cleared of the charge of Assault, levied against him by Kodiak Darklight, a gamesman who resides within the city limits.

    Both sides were given opportunity to present their cases, and both did so with polish and aplomb. The prosecution held that the original charge of theft was improper, and that the Militiaman assaulted him after the initial charge was laid.

    The defense held that Darklight was an accomplished thief, and all action taken on the part of the Free Corp was in the line of duty. Further, the defense stated that the action taken was appropriate to the circumstance and the persons involved.

    It took Chief Justice Panea but a moment to decide that, while the charges of assault were not valid nor supported in light of the peacekeeping focus of the Yew Militia, the charges against Kodiak Darklight were unfounded, and that holding him was in fact, a wrongful act.

    The Militiaman was then required to pay to Kodiak Darklight the sum of 500 gold pieces for the physical and psychological damage incurred during the incident.

    When asked his thoughts prior to the proceedings, Kodiak Darklight had the following to say:

    “The situation has taken a turn I wished it not to take…it seems I have been asked to be a prosecutor in a battery case in which I am the victim. This should be the court’s job, not mine.”
    Alternately, Flint Fireforge had comments of his own.

    “Hopefully this case will prove to be an example that the Militiamen and women can defend Yew’s citizens without worry of being prosecuted for false action”.
    When asked what he predicted the outcome of the hearing would be, Flint Fireforge ha this to say:

    “He has no case. His lies and false tales are all he brings with him. Let us let the courts decide. They are just”.
    The tension in the court room was thick with anticipation and anger, as several members of the Free Corps were present to offer their support to Flint Fireforge. Several of the Militiamen exchanged heated words with Darklight before the trial started, and one carried on into the proceedings. Chief Justice Panea was moved to call for silence or she would have the offending Militiaman remove from the courtroom.

    In an interesting side story, the proceedings were interrupted as an Orc called Ur’Buurzghul came running into the room and attacked Kodiak Darklight. Within moments, Darklight was on the ground, blood running freely from his wounds. He was returned to health shortly thereafter, and the trial proceeded accordingly.

    Interesting to note that, during the attack on Kodiak Darklight, the Free Corp rushed to his defense, including the man he accused of assault. Chief Justice Panea made an announcement following the attack, commending the Free Corps for their decisive and unwavering devotion to duty.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 10:52 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Kinship Barkeep Schedule
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following schedule from Mishca of Kinship:

    I just wanted to remind everyone of the current Kinship Tavern barkeep schedule. The best time to find people in Kinship Village is when the tavern is running, so please come out and show your support!

    • Sunday - Mishca, 9pm - 11pm EST
    • Monday - Belsen, 9pm - 11pm EST
    • Tuesday - Boswick, 9pm - 11pm EST
    • Wednesday - Gryffyn, 9pm - 11pm EST
    Also, on Thursday evenings at 9pm meet at the tavern for a Hunting Expedition! Rook will be hosting this event and everyone is welcome to join in!

    Kinship Village is located on the mainland just east of Skara Brae in Felucca. I hope to see you there!

    Mishca, Barmaid of Kinship Tavern

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 9:49 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Saint Patrick's Day Party at Heaven's Forge
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Just a reminder, Saint Patrick's Day is coming up!
    This Saturday Heaven's Forge will be hosting a St. Patrick's day event. The event begins at 6pm pst at Darkmor tavern in HF. We'll then proceed to other player run taverns in a shard-wide pub crawl. Before the crawl begins we'll have a Best Dressed Irish outfit contest and a catch the leprechaun contest. Anyone from a player run establishment, please contact me to make sure you are on the list of visitation. ICQ 988442. Cheers and "Erin go bragh!" Darius, Mayor

    Thankye Darius! The party sounds like alot of fun!
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 8:51 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    Elvin Council Forming
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<While browsing I found news of an Elvin Council starting on the Heaven's Forge Message Board
    To: All those interested: When: Sat. March 17 at 4PST. Where: Yew Courtroom The first meeting of the Elvin council will be at the Yew courtroom. Anyone interested in attending may do so. It will start at 4 PM PST. Agenda: 4:00-4:30 Introductions (establish who is who) 4:30-5:00 Discuss ideas for elvish rping 5:00-5:30 Discuss setting up the council 5:30-6:00 Selecting council members 6:00-6:30 Vote for council members 6:30-7:00 First official council meeting 7:00-???? Darkmor Tower will host reception I hope to see all of you there as well as meet many of you. There are no other events scheduled at this time, hopefully in the near future the council will set some up. I thank you for your time. Sleath Fallen Prince, Son of Joran Follower of the True Path (If anyone needs to contact me: ICQ 897034)
    Sounds interesting! I can't wait to here more about it.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 8:38 PM EST by Cymidei Fier (Baja)

    The Return of Juo'nar?
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This most interesting tidbit in from Kadair Khalidah.

    While wandering through Trinsic today I saw a most horrific sight. Nay, it
    taws not those evil guards of the shadow lords, for they came out with the
    short end of the stick as they say. As I walked toward the east bank, I
    passed the remains of Juo'nar's temple, that be an eerie sight in itself except
    in front of them be a Lich Lord! Quickly the monstrosity attacked one of
    shadow's guards. After a drawn out fight, that green axe was still no match
    for the mighty lich and the guard was dispatched. Quickly another guard
    attacked the lich from behind with his staff. Greatly weakened from his
    first fight the Lich Lord was no match for the second guard and fell victim
    to his magic. I was quickly escorted away by the other shadowlords guards, I
    do believe they didn't want me to see that they could be killed. However I
    was able to scribble this picture of the dead Lich Lord. I do hope all of
    this message makes it to you. I fear what this may foretell.

    Kadair Khalidah

    Where as it always saddens us to hear of one of our brethren meeting a violent end, it does make us smile to know that perhaps Juo'nar or some other vile force has taken an interest in Trinsic yet gain. *chuckles evilly*

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 7:36 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Necromancer Lynn Visits Stonekeep
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    A Disturbance in Stonekeep:

    At the end of a busy evening of performing the duties a Sergeant of the Militia ought to be performing, I was alerted by Klion, the Besieger Master, of the arrival of two shady looking people. His pale face sharply contrasting with his dark armor, I instantly knew something very out of the ordinary had come to Stonekeep. And indeed, for seconds later I arrived at the spot they were loitering at and witnessed their appearance.

    Gathering my senses took a while longer than usual, but I just managed to order the Besieger to hold his position instead of downright charging into the couple. His keen sense for Evil must have thrown him into bloodlust.
    A few looks were exchanged between the two strangers and after some eery whispering they addressed us.

    At this time, a fair amount of Guardsmen had heard the news, and gathered around us. The strangers introduced themselves as Lynn and Kal'Rakh. The first name send a shiver down my spine, for some reason. From this very moment, 'till long after they had left, my limbs would stay cold and trembling. Recovering my courage, I demanded to know their business. From tales of recent events, I had a suspicion about their answer, and one word locked itself into my mind. Domain. My fears being confirmed, their answer was indeed a book, and Domain it was named. Luckily, I was nay the only one aware of the shred of that very book that was in our possession, and after a quick exchange of words, Lyria, Corsair Master, was now on her way to secure it.

    The couple demanded to be let into our Library, and read from the book. Unsure of what to do, I decided to probe the strangers some more, and maybe learn of their plans. This, however, turned out to be in vain, as all conversation was headed to the one thing they were after: the shred of Domain. As it was apparent both were of Evil origin, and wielders of  Magic, I finally denied their request. The talk ended short after this, but that what was said will dominate the coming days for the Militia. A "General" commanding armies consisting of the Kings of lost lands shall come and make us regret out resistance. Threatening a Guardsman with violence is not a smart thing to do in Stonekeep, and the now restless group of Guardsmen started demanding the departure of the Evil couple. Two flashes of lighting erupted from the clear evening sky, and both had vanished into thin air.

    In a conversation with an Abbey monk, later that night, I was told that I met two Necromancers, and that I was lucky, very lucky indeed, to be able to tell the tale.

    Mikhail Vigor

    Arg! G'luck!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 7:04 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Montreal & around Player's Dinner-Meeting
    It's great to see so many people putting on these Player Gatherings! I have to tell you, it is an experience you won't want to miss if you get a chance to attend one. At any rate, this just came into us from Onslaught:
    Montreal & around Player's Dinner-Meeting

    Following your enthusiastic positive response, I am proud to organize the first Quebec Ultima Online player's meeting. The meeting is for all players, regardless of your Shard. Your friends are also welcome.

    When: Saturday May 5th, 2001, 5pm till...
    Where: La Cage aux Sports of Old Montreal

    More details and registration information can be found on my website.

    French site:

    English site:

    I hope to meet many of you,


    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 6:12 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    The Daemonologist's Demise
    It is with a profound sadness that I must herein herald the passage of Teleburiel, the Daemon Hunter. May his soul find a greater peace than that of this world.

    I found myself at the Sandlewood Box, the Feluccan tavern operated by my friend Andrew Bishop of the Cult. As I began etching this into my runebook, I was called away by the sounds of chatter coming from around the facade of the building. Glancing around the corner, my jaw dropped. Basil Stag Hare, Kallendbor, Kandalor, Andrew Bishop, Noleens, all faces that I recognized, and then some that I did not. At the center of the crowd stood a lone figure draped in the folds of a monk's robe. Teleburiel. Glancing around in despair, I quickly hid myself. The crowd, so focused on the daemon hunter, seemed not to witness me strolling about the grounds. I watched carefully...

    For a full report on the death of Teleburiel and the events that followed, read here.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 5:56 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Of Daemons and Orcs: Part Two
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Doctor Jerred Ghyss sat at his writing desk, hunched over a scroll. He worked diligently, scribing a short essay using a magical quill he recieved years ago from a friend. Never would it need to be dipped in ink; he found it to be quite helpful. After a few minutes, he stopped writing, and reviewed the work. Nodding in satisfaction, he rolled it up and wrapped it in a band of red cloth, then sealed it. As he placed it in a chest, there was a knock on his door.

    Doctor Ghyss narrowed one eye, and glanced over at the door, with a puzzled expression. He walked over and opened the door. "Nephew!" Jerred exclaimed in excitement, as he quickly embraced the visitor.

    "Hello Uncle Jerred," Redlowwinski said with a forced smile. Jerred Ghyss frowned at his nephew, then turned away from him in disgust.

    "Come now, Redlow. Surely thou dost nay still hold a grudge against me."

    Redlowwinski sighed and shook his head, "No, uncle. I've come to accept your view. However, I do not agre-"

    Jerred interrupted, "Ah, then thou hast finally realized that mundanes art inferior! 'Tis thine reason for moving to Wind, perhaps?"

    Redlow stood rigid a moment, his jaw clenched. He wondered briefly why he came here, wondered if his uncle would ever come to realize that all men, all women, all species even, are equal. Regardless of their magical abilities... "No, uncle. You interrupt me. I have come to accept your view, though, I do not agree with it. I've given up on trying to change your mind."

    Redlow's uncle scoffed, and walked away from him briefly. "In time, thou wilt surely realize that we, the mages, art superior. We.. art the future, nephew. We.. oh, why do I bother? Thou wilt never come to thine senses. What is it thou wishest of me? I know thou art here for a reason, and not merely a social call."

    (continued at

    ~Populus Ventuslis Concilium~

    Intrigued? Hit the link! For more information on the Wind Government, I've found that searching the Stratics Archives (top right hand corner of the page) for keyword "Redlowwinski" will bring up several pertinent articles. Hope that helps!
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 4:43 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Beorn and the Magic Tree
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    I was present for the telling of a tale from a woodsman named Beorn...

    Beorn approached our group from the west Trinsic jungle, he joined our disscussion and began to tell us a tale about a quest he was on. Beorn once knew of an area of forest untouched by corruption where magic tree grew, the woodsman had set a goal to get the tree to grow again. This is what I was able to take down from his tale...

    When there was only one facet that is, when this land was still uncorrupted...

    I had encountered a particular area of the forest; I would dwell there often. The area I speak of seemed to be ageless; the vigor of that land was linked to a tree that grew there. A great tree that glowed with its own light perhaps I'm the only man who has ever seen it. The tree had some odd magic that defied discovery…

    Well, I don't want to ramble on; I will skip to the important part.

    When the facets split, this land was laid barren but the forest with the great tree remained as it always had been until Keenoean found it, and he thrust his dark sword into the tree and it died then he cut it down; his malice made him less than human.

    Minax burned the wood in a great fire, and from the smoke summoned many daemons, balrons and other daemonic champions when Minax burned the great was her hatred that she cursed it…

    Beorn went on to tell us that Keenoean poured molten metal on the trees stump so it would never grow again. Hope lies in a seed; perhaps someone at some time collected a seed from the magic tree. Life flourishes in Trammel maybe a connection can be found there that will allow the magic tree to be planted again in Felucca. What ever needs to be done, those present to hear Beorn's tale pledged to help him in his quest. Beorn told the group that he had research to do in Trammel and that he would be in contact as soon as he knew more.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 4:26 PM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Lilabet the Bookwyrm
    -Library of Abbot Eventide, Town of Phoenix Rising

    On the e'en of Sunday the 11th of March, the habitual serentiy of the TPR Library was disrupted by the arrival of the Dread Lady Lilibet, the woman still voraciously in search of the works of the scholar Prospero, both the contents of which and her motivations still largely unknown. As she dug through the shelves and moved down the aisles, both citizens of the town and travelers from abroad therein gathered. One, Edguardo, the knight yet under her sway, and my fiance. Unable to find the works, and her tongue getting sharper with the disappointment of it all and the marked disapproval of the crowd, I accosted her in the aisle, demanding an honorable duel of magic to be held across the Feluccan rift where all lie vulnerable, even Lilibet.

    Later justifying that she 'makes her own rules,' Lilibet denied me that fight, preferring, as those gathered found most cowardly, to summon the hordes in the grassy patch across from the library, herself safeguarded by the sanctuary of Trammel physics. It began with packs of hellhounds, but was followed shortly by fire elementals, daemons of epic proportion, and the whirling efreet, bursting from moongates as she called out 'CINIS,' her lips curled up in a wicked joy. Surviving only through the aid of a pack of healers who were wandering about the guardpost, the long arduous battle left few standing. Having fled at some point during the battle, Lilibet was no where to be found on the library grounds as the surviving warriors tended to their wounds.

    While the night had brought much suffering upon the town, it ended on a high note as Redlowwinski, Mayor of Wind and old friend of EdGuardo's, assembled the weary who stumbled about the field of battle back into the safe walls of the Abbot's Library for to conduct a ceremony which he believed could return Ed his memory, and thus excise Lilibet's sinful collar. Chanting the mantra "An Vas Mani Wis" and joining the Mayor in a chorus of voices, the gathering of people did in fact later rejoice, as the Knight's memory was restored.

    How the events of the night will be received by the Lady Lilibet remains a concern, and her hunt for the books of Prospero continues.

    Thanks to Gamaliel Gaiblin of TPR for the screenshot of the battle. For more information on this ongoing quest, please refer to the articles SEEKING TELEBURIEL posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 10:39 PM EST and MINER AXED! posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 6:41 PM EST. If you have further questions about the quest or would like information on getting involved (which EVERYONE can do!), please contact me at [email protected] and I'll try to help you out.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 3:12 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Murder in Ravenmoor!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    A note from Ravenmooor:

    Hail to thee !

    A Murder in Ravenmoor Jails !

    This is a terrible news, something really horrible
    happened in Ravenmoor. The thief who was caught days
    ago has been mysteriously murdered in his cell inside
    the Ravenmoor Jails.
    The Town Council has decided to close the building to
    undertake further investigations.
    The Citizens are very shocked by this news.
    Every one is waiting for more informations on this
    worrying case.

    News will be posted as soon as possible.

    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor.

    Crisis! Crisis! Bring out the Hallberds!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 2:52 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    A History Lesson
    This was received from Lord Wolf,

    Years ago, there was a village to the north of Trinsic called Paws. It started as a trading center, and was well known for its auctions of the finest horses in Sosaria. It slowly grew, and the traders were joined by craftsmen and merchants. It’s convenient location on the coast and between the cities of Trinsic and Britain contributed to its renown, and it became a center of hospitality that served travelers from far and wide.

    Along with the merchants came their wives and children, and Paws became home to many families who lived simple but comfortable lives on this peaceful plain. Only occasionally would small groups of lizardmen and orcs wander into the area from the swamps to the north. The people there lived a good life.

    Then one day, the town was attacked by a veritable army of orcs. Never had a group of that size even been seen in the area! Some malevolent force had brought together the Jugdath'Bru clan for the sole purpose of destroying Paws. The men hid the women and children in barns and cellars, and then sent a call for help to the Paladins of the Trinsic Honor Guard. But the message never arrived.

    Running to Trinsic, the messenger found a Guardsman on the trail and begged him to call the Guard to aid Paws. The Guardsman wheeled his horse, glowered down at the panting man, and struck him down with a single blow! For this Guardsman was an imposter who had infiltrated the Guard’s ranks. It was he that led the orcs against the town. His name was Thornewood.

    Not knowing the messenger’s fate, the men and many of the women of Paws fought bravely against the waves of orcs that attacked their homes and families. But they never stood a chance against the horde. Blood ran freely over doorsteps and through the streets. Men, women and children were all cruelly slaughtered. And the mysterious Guardsman was never seen again.

    In the end, Trinsic’s Honor Guard did learn of the attack and arrived to find the orcs in the last stages of the obliteration of Paws. Hartham himself strode through town demolishing orcs and searching for survivors. In one of the few houses not burned to the ground he beheaded an orc that had just killed some poor, brave woman of Paws. The story has been told that as Hartham turned to leave, he heard a sound under the floorboards. Tossing aside a rug he ripped open the trapdoor, ready to attack any vile creatures below. And there he found a young boy. Apparently, he was the sole survivor of the once peaceful town of Paws. His name was Crawworth, and Hartham raised the boy as his own. Years later Crawworth achieved notoriety in the battles against the Followers of the Armageddon, and in the initial explorations of the newly found Lost Lands, where he was eventually killed.

    What many people have never known was that Crawworth was NOT the only survivor of Paws. Indeed, several years ago, it was discovered that Farley, a half-mad drunk living in the swamps, had been hidden in the woods as a child and was overlooked by the orcs. When the Knights of Sosaria were building their town of Elysium on the ruins of Paws, Farley played a part in quelling the angry cries of ghosts that rose up to complain to the people of Trinsic for not sending aid during the attack. He eventually told them of the false paladin who betrayed both Trinsic and Paws, thus finally allowing the ghosts to rest in peace. But soon after, Farley disappeared and has been seen no more.

    I know this story well. It’s a dramatic history lesson that I’ve followed all my life. But it’s like the surface of a deep pool….it’s only a small part, the beginning of the story. Many may know that my daughter, Nova, and I founded the Knights of Sosaria and that we built our homes in Elysium, on the ruins of Paws. Few know much more about my history, and how I came to be drawn to this area. Perhaps by now you’ve guessed…

    I am another survivor of the devastation of Paws.

    Lord Wolf Knights of Sosaria
    Thankye Lord Wolf, for this view into Paw's past.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 1:56 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    BNN: A Doorway To Darkness
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following BNN article was posted in the Napa Valley section of the Ultima Online site:

    A Doorway To Darkness
    Mar 11 2001 10:49PM

    The figure sat hunched over the table, dwarfing the miniature map of Trinsic that lay there. Candlelight flickered, the only illumination within the dank room. After waiting for so long, the figure finally had a plan…a doorway to darkness had at last been opened…

    Riodan looked down upon the tiny pieces that covered the map below him, and it was one in particular that caught his eye. His quarry.

    Smiling, he recalled the events of the previous evening…a night which had set much in motion. And would, he hoped, be only the beginning of the end…

    “Citizens of Grimoire, you are challenged this evening. You must
    prove your worth to me, that you are worthy of my Master’s presence here. It will not be easy; it will be a test of blood that you must pass. Let us not talk of the consequences should you fail.

    You must choose a champion who would best me in combat. That is my test to you…the choice is yours.”

    And so, Dyastro Farkas…Mayor of Grimoire, stepped forward…blade at the ready…prepared to take the burden upon his own back.

    The combat had been swift, but brutal…both men choosing to coat their blades with a sticky mixture of Nightshade…a deadly poison when correctly applied. As if by some cruel twist of fate, both men fell that evening. But it was Riodan who fell first…his blood mixing with that of prior combatants…and quickly joined by that of Dyastro’s.

    But the test had been met, and Grimoire had succeeded in convincing Riodan of their worthiness.

    “Will you aid my Master?” Riodan puffed, his body bruised and shaken. “We will.”

    The bargain had been set.

    Riodan smiled darkly to himself and began rearranging the pieces…there was much to be done.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 1:16 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Mystical Llamaherders
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    I met a man tonight who told a tale of intrigue...

    Macabre the Jest and Spiderbaby, were out on a routine B*H prowl in Moonglow when they came upon a white wyrm, untamed and standing on the road to the city gates. Unsure of why it was there or what it was up to, the two men approached the wyrm and were not attacked, they pursued the matter and began to cast spells at the wyrm and peacemaking to test the limits of the wyrms patience. The white wyrm attacked at this point but perhaps sensing the futility of such a fight left off the battle.

    Not satisfied Macabre the Jest and Spiderbaby approached the wyrm again and to their amazment it transformed into Francis the Mystic Llamaherder. Though the wyrm now looked like a man, he still called out in that unmistakable wyrmish growl. Being diserning gentlemen, Macabre the Jest knew of an ancient literary work concerning Llamas and sought to aquire a copy from Francis being that he was a Llamaherder, upon closer inspection though it seems Francis left his backpack at home.

    For no apparent reason however Francis decided he prefered the body of a wyrm and transformed back. Remembering that his brother was soon to finish his traning in animal taming Spiderbaby sent word for his brother to join them in Moonglow. Unfortunately the wyrm had been used by more than one tamer for when trying to tame the white wyrm the men were told it had too many previous masters.

    Wishing to pursue further the book concerning llamas the men retraced their steps and actions in an attempt to get the llamaherder to return and to their shock it worked. However Kevin the Mystic Llamaherder appeared instead of Francis. Kevin being more anti-social than Francis did not respond to the party and again after a time also prefering the body of a wyrm transformed again. Now accepting that this was no ordinary wyrm and that the citizens of Moonglow would not allow it to walk their fair streets, the party drew the wyrm away from the gates and killed it.

    Is there something strange in the Moonglow water supply? Has a magical moongate opened up allowing white wyrms to desend upon the fair city? Your guess is as good as mine, but keep your eyes peeled for more Llamaherders in our lands.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 2:22 AM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Yew Vote of Confidence Opens
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Yew Mayor Jas Lighstryder has posted a notice regarding the opening of the city's vote of confidence. Details are lengthy, and so have not been reprinted here; please see the full text for more information.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 1:56 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Death, Rescue, and Resurrection
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Niamb Goldenhair of Edinburgh slid this under the criers' office door:
    Well, last evening contained as many twists and turns as a silver serpent and with as deadly an intent. The evening began quietly enough with a few folks gathered at their local tavern. Suddenly the patrons of the Whispering Pines Tavern in Edinburgh found themselves besieged by reapers and giant serpents. Pigeons were sent flying and members of the Defenders of Justice and others of the Justice Alliance sped to the defense of the hapless village. Wave upon wave of evil beset the brave defenders with undead of every ilk, mages and even swamp tentacles taking part in the attack. Yet again virtue triumphed over evil and the enemy was repulsed.

    After the corpses of the enemies were cleared away, the defenders retired again to their homes, but some few remained at the Whispering Pines to discuss the events of the night. A stranger appeared at the door of the tavern, a man of loathsome visage who carried with him the stench of rotting carrion. He introduced himself as Aenid of Namaracsa, one of the Necromari of Wrong. Aneid claimed he wishes to betray his comrades of old but needs the help of the Justice Alliance to secure a true copy of the Spell of Focusing. This is the spell that Scaramandine II and Armande sought in order to control the power of the Orb of Soul Seeking. Aneid told us that Scaramandine the Elder is a Nosferatu, a form of vampire, who feed upon the blood and flesh of those who fall in these attacks upon our village. Aneid claims he will use the Spell of Focusing to vanquish Scaramandine the Elder to another plane where no flesh or blood exists. There deprived of his energy source, Scar will wither away and truly die. Our experience with the Necromari, however, made us doubt the veracity of his claim of noble intent. Power seems to be the only motivator of this nefarious crew who know nothing of the virtues save their hatred for them and all who cleave to them.

    After Aneid’s departure, talk turned to our friend Deminzata. She had given over her soul, becoming an unborn of the Undead for 14 days in hopes of saving her friend, Scaramandine II. Though today was to be the day of her release we had heard naught from her. The Undead were to free Diminzata if the phylactery of Scar II could not be located within the two-week period. As far as we knew, the phylactery had not been recovered. It has been given into the keeping of Watts thinking Scar the Elder would overlook so innocuous and weak a personage. However, Watts felt the Elder had come to suspect him and he had given the amulet back to Scaramandine II. Watts the dwarf sent a pigeon winging to her. The news it brought in return was dire—the Undead would not release Deminzata.

    We called upon our allies and heroes from throughout Sosaria answered our call, gathering at the Keep of the Undead in Necropolis to regain our friend whatever the cost. A fierce battle ensued with much loss of life but neither side seemed able to gain an advantage. At last Void of the Undead came forth and spoke with members of the Justice Alliance. She said the Undead had not refused to release Deminzata, but that Demi refused to go. In answer to our cries of disbelief, he invited one member of the Alliance to go inside the keep and speak with Deminzata directly. If she asked to be set free, the Undead would allow her to depart. If she did not, her soul would remain theirs for eternity. As one of Demi’s closest friends, I was chosen to accompany Void. I cannot describe the unspeakable horror I witnessed in that foul place—bones, corpses in all stages of decay, a stench so vile as to be scarcely tolerable by mortal woman. Then I saw my friend. Demi hung listless, chained to the wall, her face bruised and bloody, her hands—the hands of a bard—horribly disfigured. Now I learned from whence came Void's confidence that Deminzata would not ask for her own release. He held the phylactery of Scar, the ArchLiche. As I begged Demi so say the words, that she wished to be released, Void toyed with the amulet, making it clear to Deminzata that if she spoke those words Scar would pay the forfeit. I finally convinced Demi that she must ask for her release, that if the Undead held the phylctery, Scar was lost in any case. To sacrifice herself would be for naught. At last she consented to my pleas, stating her wish to be set free. With that, Void hurled the amulet against the floor with explosive force, destroying the phylactery in a burst of flame.

    Now however the true evil of this archfiend shone true. They would release my friend, but only in her death. If I would restore Deminzata to her friends and family, I must slay her with my own hands. Faced with no other recourse, tears streaming down my face, I begged Demi’s forgiveness and slew her with two blows of my mighty axe.

    Reunited with our friends outside the Keep of the Undead, we resurrected our friend and gated back to the Brazen Monkey Tavern. There yet another surprise awaited us. In the tavern, drunk as a lord, stood Dale Larkspur. Four generations ago, Dale Larkspur was a ranger, a man of virtue who opposed the Scar the Elder and the Necromari. He was killed however and lost his soul to the Orb of Soul Seeking. Imprisoned by the Orb and later by the wand Scaramandine had fashioned from shards when it was shattered, Dale had become an agent of evil. These past seven weeks the members of the Justice Alliance have completed a series of riddles to locate clues—each a word that together spelled out a phrase which would reveal why Scaramandine the Elder desired the Plate Armor of Shielding. Taken together, the words spelled out the phrase: Minions must not don the enchanted plate. Dale is one of the minions who serve Scaramandine, commanded by the power of the wand. Interpreting the sentence, it was surmised that donning the Enchanted Plate Armor of Shielding would protect the wearer from the power of the wand, allowing these formerly good people to return to their senses. The patrons of the tavern, knowing this had skillfully manipulated Dale into imbibing too much of the tavern’s fine stock. In his weakened state, it was possible to cast a spell and paralyze Dale enabling Telos to force him to don the Enchanted Plate Armor of Shielding. Once the armor was on, Dale came to himself, seemingly unaware of the evil he had wrought at Scaramandine the Elders behest. The poor man seemed to itch and burn beneath the plate then suddenly, in a flash of ligh,t he vanished, the plate falling empty to the floor, the soul of this poor tormented man finally allowed to rest in peace.

    Niamb Goldenhair

    Mayor of Edinburgh

    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 1:46 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    A Vision in Kinship
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Several nights past, I visited Felucca on business. While there, I stopped for a drink in Kinship. The village is quite pleasant, and though close to Skara Brae, its orderly buildings have avoided the ravages of warfare, and the village grounds are yet graced by flowers. I was quite enjoying the evening when the barmaid, Mishca, had some sort of attack. She sent along this account of the episode...
    It began as it always had, with the light around her fading slowly as if night was descending and ending in complete blindness. She trembled in fear and called out to those around her in Kinship Tavern as the silvery edges of the vision began to take hold. As the first scene of the vision became focused, she was no longer in the tavern. No longer surrounded by friends in the village she called home. She was back in that wretched cage in which they had held her so many years ago.

    Mishca grabbed the bars of the crude metal cage and peered out over the smoke blanketed pool of water below it.

    "Zemies!" she heard a voice cry out from somewhere beyond.

    "You fool! How could you do this to me? I promised you a cure. I promised you a better life. You betrayed me! Perhaps you feel that I will end your cursed life. Perhaps you feel that death is far better then what you have become. Your service is no longer needed here. Walk amongst your kind Zemies. You are free. We'll see if they will accept you as I have for so many years."

    The silvery edges of her vision narrowed to darkness once more. There was no cage, no pool of water, no voice yelling at Zemies.

    Her head turned to the right as a pinpoint of light began to open into yet another vision. This time it was a diamond necklace on which she was focused. Confusion creased her brow. What could this mean? She somehow knew that this necklace was very valuable, but she didn't know why.

    As the vision broadened around the necklace, more of the scene became clear. She could make out the ghostly features of five spirits around it. The faint image of chains around each of the spirits gave her the impression that they were somehow held captive.

    One question repeated itself over and over in her mind as she gazed at the scene her vision showed her.

    "Why is it so valuable?"

    Again, the silvery edges of the vision narrowed until darkness once more surrounded her. She reached out in the darkness hoping it was finally over, but as she looked to her left, a pinpoint of light beckoned her once more.

    Her mind's eye focused on a lone man, searching the lands for something unknown to him. Could it be the necklace he seeks? She wondered as the darkness descended on her for the last time.

    As the last silvery wisp of her vision faded away, Mishca found herself blinded and in the tavern once more. She cried out for anyone to help her, to speak to her. Her friends quickly helped her to a seat. As always, she had no memory of what she had seen in her vision. It was over... for now.

    In the past, Mishca has manifested the ability to perceive events occurring in the present. This was associated with the presence of Lord Zaio, in whose captivity she met Zemies, the fellow referred to in this most recent vision. While it is unclear what her present seeings mean, precedent makes them out to be ill omens, indeed.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2001, 1:37 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Stratics in Quarter Finals
    Wow! It's down to the Final 8 and we'd like to thank all those who voted for Stratics. This week we're up against Lando Calrissian in the UNDERGROUND Open, UGO's eight-week (Feb. 5, 2001 - April 2, 2001) single-elimination tournament. Win prizes ranging from a Dig Dug vintage arcade machine to a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid figure to an iMac. All you have to do to win is vote for one of the 8 remaining contestants, to see who will be the "Champion of the UNDERGROUND."

    Who ya gonna vote for? The contestant who will win, of course: the Stratics sponsored Michelle Yeoh. First she trounced Traci Lords, then she smashed Dig Dug. Last week she put Napster out of its misery with and this week she's up against Lando Calrissian. Let's find out if she can wipe that everlasting smirk off his face.

    Michelle Yeoh was kicking butt overseas long before teaming up with James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, and now she's bringing both worlds together in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was even asked to play the villain in the upcoming Matrix sequels but turned down the role in order to work with her own new production company.

    So, vote for Michelle Yeoh, win a few prizes, and support Stratics as we face off against other UGO affiliates. Vote today! Thank you!

    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 5:46 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    A reminder of the Lucky Charms Challenge from the Britannia Order of Woodcrafters
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Received from Deirdre—Shardmistress of B@W on Catskills

    Help Find Me Lucky Charms

    On Thursday, March 15 at 9PM EST the Britannia Order of Woodcrafters and the UO Merchant Alliance are sponsoring a riddle quest that will take participants searching throughout the land for an elusive leprechaun named Me Lucky Charms. The quest begins at the Whispering Pines Tavern in Edinburgh promptly at 9PM. The Village of Edinburgh is located just outside of the protected zone for the Dungeon of Wrong, NW of Minoc.

    Gates to Edinburgh will be provided from the West Bank of Britain from 8:40 till 8:55PM. In Edinburgh, participants will be partied, for communications purposes, with a member of BOW or UO Merchant Alliance. They will be told a special catch phrase which must be repeated to Me Lucky Charms to claim the prize. Whoever finds Lucky first and repeats this phrase to him will receive a green bag containing a prize. As soon as the first prize is given out, Lucky will recall to a second location and participants will be notified, via the party system, to return to Edinburgh to get the second riddle and so the quest will continue until all seven prizes are given out. When the last prize is given out, participants will be notified and invited to return to the Whispering Pines Tavern for green ale and Guinness (use your imagination here).

    The prizes crafted by the skilled artisans of BOW or donated by members of UOMerchants and BOW will be:

    A green suit of GM leather armor

    A green suit of GM studded armor

    A set of GM Verite dex armor

    A set of GM Verite plate armor

    A jewelry set crafted with 1000 emeralds

    A set of green furniture and a keg of Deadly Poison

    Two green fishing nets and a MIB

    Should be a lot of fun. We hope to see you in the friendly Village of Edinburgh
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 4:42 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    New @ Stratics
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 4:19 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    A St. Patrick's Day party for you!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Looking for something to do in UO on St. Patrick's Day? Well here you go!

    There will be a grand St. Patrick's day party at the Silver Dragon Winery & Tavern, on Saturday the 17th of March at 8:00 PM by the Eastern sky. Irish culture has been brought to Britannia and this is your chance to enjoy it! This party is directed toward "roleplayers" in the land of Chesapeake, but other people are welcome as long as they portray good behaviour. The staff of the Silver Dragon Winery has been working over time to brew mass amounts of green ale, and cook an assortment of green foods. There will be several traditional games at the party including a "find the pot o' gold under the rainbow" contest and a "who can sing the best Irish song?" contest. There will also be many fun games such as a scavenger hunt for green items, and a keg and rare auction. Green ale will be served all throughout the night and shamrocks will be growing on the tables 'till morning. Winemaking tours are also available upon request. Come one, come all: to the Silver Dragon Winery & Tavern, and enjoy this Irish fun!

    If you are unsure how to get to the Silver Dragon please go here:

    Please visit the Silver Dragon Irish Culture Page:

    The Silver Dragon Website:

    -Dwalin ~ Silver Dragon Lead Winemaker

    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 3:00 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Ropes and Dyeable Pillows
    Gem of the FCB sends us this news:
    The new patch has brought more changes for the fishing community. Ropes are spawning and pillows are colorful! Check it all out at the Fishing Council of Britannia.

    Gem, FCB Co-administrator

    And Admiral Ruffie, of Turbulent Waters, has a picture of a killed kraken with the rope visible as loot in the corpse. Ruffie comments:
    As usual, reports of the rope first appeared on the Stratics UO Fisherman message board. It was soon confirmed by several sources on other shards. Saturday night my guild, the Urban Knights (Atlantic), gathered and tested our luck with a few nets. In about 10 nets total we got a few krakens, but only one had a rope.

    So far there has been no comment from OSI on this change. Many shards have not yet been patched with these changes at this time, but Chesapeake, Catskills, Atlantic, AOL Legends, Great Lakes, Lake Superior and the test shards should contain this hidden adjustment to kraken loot.

    Thanks to Gem and Ruffie for "diving" into this.
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 2:58 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    GuildBoss v1.11 released
    The creator of Guildboss sent us the following announcement:
    GuildBoss is a guild and clan manager for Windows 9x/2000/Me/NT. Grab it at

    What's new in v1.11:

    • Added 'Custom filter...' option to the QuickFilter drop-down on main screen. By selecting this option you can filter your roster by choosing values from your custom Drop-List fields. For instance, for an EverQuest guild you might want to see all your "Human Paladins" or maybe your "Dark Elf Rogues", etc.. You can filter on all four drop-lists.
    • Added count of "highlighted" members in parenthesis next to the count of members in the currently selected rank.
    • Custom drop-list captions (on Member Profile window) now update accordingly when renamed via the Drop-List Manager.
    • Added support for "numeric" sorting in custom User Fields. For instance, if you defined a "Level" column for tracking character level, you can sort the rosters by the values entered in this field. Prior to this release, all custom User Fields were interpreted as TEXT fields and thus did not sort properly with number values.
    • Fixed timeout error when sending a message where the last recipient in the list doesn't have an entry in the profile (i.e. blank email address or ICQ #).
    • Fixed date sorting in roster grid.
    • Fixed "overflow" error in Deeds Journal when member's Deed Tally exceeded 32,767.
    • Fixed "Can't create DAO workspace" error a few folks had encountered, preventing them from running GuildBoss at all.
    • Fixed Cellpadding and Cellspacing on roster reports where they were swapped.
    • Fixed extra "<td" in column header HTML in the General Listing roster report.
    • Fixed "Undefined error [invalid key] populating member property controls!" error when adding a new member to a new blank database. Finally!!
    • Fixed "Undefined error 3061-Too few parameters" when sorting roster by Dues Owed.
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 2:10 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Valoria Darts Tourney
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< News from Valoria:

    Valoria Darts Tourney

    On Sunday 18th March and each second sunday after the Sword and Shovel Tavern in Valoria will play host to me darts tourney. The match starts at 20:00 GMT I'll be at the place from 19:00 GMT for the registration of players and collection of your 500 gold entry fee. If you do not yet know where Valoria is then here is a map to guide you to the Tavern

    Prize being given to Jordan from the 5th March Valoria Darts Tourney Here you can see the young Jordan being given her prize from the last Tourney - the whole entry fee fund and a special bonus of a suit of valorite armour kindly donated by the famed craftsman Khaled.

    Here is how the Tourney works...

    There must be an even number of players (2, 4, 6, 8 and so on).

    Players are put into pairs for the first round and each pair goes to the dart board when called by the Tourney Master (that's me).

    The first named player in the pair throws 3 darts at the board and I total up their score. The second named player in the pair then throws 3 darts at the board and once again I adds up the score. The player with the higher score goes to the next round - the loser gets to have a drink early.

    This continues until we are left with only one pair standing - the final!

    Folk from far and wide are invited to come along to each Tourney - they are every other week from the 18th. Folk that want more information can send a pigeon to 105013063 or a messenger can find me at [email protected].

    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 12:56 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Interview With Senior Companion Legion
    With an entire world to explore, skills to develop, career paths to choose and alliances to make, realm of Britannia can be an intimidating place to the uninitiated. In an article published last week, we heard the stories and comments of several new comers to these shores, and we saw that their experiences varied as much as the people themselves; some had a smooth introduction, and others faltered to the point of almost leaving these lands forever.

    In an effort to make the transition into Britannia that much less a challenge, a dedicated group of Britannian citizens have banded together and formed the Companion Program. These devoted volunteers aid the new arrivals to Britannia with no promise of reward beyond the satisfaction of knowing that they have helped others through what can be a confusing and anxious experience.

    I spoke with Senior Companion Legion, and this is what he had to say.

    What exactly is the companion program?

    Where to start!?! The companions program put very simply is in place to help young players. Those of us that call ourselves companions volunteer our time to be an integral part of the UO community. We meet, greet and guide new (young) players throughout the lands of Brittania. We robes are very limited in what we can do (cannot interfere with the world), so a companion’s play character is given a ‘flag’ that grants them the powers and privileges of a companion.
    What prompted the introduction of the companion program?

    I will say that the companions program had been in place for 5 months before I joined it. Not having been there, I can only guess at this. The answer seems fairly simple though. At some point in all of our careers in UO, we were young. I think it is safe to say that the tool tips within UO simply do not provide enough guidance to get someone from ‘newbie’ status to being a glorious lord or lady. As the land became more complex, the need for such a program became more and more evident. In response to probably many new players to UO that had thrown up their hands in frustration and left, the Companions program was formed.
    When was the program officially kicked off?

    The program first began in October of 1999. It is worth mentioning here that I wasn’t actually flagged as a Companion for the first time until 3/24, so my background details may be a bit sketchy.
    How was the program first received by the Britannian population?

    I’d say that at first the general UO population for the most part didn’t know a derned thing about the program. Most folks still don’t. Although I feel this in recent months has become less of a problem than it originally once was.
    How was the program communicated to the population?

    There were a few notices on the website posted. “Now accepting applications for the companions program”. A notice can be found at:
    If I am a new player to the program, how do I go about finding out about it and getting a companion assigned to me?

    If you are new to UO and need a companion, they can be found roaming the streets of Haven (the training grounds for new players, a city built where Occlo can be found in Felucca). Or one may just pop over to you and say howdy.
    If I am an established citizen of Britannia, and wish to become a companion, where might I go?

    If you are interested in joining you must first fit our criteria, being over the age of 18 and having no warnings/bad marks on your account placed GM’s. Provided you meet those criteria, visit our FAQ site at If you like what you see there, you may choose to apply. There you will be able to apply. It will take awhile to process you application (as we have MANY applications). We are very backed up at the moment, so I will apologise in advance. After you are accepted you will begin as a companion pending your passing our online training course.
    What has the general feed back been from those who have gone through the program?

    Well, it varies... As with many things in life, you only get out of it what you put into it.
    How many companions are currently working on the Catskills shard?

    We are not at liberty to discuss specific numbers like that, sorry.
    How many requests for companions are received on a monthly basis?

    Well, as you may have read above, companions are not requested, they are not called, they call themselves. Sometimes a young player can get a companion by requesting one through a counselor... And as for specific numbers I do not have that information.
    What are the basic responsibilities of a companion? Can you detail an average working shift of a companion?

    As I mentioned before, the individual companion determines the working shift’s length. Companions must act as ambassadors of goodwill towards the young players that they meet.
    What are your success measures for the program? How do you know that the program is working (or not working)?

    Success is best measured one young at a time. Part of my job is to serve as a mentor to companions and help them to best serve young players. We have been working on providing youngs with a feedback mechanism but I don’t have any of the facts and figures from that yet as it is very new. The holy grail in companioning is set at 95% of the young population served. With a team of dedicated companions behind the program that goal can be easily exceeded. We also hope the program is successful for companions as well, it provides you with a vehicle to allow others to enjoy UO as well as you have without so many of the early speedbumps you had to face in life. It is very rewarding for all involved.
    Is there anything you would like to add?

    I thought I’d give you a little background on my experiences in the program. How better to visit such a subject than through the experiences of another? In February or January of 2000 I sent in an application to be a Companion. I’d been playing for only a few months, but with the help of friends had become a very successful tradesman on Baja. I wanted to give back to the community that had afforded me so much entertainment. On March 14, 2000, I received an email from Senior Companion Pepper welcoming me to the program, telling me what I needed to do in order to earn my flag. This of course was great news, within minutes of receiving my application I was in the IRC chat room bugging the SC’s for training. Almost immediately I was taken in by Senior Companion Dalliance who trained me in the ways of the Companion. Truly, I was under some strange illusion that I really knew how to help new players. This training program really gave me a new outlook on it. 3 days and a final exam later, I was flagged on Baja by Senior Companion Gurney. Immediately I started working with the new players of Baja to improve their lives within the land of UO. A few months after I joined we saw the lands of Trammel appear. Haven, the training grounds for new players appeared, at that point as a companion we now really had a lot going for us. I spent countless hours helping new players. I easily companioned far more than I played (I still do). Companioning is not for everyone, but it most certainly is for me.

    About 2 1/2 months down the road the companions program had whetted my interest do something more. In early June they opened applications to new Senior Companions, needless to say I was very interested and proceeded to quiz a few SC’s to see if it was for me. They convinced me and I then applied (after waiting the required 90 days from my flagging date). Two months later I was mentored under the wing of then Assistant Arch Companion VirulLord (now Arch Companion VirulLord) and by late August I was filing paperwork!

    Since that time, my stay on Catskills has been nothing but fun. The Companions there, my fellow Senior Companions, our Regional Senior Companions and Arch Companions are such a great team to work with. The program has many things still to offer me, and I have many things to offer it. Looking back on my last year in the program, it has been quite a journey. I have met many new friends and will continue to do so. My fellow SC’s and I are always doing everything we can to make this the best program that we can. I will close with one final appeal to your readers. If you see a new player struggling to get along, to make ends meet... you see a young at the bank crying out “Give me something, I’m new!!!”, take a moment to help them. Don’t just hand them money, teach them how to get money. Remember that you were at one time a new player and how much the kindness of a single person can make a difference. And with that, to all a safe journey.
    There you have it, citizens. The experiences of one of the companions themselves! On behalf of those aided by the program, I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Companion Legion for his time through this interview, and to all the companions, for making life in Britannia that much easier for those new to the realm.
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 6:35 AM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Hearing Held Regarding Yew Militia Accusation
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Charges against Yew Militia member Flint Fireforge were heard before Yew Chief Justice Panea in a hearing held at the Yew Court of Truth last night (11-Mar-01).

    The plaintiff in the action was a gamesman named Kodiak Darklight, who claims that Fireforge physically abused him after an incident involving Knight of Yew Reveak and Militiaman Fireforge, wherein Darklight was accused of theft.

    When asked his thoughts prior to the hearing, Kodiak Darklight had this to say:

    “Tis a sad day when the ones you depend upon to protect you turn in an attempt to make themselves feel better for whatever reason.”
    Darklight’s gaming operation has not officially been shut down, though he states that he has been in hiding for the past week, fearful of further persecution at the hands of the Yew militia.

    “I cannot do business in my own city for fear of reprisal and retaliation by the militia”.
    Through the course of the hearing, Darklight gave a detailed account of the incident, indicating that he had been operating his gaming business outside of Empath Abbey when he was approached by Knight of Yew Reveak. Reveak reportedly accused Darklight of theft. When Mr. Darklight verbally defended himself and denied the accusations, Flint Fireforge came over to judge the merits of the situation. It was then that Darklight was taken before Mayor Lightstryder. The Mayor then supposedly told Flint Fireforge that if there were charges to be laid, Darklight should be taken to the jail. After leaving the Mayor’s presence, Flint Fireforge then allegedly facilitated the abuse, leaving Darklight with torn clothing and bruises across his face.

    Chief Justice Panea spoke then of the seriousness of charges that Kodiak Darklight was leveling against the Yew Militiaman, promising all in attendance that the Yew court would take very seriously any allegations of corruption in the Yew government at any level.

    When asked by Justice Panea if he understood the gravity of the charges he had brought forth, Kodiak said:

    “It is not a claim. It is the truth. Neither (men involved) have denied their actions, nor attended the hearings in this matter”.
    Neither Flint Fireforge nor Knight of Yew Reveak were present at the hearing to answer the claims made by Kodiak Darklight, however Yew Militia Captain Effington was in attendance, but chose to make no formal comment on the proceedings.

    The final ruling of the hearing requires that another hearing be held on Tuesday March 13th at 8 PM eastern in the Court of Truth. This hearing will determine if a formal trial is to be convened to answer the charges made against Flint Fireforge.

    Chief Justice Panea made it clear that the burden of responsibility for proving the charges now falls to Kodiak Darklight, stating that if Darklight comes to the hearing with nothing more than allegations and accusations, Panea will consider the court’s time wasted.

    Justice Panea also stated that a formal subpoena for Flint Fireforge would be issued if he does not appear before the hearing on the appointed date and time.

    Following the hearing, Kodiak Darklight asked Captain Effington if he would issue an order of protection to ensure that Darklight would no longer be persecuted by the militia in this regard, stating that he cannot run his business effectively with fear of reprisal ever present.

    While Effington would not promise a formal order would be issued, he did state that Kodiak Darklight would be safe from any related actions from the militia regarding this matter, but was quick to add that Kodiak Darklight would not have license to go on a crime spree, and that the laws of Yew would be enforced.

    The Yew militiamen present at the hearing were decidedly on the side of their comrade. Militiaman Drall had this to say:

    “The whole of the Corp is behind Flint Fireforge in this matter and through the trial you will see that he did nothing wrong”.
    The final words of Kodiak Darklight were a follows:

    “Two pre-trial hearings have been (convened) and nothing has been accomplished, other than the gracious Mr. Effington assuring me that the militia will do me no harm. I stand here; I have nothing to hide, yet the other parties, they knew about the hearing. It would seem that they are the ones in hiding.”
    The next hearing in this matter is scheduled for tomorrow night, Tuesday March 13 at 8 PM eastern at the Yew Court of Justice.
    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 5:57 AM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    The Marriage of Fiona Pentell and Xavius Dumar
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,

    Tonight at 7pm pst, March 11th, 2001 Fiona Pentell and Xavius Dumar became husband and wife. I had the pleasure of being bridesmaid to Fiona on this joyous occasion. Out in one of the last crop of flowers left on Felucca the couple shared a promise to spend the rest of their lives supporting eachother and building on the love they already share. The couple would like to thank everyone who attended the wedding and reception.

    Should you wish to see pictures of the wedding and read the text of the ceremony please follow this link.
    Fiona and Xavius' Wedding Album

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 2:26 AM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Pirates of Buccaneer's Den Black Market Friday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hawkeye Pike, of the Pirates of Buccaneer's Den, sent the following via parrot express:
    On Friday March 16th at 7 pm EST another Black Market will be held on da Buccaneer's Den docks in Trammel (Catskills)! Everybody is invited ta drop by fer shopping and achieve some high quality wares fer a good prize! Cheap contraband will be sold dere by da pirates, and dis time rumors say dat ye will be able to buy GM made weapons and armor, GM leather armor, house add-ons, potion barrels and many other crafted wares. Details at:

    Hawkeye Pike
    Pirates of Buccaneer's Den

    Posted on Monday, March 12, 2001, 12:24 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Seeking Teleburiel
    Tearing the scarlet skullcap from her sweat-drenched head, the girl slid down into the oaken arms of the chair, exhaling, a deep sigh of frustration and dulled pain fleeing from her parted lips. She leaned over and pressed a soiled bandage to the festering burn wound on her arm and gritted her teeth. The bone magi had snuck up on her, catching her and friend Sorrow's Song off guard as she appeared before them. "Lady" Lilibet. Already linked to the death of Minoc miner Bertran Rawlins, the deathly-pale skinned woman had suddenly arrived in Britannia, apparently escaping from some mystical imprisonment in a cavernous passage near Minoc.

    Nadia remembered the wicked snarl on the witch's blood red lips as she spoke of Edguardo. "He is mine." The words echoed through the walls of her head, each time cutting her deeper with their horrible implications. Tossing the bandage to the floor, Nadia dipped the quill and smoothed out an encurled parchment from the writing desk. Pursing her lips, she stared down at the blank page and hesitated as she wrote the first word.


    I have nay met thee, good sir, only know of thee through acquaintance. I now publish this word...for it is with the most dire of urgency that I speak with thee, sirrah. My fiance and love, Sir EdGuardo, Knight Defender of the Holy Cross, has succumbed to the kiss of the Lady Lilibet, his memory lost, and his will relinquished to her. She doth know of thee, and seeks a book which lies in thine arms, the content of which none are aware but the witch herself. I believe she doth wish to harm thee as well. If thou wilt aid Edguardo, I regretfully implore thee. For I know thee not, sirrah, and wish no harm upon thee. If thou wilt aid us, I know of one and many of these lands who will fight and die for thee, myself included so that Edguardo should be safe once more. Please, if it should suit thee, I can be found in a small Trammel village south of the Trinsic moongate named River's End. If thou wilt not, I shall understand. And shall find another way.

    Gazing off into the bleak starless night beyond the window of her home, she returned the quill to its sheath. Rising slowly from kingless throne, she curled the parchment into a roll and fastened it to the waiting clutches of a pigeon. Soon, her word would be news, heard and seen across the lands. Whether it would cross the eyes of the Sage Teleburiel, she knew not.

    For more information on the first appearance of Lilibet and the death of the miner, check out the article MINER AXED! posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 6:41 PM EST.

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 10:39 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    3rd Annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas!
    Lots and lots of Player Gatherings!!! This next one comes to use from KingDavid:
    3rd Annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas!

    KingDavid of Sonoma is proud to announce that the dates for the 3rd annual UO Player Gathering in Las Vegas have been set for 2001. Players will meet at the "King's Window" (near check-in) of the Excalibur Hotel in Las Vegas on Friday, June 22, 2001, at 6pm local time.

    This is the 3rd year we have done this, and its open to all players from all shards. I anticipate that 30+ UO players will be there this year, and I promise it will be fun! If you are interested in coming this year, please icq me at 12875694 so you can get on my list for updates.

    As the time gets closer, I will talk with those wanting to come to see if they want to go to any pre-arranged shows, etc in Vegas, and I will be giving out my cell phone number to all those interested prior to the gathering, so no one gets separated from the group.

    I anticipate that we would meet Friday night, then walk to a restaurant and talk and have dinner, and then stay as a big group or as smaller groups for Friday night and all day Saturday. Most players will be leaving Sunday to return home, but there are always a few that stay an extra day.

    If you come, I recommend staying at a hotel on the strip to avoid time delays, since most if not all activities will be arranged in that area.

    So pass the word to your friends and remember this is open to any players on any shards. We had friends from Pacific, Nappa, and Sonoma shards for the past 2 years, and I anticipate that we will continue to expand to other shards.

    Cya in Vegas!

    KingDavid of Sonoma

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 8:13 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Midas The Bard - CD Finally Available!!!
    Some incredible news from Midas the Bard! For anyone who has ever listened to any of Midas' songs, you understand why I am so excited about this:
    Yep, there it is - a CD compilation of all of the parody songs - PLUS TWO NEW SONGS - is available for sale at the site!! Along with the parody CD comes a copy of my rock band's CD, "Mainframe - The One" - free! Two CD's for $9.95 (plus S&H). Support your local UO bard - buy a CD! ;)

    Thanks for your continued support - more songs and other projects coming soon!!

    Ultima Parody Songs

    Midas uses PayPal for payment purposes. If you have any questions about the way that program works, make sure to go to the Main PayPal Website.
    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 7:46 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Lectures at Spiritwood
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< A Note from Fai:


    The University of Spiritwood, Trammel Campus, is holding the first in a six
    lecture series focussing on the Arts of the Arcane and the Virtue of
    Spirituality this coming Tuesday evening (13/March) starting at 8:30pm GMT.

    All students who wish to learn more of matters not visible to the eye, nor
    harmed my any weapon crafted by man will be most welcome to partake in the

    This first session will serve as an introduction to the following five

    Further information may be found at

    My thanks,

    Fai Uesugi
    Dean of Arcane Arts
    Spiritwood University

    G'luck on the new lectures

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 4:01 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Trinsic Snowball Fight
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< News of a Snowball fight:


    The 20th of march, the last day of he winter. After this spring sets in. So, let us all use this last day of winter for 1 big final snowballfight. The Diplomats of the Gates are pleased to invite everyone reading this to come to Trinsic Town Hall in Felucca for a snowballfight. There will be no rules and also no prices. Just fun for everyone! The reason we will host this event in Felucca is because we think we will be able to move more fluently there [less lag]. The fight will start at 1900 GMT in front of the town hall, the are of fighting will be the are enclosed by the roads around the complex of buildings the Meeting Hall is part of. This means the Meeting Hall, the Bank and the park. Also on the road around this area may be used for trwoing snowballs, but lets not spread to far and spoil the fun.

    Teaming is allowed, the so called "ganging" is allowed, having mroe then 1 pile of snow in your backpack is allowed and of course mounts are allowed. In short, everything is allowed. There is one small exception to this rule, please do not come to this fight without a pile of snow, and do not hide it in your bank of such, be a good sport and give others the opportunity to trow back at you.

    See you all there,


    Sounds Fun!

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 4:00 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    One-eye Pete : the Secrets of a Parrot
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following message from William Vance :
    Greetings and salutations, m'lords and ladies !

    I couldn't help but visit the home of the good sir Conrad Northwood today, and got to meet his wonderful parrot, One-eye Pete. He seemed to know a few words of common Britannian, and I scribbled his answers to each word on this note, all in alphabetical order :

    • Blackthorn = Kraak ! Him bald and bad !
    • British = King is good! Kraak!
    • Cannon = Kabooom !
    • Conrad = Arr, Captain !
    • Cracker = Give to Pete ! Give to Pete !
    • Eye = Kraaaak ! My eye !
    • Good = Good? Pete good!
    • Guards = Guards good ! Kraak, give more cookie !
    • Hail = Hail ? Lucky I'm indoors ! Kraak !
    • Hello = Pete want a cracker !
    • Horse = Conrad say no horse inside ! Kraak !
    • Minax = Kraak ! Evil Witch !
    • Northwood = Arr, Captain !
    • Nystul = Powerful man ! Him modest too ! Kraak !
    • Orc = Kraak ! Ugly !
    • Pete = Pete good, give cookie!
    • Pirate = Kraak! Cannons ready!
    • Seer = Clever green people! Kraak!
    • Spiders = Eightleg bad, Cannon say Bum ! Kraaak!
    • Stormeye = Kraak! Kraaak!
    • Talos = Talos is a good chap
    • Thief = Kraak ! Steal not cookies !
    • Trinsic = Honour
    • Zalindera = Zzzaaalindra! Kraak

    I couldn't find more words the small animal knew of, but this sure was an entertaining conversation this bird had. He sadly didn't know of any answer to "Gold", "Give" or anything of use to me... *sighs*

    Godspeed !
    William Vance,
    Beggar [RPC]

    Thanks a lot William for this report !
    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 1:02 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    The Shield of Breliond
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    We received this report from Lord Beril of Aldameir:

     As dawn breaks and the sun rise slowly over Valoria, loud voices and commands are heard together with the song of the awakening birds. Armour scrapes together and the sound of someone cutting down a tree echoes in the somewhat chilly misty morning. Rest of the Vale seems to be asleep, with exception fer some miners on their way to a hard days work in the mines. Preparations are made for a journey to Yew and then further to Brittain, and those amongst the men that have fully awaked seems to be in a good mood. 

    Lord Beril walks slowly around and inspects and makes some remarks on things that should be taken care of. The journey is too important to be stopped just cause someone have bad boots and need to rest. As all seemed in order, Lord Beril briefed the Men of their journey. "We are to travel to Yew Through a Portal, and get the Shield of Breliond from an old friend of mine. And then we will proceed towards Britain following the Roads." The Lord spoke. To make two portals, one to yew and one to Britain would drain out all of the Advisor's power and he would become weak. Therefore they used the road. 

    Upon arrival at the Yew crossroads, we travelled west up the road too the graveyard and then turned to the southwest where we met Ramon. He talked briefly with the Lord and then handed a wrapped package in form of a large shield. They said farewell and the Lord Ordered that we were to proceed towards Britain. 
    We turned and followed by the apprentice's, we slowly moved back towards the crossroad. "Halt! What be this!?" A Guardsman cried out and started counting the men. "I hope ye will pay tax fer all of yer men, and may I ask what thy business here might be?" I am Lord Beril of Aldameir Good guardsman and this is my men. We are delivering an object which will remain unnamed. As for tax here is a pouch with one thousand gold". Lord Beril answered as he handed over the heavy pouch. The guardsman took the pouch and asked them to proceed, wich did after we gotten some information about what lied before us.

    It was a Grand day fer travelling and the men seemed to be in a quite good mood, which ye could hear from their lousy singing  in the back. Not much opposed this giant force of men as we slowly travelled towards Brittain. An orc was heard now and then but no monsters nor Villains showed themselves. We passed the brigand fort and it was cleared and secured by some adventuring fighters. 

    At the guard post a bit to the south they awaited. The Crimson Rogues. They ambushed with help from a member that acted like he needed help. As we stopped they rushed forth and threw themselves into a large battle. An arrow hit Lord Beril's Shield and he received a blow from a mace to his arm and his arm broke. He fell of his horse but thanks to His Knights he was pulled away. The battle proceeded with Rogues falling and some fleeing into the woods. Aldameir was victorious, due to their large force. But the chock was large. The bandits were most strategic and coordinated, but alas the Virtues guided the Knights path this day.

    We gathered the men up and Sir Gaevyn took the shield that was almost lost in the battle. We proceeded to the City of Brittain where we delivered the Shield to the University. The men were tired, hungry and their throats were dried out. So we all went to the Cat's tavern fer an ale or five. Lord Beril spoke about today's journey and made a cheer for the success. Sir Gaevyn who had received a wound in the battle had to be lead to the healers fer care and he now rest their until we break up. 

    As for the rest of the group of Knights and Apprentices, they now sleep back in Aldameir tower with knowledge of a task been accomplished successfully. 

    G'night Brittania and may the Virtues guide yer Paths.

    A loyal Apprentice of Aldameir

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 11:38 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Obscenity filter and UO3D performance
    Runesabre posted this message on our Third Dawn Forum
    Hail all!

    If you are experiencing poor framerate performance especially in crowded areas, try unchecking the obscenity filter option. To do this, open up the options menu, hit the menu tab and click the "filter on" button so it says "filter off" then his ok and see how your client performance is. Should improve it considerably.

    Let me know how this works for everyone! Thanks!

    Lead Programmer
    UO Third Dawn
    UO Live

    Thanks for the tip!
    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 5:07 AM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Miss Britannia 2001 Contest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Interresting news from Kurt:

    Calling all beauties of Europa!

    We are arranging a contest for all the fine ladies of Britannia to enter and show off their beauty to the world, competing for an enormous jackpot (over 500k has been sponsored), generously provided by sponsors. If you would like to enter, simply get yourself each of the outfits below and turn up at one of the venues listed, with your 1k Entry Fee.


    1. Metal Armour
    2. Leather Armour
    3. Clothes
    4. Your own combination
    As part of the forth round each contestant will be asked to say why they think they should be Miss Britannia 2001 - it's brains and beauty that wins the day!

    Remember that we will be judging on creativity, so turning up in full valorite plate will not win you the round no matter how pretty/expensive it is.

    The preliminary rounds will be held in the following locations at the designated times:

    17th March
    21:00 GMT: Moonglow, Lycaeum
    22:30 GMT: Yew, Empath Abbey

    18th March
    21:00 GMT: Minoc, Town Hall
    22:30 GMT: Britain, Castle British

    24th March
    21:00 GMT: Jhelom, Entertainment Centre (it's on the southern island of jhelom)
    22:30 GMT: Trinsic, Meeting Hall

    25th March
    21:00 GMT: Magincia, Parliament Building (aka COM base area)
    22:30 GMT: Skara Brae, Town Hall

    People's names will be recorded and they cannot enter more than one round - it is not recommended that you enter with a different character, either, in case both of them go through to the final!

    The winner of each round receives 60% of the money made from entering fees, 2nd place receives 30% and 3rd place receives 10%!

    The winner of each of the 8 rounds goes through to the Final, and will be told where and when to meet for that event. Prize money from the final is generously donated from sponsors and there is no need to pay again. We have over 500k up for grabs and all you need to do is bring yourself, 1k, and your clothes to any of the rounds.

    Hope to see all the beautiful women of Europa there!


    Ooh! Worth a visit indeed!
    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 4:28 AM EST by Llemandrell (Europa)

    It's 50-50, Stratics really needs your votes !
    Remember the message below ? We asked you at the beginning of this week to vote for us in the UnderGround open. We knew that this week's opponent Napster would be a tough one, but we managed to be in the lead for most of week. However, at this moment it's a draw, we have about 50% of the votes. So please, help us scramble together those last few votes that will make sure we survive this round. If you did not vote for us yet, please do it now. You are helping us get to the finals and you could win some prizes too ! If you appreciate all the hard work we spend on Stratics for you, then now is the time to give something back :)
    It's time for the Sweet 16 Round of the UNDERGROUND Open, UGO's eight-week (Feb. 5, 2001 - April 2, 2001) single-elimination tournament. Win prizes ranging from a Dig Dug vintage arcade machine to a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid figure to an iMac. All you have to do to win is vote for one of the 16 remaining contestants, to see who will be the "Champion of the UNDERGROUND."

    Who ya gonna vote for? The contestant who will win, of course: the Stratics sponsored Michelle Yeoh. First she trounced Traci Lords, then she smashed Dig Dug, and this week she's gonna put Napster out of business faster than the recording industry.

    Michelle Yeoh was kicking butt overseas long before teaming up with James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, and now she's bringing both worlds together in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was even asked to play the villain in the upcoming Matrix sequels but turned down the role in order to work with her own new production company.

    So, vote for Michelle Yeoh, win a few prizes, and support Stratics as we face off against other UGO affiliates. Vote today!

    Thank you!
    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 4:14 AM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Congratulations to Kaz Sadique and Akara
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    I missed announcing their wedding by about two hours, but allow me to congratulate Kaz Sadique and Akara, who were wed this evening by Uncle Dullblade at the Nujel'm palace this evening at Midnight EST. A lovely young couple, and we at Legends Stratics wish them luck and happiness in their marriage!

    Praise Minax

    Posted on Sunday, March 11, 2001, 2:18 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Message In a Bottle - New Look
    It sounds as if we are going to have a permanent new look to the Message In a Bottle. First, thanks to Sapsar, here is an image comparing the old MIB (right) with the new MIB (left):

    Then we have an official statement from Melantus on the subject:
    One reason for the window display is to keep uniformity between the different windows throughout UO. This is more important then just the visuals. Also, there are ways the old code is built that does not fit into localization well, such as the positioning of the sextant number within the middle of the text.

    Online Community Coordinator
    Ultima Online
    [email protected]
    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 7:30 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Ultima Online Scheduled Events Conclude
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website.
    Ultima Online Scheduled Events Conclude

    We'd like to thank everyone who participated during the last month of our scheduled Ultima Online events. We hope that everyone enjoyed the events!

    We will be taking the time to assess running scheduled events of this type, and to that end, we will be keeping the Event message board open for a few more weeks to allow you to share your feedback with us. The message board is located at . (A registered UO Message Board account is required to post feedback.)

    Once again, our thanks to everyone who participated in these event nights!

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 6:27 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia!***New Toon and more!
    The latest in from ImaNewbie:
    ***ImaNewbie does Britannia!***New Toon and more!

    This week's ImaNewbie toon is all about the recent "localization and macros" announcement from OSI stating Players will no longer be able to combine long strings of speech commands to use as a single macro, such as "Vendor, tell the guards to buy me the bank.". Also I have added a bunch of new screen pics of monsters I have encountered in UO Third Dawn. I have also added a whole bunch of new terms to the UO/ICQ speak dictionary and there is a new ImaNewbie does "Othergames" review of the hot new 3rd. person anime, kung-fu, shooter - ONI. So there is lot's to see...what are you waiting for?

    Added Friday, March 9th, 2001:
    - ImaNewbie Episode #136 - The more things change...

    ImaNewbie does Britannia

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 6:18 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    Vancouver, BC - UO Dinner Meeting
    Looks like another Player Gathering. This one comes to us from Saphyria about one in Vancouver, BC Canada:
    We're back and we're better and badder than every *grinz*, Come see old friends, and make new ones at the 2nd Annual Ultima Online Player Meet Vancouver! We had so much fun at the last one, we had to do it again! We expect over 50 players from all shards to attend!

    Date: Saturday April 28th, 2001. The event begins at 6:00pm and is expected to end at 11pm.

    The event will be held in the Lounge at Playdium, Metropolis. (The new wing of Metrotown Mall). Playdium is a large scale entertainment centre featuring state-of-the-art interactive computer-based attractions. With elaborate theming and special effects as well as food and beverage facilities and other amenities, Playdium is designed to provide consumers with a total multi-sensory and immersive entertainment experience. All your old favourites plus the amazing virtual reality ones as well! (Sorry!! NO UO!!!) The lounge features a full bar, so bring your ID!

    Tentative Schedule:
    6:00-6:30 Arrivals, Introductions, Drinks, Entries for Door Prize, Administration
    6:30-9:00 Casual Dinner, Raffle of Door Prizes, Mingling
    9:00-11:00 One and a half hours Unlimited Game Play

    At approximately $30/Person, the package includes:

    Unlimited Gourmet Pizza in Pepperoni & Mushroom, Hawaiian, BBQ Chicken, and Vegetarian

    Bottomless Pop and 1.5 hours unlimited play card (This includes the IMAX Ride, and Virtual Reality Games!)

    I will need payment in a few weeks in advance so I can hire Playdium's Lounge to cater it. I still need to confirm with the corporate booker the price (which will depend on the amount of people coming). I will email at a later date the definite price and the due date to make payment.

    I have also emailed OSI so hopefully, they will send us MORE prizes!! I'll email Lum the Mad too.. to see if they'll send us some Lum balls =P (not the ones between his legs.. the squishy ones they were throwing at people at the UO Faire!!)

    If you need anymore information ICQ me at 17035155 or email me back ([email protected]). I will be posting a website SOON. With hotels prices, Transit prices, a map to the venue, and costs. This time.. there is LOTS of parking and we don't have to pay a valet! =P Feel free to ask for ANY information and to make comments. I want to make this event the best it can be and with your help I can make sure I'm not overlooking anything!

    Saphyria aka Ivy

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 6:16 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    On the Attacks on Vesper and Yew
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Sims Roggran fer this report:

    I bring joyous, but also grim tidings,

    Joyous, for a noble victory was wrought today over the forces of darkness. Grim, for the disturbing development it has heeded. This evening, simultaneous attacks were launched upon the townships of Vesper and Yew on Trammel, and Magincia on Felucca. While it is hard to tell where the initial attack came from, I found myself first in Vesper, where an onslaught of lich lords was taking place, with their lesser undead minions following in their wake. The approaching army was daunting indeed, and while many stood and prepared to hold a defensive line, others decided to flee, preferring survival over chivalry. Perhaps it was for the best, as few peaceful citizens were safe. A defending force of soldiers quickly gathered within the square around the city bank as warriors, mages, and attendant healers poured in from various corners of the realm to offer aid in the stand against the undead army. There was, however, little time for proper marshalling before battle was joined and the sides met in a furious melee. Above the din of clashing blades and metal could be heard the roar of battle-magic preceded by appropriate incantations. While foot-troops pushed against the horde of zombies and skeletons to hold them back, mounted cavalry swooped down upon the horde of undead and the lich lords themselves. The response from the defenders proved fierce, and the enemy perhaps taken aback at just that ferocity was caught off-guard and thrown back, then broken upon the walls of the surrounding buildings. Even their powerful, unholy magery proved of little use as the elements of the cavalry and foot soldiers having made short work of the lesser undead combined to swarm and overrun the lich lords as the fire and lightning of Virtuous mages rained down upon them. Losses were sustained, however; a brave warrior to my right sustained what appeared to be a minor blow from one of the liches as we tackled it with blade and shield; I told him it would just be a flesh wound. When I next turned to look at him, the poor fellow was dead and gone. However, as the confusion of battle eventually faded and the fog of war lifted, the energetic victory of the defenders was more than apparent. But within the confines of the square had appeared a foreboding omen a small dark shrine, constructed of the blackest, most vile bricks & the mere substance of which would bring a ghastly shiver down one s spine when within vicinity. These unholy constructs were arranged in a rough cross-shape, with ascending steps from each of the four sides to a central plateau, in which swirled an equally dark whirlpool of evil powers: a "death vortex". The purpose of this is as yet unfathomable, but many a guess has been estimated, and it is surely intractable from the aims of the necromancy which has recently so ravaged our lands, and seems set to continue to do so.

    Of the battle at Yew I cannot say so much, for I was only able to travel there once the safety of Vesper had been assured, by which point the fighting had been greatly reduced this I assumed from the corpses of daemons and other creatures which were littered outside the walls of Empath Abbey, where the strike had been aimed. A small force of fire elementals had breached the doors, and a valiant guard of warriors were busy cutting the attackers down within the main halls of the Abbey. The constituent elements of the force which marched on Yew seems to have been much different of that at Vesper; from the mass of corpses which lay upon the footsteps of the Abbey I had difficulty picking out any undead. However, the same dark shrine had appeared here too: an exact replica of that which now stood in Vesper, with the same death vortex. While the mystery of these shrines is perplexing indeed, the tiredness of battle had reached me, and seeing as the defenders on Trammel had gripped a convincing victory, and I received word via pigeon of a similar situation in Magincia, I returned to the University to tend to my wounds and gain rest, as well as inform Chancellor Michael of the events which had taken place, and write this very battle report which I now pen.

    Despite the worrying turn of events which the appearance of the dark shrines now signals, I can naught but pay homage to the brave soldiers who stood indomitable against the evil attacks on this eve. The light of their Valor and Sacrifice formed a shield of the Virtues through which no shadow could pass. I pray this can be maintained, for I fear we shall need such a shield in days to come.

    In Faithful Service of the Virtues,

    Professor Sims Roggran,

    Spiritwood University Martial Arts School

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 10:00 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Another Report about the Magincian Vortex
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Daemona fer this detailed report:

    Well, last night I thought I had better have a little look around and see if all them rumours o’ doom and gloom was true and if the cities of the realm really were filled with all sorts a new horrors like them Town Criers was sayin’. I headed over to Empath Abbey in Yew and first thing I saw was a pack of Hell Hounds snappin’ at everyone’s heels and causing a right mess and that was inside. By the time I got to the door it was to be greeted with the shocking sight of a stack of seething red fleshed Daemon corpses all freshly done in by the local defenders that was gathered there, including a detachment of Militia men from Stone Keep. Good to see them putting their swords to good use these days. Well I headed into Yew town centre and had a little chat with the Town Crier there who had all sorts a things to tell me. He was rabbitin’ on about Death Vortexes popping up in all the towns, ‘bout how doom was stalking the land, and how Yew and Magincia were being invaded. He also mentioned that the Gypsy woman Rilla Takhista was at her house in Magincia waiting for the last word of power of the four parted riddle that could be used to bring an end to this sad state of events. I decided to head straight over and see what she was up to there. Sure enough, soon as I got there I saw people fighting everywhere, but especially round a big evil looking black stoned temple that was spouting Lich Lords by the handfuls! There was a dedicated pack of Dragon Tamers there taking these undead lords on and doing a fair job of holding them back, but all over town new divisions of skeletons, zombies and liches were rampaging through the streets. I got to Rilla’s house just in time to see that she was waiting for just one final word of power, the one from the South, as the other three had by then been successfully recovered by the brave adventurers that was trying to help solve the crisis.

    There I also saw that funny old Orc Wozza, the one they calls Saktoth of that Severed Head Urk clan, and he The Battle in Magincia seemed to be waitin’ too right along with Rilla, who told him that she was sure “it would work”. I ain’t rightly sure what she meant though, but that old Wozza was a frettin’ and a worryin’ about something. When at last this last word of power was brought back to her, she immediately headed over to the Dark Temple and started to cast a batch of magic on the energy barriers that were blocking the way in. ‘course everyone followed her and there was quite a press of people gathered round trampling the ground into a quagmire. It seems that the evil residing there had one last trick up its sleeve though, ‘cause as soon as she had brought down them walls, a flock of screeching hell fire Phoenix birds came a swooping out and attacked all the gathered host, followed by all the remaining Lich Lords in one huge wave. Well, needless to say most folk there was paralysed with fear at the very sight o’ this screaming unholy host a floodin’ down on them, and added to the deep mud that was churned up by all them pounding feet and well, it ain’t to hard to guess what happened next. Right and left the defenders went down, screaming and panicking on all sides, their big old Dragons was not even enough to save them. It was a scene of utter carnage I tell ya, and I aren’t ashamed to say that I was quite overwhelmed by it all and passed out cold under the weight of that attack! By the time I struggled to my senses again, I could see through a haze of smoke that bodies was lyin’ all over the place, horses men and even a few of them evil red birds and Lich lords. Everywhere there were the souls of the departed wandering among the dead and moaning in agony. It were truly awful I tells ya.

    Well folks struggled to get themselves back on their feet and gather up what few possessions they could, as the Dark Temple began to fade away before their very eyes. In among it all, I could see Saktoth gleefully runnin’ about telling everyone how he was saved from his self. He said something ‘bout how that Rilla had “Blessed me udder half wit Kompasshun and dat created me”. I ain’t sure what he meant, but he did seem to be an awful lot nicer than I ever seen him be before. Afterwards, once Rilla had thanked all the defenders for their brave sacrifice, and had taken the few who had actually gathered the words of power back to her house, presumably to give um some sort a reward, I saw Saktoth tellin’ Dianora, mayor of Deepwater that he wasn’t sure where he would now go or what he would do. I guess he had changed his wicked ways. Seems that the city of Magincia wasn’t the only thing to be rid of evil last night….

    Daemona, relating tales for the Custodes Fati.

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 9:47 AM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Resource War Continues
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<The following was released to the press by Lord Raknarr of the Phantom Menace:
    As Kenyon, a young Lieutenant of the Black Rose Society, stepped out of the Jhelom inn, the sun blinded him a bit but he could make out some commotion up ahead in the streets. He fumbled with his sword as he hurried to strap it around his waist , he saw Sargeant Nocturne hurrying the rest of the Societies soldiers into a formation.

    "Hail sir" he stated as he saluted "The damned Phantom Menace is about" he reported. Kenyon gave a quick nod "how many?"

    "Not sure sir " replied Nocturne, just then a man on an odd two legged beast came charging foward

    "In-comming!!!!!" yelled Drill instructor Lanzo. "Get`em!!! Tear 'em apart!!" yelled Nocturne as he turned and clashed with the oncoming rider. It didnt take long for the rest of the men to dispatch the lone rider and loud thud was heard as the body hit the streets. Just as the body hit the ground another rider came from the west, headed straight towards Kenyon who was still standing where the Rose`s had assembled with sword in hand.

    This rider caught Kenyon by surprise striking him with a single blow sending him to the ground with a big gash in his shoulder, blood spilling. As Kenyon rolled out of the way to get up, his men were upon the rider. The sounds of swords clashing and mighty warhammers slamming into flesh filled the air.

    "Don't let him escape!!!" yelled Corporal Torinor.

    "Hes headed towards the moongate!!!!" shouted Sergeant Carnifex, and the men took off after the rider. Samhain helped Kenyon to his feet.

    "Are ye alright sir?" he asked.

    "Aye Sam, I`ll be alright" replied Kenyon as Sergeant Nocturne returned.

    "We got`em Sir, we got Raistlin." Nocturne says, out of breath from the fighting.

    Kenyon nods and grimmices a bit from the pain of his wound, "Send out some patrols and keep ye eyes opened, Raistlin is the Commander of the Royal Guard. He shant be alone." ordered Kenyon. Samhain began to bandage Kenyons wounds when from around the corner, an incredible explosion filled the air.

    "What the `ell?!?!" exclaimed Kenyon.

    "Let's check it out" Sam insisted.

    As the two men turned the corner they saw two men again upon those strange beasts, they seemed to be discussing something.

    "Damn" Kenyon said angrily "It's Rakknarr and that red-headed mad man Moridin. I knew Raistlin's party wouldn't be the only onslaught."

    Sam gulped and said "Well shall we?" as he looked at the two creatures. After that all Kenyon can remember is waking up at the healers next to Samhain with the shakes and some burns. A healer handed him some hot tea.

    "Drink this, it will help....." he said. Kenyon sat on the edge of the cot sipping his tea as he watched the healers working on the corpses of his fine men.

    As some time passed, the Roses recovered and awoke to a barrage of sounds. Grunts and explosions filled the air as Kenyon ran outside to see Rakknarr fighting off 3 Orc attackers. He strapped his sword on, and unsheathed it in time to see 5 more rounding the corner and beating on Raistlin who had returned. As Raistlin fell, Kenyon and his men let loose on the Orc assailants.

    As the battle dragged on and the weaker orcs began to flee Moridin rounded the flanking corner and put two more greenskins to rest in time to see Rakknarr and Kenyon, back to back, dispatching the creatures who armed crushing warmaces and danced across the streets screaming with bloodthirsty glee.

    In what seemed like hours later, the final Orc fell. Lord Rakknarr turns to see Kenyon behind him and the large creature nods and salutes the Lieutenant, whispers words of power and just as he vanishes leaves the Roses with this message in a ghostly tone...

    "Time he'e is almost complete... the workers art nearly finished, and th'seals shall be found..."

    Kenyon looks around. The Phantom Menace has vanished with their Lord and he gazes upon his men who know... this is far from over.

    Posted on Saturday, March 10, 2001, 1:20 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Update on UBB Smithing contest!
    Here's a spot of news for those anvil smacking, fire stoking, hammer swinging smiths out there!

    Entry into the UBB smiting contest has been extended! At this time, anyone interested in entering may contact Ivan Hammerfist up until the start of the event. I can be reached at either ICQ# 72893812 or emailed at [email protected] . Therefore, if you are a GM smith be sure to enter. If you know a GM smith have them enter.

    Again the contestants will be given 1000 iron ingots to build as many GM plate suit sets as they can as fast as they can. The winner will be awarded 1000 Valorite ingots. The event will be held at 7 p.m. PST this Sunday in the blacksmith's guild just next door to the stables in Britain.

    All other craftsmen are encouraged to attend as well.  It should be a good place for all merchants to sell their goods and for those looking for crafted items to buy what they are looking for.

    Ivan Hammerfist
    UBB Sonoma

    Thanks Ivan!
    Happy Hammering...

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 11:42 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Well I've been away for a week or so. I THINK I've gotten everything posted that has been submitted (everything that can be posted that is). Please keep in mind that we do not post guild advertisements. Nor will we publish anything that is rude or offensive (i.e. bad language, etc.). Also we will generally do not post submissions that contain only one sentence and a link. This is a NEWS page and thus submissions should reflect that. We will on occasion (when a reporter has time) follow up on a linked story or lead. But don't send something in expecting us to. :)

    We ARE volunteers after all and can only do this on our free time. Sorry. :(

    But if you have sent something in to us, sometime in the past week or so, and you don't see it posted please send it in again. Once I get it I'll post it as soon as I can.

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 11:03 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    A Story for you!
    Here is a nice little role playing story for your enjoyment.

    The full moon has crossed the sky several times since I last slept without the nightmares. I dream of the worst tragedy that has never been told.... Until now.

    I am not a great warrior, I am not a great mage, I am not a great merchant. I am Solstice, the last member of the Tribe from the Land of Nod. A small band of people had somehow formed into a tribe that dwelt far north of Papau in the desert at a small oasis in a sheltered cove. We united for a common good, chose our leaders, and lived virtually unnoticed by everyone and everything. We avoided contact with any creature that posed a threat, such as the roaming orcs, stone gargoyles and harpies. The only beast we dared confront were the dim witted scorpions and mongbats. We lived like this for years. Our founders who were once young and stout, became gray and feeble. A paradise in the wilderness had been formed. The Tribe from the Land of Nod was Thriving.

    Then one night it all ended, it all ended in a brutal attack by THEM. I had just stabled my ostard for the day, and approached the bonfire to fellowship with the Chieftain and the tribal elders, when the screams started. First the cry of dying ostards filled the air, then sadly followed by the sickening grunts of tribesmen turning into spirits. Apparently our secret little village gained the unwanted attention of those murderous snake men, the Ophidians! Our meager amount of gold obtained from the scorpions and mongbats was by no means worth the blood spilled that night. No warrior in the tribe could stand against the weakest Ophidian let alone the sheer numbers that attacked us.

    The Ophidian warriors slaughtered our herds of ostards. Mages and Shamans blocked any escape from our cove. The Knight and Avengers waded through the screaming tribe, killing them with ease. At a final stand, myself and seven other tribesmen, three elders, and our cheiftan vainly fought next to the campfire. Strangely the Knights and avengers halted their advance. Just standing there hissing. We were totally surrounded, waiting for the poisoned blades to end our lives. The circle of Knights and Avengers broke, and in slithered six Zealots to the right and six Justicers to the left, followed by their dreaded Matriarch. My Chief spoke asking the Matriarch "Why?", not knowing whether the beast understood or not. It must of only been a few seconds, but the silence seemed to last for decades. In unison energy bolts, flame strikes, and fire balls leveled us all.

    For some reason only known to the fates I was left with an ounce of life. I am not sure if those evil creatures were laughing or gloating about their kills, but it afforded me one last opportunity. I was blessed with the revelation that the tribe's rune book laid just a few yards past where the Matriarch stood. With every bit of strength I could muster, I dashed to the book, barely dodging a fire ball, and I recalled to Papau. I left every friend I had lying there in the sand, I left the only home I ever knew, and I left my heart in the desert that night.

    Some may say I should have stayed and died alongside my tribe. Some may call me coward, because I did leave. Others may say I only tell this tale to beg for empathy and charity. With everything I hold Holy, I swear to all who read this, I TELL THIS STORY TO INVOKE VENGEANCE UPON THOSE WORMS! I have since dedicated my life to exterminating those beings that slither through the desert and ask those brave enough to join me.

    Death to all Ophidians!

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 10:51 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Army Of Thiefs Defeated by Dragons Watch.
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Sorry this is a little on the late side. It was sent in about 7 days ago. I'll be catching up on the posting as fast as I can.

    For the past 4 nights the Army Of Thiefs has made many attempts to take control of the new found town of Dragons Watch, the capital of The Dragon Republic. They have launched many attacks and have been driven back and defeated by the proud and brave defenders of Dragons Watch. Dragons Watch is defended by its citizens and the guilds of the Claw of The Dragon Alliance. Member guilds of the alliance are The Shadow Knights, The Royal British Guards, Iron Brigade, Legion of Virtue, Fire Society and The Army Of The Dragon. More attacks are expected but when asked about the prospect of AT attacks the Prime Minister of the Dragon Republics Parliment said "I am not concerned. These thiefs have not shown us any reason to fear their attacks. The come here and they die here."

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 10:44 PM EST by Joe Woodwright (Chesapeake)

    Informations About Captain Stormeye
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<On Tuesday, the following events happened in Trinsic, as translated from UO Bibliothek :
    Hail people of Britannia !

    At today's Trinsic market, a dubious person named Denton presented himself as a fisherman. He said his ship had crashed on the on the reefs of Barrier Isle, and asked Conrad Northwood and some other citizens of Trinsic for assistance to get the ship afloat as fast as possible. The traitor actually led us right into an ambush of Pirates, which we escaped, thanks to the heroes and to our goddess Zalindera. It seems a certain Captain Stormeye is behind the whole thing, even if Conrad assured us this Stormeye should be dead.

    Before this, during the market, the Black Horseman appeared and spoke the words "Fear" and "Blood". Keep your eyes open, people of Britannia, as hard times are possibly approaching.

    Alrik Ploetzbogen,
    Follower of Zalindera

    On wednesday night, Monsters (including a crowd of gazers) attacked Trinsic. As I reached the City of Honour, their corpses covered the ground, and the Black Horseman was sighted. Conrad Northwood then went out of his home to thank the assembled defenders, among which the civil Guards of Trinsic, as well as members of the Council of Yew and some Merchants on Tour.
    • Conrad Northwood: Pirates do not have such powers as we saw today. This must have been a heavy loss to them. I think I will have to tell more of Captain Stormeye soon. I fear he has come back somehow...
    • Maria Von Trapp: Back ? Do you know where he could be?
    • Conrad: Aye, he was slain many years ago, and I fear he seeks revenge, as I was the one of the men who brought him to Justice.
    • Maria: *shivers*
    • Beor Felagund: I wonder how a pirate, dead or alive, can have such powers...
    • Conrad: I will address this matter soon, and I will tell what I know... but now I fear I need rest... I feel so cold and weak. And yes, I saw the horseman from my window as well...
    • Conrad: *sighs*
    • Conrad: Thank you again for defending Trinsic !
    I had the chance to talk to him a little later in his home :
    • Ghost of Trinsic: O OOOooo oo ooOOOo
    • One Eye Pete: Good ? Pete good !
    • Conrad: Another ghost!
    • Ghost: O OoOOooo oOo ooOOo
    • Conrad: *sighs*
    • Conrad: Why do I have a ghost in my house now... Am I cursed?
    • Bel d'Ajoor: Oh, he is a nice one... He will try to protect you, I am sure
    • Bel: *smiles*
    • Conrad: I... hope so... This has been very stressful experience
    • Ghost: OO ooOOOoo
    • Bel: *connects to the Netherworld*
    • Ghost: I help the guards... something wicked is happening in Trinsic
    • Bel: Thanks for your help, Ghost
    • Conrad: So may I help ye with something before I go to rest?
    • Conrad: *sighs*
    • Beor: Why do the creatures of Minax want your death?
    • Pete: Kraak! Evil Witch!
    • Conrad: I do not know whose creatures they were... I do not think it was Minax behind this attack. I know not of them... just that it was truely daemonic force.
    • Bel: May I ask what your work here is, sir ?
    • Conrad: I am an old sea captain. I still run some shippings, but not by myself.
    • Bel: I couldn't help but hear that you were one of those who condemned captain Stormeye... I guess you were in a high position in Trinsic ?
    • Pete: Kraak! Kraaak!
    • Conrad: I used to serve Lord British in the royal navy, and it was then that I fought the pirate Stormeye... I fear he is after revenge, although I am sure he died many years ago...
    • Pete: Honour
    • Bel: May I ask if anything could have warned the city of the attack ? I sadly arrived too late to help.
    • Conrad: There was advanced warning as the scouts had spotted the ships... Town criers did warn people, so most citizens got to safety
    • Bel: I heard you said you would inform the people about Stormeye soon
    • Pete: Kraak! Kraaak!
    • Conrad: Aye, that is my plan, but I need to rest now before I can think clear
    • Bel: May I ask when ?
    • Pete: Pete good, give cookie!
    • Cassandra Beron: Oh, what a lovely parrot!
    • Cassandra: *feeds another one*
    • Conrad Northwood: It might take few days, I imagine I would do it over the weekend. I will try to give advance notice.
    • Bel: Thanks a lot. I think you will be safe, thanks to the Guards
    • Pete: Guards good! Kraak, give more cookie!
    • Conrad: *nods*
    • Conrad: Farewell
    One could have thought that this was enough, but Conner of Minoc [PoD] also let us know of the following :
    Salutations from the high sea !

    Once again many merchants came to Bucaneer's Den to offer goods to their loyal customers. Anselm, from Trinsic, provided free drinks and food. The wandering priests of Zalindera also came to try and find new believers. We also welcomed Seer Camus and Senior Companion Silvermoon who took a tour of the stands.

    Towards the end of the market, two unknown pirates appeared. They conversed with me and a few visitors of the market about the pirate raids of the last few days, and those still to come. They refused to speak about Stormeye, but after a while, Junior Stormeye, son of the dead captain himself, appeared on the dock and congratulated the Pirates of Darkness for their job in Bucaneer's Den.

    As usual, we had lots of fun. A beggar even provided a shoe-shining service, which Seer Camus declined due to a long waiting period and the fact that he didn't actually wear shoes. He was however obviously pleased about the original idea. Lord Gideon was again successful with his cattle market : Pigs, cows and sheep were sold as good living kite fodder.

    The next market will take place in early April.
    Admiral Conner of Minoc,
    Pirates of Darkness [PoD]

    Thanks Conner for this report !
    Words of a collusion between Stormeye and the Pirates of Darkness reached us. More on this when we'll get confirmation about it. Until then, avoid sailing as much as possible.
    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 10:35 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Riddle me this?
    I was hanging around the Trinny bank picking up chicks...I mean, thinking up interesting stories to write up when the town criers went off like air raid sirens.
    Who was this Mad Uzeraan? Puzzles? WTF!

    I thought about it for a few moments...Skara Brae was pretty small so I checked it out first.

    Of course, everyone else had my same idea as they crowded the small
    green statue on a pedestal right near the bank. As I was to find out later the way it worked was that there were 5 different colored statues in Minoc with two corresponding ones in various areas. At the one, like in Skara, you received a clue to the puzzle and a clue to where its 'brother' was (another statue that looked the same) to where you would give the answer to.

    Skara's brother was located in Buc's Den. I found it quite by accident since I suck when it comes to figuring out riddles. In fact, I started comparing notes with Belan in hopes she would figure it out. The clue was tough. I had no idea what the hell it meant.

    But while we were trying to come up with the answer a personal visit was paid to us by the mad puzzler-miester himself, Uzeraan. He was a funny looking guy, kinda on the short side with a taste in loud clothes. So loud I had to put on my sunglasses even though I was inside the tavern.

    He bade us to complete the task quickly because piles of gold and rare artifacts were waiting. I doubled my efforts and visited some of the other statues looking for anything I could come up with. Belan and I retired to the Stratics Event Center to use runes to speed up our search across the lands for other statues. They were at shrines, the Yew winery and in other various towns.

    At one particular shrine, where Belan was convinced she had the right phrase, someone told everyone was it was because the treasure was gone already anyway. In the spirit of exploration I said the magic words and was transported to a small walled off room with two chests. One chest told me that the goods were already gone while the other gave me a part of the puzzle.

    Well, as you can probably guess I didn't win jack that night. I was told all in all a full set of phoenix armor and daemon bone armor was given out as prizes. That along with this pimpin' hat you can see on the ultimate winner, Finnius. Congrats to Finnius although the rest of us are all jealous!

    I went back to Minoc in time to see gold spawning all over the ground. People made a mad dash, including myself. I was able to pick up a couple of piles that had about 600 gps in each. Not bad I suppose. At least I didn't go home empty handed.

    As for the answer to that two sisters by land, one by sea? Salt. That's right...salt. I even tried it myself to see if it would work. How anyone got salt from that clue is beyond me. Some of you guys out there are way too smart. I guess that's why I write the news instead of making some myself.

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 8:15 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Midas' Ultima Parody Song Radio
    The following was just sent in from Midas:
    Two quick updates to the site...

    Midas' Ultima Parody Song Radio is now live and on the air! All of the parody songs are now in streaming 'radio' format and available to your desktop via the site, and updated with each new song as they become available - check it out!

    Also, a new skin for WinAmp users is now available - the MidaSkin! Downloadable from the parody site, it is a bit of a preview of the new look coming for the site (and the 'big news' as well - to be announced this weekend!).

    Stay tuned - more songs, readings and 'big news' coming very soon!

    Ultima Parody Songs

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally can't wait to find out what the "big news" is.
    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 7:51 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CandidCoverage)

    A Trial in Yew
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This in from the city of Yew.

    The matter of Oggaroth v. Clan Moor will commence on Saturday the 10th at 5pm EST in the Court of Truth located in the far NW reaches of Yew (Trammel - 65o 18'N, 67o 59'W). The trial is set to determine the rights to the parcel of property that currently serves as home to Clan Moor.

    Velika Ne'Sveti, Magistrate of Caina, will represent the plaintiff, the Dark Lords of Oggaroth. Queen Mave, Clan Moor Squire of Virtue, will represent the defendant, Clan Moor. Scarab, Judge of the Court of Truth, will preside over the trial.

    Gates will be provided to the Trinsic Bazaar immediately following the proceeding.

    Yours in Justice

    Judge, Court of Truth
    Corporal, Yew Militia

    Thank ye Scarab. Evil luck to the Dark Lords. *chuckles*

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 6:24 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Results of Name that town Competition
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Results of the Name that town competition just in from Deathstrike:
    The winner is Gavin Horn of KNA with the name Kivork which is the medieval name for the city of York in England which coincidently is my birthplace and is only 50 miles from where I now live.

    I couldn't shake this name from my head despite the hordes of excellent suggestions I received; thank you to EVERYONE who submitted an idea.

    Work on this town will begin in the next week or two, watch this space for future developments.


    PS: e-mail If you have any ideas or would like to get involved with the creation of this player town.
    Look forward to hearing the next update :)
    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 5:14 PM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Dev Debates: Massive PvP
    Stratics is proud to host another Dev Debates this Saturday, March 10th, at 4pm CST in #devdebates on the Stratics IRC server. Special guests from the player community as well as the game industry will be onhand to discuss specific issues relevent to the MMOG industry. Gamers are invited to join in and watch as our guests interact with one another as they debate this issue.

    This week, our topic is Massive PvP. What sort of rewards and motivations should there be to encourage mass PvP combat? How doe the concepts of territory and factions fit in? Should there be material rewards, such as items or money; abstract awards, such as territory; or should it be done for a general sense of RP accomplishment?

    Our guests this week are:

    While the debates rage on, hang out in #devchat to discuss what the industry guests are saying, weighing in with your own opinions.

    To join the chat, boot your favorite IRC client, connect to one of the following Stratics IRC servers, and type /join #devdebates. Type /join #devchat to join the unmoderated channel to discuss the debates as they occur. Or, use our Stratics Java IRC Client. The chat will be accessible on the following IRC servers:

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 2:51 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    More Light Shed on John Barnham
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<< 
    Hail and well met fellow Sosarians.  It would seem that all this talk about the ghost of John Barnham has a select targeted group in mind.  Young players...  A fellow adventurer by the name of Lord Brad, from the CBS guild, wrote in to us here at the Sonoma Stratics office this is what he wrote:

       I finally got the real deal on Mr. Barnham.  Remember those lame in-city quests we "young" people had to accomplish (and still do) to gain various items?
       Well... It turns out that Mr. Barnham offers only "young" status people a quest that is a bit more challenging.  Those players who are not young will not find the ratmen he speaks of.  This is too bad, becasue such an adventure with lich's or ogre lords would be extremely entertaining...
       Anyway.. kudos to OSI for doing something that is fun.  If I had not already been "addicted" to UO and the Ultima game, this scenario would have done much to entice me to be a permanent subscriber...
       -Good Hunting Newbies....
           Lord Brad (GM Adventurer - CBS)

    Thanks Lord Brad for enlightening us to your discovery.

    Safe Journeys...
    This is...

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 2:39 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Fate of the Calith Umbra
    It would seem that Sturm Majere spotted a good piece of news on Sonoma Notepads.  This article was written by Drizzt relating to the Calith Umbra and I'd say it's definately worth the while to read, so read it... please.  You can check the story out by clicking on the link for Sonoma Notepads up above.  Thanks Sturm for the tip and thanks Drizzt for the insight.

    This is...

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 2:29 PM EST by Vladimir Taltos (Sonoma)

    Magic Weapon and Armor Identification
    The following was just posted to In Development on the website (specific url is
    Magic Weapon and Armor Identification

    Magic weapons and armor will display descriptions in brackets once the item is identified, instead of the current numerical values. For example, if you identified an indestructible surpassingly accurate broadsword of force, the system would display it as:

    magic broadsword
    [indestructible / force / surpassingly accurate]

    Before the weapon is identified, the descriptions will be replaced with the word "unidentified"

    magic broadsword

    The identification information will appear under the weapon/armor name when the item is single clicked.

    More information and exact details on this system will be released in the near future.

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 1:47 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Wintermoor in Search of New Mayor & Council Members!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This news in from the Mayor of Wintermoor.

    The current Mayor of Wintermoor of the City of Wintermoor will be
    stepping down from his two year term. In his place will be a council to run
    the City of Wintermoor.

    We are proud to announce that the City of Wintermoor will be accepting
    Council Member applications at this time. The Council will consist of 7-13
    Members, and will be four month terms. The council will have control over
    the City of Wintermoor, its political aspirations, its development,
    storylines, and city structure layout. All council members will have equal
    say, and it will require a majority vote to pass new ideas or regulations
    (with at least 60%) of the council being present at any given voting

    The Council Members may elect one of the existing council members to a Lead
    Council Member position. This Lead Council Member will take on the name and
    position of Mayor of Wintermoor for all festivities and role-play events.
    The Lead Council member will have the same voting status as a normal
    council member except that they get to enjoy the additional role-play of
    Mayor for their half term. Following this logic, almost all Council Members
    will have a chance to be Mayor over the course of time.

    For more information or to apply, please visit our web page at and click on Council Application.

    Evil luck to the new Council and Mayor of Wintermoor.

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 1:32 PM EST by Azalin (Atlantic)

    Stonekeep Market
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Stonekeep:

    Announcing the Stonekeep Market Event!

    Are ye a merchant, craftsman or a man who wishes to sell his items to others? Come to the Stonekeep Market and advertise yer goods to others to buy. Ye could make a tidy profit out out of it. Prehaps ye craft fine weapons and armor, or tailor items, or fish up items such as paintings from the depths of the sea, which no one can buy, but ye can come to Stonekeep and try to sell them there.
    It will be held outside the Stonekeep Tavern on Saturday, 10th of March, at 8:00PM GMT.
    Stonekeep can be found at the Yew crossroads, trammel facet, sextant co-ordinates (38o 50'N, 35o 9'W)
    Mithran - Event Organiser of Stonekeep



    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 1:11 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    A Theif in Ravenmoor
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<News from Ravenmoor:

    Hail to thee !

    For several days now there was a rumor in Ravenmoor about a thief.
    After nights patroling the streets, the Town Guards succeeded in arresting a
    There are not many informations about the suspect. The citizens feel relief
    but they wait for news and results from the Town Guards.
    The Ravenmoor Council didn't wanted to make any declerations.

    Keep looking for news !

    Sincerely yours,

    Tyrghen [UT] of Ravenmoor.

    G'luck on the Trial!

    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 1:09 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Trade Caravan and Mercantile Bazaar
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement arrived from Annunzio
    Yes, you know you want it! On Saturday, March 10, 2001 The Trinsic Council of Honor is sponsoring a Trade Caravan and mercantile Bazaar. The Caravan will get underway at 5pm (eastern) at the Skara Brae bank (Trammel.) The group will travel overland through the perilous forests and jungles to the southernmost tip of the Britannian continent. Then we will launch our boats and cross the channel to the Shrine of Valor, where Sage Wildboy will give a short speech at approximately 6:15. After the speech, we will sail up along the coast to Trinsic. Anyone who wishes to participate and owns a boat is encouraged to bring it along. Then, at 7PM, we will be sponsoring our monthly Trade Bazaar held along the road between the Shining Path Armoury and the Trinsic Royal Bank, at the north end of city (Trammel.) In the past we have had vendors selling magic items, raw materials, and food and drink of all types. All merchants and shoppers are invited to attend. We hope to see you on Saturday! Atlantic Shard Town Councils Public Events Calendar

    Annunzio, Historian of Trinsic
    Trinsic Council of Honor

    Thankye Annunzio! Sounds like an adventure.
    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 2:08 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Win an Ethereal Horse!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was received from Kitara
    Win an Ethereal Horse! Try your luck at the Swanton Bomb Lottery! This week's prize is an Ethereal Horse! Pouches cost 200,000gp. Are you feeling lucky? The Swanton Bomb is located south of Hythloth in Trammel, on the Isle of Fire (far from any of the lava pit spawn). The coordinates are: 158.13N, 133.7W. Look for Absinthe in yellow, and the other Bomb Gals in orange and join the fun!


    Kitara UO Merchant Alliance
    Thankye, Kitara
    Posted on Friday, March 9, 2001, 1:46 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    An Orc and His Treasure
    Hail, This is a graphic account of an event held recently by the Shadowclan Orcs. It is very cool so take a look:

    Here's a link to a story about an event Shadowclan recently held on Siege Perilous.

    Read about it here!

    The event centered around finding a gruntee orc who'd hidden out in the cave and looting him of his treasure, which included 20 treasure maps, a guild deed, a boat deed, a vendor deed, GM valorite armor, weapons of force, fishing nets, reagents, and more.

    Thank you Tim for sending this to our attention!

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 11:29 PM EST by Rocko Spoogee (SiegePerilous)

    A Siege Perilous Guild
    One thing is certain on this shard: the players here are better at what they do than the full production shards. When 'full production shard' is used in a sentence, it is widely known that SP is not considered as such. Full production, however, does describe SP accurately. The players on this shard that I have met here are more mature and laid back (if you will). This applies equally to both blues and reds. Most reds that have PK'd me (yes it happens to stratics writers!) have rez'd me or at the least pop a gate. The holes of ass still exist, but in a smaller percentage than on the 'full production shards'.

    Big freaking deal, right? Well, to someone that is not on SP the previous paragraph is news to them (even though they may even be afraid to read this subsite let alone make a character on SP). As such, there is a guild that deserves a little notoriety: NEW. NEW is the Siege Perilous Newborn Project. They are the self-styled answer to [YOUNG] status. The guild provides assisstance to new recruits as long as they follow the guild rules. If you are new to SP then I suggest that you go to their website and sing-up: NEW Website.

    NEW is run by Luxor and is located at Safe Haven. Safe Haven is located at the crossroads at the desert, adjacent to the guard/healer tower there. By the way, the guild is run by donations from the SP community and the help of the NEW members. If you can provide some assisstance to them I sure that Luxor be grateful!

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 11:04 PM EST by Rocko Spoogee (SiegePerilous)

    UO House of Commons Chat Log has been Posted
    The complete log of the sixty-third UOHoC Open House chat has been posted, and is available from the UO House of Commons web site.
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 9:22 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    Arctic Legend's St. Patricks Day Event
    Just got this...
    Title: Arctic Legend's St. Patricks Day Event

    Location: The Forgetful Leprichons

    Facet: All

    Shard: Pacific

    Starting Date: 17 Mar 2001 6:00PM PST

    Ending Date: 17 Mar 2001 9:00PM PST

    Frequency: 1 Time Only

    Sponsor: Arctic Legends (AL)

    Email: [email protected]

    Short Description:

    Forgetful Leprichons will lose golden boxes all over Fel,Tram,T2,and Ish. Finding a box will give you an opportunity to enter in a drawing at the end of the event for several prizes.

    Long Description:

    The boxes that the Leprichons will lose will each have a small free gift and a book with instructions on how to register for the grand drawing at 9:00 PM Pacific Time. per character.

    This is an Official Arctic Legends Event.

    Short and to the point, just the way we like it! *grins*
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 9:06 PM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

    Brigands for Breeches

    -British Crossroads, Felucca

    Brigand assaults on British-bound merchant caravans in recent weeks have necessarily prompted local merchants to up security on what ought to be relatively safe cloth or ingot hauls to the kingdom's capitol and center of trade.

    Britannia News Network reporter Milo Inkhurler cites one British soldier who noted that "They pick the heaviest, least valuable items to steal, leaving the light, expensive goods like gems," raising great suspicions about what exactly brigand leader THE SINISTER OAKLEY, GRANDMASTER ASSASSIN plans for his ill-acquired bounty. (For more information from Milo on the robberies, his full article can be found at

    The latest attack took place as the Feluccan moon descended on the e'en of Tuesday, the 6th of March. The victim - a cloth vendor and seamstress named Alma, who sought to deliver a shipment of fine indigo cloth to The Right Fit of Britain from Yew. Setting out prudently under the benevolent guard of royal Paladin Lady Shannon, Alma's entourage of soldiers, mages, and adventurers were met early on by sizeable, but hardly unexpected, orc patrols who were easily dispatched. However, as the caravan steadily approached the British crossroads, a waylay of brigands, murderers, and thieves tore from the withered Feluccan underbrush and without delay charged with sword, crossbow, spear, and pitchfork. Men and women both, their lack of any finesse or armor made up for by their sheer numbers and indomitable ferocity.

    Spotted during the attacks was the elusive Oakley, kryss in hand, the glint of poison on steel dancing in the moonlight as he waved the blade menacingly above his head, rallying his brigands with frenzied warcries. Attempts by mages and detectives alike to detect him as he vanished behind a small sandstone resulted in countless failures, the assassin receding to the shadows with his abandoned miscreants falling to the dust in heaps in dire violation of royal "Clean Roads and Water" ordinances.

    And the prize? Alma's cloth. Cloth. 160 pieces a bolt. Now if only every tailor could get a 30-man army to protect her cloth! But in the meanwhile, I'll be watching my back as I pass through the crossroads, at least until the man Oakley is found and held accountable for these crimes. Further news, on the hour.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 5:47 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Cincinnati Area Player Gathering
    Myron Leick sent us the following press release:
    COME ONE! COME ALL! You are hereby invited to attend the Second Annual Cincinnati Player's Gathering for Ultima Online.

    This year there will again be much feasting, lots of players from all walks of life to meet, a raffle to give away OSI/EA merchandise, a Q&A session with a member of OSI's house staff, and a special guest appearance by Ian Stormbringer, a.k.a. Todd Pratt from the New York Mets.

    We ask that everyone please RSVP on or before 3/31/2001 so we can provide our location with a solid head count ahead of time and to allow us ample time to receive payment and mail out your invitations.

    For more information, to RSVP, or to register, please contact Myron Leick at [email protected] and put "UO Luncheon" in your subject line. When registering you must provide your real name, real address, e-mail address, and main character name/main shard so we can contact you.

    Here are the specifics:

    DATE: Saturday, April 21st, 2000
    TIME: 6:00pm to 11:00pm
    WHERE: The York Room at the Drawbridge Inn, 2477 Royal Dr., Ft. Mitchell, KY (859) 341-2800. Point your web browser to for more information on the Drawbridge Inn or any of a number of local attractions. Discount room rates are available for luncheon attendees. Ample parking is also available in the adjoining parking lot
    MENU INCLUDES: Fresh Fruit
    Tomato and Cucumber Vinaigrette
    Tossed Salad
    Carved Top Round of Beef
    Deli-Sliced Ham, Turkey, Swiss and American Cheeses
    Pineapple Chicken Salad
    Sandwich Setups
    Non-alcoholic beverage of your choice
    COST: $30.00 per person. Prepayment must be received by 4/07/2001. Once we receive your confirmation, we will send you further details on how to make this payment.

    For those of you who are in any of Ultima's volunteer programs we will be holding a small get together on Friday night at a local restaurant/bar with OSI's representative. Friday night's get together is not intended for the general public so in order to attend you must have a signed TOS on file with OSI. This cost is not included in the $30.00 per person for the UO Gathering.

    Also, for those of you that might be interested, we are planning a side outing to a baseball game on Saturday afternoon before the luncheon where we will hope to see Ian Stormbringer in action when the Cincinnati Reds take on the New York Mets. A bus will be available to take us to and from the game leaving from the Drawbridge Inn one hour before the 1:15 pm game time. Cost for this will be $15.00 per person, which covers your ticket to the game as well as transportation to and from the game.

    Event Schedule:

    Friday Night
    8:00pm OSI Volunteer Staff will meet with the OSI representativ for dinner and drinks.

    Saturday Afternoon
    12:30pm Those planning to attend the Reds game meet at the Drawbridge Inn for bus ride to the game

    Saturday Evening
    6:00 pm Player Gathering registration - "Greet and Meet"
    7:00pm Buffet Dinner
    7:45pm Door Prize Drawings
    8:00pm Question & Answer Period with the representative from OSI Make Sure you have 1 or 2 questions to bring to the lunch with you so we can use this time to it's fullest
    10;00pm More Door Prize Drawings
    10:30pm Wrap Up, Socializing, and Grand Prize Drawing
    11:00pm Meeting adjourns. At this point the official event is over and it's time to head home.

    Those of you wishing to continue the festivities may choose to go to the Crossbow Tavern for drinks and stimulating conversation or frequent Jillian's which is about 10 minutes from the Drawbridge in downtown Covington. Jillian's has an arcade, and a number of dance/music clubs depending on your preference.
    Last year's Cincinnati area gathering was a great success, so I highly encourage everyone that can to attend.
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 3:50 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (CommunityNews)

    Mystic's Lotto Grotto A Success!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<
    Greetings, friends!

    Mystic's Vendors would like to thank all the loyal patrons for the success of our weekly lottery. We intend to continue this event as long as there is interest and expect to include our Trammel location in the near future. In light of the last 2 lotteries selling out in one day we are changing the rules slightly. From here forward we are going to place 20 keys a day on the vendor for 6 days, at the end of that cycle we will give everyone a chance to try their keys. Mystic's has been serving the UO Community for over 3 years and we are glad to give back to those who have made us a success. Look forward to new events and super sales at both shop locations, information and directions to our shops can be found on our website.

    Come browse our vendors or just chat with the owners anytime. Feel free to ICQ Mystra (7489459) or Silver(17808826) if you ever need anything.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 3:46 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Middle-Earth Stratics Redesigned
    Middle Earth has had a long and bumpy ride in its journey from novel to massively multiplayer game. First announced shortly after the commercial release of Ultima Online, Middle Earth quickly became popular among the gaming community, infamous for possessing features such as permanent character death. About a year later the community was shocked when Sierra Studios, publisher of Middle Earth, put the game on hold and fired the development team.

    With the release of the film version of Fellowship of the Ring, the first book in the Lord of the Rings saga, coming up in December 2001, it was recently confirmed that Sierra Studios is in fact still hard at work on Middle Earth, this time under a new development team. While what in the game remains from the previous team and what is new remains a mystery, it is rumored that Middle Earth may be ready for release late in 2001.

    In anticipation of this long-awaited release, Stratics has redesigned our Middle-Earth site, prepared to bring to you the latest news on this title. Here is just some of what Middle Earth Stratics has to offer:

    And much, much more. Be sure to check back for the latest in Middle Earth news.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:45 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    UO House of Commons Chat Tonight
    Ultima Online Stratics is proud to host another UO House of Commons chat this Thursday, March 8th, at 7pm CST. The conference will occur in #uohoc. The topic will focus on the upcoming release of Third Dawn, the latest expansion for Ultima Online, now in beta.

    Never been to a UO House of Commons before? Basically it is a developer chat, where the gamers and the designers sit down. Players get to ask the game's developers their questions via a live moderator. The designers then answer the question in the chat. It's a tried and true format for finding out what is in store for your favorite Massively Multiplayer games.

    To join the chat, connect to one of the following Stratics IRC servers, and type /join #uohoc. Or, use our Stratics Java IRC Client.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:43 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    A Nightmare in Magincia
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    Thank ye Dalamar fer this information:

    I had heard the news from Aranlindale, Tavernkeeper of Spiritwood, a strange dark building had appeared in Magincia, and a battle  was raging there. I decided to investigate at once and recalled quickly to the island . 

    What a shock! My travelling spell took me right in the middle of the battlefield. I hadn't seen so many corpses and dead bodies since the battle of Trinsic, a year ago. And many adventurers were still fighting against hordes of undead. The minions of Death were appearing in waves, everywhere in the streets of the city : skeletons, zombies, liches and liches lords attacked in numbers from every sides and I had to call other guild members for help. 

    With a mage friend Tamara Stardust and Aeribian the bard, we were able to come closer to the source of this Evil: the building made of dark stone, very akin to the one in Trinsic. But all entrances were blocked with energy barriers, no way to reach the energy vortex on top of the structure. Later after hours of pointless battle and deaths, Rilla the gypsy of Magincia, gathered the adventurers as she had found the way to destroy  the vortexes (apparently other towns suffered like Magincia). Four words of power are needed, each written in a book ; the four books of Winds, that four renown treasure hunters had sought and found. But the one in Yew was dead...

    The three others were: Phelan North, who had found the book in Minoc, Olivia South in Serpent's Hold (but no one had heard news from her in a long time), and Delena Eastwind who went in Moonglow. As soon as Rilla ended her story the assembly of heroes scattered to the four winds in search of the treasure hunters. 

    My tale ends here as I was too bruised from the previous battle to continue, but I am sure the Virtues will triumph!

    Dalamar, Mage of the Custodes Fati.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 12:51 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    UOAM Shard Map Now Available
    Have you ever had some trouble finding a location specific to Drachenfels where an event is taking place, or where people often gather ? The UOSS Drachenfels staff proudly presents you the first Stratics UOAM Shard Map. The goal of this map is to help players find shard-specific points of interest, such as an establishment or any kind of local gathering spot.

    As any of you can guess, the map is still in development and contains only few other locations than our current establishment listing. We would like you to suggest additions to it. Feel free to visit this page to download the file and let us know of some places we have missed.

    Safe Travels !

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 12:17 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Rivendell Announces Next Town Night
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    The citizens of Rivendell would like to announce a Town Night Competition for this Saturday, March 10th! We will be hosting a 1 on 1 Warrior or Mage competition! Registration begins at 6:30pm CST and the first battle starts at 7:00. There will be a 1K-entry fee and the winner will get half the pot. A short ceremony will be held in the tavern at the conclusion of the final match.

    The following rules apply:

    1. No magical weapons, armor or clothing allowed.
    2. Poisoned weapons are NOT allowed.
    3. No Hiding or using invisibility spell
    4. The following spells are illegal: Energy Vortex, Earthquake, Blade spirits, Invisibility, Wall of Stone, any area spells.
    5. No Mounts or pets
    6. Pre-casting and drinking is allowed.
    7. You may not leave the arena once the tourney has started. So make sure to bring enough equipment for multiple matches. If you leave the arena it will result in your disqualification.
    8. There is a 7 minute time limit for each match after the time limit no healing will be allowed. The no healing time limit will be called multiple times and you will have 10 seconds to stop healing.
    9. There will be NO LOOTING AT ALL. Once the match is over, go to the wall to wait for your next match.
    10. There is a 10 Gheal, Gcure limit per match.
    11. Any attempt to break any of these rules will result in your disqualification.
    12. Summoning Spells are legal but they must be done after the match starts, no pre-casting of summons spells.
    Any problem or questions about the rules feel free to ask Green Goblin about them any time. Fight to the death or yield. Healer and resurrections will be provided at no charge.

    There will be a $1k entry fee for each contestant due at the time of registration. Registration will begin 30 minutes prior to the start inside the Rivendell Tavern. The back room with the teleporter to the arena will be opened at the 7:00pm CST start time. With the growing number of participants, we request that registrants arrive as early as possible so that the competition gets underway promptly. (Please note: No more contestants will be taken after the contestants are in the arena.)

    Spectators: We ask that you don’t faction fight in Rivendell during a tourney. It is a distraction and people watching the matches might get in the way. So please wait until after the tourney and ceremony are over to faction fight.

    Thanks for your support!

    (Rivendell is located on the coast NE of Skara Brae in Felucca)

    Town Council

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 7:56 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Harmony to Hold Market Day
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Harmony will be holding a Market Day on March 10th starting at 7:30pm cst. There will be tables set up with all our vendors who will have craft items, weapons armour, some free leather dying, armour, and the list goes on.

    We will be selling these items at a discount to youngs and new characters who pass by. Our itemswill be less expensive then normal business days.

    Stop by and see what we have and have some ale at the Boars Head Inn when your done.

    LadyBlue Kendrick
    Duchess of Harmony

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 7:49 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    KOA Golden Knights #61 -- "The Golden One" Friday
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    KoA Golden Knights #61 - Fri, March 2 - THE GOLDEN ONE hosted by Elizabeth, KoA Elder Oracle

    DATE: Friday, March 9, 2001 @ 8 PM CST
    TIME: Registration takes place from 7:30 - 8:00 PM CST. The event begins @ 8:15 PM CST.
    WHERE: The event takes place in the Alliance Village. The coordinates are 136*24'S 27*12'E

    ENTRY FEE: 600g

    PRIZES: Winner receives 10,000 gold

    DESCRIPTION: This tournament will be a 1-on-1 pvp event. Very few rules are being imposed as The Golden One is intended to allow for a variety of battle techniques. This will be an opportunity for all of the true tacticians on our Shard to put their skills to use. There will be a seven minute time limit imposed on bouts which may be extended at the discretion of KoA event Judges. Winners will be determined by survival OR decision of the Judges in the event of time expiration.


    • NO pets or mounts are allowed.
    • NO Magic weapons/items/armour are allowed. If anything on you saying "a magic" is noticed you may be disqualified.
    • Hiding IS NOT allowed
    • Casting INVISIBLE is NOT allowed
    • NO looting of any kind!
    • NO summoning of any kind.
    • All potions ARE allowed.
    • Precasting/drinking IS allowed.
    • Poisoned weapons and poison spell ARE allowed.
    • Any attempt to exploit the event or the rules to win will result in immediate disqualification.


    • No faction fighting in the village during the Golden Knights event.
    • Please do not equip bows around the ring. Spells or potions may hit you that will cause you to attack back.
    • Please try to stable or feed your mount prior to the event. Wild mounts are a problem.
    • No casting, sparring, or fighting right around the ring. If you wish to do this go to another location in the village.
    • No spectators in the arena after the event begins.
    • The Golden Knights event is a Seer sponsored event for Lake Superior. Grief players are at times removed and/or jailed, banned, etc. The consequences for disruption are solely the decision of the representatives of Origin Systems.
    • Have a great time! Cheering for your friends is encouraged!
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 7:46 AM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    The Tournament of Valor
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement brought to us by Methos, Captain of K*V:
    The Tournament of Valor!

    Friday March 16th, 7pm PST at the Nuejelm Bank!

    Watch as Pacific's best fight to the Death for Cash and Prizes of over 100k. All spectators will qualify for a chance to win 50k+ in gold and prizes in our Raffle. Hail Valor!

    The basic event will be a simple competition between K*V warriors in an enclosed ring. Single pairs and no magic items of any kind. No poisoned weapons. Potions and heal spells will be allowed. Only GM weapons and armor. Its all about skill and stats. There will also be door prizes of gold, magic weapons, items, and grab bags for non K*V members of the audience.
    No poison :( ... what happened to my once uhmmm noble profession??? Sounds fun regardless :D
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 2:17 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Imatown's Great Lizard Roast
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was originally posted by Hengslift on the Crossroads of Britannia site and was brought to our attention by ImaMage:
    This Friday night, March 9, 6pm Pacific in ImaTown.

    We will be roasting a record number of lizards.
    We will need runners to lure herds of them into town, as well as mages to make the fires.
    Once we get all the lizard steaks, we will need cooks to barbeque them on the tavern grill.
    There will be plenty of lizard steaks for everyone, as well as some rats for the less discriminating diners. and ale of course.

    The hides will be collected to make leather suits which we will be dyed green and given away to all our ImaTown visitors for St. Pattys day. There are stacks of both cut and uncut hides locked down on the tavern steps which anyone can add to.

    If you have a character that needs to practice your fighting skills you will have plenty of chance to whack on the lizards while they are being roasted.

    So bring your fire field reagents and your weapons. or if you just like to see a good show feel free to come and watch.

    ImaGuildMistress will be there to add members with ImaName characters to the IMA guild. and I hope to have someone who can recruit non-ImaNamed characters to the IM@s.

    If you dont know where Ima town is check out our website.
    Sounds like another winner from Imatown :D
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 2:06 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Jimmie's Male/Female Pageant
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This announcement just in from Jimmie:
    I am hosting a Male/Female Pageant and auction this Saturday, Nujelm theater at 6PM CST. Entries will be accepted from 5 to 5:30pm at the theater.

    We will be judging on Casual wear and after your scores are totaled, you will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

    We ask that everyone please stay around so we can announce all the winners. The male auction will start first and as soon as it is finished, the female auction will begin. If you need further nfo please check the Calendar section of UO's official site. Thank you.
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:51 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Details on Beechel Kire's Death Released
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following from Anthony of the Undead of Felucca:
    The smell of evil hung over the keep in Necropolis as I waited for the beckon of Dale Larkspur. It was about sundown there when I recieved for important information on a kidnapping I was instructed to commit.

    "All is set. Beechel and Nyssa Kire will be at the villa soon. It is my understanding they have invited guests to her surprise birthday party. Be quick in thy task. Get them to the keep quickly and send Beechel to the tavern with his request as soon as possible. It seems many had planned to attend the party, including thy enemy F'Nor and his crew. Be prepared."

    "F'Nor--" I thought and then was baffled by a thought. How was I supposed to get to the villa? I had the rune, but no magi to get me there! I quickly looked over the awakened soulsend when I came to the name "Black Death." As I begged for a magi to get me there, he said he would send a friend to get me there.

    Upon arrival, I waited... waited... until finally, I noticed an unusual looking human walk by. "Beechel," I cried. Then as quickly as possible I ran up to him and grabbed around his neck.

    "Where isss your wife?!" I screamed in his face as he fanned away the smells emitting from my mouth. "Well?!" It took a little while to wriggle the information out of him, but he pointed to the small house beside us. I dragged him along beside me as I kicked the door open. She stood there with a blank look on her face as I grabbed her also. She was a squirmy thing, but I managed to get them back to the keep. With about four orcs following me, awed by the sight, I eventually shackles them both in the dungeon.

    I gave them a short but sweet speech about why I need something. Something of high importance of power, Io's only weekness: his armor. At first he refused, until I held my sword up to Nyssa's throat. The sweet beeded down his forehead as he quickly nodded.

    "No! Let them kill me, Beechel! You owe nothing to them!" Nyssa screamed as it echoed through the entire keep. He, as did I, knew that Avalon awaited at the tavern. I told him to make sure they didn't come, but they ended up coming anyway. Anyways, we awaited his arrival for 20 minutes. During this time, I decided it would be a good time to torture this young woman. *cackles*

    I heard footsteps arriving the keep. I ran out to the hallway to see Beechel himself standing there carrying a bag in his left hand. He handed it over to me while the door was still open and I saw a Mist of Avalon run by, then another, then the whole army stood in front of the keep! I open the bag and there stood the armor. Ah, the armor. The armor of Io, this was truly an amazing sight. Then, I received a soulsend from Dale.

    "I can see the armor... it is a fake set. The farmer lies."

    I looked down at the armor and said to myself, "How can this be?" enraged in fury, I instructed an orc to run and shackle the farmer again to the wall. After a little battling with the forces of good, I walked slowly but calmly into the dungeon. I looked around to see some orcs, the farmer, and his wife standing there. I walked up to Beechel and slapped him across the face.

    "The armor isss fake, you fool!"
    "No! It can't be!"
    "Well, it isss. And you will pay for thisss, breather!"

    In his last breath, he managed to scream out to his army, "Run! They know it is fake! Get out of there!" The armor quickly ran away as I glared down at the human. I unsheathed by sword and started beating on the helpless farmer. I finished him off in a few strokes with my blade, and looked down at his bleeding corpse. I, then, quickly glared at the wife of the corpse and started beating on her as well. With a few strokes, she also lay dead on the floor of the dungeon. I laughed, although disappointed I did not get my armor. I quickly fell asleep.

    Warrior Captain

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:23 AM EST by Tymaron (Catskills)

    Justice Panae Releases Statement
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<When posting the outcome in the case of Necare vs. Okami, this paper was unable (at the time) to acquire official comment on the outcome of the case. However, Yew Chief Justice Panae has released a statement clarifying her legal reasoning.
    Regarding the case Necare vs. Okami.

    By Panae, Chief Justice of the court of Yew.

    In the beginning, I set upon this case seeing what I saw as a minor claims case that actually was nothing more than a personal feud that required the intervention of the court of the land.

    When Necare first came to me to file the charge, I treated him fairly and with respect, as I would anyone and have done with everyone. I was fully aware that any former justice would have considered this case insignificant, petty, and a waste of the court's time. I however, wanted to set a preceedent of a Court that would serve anyone who came with a grieveance.

    This, I am sure, Necare will not dispute, that I treated him fairly and justly all the way through. (though he may dispute my ruling) I examined his claim of the destruction of his chair with the appropriate gravity and fairness. I recorded a file and researched the case. However, it had come to my attention that Necare was an alleged criminal in Yew, and despite my attempt to only consider the case, I refused to ignore the character of Necare, which had been established the night before at a council meeting. I would not care to go out of my way to research the actual temperment of someone, yet it had been presented plainly to me and if Necare had not wanted for me to form a negative opinion of himself, he would not have chosen to present himself in the fashion that he did. Also, since he was a wanted criminal, the action that prompted that again was on his choice, his volition and therefore he will he held accountable for it.

    However, when it was presented to me that Necare was in fact the self proclaimed emporor of his own nation and not a citizen of Britannia, I heeded a motion by the defendant Okami to dismiss the case, and this descision I will stand by.

    However, I know I am neither perfect nor completely blind to my own deeper opinions. Let me make this clear. I am more interested in serving justice than I am in serving a political agenda. I have no side. I am not a political figure, I am a judge, and my job is to do justice.

    Therefore I will open the case to an appeal, if in fact one is wished. I will also appoint a new, well respected and impartial judge to handle the case. I will resolve this question in finality and if grace and civility will rule, then perhaps both sides will abide by the ruling handed down.

    I am not doing this becuase of public pressure. I am not doing this because I think I was wrong, because I think I was right in my ruling. I am not buckling to any sort of political agenda. I simply want to make sure that in this, my first case in Yew, that justice is done properly, not for the people and thier opinion; though it is important to me that the court retain respect with the citizens of the land. I do this simply so that I am sure justice is done.

    For I say, when a court does the right thing and not the popular thing, it will be popular, and if it bends to the whim of the people, there is no use in a court at all.

    Thank you.

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:04 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Minoc attacked by Elementals Tuesday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Dear Friends,

    Earlier today I bumped into my good friend Barnes who told me of his adventure yestereve in the city of Minoc.

    Apparently he had been shopping in the city of Vesper when an acquaintance of his sent him a pigeon lamenting the battle raging in Minoc.

    Upon hearing the news he quickly grabbed his war gear and recalled to Minoc.

    He said that he charged into battle swinging his halberd and killing many of the evil creatures.

    The ground shook with a mighty rumble as more and more elementals climbed from beneath the surface of the dirt.

    He said he saw no mage summoning, and no miner gone mad digging them from the ground with his magic axe, that they were just simply.. coming.

    He fought for what seemed ages, and then he was injured badly by a Valorite elemental, having a poisonous green gas surround him before he even knew where the beast was.

    He regainged his senses and quickly slayed the creature with his mighty halberd.

    Barnes said that as he fought he had but one thought..

    “Ironic, the very ore that may make a miner rich may also destroy him..”

    With those words ringing in my ears, I journeyed to the Coalition of Might headquarters located in the city of Trinsic hoping to find Decimus who is the leader of this fine organization.

    I searched the entire city of Trinsic and finally I found our fearless leader fortifying the west gate in case the city happened to be attacked.

    I questioned him for a period of time concerning the events of the prior evening and I could hardly get a straight answer out of him.

    I asked him if he knew if the attack was just a random act of violence or if it was orchestrated by some mage, or other person summoning the elementals

    He theorized that there could have been a ripple effect.

    There was a lot of unrest and violence in Felucca.
    And it may have had repercussions on the other facet.
    The elements going haywire may have been the result.

    But this is only his theory.

    Perhaps we will never know the real story.

    If you have any information concerning the battle in Minoc last night then please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Until next time,

    PS My thanks to Belan for the pictures.
    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 1:02 AM EST by Bega (NapaValley)

    Gladiator Bar Fight at Grimoire
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Hail and well met,
    This just in via carrier pigeon:
    Gladiator Bar Fight, Sponsored by Mianoumi! NO ENTRY FEE!
    Friday March 9th at (9 PM PST, 10 PM MST, 11 PM Central, Midnight EST)
    Last fighter standing wins 15K gps.

    Here are the rules:

    • The Grimoire staff will scatter weapons, armor, potions, and bandages on the arena floor. Contestants will start the battle naked and will arm themselves with what they can pick up.
    • No magic items, clothing, or jewelry. No magic armor and weapons are allowed, so please come naked and leave your valuables at home or in the bank. Grimoire staff will not hold items for contestants so PLEASE leave your items at home or in the bank. Gates will be provided to town when the event is over.


    • All contestants are subject to snooping by Grimoire Staff to ensure everyone is participating fairly.
    • The Event Coordinator's decision on all matches is final and will not be disputed during the event.
    • Anyone that disrupts the flow of the event for any reason will be banned until after the event.
    • Grimoire staff reserves the right to cancel an event for any reason at any time during the course of the event.
    • Contestants who are perma-banned for any reason will forfeit their chance to fight.
    • If you leave the arena and you fail to return before the event/match begins, you forfeit your chance to fight.
    • If a contestant loses connection during the event, he/she will forfeit.
    • The Event Coordinator reserves the right to adjust these rules at any time without notice.
    • To avoid confusion, registration will start at 8:30 PM PST, and end at 9:00 PM PST. NO LATE ENTRIES.
    • Tournament will start at 9:10 PM.

    We must have a minimum of 4 people to start this event!

    This event takes place in the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena. Once you have entered the Grande Grimoire Battle Arena, all Contestants are bound by the Rules of the Battle Arena. Failure to follow these rules may result in your death or banishment from the Arena.Grimoire Tournament Rules

    Contestants and Spectators must observe and obey all the Village Laws. Failure to do so can end in your death or banishment from the village.Grimoire Village Rules

    For calendar of events, rules, maps and community message board, please visit: Village of Grimoire

    Hope to see you there!
    LeeLu-Grimoire Staff

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Thursday, March 8, 2001, 12:38 AM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    UO Austin Players Lunch This Saturday!
    Thanks to Heather for reminding us of the following:
    UO Players Lunch This Saturday!

    Reminder: The next Austin UO Players Luncheon will be held at 1pm, this Saturday, March 10 at Opal Divine's Freehouse on 6th St. in Austin Texas. Over 50 players have already signed up to attend, and 10 representatives from OSI. To view the guest list and get more information, please visit the UO Lunch Webpage at

    If you have RSVPed by email and you have not received a response from me, and you don't find your name on the guest list, please email me at [email protected]. It seems my Road Runner email is not working this week. Those who are kind enough to RSVP will receive a special nametag with their character name and shard affiliation.

    See you there!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 11:33 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (CommunityNews)

    Client Patch 2.0.8q
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.8q

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.8q. This patch addresses a crashing issue.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 11:32 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Further Edinburgh Troubles?
    Many hours of hard travel took me from Yew to the Village of Edinburgh. Tired, hungry and in dire need of ale to wash the road dust from my throat, I stopped in the tavern in the village. I'm unsure whether it was the fatigue or the sleeping sickness which affected our world this day, but through bouts of sleep, I overhead rumors.

    While not privy to the conversation, I was able to overhear pieces of a conversation between Niamb Goldenhair and one of the defenders of the village. Deminatza had word from the undead world...puzzle of Scaramadine...Malycite.

    Curious, I quizzed Niamb over the bits and pieces I had heard. Evasively, yet politely, she avoided my questions. I dragged out of her that Malycite held the last clue to the puzzle of Scaramadine. However, she politely refused to give me complete details, stating only that pigeons had flown to her allies and they would be sorely needed for the journey ahead.

    Niamb did confirm that Ashton would be the next to duel the Slayer, followed by Tauros, and finally, Jacob Chulainn. Her champions trained as we spoke, preparing for their trials ahead. Confidence radiated from her as she spoke of the Champions.

    While speaking, a strange visitor arrived. Dressed in long red robe, this lady seemed unable to speak, communicating through written words upon a scroll, and deeply saddened. The citizens gave this visitor great respect. Quizzing the villagers proved fruitless, however. They refused to speak of the quiet visitor. I must seek the end to this story.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 11:29 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    The Undead of Satamarin Speak!!!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Yew is under siege.

    The undead and more invade the land of the living, thirsting for souls and questing for the subjugation of the realm of men.

    Thus far, the voices heard have been those of the invaded.

    But what of the invaders? What of those who walk the path of death and slavery? They too must have their voice.

    I traveled to the City of Satamarin, home to The Crimson Alliance, The Undead Minions of the Well, the Shiae Tarae and more. The air of the city was thick with vile intentions, and I was greeted by Lady Serena, a resident of Satamarin.

    I was taken past a group of the undead, gathered before a great keep. They caught the scent of my living flesh almost immediately, and began to move toward me, some in wonder, some in hunger, but all with resolute determination. I could hear their confusion at a living soul among them, but with a gesture, Serena held them at bay, though I knew well enough that had she not been present, my life might have been forfeit then and there.

    I was escorted into the keep, through no small protocol, and we traveled up to the second floor, wherein a counsel stood, awaiting my arrival.

    “Good sssssoulssss…” hissed Darkness, an undead leader. He was grisly in aspect to be sure, though the atmosphere of the place was more disturbing than the figures themselves. There were representatives of the various clans and guilds that call Satamarin home, all eager to have their story told.

    I settled in as best I could.

    “Who then shall speak for thee?” I asked, almost afraid to make eye contact with any of them.

    “We sssssshall sssspeak as we will, huuuummaaannn….”

    I nodded in understanding if not confidence, and I asked my questions.

    “Why have you gathered here? What is your common purpose?”

    A harsh cackle called out from the group, and Slayer, another of those assembled, spoke. Our purposssse isss to sspread evil though the landsssss…We have formed the Dark Counssssssel….to rule over all you sssseeeeeee….”

    “And through this council your edicts are passed and decisions made?”

    A slow, methodical nod answered my query.

    “By what means do you spread your evil? With such different ideologies and beliefs represented, how do you find unity?”

    This time it was Seven who spoke. “We have commonnnn purpossssse in the chaosssss we sssspreaddddd…our purposssse givessss ussss unity….not our meansss…..”

    Another voice rose in the room, this one low and almost angry. “You misunderstand us human.”

    I turned my head sharply, for this voice was not pained and forced, but calmly malevolent. Cryptic Power was the name of the one who offered his words.

    “Evil is but a matter of perspective, human. You may call us evil. But we serve a higher purpose than you can lay claim to. We are many, untied under one ideal.”

    “And what ideal is that?” I answered, only too fearful of the answer.

    “To offer our service to chaos. To answer the call of anarchy. Our attack and subjugation of Yew should define our intentions well enough.”

    “So you do not claim to be evil.”

    This was met by several cackles and broken fits of laughter, though several others simply stared on, finding no amusement in the comment.

    “Some of us claim that evil is our intent, but there are those among us to whom our actions are service to a greater understanding.”

    “Then you serve a God?”

    “Ssssso foooolisssshh….” came my response. “Have you not beeeeen lisssssssstening…we sssserve our massssterssss and our masssterssss are death and chaossssss…each to hissss own Goddddd….”

    “Then what are your intentions? You have conquered Fellucia, you claim. Chaos reigns there unchecked. Yet here you are in Trammel.”

    Darkness spoke again. “Trammmmel willll fallll…like Felluccccciaaa beforrrrrre it…it willll knowww our dominionnnn….”

    As suddenly and abruptly as the interview had started, it ended. I was ushered out of the keep, and with hands none too gentle I was shown the rest of Satamarin City. It stretched out across the breadth of the land, almost as far as the eye could see. There were many buildings within, each housing a different member of the society, though death and decay seemed to adorn them all. Several castles, a rune library, a Necromancers tower and many more structures dotted the landscape.

    Without ceremony I was then led to the city border, a horde of undead following. I could not help but fear for the life I led, for I could almost smell their foul want.

    Turning to Darkness, I reached into my tunic. “I give you now this token that I might see my soul free of this place this day.” With as calm a hand as I was able, I pulled free two vials of blood and handed them across to Darkness. He accepted the offering and eyed me with suspicion.

    “Tell them human….thosssssee that do nottt heeeed ussss willll die….we offferrr a chanccce for mortalsss to sssseeee our powerrrr….to join ussss beforrrreee it isssss toooo late….to thosssse would ssseeee our powersssss…come to Ssssatamarinnnn and offer your soulssss to the mastersss….”

    With that, Darkness turned and was gone, leaving me feeling lucky that I had managed to escape with my life and my soul intact.

    Evil for the sake of it, I thought as I moved away from the city.

    Can there be a more frightening thought…

    The undead have had their say.

    It is the decision of the rest of Britannia now, how they will answer.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 10:48 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Calandryll Comments on UO3D Going Gold
    Calandryll made the following two comments on Lum the Mad about UO3D going gold:
    The UO Third Dawn beta test is not over...we are continuing to take feedback and patch in fixes.

    and post #2:
    Actually, UO Third Dawn does include the 2d client as well.

    As far as the release date, that is accurate. I just wanted to make sure people knew that going gold doesn't mean the beta is over and that testing/patching is done. It's not.

    Manager of Community Services,
    Ultima Online and ORIGIN

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 8:27 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Carpentry Changes NOT Intentional
    Thanks to Calandryll for letting us know that the changes to carpentry were NOT intentional. He just posted the following to the official UO Discussion Board:
    We're still looking into it, checking the code. Any changes are not intentional though.

    Manager of Community Services

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 8:14 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    UO Third Dawn Goes Gold
    Before you start yelling at US about this news, please realize that we are only reporting on it and are not responsible for the decision by OSI to go ahead with making UO3D go gold. With that in mind, the following was just posted to
    Hi Rich,

    Just a heads up that UO: Third Dawn has gone gold and will be shipping to retailers on March 27. Let me know if you have any other questions. Web site is

    David Swofford
    Director of Communications
    ORIGIN Systems

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 7:58 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Eighth Buc's Den Black Market
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Conner of Minoc sent us the following announcement :
    Hail to pirates, merchants, sorcerers and adventurers alike !

    On Thursday the 8th March, the fourth Pirate black market will take place in Buccaneer's Den. It will begin at 9pm CET on the docks of the famed pirate island, just like the èprevious ones. Anyone interested is gladly invited to place a table there with a book containing the list of the goods he is willing to sell. We would also be happy to welcome the lucky members of the Gamblers guild.

    This market will be the second one to welcome cattle sales. Fortune-tellers and religious groupings are also welcome to present their services and try to convince new believers. The last Black markets were a huge success, and we hope this one will be as well. Our sponsors will as usual provide drinks.

    In the name of Pirates, Merchants, and inhabitants of Buccaneer's Den,
    Admiral Conner of Minoc,
    Pirates of Darkness [PoD]

    My thanks Conner for this announcement !
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 7:09 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Interview with Nathan Longbow of the Shadow Rangers
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<I arrived through the moongate near Yew, eager to be about the business I had come to complete. The unrest in Yew and the surrounding regions of the realm had given me pause to contact the Shadow Rangers, the protectors of the woodlands around Yew.

    I was greeted with both friendliness and a sense of immediacy that could not be denied. The two rangers sent to escort me to their leader were named Edgar and Brutus. Both were dressed in traditional ranger garb, sporting weapons native to the woods. They handled their bows as well as they did their manners, and before long we were on our way to meet Nathan Longbow, the leader of the Shadow Rangers.

    We passed through Shadowmoor Village, an impressive city nestled near the moongate, and while I had want to look about and see all that it had to offer, my guides made it clear that we were to be away, for there was an urgency in the air that seemed to repress all other concerns.

    I followed the rangers through their fair city, when something caught my eye. It was a smallish crystal set in the ground itself. It seemed to glow and pulse with a life of its own. I was drawn to it almost as though it had reign over my desire and dominion over my want.

    I was pulled from my revelry by Brutus, who simply shook his head and moved us forward out of the city. We walked in relative silence for what seemed to be hours, though the rangers not once showed signs of confusion or misdirection, until finally we reached our destination.

    Beside a flowing waterfall there stood a man. He was six foot tall, clad as well in ranger garb, though there was an air about him that could not be missed. He held his posture rigidly, his eyes set upon me with either relief or suspicion, though I could not discern the truth of it.

    As I moved to stand before him, Brutus spoke, though his voice was an ominous whisper. “We will guard the perimeter.”

    Without taking his eyes from mine, Nathan Longbow nodded and motioned to have me sit on the small wooden chairs he had brought for the occasion.

    I was preparing to form my first question when he spoke, his voice almost a panicked shadow of his calm and rigid demeanor.

    “The balance,” he spoke, the words almost violent in their intent. He seemed to read my confusion and he walked as he completed his thought. “All things in this life and in this realm are in balance. Good. Evil. Righteousness. Sin. All things. This balance is being threatened by the vile of the realm.”

    “Threatened,” I asked, reticence edging my voice. “How? Can you be more specific?”.

    He seemed to chuckle lightly. “Fellucia. The lands there offer more evidence than I could ever provide. Once we, and others like us, made our home there. We thrived and were happy. Now we are forced here. Driven back over the borders of the facets themselves.”

    “By who?” I asked, sensing his distress but not yet his reasons.

    “The Shadowclan Orcs. The undead, and not alone are these. Those that would most benefit from such a happening. They live for the blood shed and the chaos the has claimed Fellucia, and now they seek to plant their vile seed here in Trammel as well. If you doubt my word on this, seek out city of Satamarin.”

    “You said they are not alone,” my head tilting in casual curiosity, though Nathan Longbow’s answer was anything but casual.

    “Drow,” he whispered, as though the mention of the name would bring a horde of them upon us.

    I could not believe the words I was hearing. “The Drow have allied with the Shadowclan Orcs and the undead?”

    Nathan laughed again. “No, I would not call it allied. I would call it…manipulation. The Drow are master diplomats and betrayers. People underestimate their threat. I am certain they entered into agreement with the orcs and undead, and soon will seek to enslave even them. Would that such would happen this night...”

    “Your numbers,” I asked, curious about their chances for victory. “How many fill thy ranks?”

    He pondered for but a moment. “I would say fifty in all, including Rangers and Guardsman.” This time it was his turn to nod in anticipated derision. “I know. Not enough to defeat the evil that faces us., but we are strong. We will not see the decay and chaos that has gripped Fellucia infect these lands as well.”

    I nodded slowly, not sure what to say. His words were thick were portent and ominous concern. “You saw the crystal, I assume.”

    I nodded simply, not having had time to accommodate my curiosity, though in truth I was no closer to the truth that I had been when I arrived.

    “It is called a Conversion Crystal It is a symbol of their decay, set in the very ground of our own village. I have had the Druids of the village examine it, in an effort to understand its power, but so far they have revealed nothing, save for that there may be as many as five other crystals scattered through the realm and across the facets themselves, though they had little to say about its purpose.”

    “Is it a tool of the Drow? Or the undead?”

    He simply shook his head. “I do not know to be certain. But I do know this; it bodes not well for the righteous of the realm.”

    “What is your purpose here then, good Ranger? Do you seek to restore the balance to what it once was?”

    He shook his head again. “We are too small in number and too late for that. Fellucia is gone. Our efforts must be directed toward safeguarding the balance here. We must stop the spread of their disease now, before it infects the forests and the people of Trammel, as it did in Fellucia. Perhaps one day, when Trammel is safe, we will fight our way back into Fellucia, and return them to the pit where they were born.”

    The conviction in his voice made it clear that in the war that was coming, there would be no quarter asked, nor given.

    I nodded my understanding and rose to leave. Nathan Longbow nodded his conviction in the words he had shared. As I made my farewells and turned to go, he spoke again, though his voice carried to me as though on the wind.

    “Tell them all of the danger. They all have to know the truth. And tell them as well that Shadowmoor always shall be a respite from the vile intentions of those who seek our deaths. Tell them…”

    I turned to answer, and Nathan Longbow had vanished into the woods, with only the rustling of leaves to tell the tale of his presence.

    As I made to leave, I noticed a small parchment on the ground where he had stood but a moment before. I slowly unraveled it and read the words that were written there.

    The Shadow Rangers will face the coming darkness. And they shall set the balance right once more.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 6:52 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Telia's 10'000 Visitors Party
    Kathleen of Trinsic, manager of Telia's Rune Library, wrote a very nice report on what happened at her place during the ten thousand visitors party this weekend.
    You can read it here.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 4:57 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Rivendell Opens Rares Museum
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<We received the following...
    Hail and Greetings From Rivendell!

    The Rivendell Town Council is very pleased to announce the Grand Opening of the Rivendell rares museum. This museum is located just to the east of the Rivendell fighting pits. Rivendell is located on the Fellucia facet, just west of the Skara Brae crossroads. Temporarily on display is "Syrem's Razor". It was the First player reward from the first osi run quest on Lake Superior. It is on loan from Drakus, and we thank him for allowing us to display it.

    Rivendell Council

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 1:41 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    High Council Accepting Applications for 2nd Seat
    We received the following...
    High Council accepting Applications

    The High Council announces the opening of its second seat, representing Spirituality and the city of Skara Brae. All persons whom feel that they can provide such advocacy, and whom desire to serve in such a role are encouraged to apply. They may do so by sending email to [email protected]. The deadline for such applications shall be Wednesday, March 7th, at Midnight CST (That's Wednesday Evening). Following this submission, all applicants will be sent a questionnaire, and will be asked to submit answers by the end of the weekend. The final step will be a private mixer at a date and time to be announced later. This mixer will allow the councilors to meet with the candidates, and vice versa. The location of said meeting will be disclosed at a later time. Again, all applicants should submit there intentions no later than Wednesday at Midnight CST.The High Council of Britannia

    Lady Geneveve Orseau, 8th Seat,
    The High Council of Britannia

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 1:37 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    Town of Destiny Establishes New Holiday and Festival
    We received the following...
    Since Arbor Day is a new holiday created by the city of Destiny, it doesn't so much have a history as it does an explanation. With the invasion of Minax, the creation of Trammel, the devastation of trees, for far too long the citizens have lived in a world devoid of hope to see their beloved trees and flowers again.

    Concerned with the dreary effect and resulting gloom it has placed upon the populace, the City of Destiny has never been one to lose its hope. A year has passed but the city still stands, holds activities and goes about business. Such is their destiny and they handle it well. Still hope springs eternal in their hearts that they too can make a difference upon a land torn apart by battle and blood as we try to restore what the land once lost.

    Inspired by new spring books in the Destiny Library of Knowledge, we have issued a proclamation officially designating this March 24th and every March 24th to be known thereafter as "Arbor Day" and the week leading up to it as the "Festival of Trees."

    During the Festival of Trees, citizens should encourage and provide activities around regrowth, renewal, and rejuvenation of our lands. On Arbor Day, the City of Destiny will plant trees around the city in hopes that they will grow once more.

    Please see our page at for activities and details about our Festival of Trees Celebration.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 1:30 PM EST by Beans Baxter (LakeSuperior)

    The Drow attack Valoria

    News of a Drow Raid...

    It was during the opening hours of the Sword and Shovel tavern yesterday evening that at one point some strange noises could be heard outside. Looking out through the window the guests and the barstaff saw one of their worst fears had come true. The Drow had returned to Valoria!!

    They stepped into the tavern with all the guests and staff looking for a place to be safe, as the Drow had shown their vile intentions in the Minoc Vale before. When they stepped inside a sense of great evil came over the guests and staff present. The Drow threatened again that we should leave our town of Valoria to them, when all of the sudden a guard stepped in. Seemingly enraged by this or wanting the taste of blood the Drow engaged the guard as soon as he set foot into the tavern. It was shortly thereafter that hell broke loose when more of the guards arrived and the Drow went outside to confront them. A fierce battle enraged between the Drow and the guards, yet it was clear soon that the guards proved to be no match for the Drow. The guards starting falling one by one with the Drow not even a single loss at their side.

    The Drow then just stood there laughing, they seemed to be amused by our loss. They stated once more that they would give us another chance to leave Valoria. As a last act of their vileness the Drow started to put fire to the Sword and Shovel tavern and then seemingly left the area, yet as all were busy to extingiush the flames which would consume the tavern none had seen where they went exactly.

    After the battle we assessed the damage, the tavern damaged somewhat by the fire yet far worse the death of the guards. The eldest member of our community, Grandpa, suggested we try to capture one of the female Drow as they are the ones in charge. This will be a hard task to do, and we can be certain that we will need to increase our number of our well trained City Guards, as otherwise the Drow will overrun us for sure. So therefore I also wish to use this as a plea to all who want to help us defend our town from these vile creatures of the Underdark to sign up with the Valorian City Guards

    I thank you all for listening to my words and I hope to be able to bring better news next time.


    Falish Lightblade, Warlord and Guildmaster of the Order of the Ebon Hand

    Citizen and Councilmember of the town of Valoria

    Better start watchin' yer backs!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 12:30 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    The Grand Opening of the Wandering Vagrant Tavern
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This parchment was received from Belorn
    Hail! The Wandering Vagrant Tavern is having its grand opening this Thursday, March 8th, at 10:00 pm EST. It will be a night full of fun and games including Door prizes, a Lotto with a 50,000 gold prize, a joke contest with a 20,000 gold prize, a story contest with a 20,000 gold prize, and a Casino with four different dice games! There will be plenty of food and drink, and all are welcome to attend! The Tavern is located on Ice Isle north of the Dungeon Deceit at sextant coordinates 104o 24'N 177o 12'W. There is also a rune available at the Elysium/KOS Rune Library. So come on everyone!

    Belorn, Lord of the Wandering Vagrants

    Thankye Belorn, I'll have to stop by!
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 12:27 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    You are warmly invited to...
    You are warmly invited to witness:

    The Marriage of Xterra to Fixxxer

    Wednesday, March 14th
    Serpents Hold Counselors Hall in Felucca
    9:00 EST/8:00 CST

    A reception party will take place directly after the ceremony on the lower floor. We ask that mounts and pets be let outside the Hall.

    Catering will be provided by the famously frisky Fire Island Sistas with the aid of Relk the Waiter.

    For more information, contact us in IRC channel #GLRPC on the stratics server.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 10:13 AM EST by Lisa Valorite (GreatLakes)

    Shadow Lords Seize Control
    In a true show of power Shadow Lords have managed to grip control of Felucca casting their dark shadow upon all faction towns. We here at stratics will do our best to keep you informed on the ever raging war on the other side of Trammel.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 8:56 AM EST by Dengar (LegendsAOL)

    Presenting the Gladiator Challenge
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    More news about potential carnage! The UOSS AOL Legends home office recently received a flaming arrow through the window with this announcement from Dogg about the King of the Court Gladiator Challenge:

    All fighters and warriors in the land of Britannia have been invited to a mixed skill, full-combat-to-the-death-sporting event. We would like to see all swordsman, macers, lumberjacks, and fencers participate in the event. It will be two eight-man pyramids leading to one main event, which will be a battle between two winners's to bring forth one champion. Here are the details:

    Rules and code of conduct:

    • No poison or magic weapons
    • Only 15 bandages each fighter
    • All spectators watch from outside the pit
    • Only 4 fighters in the pits at any given time
    The entry fee is 2000 gold per fighter. Winner gets 20k.

    Fights will be held on the Trammel facet in the Jhelom pit at 6 p.m. PST (9 PM EST). The first event is to be held on Saturday March 10th, 2001. We will have someone that can resurrect you. One catch: you must temporarily join a guild for the event. We will gate you all to stone before the fights. We hope to have a good result from this event so we can hold more like it. and even have magery events one day.

    Dogg and Zorak are hosting the event and hope to see a large turn out of respectable participants. To register, contact Dogg and Zorak.

    Remember! Only 16 fighters, so act fast!

    This reminds me of the good old days of AOL Legends. We look forward to reporting the results of the battle!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 4:36 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Mystic Encourages Separatism
    Ug Hummies!

    It is nearly springtime and this young Uruk’s head is awash with thoughts of war! Fortunately for me, Mystic, Lord Guardian of Legends, seems to be inciting the masses to rebel against the current government:

    Our world of Sosaria is under an almost permanent state of anarchy, and has been for the past few years. Many of us wish to denounce the king's power. It would be possible to do this, but then who would lead us? We could not have one person nor one group rule all of Sosaria, could we? Travelling to many worlds, and through reading many books, I have concluded that the towns and cities of Britannia need governments to succeed.

    In the other shards, a few of the towns there have governments. Sadly, though, our own world does not have any government. I ask that the people of our fair lands unite together and form a system of power in every town, for without our voices, our land may be in danger of a civil war. We need to represent ourselves. In doing this, we will lead into a world of peace and order.

    Historically, every time a voice has called for the towns to secede from Britannia, war has broken out. One can only hope this trend will continue!

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 4:20 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Enclave Offers Dye Tub Service
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    I have this ugly blue chair in my office. Perhaps the Enclave’s new store can help me solve this problem:

    The Enclave is proud to announce the opening of it's newest building, The Enclave Trade Goods.

    Inside the small tower, located on the first floor, are two dye tubs for use by anyone in the Legends Community. There is a Leather Dye Tub and a Special Dye Tub. The colors will change every few days. If you want a color you do not see, feel free to bring your own dye and change it to a color you want.

    Edward or another member of GoR will be there at 1 pm CST daily to dye anything for anyone who cannot dye things due to account age.

    The Enclave's small tower is located at 127o 15N 87o 45E on the Trammel facet.

    I thank Sorna for this bulletin.

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 4:12 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Roland and Lady Cielo to Wed
    Ug Hummies!

    Ah, Weddings:

    Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Lord Roland, one of several of KoV's (Knights of Virtue) GM fishers.

    I would like to report a most blessed event; the Lord Roland and the Lady Cielo have announced their engagement. There are many plans to be made before the actual event. The happy couple requests that friends and members of KoV attend the ceremony once a final date has been set.

    Where there be weddings, there be drinking. Where there be drinking, there be orcs. HOOWAH!

    Praise Minax.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 3:56 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Reaching Honesty by way of Deceit
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Ug Hummies!

    I’ve been moping around the office lately, since Cyn left, throwing things around and generally being a grouch. My new gruntees, Copperpot and Dengar, have been too frightened to enter the office for fear of being hit by some hurled furniture or the occasional section of wall. Copperpot did, however, manage to point out to me that a large pile of dead birds has piled up on my porch, apparently caught by my vendor in a desperate bid to feed himself. Well, I’ve sorted through the pigeon carcasses and will now present some news.

    First, a note from my favorite Honored Speaker of the Temple of the Stranger (T*S), Corposant:

    I am Corposant, Honored Speaker for the Temple of the Stranger. I serve the Firstborn and follow his path of virtue. His ways will lead the people into a new era of peace.

    Recently, the Clones have begun a journey into Virtue, having recently ventured into dungeon Despise and meditated at the shrine of Compassion. Their next step comes soon, and so I invite you all to join the Clones as we explore the path of Honesty together, through facing the sins of Deceit that may lie within ourselves.

    If you would travel with us, meet the Clone Second at the entrance to the dungeon Deceit (Trammel facet) on Sunday, March 11 at 6pm Pacific time. Come prepared to battle the evils that inhabit the dungeon Deceit.... and with your hearts and minds open to the ways of Honesty. We shall travel through the depths of the dungeon, and to the shrine itself to partake in a ceremony of cleansing.

    Until then, walk in the light of Virtue, my friends.

    It is good to know the Clones are still out there. Perhaps a dungeon journey will snap me out of my funk...

    Praise Minax!

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 3:44 AM EST by Ithunk (LegendsAOL)

    Two Hearings in Yew
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Yesterday, we reported the intention of Necare of the Britons to bring Yew Councillor Okami to trial both for the destruction of Necare's property, and assault upon the body of the zombie Grey Death. Necare's case was heard as scheduled this evening, and while no reporters were available to attend, Necare has provided the results of the hearing and his comments thereupon to this paper.

    Yew Chief Justice Panae presided over the hearing, and immediately dismissed the assault charges. According to Necare, Justice Panae offered no explanation for the dismissal, and asked him instead to speak regarding the destruction of property charge. Necare provided this summary of his own testimony:
    I brought my own chair to the meeting. I had placed it on the outside row of seats, but could see nothing. I then moved my chair to inner row of seats. Okami then told me to take a regular seat. He then took my chair away. At a later time I asked for it back and he said he had destroyed it.
    Necare was then asked to sit while Okami defended himself. According to Necare, Okami asked that the case be dismissed on the grounds that only citizens of Yew have the right to the court's time. Justice Panae then asked Necare if he was a citizen of Britannia. According to Necare:
    I stated that I lived on the landmass of Britannia but will never swear allegiance to Lord British.
    At this time, Panae dismissed the case, finding that Necare did not have the right to press charges, as he is not a citizen of Lord British's kingdom.

    This certainly sets an important precedent for Yew's legal system. At the most recent Yew Council meeting, the Council ruled that representatives of foreign nations would be allowed within the city. However, they apparently will not be offered legal protections at this time. How this will affect the presence of foreign citizens in Yew is unclear at this time.

    We also received an account of a second hearing in Yew this evening. The following was submitted Ashley Covington:
    To the attention of the media, and all Britannian citizens,

    I ventured into the Courts of Yew this eve, intrigued as to the outcome of the highly publicized Okami trial. I know not the results of that suit for justice, but I instead witnessed events, and heard a tale, which I believe need to be shared to the public.

    My telling of this story begins near its conclusion. As I took my seat at the front of the court, a man rallied for a promise of protection to be granted by Panae, the recently appointed Justice of Yew. I gathered from context that he was present as the defendant in a trial whose plaintiffs, members of the Yew guard, had not chosen to attend. As his case would not be settled swiftly, he pressed for a promise of safety until his trial could occur, in order to avoid further harassment from the militia. Panae refused his requests, saying that protection was out of her jurisidiction and recommending that the man either stay out of Yew until his trial, or seek guards he could trust. Abruptly, she left the courtroom, leaving behind Anmoch Coisich, a man believed to be serving as her stenographer, who simply offered the man a new court date and walked away.

    I stopped the man, led him to a small side room, and introduced myself: he followed suit. After a few pleasantries, this man, Kodiak Darklight, explained to me his concerns. I repeat his tale, with minor edits for clarity.

    "Last eve, I was in front of the Abbey. I make my money as a card dealer, games of chance. I was given permission for these games by the Council and the Mayor [Jas Lightstryder]. Well, I was working and decided to pack it up for the eve. While I was walking away, I accidentally bumped Reveck [Knight Captain, Knights of Yew]. When I began to excuse myself, he yelled, "Halt," so, I stopped. They yelled at me, called me names. He and Flint [Flint Fireforge, High Commander, The Free Corps]. Flint then threatened me. I was an unarmed man: I wished no part of any fight. Then he grabbed me - Flint is a very strong man. He pulled my clothes, tore my shirt, and brought me to the Mayor. The Mayor told them, if I commited a crime, to take me to jail. I in no way resisted the men: I was quite frightened, and they were armed to the hilt. Well, once in the prison, Flint hit me with his axe. I yelled in agony and at that point, yes, I ran. Why? I think you would run too, if a big man was swinging an axe at you. Well, I ran away, back to the abbey, where I found the Mayor, and begged him for protection from the militia. He told me to report back here tonight and all would be taken care of. The knight agreed and said he would attend. Well, he never showed, as you can see, I am here, afraid for my life. Seems the courts don't care. Terrible, when the militia turns against the people."

    I pressed Kodiak for more details. He went on to explain that Reveck and Flint alleged he was a thief, even after "they illegally searched my things and found nothing, and Reveck even admitted I took nothing." Furthermore, even after incarcerating Kodiak for his alleged crime, they never specified what they accused him of stealing. In spite of this, Kodiak appeared for his appointed hearing tonight, only to find neither Reveck or Flint Fireforge in attendence, and Justice Panae unwilling to even offer Kodiak protection from further violent attacks on his person by the guards until his matter has been resolved. Furthermore, after Panae's unexplained hasty departure, Kodiak was unable to receive a transcript of his hearing, as it was reportedly in her possession, and he could not even view a copy of his file which, according to Ser Coisich, did not exist, despite the fact that it is logical protocol for files to exist for all alleged criminals appearing before the court. I witnessed this final exchange myself.

    There was no justice tonight in the case of Kodiak Darklight. This citizen was targeted without reasonable cause by the Yew guard, jailed without formal charges, subjected to unprovoked brutality by his jailers, and subsequenty ignored in court, both by his accusers and the judge. In a more sane court, this case would have long since been thrown out. Instead, Kodiak must nervously fear for his life, and avoid his hometown, until it is convenient for his detractors to strike at him again.

    A second hearing has been scheduled for this Sunday eve, at 8 o'clock Eastern Standard time. All those who desire Justice to be served may wish to attend, as silence is Justice's greatest enemy.

    With regards, Ashley Covington
    To clarify, Flint Fireforge of the Free Corps is one of three officers serving in the Yew militia, under the supervision of Captain Aaron Effington.

    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 1:07 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Drunken Fight Night Saturday
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Dear Ya'll,

    Angalina, the owner of the Witch's Cauldron tavern which is located three minutes east of Wind: 65o 33'N, 27o 0’E On the Trammel facet is planning to have a wonderful event this Saturday! Dont miss it! She sent me this invitation earlier this evening:

    Hail there!

    We at the Witch's Cauldron Tavern are having out first Drunken Fight night, on Saturday March 10th 2001

    After the usual happy hour the Drunken Fight Night will commence.

    Happy hour begins at 7:00pm Pacific.

    Registration will take place during Happy Hour.

    There is a 1,000 gold piece entry fee per person.

    First place winner will take home 25,000 gold pieces.
    Second place will be rewarded with 10k.
    And third place will receive 5,000 GP.

    Thank Britain K-Mart for sponsoring the event!

    Rules for event are as follows:

    1. Considering that the event is being held in Trammel all contestants are required to join the guild stone to enter the competition.

    2. Contestants are also required to drink all the amount of cider or ale given. Do not pick up and put into pack. Drink from it on the table.

    3. Contestants are required to stay in fight ring at all times when its is his/her battle. Leaving the fighting ring during battle will result as a forfeit.

    4. NO magic items allowed what so ever, including: clothing, jewelry, armor, weapons.

    5. NO Poisoned weapons.

    6. NO Magic allowed what so ever. However all potions are allowed during fighting.

    7. NO looting at all. If caught looting the result is death, and banning from the event as a forfeit

    8. NO pets.

    9. NO mounts during fighting or in the battle arena.

    There will be many staff members available to resurrect the fallen.

    Fights begin at 8pm PST.

    Contact Angalina with questions or comments through email by clicking here. Or send her a pidgeon at coup number 96228776.

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

    Until then,

    The Witch’s Cauldron Web Page.
    Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2001, 12:22 AM EST by Bega (NapaValley)

    Treasure Hunt Thursday in Liberalis
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Dear Friends,

    This just in from our friends in the fair city of Liberalis:

    Come to Liberalis this Thursday to hunt for buried treasure with a party of your friends!

    The grandmaster Cartographer Excelsis plans to join us for a few hours to search out what treasure may be buried under the earth where X marks the spot!

    If you have a treasure map level 3+ bring it to Liberalis this Thursday evening at 7pm pacific!

    If you haven't a map then come along to help defend against the monsters guarding the chests!

    After the hunt come back to Liberalis for dessert and beverages!

    If you require a rune to Liberalis you may contact me, CopperZerO, via email by clicking here.

    Your Lady,
    CopperZerO, the First Lady of the Liberalis

    Hope to see you there, it seems to be a promising event.

    Until then,
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 11:50 PM EST by Bega (NapaValley)

    Yew Census Details
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Jas Lighstryder, mayor of Yew, has released details on the city's census, which is now open.
    • You must prove that your place of residence is within the borders of Yew.
    • You must not be a criminal, and this includes members of banned organizations.
    • You must not serve a leader of a nation or organization which considers itself a seperate entity from the Kingdom of Britannia.
    • You cannot be a citizen of another city of Britannia. If you wish to transfer your citizenship from one city to another, that can be done, but your vote will not be counted for the vote of confidence.
    • You must swear to uphold the laws of Britannia.
    Please note that owning property within Yew will not guarantee residence in any shape or form. Also, those who have previously registered as citizens of Yew do not need to re-register, as their names have been recorded. If you are unsure if you are on the list, please ask. If any names are found on the list which violate these rules however, they will be removed and informed of their removal. They can of course reapply once they fufill the requirements.

    If you still wish to apply for citizenship, and believe yourself to be eligible, please contact myself in my office (first door on the left when you enter the Abbey) or leave a message for me. (OOC note - to leave a message, feel free to use ICQ or email. ICQ: 1057574, email: [email protected])

    Others may eventually be able to register your citizenship as well, but for now please see myself. Details regarding the vote of confidence should be available at a point later in the week.

    Thank you.

    Jas Lightstryder
    Mayor of Yew
    Interesting news, indeed. The residency restrictions are likely to be the most controversial of the rules; how will those who do not own property be able to prove their residence? Further, it appears that Yew will be denying citizenship to certain persons who actually live in the city. The consequences of defining citizenship as distinct from residency will certainly bear watching.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 10:04 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Various Changes and Fixes
    The following was just posted to Testing for Next Update on the website:
    Various Fixes and Changes

    These fixes will be active on the Chesapeake shard following its Wednesday, March 7th maintenance period and will be included with publish to all remaining shards.

    • Fixed an issue with faction score loss.
    • Fixed an issue with housing sign text color.
    • Fixed an issue causing locked down trees to leave ornaments behind when automatically re-deeded.
    • Fixed an issue where pets could not be claimed by name from stables.
    • Re-enabled the "gold" command to allow players to collect gold from vendors.
    • Fixed an issue causing some exceptional items to lose the last letter in their name.
    • Fixed pricing for taxidermy kits and flipflop tool (Interior House Decoration Tool).
    • Fixed numerous error null strings.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 9:15 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Client Patch 2.0.8o
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.8o

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.8o. This patch updates several localization files, fixes an issue with speech commands and vendors, and removes the ninth circle "bad spell" page from spellbooks.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 8:32 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Publish Update - East Coast Shards
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Publish Update, East Coast Shards

    We will be publishing the changes and fixes listed in Testing for Next Update to the all US East Coast shards to be active following their Wednesday, March 7th (local server time) maintenance period. Shards updated with the publish at this time will be:

    • Atlantic
    • AOL Legends
    • Catskills
    • Great Lakes
    • Lake Superior
    • Siege Perilous
    Changes in this publish include:
    • The addition of the Ilshenar land mass
    • Taxidermy kits
    • Hair Stylist NPCs
    • Item Identification changes
    • Good creatures vs. karma
    • Player-owned vendor changes
    • And several additional updates and fixes listed at
    Please note: as this publish contains a major number of changes necessary for Ultima Online: Third Dawn, including the addition of the Ilshenar land mass, the maintenance period for these shards will last approximately 1 hour beyond the normally scheduled downtime.

    Important: While the publish will activate the Ilshenar lands on the East Coast shards, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn client is still in beta testing stages. Please keep this in mind before traveling to Ilshenar with any of your established characters. You will be unable to access the Ilshenar lands without the Third Dawn beta client.

    We will continue to monitor these shards and will announce a schedule for publish to the remaining shards in the near future.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 8:04 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Dancing Dragon Opens its Doors
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Feeling a little blue, I paid a visit to my friend Blackmore Inoxi. If he can't cheer my mood, then his ales certainly can. Sure enough, he had the perfect tonic though not from his kegs. He showed me a rune he had obtained for another tavern, one that was holding it's opening night this very evening. I needed no further persuading and immediately sped on my magical way.

    The Dancing Dragon TavernI was carried off to the beach of Vesper and a quick glance at the sign showed it to be The Dancing Dragon Tavern. Already many were gathering inside and, from the sound booming through open windows, the ale was already flowing freely. I found a stool at the bar inside and was immediately greeted by Lord Death Walker, Dancing Dragon Owner. Considering the number of guests already calling for yet more beverage, I was amazed at the speed of service and he even managed to find time for conversation throughout the evening. Of course, he needed help for such a night and was ably assisted all evening by the Dancing Fool of the Pub, Narr.

    By the time I had returned from the bank to pay for the tickets, some events were already underway. The main event of the evening was held by the Merchants on Tour and was a quiz on Vesper which had participants running all over the town. The first to return with the answers would win a prize. At the same time, the Dancing Dragons were about to start. Sadly, it was a dance to the death, so ended with the Dancing Dragon Killa. Too full from the quantity of ale I had already consumed, I sat out the last competition. Pie eating was never my strongest suit, so I left it to the experts.

    A lot of fun was had by all, so my thanks to Death Walker and Narr for their hospitality. Both found time to make one and all welcome, despite the number of guests to satisfy. I shall make a quick return for sure, so keep a chair reserved for me in that wonderful library upstairs.

    Events and winners were:

    • Dancing Dragons - Killa, outdanced Fluffy
    • Pie eating - Minos, ate all before him
    • Raffle - Colum Phosphoros, picked the lucky number
    • The MoT Vesper Run - Lady Aisling, knows her Vesper
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 7:02 PM EST by Finsbury M'wa (Drachenfels)

    Miner Axed!
    Quill McMartin Mar 5 2001 3:39PM
    An investigation is underway to determine the exact cause of death in the murder of Bertran Rawlins of Minoc. Preliminary examinations have revealed third degree burns inside the mouth and throat of the slain miner as well as what appear to be the scorched imprints of fingers on either side of his head and neck.
    For the full story and better pictures courtesy of BNN Reporter Quill McMartin, read here. We're not talking morning breath here, folks. Suspect is considered highly dangerous and caution well-advised. Also, there are new HOT STORIES covering the death of the Spider Queen whose hordes have plagued the Crossroads and covering the remains of the Plentyn O'Coeden who kidnapped Evie a little while back.
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 6:41 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Third Anniversary of the Wintermoor Museum Coming Up!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This was received from Xanthar,

    The aged wizard wipes the snow off his feet. Tired from the day's battles and weakened by the mana usage he finds sanctuary in his favorite abode - The Wintermoor Museum. The glowing scroll that hangs on the wall marks the time until the quest begins. In this year of our Lord British in the month of May and the day of 5 and 6 marks the 3rd Anniversary of the Wintermoor Museum. He sits down and peers around the room. He remembers last year's events.The strange appearance of Great the Witch and even chuckles to himself about the events at the Surprise Treasure Room. This year will be no different and once again all of Britannia will celebrate the profession called the Rare Collector. A Unique breed of adventurer who seeks out tales and items that were long forgotten. The first stage of preparations is complete. The museum has been renewed with objects new and those of times long since past. Its doors are open for all of Britannia to see and we encourage all to come by for a visit.The Wintermoor Museum consists of two large Towers - The Southern Wing and The Northern Wing and are located on the very southern tip of ice isle in Felucca (Just a short run south from the entrance of Deceit). For those pirates and cartographers alike, the coordinates are 76` 33'N by 152` 6'W on the felucca facet. You can also access us via Leiah's Rune Library - the Museum runes of Wintermoor are on the first room floor towards the right hand side.Inside can be seen many of the strange artifacts each with it's own history. The Weekend of the 3rd Year Anniversary of the Museum - and the Rare Collectors Quest will encompass a historical tour of the museum and another visit by Greta the Witch. You can be sure there will be plenty of wondrous gifts of gold and prizes to be won throughout the night. Now that the decorating is done, the old wizard begins to scribe down the plans for this years anniversary festivity. He hopes to make this year better than the last, and looks forward to the upcoming Quest. Tired now he is, as he places the quill back into the ink jar. He begins to dream of what is yet to come?

    Xanthar of the Museum

    Thankye, for this news Xanthar
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 5:43 PM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Localization and Ultima Online
    The following was just posted to What's New on the website:
    Localization and Ultima Online

    As Ultima Online moves closer to the official release of Third Dawn, many players may have noticed the word "localization" popping up everywhere lately. From client patches with localization files to changes in the way shopkeepers react and items are displayed, localization has had - and will have- a significant effect on the appearance of Ultima Online to players around the world.

    So what is localization? Simply put, it's creating a game that is as easily accessible for our customers around the world as it is for our English-speaking players. As one of the first massively multiplayer games to actively embrace a global audience, we've been working on this for a while now; and you can see evidence throughout Ultima Online Renaissance and the UO community. Within the game, certain parts of the client have already been translated to our five official languages: Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, French, and German. Outside the game, we have a full Japanese website mirroring , as well as a fully translated New Player Center, and soon-to-come translated versions of our PlayGuide documentation.

    However, with the release of Ultima Online: Third Dawn, we're greatly increasing the amount of in-game localization. In addition to completing the localization of all of the in-game menus - such as the paperdoll, the options menu, shopkeeper menus, etc. - non-English speaking players will at last be able to fully interact textually within the game in their own language. For example, currently on shards that have not received the latest publish, players must say the English word "bank" - in English - to open their bank-box. To non-English speaking players, this means memorizing a list of words and commands that in many cases make no sense whatsoever. It would be similar to asking a native English speaker to remember the words "Je voudrais poser une poubelle" for use in placing a trash barrel inside their house. It isn't easy, it isn't fun, and it accounted for roughly 60% of the phrases necessary to play the game - making it something we absolutely needed to change.

    Of course, this update would be easier if Ultima Online had been designed as a multi-language game in the first place - it wasn't. We simply didn't anticipate the global appeal of the Ultima Online world, and thus it was designed to rely on textual commands. Certain words and phrases that have been added to the game over the last few years simply don't translate well to one or more of our official languages simply because of the way that languages work. Some languages use different grammatical structures from English, others require nouns to have masculine or feminine genders, and some such as kanji, the Japanese system of writing used in Ultima Online, simply describe concepts in ways completely different than English. To provide for these language differences, we've had to change the way some NPCs respond to text commands, or changed the way that certain items appear textually because there is no equivalent translation available.

    We are pleased to have created a game that has appealed to players from different countries and vastly different cultures around the world. It is our hope that with these changes, Ultima Online: Third Dawn will continue to foster and support a global community and allow all our players to enjoy their time in the world of Britannia.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 5:07 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Looking for a Few Good Pens
    Are your shoes worn thin from traveling from town to town? Your voice hoarse and sore from speaking with citizens across Britannia? Have a knack for putting pen to paper and writing an excellent story? Then mayhaps UOSS' Pacific News Page is the place where you can not only show off your talent but help bring the community together with interesting, exciting stories and news items about the Pacific Shard and her citizens.

    UOSS is currently looking for active, talented citizens of Pacific to add to our crack team of top-notch Ultima Online reporters. As a volunteer you are required to:

    • Be a talented writer
    • Be an active, knowledgeable member of the Pacific community
    • Be willing to attend events and quests, interview VIPs, report news of interest to the community
    • Be able to dedicate a minimum of six hours per week to writing and/or posting news items
    • Have a familiarity with basic HTML
    • Be pro-active
    Does the above describe you? Then what are you waiting for??? Apply... right now... do not hesitate! Simply fill out this brief questionnaire and fire off an email to [email protected] with "Pacific Application" as the subject.
    1. Real name
    2. Contact email address
    3. ICQ number (if applicable)
    4. Character name (this must be the name of the character you will be using as your potential shard reporter)
    5. Rate your HTML knowledge from 1-10, where 1 is poor and 10 is phenomenal
    6. Answer this: Why do you wish to be a shard reporter for UOSS?
    7. Include a brief writing sample, no more than 500 words (pictures are not welcomed and no attachments)
    8. Any questions???
    Applications are due no later than Midnight March 13, 2001. There will be no exceptions!!!

    Good luck to all applicants!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 2:28 PM EST by Pfredd Mudd (Pacific)

    The Price of Prominence
    Hail and well met,
    I come to you today with grave news...

    It has been brought to my attention that many prominent people of our lands have a price on their heads. Last eve several people were attacked by a mercenary group called the House of Storms. There have been mercenaries in our lands for some time but I was intrigued by the details of the events and then shocked to find I too was on the hit list.

    After the first attack last night a man approached me in the University of Virtue with a tale of one of the Villages members. Arawn of the House of Storms was seen at the Red Eye Tavern discussing a contract to kill eight people. The man who allegedly hired Arawn was said to stand a head and shoulders above him and was dressed in black and carrying a large staff. As proof of his tale I was provided with a book of notes from the meeting, the contents are as follows:

    The names of the victims have been obscurred to protect the innocent

    Many questions surrounding these events till lay unanswered. Who hired the House of Storms? What is their purpose? How could they get Arawn to turn on the leaders of the land as well as friends and family for profit? Last but certainly not least, who will be the first to fall? Provided it is not me I will keep you informed of the details as they unfold.

    Your humble servant,
    Raeven Aurora

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 2:12 PM EST by Raeven Aurora (NapaValley)

    Britannia Order of Woodcrafters Riddle Quest
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Received from Deirdre—Shardmistress of B@W on Catskills

    Help Find Me Lucky Charms

    On Thursday, March 15 at 9PM EST the Britannia Order of Woodcrafters and the UO Merchant Alliance are sponsoring a riddle quest that will take participants searching throughout the land for an elusive leprechaun named Me Lucky Charms. The quest begins at the Whispering Pines Tavern in Edinburgh promptly at 9PM. The Village of Edinburgh is located just outside of the protected zone for the Dungeon of Wrong, NW of Minoc.

    Gates to Edinburgh will be provided from the West Bank of Britain from 8:40 till 8:55PM. In Edinburgh, participants will be partied, for communications purposes, with a member of BOW or UO Merchant Alliance. They will be told a special catch phrase which must be repeated to Me Lucky Charms to claim the prize. Whoever finds Lucky first and repeats this phrase to him will receive a green bag containing a prize. As soon as the first prize is given out, Lucky will recall to a second location and participants will be notified, via the party system, to return to Edinburgh to get the second riddle and so the quest will continue until all seven prizes are given out. When the last prize is given out, participants will be notified and invited to return to the Whispering Pines Tavern for green ale and Guinness (use your imagination here).

    The prizes crafted by the skilled artisans of BOW or donated by members of UOMerchants and BOW will be:

    A green suit of GM leather armor

    A green suit of GM studded armor

    A set of GM Verite dex armor

    A set of GM Verite plate armor

    A jewelry set crafted with 1000 emeralds

    A set of green furniture and a keg of Deadly Poison

    Two green fishing nets and a MIB

    Should be a lot of fun. We hope to see you in the friendly Village of Edinburgh
    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 1:27 PM EST by Galen Wilding (Catskills)

    Rilla Takhista Visiting Deepwater Again
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    We received this report of Rilla's visit in Deepwater from Dianora, mayoress of Deepwater:

    Yesterday evening, as usual on Mondays Rilla Takhista, the well known gypsy fortune teller, came to the town of Deepwater. When she arrived in the Owl's Eye tavern only a few people were present. Because I heard she was looking for something, I asked her about it. She told that, what she was looking for has been found by a paladin named Willoughby or by one of his men and that this man is not letting it out of his hands. I knew that a man of this name has been in Spiritwood and Stonekeep for the quest about some important papers, which have been lost. Was this, what Rilla was looking for? And have these papers been found now? 

    I had no much time to think about it, because Rilla continued: "Remember when folks went to Cove? And there was a fragment of a poem there?". "Darkhen he cayme..", she recites, "Something about making his name?". "Apparently it was from a book that has been found. I am not sure how I will find out what is in it.

    I asked her, if this book could be another part of the book of Domain, but she negated my question. Without further details she changed the topic to something else, she had seen in her magic crystal ball. She told she had seen a dark temple or something. A large building made of black stones, surrounded by ice. No doubt this was the same building Bronco, the vice-mayor had discovered last week. Again no time to think or ask about this. Without interruption she spoke from the next thing she has seen. And this was most frightening, because she had seen that Trinsic could fall under Minax rule again. On the top of the temple is something, Rilla couldn't say more about. Only that this is after the cleansing or the shrines the only place in all of Sosoria which is left under the corruption of Minax. She told us to have a look about this place. Also she mentioned a third vision she had, but she couldn't tell about it because if she does, it would betray a friend of her.

    Then suddenly a lot of orcs appeared around the tavern and a battle begun. The few present guards and guests were fighting brave and after a short time all attackers haven been defeated. After the battle was over there was only one orc standing. It was Saktoth, Grand Wozza of the Severed Heads orcs. The attackers haven't been from this clan, so I was a little surprised to see him there. Also he looked very ill, while he entered the tavern. He went upstairs and Rilla followed him to talk to him. During their conversation I learnt, that Saktoth was blessed by Rilla some time ago and that because of this blessing he has split in two parts. One the evil Orc Wozza, we all know much to good, and one this ill orc, with no evil thought within, who was sitting before us. He told the evil part was fighting and draining power from him. He continued, he would soon vanish, if nothing would help him. Rilla seemed very worried about this and to save this good part she promised to find a solution to help him. She told him to come to her house in Maginicia on Wednesday. Then Saktoth vanished.

    Rilla was just starting to tell me something, when Nicolas, Dean of the school of unseen of the Spiritwood University arrived to tell us Spiritwood would be under attack by the necromancers, who are looking for the book of Domain. Soon someone opened a portal to Spiritwood, but when I was entering it something seemed to be wrong. I couldn't leave it for several minutes and so I couldn't see what happened. When I finally was able to leave the gate, Bronco was beside me. He told me the Undeads have been defeated and Rilla, who also came together with us, already went home to Maginicia. Before she left she told, we should not forget the have a look about the dark temple and we should come to her house on Thursday, when she hopes to be able to tell us more.

    With again a lot of unanswered questions we went back to Deepwater. If anybody of you is visiting the city of Trinsic during the next days have a look about the place Rilla mentioned and if you notice something unusual let us know about it. 

    Dianora, mayoress of Deepwater

    Thank ye, Dianora.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 12:55 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Caravan Capers
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<Last e'en, standing before the Ankh at the Shrine of Justice, the Paladin Lady Shannon spoke of the recent caravan pillagings:
    I will be escorting a caravan from Yew to Britain tomorrow night. At 8 pm in Felucca. Some of you may have read in the Britannian today that there has been a rash of caravan hijackings recently. Anyone who is willing to aid me in this, I welcome you.
    That's tonight, Tuesday the 6th of March. Presumably Lady Shannon meant at 8 pm by the central standard, although changes will be made here as promptly as that information comes about. Meet at EMPATH ABBEY in Yew.

    For more information on the caravan hijackings, and to see what exactly Lady Shannon is dealing with, read the new Britannia News Network (BNN) cover story entitled Caravan Attacks Reported, by Milo Inkhurler.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 12:53 PM EST by Nadia (GreatLakes)

    Zombies Raid Spiritwood
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    We received this report from Aaron Ravenheart of the Custodes Fati:

    In the aftermath of yesterdays trial, the spirits and moods were at a low in the Spiritwood Tavern.. People were discussing the trial when all of a sudden the Evil Necromancer Lynn appeared... Sensing problems, the valiant warriors put their discussion aside and rushed outside.

    The Necromancer was here to see the Book of Domain which was in Squall's possession. After trying to barter for it with diamonds, she got angry that we did not give in to her request and she tried to get away. A few of the warriors tried to grab her, but were struck by lightning upon touch. Having to release her, she ran of with Lich Lords appearing in her wake.. After the first lord was disposed off, 3 others spawned.. *world turns black*................ After I re-entered the realm of the living I noticed that Squall and Miwant were trying to kill the Necromancer. Their blows were to no avail, she seemed untouchable.. She started to chant magic words and disappeared into thin air..

    Shocked by the events, the party went back to the tavern to recuperate. 

    Just sheathing our weapons and sitting down, we heard a familiar sound outside. Opening the door of the tavern we witnessed a gruesome sight.. The ground in front of that tavern was ripping open with hundreds of hands sticking out!! It was as if Spiritwood was built on a cemetery!! Hundreds upon hundreds of zombies came crawling through the soil and immediately started to attack the Tavern.

    Beneviste, Miwant, Jen and numerous others who where present at the time managed to withhold the first wave, but soon where overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the attacking force.. Praise the virtues that the zombie were robbed of their brains, so they were not real smart nor strong... 

    Just as the attack seemed to slow down a horrible sound could be heard, out of the ground a black zombie arose! He was at least 2 heads larger then all the rest. He seemed to be commanding a new wave, cause in his wake more vile creatures surfaced. We immediately saw that he might have been the cause of all this and Beneviste ordered to concentrate attacks on this "general". It took 6 strong warriors and at least 4 mages to damage the creature a little.. The struggle was endless.. We asked the mages to try and poison the general, but this had no effect. Even worse!! The poison attack transformed into a poison elemental!! Thank god it's first target was a horse, and nay man! The mages concentrated on the elemental while the warriors continued to battle their unnatural fiend... 

    After a long and tiresome battle (and loads of bandages) the general finally started to loose strength. A few spells later, he was lying at our feet only to vaporize seconds later. To our dismay it was the necromancer again!! She claimed that we won this round, and that we drained her power at the time being. But she threatened us that she would be back with more force, she chanted a few magic words and disappeared in a fierce flame, only to leave us with the hundreds upon thousands of stinking, rotting corpses of the zombies...

    Shortly after, Shelby the towncrier announced: "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Lynn the necromancer sent zombies to attack our town ! But our heroes held!!" After this great boost of morale for the brave warriors, I returned to the tower and started to write down this report..

    Congratulations and Thank you to all who participated in the defence!!

    Together we stand, divided we fall!!

    Aaron Ravenheart, Phalanx Imperia for the Custodes Fati

    Thank ye Aaron.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 12:46 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    Official Decisions from Yew Council Meeting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< The mayor of Yew, Jas Lightstryder, has released an official statement enumerating last night's Yew Council decisions.
    • Isrena of Kellandros, of the Undead Vampires, has been deemed safe to enter the city, and thus the ban on her organization does not apply to her.
    • Gray Death, of the Zombie Horde, will have his case considered more by the council before a final decision is made. Until then, the undead ban applies to him and his group as well.
    • Citizens of Necropolis have joined the citizens of Satamarin in being banned from Yew, due to the fact they are also responsible for attacks on Yew and Britannia.
    • The council has reaffirmed that all forms of undead, meaning zombies, skeletons, and daemons, are banned from Yew. This does not apply to Vampires.
    • A tavern is to be created, in Trammel, in the same building where Kent's Last Pint was in Felucca. If there is any interesting in running this tavern, please bring offers to the mayor. Full plans will be given the most attention, such as payment for employees, how many employees, and whom to employ.
    To the above decisions, Mayor Lightstryder also added the following comment: those people who are not citizens of Yew or Britannia, who are unhappy with the policies of Yew, you are more than welcome to leave. While we enjoy guests, they must respect our laws and our beliefs. Yew is not the center of Britannia, and there are plenty of other places to go. If, however, you will respect our beliefs, you will find Yew a most welcoming city.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 11:51 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Tale of Wrong Arena
    Hail, This account of a recent event near wrong was sent to us by Sare Cameo. Thanks for sending it to us, it is a great story!
    It was a bright, sunny day in Brittania, and all were enjoying the unusually pleasant day. The silence and serenity was stolen by the shouts of the Moonglow Town Crier, and she voiced a challenge. Aparently, a wise Seer was holding a tournament, where warriors could prove their prowess in battle against fearsome monsters. A gate opened up next to the Town Crier, and being of the adventurous sort, I stepped through the gate along with a few other adventurers. On the other side, I looked at my map and identified this as outside the little cove that led to Wrong. The Seer Thalos was there explaining the event to the spectators. All would have a chance to prove themselves in single battle against something as miniscule as a dog (at which I voiced my thoughts, I would not kill a dog) to something as menacing as a lich. He showed us the fort he had constructed, where there was a ready area in the bottom left, stands on the top left, and the fighting area was in the center. Archery buttes were placed near the entrance to the ready room for archers to practice their skills. At the Seer's signal, some of the people climbed the ladder to the stands to watch the event, unwilling to risk their lives, and some braver souls dared to risk the wrath of the monsters that the Seer would conjure. I was also a stupid, foolhardy sort, so I proceeded to the ready room without having any fighting skills, although I practiced a bit with my guildmate with my dagger. First up was an archer, and he readily stepped through the barred door to fight some trolls. This continued on, and finally it came to me. I was nervous and voiced my regrets at doing this to my guildmate. As Seer Thalos led me through the doors, I gathered up my resolve and yelled a war cry, the sort an honorable warrior would say. The monster was conjured, and I found myself fighting a lizardman, something far beyond my skills. I grabbed the monster's belongings then ran, hoping that the monster may become foolish with his rage, but my tactics appeared for naught. I fought bravely, and was at the point of dying when a fearsome band of murderers charged the fort and attacked the onlookers as well as the fighters. There were several casualties, and the situation was dire indeed, so he stepped in. The cojured monster disappeared, and I found myself bowing to the sky for my fortune. The Seer came back and said my trial was over, so I ventured back into the ready room, a grin on my face. After several more fights, and a few deaths at the hands of wicked monsters, the solo round was over, and all the surviving warriors had to fight a trio of a blood, poison, and acid elemental. My legs went weak, but seeing the other warriors and mages charging, I followed the example. My dagger inflicted small wounds upon the blood elemental I had attacked, and it turned from it's first target to sweep me away with one blow, and I was dead. I floated over to the bared door, the world seeming very distorted to me. The Seer told me, in a strange otherworldly voice that I must wait, and so I did. After several minutes of intense fighting, and several more casualties, the awesome trio was defeated. The Seer linked our corporeal bodies back to the material world, and I glanced at my hands as I was could finally feel and breathe! He opened the gate and I walked quickly over to my corpse, but saw that the monsters had rummaged through my corpse and took to their liking, which was my bag of gold. I cast a look around to the other fighters, but didn't see them as the suspicious sort, so I strolled back to the gate with my possesions, and watched the warriors face the next round. And so it continued, and a white wyrm was fought, and summaeily slain. Next was a host of ogres, led by an ogre lord, and they, too, were put to death. Other rounds included a massive orc army and wyverns, and all were slain until 4 were left fighting some of the most horrible beasts of all-dragons. Two archers and two mages were left alone to defeat these huge foes, and one of the archers quickly fell. The other archer, seeing their dire situation, played a string of notes that made one dragon exceedingly mad, and it attacked the other dragon. The second dragon had no choice but to defend. As the two fought, several daemons were conjured by the mages and set upon the dragons, and the archer continued to put exteremly accurate shots into the impenetrable hides of the scaly dragons. The two dragons were at last slaughtered, and the tournament was at an end. The three standing fighters, a powerful mage name HeRog, another man his name I could not get as he left immediately after the contest, and the archer's name was an odd name, one of those that just disappears on the tongue. HeRog showed his prize to everyone, a bag full of special enchanted regs that would stay on your being when you died, and another bag of clothes enchanted to the same accord. The Seer offered a gate back to the town of choice, and I proceeded to Britain to spend an hour at the famous tavern next the the West Bank and think over my experience. Seer Thalos also promised another event the following weekend, an event that I will not miss!

    Sare Cameo -Siege Perilous reporter!

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 10:27 AM EST by Rocko Spoogee (SiegePerilous)

    Impy's Re-opens with a Twist
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    It was late in the eve when a pigeon landed on my windowsill.  Tied to it’s leg was a small note requesting my attendance at a meeting, the signature surprised me though.  "We got it back!  Come to meet and greet tonight.  Impy."  I was shocked.  Was I reading this right?  Could it be that Impy and company had gotten the castle back?  Just for the sheer sake of curiosity I had to go out and see.

    Just as I had suspected, Impy’s Auction house, was Impy’s again.  But it came with a twist.  They are sharing the castle now.  That’s right, in a deal worked out between Professor Wu of the Good Guys guild and Impy of the Auction House, not only will Impy’s be re-opened for Wednesday night auctions; but the castle will also serve as a day to day training area for new players to the lands.  According to statements provided by ROG and Mandrake there will be two staffs at the castle now.  An auction staff that will support the Runes to Riches and Mystery Chest activities as well as the auction itself; and an academy staff that will be in house nearly every night to provide aid and guidance to the younger members of the shard.  Professor Wu was in attendance at the meeting and gave his full support to the project of raising an academy in Trammel.  (for those who might have forgotten the professor or might have not met him yet, he was a key figure in the creation of the companion program, was interviewed at the beginning of it by the BNN and has worked for the past several months in Haven aiding the young as they entered the land)  It seems that the Professor will also be taking an active role at the academy.

    • Currently Impy’s auctions are set to resume on Wednesday, March 7, 2001 at 9pm EST.
    • Impy plans on also kicking back off the Runes to Riches and the Mystery Chest that very same night.
    • Impy’s auction house is located on Ice Isle at 88° 14' N 170° 31' W and also can be found “virtually” at
    • There is no definite date set yet for the opening of the academy; Tas, the GGs Academy Steward, made it clear he was building the best staff possible and was looking forward to working in Trammel.  Several weeks ago I had the chance to have an interview with ROG of the GGs and had met Tas at that time.  More information about the academy will surface in the next few weeks I am sure.

    As the meeting drew to a close, it was obvious that this group of folks was planning for big things to come.  And it seemed they just might be able to pull it off.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 7:35 AM EST by Barth VanDorn (GreatLakes)

    Yew Council Meeting Erupts in Violence
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< Today's meeting of the Yew Council was interrupted by a violent outburst which left two zombies un-animated, and the room in chaos.

    Shortly before the meeting opened, Councillor Okami became angry that some members of the audience had brought their own chairs, and took a chair belonging to Necare of the Britons without permission, which he later claimed to have destroyed. Necare responded by accusing Okami of breaking the law, but became quiet as Mayor Jas Lightstryder called the meeting to order. The councillors in attendance were Adzerak, Okami, and Durillion, with Mayor Lightstryder presiding; notably absent was the druid Ranthir. After calling the meeting to order, Lightstryder introduced the city's new Chief Justice, Panae, a local druid.

    The council began by hearing appeals to their controversial banning policy. The first appeal came from Isrena MareSlayer, a member of the Undead Vampyres of the Well. Isrena was previously permitted to attend Sunday's festival, and commented positively on the banning policy at that time. As she addressed the council, Isrena asked for a lifting of the ban on her group, requesting that the city determine criminals on an individual basis, rather than by affiliation. This request was rejected by the council, and Isrena then chose to appeal for herself. Based on her friendly history with the current administration, including an occasion on which she helped capture an accused criminal, the council chose to grant her access to Yew.

    The next being to appeal was a zombie who called himself Grey Death. Grey Death argued emphatically that he had been attacked unfairly by Councillor Okami for his presence in the city, and that he be granted an exception to the ban on undead. A heated exchange ensued, with a number of outbursts from the floor distracting the council. Okami angrily defended his actions and argued against granting the exception, at one point shouting that "[Grey Death is] a virtue-damned fawking zombie." At that point, the crystal was taken by an unknown party, and Mayor Lightstryder and Okami stepped into the aisle, attempting to search various audience members, including Grey Death. A moment later, Okami drew his weapon and engaged Grey Death in combat, also attacking another zombie who was present in the audience. It is unclear what immediately preceded the fight, but several witnesses said that Okami was provoked. Councillor Adzerak also cast an energy bolt, but it is unclear who he attacked, if anyone. What is certain is that both zombies experienced a cessation of animation. For his actions, Okami was dismissed, and the remaining councillors paused the meeting while waiting for Grey Death's reanimation. When asked if Okami's actions were authorized by the council, Mayor Lightstryder replied "Obviously not, he has been dismissed."

    Upon the zombie's return, a lengthy and disorderly discussion ensued. Justice Panae asked several questions of Grey Death, apparently as a condition of granting his exception, including whether he could do anything useful for the city, and whether or not he could prove he was innocent of crimes against the city. At the end of the discussion, it was decided that a formal ruling on the zombie's status would be deferred to a later date.

    The next order of business was an open forum for questions and suggestions. When asked about the status of Yew's new constitution, Mayor Lightstryder stated that it would be completed before next Monday's vote of confidence, and that he was uncertain whether or not it would have to be approved by the Great Council.

    Mayor Lightstryder said that the Kingdom of Winterfell, who wish to sign an extradition treaty with Yew. The council chose to meet on that matter privately. The Council also chose to ban "all undead, meaning all skeletons, zombies and demons" from the city, and did not answer questions as to whether this ban now includes vampires.

    After the closing of the meeting, Necare filed charges with Justice Panae accusing Okami of assault and theft. A trial will be held tomorrow night in the Court of Truth at 8 PM Eastern Standard time.

    Both Okami and Necare offered comments on the issue. According to Okami: "I stand by my actions. A zombie is a zombie. They're no different from the regular fare at the graveyard... I'd like to ask that people not be so forgetful of past events. The undead sacked Trinsic not too long ago. The fact they expect some haven in Yew is absolutely hilarious. I will never agree with letting them walk free." On whether he expected disciplinary action to be taken against him, he said "I don't know. That's up to the mayor, I suppose."

    Necare, commenting separately, said "The actions of Okami certainly merit punsishment. The theft of my chairs. Most importantly, the assault of Grey. That was completely unwarranted."

    This is obviously a critical time for the new council, and Yew's oft-challenged reputation as the City of Justice is at stake. We'll be sure to bring you more news as this story develops.

    Posted on Tuesday, March 6, 2001, 1:26 AM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Jack Falls to Slayer
    Jack, champion of Edinburgh, fell to the Slayer this evening. The duel tally now rests at 2 wins for the champions and 2 losses. The loss of Jack was a blow to the village of Edinburgh. Immediately following the loss, the village was attacked by a large group of scorpions that were quickly put down. Fatigued, mentally and physically, the defenders were immediately assaulted by wave after wave of undead. The undead were eventually defeated but not without loss of family and friend to the villagers.

    Watts, a dwarf oft in Edinburgh, and Artemis Laerdon, a visitor in the tavern, aided in relating the events that had fallen into place. My horse took lame on the long trek from Yew to Edinburgh. Witness accounts report that the Slayers seem to be stronger with each battle. Many fear for the fate of this fair village but it is said that the defenders are valiant and numerous and though several fell in defense this eve, that there would be sufficient numbers to quell any invasion that occurred.

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 11:58 PM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    BNN Audio Transcript and Atlantic Bios Updated
    Several BNN Audio Transcriptions were added to the Archives. Make sure to read back about how the Crisis in Britannia happened.

    Additionally many biographies were added to the all shard section as well as the Atlantic Biographies section. Find out who's who.

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 10:43 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (QuestandEventNews)

    Orcish Invasion of Cove Averted!
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    It seems I stumbled onto adventure yet again. It was late Friday night when I received word from Shadow of BoS that I was needed for another task and to get all the help I could. Unfortunately most of the people I was able to contact were not around. So I set out to meet Shadow at the Adventurer’s guild in Minoc. He explained that something was going on in Cove [Felucca]. We travelled by moongate to the other facet and arrived in Cove.

    There awaited us a red robed man. His name was Spencer, a sage of Cove. He told us that the orcs south of Cove were becoming more aggressive. Their strategies were beginning to change and more people from Cove were dying each day. He then explained that in the orcs’ midst was a new leader. This leader was more cunning and aggressive than any previous orc from the Cove region. The name of the leader was Azhug a fierce orc warrior. He asked our help in seeking out this leader and putting him to justice by death. We agreed but our group was small. We attempted to contact others, but to no avail. We had to do this with our limited army. It seemed impossible against such odds.

    We gathered our gear. Shadow rode atop a fiery black nightmare and brought with him a favorite pet- Frost. Frost was a legendary white wyrm. Its scales was pure snow and glistened in the Feluccan sun. The other adventurers were heavily armed and armored. While I only had my reagents and magical devices. I rode atop an Ostard given to me by a friend. I knew its speed would come in handy for this battle. The total of our army was six members. Nonetheless we set out steadfast towards the orc fort.

    We made our way to the entrance and slowly beginning to advance into the orc territory. We seemed to be doing well and laid attack to orcs and ettins. Then we made it to the entrance. Things began to take a turn for the worse as more orcs began to realize the attack and had came rushing out. Other ettins joined in the attack. Soon we were surrounded. The first to fall was Sezx Marquis. The numbers were too many to hold off. I tried to help but I could do very little on my own. The number of orcs and ettins grew and I with no armor could not stand too long in the confrontations. Then Shadow fell second. His dragon seeing this was enraged and continued to fight the ettins and orcs near his side. But the battle went down from there. One by one I tried to save my fellow group but the shear number of orcs overwhelmed them. Seeing Frost as our only chance to hold most of the attackers at bay I began to heal him. I tried helping the others get their belongings by making them invisible. But the odds seem very slim we would survive this task.

    Suddenly came a strange lady into the battle. Her name was Winona. She was told of the troubles and came to aid us. She looked on in horror as she saw what we were all up against. Then she pulled out a drum and began to play. The orcs suddenly stopped attacking our group and began attacking each other. Winona was bard. She began to turn our attackers into their own enemies and slowly the battle swayed. She was opening us a way to the orc fort. I thought soon the tides of battle will change we shall have our chance to victory.

    Most of our group managed to get their lost things and we began to push towards the orc fort. I heard a party member yell that our only hope was to kill the leader. He was rallying the attack. I heeded the words and plunged head first into the orc fort. I ran around searching. Orc natives quickly saw me and gave chase. Soon I found myself trapped in a corner. A dozen orcs were trying to push past each other to attack me. I became surrounded and was stricken with fear. I looked for aid in my pouches and soon my finger ran across the magical ring I had purchased the other day. I quickly activated the ring and poof. I teleported myself past the orcs and ran to safety. I became stuck several times in the orc forts and had to use my ring again. Finally I made it out and found Winona surrounded by orcs.

    Winon was an excellent bard. Yet her fighting was not good. She had found herself trapped among the thrashing orcs. I heard her scream as she was attacked. I quickly healed her. I was about to turn her invisible so the orcs would leave her be, but soon I too was becoming surrounded again. I ran back and found that everyone was dying. It seemed we were losing this battle and nothing could stop the orcs from conquering Cove.

    I began to look into my bag for another solution. Then I found it. It was the magical model of my ship. I quickly docked the ship near shore and got on it as a group of orcs and ettins trampled towards me. I informed my group to come to my boat for safety. I then heard one of our members cry that he had spotted the Azhug the orc leader. Shadow sent his dragon in pursuit. The cunning leader ordered his orcs to surround the dragon. He laughed as the orcs began to slash and clump the poor dragon. I became stranded on my boat as orcs and ettins surrounded it. The mighty Frost fought as best he could but there were so many and he grew exhausted from battle. He fell with a tremendous cry as the orcs claimed victory.

    I became angered at Azhug as he taunted our party. He ordered the orcs to "clump the humies". Then he came into view of my boat. I thought this was the chance to lay harm to him. I began to recite and chant the words of power. But I lost sight of him again as he entered the battling group. Then he appeared again and quickly began to perform the incantation. Kal Vas Flam. A burst of magical flame erupted around him. He screamed it burned. I would not let him escape though. All I could think of was the bodies of my dead comrades. So I erupted again the magical energies. Kal Vas Flam. He screamed again in agony. I could feel his life ebbing away. But I could not let him live. He had to answer for his crimes. So with that I let out a final bolt of energy. Corp Por. And he fell. I yelled to others in victory.

    It was a while before I could get off the boat. Several ettins and orcs were still trying to attack. Someone from the group manage to examine the orc leader’s corpse. We all regrouped back in Cove. There awaited us was a victory feast and Spencer. He congratulated our party for our victory. I had asked if anyone had found anything on the orc leader. Jothek Sekrea said he found a strange book on Azhug. I asked to examine it. I quickly scribed a copy to be used for the news. The book seems to be addressed to the orcs in the orc fort. It tells them to attack us and defend him. If he should fall they will no longer have good leadership.

    Spencer asked if we encounted Winona at the orc fort. He said he sent her there to help us. We said we did encounter her and she helped a lot. I asked if she had returned. He said she had not and sighed knowing she was lost in the battle. I remembered trying to save her but could not. At the time I had hoped she had managed to escape, but it was only hope for I knew the odds of any of us surviving were narrow. But her aid was not in vain. We acheived victory that night.

    Most of the group had lost valuable items on their bodies. But we were all grateful for the victory we achieved. We saved an entire town from destruction. The town crier gave us praise to our victory. And I too thank the small group of heroes that defended Cove and to the valiant Bard Winona for her sacrifice for the town.

    Go in reverence with mercy and respect,

    Auren Therion, Mayor of Britain

    Thankye, Auren, for this news.
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 10:16 PM EST by Ce'Nedra Willow (Atlantic)

    EOD and Amoya to wed
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Hello friends,

    I received a wedding invitation a few moments ago.
    It reads as follows:

    Hail and Well Met,

    Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let it be known throughout the land that EOD and Amoya of the guild TGB will be wed this Tuesday night, March 6, 2001, at 8 PM Pacific Standard Time. The Blessed event will be held at the NuJel’m Palace in Trammel.

    All those interested in attending are welcome to come. Gates will be
    provided approximately 15 minutes prior to this blessed event from the
    Moonglow and Britain banks. In addition there is a rune to the wedding location locked down on the floor of the guild tower. For more information, please check out TGB's event page.

    I hope that you will join us in wishing the happy couple a happy and
    successful wedding. A reception to follow will occur at the TGB guild
    tower located in Trammel, north of Despise at 76 degrees 17 minutes North, 22 degrees 0 minutes East.

    Good Hunting and Safe Travels - SIlverspar, Grimm Brother #4

    I do hope to see you there.

    Until we meet again,
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 8:46 PM EST by Bega (NapaValley)

    Client Patch 2.0.8n
    The following was just posted to FYI on the website:
    Client Patch 2.0.8n

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.8n. This patch updates several localization files, fixes an issue with speech commands, and resolves issues relating to clothing and sitting.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 7:55 PM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Khaldun Puzzle Chests - the continuing story of
    As a result of various tips from readers we've been able to update the Khaldun and Puzzle Chest pages yet again. Most important news is that there are no less than 6 known places where puzzle chests are located, and that having a high lockpicking skill really offers a big help with these puzzle chests.

    Thanks to all who submitted tips and information!

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 7:48 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    MoT News Dispatch
    Raknar, of the Merchants on Tour, sent us the following message :
    Greetings !
    Something of the following might interest you.
    • Did you ever have troubles with the timezones of mother earth? Don't worry. Our little tool, a web-based timezone converter, may help you. It also contains a list of GameMasters Support times, Shardtimes and an info where all the timezones are located. This could help you with the schedule of events, dates or for info-purposes.
    • UO-Single Database : There are several thousands of players out there. They sometimes are single, just like you. Our new service may help to bring you together. Enter our database and browse for your dream-partner or post some infos about your char and hope that your dream-mate may find you. We already had a hit - two singles found each other. It's simple to handle and completely script-based. Enjoy - we created it for you.
    • The Dancing Dragon Tavern crew and the MoT present an evening of events and fun - of shared laughter and happyness. You will find the Tavern southwest of Vesper (at the beach of Vesper) and we start on Tuesday the 6th March at 9pm CET (8pm GMT, 3pm EST) Trammel. Pie-eating-contest, a runner-event held by MoT and several other attractions await you. Get more infos here.
    Take care.
    Merchants on Tour
    Thanks a lot Raknar !
    The owner of the Tavern, Narr the Jester, also included the following information on the UOSS Drachenfels forum :
    In addition to the MoT main event the staff of the Dancing Dragon Tavern will be hosting a raffle and a Dragon Fight!
    Bets can be placed before the fight, try make some money!

    If not comming for the drink, come for the dragons!
    *chuckles in anticipation*

    Yours sincerely,
    Narr, the Jester

    Sounds fun, doesn't it ?
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 7:30 PM EST by Bel d'Ajoor (Drachenfels)

    Crazy Joe comes to Napa Valley
    Some of you might be asking: "Who the hell is Crazy Joe?"

    Those are the ones who are already missing things from their packs. As the moderator of the Thieves Forum here on Stratics, CJ has been entertaining us with his amusing stories of stealing and looting for a while now. None of these stories were from Napa...until now.

    It seems this prince of pranks has joined one of my favorite Napa Guilds - Adam Ant's, Guardians of Undead Lords.

    So why should you care? Well, GuL and Lynch Mob Justice have been at war for about a week now. With Grimoire and Shame the base of many skirmishes there are a million stories of murder and mayhem.

    Some of the stories are pretty funny. Check out Crazy Joe joins GUL. If you like that he has other stories L.B.S.C.

    And, of course, don't forget to visit Adam's website to get the latest low down on whom has ganked whom: Adam Ant. Also, the GuL will be bringing us a full update on PvP tactics for you all to see sometime next week.
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 6:56 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    A New Treasure Hunter
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< Last eve... By tha gods central sky at seven, a new treasure hunter wer welcomed at tha Skara fairgrounds. Takin' over while Marlo be off fer a vacation o' sorts i's believe I heard someone inform me. Tha treasure hunter wer found sittin' at tha bar, grettin' people as they arrived. Merely a few at first, soon though a quite nice size group piled around waitin' fer Mortimer ta pull out his first map.

    Our first wer jus a short trip an' nay much guardin' it's loot... Gargoyle's an' Gazer's tryin' ta stop us. None o' which did. Wer nay til tha second of tha maps fer tha evenin' that tha monsters put up a painful fight. Our bodies littered tha landscape, but so did theirs! An' in tha end tha group of fighters an' mages walked off with tha chest's goodies. Plus what tha creatures clutched onto themselves.

    I wer nay able ta stay fer tha whole of Mortimers maps... Forced ta leave jus after tha third map wer freshly dug.

    For information about events, both new and old I recommend checking Ultima Online's BNN pages.

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 3:42 PM EST by Lisa Valorite (GreatLakes)

    Vote for Stratics in the UnderGround Open

    It's time for the Sweet 16 Round of the UNDERGROUND Open, UGO's eight-week (Feb. 5, 2001 - April 2, 2001) single-elimination tournament. Win prizes ranging from a Dig Dug vintage arcade machine to a Limited Edition Metal Gear Solid figure to an iMac. All you have to do to win is vote for one of the 16 remaining contestants, to see who will be the "Champion of the UNDERGROUND."

    Who ya gonna vote for? The contestant who will win, of course: the Stratics sponsored Michelle Yeoh. First she trounced Traci Lords, then she smashed Dig Dug, and this week she's gonna put Napster out of business faster than the recording industry.

    Michelle Yeoh was kicking butt overseas long before teaming up with James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, and now she's bringing both worlds together in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. She was even asked to play the villain in the upcoming Matrix sequels but turned down the role in order to work with her own new production company.

    So, vote for Michelle Yeoh, win a few prizes, and support Stratics as we face off against other UGO affiliates. Vote today! Thank you!

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 3:38 PM EST by Xena Dragon (CommunityNews)

    New @ Stratics
    • Events This Week - Don't forget our Ultima Online House of Commons on Thursday, March 8th, at 7pm CST in #uohoc. Also this Saturday at 4pm CST in #devdebates is our second Dev Debates featuring a panel of professional game designers and community representatives. This week's topic: massive PvP.
    • Underground Open - It's Round 3 for the UGO Underground Open. Be sure to check it out and cast your vote for Michelle Yeoh, star of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and official Stratics mascot.
    • Stratics Central - This Saturday at 4pm CST in #devdebates will be our second round of Dev Debates. A panel of professional game designers as well as community guests will be assembled to debate the topic of large scale PvP.
    • Stage 1 Stratics - Long thought dead, it has been confirmed that Sierra Studios is still at work on the MMOG version of Middle-Earth under a whole new design team. Check out Middle Earth Stratics later this week as we relaunch with an entirely new look.
    • Anarchy Online Stratics - This week AOS brings you a new Beta 3 screenshot everyday! Be sure to drop in daily!
    • Asheron's Call Stratics - AC Stratics is proud to release two tools you can add to your website: a voting form to allow people to vote for your site in the Stratics Links database and a system to allow you to display the AC server populations on your webpage.
    • Atriarch Stratics - The Atriarch Stratics Community Story Event has finally come to a close! Stop by and check the news to see the results of this entertaining player made story.
    • Camelot Stratics - Camelot Stratics has opened up a debate board. Join us in a weekly discussion with MMORPG players about Camelot or MMORPG's in general. This week: Do you think it is proper for children of young age to be engaged so fully in a game?
    • EverQuest Stratics - Have you read our new guides lately? Check out our guides to Dwarven Myths or the Dwarven Warrior today.
    • JumpGate Stratics - Get your questions ready. The next JumpGate HOC is coming up soon!
    • Neocron Stratics - Have you seen the latest movie? Drop by Neocron Stratics and download a 7 min video of cyberpunk action!
    • Neverwinter Stratics - At Neverwinter Nights Stratics our forums have been heating up over the past week. Come, join the discussions today and help shape the future of the Neverwinter Nights community!
    • Origin Stratics - We are pleased to share a brand new Exclusive Screenshot of UWO:Origin. Make sure to check out our Official Screenshots Section for details!
    • Shadowbane Stratics - The winners of our Concept Art Contest have been announced! Check out Shadowbane Stratics to see the winning entries and which guilds they belong to!
    • Ultima Online Stratics - Have you ever wondered how all the different cemeteries in UO compare to each other ? Wonder no more, for here is Twilo Thunder's Guide to Cemeteries of Britannia!
    • WWII Online Stratics - World War II Online Stratics brings you daily news on this exciting game in full development. Also take a look at our brand new History Section.
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 3:34 PM EST by Xena Dragon (GeneralNews)

    Coalition of Might
    Special Correspondent, Snake brings us news of the happenings at the Coalition of Might Meeting Hall last week.
    Previously, Minax’s General Morthond attacked Trinsic. Commanding deamons, undead, and other horrors, he battled with the Coalition of Might. Upon the defeat of his minions, he was destroyed, imploding atop his horse.

    This week, we were informed by Decimus that some of Morthond’s soldiers had been seen at night roaming the woods west of Trinsic. Taking the initiative, Decimus informed us that we were to eliminate the city of these threats. Leading the journey tonight were two past friends of Decimus’: Ramir and Hannibal Flere.

    With two new faces to the coalition leading a journey, some members were slow to accept them, but they quickly proved themselves to us, as well as we did to them. Upon leaving Trinsic, we were promptly confronted by reapers, dire wolves, and corpsers, no trouble for a band of highly experienced warriors. As we searched the forests, however, we found that the tough battles were to be fought later. After a few short battles with a group of reapers and orcs, we came upon what seemed to be a reaper from afar, but a close inspection revealed otherwise. The beast was called Shadowtrunk, and had very powerful magic and melee attacks, as well as a very high damage tolerance.

    Many of the warriors in our group had not come prepared for what was to follow. The Coalition was met with resistance from Hell Hounds, Deamons, and elder gazers on several occasions. Highlights of the journey were battles with Kul the Bloodthirsty, a large orange deamon, a blood slaughterer, another powerful deamon, a filth elemental, and a very powerful balron called The Lord of Decay.

    Among the riches that the warriors looted was a bag of 100 of each reagent, several thousand gold pieces, and six treasure maps. A very profitable night indeed. As we all marched back to Trinsic, worn and battered, but happy to have rid Trinsic of evil, we were greeted by Hannibal, who informed us that a feast awaited us in payment for our “excellent show of tactics”. The feast was quickly polished off by the group of hungry warriors. After much conversing, the Coalition members went their separate ways. What firther obligations await the Coalition of Might? The Coalition meets every Tuesday night at 7 PM PST / 9 PM CST in The Coalition of Might District in West Trinsic. Come prepared to do battle… if you are brave enough.

    Farewell and safe travels.
    Snake of Moonglow

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 2:37 PM EST by Pelle Svanslos (NapaValley)

    Spiritwood Trial comes to Shocking End
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<

    We received this report from the Spiritwood Court:

    Last night the Spiritwood Court of Justice convened to hear the case of "Cathy" versus the Town of Spiritwood. The trial came at the  conclusion of an extensive hunt and a complex sting operation set up to capture her and bring an end to her criminal activities in and around the town. She stood accused of a list of heinous crimes, but the principle charges brought against her were Armed Robbery, Attempted and Actual Kidnapping of a Minor, Armed Assault, Attempted Murder and Child Abuse. 

    As the packed court room settled to attention, the Honourable Judge Michael, First Chancellor of the Spiritwood University, asked the two lawyers to step forward. First was Aaron Ravenheart, Phalanx Imperia of the Custodes Fati, who had been appointed to present the case for the Prosecution. Next was Nicolas, Dean of the School of Honour at the University, asked by the accused to represent the case for the defence. The defendant was asked to state her full name, and although she first answered with yet another of her numerous aliases, she did relent and admit that her true name was Cathy. The trial began with the list of charges being read out, followed by a brief statement by the defence council, who claimed that his client was but a poor lass struggling to find her way in a turbulent and unsafe world. 

    The Judge thanked them both and Aaron Ravenheart called his first witness, who was Aranlindale, Manager of the Spiritwood  Tavern. He recounted how he had witnessed many of the crimes carried out by the accused, and her frequent use of disguise and deception, including masquerading as a pot and kettle sales woman. He went on to claim that it was this ploy that she used to get him alone in the back room of the Tavern, where she subsequently placed a sword to his throat and made demands. He also claimed that the same woman had been the apparent Kidnapper of the child Ivy, whom had disappeared under mysterious circumstances some time before. Aranlindale said that he himself had been the key point of contact with the kidnapper and had negotiated with the accused, whom he claims threatened to break the child’s fingers if her demands were not met. He then went on to relate that he had witnessed her arrest in the home of Gideon and Cat Okenhome. This he described in detail including the trap involving the concealment of three officers of the Custodes Fati and their subsequent appearance and arrest of the accused. However, when pressed, Aranlindale admitted that he could not point out the victim by sight, as, being an alleged master of disguise, she had hidden her true appearance and indeed, looked to be a different person during each alleged event. Aranlindale was however adamant that, being of Elvin descent, he could recognise her by the sound of her voice alone. The defence council of course challenged this claim, which lead to several hearing tests being performed in the courtroom. By the end of his testimony, Judge Michael looked less than convinced that all of the alleged crimes being credited to the defendant could be proven on the flimsy claim of voice recognition alone. 

    The prosecutor Aaron produced as evidence a disguise kit, which he claimed had belonged to the defendant who, he said, was a master in its use. He also produced a Katana with an ominous green smear on it, along with an oilcloth, some empty bottles with the same residue in them, and a sprig of deadly nightshade. These too he claimed as being the belongings of the accused. The woman called Cathy denied all, even going so far as to claim that she could not employ a disguise kit due to the nasty facial injuries she had received at the hands of the arresting officers. The Judge examined her face and agreed that she had been heavily wounded. He then asked Mell O’Gees, a local craftsman expert in the identification of arms to be called into the court to verify the presence of poison upon the blade, which he did.

    The next witness called was Illuma Cthol also of the Custodes Fati, and one of the officers who had been involved in the trap that lead to the arrest of the accused.

    Illuma testified that the accused had struggled and fought to resist arrest, and in doing so had struck him with a deadly poisoned katana. The same, he alleged, as the one now presented to the court in evidence. The Judge examined his wounds and agreed that the injuries were indeed consistent with the use of an envenomed blade. He then gave Illuma some ointment for the wound and asked him to dress again. At this point the defence council Nicolas again made the counter charge that his client had been the victim of unlawful arrest, that she had been fighting in self defence and that she was in fact not a criminal but indeed a victim of police brutality! The prosecution team of course vehemently denied this. 

    The Judge took note and asked for the next witness, a young woman called Alynora, to take the stand. She told the court how the "pot and kettle" saleswoman, whom she alleged to be the defendant, had come to the Okenhome residence while she, Alynora was there. The woman had asked her a great many questions about the owners of the house, their whereabouts, the layout of the house and indeed about their twin children. Alynora admitted under cross-examination that she had at the time assumed all these questions to be no more than the normal nosiness of the average sales person. She then went on to describe the arrest of the accused, admitting that the Custodes Fati had concealed three officers within the house, who sprung out and attempted to disarm her, which lead to a violent scuffle during which at least two people were injured including the accused herself. 

    With this evidence, Aaron Ravenheart then formally requested a warrant to search the bank box of the defendant in the expectation of finding further evidence of thievery therein. The defence council objected and there followed a heated discussion at the bench. The Judge asked Aaron to explain how any items found during such a search could be positively identified, and he suggested that he could identify his own bandanna which he claimed the accused had stolen from him during yet another alleged robbery. Nicolas objected and stated that, as a poor waif, the accused might well have picked up the bandanna after the true criminal had removed it from Aaron. The Judge finally ruled that such a search would only be carried out if there was proof positive that such a search would reveal uniquely identifiable objects. The Prosecution then asked Kamar the Guard of Deepwater, and well known Cat-Man, to offer his superior olfactory senses to link the evidence with the accused. It was pointed out that a disguise kit might well change the appearance of a person, but that the sense of smell, as with hearing, might well penetrate such a deception. Again, the issue of whether any items found in the bank box could be positively identified as having been removed from their owners by the accused, rather than subsequently picked up was raised. The Judge ruled that such a search would be deferred until the end of the trial, if allowed at all. 

    At this point, the defence council, Nicolas, was invited to put his case. He proceeded with much vigour by demanding the removal of the prosecuting attorney whom he accused of violent and irrational behaviour during the apprehension of his client. He claimed that, being a past subject of Cathy’s amorous advances, Aaron had been acting more as a jilted lover than as an impartial officer of the law. He demanded that cross charges of assault, battery and excessive force be lodged against Aaron----, producing his client’s blood stained and torn dress as evidence. He further claimed that his client had been subject to an invasive strip search by two male officers of the Custodes Fati, in direct contravention of the rule of common decency. Outraged, Aaron denied the accusations levelled against him. There followed an acrimonious dispute, which the Judge finally brought to order. 

    When calm had once more been restored, Judge Michael asked Nicolas if he had any further witnesses to call. He called his client "Cathy" to the stand. Under questioning, she denied charges of kidnapping and child abuse, but did admit to frequent theft and occasional use of force, much too the consternation of her defence council Nicolas who, in exasperation called to her to shut up. The Judge stepped out from behind his bench and, having asked the defence attorney if he had any further questions, approached the accused himself. He asked her directly if she was admitting to robbery and assault charges. She said that she was, but to no more. Judge Michael then asked Kamar the Cat-person to step forward as an expert witness. He then placed two disguise kits before him and asked him to smell both and tell the court which he sensed had been in the defendant’s possession. Tail flicking and whiskers twitching, the feline guard of Deepwater bent and took a long sniff. He then approached the accused and smelled her. Following this, he correctly identified the one that Aaron had submitted in evidence. The Judge subsequently noted that the defendant’s appearance had changed even during the course of the trial, indicating that there was indeed some truth to the claim of her being a master of disguise. Next he asked Kamar to smell the poisoned Katana and the oilcloth. He did so, and again claimed that they bore the sent of the woman called Cathy.

    With s deep sigh, the Judge returned to his seat and proclaimed his verdict. On the charges of Kidnapping and Child Abuse, he found insufficient evidence for conviction. On the charges of Theft and Assault, he found, by the defendant’s own admissions in court, sufficient evidence for a conviction. On the charge of attempted murder, he found the evidence of the use of deadly poison sufficient for a further conviction. He therefore announced that Cathy was in his view guilty of three out of the five charges that had been brought against her. However, he did also note that the method and severity of her arrest had perhaps been overly aggressive and so he was minded to be merciful in his sentencing. He proclaimed that Cathy should be confined in a secure jail for a period of not more than six months, with time off should she show good behaviour and compelling evidence of repentance, to be followed by a further 6 months of community service. 

    At this point, the defendant shocked the entire court room by turning to Gui Zarith, an officer of the Custodes Fati whom she had apparently fallen in love with during her ordeal, and said farewell to him with a kiss. She then quickly consumed a poisonous power that she had no doubt concealed upon her person, and was soon wracked with pain! The courtroom erupted in confusion and panic, with many rushing forward to save her. One of these apparent saviours suddenly drew a scimitar and struck Cathy down in cold blood even as others reached out to cure her!! Her assailant turned out to be an Infamous Pirate who had apparently been contracted to kill the accused! Before the astonished court could learn more, the attacker was himself cut down in a hail of fury as he tried to hack his way out of the courtroom. 

    In the aftermath, Gui Zarith was inconsolable and in his grief and rage threatened not only two of his fellow Custodes Fati but Judge Michael himself before storming out of the chamber and into the night, tears streaming down his face. A cold stillness settled on the room as the last of the observers left. Nicolas approached Aaron and shook his hand, adding that all counter charges of assault on his part would be dropped. The Judge sat with his head in his hands consumed by sadness at the tragic ending, wondering how he could possibly have saved the sad waif called Cathy.

    Michael shall be holding a small service for the late Cathy in the Spiritwood Chapel on Wednesday Night at 10 GMT.

    Shelby the Town Crier of Spiritwood

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 1:09 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    An Ominous Sign appears before the Spiritwood University
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<

    This might be connected to the Necromancers and their search fer the book called Domain. Thank ye Michael fer the information:

    Last night, as I approached the Spiritwood University Tower I was greeted with a most disturbing sign. Laid out on the ground An Ominous Sign appears before the Spiritwood University before the entrance way of or fair Campus was a sight to chill the blood of even a seasoned veteran of the lands such as myself. It appeared to be some sort of wicked display of evil tidings which took the form of disembodied parts of slain humans. The whole was about twenty feet across and consisted of approximately 10 bones, a limb, the legs of two unfortunates and a further headless torso. Crowning all were two Orc Helmets. I know not what this means but I quickly called upon those colleagues that I knew to be awake and together we studied this ominous display. Amos, Dean of Valor reported that he had seen it at approximately 9 p.m. GMT and by 2 a.m. it was still present. We know not who or what may have left this wicked display before our venerated tower, nor what fell purpose could be behind it, but I urge you all to be wary and cautious, for we may have enemies that are as yet unknown to us. 

    Vigilance friends.

    Sacre Benedictus

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 12:56 PM EST by Pad O'Lion (Europa)

    A Fashion Show
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A novel idea from Treverian:


    Don't know what to wear? Looking for some new ideas? Come and see the latest
    fashions in Valoria! To mark the opening of the new rooftop tavern, The North
    Minoc Trading Centre is hosting its first ever Fashion Show. The Centre can
    be found in the city of Valoria, just North of Minoc, at sextant co-ordinates
    129° 43'N 90° 37'E (Trammell). Our designers will be showing their new
    collections in the tavern situated on the roof of the building. The show will
    include clothes, armour and accessories. After the show, relax in the
    restaurant, take a dip in our pool, visit our vendors, or simply chat with
    your friends and enjoy the atmosphere. All fashions will be for sale
    afterwards. We are currently working on a web page for the Centre.

    Hope to see you there!


    Somethin' fer them ladies then, and maybe a few men...if ye catch me drift.

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 12:14 PM EST by Marshall Drakan (Europa)

    Hail and Well Met Fellow Catskillians
    I am Rebellion, one of the new shard reporters. I hail from the far north, just SE of the Ice dungeon in a log cabin in a cluster of homes.
    Drop by and share a tale and some ale or cider.
    I have travelled far and wide upon our fair land and am happy to serve you as a part of the Stratics team.

    I look forward to meeting many of you and sharing tales together.

    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 11:52 AM EST by Rebellion (Catskills)

    Tristan and Kyra Kiya Chi Wed in Star Chamber
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<Tristan and Kyra Kiya Chi, were wed on Sunday in a romantic ceremony in the Star Chamber. Below, Tristan describes the ceremony.
    Senior Companion Actaeon officiated the wedding and a gamemaster presented us with wedding bands. It was a beautiful gathering with glowing candles and torches lit. Only our eyes on one another. After we said our vows and kissed we returned to the guildhouse of M_D to have the reception. We are now together for all of eternity. We are binded by the virtues, never to be broken. Everything went well. One more couple to add to the love created by Ultima Online.

    Congratulations Tristan and Kyra Kiya Chi!
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 11:34 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Lottery at A Twist of Fate
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This bit of news was received from Trajan,

    Step right up and try your luck - you could walk away with a much-sought-after parchment rare - a Valentine! These valentine cards do not spawn - they were gifts from OSI for the Valentine's holiday in 1999! This rare has sold for over 45,000 gold (as verified by Markee Dragon's Rares Database!) and can be YOURS! Every bag has a prize, so nobody leaves empty handed! The prize list includes: a silver war hammer of power, ID wands, various semi-rares (whips, coils, horseshoes, forged metal), water barrel kits, gold, shipwreck items, a set of Deadly Poisoned weapons (katana and kryss), a full set of Golden Dyed leather armor, and more!

    Lottery pouches cost 10,000 gold pieces. You'll find this lottery at the Twist of Fate - Atlantic, Trammel: Coordinates are 166o 22'S, 36o 12'E, just east of the shrine of Honor. A rune can also be found at the Swanton Bomb, just south of Hythloth on the Fire Isle (158o 13'N, 133o 7'W - look for the gals in orange!)

    A screenshot of the Twist of Fate can be found at

    Thanks, and Good Luck!

    Thankye, Trajan and good fortune!
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 11:06 AM EST by Tara (Atlantic)

    Bi-weekly event set for Tonight!
    This is just a reminder to all our readers that the UO Bi-weekly events will continue tonight, March 5th, on the Pacific shard.

    The events are scheduled to start at 7pm Pacific time and will probably happen throughout the realm. The best info that we can give is to KEEP your eyes and ears open :) ... the Town criers will have a busy night methinks.

    The times for other shards and general information concerning the events can be found on the official UO site here.

    Have fun!

    -- Ash Kaitlyn
    UOSS Pacific Shard
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 6:04 AM EST by Ash Kaitlyn (Pacific)

    Test Great Lakes and Test Pacific
    The following two items were just posted to FYI on the website:
    Test Great Lakes and Test Pacific

    We have opened a Test Great Lakes and a Test Pacific shard with recent backups of these shards updated with all of the items listed in Testing for Next Update. We urge that regular players of both of these shards, and any other interested players stop by and join in the testing.

    Please note: while the Ilshenar lands are active on these shards, the Ultima Online: Third Dawn client is still in beta testing stages. You will be unable to access these lands without the Third Dawn beta client.

    Client Patch 2.0.8m

    We are currently releasing client patch 2.0.8m. This patch fixes an issue with unicode text handling for Windows 95 users, and a fix for partial hueing of certain clothing items.

    If you have any difficulty receiving this patch, please check the following:

    • Check the "Patch" directory within your Ultima Online directory (the default location is C:\\Program Files\Ultima Online\Patch). This directory should be empty. Any files in this directory should be deleted.
    • If you are unable to connect to the patch server at all, and are using an original (Non-T2A) version of Ultima Online, you may need to update your verinfo file. For details on updating this file, please see the information posted at
    • Run a virus scan on your computer.
    If after trying the above, you are still experiencing difficulty patching the Ultima Online client, please contact Technical Support at [email protected].
    Posted on Monday, March 5, 2001, 2:44 AM EST by Joshua Rowan (GeneralNews)

    Yew Festival Peaceful
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<A small number of citizens appeared to celebrate today at the new Yew Council's first festival. The festival had been anticipated as the first attempt by the new Council to move past the urban violence that has been the city's unfortunate hallmark in recent years. In a decision that some have suggested was an attempt to overcome that bloody reputation, the festival was held not near Empath Abbey, Yew's most recognized landmark, but in the oft-neglected center of the city. While the town's merchants went about their everyday business, tables and a bar were set out for the use of the festival-goers. At one, a gypsy set down her crystal ball and told the fortunes of several customers, among them Yew Mayor Jas Lighstryder.

    In addition to the town's citizens, a few foreigners joined in the celebration, most notably members of the Legions of Dark Nations, who have been banned from the city. Mcthaniel of the Legions of Dark Nations spoke briefly with Lightstryder, apparently in dispute of his organization's banning from the city. Members of the Legions attended the festival for some time, remaining aloof from the crowd, but apparently enjoying themselves. In an interview afterwards, Lighstryder indicated that he still has confidence in the banning policies. He said that while banned groups continue to frequent Yew, citizens are now more able to protect themselves.

    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 9:36 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Ocllo Thieves Tax the Factions
    >>> Felucca Facet News <<<This from Lady Dreamcatcher:

    Am I the only one hearing the bards sing disturbing songs about thieves of

    While wandering through Papua looking for stray horses I heard a lonely
    bard singing a melancholy song near the inn:

    Great woe unto the warriors
    of factions, brave and strong
    They fight their valiant battles
    Alas, but not for long

    For this is but a warning
    to factions of the land:
    You have incurred the ire
    of a large, rich thieving band

    For ruining Felucca --
    disruption of the peace --
    The ever-fighting leaders
    Will see their battles cease

    When death descends upon thee
    and your leader calls retreat
    Spoils of vict'ry shan't fall
    to the winning warrior's feet

    Riches won't be granted
    To the overpow'ring mage
    No, my lords in factions,
    Now begins a different age

    Best put away thy krysses,
    thy reagents and thy axe,
    The rogues from Ocllo declare
    A Faction-Fighting Tax

    Shed blood upon the pavement
    Of any of the towns
    And from the shadows you'll hear
    the laughing of the clowns

    Your reagents will be resold
    your weapons they will smelt
    And even at your strongholds
    This unjust tax is dealt

    So faction friends beware!
    for you your mother grieves
    You've been foiled at battle
    because of dreaded thieves!

    Army of Thieves

    Thank you for helping me spread the warning.
    -- Lady Dreamcatcher

    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 7:42 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Nox Resurfacing
    The lands are not safe once again...
    After the blow we dealt to his power by freeing Lothar of the KCH and cleansing the antivirtues Nox apparently laid in wait to make his next move. That has come. The Waterdeep Fountain of Souls has been corrupted by Nox's foul magic.

    I shall speak both to Talimor and the Loremaster and together perhaps we can drive Nox from his newest feeding ground.

    Nathiar deMonte'

    Duke of the City of Havenwood
    [Havenwood Kingodm]
    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 7:40 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    Yew Council Meeting
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<< The following is from a statement released by the Yew mayor's office.
    Citizens of Yew,
    Tomorrow, Monday, at Eight o'clock Eastern Standard Time, a council meeting will be held in the courtroom of the courthouse. Several appeals to the banning laws will be made, and other matters shall be discussed.

    Thank you.

    Jas Lightstryder
    Mayor of Yew
    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 7:39 PM EST by Elisa Montclaire (Catskills)

    Valzuk the vampire sighted again!
    >>> Trammel Facet News <<<This was passed to us from a town crier:
    Valzuk the vampire was seen in Havenwood last night.

    He cursed the Archmage, hypnotized several others, cuasing them to lash out against thier fellows. The captain of the Guard, Dupre has apparently been possesed by some means, and the vampire Valzuk escaped form our borders the night and may be roaming the land.

    We ask you all be wary fro your own protection.
    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 7:38 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    A Quest Begins... Part 3
    A warrior returning from battle passed this note on:
    They'd returned to Mythndale, exulted with their find. The remains of the child were nowhere to be found, yet tucked among the remains was a rolled parchment, which if Von Kid was correct was one of the missing pages of the Book of the Dead, the very same book the Vampires had been seeking. Ye he could not make out all of what it said... something about life eternal, and liches... and he handed it back to Govannon as if it were a poisonous spider, seemingly afraid to hold it any longer than needed. When they arrived back in Myth, Lady Crystal awaited them there, and asked to see the parchment they'd found. A bit wary to show it to her after Von Kid's reaction to it, she nonetheless convinced him to show it to her within the confines of the Temple, so they'd made their way there. Her reaction to the parhment was even more visible that Von Kid's had been, in her weakened state, and she had staggered as Guv's arm shot out to steady her. He quickly rolled the parchment up and tucked it up inside his mailed sleeve. All Crystal had managed to get out before her swoon was the extreme danger the parchment could hold should it fall into the wrong hands... and the evil which seeped from the page itself. He made certain when he tucked it up his sleeve to place it between mail and the cloth of his shirt. He'd never been comfortable around magic, and after seeing the reactions so far to this parchment he'd not wanted much more to do with it. He would hide it somewhere safe, and if it could not be used to free his daughter's soul he would destroy it when the time came. But first he supported Crystal as they walked back to the Tavern, more or less carrying her on one shoulder, her feet dragging weakly on the ground as she tried to walk with him. He cried out in anguish deep inside to see her like this, yet he could not let his concern show too much, he needed to stay strong for her through this. When they reached the stairs, he swept an arm down under her legs and lifted her into his arms, cradled against his chest to carry her up, and she did not fight him. He lay her down on the bed there, and she was unconcious as he let her head slide slowly onto the soft down pillow. He covered her with the thick winter blankets, and stood there momentarily, feeling helpless as he watched his Lady suffer, moaning softly in her sleep. He bent forward to place lips to her forehead gently, and felt the fever upon her skin. Smoothing her hair aside, he made his way from the room, and urged the attendant outside to watch closely over her. He then set off into the night, the parchment rolled in his sleeve; the remains and the bracelet stored securely in the bank. They hadn't much time left... if they didn't fidn what they needed soon, Mystian's soul would be lost forever... and Lady Crystal would succumb to the sickness that plagued her body. They needed the banshee's most loved possesion, and they needed a cure. And they needed them soon.
    Posted on Sunday, March 4, 2001, 7:28 PM EST by Reed (Chesapeake)

    A Quest Begins... Part 2
    A bedraggled fisherman handed this to us:
    The folk of Yew stared as the heavily armed band made it's way to the southern edge of town. It was almost as if an army was heading out to war, and a few stray mutts ran before the host, darting back and forth ahead of the horses. Govannon spotted a child standing by the side of the road, his mothers arms held protectively around his shoulders. Though they flew the banner of Mythndale, they were not known this far north. Yet the small boy smiled and waved at Guv near the head of the column, and Govannon flashed an all to rare smile back at the child, tossing him an impromptu salute which brough a giggle forth from the child and a friendly smile from his mother, who relaxed her grip on him and even waved back.

    Yet it was not long before they reached the towns borders, and the vast feluccan wasteland beyond assaulted their combined senses with its sheer... greyness, instilling in all a sense of dread and despair. It was like the great northern forests, dead in the deep winter storms... yet no snow lay upon the ground, only cold muddy pools, matted brown grass, and the occasional splotch of dull red... blood which seemed to seep deep into the ground and wither the roots of even the greatest trees. He heard the sounds of swords being loosened in their scabbards, and the soft twang of bows being tested before notching their arrows. He unstrapped the shield from his saddle behind him, and slid his leather gloved hand through the thick leather straps. His great shield was quatrefoiled, with squares of black and white opposite another, and in the top right corner his standard, the crescent moon encircling a four-pointed star on a black background. He rested his other hand on the hilt of his broadsword, loosening it in the scabbard but not yet drawing it. The band made it's way silently into the wasteland, not knowing what to expect. Von Kid stated their destination lay a good hard ride ahead, nearly halfway to the settlement at Skara Brae. They head on, determined anything which stood in their way would be swiftly brushed aside. Stopping near one of Lord British's old Guard Posts to let all rest and make sure there were no stragglers, Guv sent one of his Guards, Zachery, up ahead to scout out the grey forest. Zach returned shortly with reports of undead milling about what seemed a decayed crypt to the south, and all girded for combat. The encounter was all to brief, however, as the combined might of the party made short work of the undead there, at least two liches crumbling to the ground as dust from the swords of the party. After assuring none were wounded too badly, Guv called for Von Kid to lead on, as they were near the destination. They crossed through the heart shaped clearing in a few minutes, and Von Kid told him the ruins lay just ahead in the wood... but Govannon had spotted the walls among the grey trees and urged his mount forward through the muck. His sword flew instantly from his scabbard as his horse reared to the sound of the roar which destroyed the stillness of the forest. He saw the dragon rise from the ruins and focus upon him, steam rising from its gaping nostrils, gore smeared along the edges of its thin red lips. It bared its fangs and the host, each one the size sweep of a scimitar, and he thought in the moment of clarity at it's rise that he saw a finger wedged between two of the deadly fangs. Yet if this were the place, not even an army of dragons would stop him. He charged around the back of the building, hoping the beast would chase him out into the open where all could take him on, yet it's gaze swerved to one in golden armor, and Guv cursed as he wheeled his mount back around for charge at the beast. Within moments, the entire host had surrounded the beast, and it fell before there attack. A few were injured by the beasts claws, and a swing of the tail had knocked one rider from his horse, cracking a rib, yet none could not continue on. The healers patched them up as Guv and some others entered the ruins. They tossed aside bit of charred lumber, the bones of small animals and their nests, fire-singed books which cru